September 2002

September 30, 2002

Come on if you think you're hard enough! Two contributors for today at The Leela Zone. Let's start with Impossible's, which is for our Fan Art section. She's created three kick-ass pictures and another that wows, which features this site's special interest, Leela (naturally). Let's see, the pictures are scans of our heroine taken from the episodes: "Anthology of Interest II"; "Leela's Homeworld"; and "Where No Fan Has Gone Before". I have to say that Impossible has a talent for her scanning work. Long may that continue

Snail a la Bart! Here is the second of today's contributions for our Fan Art section, this one coming from Andrea Huckstep. Andrea has created a parody of The Simpsons' opening credits where Bart is at the chalkboard having to do lines for some misdemeanour that he's committed. However, instead of Bart, we have some snail creature (I bet it has something to do with Nintendo, but don't quote me on that), and instead of Mrs Krabappel, we have Leela looking on sternly. Give the chalkboard a read, there are some funny lines there. Anyway, go and enjoy today's lot.

September 29, 2002

Hey, look! I'm alive! I have yet to be thrown into a river by corrupt police officers, or starve to death after the 80% devaluation, or kidnapped in the street! Guess I'm one lucky argentine, uh? Sure, my online time has suffered now that I'm actually working (blasphemy!), but hey, can't complain. Though I wouldn't mind getting the heck out of this country, pronto... as soon as I have legal age. My 21st birthday is coming in three weeks and three days, and I expect lots of gifts. I've already put a big table in my garden to prevent gift buffer overflows! Buffer overflows are bad. Rather have a near-empty buffer than losing control of my EIP. By the way, did you hear about that China-made processor that has RISC architecture and runs Linux? The Chinese say Microsoft programs are too insecure for using them. Chinese dudes are smart! Anyway, were was I? Oh yeah, birthdays. Today is the birthday of Patric Verrone, executive producer of Futurama; Happy Birthday, Patric! And while I'm speaking about Futurama, there's a new Wallpaper from General Hilliard, who was MIA for around as much time as I was, but has now came back, though his military campaigns in Germany's Education System will probably keep him busy for a few more weeks. I think he's going to do something like little Pink did in "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. II". Speaking of music I like, Roxette's singer is having to go through a brain surgery! Ouch. Speaking of brain surgery, it looks like I'll have to go through one too. Oh, I'll shut up before "PsychoGirl" Amanda Sues me for using her babbling style. Though I guess she'll kill me before Sueing. Though she's already Sued, so that would require time travel or something... though she'll probably use time travel to kill me before this news update goes up. Great Scott, this is heavy!

Futurama wins a Phlemmy! This show's smoking! A few days ago the American Lung Association gave the Phlemmy Awards, the annual dishonors to TV shows that portray smokers. "Futurama" was given a mention because it "gave lead roles to Marlboro and Camel cigarettes" (remember Where The Buggalo Roam?), and obviously for Bender's constant smoking. Hmmm... what to reply to this? Oh, I know: bite my shiny metal ass! There's a new Fan Art by Javier "I HATE FOX" Lopez, including our smoking robot of course, and another one by Pablo Rodrigo (continuing his South Park Rama series). I also added more Season 1 Transcripts to the Episode Guide, plus the usual background updating for that section and The Links Zone; and there's a bunch of new Cards for Space Pilot 3000 and The Series Has Landed coming from Sebastian Chan. Well, I guess that's all for now... see you next month! [Leandro]

Perhaps some hard spankings are in order? Another weekend, another Graphic Guide for TLZ. And today is no exception.

That's right, the latest page is up. Amazon Women in the Mood is the subject of this one, when Zapp, Kif Bender and Fry find themselves sentenced to a rather....... interesting death on the planet Amazonia.

For those who remember, this episode was nominated for an emmy last year, but ended up losing to The Simpsons. And the episode it lost to wasn't even that good. Oh well, at least Futurama won this year, and deservingly so.

Well, that's about it. My vacation is at it's end, so the pages will be slightly less frequent, and once again be limited to weekends. So stay tuned next Sunday for Bendless Love.

September 28, 2002

Yet more suffering, murdering and mayhem! Smiley's back with seven more Uses For a Hacker for The Leela Zone. There are, as usual, multiple themes to his Uses. Some of them are: Nurdbot's Target Practise; Ceiling Fan; and The 2nd Husband of the 50 Foot Cyclops. So, if you like some bone-crunching action, as well as some actual bone-crunching, then head off to Smiley's section at The Leela Zone and stare at his latest gore-fest in horror/excitement.

September 27, 2002

You thought Magnolia was enough, but this is ridiculous! I'm the boss? LOL! You do realise that The Leela Zone is an anarchist republic? We'll have no bosses here! Anyway, before we start today's revolution to bring down the system (better known as Fox), I'll thank Kenneth for his latest guide for the episode Parasites Lost, which is my favourite episode; not that you don't know that, considering how many times I've repeated that ad nauseum. Thanks, Ken, nice work!

Now onto the update proper. The Drainpipe has three more pictures for our Fan Art section. Nice pictures these are, really well done with lots of effort. The link image shows a parody of the film "Ghostbusters", but this time Kif busting. Watch as they squish him good. The second picture shows Fry and Leela enjoying a picnic in what looks like an awe inspiring location. The third picture, which is a montage of many images, shows Leela having a nightmare, the sequences of this bad dream are shown using the many images, each showing a low moment on show. All nice works.

Leela meets Leela! The last contribution for today goes to Charles Delnegro and his comic Double Trouble, which is in our Fans' Comics section. Page thirteen of his figurine comic deals with a confusing situation where Fry has to work out which is the real Leela and which is the mysterious Aleel. This is the penultimate page of this comic, so this page will set us up nicely for the grand finale!

UK gets nuked by Futurama comic #1! I lied, there is other news to announce. I've received an email from Titan Publishing advertising the coming release of the British version of Futurama Comic issue one. It's nice to see that British fans are being catered for, even if it's likely that many British fans would have gotten the original US release already. So, if you have 1.99 to spare, then why not go out and get this comic, which will be sitting on the shelves on October 3rd somewhere or other in the UK. To read the email and see the front cover, click here.

September 26, 2002

I've heard of that! Who said I hadn't?! The latest Graphic Guide is ready to be viewed, and I'll wager this is one of the most looked forward to ones.

Why? Because it covers one of the most popular episodes among online fans of the show. That's right, the brilliant Parasites Lost from Season 3, when Fry is infested with parasitic worms. Definitely one of the most loved episodes of all time.

Big thanks go out to fellow webmaster, and boss, Graham, for helping me put this guide together by selecting some great quotes for it. Appreciate it. I'm hoping to have Amazon Women in the Mood up for Sunday, so stay tuned.

September 25, 2002

Friends forever! Welcome back Juliet Adeoye, who has come up with another one of her pictures for our Fan Art section. This one may look quite simple-looking, but I do think it has charm to it and is quite endearing. It sort of stands out and hits you in the eye, which is OK for those of us with two eyes, as we'll still have one left over to view other things, but not for poor cyclopses, who'd be blinded. Anyway, enjoy today's offering. I'll be back tomorrow with some more work from another fan to show off to all of you. Adios!

September 24, 2002

View from Leela's closet? OK, you can come out of there now! I mean, hiding inside Leela's bedroom closet in order to satisfy your lust! Come on, get out! Oh, while you're here, The Voices has created this penned sketch of Leela on the verge of undressing, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. The picture is well-sketched, which isn't too surprising, since it's come from The Voices.

September 23, 2002

Now, take a look at THIS! Welcome a new artist for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, who comes under the moniker of Otis P Jivefunk. He's created this picture of loads of Futurama characters with Leela as centre-stage, and I must say it's fantastic! Otis says that he's spent hundreds of hours on-and-off since January doing this picture, and it shows, too. He hopes I like it, and guess what, I do! Why wouldn't I? So, I encourage all of you to see some great hand-drawn art by new boy Otis. Let's hope to see some more stuff from him.

After that great stuff, may I promote the existence of our message board, Treehouse of the Future, who we share with the Simpsons site, A Hitchhiker's Guide to Springfield, who is the direct descendant of The Springfield Files, who was shut down by the Big Bad Fox. Anyway, may I ask our visitors to consider joining our board and adding your wit, knowledge and all that other stuff that make message boards interesting. Come on, it's for charity. What's the cause of this charity? Errr... I'll come back to you about that, but I think it's for starving Fox executives or something. Oh wait, that won't sell. Too late, that cat's out of the bag!

September 22, 2002

OUCH! That's gotta hurt! Yeah, sure would if that ever happened. Welcome three pictures for our Fan Art section, coming from The Drainpipe. The image you see as as the link to his page shows a dejected Fry that's discovered Leela in a romantic entanglement with Zapp Brannigan. No, not THE Zapp Brannigan? Yes, the very same man! *shudder* The Drainpipe has also created a monochrome version of this pic, although in that one, Leela looks quite uncomfortable with Fry's discovery. There is also a third pic of Leela holding a dead Fry, with Bender looking on crying alongside the grieving cyclops.

About bloody time, Graham! Here are two pictures that come from Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. Both her pictures are Nintendo-based: one features Leela and Banjo-Kazooie; while the other has the Super Mario Brothers, some characters I don't know about, and what appears to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, now that they are finally up, I can now put my feet up and rest a bit. Enjoy them yourselves.

September 21, 2002

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert!!! Hi all. As promised, the latest chapter of my fan script Universe of Malice is now up for viewing in the Fan Fiction section. This is Chapter 3 of the saga, so make sure you've read the other two chapters before you even glance at this one.

That's about it for this update. The next guide page should be up within the next couple of days. Until then.

Here's your update fix to stop the shakes! Seems that some of you are impatient for my next update, well let me give you your long-awaited fix with a new update for our Fans' Comics section, coming from the sharp pen, I mean mouse, of Philbot. Yep, after lending his voice talent for Futurama comic #1, he's got the bug to do more and came up with page twelve of his great comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back. In this part, the crew find themselves besieged by evil adverts. I really appreciate Fox's new title on one of them!

September 20, 2002

Oh, you know..... An extra Graphic Guide is now up, thanks to me being on holiday at the moment. The Cryonic Woman is the subject of this one, where Fry finds his old girlfriend Michelle has also been cryogenically frozen.

This is the last of the 2ACV## episodes produced in the second Season, so on Monday (hopefully), the guide for the popular episode Parasites Lost should be up. Until then.

September 19, 2002

The art of skiving off! Yeah, see the work of the master skivers as they do another day's lazing around and let others do their jobs. This is unlike Charles Delnegro, who has been hard at work making comics for our Fans' Comics section. So, why not sit back and read page twelve of his latest comic, Double Trouble. In this part, Fry and Bender are hard at work trying to find Aleel... as if! No, rather Fry and Bender are hard trying not to work, letting Leela deal with the Aleel situation! Still, work isn't fun, skiving off is.

And now for something completely different! Philbot, some time ago, sent me some sound clips of him reading aloud the first Futurama comic while imitating the voices of the characters. Now, I like his Fry, Farnsworth and Zoidberg, which are fairly accurate, but I have to say his Bender and Hermes could be improved somewhat. I won't describe the Leela and Amy voices, but you can forgive him that, considering his voice has broken! Still, despite all that, he doesn't do a bad job, and it's quite enjoyable to listen to when you have the first Futurama comic in front of you at the time. Maybe you're an obsessive Philbot fan and want to know what he sounds like so you can stalk him like a celebrity! Nah, don't do that... seriously, don't! Please don't use the clips that you find in the zip file here to find out what Philbot sounds like so you can phone up people and play the voice down the telephone and enquire if that person is the famous Philbot. Think about your phone bill!

Oh, one other thing, Philbot has asked me to say he's open to requests. So, if you fall in love with his voice and want even more of it - why wouldn't you if you're going to stalk him, which you're not going to do, right? - then send him an email and he'll do what he can, as long as it doesn't contain excessive swearing. You can reach Philbot here: philarama@hotmail.com. Go on, make his day!

There, that's enough moronic rambling from me. Over and out!

September 18, 2002

Childhood memories! The Drainpipe is certainly an industrious being, so much so that he's come up with three more pictures for our Fan Art section. Let's see what he's given us. The link image shows Leela as a lonely child being approached by Fry, himself as a child, to console her. Awwww! The other pictures show Leela and Fry switching items that they wear (no, not panties! ), and Leela looking tough, which is like the other picture he did with this theme but in black-and-white. Anyway, enjoy these original images from The Drainpipe, and don't be surprised if some more pics from him come winging their way here sooner or later.

Leela gets pissed! Ummm... she sure does in Nasteve's latest part of his serial fic, More Than Us, which you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. I'm not talking, by the way, about her getting angry, which wouldn't be unusual, but that other kind of pissed... yeah, alcohol. Anyway, basically in this part, Fry meets a girl that seems to click with him, causing Leela to regret her past hesitancy towards Fry. All this isn't helped by Hermes, who's organised a party for his birthday! Rather than me having to spoil anymore, how about clicking here to see for yourselves.

September 17, 2002

Up, up and away! While I'm listening on the radio to Arsenal (the football club I support) doing not much against the German team Borussia Dortmund, I shall update The Leela Zone; if Arsenal score, don't be surprised that I type: "GOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!" and type like a madman! Yeah, I know, you wouldn't be surprised at all. Anyway, to help in avoiding that, I'll distract myself with Impossible's work for our Wallpapers and Fan Art sections. Well, as I just said, Impossible has sent in a wallpaper of Leele in the sky without diamonds; Leela flying in the sky like Superman (or Superwoman) would be a more accurate description from myself, but I thought that a parody of that cheesy Beatles' song would be better (poor you). She's also created four pictures for our Fan Art section, featuring that picture of Leela in a dress that she did before (colour, this time), Leela eating a sandwich, angry Leela with two eyes, and Fry's head stuck on Amy's shoulder. To directly go to Impossible's fan art page on TLZ, please click here.

Now, back to my football match!

September 16, 2002

Roswell That Ends Well? Before I get to today's updates, I might as well raise an issue that's come up in the last day about Futurama apparently winning an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour), which was the catagory that the episode Roswell That Ends Well was in, facing competition from The Simpsons, King of the Hill and South Park. However, despite wanting to believe this result myself, I've noticed that the page that fans are taking this information from (which you can view here) doesn't really make it clear if it actually has won; it's quite ambiguous to me! The problem is in the heading, which says, "The 54th Annual Emmy Award Nominations". The image of a trophy next to Futurama seems to suggest that it has won, but could that be just a coincidence of design? However, the event was on the 14th, so the result should be already known, but looking for more information about this has led me to a near dead end. Oh well, maybe I didn't search hard enough. If anyone can find me some clear evidence about Futurama winning this award, then please pass it on here so I can fully celebrate without any doubts. Oh, highlights of the ceremony that Futurama won the awards will be shown in north America on E!, this Saturday at 8pm.

Now, back to the updates. Andrea Huckstep has come up with another Nintendo-based picture for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela and Luigi, one of the Mario brothers, who seems scared about going on a ferris wheel. Maybe informing him that Futurama has won an award will make him more likely to jump on the big wheel... although if they haven't, it might encourage him to jump off.

Finally, I have a contribution from Aled, which is for our Fan Fiction section. The serial fic is titled My Muse, and starts off with the crew celebrating at a coffee house because Cubert has got a part-time job there. Mind you, Fry isn't celebrating, he's preparing to sing his love of Leela to the world! This is only the first part, but I'm wondering if Aled is going to make this into some sort of musical. We'll see, no doubt!

Finally, finally, do remember that our message board, Treehouse of the Future, is still active and awaiting fresh victims. So, if you want to further enlighten us all about Futurama's apparent win at the Emmys or just want to say "hi", then you can do so there.

Update: I must thank Dave for giving me the 100% proof I needed about the Emmy win with his post at Treehouse of the Future. He pointed out that this PDF file from the Emmy website contains definite information about the win, and it certainly does. Thanks also goes to PCC Fred, who pointed out that all the winners who he knew had won had that trophy image next to their name, so it was logical that Futurama had won, too. So, now I can fully celebrate with no doubts.

September 15, 2002

That's my joke! I'll kill you!!! Hi all. The latest Graphic Guide page has just been uploaded. This one predicably covers the episode known as War is the H-Word, so if you're interested in these guide page things I make, just click on the picture of Zapp "inspecting" Lee Lemon (aka Leela) or on the name of the episode in the blue text within this paragraph.

Hope you enjoy it, and for those interested in my Fan Fiction saga, Universe of Malice (Yes, all 2 of you), the third chapter should be up within a week. Until then.

September 14, 2002

Heeeere's Johnny! I mean, Graham's update's here! Well, I have an hour to spare before this update becomes tomorrow's update, so I'll proceed quickly. The Drainpipe is back with yet more wholesome pictures for our Fan Art section. Now, I do like this bloke's ideas of what makes an original picture, and these lot don't disappoint, either. The link image is a parody of Stanley Kubrick's film, The Shining, while there's also a parody of a film called Army of Darkness. There's a third picture of Leela looking tough, but that's not a parody of a film, according to The Drainpipe.

Oh, may I wish Juliet Adeoye a happy birthday today. As many of you know, Juliet is the owner of the Bender website, One and Only Bender; may I add, the one and only Bender website. I don't know how old she is - some people consider it rude to guess their age right - but let's say she's one year older than she was yesterday (well, in some respects). Happy birthday, Juliet! Don't drink too much!

September 12, 2002

More action packed figurine madness coming up right now! It's Thursday, so it's the day that Charles Delnegro's latest part of his comic, Double Trouble, is displayed in our good ol' Fans' Comics section. On page eleven, Leela is trying to get the ship to escape the gravity pull of a black hole, while Fry's helping Bender in finding the mysterious Aleel, or he's meant to be doing that! A captain's lot is such hard work!

Hmmm... now I'm off to watch Clerks. Good film, BTW!

September 11, 2002

Even more uses for a hacker! Today, Smiley has four more Uses for a Hacker for The Leela Zone. The four uses are: "SS Enterprise Pressure Suit Checkers"; "Tomahawk Missile Programmer"; "Jedi Lightsabre Dummies in MG Hell"; and finally, "A Ninja Victim". By the way, I've done a little rearranging on the Uses for a Hacker page to stop having to scroll down to the bottom to get to the latest inclusions. You'll see what I mean when, or if, you go there.

I hope I speak for Leo and Ken when I express sympathy for the victims and their families of 911 on this first anniversary of that tragedy. Also, I hope that this sad date will serve to remind the leaders of nations that war rhetoric only serves to divide us as people throughout the world, bringing with it more heartache. Hopefully sense will prevail. Hope, though, never seems near enough.

September 10, 2002

Through the clouds I spot my desktop icon! The Voices, the number one-rated fan artist in our Fan Art section, has now come up with a wallpaper of the angelic picture of Leela he did some days ago, which you'll find, obviously, in our Wallpapers section. It certainly is a great wallpaper, and would impress on any desktop, hence why The Voices created it, I suppose. I have to say that The Voices certainly does deserve his highly-rated status in our fan art poll, because his work shows some originality (not saying others don't show that too, mind you) as well as some artistic skill. I also love the cool effects he puts on his stuff. Good to see, mind you, that today's wallpaper doesn't feature blue. Hail grey, the new blue!

The Day the Earth Stung Stupid! David Johnson has reappeared with a new picture for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela, Fry and Zoidberg during another stupifying attack by the Big Brain. Unfortunately for Fry, he's witnessing Leela about to put her hand in a big hornets' nest. OUCH! That's gonna hurt! Meanwhile, Zoidberg is busy destroying beach balls in the sea, oblivious to the coming danger. Then again, Zoidberg doesn't matter!

Good news that about Cartoon Network getting the rights to show Futurama. Let's hope that they'll treat it better than Fox, which won't be too hard to do. Still, there's no word about the production of new episodes, which is really what we want. Anyway, can't sniff at the news, it's still good.

September 9, 2002

Eatin' my own words... Some weeks ago, I talked about a "rumour" floating in alt.tv.futurama about Cartoon Network buying the rights to show as part of their "Adult Swim" programming. I said it was a hoax. Well, good news! I was wrong. According to this Variety article, Cartoon Network has paid around $10 million for the rights to show Futurama in the next five years. They bought all the 72 episodes, including the ones that have yet to air in Fox, and they'll start showing the series in January. For the full article (the Variety site only shows the first paragraph), head to this Usenet post. Thanks goes to this russian site that I went to check for The Links Zone, and though I couldn't understand anything that was written there, the words "Cartoon Network" were in the alphabet I'm used to see

And for a bit of actual content... There are two new Game Addons in the section: first, a Leela model for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3; and also, a Quake 3 Arena bot, to be used with the already available Leela model. Enjoy! [Leandro]

Hahaha! Hehehe! I'm the laughing gnome and you can't catch me! Guess who uttered those words? No, it's not the Linux desktop interface! Well, if you look at the link image, then it might become clearer. Still don't know? OK, I'll spill all. The Drainpipe is back with four new pictures for our Fan Art section, all of them featuring parodies of David Bowie album covers. See, it was David Bowie who sang those terrible words! I quite like some of Bowie's work, but only his early and mid-seventies stuff... he faltered after that period and fell apart with Tin Machine. Anyway, The Drainpipe has done a good job with his pictures... quite original, just like early Bowie.

Beached babe! Following on from Bowie, may I present four new pictures for our Fan Art section coming from Impossible. As you can see, the link image shows Leela in that swimming costume, while Impossible's other three works show Leela wearing a towel, in a long dress, and one of her sitting down. There, all quite nicely done. Hope to see some more from Impossible in the future.

Finally, if you haven't already, please take a look at our message board, Treehouse of the Future. After some weeks being down, it's finally back to life again. The board is dedicated to Futurama and Simpsons... so double for your money. Also, you can now get to the board with this newly created URL: http://www.treehouse.com.ar/. So, what are you waiting for? Go already!

September 8, 2002

Where do I start? Number one fanartist at The Leela Zone, The Voices (yep, currently he's rated as numero uno by our visitors to the Fan Art section), has come up with three stunning pictures. Mind you, one of them seems a bit weird, showing Leela in "recovery" - recovery from what would be an appropriate question, considering all those pipes leading to some funny places, but I digress from the subject at hand - but I suppose you'll work out what's going on or not. The link image shows a picture of Leela as an angel, while there is a sketch of Leela in a bikini for his third picture. So, if you're impressed by these images, then maybe you can become one of the many The Voices supporters and vote for him. While you're there, go and look about and vote for others, too.

Meet Kirby? Yep, that's what it says. Who's Kirby, you might be asking? Well, I don't know, but Andrea Huckstep might, seeing she's created two pictures for our Fan Art section featuring our crew meeting him/her/it/them. Apparently it's a show that'll be starting on 14 September, so if you're into cute-looking blobs doing stuff that blobs do, then that show will be for you. Anyway, at least you've learnt something new today, even if it's about an upcoming show about multi-coloured, round blobs.

YAY! MESSAGE BOARD IS UP AGAIN! I've just this minute discovered that the Treehouse of the Future message board is now back up. Good work, John! As you might remember, this board used to belong to the now-defunct The Springfield Files, who joined with The Leela Zone to make this new board dedicated to The Simpsons and Futurama. Unfortunately, the Big Bad Fox decided to jump on TSF from above and got the site closed down, *Graham shakes fist in air showing displeasure* which affected the board with closure too, seeing it was being hosted by TSF. However, that calamity was a temporary setback. So after some time and effort, the board is now back, being hosted here. Unfortunately, the old posts are dead (mix-up somewhere), so maybe now is the time to fix all that by adding your new muses to the new board. Don't worry, I'll be fixing up the Futurama section of the board once I finish this and do something else.

2003 calendar! Lastly, Juliet has managed to scan the 2003 Futurama calendar, which you'll now find sitting in our Miscellaneous Pictures section. Go on, thank Juliet for the great work! Anyway, if anything, these images should encourage you in seeing how cool this calendar really is and make you put your hand in your pocket and buy the damn thing! Go on, take a gander at the twelve nice scans, then go and make Rupert Murdoch even richer by buying it. Hmmm... that sounds distasteful. Tell you what, buy the calendar but stop buying The Sun or News of the World (crappy British tabloid papers). There, that sounds better!

There, that's the end of monster update Sunday! Whew!

September 7, 2002

Ummm... today's adults only! OutlawArt has sent me seven new pictures for our Fan Art section, and the one that's the link image probably shows the tamest of them all. None of the pictures are really that explicit, they are sure funny as hell (which makes them more acceptable, I suppose), but they may cause some fans of Leela (and Amy, might I add) to errr... I'll leave that to your salivating imaginations. So, if you don't like your Leela with cream and sugar, then don't bother looking/staring at the pictures for twenty minutes and then complaining to Leo, Kenneth or myself! Enjoy the pics... not too much, mind you!

September 6, 2002

Return of the Padawan! There are three new pics by Sebastian Chan, including one especially for the Kif&Amy 'shippers. Sebastian has been busy, and also gives us a new Wallpaper... and a new section! Yep, people, a whole new section has arrived to the Zone. It's Futurama Cards, and it has... cards. Well, if we have stamps, why not cards? If you don't know where that section is heading, don't worry, we don't neither. Email Sebastian your requests and comments. [Leandro]

Hello people! Long time no see! I'm updating every new moon now, ain't I? Anyway, there's a huge update coming tonight. The update begins with three very cool pics from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard. They're very nice and not to be missed. There's also a new montage pic from Pawell Galuzin which shows Leela enjoying an... alternative lifestyle

Ain't this cute? There are four new pics by Michael "Teral" Nissan", four of them scans from The Series Has Landed, and the last a very cute pic of Little Leela that you can see in the thumbnail at the left. Teral also sent me info on three new sites that are now in The Links Zone. Well, enjoy this first update while I create a bunch of thumbnails for the next one, in half an hour or so! [Leandro]

September 5, 2002

Has anyone seen me, myself and I? It's Thursday, so it's time for Charles Delnegro's next page of his comic, Double Trouble, which is in our Fans' Comics section - where else! In page ten, It seems that Aleel has gone missing and could well be hurt, so Leela gets Fry and Bender to go look for her, while she skives off or does something that ship captains are meant to do. Well, you'll find out if you go and read for yourself. I don't think Charles would be pleased if I gave too much away!

DON'T GO AWAY, READ THIS! Many thanks goes to Malcolm Ramsay, who has pointed out to me that Blackstar has the season two Futurama DVD for pre-order sale. But what's interesting is that Blackstar says it'll be released on 30th September! Yes, this year's 30th September! Now, that's damn soon! So, if you want that DVD quick, and who doesn't, then click here, HERE or HeRe and take a gander. Happy shopping, drooling, whatever!

September 4, 2002

Fr...Fr...Fr...Fry's in th...th...th...the fr...fr...fr...freezer! Yeah, he's the new Freezer Geezer! Well, kinda. Here's an interesting picture from The Drainpipe, which sits nicely, as well as predictably, in our Fan Art section. The picture is a cross-over of Futurama and Star Wars, featuring Fry in the carbon freezer. Well, I hope it's that, as I'm not really a Star Wars fan (oh, shock horror, Graham thinks Star Wars sucks bigtime, but let's not get distracted) and had to surf around the Net to gather this information, so I could be getting this all wrong. If I'm wrong, I suppose either The Drainpipe or some Star Wars fan who can converse in R2D2's "language" will inform me a hundred times! Saying all that about Star Wars, I do like The Drainpipe's work, so I hope he keeps them coming, even the Star Wars ones.

More Nintendo hammering from Andrea! Here's more Nintendo/Futurama cross-over work from Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. She's created two pictures featuring the Nintendo eskimo duo, Popo and Nana, with their trusty mallets. Those mallets look good enough to cause a lot of damage, so I wonder if they'd be willing to go and find those pesky Fox executives and give them some advice about keeping Futurama alive. Here's hoping!

September 3, 2002

Psychedelic loneliness just ain't groovy! On this Tuesday, I have two pictures for our Fan Art section, which come from Frans Franek. One of the pictures shows Leela in what appears to be a psychedelic nightclub staring into her drink quite alone... awww, poor thing! Let's hope that someone can come along and change that for her. No, not you over there! The other shows Leela with hands behind her back with a sort of planetary background.

I've just received some questions about the message board, Treehouse of the Future, which has disappeared for longer than anticipated. We've had some difficulties that could mean that we'll have to start the board again, however, all is being done to ensure that this isn't the case. Apologies for the long delay.

Oh well, back to playing about with Linux.

September 2, 2002

B Ender or not? Well, after some months, I have the last page of Charles Delnegro's comic, The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. It's amazing to think that this comic is to come to an end, especially since I've enjoyed it all along. Oh well, I suppose there's his Double Trouble to still read and enjoy. Well, in this part, does Bender get his figurine or not? You'll find out if he gets his toy or gets squashed, by going there. Enjoy!

Now, I'm off to drink beer and spend some time with the Linux penguin. Mandrake Linux 8.2, BTW, is dead easy to install and configure. So, if you don't like the way that Micro$oft is going, then why not take your business elsewhere.

September 1, 2002

More Nintendo monkeying around! Yep, yet more monkeying around (aping is more accurate, but meh) pictures for our Fan Art section, these coming from Andrea Huckstep. I suppose it's safe to say that Andrea really enjoys Nintendo games, because her pictures seem to be reflecting a love of the games machine's characters. Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy these new pictures from her.