September 2004

September 30, 2004

At last... she's ready! Ah, I just noticed that Teral has beaten me to it for today. Anyway, whether beaten or not, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Rye Guy. This is a picture of Leela finally getting ready for a waiting Fry. It seems that both have a night of fun and games ahead of them. Anyway, Rye Guy tells me that this picture is actually based on a picture of his ex-girlfriend, who is still friends with him and has given permission for the use of the picture. I wonder if he had his camera ready in order to capture the rare moment when his girlfriend was finally dressed and ready to go out. Doesn't that take a long time, even if it's worth it. I mean, what's the deal about that? Isn't a stained t-shirt and torn jeans enough? Oh dear, I can see a rampaging mob of Suffragettes coming after me with pick-axe handles and some with the actual axes attached. I better run... fast!

EDIT - Well, it seems that I've mistaken the picture. It's actually Leela in her lingerie, with an excited Fry waiting for her. Still, at least some waiting has happened and Leela's finally turned up. Judging by Fry's face, the wait seems worth it.

A guide to Leela? If you're lucky enough to own one of the action figures you know of the drawings on the back of the box, describing various parts of the character inside. Well, Leelaholic thought the Leela version could use a new incarnation, and thus made this picture for our Fan Art section. Pretty much describes the essential parts of Leela's physcial appearence: the eye, the ponytail, the boobies (his words, not mine ), the wristlojackamator and the boots. Hmm, can't really think of anything else to say, and since I'm officially on my vacation right now... Enjoy!

One last item before I go. And that's a new chapter of Spacedal11's Fan Fiction. In part 3 of the story The Fry Identity our fearless trio of fugitives decide to ditch the stolen policecar at one of Drew's old friends. Feeling safe they decide to check into a motel to spend the night. Fry is still trying to find a right time to tell Leela about his feelings (there, that should get the shippers going ). Go directly to this chapter here.

September 29, 2004

It's that Sean again! Well, actually, in this case it's spelt Shaun, but still. Today I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Juliet Adeoye, who's back with a vengence... much like a zombie of the film Shaun of the Dead. Actually, this picture is a homage to that film, which I found to be quite funny myself. Seems that Juliet also found that film to be good, too, so had to go and create Futurama of the Dead, starring Fry, Leela and Bender fighting off a tide of zombies. Then again, Futurama has its own share of zombies: those that are taken over by brain slugs. Hmmm... I can see a Futurama episode there. Oh well, maybe a few years ago... thank Fox for that not being a reality. Anyway, that's a story for another day, best enjoy Juliet's work.

Homestar messes up Futurama! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Ooy. This story is called Homestarama, which features a character called Homestar visiting the Futurama world. I'll quote the introduction: "This story has Homestar, of Homestar Runner, finding himself sucked into the start of the Futurama series, where he meets Fry and Leela in the cryogenic lab, as they were in the first episode. Unfortunately, his being there is changing the storyline quite dramatically. What to do before things get out of hand?" There, that's clear enough. So, enjoy Ooy's latest work on this site.

September 28, 2004

New content from new people And it's in both written and drawn form too. To kick things off with, I have some Fan Art for your all from Linda Velasco (pictured here) that features Leela giving Fry a wake up call that I'm pretty sure he'd appreciate. Knowing his luck though, it'll probably be a dream, and Leela will likely really wake him up from it by yelling and/or slapping him in the face.

Secondly, and lastly too, there's the first part of a new Fan Fiction out now from new author Raziel called Fry's Destiny. It's a short start, and sets things off for further parts with Fry having an unfortunate crash on an odd planet. To check it out, just click the link. And that's all for now from me. Catch you guys later

In space, nobody can hear you scream... which is a good thing if you want some peace and quiet while admiring it! On this cool Tuesday (Autumn is certainly making its way felt over here), I have a work for our Fan Art section from a new contributor who's called Emily Ema. The picture she's come up with is a sketch of Leela on the surface of a planet admiring the stars. She certainly looks peaceful and happy doing this activity, long away from the hustle and bustle of New New York, with its screaming Frys and stealing Benders. As it says in the film Alien: in space, nobody can hear you scream. I can imagine that's the best thing for Leela, who can forget her troubles at Planet Express and take in the glorious silence that is space. In some ways I envy her, because right now the dustbin men are coming around collecting the household rubbish. Boy, do I hate that noise when the truck reverses...

September 27, 2004

Leela in fetching outfit... take four! Don't you hate Mondays? I certainly do. However, why hate Mondays when you have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Pawell to show off at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. As you can see, this picture features Leela, but she's not in her usual costume, she's in something a bit different, a bit sexy some might say. Mind you, I hope that's an imitation fur coat, otherwise she'll have one of the animal rights brigade after her, someone like one of the Free Waterfalls. Then again, considering their past successes on Futurama, I wouldn't be too bothered or threatened. Lentils aren't that harmful, either. So, enjoy this. Don't worry about the lentils, unless they're the evil ones, the ones which carry guns and have nuclear weapons... and what the Hell am I talking about. Maybe I've taken some of that weed of theirs.

Changing jobs... scary thoughts! Well, I'm not finished for today, because I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. This one is called The Wong Move, and shows what happens when people have to change jobs. See, Leela's been a bit too moody lately, so she's been given time off to cool down. While doing so, she decides to enrole into a cooking class hosted by Elzar. However, while that's going on, Planet Express needs a new captain. Who best to ask to take the helm than Amy. So, it's off to the unknown with a klutz in control of a delivery ship. Mind you, whether Leela can do any better at cooking is to be seen. The story is "...a homage to another Kryten fanfic 'On a Wong and a Prayer'", as Fryfan mentions in his email to me. So, enjoy this change of affairs.

September 26, 2004

In need of an Elfing hand! Well, on this Sunday, I've got a Elf of a lot of stuff to show off to you. As you have gathered, this stuff I'm going to present comes from ELF, the one who did that great picture of the Futurama characters as cats. However, let's start with a contribution from her for our Wallpapers section, which shows a scene taken from the episode Love and Rocket. Yeah, it shows that famous scene where Leeela is helping Fry to get to his feet after having to give him the kiss of life. Certainly is one of those wallpapers that should perk you up when down. She's not finished there, for ELF has a work for our Fan Art section for us. The picture shows Fry riding a bike while Seymour, his long lost dog, follows behind him. They both look damn happy. Actually, this picture brings a tear to my eye, after my dog, Harry, died a few days ago at the age of 14. I think I'll thank Ruben for actually using a picture of Harry in one of the computer magazines that he worked for some time ago. His memory lives on... at least in Spanish speaking quarters. Cheers, Ruben. Oh, where was I? Oh, yeah, I'm not meant to be grieving here, I'm meant to be showing off ELF's work. Anyway, the picture of Fry and Seymour is a hand-drawn one that's in colour. Looks sweet. Finally, there's a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from... yeah, you've guessed it, ELF. This is part four of her serial fiction Simpson Express. In this part, the Simpson family and the Futurama crew get to know each other more. However, it seems that Scruffy still has his pornography problem... I'll let you read on to find out what's what. Well, thanks to ELF for sending this work to the site.

September 25, 2004

Ch... ch... ch... changes! Well, I'm back after some time away (well, longer than usual that is ), and have got some more works for our site. The picture you can see is actually something you'd have seen before in our site's ever-growing Fan Art section. The reason why you're seeing this picture again, is because Alexander A Andreev has decided to redo five of his pictures, in order to improve them, which can only be a good thing. The one you can see shows Leela with a very big gun stalking a ruined city. The four other ones he changed were the one with Leela holding a lilac rose with strategically placed petals, Leela alongside another female femme fatale of Russian origin (I think), Leela as a mechanic, and Leela sitting on a wooden box in a cargo hold. So, good bye to the old, welcome in the new.

Being Kif can suck big time... Don't run off, I've got something for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. This is the fourth, and final, part of his latest serial fiction, The Sorrow of Being Kif Kroker. In this part, Kif gets a job at Planet Express, which is convenient for him and Amy. However, Zapp is busy trying to find a replacement, but not seeming to succeed in getting a new slave. Read on to find out how all this is resolved.

September 24, 2004

The Fugitives... Time for some nighttime reading (well it's practically nighttime here in Central Europe ), and luckily there's more Fan Fiction ready. First comes part 2 of Spacedal11's story The Fry Identity. Drew and Fry have travelled back in time in an attempt to save Leela from being murdered. Now they all are fugitives (not to find a one-armed man though ), and you can read all about it here.

More stories, that's Kimpossible! The second Fan Fiction comes from Mitch and is titled Robot Hell Rises (Seriously, It Does) and is a Futurama/Kim Possible crossover. Two mysterious teens named Kim and Ron join Planet Express as they make a delievery to an enemy from the kids' past. Smart money say the Robot Devil will be in this one. Anyway, start reading here.

Warning: a buttload of shameless self-promotion! We are at ego-alert five! It's true, because everything here is from me actually (send me stuff and that may not be the case, people...) for three different sections. First of all, some Fan Art of mine that has another character in Final Fantasy X mode, this time Zoidberg as Kimahri. And since the main cast are now done, I made a wallpaper with them all together as shown here, so check out the Wallpaper section of the site to get them, available in three resolutions. There's more FFX crossover art to come too, with Zapp and Kif and Seymour and Tromell respectively next.

And to cap things off with, a new piece of Fan Fiction work of my own, which is the second chapter of my current serial saga story called A Past With No Future. Those who read part one were greeted with a cliffhanger surprise, and now, some questions should be answered. But not too many at once. I hope you enjoy it

That's all from me for now. Later

September 22, 2004

Something Morris and Munda still haven't told Leela? Oh, a dark family secret you think? Well, not so dark and probably not so secret. Apparently Leela has a sister, and she makes Fan Art for Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. Or maybe it's just Leela's Twin I'm talking about. Yeah, it's the last one, there are no secrets in the Turanga family (how square). Anyway back to Leela's Twin, she send us a this handdrawn picture of Leela, made with a blue ballpoint pen. Even though she herself calls it "Another Lame Drawing by Leela's Twin" I think it looks pretty neat (just don't stare at her eye, she hates that ). Anyway, enjoy this picture while I prepare the next part of this update.

One mans hell... And this next part is Fan Fiction! We have a new serial story coming from B.B.R. This isn't so much a 1st chapter as a teaser part. The story is called Hell Is Other Humans and the short description is this: Getting into an argument with Bender whether the 20th century was lame or not, Fry dare Bender to show him something cool from the 31st century he still haven't seen. Bender decides to show Fry the cult he belongs to, and naturally things go from bad to worse for Fry. Okay, as always click here to start reading.

PhnogOrama's coming to town... Well, I'm back with some work that has something to do with Fryfan. The picture you can see to the right, however, was drawn by Silvertide for our Fan Art section, but Fryfan supplied the colouring in part of the picture, so it's a joint-effort. Hmmm... I could give you Fryfan's description of this picture, but it would be quite long. What the Hell, here is Fryfan's extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra long description: 'This drawing features the characters from the fanfic, "You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once".

'Phnog- Of course, has on his martial arts gi. Originally, I wanted to base Phnog from Tetsuro Tamba (played by Tiger Tanaka). Tamba was James Bond's ally from "You Only Live Twice", of course the twist is that Phnog is a villain. I liked Phnog, and wish he had a bigger part on Futurama.

'RJ- Another character, I wish had a bigger part on Futurama. RJ, was a stereotype of how smoking makes you look cool, so I tripled his personality, by providing the stereotype of how smoking, drinking and firearms makes you look cool. RJ is based from Marvel Comics, The Punisher. I saw the movie earlier this year and read the Spider-man comic that first featured the Punisher. So, I decided to based RJ from that character. I wanted RJ to have a poncho, to be like a Punisher meets Clint Eastwood, only Silvertide decided to only give Joe a poncho.

'Joe- Joe's SpyOrama counterpart is loosely based from Baba Looie. The donkey cartoon Mexican sidekick of Hanna Barbera classic cartoon, "Quick Draw McGraw". I'm only saying this because once Silvertide first showed me the drawing, that cartoon character first popped in my head. Of course, I pictured Joe in a poncho way before the loose similar.'

And if that's not enough, Fryfan has some more to add: 'I wanted to also note about RJ. He used to be a member of the Martian ATF. The branch of the Mars Government that promotes the use of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.'

There, I hope you read all that. Actually, it's a good description that saves me some time typing one out myself. However, I'm not finished with Fryfan-based work, because I have a work for our Fan Fiction section from him. This fiction is called It's a Wonderful Life, Fry, and is a parody of the famous James Stewart film, It's a Wonderful Life (obviously...). The twist in this one is that it's up to Robot Santa to bring the Xmas spirit back to Fry after he lost it. Robot Santa shows Fry what life would be like for the Planet Express crew if Fry had never come to the future. Personally, I think it would mean that Fox would not have been able to cancel Futurama, but others claim that the show wouldn't have been started in the first place. I wonder what Joan Collins would think about all this? Ummm... what the Hell am I talking about? I better get some sleep.

September 20, 2004

RIP Mandrake 9.1! Seems that Bender isn't too pleased that I've upgraded my Mandrake Linux 9.1 to the 10.0 version, which I'll soon update to 10.1. Actually, I'm sort of sad, simply because 9.1 was a great, solid version... at least for me it was. Anyway, I upgraded to 10.0 via urpmi, which worked a treat. With a little fixing here and there, all is well again. Decided to avoid the 2.6 kernel and wait till 10.1 before installing it. Wait, I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to introduce some work! Shut up, Graham! Anyawy, today's work comes from Ooy, who's done some work for our Fan Art and for our Fan Fiction sections. The artwork you can see shows Bender feeling upset about the death of Fry. Ooy has also got a picture of Fry feeling angry - probably due to my rambling about operating systems - and another of Leela, who also looks quite angry. Boy, I must be in trouble today. His fan fiction work is called And Then There Was Three, which deals with Fry and Leela deciding to go for a third child, years after conceiving Jennifer and Matt. Children? Jennifer and Matt? What the...? Better read the other fiction works by Ooy to find out.

September 19, 2004

Come one, come all! Kids free in the company of a paying adult. No pushing, there's room for everybody. Looks like Bender hit on another scheme to get rich, suicide booths. Just as well, Stop 'n Drop have had the monopoly for too long, and a little bit of competition never hurt anyone. Just think of the poor costumers, for far too long they've been force to pay the outrageous prices Stop 'n Drop charged, but thanks to Bender's initiative we should soon see a drop in suicide prices. Sure 25 cents doesn't sound like much, but over the span of 12 months it can result in quite a sum. Hmm, looks like Cubert is allready taking advantage of the falling prices, so Bender have allready done one good deed. It doesn't look like Leela see the what's so great about this new business. Anyway, over to presentations, this picture come from Otis P. Jivefunk and can as always be found in the Fan Art section of our website.

She who lives by the sowrd... And we also have a new Fan Fiction for you from the industrious Spacedall11. This story titled The Fry Identity is another one of them there serial stories. In this story Fry and Leela have been working together for 4 years, and have developed a strong friendship, the one difference is they don't work for Planet Express, they're hitmen! In Part 1 Leela decides to retire but is paid a visit by a former associate, with fatal consequences. Fry rushing to her rescue is framed for the crime. Read on by clicking here.

And in honor of "Talking Like A Pirate"-day: Yaaar, I be in me cabin drinkin rum I found in Davey Jarg's locker.

September 18, 2004

I'm Leela... I'm angry... What's new? No, I'm not Leela, you idiots! I swear that I'm not her. Can't you tell the difference? I have... best not go there. Anyway, I have two eyes and all the male bits and pieces without the female ones. Heck, even the t-shirt I'm wearing isn't white. Nor do I wear boots. My hair is light-brown not purple. I have a deeper voice with a south London accent. Heh... Leela having a south London accent would be funny. Anyway, as I've said, I'm not Leela. Hmmm... maybe I should have saved time and used another subject heading, which would have meant that I wouldn't have had to write the words above. Now, after sorting that lot out, I can do the update proper. I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. The picture shows Leela, who, as ever, seems to be in a bad mood. Boy, doesn't she look mean. Well, enjoy Futurama Freak's latest picture, which doesn't look anything like me. Got that?

September 17, 2004

Bender, mon! Quit going through our lockers, and clean ya' won filth! Just trying a bit of Jamaican accent there, how'd it turn out? Horrible? Well sounds like that uplifting joke is neither joking nor lifting up very well, time to bring in the big guns: Fan Art! And those come from a new submitter to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, a guy by the name MillD86 who sent us 4 great handdrawn pictures. The thumbnail show Bender and Hermes in the Planet Express locker room, Bender's locker is open and you can see what he keeps in there, including John Laroquette's spine. The remaining 3 pictures show Amy and Kif holding hands at what appears to be a restaurant, Leela and Fry holding hands in the moonlight (that is, I think it's the moonlight), something for the shippers to treasure and finally Zoidberg being shown the door by Mom after ruining her buffet. Poor Zoidberg, such cruel treamtent. Mom should've known what would happen if you invite Zoidberg for a buffet. Anywa, enjoy these great pictures from MillD86.

Shippers delight, take two. More handdrawn Fan Art and more shippy pictures. This time we turn our attention to Leelaholic. He has made two new pictures for us and as his name indicates they both have something to do with Leela. Firstly in the thumbnail we see Fry trying to paint a picture of him and Leela holding hands. And by paint I mean on canvas and using actual paint and brushes. Very bold more by him I'd say. Looks like his painting skills match his musical talent since the Leela/Fry figures look very remiscent of his holophoner version in "The Devil's hands Are dile Playthings". The second picture show Leela stripping down. She's allready lost her tanktop, panties and pants, we join her just as she's about to lose her bra. Well I'm sure the dirty-minded part of our visitors have allready moved on to Leelaholic's page, so they'll completely miss me telling them that this all take place inside a tent like in "Spanish Fry". All I can so to them is: gotcha!! Enoy it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall Of Justice... Yes, it's time for more superhero action! In the form of part 5 of Spacedal11's story Jynx. Hanging high above ground in the Nimbus holoshed Jynx (Leela) is dangerously close to getting killed by Scorpio (Zapp). Can she wrestle herself loose and save Fry? Or will she need a bit of help? Well anything beyond that would really spoil the entire chapter so go read it. Either through the Fan Fiction mainpage or by clicking here.

September 16, 2004

Now for Jinx Strikes Back! Well, it's Thursday, it's a day to show off submitters' stuff on Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. First up, I've got some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Silvertide. The picture is actually his first attempt at drawing a Futurama character for Fryfan's SpyOrama series. Silvertide initially considered this just a draft work for his other pictures, and was reluctant to show this one off, but decided recently that this work should also be shown for public consumption. Actually, as usual, Fryfan is also involved in the picture's production, with his colouring in, so it's a joint-effort. The picture shows Jinx with her gun, aiming it at someone beyond the picture. I suppose it's either Agent 1BDI or Agent 014. Fryfan isn't finished there with work for us today, for he's sent the third part of his latest serial fiction Michelle Strikes Back, which, quite naturally, you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. In this final part, Fry has bought a diamond scrunchy for Leela, in the hope that she'll finally say to him that she loves him, while Michelle gets the help of the Amazonian women to carry out a dastardly deed on half of Earth and the Universe. Which half that is, you'll have to find out by reading.

Hazard a guess... Next up, I've got a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Nostradamus. This picture is a hand-drawn and coloured in picture of Leela in what appears to be a hazard suit. What the hazard is, is anyone's guess, but she does look apprehensive about her coming duty. Hmmm... she has a crowbar and torch in her hands, which might suggest she's trying to break into some building or other that stores dangerous stuff. Now, why she would be doing that rather than sit down and stroke Nibbler is, yet again, anyone's guess. I mean, a cup of hot chocolate while stroking Nibbler would be preferable to breaking into a warehouse full of dangerous stuff, right? I mean, surely Nibbler is too cute to leave alone. Am I mistaken? Hmmm... I'll now shut up and let you enjoy this picture while you guess what's going on.

EDIT - Scott "Crash7" Crank writes: "In that pic by Nostradamus, she's wearing an HEV suit from the game Half-life. Note the logo on the breastplate. The crowbar was the default melee weapon in the game."

Many thanks, Scott.

Lastly, I got an email from Rye Guy, who's contributed to this site in the past, saying that he's in the path of Hurricane Ivan, which has caused so much destruction in the Caribbean, and is currently hitting the south-east of the US. Let's hope that he's safe and well in Mobile, Alabama, as well as any of our other visitors/submitters who live around the crisis area. I actually heard a few hours ago that the eye of the hurricane passed his city, Mobile, and that powercuts for a few weeks are expected there. He wanted me to say that if you don't see his work up for the next few weeks, it's not because he's given up on the site and Futurama, it's because he won't be getting power back for some time. Well, hope people over there can pull through this terrible situation.

September 15, 2004

1,000 bottles of beer on the wall, 1,000 bottles of beer. You take one down and pass it around, 999 bottles of beer on the wall... Well, for today, I have two montages for our Fan Art section that come from Fry's Lady. The picture you can see shows Leela drinking her beer, which happened in the episode Spanish Fry. Not only that, but it seems that Leela wants us to change our site's layout. But seeing that we don't just cater for Leela's character but all of Futurama's characters, she'll need to get the majority vote. The other picture shows Leela and Amy discussing a beauty queen contest. Leela is rejecting the idea of entering, while Amy is being cynical and not believing her. Considering the episode Lesser of Two Evils, I wouldn't believe her either. Well, let's hope you enjoy these montages from Fry's Lady, who has said that she will make some hand-drawn works for the future, which should be interesting.

September 14, 2004

Looks like someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning! Looks like poor Leela has had a bad time making herself presentable in this picture for our Fan Art section. I'd suggest she uses a mirror the next time. Well, you can see this and seven other pictures from Ooy in his fan art page on this site. All the pictures are hand-drawn and coloured in, all in a cute style. The picture that the thumbnail shows is actually taken from one of the Futurama comics: issue #14, Six Characters In Search of a Story. That, at least, will explain to you why Leela has changed somewhat. What, that didn't explain? Maybe you should go and find the comic to see why... or wait for Kenneth to write up about it in one of his comic reviews, once he gets his mits on the comic in question. Anyway, Ooy's other pictures show Leela, Fry, Amy and a certain Samantha. That last one I'm confused about myself, but I suspect she's from a sequel of Wu Konguk's And Then There Was Two fiction. Hmmm... not that I know of one, though. Oh well, maybe it'll find its way here if it exists.

September 13, 2004

Last time on Who Is Dying To Become A Millionaire.... After going into his second page with his last batch of pictures Pawell Galuzin continues the winning streak with 2 new Fan Arts in his usual high quality. The one in the thumbnail show a a scene from Comic 5 when Fry tries to win on "Who Is Dying To Be A Millionaire" in order to save Planet Express. The second is a shot of Leela from "Antholgy Of Interest I" (if I'm not mistaken).

Oh, and when I said "in his usual high quality" I wasn't merely adding hyperbole to glam up my boring update. Pawell Galuzin is currently ranked second (based on visitor opinions) in our Fan Art section, only one tiny iota behind first place. Congratulations to Pawell and if you're interested in more of his work give his website Something About Leela a visit. You might even learn a thing or two, if you understand Russian.

Fry to the rescue! Second part of the update come from Spacedal11 and is part 4 of her Fan Fiction titled Jynx. In this part Fry have boarded the Nimbus in ana ttempt to rescue Leela, and when he finally finds her he discover that she is Jynx. Now the two of them have to fight their way out. The chapter can be enjoyed here.

Interesting stuff! Stay tuned for more Tales From Missy Finally we have part 2 of another Fan fiction. This one is from Missy and is titled History Repeating. Lisa Simpson have been abducted by our favorite trio. When she wakes up she go to confront Leela and demand to be taken back to her own time. Imagine her surprise when she sees Leela's eye. Oh, wait you don't have to imagine, you can read it all here. Enjoy.

This is the worst kind of discrimination, the kind against Futurama. Finally finally a sad bit of news. Yesterday, Sunday the 12th of September, was the 56th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. You probably know that Futurama was nominated in two cathegories: "The Sting" in "Outstanding Animated Program, Less Than 1 Hour" and "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" in "Outstanding Music and Lyrics In An Animated Show". Sadly both episodes lost. "The Sting " to Samurai Jack for "The Birth of Evil" and TDHAIP to "Until The Violence Stops" on Lifetime Television. Sad news, but as Futurama fans we should be used to this kind of thing.

Leela shows her best side! Maybe if she showed the other side, she'd have a happy face. Oh well, mood swings do that for you. Well, as you can see, the picture to your right shows a sidewards glance of a furious Leela, probably angry at Fry for some reason or other. This picture, and two others, you'll find in our Fan Art section, coming from Futurama Freak. Well, as I've mentioned, not only has she come up with a picture of an angry Leela, she's also come up with a picture of Leela winking back with two eyes, which happened in the episode The Cyber House Rules. Well, at least she's not angry in this picture. The third picture is actually a kaliedoscopic version of the last picture I've mentioned, which looks quite... nuts. Well, no matter what, there are still three pictures to enjoy: angry, winky and nutty!

Ummm... can I now shake your other hand! Well, she's back after some time away. Who's back? Andrea Huckstep is back, that's who. Not only that, she's brought us some work for our Fan Art section. This picture features Leela, Doctor Zoidberg and Doctor Drakken, with the lobster doctor noticing that Drakken has a cut arm. I'm thinking that Doctor Zoidberg was trying to shake hands with Drakken, but ended up cutting him with his claws. OK, he shook his arm, not his hand, but blame Zoidberg for that... I would/did. Oh, the picture also has Leela looking on, and probably wondering why she's there. Life's strange!

September 12, 2004

How about these cook... [That's enough, move it along!] On this fine Sunday we have more Fan Art from one of our very talented fanartists. And by "fine Sunday" I mean windy, rainy and thunderstorms and by "very talented fanartist" I mean Leelaholic (just kidding, Matt ). He has submitted this new picture of Leela sitting on her bed, which he told me he drew during biology class. In biology class in Denmark we're lectured on genenomes, photosynthesis and evolution, I guess the American educational system emphasises other areas. Not that I'm complaining, since it gave us this great picture for our Fan Art section. Hmmm, the title of the picture is LeelaBed, I think "Fry's Adolescent Male Fantasy" might be more appropiate.

Well, she was begging for it when she took that name. Part 3 of Spacedal11's Fan Fiction story Jynx is out. In this chapter Zapp and his new partners in crime Michelle and Alcazar is trying to drive Leela insane by framing her for Fry's assault. In frustration Leela breaks a mirror and end up in the hospital with her entire arm injured. Enjoy this part here.

Guh! Amy a good Rikku? Globviously! Because I have some new Fan Art of my own again that continues the theme of Futurama characters in Final Fantasy X styled roles, this time with both Hermes as Wakka and Amy as Rikku. Just click on the picture of Amy above to get a better look at them, and enjoy. And for those that don't know, these are all drawn because a friend of mine is planning (and started actually) to write a crossover styled parody Fan Fiction.

And speaking of writing, Slikdude has provided us with the third part of saga that explores Leela and Fry's coming together, The Fry Files. This addition takes place right after the final episode, The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings, so go and read it, especially if you're a shipper. He's also provided a picture of Fry, who seems to be a bit slow on the uptake that it was Fox behind the cancellation of the show.

Finally, there's this following snippet from a website called MovieHole that's cropped up. I wouldn't look too much into it, but... who knows?

The word around the campfire is that due to increasingly good sales on the “Futurama” DVD sets and Video Game, Fox may be firing up the grill on another season of Matt Groening’s show.

The series, which was on air for four seasons, never reached the heights of popularity achieved by “The Simpsons”, but was applauded by critics & fans everywhere.
At the time the show was “pulled indefinitely”, the rumour was that at least another season of the show was in the early to 50% complete stage of production, and may be “revisited further down the road”.

Well, according to a couple of sources, they may just have gotten a little further down the road, so hopefully for fans of the show, there will be more Fry, Bender, Leela and Dr. Zoidberg on the way this time next year!

That's all for now. Later

September 11, 2004

Meet the Jetsons! What happens when you introduce the Futurama characters with the Jetson family? Bang! Crash! Wallop! Well, that's exactly what happened in a picture for our Fan Art section that was sent in by Robert Hawks. It shows Bender, Fry and Leela discovering the Jetsons after they've both crashed into each other. It seems that Bender is going to get a serious kicking from George Jetson. Robert's other picture is that scene in the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before, where Leela is ready for a fight with William Shatner. Oh dear, and we all know what happens when William Shatner's Captain Kirk grapples with a woman. Anyway, it's great to see Robert still doing his artwork for the Futurama community. In case many of you don't know, Robert has been around the community since its dawn back in the last century. He even had his own website, Futurama Fanart (scroll down the page and you'll find it), that showed off his talent and other artists', too. It was a shame to see that site go, but at least we have his art to savour.

How to unstick Michelle! Well, next up I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. This is part two of his latest serial fiction Michelle Strikes Back. In this part, we find that it's now a few months after Michelle's last attack on Fry and Leela's loving relationship. It's now Valentine's Day, but Fry has yet to buy Leela a gift for this special day, so off he goes to the mall to get one. However, things get complicated when he meets up with Michelle while shopping for the gift. Bet you didn't see that one coming. Anyway, read on to find out how Michelle plans to get "her" man, a man already smitten by another.

September 9, 2004

Angry drinker! Well, I can't think of much to say, so I have to think of something original to do. Now, what can I do? Ah, maybe this will be something mad. There, did you enjoy all those smilies? Even you, mtvcdm? I wonder what next I can do to annoy you all? Ah, maybe we could rename this site Smilies R Us. Yeah, that might work... a site dedicated to smilies. Oh, today's work, if you haven't guessed, comes from Ooy, who has come up with four new pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see shows an angry Fry with a drink. Lesson is not to get him drunk... There are two pictures with just Leela in them. The last picture is based on Allen Tanner's The Impressionable Mind II: Out-of-Body Experience fiction. I can imagine that you'll want to run off and look at his pictures rather than these smilies, and I won't blame you if you do.

Let your computer wake up and go to sleep with Futurama on its mind! Ever thought about your poor computer sitting there at your very command. I mean, it does a lot for you, churning out bits and bytes. Why not reward it with some system sounds that are Futurama related. Birdbot was kind enough to send in wav clips of the Futurama starting and ending tunes, so that you can use them for your computer's startup and shutdown sounds. Birdbot's sounds can be found in our Sound Clips section, along with instructions and other sounds that you might find of some use.

September 8, 2004

Cat People! Meow meow meow! Prrrrr! Prrrrr! Meow prrrrr meow prrrr meow meow prrrr! Damn, this picture for our Fan Art section is so cute and good that it makes you want to sound like a cat. Being someone who had two cats in his childhood/teenage years, I can really appreciate this work from ELF. As you'll see, it features the Futurama characters as cats. We have Leela, Fry, Amy, Zoidberg, Bender, Zapp, Kif, Hermes, Scruffy, Farnsworth. Now, there's a mysterious yellow female cat out there, too. Apparently, it's meant to be ELF herself in catform. An imaginative picture that's quite Perrrfect. OK, sorry for the bad pun. ELF isn't finished there, because she's also contributed to our Wallpapers section. She's come up with a wallpaper of Captian Default, who was the superhero character that Fry invented for himself in the episode Less than Hero. Lastly from ELF (yeah, she's been busy!), we have a work for our Fan Fiction section. This is part three of her serial fiction Simpson Express. In this part, Fry wakes up to find that his underpants have been stolen by a yellow boy. Certainly not a good start for the day. Anyway, more happens than just that, because the Simpsons are going to meet Futurama! Enjoy the read... and careful with your underpants.

September 7, 2004

How the hell did they get there? Hey, everybody. Missed me? The feeling is mutual. Anyway, I've been busy the past week with summer vacation, garden work and turning 30. Yep, that's right. I'm no longer a member of that hip and happening demographic group known to advertisers as "age 18-29". I guess that put me way out of the target group FOX were hoping to reach with Futurama. On the other hand it place me square in the middle of the group Groening and Cohen were hoping to reach. And since you're never too old to help run a Futurama fansite, enough about me and onto the meat of this update: content!!

First we have a new piece of Fan Art coming from Leelaholic. It's a picture inspired by "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" and show Fry admiring his new hands for the first time. He looks a bit hesitant, but we all know that soon changes.

The return of Missy Missy is back with a new contribution for the Fan Fiction part of our site. The new story is named History Repeating and is a serial story involving Futurama/Simpsons crossovers. Part 1 is a teaser chapter, so I'll let Missy's recap speak for itself: When Lisa Simpsons dissapears from her hospital bed in the midst of a grave illness, her family couldn't possibly imagine that she had been brought to the future through a wild missunderstanding, which would end up having far-reaching consequences for all. Missy's other stories are some of the highest rated entries in the Fan Fiction section, so you know you'll enjoy this.

Don't say that, you'll just Jynx it. Finally we have Spacedal11 returning with part 2 of the story Jynx. After some more training Leela is ready to search for Fry's assaliant. Meanwhile she also use her powers to fight crime in the streets of New New York. Within a week she's the talk of the town. Enjoy this too ... by clicking here.

101 uses for a Bender! Heh, this is a good picture for our Fan Art section that comes from the imaginative mind of Daran Carlin-Weber. It features Fry and Bender, but not the usual kind of brash and confident Bender you're used to, but a trashy one. As you'll see, Bender has now become a dustbin, with Fry taking advantage of this and feeding him his rubbish. Yeah, go and take a look and see the humiliation on Bender's face. It makes you want to cry. Then again, at least you'll have a place to put the used tissues. I suspect this is Fry's revenge for being throttled a few pictures back. I hope, for Fry's sake, that Bender doesn't get his proper arms and legs back, otherwise Fry could be turned into sausages.

Sudden mood change... Next up, I have two new pictures for our Fan Art section and one picture for our Crap Art sections to show you, all of which come come from good ol' Nostradamus. The picture you can see shows Leela in a state of turmoil, due to something cruel done to her by somebody. Then again, maybe she's upset about the way Fry treated Bender in Daran's picture, but I bet not. His other picture shows Leela in a sweet pose, which is "sho shweet". Now, Nostradamus isn't finished there, because he's come up with a work for our Crap Art section. The work, which you'll see in his crap art page, is actually on the small size. I'd go as far to say that it's the smallest picture that we have, being just six pixels. I was tempted to blow up the image for the thumbnail, so that the image would be bigger than the actual art itself, but decided to just leave it as it was (albeit on a 120x90 transparent background). Anyway, the image, apparently, is of Leela, which you'll figure out once you zoom into it. BTW, Nostradamus requested I move his first work in the Crap Art section, an image of Leela grown on a petri dish, to the Fan Art section, which I couldn't agree more to. That work was far from crap, especially since it was the first time I've seen a Futurama image done by growing yeast (I think it was yeast, although it could be some other single cell organism) in a dish. It didn't even look bad as an image, either. So, if you're wondering why that's missing, you'll find it in its new home in our Fan Art section. Well, enough of this, I'll let you get on with looking at the latest work. Enjoy!

September 6, 2004

Gun out of order... enter the sword! Well, another day brings a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. Welcome Leela in Chains, a new artist to submit his wares to our Fan Art section. Leela in Chains tells me that he's been a longtime visitor of this site, but has only just decided to put pencil to paper and create something to show off on our site. For today, he's sent in this hand-drawn picture of Leela in a yellow jumpsuit with a Samurai sword in her hand. Now, it won't take long for you to realise that this is a parody of Quentin Tarantino's latest films, Kill Bill. Alice in Chains... I mean Leela in Chains also mentions that the word Slayer on Leela's suit means something. I'm guessing that it refers to the hardcore metal band Slayer, which I imagine that Leela in Chains is a fan of. Not exactly my music, but it beats being a fan of the Beatles. Anyway, enjoy this parody of Kill Zapp... I mean Bill.

And there's more... Yes, I'm not finished for today, because I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. Now, it seems that he's taken a break from SpyOrama (I could be wrong about this, though, and it might have something to do with SpyOrama after all... but we'll see ) and come up with something else. Welcome the first part of Michelle Strikes Back, a part that Fryfan wants me to tell you is called Leela Vs Michelle. The fiction is set the day after The Devil's Hands Are Idol Playthings, where Fry and Leela are now together as an item. However, Fry soon bumps into Michelle, who is, coincidentally, seeking him to get back together again. Fry, naturally, rejects her, informing her of his new relationship with Leela. Jealousy sets in after this rejection, causing Michelle to try to get Fry by any means necessary. Go give this a read, it's quite nicely paced.

Oh, I've just noticed that by the end of the day, we should get to 1,200,000 visitors. Natually, we'll be properly celebrating the numbers when the counter hits 1,500,000, but it's still nice to see the counter get to 1,200,000 nonetheless. Many thanks goes to all the webmasters, submitters and visitors.

September 5, 2004

Start with the lowdown! On this cheerful, sunny Sunday, I'll present to you this work for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. You'd have thought this would be a happy picture considering the charming day here in southern England, but I felt like I'd spoil this day for you by making you feel so sad for Fry. Not that the art itself will spoil it for you, but the subject matter, which features Fry mourning his nephew's death, which all happened in the episode The Luck of the Fryish. Futurama Freak isn't finished there, though, because she has two other pictures to show off, both featuring Leela. The first one shows Leela with a present when she was a teenager (Leela's Homeworld), while the other one shows Leela in her opera dress (The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings).

Fluke Frywalker and Princess Leela! Next up on this cheerful Sunday turned to woe, I bring you two works for our Fan Art section that comes from SPb_Petr. Both works, though, have a Star Wars theme to them. I'm not a fan of the films myself, but it seems somebody is (total underestimation there ), so that should be good enough reason for this update. Mind you, someone could send in a cute Nibbler picture, and it would still go up. Hmmm... hope nobody does a cute Nibbler being walked by C3PO picture. Anyway, getting back to what I'm meant to be going on about, SPb_Petr's works show Fry and Leela in that classic pose of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, all done as a pencil sketch. One picture just shows them, while the other has the real picture stuck onto his sketch to do a quick comparison. Well, I know that there are a load of Star Wars fans out there, so you'll be happy. Actually, even miserable sods like me, who can't stand Star Wars, will appreciate the good artwork. Nice work, SPb_Petr.

Ooy, another fic or two! Lastly, I have two works for our Fan Fiction section that comes the same author, Ooy. Let's start with Operation: Lost Parents, which starts with the crew having to deliver marshmallows to Homestar6, the Homestar Runner planet. However, the crew gets into difficulties, resulting in Matt and Jennifer (Fry and Leela's children) getting worried and seeking help. Ooy's second fiction is a short one, which is called The Whole Story. Basically, it starts with Fry asking the what-if machine what would happen if he were married to Leela. The story carries on from there. Well, that should give you enough to read for today, so enjoy.

September 4, 2004

Must resist putting this up... it's toooooo cute! Damn, I give up! I tried to resist, believe me, but the cute factor just overwhelmed me, so now you, too, have to suffer this toooooo cute work. The work in question goes to our Fan Art section and comes from Athena1999. It shows Amy, but now in cuter form. You know when you have something bright, like the sun, where you can't look at it for more than a brief glimpse, well this is like putting a telescope to the said eye and pointing it to the sun. It's blindingly cute. I warn you, only those of a fluffy disposition should view this image. Actually, the rest of you can, but make sure that you wear some sunglasses while doing it. Some sunscreen would also be advisable. However, Athena1999 isn't finished with just cute work, she can also damage your eyes with crap art as well. This terrible excuse for scribble apparently shows Elzar offering Zapp Brannigan a plate of ravioli. If it tastes as it looks, expect Zapp to be dead heading to the toilet in a few minutes. Well, enjoy Athena1999's work more than Zapp will.

And now comes the competition! Well, it was started off with Y_L_B, but it was only time before the Ascii Art section got another contributor. So, welcome three ascii artworks from Dude, all of which show Leela. We have Leela doing kung fu, Leela in a standard pose, and Leela posing with her gun. He's adamant that this work is hand crafted... probably using pico. Sure looks good, so give it a gander.

Game over, man! Game over! Though this isn't a case of Aliens parody, despite perhaps looking like it. No sir, this picture of Leela ready for battle is a Metal Gear Solid homage that sits in the Fan Art section now, from artist Skajme, and I must say it looks even better in full view than in that thumbnail, so click on it and view it now. But I can't help but wonder, who is that she's about to shoot? Fry? A random army guy? Some fan artist who drew her naked too often showing no respect for her? Well... I don't know, you'd have to ask the artist about that. All I know is, this and his other pics are all worth checking out.

There's also this piece of Crap Art from newcomer Joshua Nussbaum, who was directed here by one of our regulars, Leela's Twin. Looks like he was influenced by her alright, judging from the size of the pic... just barely larger than a thumbnail image. Looks like a piece of art-Spam to me actually, or something. It's very odd, for sure.

And finally, there's a new piece of Fan Fiction too. But this is no ordinary piece, no sir! This is the final three parts of Christina Nordlander's fantastic saga, Son of the Ashes. How will things be resolved after all that's happened? Well, just whisk yourself away to part seven with a simple click, and read Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 and the final Epilogue included there within, as another great story comes to a fantastic end. If you're reading it, finish it off in style now. If not... then start! Transmission over!

September 2, 2004

Babe magnet! Well, not exactly a babe magnet, more like a jewellery one instead. Welcome three pictures for our Fan Art section that come from Daran Carlin-Weber. He's being generous today, because he's sent us three of his goodies. All of them feature Bender, too, so that should keep you Bender fans happy. Do remember, we take work about ANY Futurama character, not just Leela. We can't stress that enough, you know. Anyway, back to the important stuff, the picture to your right shows Bender doing what Bender does best: stealing. It also helps if one has a big, powerful magnet to help you thieve away. Looks like he's captured a certain Asian employee of Planet Express with it. His next picture shows Bender doing some graffiti on a wall, with Leela looking on in disapproval, as you'd expect from her. The last picture of his shows Bender ready to give out some violence. Considering Daran's past work, I wonder if the victim of Bender's violence is to be Fry. Maybe we'll find out in Daran's next work.

ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY CUBERT... SUCKERS! I've probably used that heading before. But so what, you all should be bowing down to the mighty Cubert! Long time ago (well, relatively), there used to be a site dedicated to Cubert, which was called the Cubert Logic Zone, which then became Cubert's Secret Laboratory. We still have some of the content of that site on ours, like Cubert's Rants, which Plasma, the webmaster of the site, generously donated to us. Oh well, the past brings up good memories. Anyway, getting back, I have seven new pictures for our Fan Art section that come from Mike Wilkins. We have, as you can see, Cubert's head... which hopefully wasn't removed from his head by an annoyed Bender. The other six are: Leela in her Married with Children look (A Bicyclops Built For Two); Leela in "that showed 'em" pose (When Aliens Attack); Amy covering her modesty (When Aliens Attack); Fry with a pipe stuck through his body (Parasites Lost); Leela in a towel (The Why of Fry); and Professor Farnsworth. There you go, quite a bit to look at. Enjoy! Cubert also says you can enjoy them, too. You have the Mighty One's permission.

September 1, 2004

Got GMail? Well, today's September 1st, and that means the GMail account giveaway is over! Ten GMail invites were sent to the following people:

  1. Alex Livadeas (big_zombie)
  2. Allen (ufo_seeker_49911)
  3. Ben the Legend (benthelegend1)
  4. Carla (evil_gummibear)
  5. Emil aka Captainleela aka Tentei (tentei1337)
  6. Gary Newhook (superratbombs)
  7. Kelly McKenzie (napsterfelons)
  8. Lauren M. Power (l_power)
  9. Matt (crikeyitsatree)
  10. Zoidy (zoidyzoid)

Congratulations to everybody and check your email accounts for the invites! For the poor souls trapped with a Hotmail or Yahoo address, check your "Bulk" mail folder too; they have the annoying habit of reporting GMail invites as spam If you are one of the people above and you didn't get your invite, email me. [Leandro]

And the ebony medal for Olympic gothing goes to... Oooh, I've got quite a bit of stuff from ELF today. I'll start with the two pictures she's sent in for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see to your right shows what would happen if the Planet Express crew became, for some strange reason, Goths. Well, you'll see Fry, Leela, Bender and Amy, as well as others, as Goths. However, it seems that Dr Zoidberg has lost the plot, because he's come as a hippy. Then again, maybe he just wants to help them cheer up with his colourful shirt. The other picture is dedicated to the Olympics, showing Fry carrying the Olympic Torch, Leela doing some gymnastics, Amy (I think) swimming, while Bender is either doing some Olympic bending (which you'll see happened in the episode Bend Her). Olympics might well be over, but the spirit still lives on. Lastly, ELF sent in a work for our Fan Fiction section, which is the continuation of her Simpson Express story. In this second part, the Planet Express crew is watching Professor Farnsworth's latest invention, the Pho-Inserter, a machine that's like the What-If machine but you ask questions that involve pictures. In it, they can see what would happen if Fry were a member of the Simpson family, and in today's part, they see Fry and Bart go to Homer's workplace, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Prepare for some radioactive, mutating, burning action, with a hint of d'oh!

Hush! Don't wake her, she's had a rough day. This picture of Sleeping Beauty ... ehh.. I mean Leela comes from the hands Leelaholic, that's right this is a handdrawn picture and pretty damn good one too. Very cute indded, and I can't help notice Leela sleep in the nude, now that's something for us all to enjoy. (okay, move it along you perv) It's now resting comfortably (much like Leela ) in our Fan Art section, where you'll also find other pictures by Leelaholic. Hmmm, not much else to say about this, and the rest of my puns are pretty horribly (and if you look at the quality of the first 2 let's all utter a short prayer that I don't use the other 5 I had in mind ), so I guess there's not much else to say.

Life is great. Secondly, B.B.R. is back with the conclusion to his Fan Fiction. In part 2 of It's A Wonderful Life Fry and Bender hide out at Planet Express until things settle down. Eventually Hermes forces them out. Fry is still trying to do as God adviced him to, but will it be that easy? Find out by clicking here.

Fry with a sword, Leela with a sceptre, and Bender stealing cars. The first two are new pieces of Fan Art for you all, the latter is not. Just a quick update with a few things, firstly some pictures of mine that continue by current Final Fantasy X character crossover binge at the moment. This time we have Fry as Tidus, trying to lift a heavy sword, and Leela in Yuna's get-up as pictured above. Hope you like them, it'll be Hermes as Wakka next.

The second contribution isn't from me, but is actually another nifty download for our Game Add-Ons section. This is for a different game though, Grand Theft Auto 3 to be precise, and is a Bender model created by Phil. Yep... plain old Phil. It's pretty neat, so if you own the game, go and download it now.

And finally, I was contacted by Scott "Crash7" Crank via email after putting up his Leela model yesterday. He thanked me and wanted to tell me that my comment "a little skinning help" regarding FemJesse was an understatement actually, and that she was a huge help and definitely a co-contributor to the project in his eyes. He didn't ask me to correct my statement, but I thought I'd better anyway, so huge deserved kudos to FemJesse for her hard skinning work for Scott's model.