September 2007
Kick my shiny metal ass
Posted on September 29, 2007 by Tim
I doubt that's what Bender actually said, but that must be what Leela heard, and there's no doubt that he's had it coming a time or two. And really, one of the great things about Futurama is Leela kicking butt so here's three new ones by Erik Heltner featuring just that theme. It's actually three of the same pic showing how it developed from a pencil sketch, to an inked drawing, and on to the final color version (great Fan Art and a cartooning lesson all in one - ain't this site great?)

And speaking of getting your lights punched out by Leela, here's a new Fan Fiction called Your Cold, Cold Heart. It's a short one by Ramon_51 and he mixes up a potent new drink: take one drunken delivery boy, one seriously peeved purple haired mutant female, and a blond woman in a red dress, shake well, and stand back.
This is officer 1B-DI requesting back-up
Posted on September 27, 2007 by Tim
Or maybe it's me that needs backup, 'cause Officer 1BDI has sent in enough stuff to keep me busy for the last couple of days. First is a bunch of Fan Art, and by bunch I mean 6 pics. This one is her take on Fry and Yancy together in a scene where they weren't at each other's throats, if only to show that they didn't outright hate each other.

Not to be outdone in the artwork department, 1BDI also send in four Fan Fictions. The first three, Blast to the Past, The Fugitive, and Revival of Project A.L.B.I.A., form what she calls The 'Rama Trilogy. This picture is Anthony and Matthew, two original characters from Blast to the Past, and that odd mutated rabbit doll of Matthew's which you'll find out all about if you read the story.

Her fourth fic, Roll The Credits, is her version of the series end written a year before it really happened.
I bet you thought "Bender's Big Score" was the only Futurama movie coming out soon.
Posted on September 24, 2007 by Tim
Well, Ok, it is actually. But if you've looked at OutlawArt's Fan Art you know he likes to use Futurama characters (mostly scantily clad Leelas ) to spoof famous (and infamous) movies. Here's his latest, and he included the following narrative with it which I think says it all:

"GrandPa, what's that almost naked lady doing?", asked the little girl.
The old man leaned out of his rocking chair and glanced down the street. "Oh, that's just Ms. Turanga shooting, whacking, stabbing and percolating a few hundred zombies."
"My, she certainly seems to know what to do when surrounded by rotting flesh people, doesn't she?", the little girl exclaimed.
"Nosehair and boogers, girly," said the aged old fart, "you should see her with bankers and landlords! Now, that's some genuine scary stuff and I want you to just look away when that happens. Now, hand me that chainsaw, Peaches... here's one a-coming that slipped by the young lady".
"Gosh-a-mighty, GrandPa, I plumb forgot to fill it up with gas!" the little girl shouted, "how about this double-headed forestry ax?"

Well that's certainly going to be a tough act to follow but here's just the thing to do it. Let's welcome Erik Heltner to the Madhouse with his first contribution (of many we hope) of Fan Art which he calls a "Domestic scene", and indeed it is in a very Futurama way.
Gumbercules? I love that guy!
Posted on September 18, 2007 by Tim
And so does Reba 1X 'cause she drew this picture of him. He seems to be getting some kind of exam from the good Dr. Zoidberg. Maybe I'll have to Ask Dr. Zoidberg whats up with that why not? Anyway, Reba has also sent in a few other pictures, a couple of which are humorous plays on familiar phrases and the others are parodies of famous works of art given a Futurama theme. They're all stashed in our Fan Art section. Oh, and kudos to Reba since, just by sheer luck, her submissions are the 200th fan sub I've handled.

If you're in the mood for some nice shippy Fan Fiction fare then you're in luck, 'cause we've got Married With Children, part 3, the latest installment in Ramon_51's epic saga. There's a great part at the end when it's the night before a wedding and the bride to be shares some of her thoughts. Who, you'll have to guess, or go read and find out. While you're at it too, you might want to drop Ramon a note and wish him Happy Brithday since he'd got one coming up in a couple of days. I won't tell you how old he is, but in binary it has five ones in it.

And lastly, it never fails, I make plans to go away for a few days and I get hammered with submissions. Not that that's a bad thing, oh no no no, it just means I'll have lots more stuff when I get back, so those of you that have sent me stuff, never fear, it will be up soon. And maybe Kenneth or one of our other long lost webmasters will come up with something in the meanwhile.
Now to alienate the Fry fangirls a bit...
Posted on September 16, 2007 by Kenneth
...with these four new pieces of Fan Art from artist Graham Dawson of The Groening Fanworks Central fame. Well... not all of them will do that. He has an image of Leela in her underwear for all the Leela fanboys (and girls) as well, and a crossover picture featuring Marge Simpson and Leela exchanging looks. But two of the images feature Fry as... well, as you can see, a female. These images are based on a fanfic that Graham is currently working on, whereby he has Fry switch genders. It's a tired idea, and he knows it: he's planning on either avoiding the standard cliches or making fun of them. I'm sure he'll send a copy of the story our way when it's done, but in the meantime you can simply enjoy (or not, perhaps...) these images.

Also, along with these images, Dr. Zoidberg apparently got a few questions over the past week for his new Ask Dr. Zoidberg section here at FM:TLZ. Apparently some of you were kind --or stupid-- enough to ask the "good" doctor for some advice, and he was very happy to answer. If you want to see what Zoidberg has to say about body liquids, pizza, blue screens, being inside Fry, depth perception and teeth, have a look at Ask Dr. Zoidberg #1 and bask in his glory.

And one final note: as of this update, there are exactly 72 days until Futurama returns. As most of you all know, that's the same number of episodes of Futurama there are so far. I mention this because I've decided that, starting today, I'm going to watch an episode every day, in order, until the release of Bender's Big Score, which means that by the time I get to the end, the DVD will be out to watch. I thought I might mention that in case any of you guys decide to do the same. It'll be a good way to refamiliarise yourself with the series again in preparation for the new stuff.

And that completes today's update. Until next time
The Good, the Bad, and my Ugly singing voice
Posted on September 15, 2007 by Tim
Good and Bad news everybody. Today's e-mail included this note from the long lost coldangel_1, who, if you recall from a long, long time ago in a reality far, far away, was a frequent, and by "frequent" I mean almost daily, contributor to these pages, and it contained this pic. So, ok, a bit of Fan Art from coldangel_1, that's good news, right? Ah, but there's a catch, for along with it was this note: "I'm writing my final epic Futurama fan-fiction, Blame it on the Brain, and I thought I'd send a little teaser poster. The fanfic itself is illustrated as with my previous ones... and it's huge. 90 Pages so far and I'm only about halfway through". If you've read coldangel_1's other fanfics, then you know this one ought to be a real rip-snorter with Mom and brains and Robot 1X and that janitor guy no one knows. Too bad it'll be his last one.

Now, for one slightly moldy Kudo that I found behind the furnace , todays Madhouse bonus question is what does the Futurama Madhouse Message Board, Toronto Canada, and Futurama all have in common? Anyone? Anyone? BZZZZZT! OK, the answer was Futurama - The Musical. Yes, that's right, it's a musical Fan Fiction staring members of FMMB who travel to Toronto for a special shindig - until something very unexpected happens that will take them on an adventure that they will never forget! It's by FryGuy in his first Fan Fiction appearance. Oh, and mercifully, FryGuy didn't give me a singing part - that's a real good thing.
Three new fanfics. Yeah... that about sums it up really.
Posted on September 12, 2007 by Kenneth
Now, before I begin, I should take a moment to say sorry to the users of Internet Explorer who visit our site. It was my fault you were getting a blue screen and nothing more after playing with some of the code. So, because of that, I have to say I am deeply, deeply sorry... that you use Internet Explorer as a browser. Stop being tools of Micro$oft already! And, no... Halo 3 is not "teh b3st game0rz evar!!1" either, btw.

Ahem! Anyway, less insulting visitors and onto the content. As mentioned in the title, I have three Fan Fictions for you all to read. The first comes from RockstarFee, who has a follow-up to her previous, recently-released story here And a Hero Comes Along titled Return to the Deep. Set a year later, the crew find themselves having to make a delivery to a place their newest member is quite familiar with.

Following up from that, there's also two new stories from Christina Nordlander Dawson as well. Firstly, there an Anthology of Interest III story, which gives us the answers to these questions: What if Leela found a really decent guy? What if Fry was intelligent and the Professor was stupid? And what if Scruffy no longer existed? Interesting situations indeed!

Following from that, she's also provided a take of religious satire titled Bender After Dark, which has Bender caught in the middle of a robotic religious feud after a nasty accident he is responsible for. So if you're a fan of making fun of organised religion and computer/robot jokes, this is the story for you.

Well, that's all for now. Later.
The Blue Screen of Death
Posted on September 9, 2007 by Tim
So did everyone catch the new site layout we were testing yesterday? We called it "The blue screen of death", 'cause that's all it was - a blank blue screen. We thought it was a really edgy design, but it was definitely one of those "Best viewed with Internet Explorer" kinds of things 'cause no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't get other browsers to show it properly - they kept insisting on displaying the old layout. And anyway people didn't seem to be too impressed by it and by then we were out of so we reverted back to the old format. Back to the drawing board.

So maybe we can redeem ourselves with a couple of updates to some Fan Fictions that are already in progress. First, we've got Daniel Leicester with part 7 of The Kroker Chronicles. Dan says this is the penultimate part. I figured that meant it was really exciting, and it was all of that, but it turns out it also means that he's almost done with the series. Oh well, all good things must come to and end sooner or later.

And this next fic is definitely in the later category since it's still spooling out on the forum. It's Ramon_51's Married With Children part 2. Morbo demands you read it!
The Doctor is in!
Posted on September 7, 2007 by Kenneth
Yep, it's me again. Though I'm not the doctor. I break things, not fix them... including this site when I make mistakes when adding a new section. But, I'll talk about that later...

Firstly, I have a submission to present from a writer known as RockstarFee. As you can probably guess, this submission sits in our Fan Fiction section, and as you probably can't guess (unless you're fantastically good) is that it's titled And a Hero Comes Along. I won't give away too much, but will say that the Professor hires a bodyguard to stop his deliveries from getting damaged on those dangerous away missions, and that Fry takes an interest in this guard, making Leela more than a little angry.

Secondly, we introduce a new section here at FM:TLZ, thanks to an email we recieved from one Dr. John Zoidberg. It seems that the good doctor has offered his services to visitors such as yourself. Now before you panic, he's not offering to operate on you, but instead merely answer any questions you may have, be they medical or otherwise. Frankly, I just think he wants some attention. In either case, you can visit our Ask Dr. Zoidberg section if you have any questions you were afraid to ask or simply didn't know who to go to for the answers. Zoidberg will on a (hopefully) regular basis answer them on the site, giving everybody a chance to read and learn from his... uh... wisdom... or whatever he has.

That's all for the moment. Have a good one
What the hell?! Why is that guy's name up there not Tim, Leandro or Graham?!!
Posted on September 5, 2007 by Kenneth
That's right... I'm baaaaaaaaack...

Yes, after a long absense from this wonderful website (caused by work, laziness, Oblivion addiction, work, laziness, a six week coma induced by Michael Bay's Transformers, work and mostly laziness) I have returned to... well... doing... uh... stuff.

And to kick things off, I have two things to... um... upload, or whatever. I have a Fan Art thing and a Fan Fiction thing too. The former of the two is this image of a dancing Fry, presented to you in pixel drawing form by Sick Pickles, who had apparently got the urge to draw Fry in this style. Perhaps laying off eating pickles until you are sick might calm these urges, but then there wouldn't be an image. So there is FM:TLZ's words of wisdom for today: Eat pickles until you are sick. You make an artist out of you.

The second piece of content may or may not be produced from eating pickles to the point of vomiting... I don't know. You'd have to ask Steven Gurman, who has submitted a Fan Fiction with a familiar subject: consulting the What-If? Machine. Yes, he has given us a trilogy of tales as Anthology of Interest III. So if you want to find out what life would be like for robot Fry, Boss Zoidberg or Mutant-living Amy, click the appropriate link, grab a jar of pickles and enjoy.

And as for me, I'll see you guys next time. And I encourage you all to start sending content to me now too, since now it'll actually get put up instead of just sitting in my Inbox for months on end

Peace out, y'all
The Leela Diaries
Posted on September 3, 2007 by Tim
So what does Leela REALLY think about her job at Planet Express, about Fry and Bender and Amy and the Professor and her other coworkers, about Zapp Brannigan, and about life in the 31st century? Now you can find out by reading her diary. Yes indeed folks, Futurama Madhouse's ace reporter Ramon_51 has managed to acquire the exclusive 21st century distribution rights (no mean feat in and of itself) to The Leela Diaries. And so we placed them for your reading convenience in our Fan Fiction section (mostly because while we have 847 different places we can put various kinds of pictures, it's the only place we have for things that are big blocks of text). This first portion covers December 30, 2999 through the events of Hell Is Other Robots.