September 2005
Right, that's it! If they don't update soon, I'll shoot the lot of them with my crossbow of doom...
Posted on September 14, 2005 by Graham
Hmm... something smells as rotten as someone dying for three weeks and just being found. Yep, that's us, folks! OK, this update is really to try to put back what we lost during the server change rather than anything new. The picture you can see comes from CosmicF, who has come up with a picture of Amy riding on a motorbike with a scared Kif, done as a parody of the Mad Max films. I'm sure that Amy is mad at us for not updating that often. However, seeing she's in Australia and I'm on the other side of the world, I have time to avoid her. Mind you, Kenneth is nearer to her, so maybe she'll head east across the sea and visit him in New Zealand. There were other pictures for our Fan Art section that were lost during our downtime, and they were done by Sarah, Cherokee and Alexander A Andreev, so please visit their pages, too. Also, there was some work for our Fan Fiction section. We had Dwayne Anderson's Blooper Reel Number Two, Sgt Wilco's Stargate: Futurama and Ramon 51's fifth part of Gladiatrix. So, if you haven't seen these or were halfway through one, then you might find these to your taste.

BTW, for those who wrote in saying they'd like to help with this site, I haven't forgotten you. However, at this moment, it wouldn't be the best time to introduce most of you to the site until it's fully operational. I'll get back to you once we're ready.