September 2008
Oil up your imaginations (you're going to need it)
Posted on September 30, 2008 by Tim
You aren't going to believe this, but we have *drum roll* more Fan Fiction! The first delivery tonight is a brand spanking new one from Trenton Sands. Imagine if Mom came up with a mind control oil and her three inept sons were on a space train to spread it throughout the Universe. Imagine if PE we trying to stop them. Imagine if it were called Twilight Oil ... oh, wait a sec, that is what it's called.

Remember this shippy little scene? Remember how a bumbling Dr. Zoidberg spoiled it a moment later? Imagine what might have happened if some time traveling robot (and I'm not mentioning any names here) just happened to pop in a moment before and drop a brick right between the crawdad's cloacal vents. Imagine Roman Legions somehow being involved. Imagine yourself reading part 5 of Rush's Fry and Leela's Happy Ending From Bender.
The No Fan Fiction Update!
Posted on September 29, 2008 by Tim
Yes, you read it right. No Fan Fiction tonight! That doesn't mean I don't have a whole pile more of it to get put up - I do - But tonight we're going to do some different stuff. So first up, you may recall that a couple of weeks ago Flounder had some window decals made of our URL (the web address thingy, not the cop from the show). He very kindly sent me one and here it is. So if you happen to be a new visitor to the Madhouse because you saw it on a brown van or a red truck, honk and wave! Or maybe send us a note. Or some cash. Anyway, you can see both in the Fans Photos section.

And over in Episode Transcript land yours truly has finished grinding out the text of 5ACV06, the second part of The Beast With A Billion Backs.

Ok, If I'm trotting out a picture of Cubert, it must be time for some more Cubert's Rants where in we tweak the nose of the whiny little clone who, despite being a self-proclaimed genius, doesn't get some of the simpler rules of life, the universe, and everything. So here with a few more answers is Snorlax422, who probably thought I forgotten about these, but no, I didn't - this is just the first chance I've had time to do them. So anyway, check out the new answers in 1ACV02, 1ACV04, and 4ACV11.
Sal does a big dump! Dump as in delivery...
Posted on September 27, 2008 by Graham
Yep, more stuff for our bursting Fan Fiction section, all delivered by our friendly, easy going Sal. Seriously, when he's not acting in Futurama, he's a big softy with a heart of gold. The first fic I have (yes, I have more than one) comes from MC, who some might know as Marloc Clownface. He said that MC is "shorter, and takes a lot less explaining", seeing that everyone on Earth knows what MC is all about. For me, it's the nifty console file manager that you'll find on various Unix OSs and their variants, which I use a lot (even used it to upload the fic via FTP, as well as edit a few of the files there, too). However, Midnight Commander doesn't sound like Marloc Clownface, so let's scrap that idea. See, everyone knows what and who is MC. Getting on track, the fiction he's sent me is called Ghost of Xmas Past and will come in parts, this being the first part. He says that the fic can be found on our forum, but that he's tidied it up, correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, and other stuff. See, this is a person who cares for their fic and wants to treat his readers with the respect they deserve. It doesn't matter that his name is known by everyone, it doesn't matter that his name isn't Midnight Commander, what matters is that he wants to improve his work and make it easier for the reader to read said work. Now, that's the obsequious stuff out of the way, so let's give a brief summary about what you can expect in the fic. Well, he sent in a summary, so I'll just paste that here and save myself some work: "When his last best chance to win Leela fails, Fry runs away and starts over. But a lot can happen in eight years. What happens when his past starts catching up with him?" You still here? That was the cue to go and read the fic. Please pay attention.

Oh, wait... hang on! Ignore what I just said, or at least come back here after reading MC's fic, because I have another. This fic comes from Dissy_Future, who apparently is a friend of AmZ_Future, who sent in a fic recently. She says that AmZ and her might be doing some joint fics in the future, so that's something to look out for. The fic is called So Long, Old Friends, and, let me say that this is The Smiths of all fan fics. "When Bender kills Professor Farnsworth, things go rapidly downhill... especially for Fry." See, that's the description for this fic. It starts on a happy high and things then get bleaker. Heaven knows I'm miserable now. Where's the noose smilie?
Annnd the hits just keep on comming ...
Posted on September 27, 2008 by Tim
Hey, Guess what? We've got more Fan Fiction. I've been doing this for well over two years now and I've never seen so much fan fic - even those first days when Graham had Sal back the dump truck up and deliver all of the accumulated stuff. These are the best of times. So lets get down to business - first up, a new one by Singer1108 called Project Fry. And when you read it, you'll find out why Fry has an "oh crap" moment like the one pictured here. You see, Professor Farnsworth builds a holo-shed - one that supposedly can't malfunction and create real characters - and Fry gets a brilliant idea for a birthday present for Leela. Do you see where I'm going with this? Nowhere, that's where. I didn't write the fic. Gotcha. But Singer1108 did, so go see where she wandered off to.

And nextly is Part 3 of Hammer87's fic Back To The Galaxy Of Terror. And speaking of boldly going where no Fan Fiction writer has gone before (except that they have) before reading this one you might want to brush up on your Spaceballs and Hogan's Heroes. Neato promo pic by CosmicF.
You're cute when you don't know what's going on.
Posted on September 26, 2008 by Tim
Which means I'm cute most of the time. Unfortunately, no one actually said that to me, so maybe I'm ugly most of the time. But seriously folks, it's really a line from the latest Fan Fiction from Frosty. It's the latest in her ship fic saga (she liked it when I called it that last time so I had to repeat it) that started way back with The Reunion. This one's called Hold On and it's appropriately titled 'cause thats what Fry and Leela have to do when they get some disturbing news about their babies.

Frosty also wrote to say that she discovered that iTunes users can now purchase Futurama episodes. They're $1.99US each and so far they've got the first two seasons available. Presumably they'll be adding more real soon now.

Good News Everybody, I couldn't find a good pic of a slurm can for this but I got a note from Jon saying that our former buddy Futurama Collectorama is back on line. So as soon as I find where we stashed the button art, I'll get the link put back, although that's going to muck up Leandro's carefully arranged symmetry again. But that's OK, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
There's Something About Leela
Posted on September 25, 2008 by Tim
Wouldn't that make a great name for a website? Oh, wait, it is - it's one of our buddies. But it's also the name of this bit of Fan Art that David Bishop sent in. Wheee! Some pictures at last. Thanks for answering the call David! So both the pics Dave sent in are parodies, as is the next item, so that seems to be tonight's theme.

So parody #3 is a Fan Fiction and it's called The Terminator Mutant. It's by DSS and I bet you can't guess what it's about? Yes, that's right, it's a parody of Gilligan's Island. (Hey, if Graham can invoke the name of an obscure British children's author, I can wing off an obscure US sitcom). So anyway, I'm sure you've guess that it's a Terminator parody - what you probably haven't guessed is that Leela is cast in the namesake role.

Ok, enough parody. Now let's get into some time travel. For reasons that aren't entirely clear 'cuase neither money or booze has changed hands, Bender continues his bouncing through time and space “fixing” events from the past in Part IV of Rush's Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender.

Futurama in the news: Daniel T. wrote to say that the October 2008 issue of Popular Science magazine had two Futurama related articles in it. The first, on page 32, is an interview with David Cohen, and another one on page 34 says "Watchability: Any show that survives two cancellations must be entertaining" and lists the air times of it on Comedy Central. Not having got to a news stand yet, I haven't seen it myself but David reports that it says Futurama has been “uncancelled” and that new episodes will air on Comedy Central this fall? Can this be true or are they only talking about the movies split into episode size chunks? David and I suspect it's the latter.
One down, three to go, and only 42 days left to do it in
Posted on September 24, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone, especially those who've been chomping at the bit (what's a bit and why would anyone chomp on it? ) to write a post-BWABB Fan Fiction but were lacking vital research material necessary for such a project, we (and by “we” I mean “me”, 'cause I did all the work) are proud to announce that the Episode Transcript for the first part of Beast With A Billion Backs is up! The others will follow in good time, I hope.

And speaking of Fan Fiction here's two more chapters in La Belle Leela's Stranger In A Strange Land. Chapter 11 introduces the 31st century evolution of 21st century auto racing, just not as repetitive and boring as 21st century auto racing appears to the average non-racing-fan reader. There's also a dating theme as Fry entertains his new interest and David Murphy goes on his first date since leaving the 21st century. The ending is super-shippy. And Chapter 12 is actually part one of a long segment dealing with Brannigan's court-martial while Professor Farnsworth gets a new addition to Planet Express (it's not what you think, wink wink, nudge nudge!), and it also ends on a slightly funnier, yet shippy note!

And proving once again that Futurama fans are everywhere, I received a note from Tornadoboy today - seems he was in his Political Science class lecture today which was about the U.N. when one of the professor's slides said "When you do things right, no one will be sure you've done anything at all". Of course we all recognize where that quote came from (hint: 3ACV20).
Famous Five in Dog Doo Disaster!
Posted on September 22, 2008 by Graham
Sorry, Enid Blyton, but Zoidberg told me to do it. He claimed that he was hungry and only the subject line above would satisfy his empty stomach, and being the one who will fall for any sob story, I decided to comply and go with the subject line above. Never have the Famous Five been in dog doo. Never have they even stepped in it. Never, I tell you. I mean, this is Enid Blyton we're talking about, not the writers of South Park or the like, where dog doo would be more fitting. Sorry, but genteel writers don't go into dog doo territory, they tend to stick to tea, scones (including dinner table discussions about the pronunciation of scone) and walks by the lake, they don't delve into dog crap. OK, yeah, the Famous Five included a dog, but that dog didn't do anything remotely like dog doo, at least not on paper (pun not intended). So please, Enid, don't start haunting me and cursing like a sailor on crack, because Zoidberg told me to do it. Haunt him.

In the meantime, I have some work for you that goes into our Fan Fiction section. It comes from a new contributor called AmZ Future (note the lower case M... otherwise Enid will come and whoop arse), who has written a fiction called Disaster on Dog Doo 5. Ah ha, so that's why Zoidberg told me to do the title! Cunning lobster! Anyway, the story is about Fry and Zoidberg venturing to the planet Dog Doo 5, and ending up in a rather sticky situation. After all that, it's up to Leela and Bender to save the day. Woo hoo! Whether anyone steps in dog doo is another thing, but at least we know that Fry and Zoidberg are in it deep. Enjoy the story.

Hmm... I notice my only piece of "art" on this site has been posted in a recent update by the very energetic Tim. Maybe I didn't pay up and he's carried out his threat to make me the laughing stock of good ol' Blighty. Dali told me to draw that, blame him!
Now what?
Posted on September 22, 2008 by Tim
So once again I'm back amongst the land of the wired and man do I have a lot of stuff to sort out. Looks like there's lots of good things that have been sent in, but doesn't anyone do Fan Art anymore? This being a web site and all we're supposed to have pictures. Don't make me start drawing (of course, we haven't had any Crap Art in a long time ... hmmm ). And having reminded myself that we actually have a Crap Art section I went browsing around in it and found this one that our own Graham drew a long time ago - apparently when he was in the 3rd grade. Maybe I'll re-run a “best of crap art” until the artists strike is over.

Anyway, since I haven't had time to make more than a cursory pass through my mail or clean up the owl droppings here in the boiler room of the Madhouse I've just got one short Fan Fiction for today; It's by Singer1108 and it's a sad little tale, more of a poem actually, that tells of Leela recalling the happy and sad events of an X-mas two years past. It's called X-Mas Accident.
Short, Sweet, Shippy, and Surprises
Posted on September 17, 2008 by Tim
Just a couple of quick Fan Fictions tonight and then I'm outta here for a few days again, so unless someone unfreezes one of the other webmasters and feeds them, things is going to be a bit quiet around the Madhouse for a few days.

So numero uno on the hit parade tonight is the second of the infamous stump the webmaster fan fics, Frosty's The Surprise. This is a follow on to her last fic, Don't You (forget about me) and in it, Fry and Leela have been married for almost 30 years, but there's trouble in paradise and it's up to Fry to save the universe again (in this case, his own).

Sometimes it happens that something happens and you don't know what you should do and then by chance you'll hear a song on the radio that resonates and suddenly the clouds will part and the sun will shine and all will be right with the world. Of course, it also sometimes happens that you go "Oh crap, we're boned". And both of those are kind of what happens in Leela's Rewind by Singer1108. You see, it's a couple of weeks after The Opera and Leela still isn't sure what to make of it all. Then she hears Rewind by Christy Carlson Romano on the radio and it forces her to confront some feelings that she didn't know she had. As Flounder said on FMMB, “This one is true to the three S's of Futurama fan fiction: short, sweet, and shippy!”

Ok, that's all for a few days. Those of you that have sent me stuff that I haven't got to yet, you're on deck for next week. The rest of you, it's traditional to send me gobs of stuff while I'm gone, so have at it.
Pseudo real world Futurama
Posted on September 16, 2008 by Tim
No, I'm not running another contest, it's just that sometimes stuff comes in that's completely unrelated but is sort of thematic. Like today. So to start out with, here's something we haven't seen much of lately - Fan Art! First time contributor Kermit Woodall did this pic of a real life like Leela. It's called Leela Real-ised and he says “This is Leela 'untooned' into a psuedo-realistic depiction using Photoshop and lots of found stock art. The eye wasn't too hard, the lips a bit harder, and the hair was a nightmare to get as good as it is here”. Pretty neat. You can check out Kermit's other non-Futurama works on his web site Kermit's Green Art. Hmm, wait a sec ... Kermit ... Green ... I think there's a connection there somewhere. While I ponder that, I'll also mention that Kermit goes on to say “thanks for running a great site BTW!” You're welcome. Thanks for helping make it a great site.

Meanwhile, Flounder was wandering around the 'Eugene Celebration' yesterday in downtown Eugene, Oregon, USA. This is an annual festival of music, food, health & wellness, etc. held every September; and this banner with several very recognizable robots on it, but one especially recognizable robot in particular, caught his eye. Or as it turns out in this case, "Row-Bot", 'cause the banner was at the Oregon Association of Rowers' Half-Million-Meter Challenge pavilion (high-school students sign up as teams to row on machines as many meters as they can, for charity) and they call themselves "Row-Bots". Flounder asked around to see if anyone knew who designed the logo but alas, no one knew. Oh well - Futurama fans are everywhere and maybe a row-bot will see this and tell us more.
Come, your destiny awaits!
Posted on September 15, 2008 by Tim
Remember a couple of weeks ago when we got to play confuse the webmaster? Well it turns out that Frosty finally got around to sending in the Fan Fictions that went with this promo pic. It's called Don't You (forget about me), and it tells the tale of what happens five years after Fry walked out of Planet Express and Leela found she couldn't forget about him. And while it's full of shippy goodness, be forewarned that it's not all smooth sailing trying to reconnect two live after five year apart. Promo pic by CosmicF who gets his pic featured a second time as first prize in this months stump the webmaster contest.

And for some fun bouncing about in time and space a la BBS, you can turn to part III of Rush's fic Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender and see if a time hopping Bender was involved in that events of 1ACV01 or not - I mean in a city the size of NNY, did you really think Leela located Fry just by showing his picture around? That seem more like a cover - I bet she had a tip where he was. Or maybe not.
I gotta find some new bait for the owl traps
Posted on September 14, 2008 by Tim
So I go away for a few days to play at one of my other obsessions which is an outdoor activity and involves sleeping in a tent. And of course it rains like hell for the last two days. I had fun, but by today I was looking like Fry here and it was either sleep in a swamp (literally) or pack up and come home a day early. And while the former can be fun, enough is enough, and I bailed (literally). So here it is, Saturday night, and I'm starting to think I might eventually dry out and I'm checking the owl traps in the Madhouse - nada. Nothing. I didn't snare a single one of the other webmasters. I think aliens must have abducted them again. Or else they're down in the lab passed out amongst the empties with the weather machine left on.

So in the no rest for the weary department, let's dig into the old e-mail bag and see what the fans are saying. Here, selected completely at random, is a note from Gabor over in .hu land who says “Futurama Madhouse is really cool. :-) I say REALLY!”. Let me just tweak the plasma fusion boiler up another notch and then say thanks a bunch! Gabor also noticed that a few of our Episode Guides didn't have links to the corresponding transcripts in them. So I'll add that to Scruffy's to do list.

Over in Fan Fiction land, we've got some of those Part II things I was talking about last week:
First is Singer1108's fic The Poem. Those in the know will have already read part 2(+1) on FMMB and they already know that Leela's reaction to Fry's poem makes this one Valentines day to remember. Everyone else will have to go check it out.

And there's also part 2 of the curiously named Haircuts, Teleporting, and Homicidal Snails that's been oozing out of Smarty's grey thinky place (someone get a mop!). And we might REALLY need it 'cause in the last installment, Fry said “Sweet, I could be right for once!”. The he looked behind him and said “Oh, crap.” Sometimes being right isn't always a good thing.
What-If this were more realish?
Posted on September 10, 2008 by Tim
And now for something we haven't had in a while - not since the last time we played stump the webmaster - it's some Fan Art! So we gots a twofer from Smarty, and they both have “realish” in their filenames. At first I wondered what they had to do with minced sweet pickles until I noticed the letter a in there.

Now for some Fan Fiction Frosty dusted off the What-If? machine and wound up it's rubber band and asked “What if Fry and Leela were married when they went to the space hive, how would Fry have reacted?”. Grab your hankies and find out in The Sting II - A “What-If?” scenario.

And now, brought to you by by *Powdered Swamp Root* It makes you irresistible to the opposite sex (sounds like a lot of those e-mails I get ), Futurama Madhouse's Tales Of Not That Much Interest! presents *cue the fan fare* part II of Rush's Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender.

And in the reality sucks department, some sad, sad, terrible, gruesome news for those of you that are fans of !iMmOrTaL!'s comic The Wong Side of the Law. His computer turned suicide booth and went to that great bit bucket in the sky so he had to get a new one, which of course means vi$ta which means none of his software will run anymore. He downloaded the latest version of Paint Shop Pro X2, but it crashes and burns under vi$ta (there's a surprise - has anyone figured out yet that I like vi$ta almost as much as I liked BWABB?). Anyway, it may be a while before we get any more additions to the comic so if anyone knows how to get PSPX2 to run under vi$ta, I'm sure !iMmOrTaL! and all of his fans would appreciate any tips.

Stop the Presses! It's another Futurama Madhouse exclusive ...
Posted on September 9, 2008 by Tim
Only 57 more days to go until the next Futurama movie Bender's Game comes out and we have an exclusive scoop for you tonight! Thanks to MisterBishi here's the very first review of Bender's Game at ScreenJabber.com! The short synopsis - they liked it. They call it "the funniest Futurama film yet". You can pop over there and read all the gory details, including the bit about the trailer for the fourth movie, Into The Wild Green Yonder "in which, it seems, Fry is ... killed!"
If I had all day we've have more 2s than you could shake a doomsday device at
Posted on September 8, 2008 by Tim
Part IIs to a bunch of Fan Fictions that is, and maybe a part III thrown in just to keep things interesting. But I don't have all day so we'll just do a couple of quick twos today and save some for another day:

First, grab a couple of wads of cotton to plug your ears with as we head Back To The Galaxy Of Terror with Hammer87. Maybe we'll find out more about the mysterious Dr. Gates and how Professor Farnsworth didn't make the bulkheads of the PE ship quite thick enough.

And then, in an amazing coincidence that made this update extremely simple, we can move down to the very next entry in the very same author index file to where Hank97 hangs out. So put on your superhero costume and grab your grappling hook for the next part of The Fry-Man Begins. Leela in a CatWoman-like outfit - rowwwwrrrr - someone please do a promo pic for this one.
Now Playing on FMMB
Posted on September 7, 2008 by Tim
Here's a fun game - let's play confuse the snot out of the webmaster. It goes like this - you do a bunch of promo pics for Fan Fictions that are done and which are being sent here. In the middle of that, slip in one for a fic that's still playing out on the Futurama Madhouse Message Board. For extra amusement, do this while the webmaster is on vacation in a place where they still have hand crank telephones. Sit back and laugh your pasty, fleshy ass off as the webmaster tears what little hair he has left out trying to find the missing fic that MUST be buried somewhere in his overflowing in-box. So the jolly joker in this case is none other than CosmicF and he made this promotional picture for Frosty's fic called Don't You (Forget About Me) and it's sequel, The Surprise, both (I eventually figured out) only available (for the time being anyway) in the Fan Stuff section of the FMMB.

But wait! There's more! CosmicF's pic is also available as a Wallpaper in several convenient sizes.

So now that we have that out of the way, things can get back to normal, or at least as normal as they ever get at a place called Madhouse, with another Fan Fiction that WAS in my mail box. It's part 5 of xkathyx07x's The Fry Family.
"I am a huge fan and I dream of having my own picture on the futurama site."
Posted on September 6, 2008 by Tim
I hear that a lot. And that's a good thing. The most recent one I've heard it from is Jordana, who sent along this pic of Leela. So we donned our mauve and fuchsia speedos, lit some incense, and prostrated ourselves before the mighty HTML gods and beseeched them to enshrine her picture in the holy screens of Fan Art that all might revel in it's glory. And lo! the angels sang and the words aligned and her dreams were answered! <-- and I finally found an excuse to use this funky angel smiley (anyone else who is still dreaming might want to check out the How to Submit Stuff page)

And Yea, though I walk through the rooftops of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, 'cause I've got Dr. Flim Flam's Woman only miracle cream. Yes, it's eight more pages to !iMmOrTaL!'s comic The Wong Side of the Law which, at 100 pages, must set some kind of record. So put on your titanium protective devices and check it out - the new stuff starts on page 93.

Smarty takes her first foray into Fan Fiction with Haircuts, Teleporting, and Homicidal Snails, part 1. Now what do you suppose would those things have in common? Easy - Philip J. Fry who decides that a new do would be just the thing to impress Leela. Meanwhile, the Professor fixes his crew up with teleportation devices, only he forgets to tell them, right away anyway, that too many uses will cause bad things to happen. And you know happens when Fry gets his hands on shiny things. Did I mention bad things happen?
Lost and Found and stuff that shows up really crappy in thumbnails
Posted on September 4, 2008 by Tim
Tonight I have two neato keeno things, neither of which show up worth a crap in the thumbnails (isn't that always the way) so you really gotta go look at the big pictures to see what it's all about. But luckily through the magic of HTML, we can make that easy and painless. So this first pic is in our Fan Photos section and it's the back end of Flounder's car. Ok, I can hear you asking from here “What's so special about the ass end of Flounder's car”? Well, I'll tell you - check out the big picture and look at the top of his rear window. He had a friend of his make them. Hey, Flounder, I want one!

This is the lost and found part. Somewhere, and I can't remember where, I stumbled across two pieces of Graham Dawson's Fan Art some two or three or maybe more months ago. One got put up back then, the other, this one, got misplaced somewheres. Finally found it tonight (how it ended up in Flounder's folder I'll never know - Gotta love computers, one tiny little misplaced tilde and everything goes to hell).

And of course it wouldn't be Fan Fiction month here at the Madhouse without some more Fan Fiction. It's a new one by that master of hard to remember and type titles Rush. It's called (thank bill gates for cut and paste) Fry And Leela Happy Endings From Bender, Part 1. It's kind of the back story to his previous fic (thank bill gates for cut and paste again) The Devil's Microphone Is A Idol Comedy Thing. It also includes the warning “Should not be taken that seriously by anyone”.
Thrills, chills, and warm ups
Posted on September 3, 2008 by Tim
!iMmOrTaL! dropped by with this picture of Leela pole dancing. Hey, I hear it's good exercise. And while our favorite mutant womanoid tones up, !iMmOrTaL! also dropped off a several more pages to his comic The Wong Side of the Law, which I'll get put up in a day or three (but not two 'cause I'm busy on Thursday). Obviously he knows his webmasters, and figuring I'd be lazy and do something easy first, this Fan Art will get us warmed up for the next installment on his comic.

Now let's set course for the Galaxy of Terror as Hammer87's latest Fan Fiction takes us Back to the Galaxy of Terror when a man by the name of Dr. Henry Gates shows up at Planet Express, it's only the beginning of another adventure for Fry, Leela, and Bender. Who is this man and what does he want with the Planet Express crew? And why doesn't anyone ever go any place really terrifying, like the Galaxy of Tax Audits, or the Galaxy of School Cafeteria Lunchrooms? The pic is another CosmicF custom promo pic and it's on his Fan Art page. Kinda gives the fic an Indiana Jones feel, doesn't it? Must be the hat.
Twins and tales of large females
Posted on September 2, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone! The 2009 Futurama calendar is out! They're calling it the “Art” calendar because each of the monthly pics is a Futurespoof of some famous painting. You can pop over to TFP and see what the insides look like. I thinking the Mona Leela is going to be my favorite, but I'll let you know for sure in December of 2009.

Now normally we'd have a link to a place (named after some large females in a Futurama episode) where you could order the calendar and the Madhouse would get a tiny slice of the action to help offset costs. However, we've recently learned that said large female bookseller place doesn't send cash anymore. No, instead they give us what amounts to a gift certificate to themselves and sadly our web hosting service doesn't work on a barter system. So we here at the Madhouse raise a finger (you know the one I mean) in salute to the large female bookseller place and suggest you to buy your calendar from your local bookstore or other favorite purveyor of fine goods.

Now here's a real surprise - more Fan Fiction. Frosty just keeps cranking them out and her latest is called Married ... with Bender. It's a follow on story to a previous fic of hers named The Wedding which is a follow on to a previous fic of hers ... well, you get the idea. So in this one Fry and Leela are married and settling into their new house when an unexpected guest arrives to stay - Bender, with suitcase in hand.
(fan art by Robert Hawks)
Future Smarts
Posted on September 1, 2008 by Tim
We've STILL got a lot of Fan Fiction to get through, but the good news is that it seems like CosmicF is doing promo pics for a bunch of them all of a sudden so you're going to be seeing his works a lot over the next few days. This one is for Frosty's latest fic, Future Smart. They're both a parody of the recent Get Smart film (but you probably already figured that out from the picture).

We haven't “in your faced” Cubert lately and I think it's about time we did. Matt Wilkerson thought so too when he came up with a reply to one the little twerp's rants in Put Your Head On My Shoulder. Take the Cubert!

Matt started his e-mail by saying “Dear Tim (the hardest working guy @ Futurama Madhouse)”. Clearly, Matt has the “suck up” thing working for him, so I'll just say Thanks. But lest we forget, there's more to this operation than just me. It's kind of like Hermes - always rushing about with forms and requisitions, but lurking unseen in a far off place is the Central Bureaucracy busily keeping the supply of red tape flowing and throwing sand in the machinery of business. Well, it's not exactly like that here at the Madhouse, but you get my drift. So when you see my name a lot on the main page, don't forget that lurking in the background keeping the gears of this web site well oiled are Leandro and Graham, and without these guys somebody else would be claiming to be the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite.