September 2003

September 30, 2003

Hermes is going to be a lucky guy tonight! Here's a picture of an oft forgotten character of Futurama, LaBarbara. Blackhawk was kind enough to send this picture of LaBarbara for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. The picture features LaBarbara in bed and in alluring undergarments. It looks like she's waiting for Hermes to come home for some limbo practice or something. Actually, it's good that someone has thought about the irregular characters of the show. Let's hope that more pictures of the lesser shown characters come in this direction.

September 29, 2003

More surprises in store for the happy couple. 4 updates? I guess The Leela Zone just have one of it's Manic Mondays.

Part 9 of Missy's story Delicious Surprise is ready for your reading pleasure in our fanfiction section. In the last chapter we witnessed Fry and Leela finally answering the big question. And what do happy, newly-wed couples do? That's right, they go on their honeymoon. And what happens during honeymoons? [nudge, nudge, wink-wink] That's right, but you wont find any of that here, this is a family site.

Anyway, back to Missys fanfiction. Fry and Leela embark on their honeymoon. Their friends have given them tickets to a romantic vacation at Fabio69, and they're having a great time enjoying life, eachother and the luxury of being completely lazy. But Fabio69 have a few surprises in store for the happy couple. You can find out what they are by clicking here.

I'm really back! I'm great, I'm great, I'm so great! Why? Because I proved myself that if you want, then you can, the results can be seen in this picture of Leela. Look at her dress, her skin, her hair... In my humble oppinion this is my best picture ever. But when I look at it some sad thoughts come... A deaf Leela? Still can't believe it.

Now a message to you. Yes, you, in front of the screen. Take a look at the "Contact Us" section of the page. Yes, at the bottom. What do you see? Six people. How many? Six. So why don't you send some fanart, fanfiction, etc., to various people on the list. And by "various" I mean "me". Girls and boys, I really need stuff to update. [Sebastian]

Awwww... ain't that sweeet? And me so that I can barely stay awake enough to make this update... yeah, that's right, someone actually sent me stuff! The artistic stylings of DeadAngel brings you four great pics, including this sweet pic of Fry and Leela that sure made my morning a bit brighter, that's for sure! And bright it must be, for I have an interview... and classes... and my eyes look something like this: right now, thanks to the rennovation my parents are doing to the house... I should move out... but that involves money... which involves a job... which involves that interview that I should be dashing off to! See you freaks later! -> [Kristen]

Here you are, Cliff Richard, a devil woman's come to get you! Today I have a new picture for our Fan Art section that comes from the fire-loving Leelaholic. This is his third picture of Leela with a fire background, which seems to indicate that he's some sort of pyromaniac. OK, I better start behaving, otherwise I'll probably be burning to death in his next picture with Leela and Co laughing their heads off. Anyway, this picture features Leela as a devil creature, and behind her are the fires of Hell. Hmmm... and yet again, Leela has lost her clothing, but considering the heat generated by the fire, I suppose you can't blame her. I suppose she loves the smell of napalm in the morning... yadda yadda! Enjoy Leelaholic's new pic.

Uses for a TV Stand! Well, after that fiery update, I can bring you some new Uses for a Hacker that come from the mighty Smiley. He's come up with nine new ones, all featuring blood, guts, pain, laughter, fun, humour, love, hate, indifference.... OK, best stop that and carry on and mention a few of the Uses. There's a hacker being used as a TV stand; another one with Leela's embarrassing relations; Leela 2's first boyfriend; a hideous picture of a Fux lawyer; and a few others that you must see. So, go and use your mice and enjoy the latest pain brought to you by Smiley.

September 28, 2003

Amazing what a few drinks can do! Yay! It's new contributor time at The Leela Zone. I have a picture for our Fan Art section from Asylum-Fry, who is a girl, you get that, she's a girl... don't let her name confuse you, because she's a girl. Got that? Good. Then all is well in our universe. Anyway, Asylum-Fry has come up with a neat picture that shows what may happen if Leela gets intoxicated with alcohol with Fry in the vicinity. As you can see, she's ready to pounce on him. However, what may worry Fry is that it seems that Leela is driving under the influence of alcohol. Oh well, that's a one year driving ban if she gets pulled up by the space cops. So, Fry, why not take up her invitation to save her from herself. Nah, maybe he has better manners than that... well, let's hope he has... OK, it's a wish, not a statement of fact! Anyway, enjoy this neat and humorous picture from Asylum-Fry.

This will catch Kenneth by surprise! Yes, no one tell Kenneth that his fan fiction is now up at The Leela Zone. Yeah, shhhh! Not a word. Well, he expected it to come out a bit later than today, so he'll be pleasantly surprised. So will you, too. I have part sixteen of his mammoth fic Futurama: Universe of Malice. In this part, Leela, still on the slave planet, strives to find out what "haruska" means and why she's being called it. Fry, Amy, Zoidberg, Bender and Alesia are on the look-out for the missing Leela. Fry spills the beans to Amy about a delicate matter, who's not exactly the best person to confide with on such things, it has to be said. The deadly shadow creature who's after the gems is finally revealed. Also, Alesia gets a surprise... a big one. Anyway, there's enough pointers about what's going on in Ken's great fic, so give it a good read and enjoy.

September 26, 2003

Brain slugs keep falling on my head.... Today I have another great picture from Jesse Barboza, who has decided to submerge our Fan Art section into the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, it's another one of his trademarked underwater pictures, this one featuring a nonchalant Bender looking on as brain slugs attack both Fry and Leela. It seems that Leela has had it, in that a slug has attached itself to her head, but Fry is making a fight for it, and considering the episode "Raging Bender", he's bound to recover from this ordeal sooner or later. Oh well, the things the characters do for good art.

Graphic Guides are Idle Playthings Well... not really. But they are really neat, right? Right?! Well, in either case, here's the final Graphic Guide for the final episode, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, where Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil so that he can woo Leela with some classy music. Enjoy

So... is that all, you may ask? Are the guides really all over and done with? Well... yes and no. I'm actually going to go back to the start and revamp them. Face it, the early first season guides look quite abysmal compared to the later ones (check out the ancient one for Space Pilot 3000 for example), so I'm going to jazz them up a bit, give them page numbers and release some new pages as well, in an attempt to make it as close to a book as possible. I don't know when I shall begin this, but hopefully soon. Some of the guides will barely be different at all, but they should be cleaner and even have more info on them the next time around.

And now I shall bid you farewell, before those who have printed every, single guide up to this point hurl rotten food at me for wasting their time. Good day

September 25, 2003

Leela with her...? I've got a neat picture from FFP as my first update for today at The Leela Zone, and as usual, this picture can be found, with a lot of others' work, in our Fan Art section. The picture features Leela upon some green thing and holding what appears to be a sort of weapon, which is also green and strangely shaped. Now, I don't know what that "weapon" is based on, and maybe I should, so if anyone can enlighten me, feel free to email. Yeah, shows that I pay attention. In the background is an image of Leela amongst the stars. It really is a nice work, even though I don't know what Leela's carrying.

Does she work on 120 or 240 volts? Next up for our Fan Art section is the prolific Lee Roberts. This time, he's come up with eight new picture for us. As you can see, he's created a picture of the Robot Devil threatening to marry Leela. His other pictures are: Leela getting deafened; Leela with an unusual (at least for her) hairdo; Leela wrestling Amy; and a few others. Reward Lee's efforts by giving his eight new pictures a view or two. Enjoy!

September 24, 2003

Damn! That's another set of clothes that have gone missing! Recently, it seems that Leela keeps on losing her clothing for some reason. If only we could get to the bottom of this mystery, then the world would be safe. I blame Glenn Hoddle. If only he could satisfy Tottenham Hotspurs' fans' feelings that they're still a championship winning club in English football, but Mr Tottenham couldn't. Oh wait, totally different story. My bad. Must not mix up the news in future. Anyway, carrying on from the nonsense (and if you know Glenn Hoddle, then nonsense is the right word), I have a neat picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Leila. She's created this picture of Leela just surfacing from the water after a whale had managed to digest her clothing and other stuff she was carrying. This event happened in the episode "300 Big Boys". Nice picture, Leila.

Cross the i's and dot the t's! At least Glenn Hoddle won't relegate my announcing the next update, which is for our Fan Fiction section.. Oliver has come up with part two of his serial fic, An Eye for an Eye. In this part, Leela can't find Fry, who she thinks is lost, and is getting a little worried and angry. Lucky for Fry that Bender's with her... he sure knows how to calm down a ship's captain in a moment of crisis. Then again, it could be worse: she could have Glen Hoddle with her. OK, enough of reading my Hoddle gloating/bashing, do something more interesting, like go and read Oliver's story.

September 23, 2003

Her most seductive smile. What do we have here? A new picture, by... me? Yes, I've finally made something new. This picture shows Leela wearing a blue dress and her most seductive smile. It's a very simple pic, I just wanted to see if I can still do my magic (it's been seven months since my previous one). It turns out that I can, so stay tuned for new fanart by me. [Sebastian]

Hell's Angel! Today I have three pictures from Robert Hawks, which go to our Fan Art section. The picture you see as the thumbnail shows Leela as some biker from Hell. Marlon Brando, eat your heart out! As for the other pictures that he's submitted: one shows Leela as an angel with long, feathery wings, which also has a neat sky background added for effect; and the other picture from Robert is based on the episode "Less than Hero", which shows Bender, Fry and Leela as superheroes. Yet more great works from Robert.

September 22, 2003

Something's missing... but what? OK, I've got two works from Leelaholic, one of which goes to our Fan Art section, the other going to our Fan Fiction section. Starting with the picture, it features Leela with her trusty gun... but she seems to be missing something or other, but I can't see what. Yeah, blind Graham can only imagine that Leela's a bit pissed off due to what she's missing, so she better get it back quickly. Leelaholic hasn't just lost something of Leela's, he's come up with a fan fiction work titled Flush Hour. It's a short fiction that's set on a planet of toilets, where the crew have the misfortune to have to deliver to. You better go here and read it quickly, because I think that Leela's going to be mighty pissed off with someone due to losing something and having to deliver to a giant relief area in one day.

Lastly, our framegrabs are now fully operational. For some months, we've only had a limited selection of grabs up for show. However, due to the kindness of Pawell of Something About Leela, and Javier and Lucas of La Peor Pagina de Futurama, we've been able to display our grabs in full. Thanks again to Pawell, Javier and Lucas. You guys rock!

September 21, 2003

700000 visitors, impressive . . . most impressive. 700000 visitors to a fansite dedicated to an underappreciated sci-fi cartoon. I can only echo Kenneth's words, that is pretty damn cool. Let's see how quickly we can get to the next milestone. Anyway, continuing this Sunday's string of updates. Otis P Jivefunk have sent us this cool picture for our fanart section. It's a black/white picture showing a part of New New Yorks skyline. But that's not all. Otis tells me that there is more to this picture that emmidiate meets the eye. He's curious as to how many Futurama characters our visitors can find represented in this picture. Go take a look and see if you're up for the challenge.

Moving along... We also have a new entry in the fanfiction section. This one comes from Mitch and is titled The Future Is Now. This is follow-up, a sequel you might say, to Mitch's previous work Robo-Leela. In this new story Bender proposes to Susan just as Fry and Leela are expecting a permanent visitor. Now who could this permanent visitor be? Curious? Then click here to get directly to this story.

Woo-hoo! 700,000 and still going strong! Yep, as Kenneth has said in his update, The Leela Zone has reached its 700,000 visitor. I'm not sure when this event happened, but I think it happened shortly before I awoke. It's great to see the counter rising upwards towards that million mark. Anyway, back to the update. Alexander A Andreev has come up with a work for our Fan Art section that features Leela partially clothed. I'm sure this is based on some relatively famous painting done by an artist, but Alexander didn't say so. If anyone knows, please send me an email. Then again, I suppose I could just ask Alexander myself. Well, I'll leave this update here. Enjoy the picture.

The Leela Zone: Now with over 700,000 visitors! How cool is that?! Pretty damn cool I'd say, and to celebrate, we have this commemmorative piece of Fan Art from Jon Dixon that features Leela on a nifty hoverbike in his fantastic realistic style. Woo hoo! Got work, Jon.

And there's also some more cool stuff for you all... namely the latest new Graphic Guide double-page. This one covers the second to last episode to air, Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV. Click on the same of the episode to be whisked away to it, and enjoy.

That's all for now. Keep an eye out for the guide page for the series finale, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings over the next few days. Until then

September 20, 2003

Chat-up line 1043 fails to work.... Oh, nice Saturday out there, but who cares when you're updating The Leela Zone. Well, that's my excuse why I'm in here and not out there. Anyway, let me welcome two nice pictures from Futuregirl234, which go to our Fan Art section. The picture you can see is taken from the episode "A Flight to Remember", where Leela isn't being too subtle in her jealousy towards Fry pretending to be Amy's boyfriend when he's meant to be acting the same role for Leela. Can't win, can you? Her second picture shows Fry and Leela at the alter after getting married in the episode "Time Keeps on Slippin'", in which Leela isn't too happy about that due to thinking, wrongly, that she's been duped by Fry into doing it. There, two pictures to look at.

More woe for Canada! Got some more trouble for Canada, in the guise of a fan fiction by Dwayne Anderson. He's come up with part two of his serial fic, Man's Worst Nightmare. In this part, the crew are forced to stay at a Canadian hotel, and soon find that it gets from bad to worse... for the men.

Aye aye, Captain! OK, I've got another work for our Fan Fiction section, but this time it comes from a new contributor for this section called Oliver. He's come up with a fic titled An Eye for an Eye, which is about Fry getting so fed up by not being able to win Leela's heart that he ends up sacrificing something for her to prove he truly loves her: one of his eyes. Well, to go and take a look at part one, click here.

September 18, 2003

Westworld is back... and this time it's serious! Today would have been a boring day, but it seems that someone just had to spoil that. That someone is Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger, who has been kind enough to send us this picture for our Fan Art section. The picture shows what would happen if you had a land full of Benders... total anarchy! Then again, it could be easily argued that we do kind of have a land of Benders, but they're currently the politicians and spiv merchant multinational company owners who run our countries. Oh, wait, I'm doing a horrible injustice to our mechanical friend. Anyway, getting back on-topic, Alexei's picture is sure funny and, at least in character terms, accurate to what would happen if there were a land of Benders. Protect your wallets! Run! Hide!

September 17, 2003

You're in the army now! Wo-ooo-ooh you're in the army ... now! I have part 2 of Dave Vincent's fanfiction, called Background Noise, and as soon as this update is done, you'll have it too. In this part Fry, to his horror, discover (with quite a bit of help from Leela) that he has been drafted! Things get even worse when Hermes finds out that Fry's designated unit is heading for the killing fields of Da Nang 4. Determined not to let anything happen to Fry, Leela pays an old acquaintance, who might be able to help them, a visit. Meanwhile Zoidberg anxiously wait for the DOOP Inteligence to contact him. Have Nibbler discovered his betrayal or will Zoidy pull this one off? You can read all about it here. Oh, and this part contain several shippy scenes, so there should be something for all to enjoy.

Inner demons and other trivial battles. Also ready for reading is part 5 of Luis Gonzales' story The Fry-borg. While Leela fills in a reluctant Yancy on the situation, Fry is still having mnetal battles with himself. When Fry is injured after fending off another wave of attacks from their pursuers, the battle with this alternate Fry becomes a matter of life and death. Sounds confusing? Well, it isn't and you'll find out yourself after reading the chapter yourself, just click here.

Spitting on the ants below! Now, I have got a lot of good stuff for today. So, without any further ado, I'll introduce some work by Lee Roberts. Good boy Lee has produced some work for both our Fan Art and Wallpapers sections. Now, you can see to your left a wallpaper that he's done that features Leela and Fry sitting on a log, which, if I'm not mistaken, is taken from a scene from the episode Mars University - a much maligned episode, and undeservedly so, in my opinion - where Fry, Leela and Farnsworth are clinging to a log to save themselves from falling down a waterfall. He's also created three pictures for our Fan Art section that contains the wallpaper picture and two other Leela pics. Neat work, Lee.

Ummmm... help... errr... mmmm... I can't think of a subject heading to justify this stunning wallpaper! OK, this wallpaper has been passed onto me to do, but I won't complain, because it's another of Jon Dixon's stunning images that he's crafted using Poser. This one features Leela posing with her gun in front of a ship's window. As you can see, it shows Leela in what would be a "realistic" way, and looking at it, it's damn good what you can do with the Poser program and some artistic skill. He's also done a variation of this picture for our Fan Art section, which you'll find in his fan art page. It shows the animated Leela as an insert alongside the Poser Leela. Today's a good art day.

I don't care what she said, that damn logo is the bringer of the Apocalypse! OK, following on from the above, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. Today's picture from her shows Leela trying to console Slippy Toad and Christopher Thorndyke, who are both scared of the Fox logo. Now, Andrea informs me that this picture isn't a dig at Fox and has been created to reflect that the Fox logo "was scary to some people", but I'm not too sure about that. I'm sure that wool is being pulled over my eyes about this. I mean, who in their right mind would want to be soft on Fox? Come on, who? So, it's going to take some convincing to make me believe that this isn't a deserved dig at Fox. Anyway, whatever it is or isn't, it's another picture that you should take a look at.

Futurama: Universe of Slavery! Yay! I've got part fifteen of Kenneth White's epic fan fiction work that's titled Futurama: Universe of Malice. This may well be a long serial fic (the longest, if I'm not mistaken), but it sure keeps one interested and on the edge of one's seat. Today's part is no exception to that, either. We have the DOOP hiring a gang of rogues to deal with the planet-eating machine roaming the universe; Alesia coming out with a shocking truth; Zapp still irritating Baldur (why Baldur hasn't yet compressed Zapp into a tennis ball is beyond me... he must be the most patient man in the universe); and Leela finds herself a slave but one who plans to change her status quickly. Ah, one last thing: Squee! Yes, you read that right. Squee!

September 16, 2003

High fives all round! Oooh, it's nice and sunny outside, quite pleasant. Yeah, I went outside and discovered that when you look up, you can see that the ceiling is blue, and that there's this very bright lightbulb - that must cost a lot to run. Anyway, to celebrate this monumentous event, I have some pictures from Futuregirl234, that go into our Fan Art section. She's come up with six new pictures: the one you can see that's from A Fishful of Dollars; Fry and Leela in the episode The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz; Fry in the episode Bendin' in the Wind; plus three other pictures that you must go and see.

O Canada! OK, I have nothing against Canada, so don't blame me for this update, blame Dwayne Anderson, who wrote this new fan fiction that's titled Man's Worst Nightmare. Why blame him? Well it seems that he's singled out poor Canada to be the vehicle for this fiction. You see, in his fiction, Canada has as its leader an extreme feminist dictator, who has enslaved men (about time, some would say, I suppose), and which the crew have to deliver a package to. OK, Leela and Amy are OK in this scenario, but what about the men (excluding Bender, whose crotch is asexual)? To go directly to the fic, you can click here.

September 15, 2003

All right! ALL RIGHT! I'll update already! I've got webmasters hunting me down and making me feel much like Zoidberg here! But that doesn't keep me from enjoying the fine work of Brian Hess, who must've followed me here from my favorite slacking grounds. Five great new pics, three of 'em in color. Well, what're you waiting for? Go look already!

Oh, and I haven't been entirely slacking... if I can get things together before I start school, this place will get a very bright new look! But send me stuff! I can't help but slack if no one sends me stuff to put up once in a while! Where's a : pleading : smiley when you need one? [Kristen]

Leela gets her gun! Here's a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from FFP, an artist who's recently added his work to The Leela Zone. In this latest picture of his, we see Leela's quite pissed at something or other, so much so that she's packing a weapon. I suggest you run fast. Run! Run as fast as you can! Get out of here! Scram! Flee! Buy the ice-cream and T-shirt on your way out of the foyer. Oh, before you do that, go take a look at FFP's pic.

Scrap the above... run from your toilets! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH! Next up for our Fan Art section come two pictures from Leelaholic. He's created a strange picture of a menacing toilet ready to attack Leela! Yes, you read that right. Apparently it's a promo for a future fic of his that'll be titled "Flush Hour". Looking at it, there could be some toilet humour in it. However, seeing that the fic's not in the can yet, I could be talking crap. Hmmm... was that the way that Elvis died? A gigantic battle with a toilet can be so messy, especially after a bout or two or three of hamburgers and narcotics. Bah, best stop this now. He's come up with a second picture of Leela in a dress. No, there's no toilets anywhere near her. Whew! Bah, no toilet smilies.

September 14, 2003

Captains log, stardate 14092003... From LAN.gnome, a new member of the ever growing circle of TLZ Futurama Fanartists, comes this cool wallpaper, where our favorite starship crew have taken over the USS Enterprise and sent Shatner & Co on forced retirement. We have Leela as captain Kirk, Bender as Spock, Fry as Chekov and finally Amy as Uhura. If you like Futurama and Star Trek, this wallpaper will definetely appeal to you. I wonder what plans the PE crew have now they control a heavily armed warship.

"Wong, close hailing frquencies. Mr Fry, lay in a course for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences."

Well, I guess that answers that question.

Finding comfort in something. Mercapto is back, with 3 new scans for the fanart section. The thumbnail show Fry, Leela and Bender ready to drown last nights Emmy disappointment in a bunch of frosty cold Benderbraus. I think I'll join them in a toast to this great show. The other 2 pictures show Leela after being appointed Miss Universe (until Zapp lost his marbles and announced the real winner) and Leela happy about being the first professional female blernsball player. Enjoy.

Turn monitor right 90 degrees! On this Sunday, I have two new pictures for our Fan Art section that come from Alexander A Andreev. He's produced two pictures of Leela falling from a building and firing upwards against the person who's following her. Now, these pictures are based on "The Matrix: Reloaded", and is the scene where Trinity is being chased by Agent Smith, but I suspect you already knew that. Both pictures are of the same scene, but one is a pencil sketch, while the other, I believe, is an ink drawing. Anyway, have fun and enjoy these pictures from Alexander A Andreev.

It's a travesty!! A TRAVESTY, I SAY!!! You said it, Wooden Bender! It IS a travesty that Futurama's brilliant Emmy award submission Jurassic Bark (which is one of the best episodes ever, in my opinion) was turned down for best Animated Program. The award was given to the show's hackeneyed yellow cousin, The Simpsons just a few hours ago, and for a very sub-par episode at that. Boo! Boo, I say!

But what can I expect from an awards ceremony that seems to judge based on popularity and not on actual quality? Well... perhaps this latest Graphic Guide will cheer you all up after the bad news. This one is for the episode called Obsoletely Fabulous, when Bender goes to get an upgrade, but ends up getting a downgrade instead. Man, only two left to go now! That's all from me for now. Later blood!

September 13, 2003

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! *pause for breath* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Got some more stuff from our loyal contributors to The Leela Zone. First up are two pictures from Juliet Adeoye, which she submitted to our Fan Art section. The picture you can see to your right shows Fry and Leela hugging away, which is a very cute picture for Shippers. Her other picture is of herself and is done in, for lack of anything better to describe it, Groening style. She's said to me that she's coming up with more pictures, so you best view these quick before you receive information overload.

And then there were three! The next contributor to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section is the prolific Andrea Huckstep. She's come up with a picture that shows Leela looking on at a happy Fox McCloud and Krystal holding their new baby, James "Bender" McCloud. With the middle name being Bender, expect some grand theft auto in a few years time. Looking at Leela's expression, she could be worrying about that, too.

Yep, it's Fry alright! The last picture that I update about today comes from Futuregirl234, which goes into our Fan Art section. This picture features Fry's eye being scanned by a retina scanner at his old Bank that was still around in the year 3000. All this happened in the first season episode A Fishful of Dollars, where Fry gets rich due to his meagre amount of money saved in the bank gaining a thousand years of interest. He then, amongst other things, buys a can of anchovies, which results in Mom gaining interest in his affairs. I liked that episode, but it appears that it's considered to be one of the worst by a lot of fans. Then again, I hated Bendin' in the Wind, but it seems that others won't play ball and like it. Go figure!

September 12, 2003

Clool!! Looking out the window, at the wind blowing in the trees and the sun slowly setting against an ice-blue sky, I'm wondering what I'm doing inside on this fine autumn afternoon. The answer would be: updating The Leela Zone, ofcourse. And as part of doing that, I have the pleasure of bringing you this awesome piece of fanart from the hand of Otis P Jivefunk. It's a new Futurama Cast of Characters, that fit above his first version. Wow, this show really had a lot of great side-characters. Lots of patience and skill went into this picture, so go take a gander.

Here's a fun challenge: see how many of the characters you can name.

Use the force, Fry. Whoops. Sorry, wrong movie. You know, I might just be the only person on the Internet who haven't seen "The Matrix", or the sequel, so you have to forgive that little slip. Good thing I have the next best thing right here, namely the sixth and final part of Max Bellamy's The Fry-trix up and ready for reading in the fanfiction section. Tis part start by following Leela trying to help Fry in the fight against the many Smiths. Not everything goes as planned though.

Remember the fun times we had. Another fanfiction comes to an end, with this the fourth part of Dwayne Anderson's Memories of Futurama. The final clips from the show is dedicated to it's main characters (and presenters of the clips) Leela and Fry. And some random shenanigan. A good chance to brush up on Fry and Leela's best moments (or just sink into nostalgia while remembering this great show).

Swimsuit Edition! A new artist has come up with a picture for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section today, and he comes under the moniker FFP (no idea what the letters stand for, though). His picture shows Leela in an alluring pink swimsuit, while she's, presumably, on the beach or somewhere like that. Neat picture of Leela, it has to be said. Hopefully there'll be more from FFP, which he's threatened to send us.

Uses for a Hacker... and something different! Welcome back Smiley and some more of his great Uses for a Hacker. Today's lot has something different added to them: a hand-crafted Use. Yeah, he's drawn one of the Uses with his hand, that one titled Grand Theft Auto Vice City. So, go and take a look and be pleasantly surprised. He's come up with five other Uses: Bumblebee Man's Assistant; Adam Sandler Screenwriter; Jar Jar's Relatives; Rick Hunter's Substitute for Lynn Minmay; and lastly, Poppler Chow. Enjoy your uses like Lrrr's children would enjoy their meal.

September 11, 2003

Fry had a bad day at work.... Well, I have some great work from FemJesse that sits in our Fan Art section. Two of the pictures are quite disturbing, but they're meant to be that way and are certainly expressed in the art in a scary fashion. See, two of the pictures (one of them is to your right) show Fry going ape against Leela... and boy, doesn't she look scared/shocked! I would be, too, if I had the Fry in Luis Gonzales's fiction, The Fry-borg, which these pictures are based on. She's come up with another picture that was, it seems, done in maths class. It's a sketch of Fry and Leela, with FemJesse's maths teacher included in the background. I wonder if FemJesse will have the guts to show this to her maths teacher... and be accused of not paying full attention in class? Detention beckons.

Still missing you! Next up is a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Wonderbee31. This is part two of his No More Fun and Games 2 fan fiction. Fry is still missing Leela while at the Galactic Bureau of Bureaucracy, and even graduating hasn't diverted his mind from her. Leela, in the meantime, needs to sort out her feelings for Fry... and a visit to the parents seems to have got in the way. There are some touching moments in this fic, so you Shippers out there should give this a read... and those who aren't Shippers should also give it a gander, too.

September 10, 2003

Lee picks up a pencil and draws! OK, not a very exciting or imaginative heading this time, but at least it's accurate. Welcome two sketches from Lee Roberts, which go to our Fan Art section. Both are portraits of Leela, both are "realistic" sketches of her, which Lee says he hasn't done before. Well, he's done them now, so let's hope that he comes up with some others in future. Enjoy!

Newbie alert! Newbie alert! Next up is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. OK, I'll let Andrea explain further about this picture that stars Leela, Fry, Sonic the Hedgehog and a new character: "Here's a new picture of Fry and Leela throwing a welcome party for Christopher Thorndyke (the kid on Leela's right) at 'Showbiz 3003'. Christopher Thorndyke is a character from Sonic X...." There, now you know... expect to see him in future pictures.

September 9, 2003

Our daughter's Wonder Woman? I knew I shouldn't have taken that Viagra tablet all those years ago! OK, I've got quite a lot of stuff today, so weeeeee! First up are two pictures by Robert Hawks, which sit in our Fan Art section. The picture you can see to your right is from the scene in the episode "Less than Hero", where Leela reveals that she's actually the superhero Clobberella. That'll sock it to 'em! His other picture is from the scene in the episode "Bend Her", where Leela is shown with blond hair. Go give 'em a look.

You think you look like robots? You look more like trash! Poor Bender, seems that he's not too impressed with Fry and Leela's impression of his kind. Anyway, this is a picture from Futuregirl234 that's based from a scene in the episode "Fear of a Bot Planet", which shows Fry and Leela in their pretend-to-be-robot gear, while Bender is beside them. She's come up with two more pictures: one featuring Fry as a robot that was in the episode I just mentioned, while her other picture is of that nearly-kiss that happened in "Xmas Story". There, three more pictures to add to our bulging Fan Art section.

Magic moments! Lastly, I have part three of Dwayne Anderson's latest work, Memories of Futurama. As you probably know, this fan fiction has Fry and Leela presenting a show that deals with the best moments of Futurama, which, to be honest, means that this fiction is going to be never-ending, considering that there are just too many of those.

September 8, 2003

Do I hear wedding bells? Oh my, yes! This time old man Farnsworth isn't hallucinating, this is the real thing. Part 8 of Missy's story Delicious Surprise is up and ready for sale. In the last chapter Leela accepted Fry's marriage proposal , now we find Fry and Leela busy planning for their big day. They realise that it's difficult to throw a marriage on the meager salary Farnsworth give them. Lots of companies are willing to sponsor the event, hoping to leech on Leela's fame. Feeling they have already accepted too many promotion deals they turn most of them down, and things look bleak until Amy come up with a solution. Well, I wont spoil anymore for you, so you have to read the story yourself to get the rest. Since this part managed to move an old, non-shipper like yours truely, shippers should find this a nice read. Click here to go directly to this chapter.

Wow, this is a tough crowd to please. Second part of this update come from the hand of Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger, who have created 2 new pictures for the fanart section. The thumbnail show Alexei himself running from what could be a group of overzealous fans, or maybe it's art critics? But it's not, once you see the full picture, you'll realise the size of his mistake. The second picture show a fight scene from the fanfiction The Fry-borg by Luis Gonzales.

AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Damn, how do you beat Leandro's post? That sure is a stunning picture by Jon Dixon. However, let's move on with some work coming from recently new artists to The Leela Zone. We have two works for our Fan Art section that come from Leelaholic. First picture shows Leela falling down a well, which is a take on the episode of The Simpsons where Bart falls down the well (Radio Bart). His other picture shows him giving Leela a piggyback.

To find out what the subject heading means, then either learn binary to ascii conversion or go here and let them convert it for you (it's strange what you find with Google). You could always not bother and just carry on as if I didn't exist, though. However, do that after I tell you about the next update. Anyway, welcome some more work from Ben Simpson that's for our Fan Art section. He's come up with three new sketches that show Fry, Leela and Amy as they'd look in some Futurama/Matrix crossover. Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss eat your hearts out!

Fry, wouldn't it just be easier to apologise to Mr. H. G. Blob for spilling his drink so we can leave quietly? WOWZORZ! Just look at THAT! Jon Dixon created this way cool Poser scene featuring a photorealistic Leela and Fry. Thumbs WAY up! The image is in both the Fan Art gallery and the Wallpaper section, since I couldn't let the sheer coolness of this image to be missing from every fan's desktop! This is a must-see in full size, the thumbnails don't make it justice. Something that I've been wondering since I saw this: there were a few attempts at making Futurama fan animations and episodes (there's a German one that's probably still running). I think that doing an entire episode with the kind of animation we're used to is way out of reach for the fans; however, I see it quite possible to do 3D animation with the characters. Can you imagine a fanmade Futurama episode made completely with good 3D models and Poser characters like Jon's? YOWZA! [Leonatic]

September 7, 2003

Run for your lives! Yay! Time for an update by me, the one and only Leonatic! I've had five Episode Transcripts ready to upload for a couple of days, but I noticed my Program Files directory had gone well over 10 gigs and thought to myself, "self, it's been like half a year since you reinstalled Windows! I think it's time you do it again! No matter it's working fine, let's uphold traditions!" As you know, reinstalling Windows for me is a sacred tradition, the likes of changing The Leela Zone's layout every time I have nothing better to do or posting senseless garbage in the main page just for the heck of it. Anyway, after reinstalling Windows I realized that I had forgotten to write down the passwords to access the site's FTP. As a fat drunk would say, D'oh! But leave it to Good Boy Graham to come to the rescue! So now, after he reminded me of all the passwords I had forgotten and some I hadn't, finally it's time for you to enjoy the new Episode Transcripts for the episodes Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV, Bend Her, Obsoletely Fabulous, Spanish Fry and The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings! Yoinks! Plenty of reference material, don't ya think? Of course, they all are courtesy of The Neutral Planet, another Futurama site that's not gonna give up just 'cos the series is over. And speaking of sites that are more than willing to keep on flushin' C&D letters down the toilet and go on no matter what, there are five new scans from the one and only Futurama Point, the second oldest living Futurama fansite! Kudos and Sodos to Javier Sanchez for keeping his site running all by himself for so long! And, if you thought that was all, you are right! I ran out of stuff! Isn't that wonderful? I will now release your soul so you can continue your browsing! There ya go! See ya next update! [Leonatic]

That blue feeling! Another busy day at The Leela Zone. Let's start with FemJesse, who has been kind enough to send us four great pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture to your right shows Leela and Fry in a moody period. They sure look like they'll be exchanging words later. There's another picture that shows Leela and Fry after making love... which could well be the result of the earlier blue period. There's a picture of a giddy Leela. And finally, there's a picture of Amy as a feline, which is actually based on a scene in Kryten's latest fan fiction, Catastrophe. Well, that's the cat's whiskers.

Food, glorious food! Our next contributor is Andrea Huckstep, who has come up with another of her pictures for our Fan Art section. In this picture, we see Leela being concerned about Slippy Toad, who seems to be upset about something. As you can see, the upset isn't that dramatic - he's just hungry! Greedy thing! Mind you, looking at that meal has made me feel peckish. Anyway, in the meantime, why not feast your eyes on Andrea's latest work and drool.

Alias Smith and Smith! OK, I've got another instalment of Max Bellamy's The Fry-trix, which sits nicely in our Fan Fiction section. In this part - part five - Fry has left the Oracle and is now facing a daunting task against Smith, Smith and Smith.... Smith is a popular surname.

September 6, 2003

Miss Wet T-shirt 3000! Wow, we're busy today. Already we've had Kenneth and Sebastian updating The Leela Zone, and now you have to suffer my words. However, that's not to say that what I bring will make you suffer, though. On the contrary, we have some neat stuff for today. First off are two pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from the master of underwater art, Jesse Barboza. I love the style that Jesse adds to his artwork, as he brings out some real cuteness in the characters. Anyway, we have two model sheets, one featuring Leela and the other featuring Amy. Both are wet and cute... and cute. Did I say cute? No? Well, both are cute... get it, cute. Help me, I'm being drowned in cuteness! Anyway, enjoy Jesse's work. Don't forget, it's cute.

Watch out for the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzapper! Our next contributor is David Johnson who has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela having a terrible nightmare that involves Zapp Brannigan as a bee stinging poor Leela, who's tied to a post. This picture is dedicated to the episode The Sting, which, according to David, was repeated during the week in the US. Anyway, go and give this scary picture a viewing.

More magic moments! Lastly from me, I bring for our Fan Fiction section the second part of Dwayne Anderson's Memories of Futurama. This continues with Fry and Leela presenting a show for TV showing the best parts of Futurama in clip form. Hmmm... maybe, if you have the DVD, Video or even downloads of the eps, you can watch the parts that are in this fic at the same time as reading them, which should add to the nostalgia and enjoyment. OK, it was just a suggestion. Anyway, have fun reading Dwayne's latest instalment.

Calm like a bomb! Got a new picture for you, a hand drawn one by Ben Simpson. As you can see in the attached thumbnail it's a drawing showing Fry dressed like Neo from Matrix. And he sure looks calm... Just readying himself to make the final move, a move that will free us all, free us from the things that try to enslave us...
Networks at work
Keeping people calm

And you know what network tries to keep us calm, so lets all ignite!
Oops, too much RATM lately. [Sebastian]

Shut up, Zoidberg!! There's a new update at TLZ!! Yes, I have two goodies for you all today.

First of all, a brand spanking new Graphic Guide has been released. This one covers Bend Her, when Bender becomes Coilette. Just click on the picture of him... uh... her... guh.... whatever, to go there.

Secondly, there's a new Wallpaper courtesy of Pawell of Something About Leela, which features her and the Robot Devil from the brilliant series finale, The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings. Check that out too.

On a finaly note, looks like the Zone/Region 4 version of Futuram's 3rd Season on DVD will hit Australia and New Zealand on September 24th, which means that there'll be episodes on there that haven't ever aired here on TV properly yet (and probably the same with Aussie too). Shows how slack TV2 really is

Oh well, I'll have a vacation starting next weekend, which means the last three guides will be done by the end of the month. Until then

September 5, 2003

Now here's an excuse for some catty remarks. Tonight witness the return of the closest we get to a legend among Futurama fanfiction writers. Kryten (yes, the famous Amyholic) have taken up the pen again and send us part 1 of a new story titled Catastrophe. In this story Farnsworth need to test his latest invention, an improved transporter. Too late Amy realise her contract allow for her to double as guinea pig. When a freak accident happen during the test, the Planet Express intern find herself in a very hairy situation. The story feature the wellknown Kryten-humor, so it's highly recomendable. Click here to go directly to this chapter.

This story is inspired by a fanart by FemJesse. You can see the picture here.

Also, in a rare double-whammy decision... We have part 2 of Krytens story, Catastrophe, ready for reading. In this chapter Amy and the Planet Express crew try to adjust to a new life as part-cat-part-human, while Fanrsworth search for a cure. Click here to go directly to this chapter.

FemJesse have made 2 pictures, inspired by this story. They're available here and here.

Bender and trouble. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Finally we have another fanfiction from Luis Gonzales. This story, named The Problem With Bender is more comedy-oriented, than his other fanfic here at The Leela Zone, The Fry-Borg. In this new story, Leela receive the news of the death of an old acquaintance, she decide to celebrate by treating the entire crew to a round of drinks at The Hip Joint. The next morning a hungover crew realise you do stupid things when drunk. Click here to go directly to this story. Enjoy.

First-timers' hat trick! Today I have three contributors who have come up with their first pictures for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. First up is Aleyna, who has come up with five pictures for us. The picture you can see to the right shows Leela in flowing robes. Also, there's Leela with pixy wings; Leela and Amy as "Gatekeepers"; Leela in Manga Style; Leela as a bunny girl. I'm not sure what these pictures are based on (probably Anime or something), but they sure look neat. Also, you might want to visit Aleyna's site, Leela4U. It's in German, but that shouldn't stop you from going if you can't speak that language.

You idiot! You're wearing my costume! The next newbie to The Leela Zone is Futuregirl234, who has come up with two pictures. The picture to your left shows Leela and Fry in their superhero costumes, which happened in the episode Less than Hero. Leela does look furious in that picture! Her other picture is a close-up facial shot of Fry looking shocked. I hope that Leela's still not angry with him.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Oh dear, yet more intimidating pictures of Leela! This picture is done by Leelaholic, and shows Leela in her Uniclops costume that was in Futurama Comics #8. Oh dear, I hope that Fry didn't mess her about again, considering the fire in the background of this picture. However, Leelaholic's other picture is more sweeter. It shows Leelaholic with Leela holding each other in a friendly manner. I suppose Fry's antics broke the camel's back at last. Well, enjoy these three new contributors' works.

September 4, 2003

Wow! A completed comic! Woo-hoo! I've got a rare event today for The Leela Zone: a completed comic for our Fans' Comics section. Yeah, I know, it's a once-in-a-blue-moon event. Anyway, the creator of this completed comic is Beamer, so all congrats should be winging their way to his inbox. He's titled the comic The Long Arm of the War. I'll let him describe his comic in his own words: "The Planet Express crew are forced to deliver a crate of medical supplies to a planet where a war is currently going on. However, things just turn from bad to worse when the enemies hold Fry hostage in a last-minute attempt to get nuclear weapons. The fate of Fry and the war itself rests in the hands of Bender and Leela." There, that's all interesting stuff. Did I say that the artwork of the comic is of good quality? Didn't I? Well, the comic is certainly well drawn, and not only that, it's funny, too. So, enjoy!

BTW, anyone else with an uncompleted comic, please feel free in submitting more pages.

Amy revealed! Here we go, we have some Amy stuff for The Leela Zone. Yeah, it had to happen, but we felt it necessary to see whether the grass was greener on the other side. I can only say it's a little different and icky cute. Anyway, whatever you feel about Amy, you have to welcome the picture for our Fan Art section from the mighty hand of the rapping Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger. It shows some different sides of Amy. We have The Good, The Bad, and The Natural. To see what they are, go and take a peek.

The plot continues Lastly, I have a contribution for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Max Bellamy. This is the fourth part of his serial fan fiction that's titled The Fry-trix, which is based on "The Matrix: Reloaded". In this part, Fry meets The Oracle, which should be illuminating enough for him. Give it a read.

September 3, 2003

Love comes from the stomach, not the heart! Well, it had to happen, and Kenneth will be seething in rage because of this. What's happened? Do you really want to know? You do? OK. FemJesse has come up with this funny picture for our Fan Art section. The picture shows Zoidberg, Fry, Leela and Bender as South Park-styled characters, which is why Kenneth will be aiming his gun at his monitor (no, not Kenny, our Kenneth ). Don't do it, Kenneth... calm, blue ocean... calm, blue ocean... calm blue ocean. Well, he hates South Park, and I'm not that fond of it myself. Nevertheless, I do like this picture by FemJesse and find it quite hilarious. I've watched the show a few times and know that Stan, one of the main characters, fancies Wendy, but his quirk is that he throws up whenever she talks to him. Anyway, in FemJesse's picture, Fry does just that to Leela, which is a novel and cheap way of having dinner for two! Who said that love is in the heart, it's actually within the stomach.

Oh no, stop his singing... please! ARRRGGGHHH! Next up is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. Last time, she hated us, but this time she... hates us. Why? Because she's sent this picture of Slippy Toad singing "Baby got Back" in a Karaoke session to Leela, Fox McCloud and Peppy Hare. See, Slippy Toad seems to be an awful singer, so not only are the characters suffering, and they are, but we are, too. See, that's her way of getting us back. You can stop hating us, Andrea, we give up!

September 2, 2003

It got through, Fry. It got through. Missy send us a new entry for the fanfiction section. A short story titled Measured. With the heading in mind I'm sure you've all guessed that the setting of this is "The Sting". Have you ever wondered what kind of thoughts went through Fry's head, while he sat next to a comatosed Leela? Well, Missy did too, and you can read the result here.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream ... no gotta stay awake, must finish update. Poor Fry. As if struggling to win Leela's respect, and ultimately her heart, wasn't difficult enough he's now having trouble sleeping in this new serial fanfiction by a new author on The Leela Zone, who goes by the name Baker. In this story, titled Metal Tomb Of Terror, Fry is suffering from nightmares. Nightmares that involve Leela being impaled on a metal spike. Even when Leela finally tell him she loves him, the nightmares wont go away. Sounds interesting? Then click right here to go directly to part 1.

Now about that sleep...

MANWICH! A new contributor who comes under the name Bryan Walko has come up with this interesting advertis... wallpaper that features Hermes and his beloved manwich. I'll let Bryan take over to explain further about it: "They're simple, clean, kind of 1980s pop-art style, and they highlight what may be my favorite one-liner from the show." If you don't know what episode this moment came from, then take a look at the episode "The Deep South", which is the episode where Fry falls in love with a mermaid. So, do Hermes a favour: go get him a manwich!

Time for some action-packed clobbering! Ooof! The second contributor for today is the prolific Robert Hawks, who has come up with a work for our Fan Art section. The work in question features Leela as Clobberella, which was the guise she took in the episode "Less Than Hero". It's good to see some more work from Robert, considering that he's probably one of the longest serving Futurama fan artists out there. He's been churning out great artwork since the last century!

September 1, 2003

Renoir3000! Today I have a picture from Sofie Fenwick that's for our Fan Art section. This hand-drawn picture shows Fry and Leela as a Victorian married couple, and is based on the 19th century's Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting titled "Alfred Sisley and His Wife", which was done in the year 1868. As you can see, Fry is shown in a dark suit, while Leela, clutching to Fry's arm, is in a colourful orange and white dress, which was probably the fashion for the upper and middle classes at the time. I'm just glad that these fashions are a thing of the past, though... I hope! Careful now, lads, stop looking for those ankles!

Oh, one other thing for those gracious enough to submit work to The Leela Zone, please, please, please add your name (or nickname) to whatever work you submit. Occasionally, we get a work that comes along that expects us to magically know who it came from. Usually this results in having to do a search to see if the email address has been used on the site or not, which is quite annoying and can be fruitless. So, please, at least for the sake of accuracy, add your name or nickname to any emails that contain the work to be added to this site. Thanks.