September 2001

September 30, 2001

That's another fine mess you've got me into, Fry! Here's some more cute fan art for The Leela Zone, by Shadowstar. Three pictures have been produced: the first shows Leela pissed at Fry, for some reason; the second shows Leela preparing to defend herself; the final one is Leela as a disco queen. All these pics have been done in his unique style, and all I can say is... awww! [Graham]

Hacker: the other white meat! A load of tasty new Uses for a Hacker are here, featuring Jurassic Park III Tourist. Enjoy! *burp* [Leandro]

Only ten weeks until season four! Since Jon (aka bart182) said in the chatroom that our News Archive was HUUUGE, I modified it so it's monthly now. I doubt you'll go surf the news archive to see the stupidities I used to say when I can come up with fresh stupidities every day, but you may wanna see old important updates from Graham, so there ya go. [Leandro]

September 29, 2001

The silken maiden.... Two fan art contributions from Daniel Schad adorn our site today. The link image you see has been done on silk... nice and colourful, I must say. The other pic from him is a drawing of Leela, Fry and Bender, which is set in the '20s - the 2920s! [Graham]

September 28, 2001

Creatures of the night.... Today's fan art submission comes from OutlawArt, and it's certainly a well drawn, spooky and risque one. It seems that during a late night drinking session, Dr Zoidberg is entertaining Leela with horror stories, while also trying his luck... so to speak! Hopefully, for hers and ours sake, things won't go any further... urgh! [Graham]

September 27, 2001

Floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee.... Four more pictures for our Fan Art section, these coming from Zapp's Woman. I have to say that I really like the link image, as well as the others that you'll see if you click it... it's like yesterday's contribution from Shadowstar, quite endearing and cute. Hope you like them too... if not, shame on you! [Graham]

September 26, 2001

Tears for Fears.... Two updates for today, the first one being another pic for our Fan Art section from Paul Metcalfe, of FSAC. This pic is taken from the episode I Second That Emotion, where Bender's flushing Nibbler down the toilet provokes some grief from Leela.

The second update is a follow on from Leandro's previous one, where I present another pic from Shadowstar. Like Leandro, I find that, despite the pictures' crude simplicity, they have an endearing quality about them... they are, to steal a phrase from Leela, so cute! Also, like Leo, I really do like Shadowstar's site (The Futurama Guide). It's based on The Simpsons - A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, where events and pictures of the show are detailed, with his own styled drawings added too. Anyway, rather than copy Leo's update word for word, I'll leave this update here and let you enjoy the pics. [Graham]

New submitter from not-so-new site! Mike Amato (aka. Shadowstar) has sent three Leela pics. I've got to say that, while the quality of pics isn't the best around, I like the style of the pics. They're not scans, look like he drew them using MSPaint or something and a mouse... one hell of a work! Make sure to take a look at his site, The Futurama Guide. Don't flee after seeing the crappy layout; that site is one of the most original Futurama sites I've seen. [Leandro]

September 25, 2001

Fry keeps on slippin'.... Two original fanart pictures from Daniel Schad are presented for today's update. The one in the link image shows Fry following Leela, but unaware that he's about to slip on a banana peel... well, he's accident prone, that's for sure. The other pic could well be a little controversial, but I'll let you decide on that for yourselves. Nevertheless, his artwork is good and original, having its own particular style. [Graham]

September 24, 2001

They Must be Giants! Today's update is again from the Wallpapers section, with this contribution coming from Paul Metcalfe, webmaster of FSAC. This wallpaper is taken from the magnificent episode Parasites Lost (yeah, I know... here we go again!), where the crew find out just how they are going to fit a ship inside Fry's body. Hmmm... time to rewatch that episode yet again! [Graham]

I'm a webmaster, not a farmer! Here I am, babysitting my nephew's chick. Poor thing already froze to near-death twice, and then almost got cooked inside a little box with a 100W lightbulb (I tend to overcompensate, it seems). Now's sleeping in my pocket, so that leaves my hands free to type this. My pocket isn't particularly happy with this, but a trip to the washing machine will remove the "reminders" of the chick's stay in there (I hope). In site news: Robert Hawks is back! After months of silence, he's sent five pics for his Fan Art page, so he now has 79 pics in display here at The Leela Zone. Let's hope he keeps sending stuff whenever he can.

Also, Andy McDermott from Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong sent me a cool Wallpaper of the Futurama crew parodying Enterprise, the new Star Trek show, and since I didn't upload his Matrix parody Wallpaper before, nor the Star Wars Episode I one, I'm doing it now. Thanks for the stuff, Andy! And get those Amy-isms up soon!

Well people, I've got to wake up and go work in 6 hours, so I'll shut up and see what the hell do I do with the chick tonight. Only two months and a half for the season premiere! [Leandro]

September 23, 2001

Raising the temperature.... Back from driving through the Sussex country lanes, with very nice weather to match [sarcasm]. However, now I'm here to bring you an update for the High-Quality Grabs section, coming from the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two. A good episode that deals with Leela being manipulated into marriage by some preying con merchant, due to her desperation to find her roots. Alas, the search still goes on. [Graham]

September 22, 2001

Bride of Lagoona! This pic, for our Fan Art section, comes from OutlawArt. I must say that this one is a strange one, but nevertheless a really good and imaginative piece of work. It's based on the hysteria led '50's sci-fi films, as a few of his pics have been. I'll end by quoting from OutlawArt himself:

Press Release from: Idiotic Films
Re: Bride of Lagoona

On a distant and forgotten world, ravaged by flooding from torrential storms and scarred by hideous gene experimentation, life has run amok!


Filmed in Aqua-O-Rama and Ocno-Scope, you will beleve you are there as it happens!

No one will be permitted to leave during the final 7 minutes of the movie without a verified doctor's authorization! However, you may close your eyes and keep repeating... it's only a movie, it's only a movie...it's only a movie... [Graham]

September 20, 2001

Stars 'n' stripes.... Got four new pics from Zapp's Woman for our Fan Art section. The link image shows Leela dressed up patriotically, while waving the Star Spangled Banner. Click on the image to view that and the other new pics she's produced. [Graham]

September 19, 2001

Waiter, there's a Leela in my soup! Here's an unusual picture of Leela from Paul Metcalfe, of Futurama Scan Art Central, for our Fan Art section. This pic comes from the episode Fry and the Slurm Factory, and shows her in a vat of royal slurm, to be made into a slurm queen. Mmmm... purple! [Graham]

This month's Leandro update is here! It's been a while, uh? I'm still scannerless and my connection speed is even worse than before. I don't even have an FTP client in my computer (mass reinstall). However, here's a little good update for you: the Futurama Comic #5 was scanned by Javier Lopez from La Peor Página de Futurama and uploaded by Ruben Gutiérrez from Futurama en Español, and now you can download it here. Thanks guys! And you people, enjoy it. And remember: only 80 days until season 4 begins! [Leandro]

September 18, 2001

Errr... slasher movie coming up! This is a picture from Alexander Gustafsson for our Fan Art section. It's a parody of the upcoming movie Jason X, in which Jason, of Friday the 13th fame, stalks the crew on a spaceship. Unfortunately, for this pic, it's Our Favourite Crew.

I also bring another update, this one for the Fan Fiction section. Zapp's Woman has come up with a new serial fic called Magnificent Infatuation, which deals with the aftermath of a terrible crash involving Leela and Fry, in which they lose something very dear to them. To go directly to the said fic, click here. [Graham]

September 17, 2001

Aim to please! For today, I've got a neat picture of Leela from Astrid Hanson for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Now, I'm not too clear who it's meant to represent; I'm not a great games player, but I'm sure it's not Lara Croft. Whoever it's meant to represent, it's a grand picture to have up here. Kudos! [Graham]

September 16, 2001

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.... Paul A Metcalfe, from Futurama Scan Art Central, has contributed to our Wallpapers section this work, taken from the episode The Cyber House Rules. This comes from the scene where Leela and Adlai are looking at the choices they have for adopting a child that originally came from the Orphanarium, but were now in Bender's care. Enjoy this work, especially as Paul has informed me that the shadows were Hell to get right. [Graham]

September 15, 2001

Pick a card... any card. I've got twelve more pics from Zapp's Woman, for our Fan Art section, which brings her total to 268. May I thank Zapp's Woman for her large contribution to our site, it's really good to see the hard work she puts into her artistic endeavours... and we appreciate it.

September 13, 2001

Hmmm... what's that smell in here? Juliet's been busy here, for today's update. Firstly, she has a pic for our Fan Art section, which features Leela and Zoidberg. Nice work, Juliet!

For her second update, we go to the Fan Fiction section, where Juliet has come up with a somewhat self-referential work. Still, give it a go, it's quite sweet... and if you know Juliet, it'll add some spice to the story! It's called Juliet Meets Leela, Bender and Fry, and is about Juliet meeting the crew in the year 3000 and finding employment with Planet Express. To go directly to this work, click here. [Graham]

September 12, 2001

Mmm... coffee break! For today, I've got another original picture from OutlawArt, for our Fan Art section. I've got a feeling that this is a parody of something or other, but can't actually pin it down right now. Anyway, it's a well designed piece of work, so I hope you'll be able to enjoy it. [Graham]

September 11, 2001

How not to care for the elderly.... Today I've got a wallpaper to show off, coming from Sofie. This is from the episode A Clone of My Own, and is the moment when Leela, Fry and Bender try to awaken the professor, only for Leela to get frustrated and question Fry's parents' marital status. Hope you like this addition to our extensive Leela-centred wallpaper range. [Graham]

September 10, 2001

All quiet on the Western Front. I have the final installment of the serial Fanfic by Zapp's Woman's, Your Mother Wears the DOOP Uniform. In this part Zapp is nearing the moment where he's to give birth to Leela's child... but there is another problem that soon comes its way! Yeah, this fic is certainly very different, but hey, what's the problem with that? BTW, the ending is great! Click here to go directly to this final part. [Graham]

September 9, 2001

Art for fan.... Jon of The Futurama Merchandise Page has kindly sent us a sketch of Leela done by Bill Morrison (Futurama's Art Director and Bongo Entertainment's Creative Director), which he received when he attended the Comic Convention 2000.

BTW, I have renamed the section Futurama Published to Miscellaneous Pictures so that I could incorporate this work into that section. So, if anyone has stuff from publications, sketches done by the animators of the show, or other stuff that doesn't fit in with the other sections, then this is their home.... Send! Send! Send! [Graham]

Angel Eye.... Yep... it's here at last, Paul A Metcalfe's, of FSAC fame, scan-art version of the Barbarella pic from the 2002 Futurama calendar, for our Fan Art section. It took him something like twelve hours to make this, so a lot of effort was put into it. Well, the original pic was great, so it deserves the work involved. Let's hope you like what you see... hopefully it will catch your eye. Alright... bad pun!

September 8, 2001

Leela and Fry go Polish! Alexandra's a new contributor to our Fan Art section, coming up with this beauty. It features Leela and Fry in Polish national costume... certainly an original. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of her great work... it's gorgeous! [Graham]

Those scissors will suit his wit... blunt! Today I've got some more pictures from Zapp's Woman, for our Fan Art page. These lot seem to feature a lot of Zapp in them... but I suppose that seeing they originate from Zapp's Woman, that shouldn't be too surprising. [Graham]

September 7, 2001

Pasturama... Matt Groening's new show set in 30000bc... now in Edelvision! Well, thought my work was over for today, but I couldn't leave this for later, as this is another great pic from Edeltraut, which we now have on our Fan Art page. This pic rocks - alright, forgive the bad pun! - but it's her interpretation of Leela and Fry as if they were in The Flintstones. Cool, I say... like the ice ages. Alright, better stop, otherwise I'll get bopped on the head with that club! [Graham]

September 6, 2001

They seek him here, They seek him there.... Today's update brings you a fanfic from Andy Robertson, titled Precious Memories. This fic has Leela being suspicious about some plans that Fry has for the morning after, showing concern that he might be off to satisfy himself with some Lucy Liu styled robot, but really motivated by jealousy and suppressed desire. What will she find his plans to be... well you'll only know if you read it! To go directly to this sweet tale, click here. [Graham]

September 5, 2001

The Deer Hunter. I've got a treat for you today, well I think it is. This is Sofie's latest pic for our Fan Art section, and it's based on the film The Deer Hunter. The scene is the moving moment where Michael (Robert De Niro) finds his friend Nick (Christopher Walken), who suffers from massive internal guilt and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, playing Russian roulette in Saigon. In order to shake Nick out of it, Michael joins in, playing against him, trying to force his friend to come to his senses. For you that don't know, Leela is playing Michael and Fry is playing Nick... and Amy is playing the referee! Oh, this film is well worth watching... it's slow at the start - it's designed that way, to get you into the meaning of the characters - but then it picks up speed, leading to strong moments like this.

Oh, while I'm here, I might as well say a big hi to JTWeasel, as I know that his favourite actor is Christopher Walken... hope you like this! [Graham]

September 4, 2001

Antz: the real story! Here's another original and weird picture from OutlawArt, which he's kindly sent for our Fan Art section. In his own words: "Trapped on the planet Orphacle Nobular, Leela has been imprisoned by the Ant King, Ba-Zing Nonty-Ra. Irate at being a mere plaything and amusement for this upside-down world, Leela plots rebellion by hiding the sugar stockpiles and refusing to dance at the annual "Picnic of Planets". What manner of punishment will her captor devise for our heroine?" Hopefully she can free herself and any other slaves from this tyranny. Viva la revolution!

While we're talking about giant killer ants... let's take a trip to Hollywood. Juliet has sent us a fanfic, which is set in that make-believe world in Los Angeles. Titled Hollywood, Here We Come! it involves Leela, Fry and Bender going on a job to Hollywood, but getting tempted by the various attractions there. Click here to go directly to it. [Graham]

September 3, 2001

Sweet dream or nightmare! Quite a late update from me today, but it's an update nonetheless. Zapp's Woman has come up with her regular twelve pics for our Fan Art section. The link image is either a dream come true for one character, or a nightmare for another... you decide!

She's still not finished, and I'm still typing... will my work ever stop! For the Fan Fiction section, she has come up with part four of her serial fic, Your Mother Wears the DOOP Uniform. In this section Zapp, Leela and Amy visit the injured Kif... hoping that he's not mortally wounded. To go directly to the fic, click here. [Graham]

September 2, 2001

Leela and Amy's High School Reunion. Another new pic from Juliet for our Fan Art section, and this one is based on the film Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. This is a film that I haven't seen, so I had no idea what the pic was about. But, Juliet had thoughtfully titled the pic, so Google helped me with the rest of the deduction!

Oh, according to FSAC, a scan-art by Paul is apparently missing from our site: the Barbarella based pic from the 2002 calendar. We will endeavour to find it. If needed, we will send out the bloodhounds to find this fantastic work of art, and when we locate it, the webmasters of this site will be hung, drawn and quartered, for missing out on such a wonderful masterpiece. [Graham]