September 2000

September 28, 2000

Could it possibly be? Are the old legends true? My ISP is working again! Well, it looks like I'm back at the web after two weeks... and the first thing I saw when I connected, in a BIG inbox full of messages, were five new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley! So go and enjoy them. There's also a reply to the critics who say that section is offensive. I'm still quite busy in real life (in fact, I'm supposed to go to a work in three hours) but now that I'm back online, I'll at least be able to update. [Leandro]

September 22, 2000

Still offline, but... I'm currently online from a friend's house, and I brought with me a floppy disk with five new Uses for a Hacker. Enjoy 'em, as that will probably be the only update of this week -- no web for me, no update for you. [Leandro]

September 19, 2000

Who says DOS is dead? I recreated the entire news database from the HTML version in my good pal DOS; Windows proved to be quite useless in matters involving DOS-style text. Except for the fact that my ISP does not work in my town anymore and currently I'm connected from a work where I'm not supposed to be uploading things I shouldn't (fortunately the news database fits in a single floppy disk and no one's watching right now), everything's okay. I received an email from Smiley with more hacker uses, but this computer doesn't have any graphics editor, so I can't convert them to GIF to upload them; expect them... someday. Once Ciudad Internet decides to start working again, and I don't have too much work. [Leandro]

Yea, we're both still alive.... Nothing much happening here (or at my site LiC for that matter) cause both me and Leandro are pretty busy at the moment, plus Leandro's ISP is fried and he can't connect to newspro right now. It'll get back in gear soon but for now just keep in mind we're still there. Both TLZ and LiC will soon get more updates. [Dave]

September 14, 2000

I humbly apologise... I interpreted some of the Info Brad gave me wrong (about the as per request thing) and I shouldn't have posted the Fan Fic - its ok to be passed arround privately but not publically. I never spoke to LLMatt, so I don't (can't) have any oppinion about him - I just thought the story was a funny take at his legendary devotion to Leela, not him personally. I should have known better. My apologies to anyone who was offended. [Dave]

Oh my... Well, looks like if I don't connect for one day, the entire web will fall down. At least it looks like that, at 5:30 am after two days working. Oh well. Time to give my "five points". First off: it might seem like TLZ is now a "Leela Lover Haters" place. That's not the case. Matthew was "kicked out" of TLZ only because his technical skills are null to minimal; there were no other reasons. The opinion that Dave, or anyone else have about him (including my own), was not taken into account when I decided it; I made the decision only based on the "usefulness" factor. Second, now about the Fan Fiction. I took it offline. I don't know the poll results, as both the ratings and the poll data where sent directly to Dave, I had no chance to see them. But Matthew Riley is right: it's offensive. It has no place on a fan site, and neither is okay to make fun of an old cowebmaster, no matter how small his contributions might be. Third: Mark LeWald didn't "request" that Fan Fiction to be posted here. In fact, he was told it wouldn't be posted anywhere, and I don't know what he thinks about it. Don't send hate mail his way, LLMatt. Fourth: I agree with Dave about the Uses for a Hacker. They are really offensive, but they're directed to someone who already deserves our "offense": the hacker(s) who deleted the CGI data of TLZ, and plenty of other Futurama sites. Fifth: I wanna go sleep. Let's end this update here. In short, democracy won't prevail, I always use "Despotism" or "Monarchy" at Civilization. I think that kind of "Fan Fiction" is the one who makes for great chain-emailings to friends who share the opinion towards the person the offense goes to (my favorites are the Bill Gates ones), but it's definitely not to be posted at any site. Also, everyone knows Leela is pretty desperate for a date lately, she would probably go run right into the hands of Ma... WHAT THE HELL AM I WRITING!?!?!? [Leandro]

September 13, 2000

LLM fanscript... Although generally excellently received (all votes "excellent" except for one), one email about the Leela Lover Matt Fanscript was food for thought. It said that TLZ is on its way to becoming an insult/joke site, although the sender of that email was normally a great fan of TLZ. The email adressed concerns about both Smiley's 101 Uses for a Hacker and the new LLMatt Fan Fiction. I totally can't agree with the concerns about the Uses for a Hacker because they screwed up many futurama sites (AND ruined my beloved Interactive Stories) and damn well deserve to be bagged out!!! But about the LLMatt script I thought I'd leave it to the public to decide. Just submit your vote above wether TLZ should take of the LLMatt fanscript off or not and democracy will prevail. [Dave]

September 12, 2000

As per request from Mark LeWald... Brad wrote a hilarious story about our all-beloved Leela Lover Matt kidnapping Leela and trying to brainwash her into loving him. Very well received by everyone who read it, I now have the great pleasure to make Brad's Fan Fiction public for all Leela Lover Haters too read! [Dave]

How's that for a backup, uh? Well, the good news is, I found the news items from September 4th to September 9th on the "Modify News" page of NewsPro in my browser's cache, and I converted 'em to NewsPro's internal format in a minute. The bad news is, my main backup is in HTML format, so I need to create a program that can convert that mess into NewsPro's data. And I don't have time to do it now (I've got to take a bus in 36 minutes). So, let that gap stay there 'til tomorrow or the day after. [Leandro]

Crud, not again! Well, bad news. Looks like all the news items since July 21 are gone. I do have a backup, thank harddisks, but I last updated it on September 3rd. Oh well. I just hope the rest of the site is okay... [Leandro]

Told ya, hackers: don't mess with Smiley! Five new Uses for a Hacker are online, one of them in two versions: "PG" and "R". They're just too good to describe, go and see them! Also, Guess The Framegrab was updated. In other news, some weird something at the Sweeet Network caused the server 'think' that we were in July 21! That affected the news page and the data files of the CGIs, but hopefully it's fixed now. [Leandro]

September 9, 2000

Sharing our Message Board I expanded The Leela Zone Message Board to account for both The Leela Zone and LiC. Nice little joint venue, don't you think? [Dave]

September 8, 2000

Okay, some stuff here. I uploaded the new Fan Fiction, "Secrets and Eyes". Also, I updated Guess The Framegrab. No time to put anything imaginative here, I'm afraid . [Leandro]

September 7, 2000

"Leandro, you promised!" Yeah, I know I said I was going to have more time for The Leela Zone this week, but, unfortunately for you (and fortunately for my pocket ), I'm waaay beyond busy right now. I've got a Fan Fiction to upload, so expect it tomorrow or the day after. [Leandro]

September 5, 2000

Don't you dare miss this! Smiley has once again blessed us with some of his wonderful graphics! Leela's 101 Uses For A Hacker has just got six new examples of what you can do with your hacker. From Speed Bump to Crash Test Dummy, there's nothing Smiley's not going to do with those hideous creatures that want to ruin our precious sites. (Hackers: if you want to completely destroy Smiley's computer, make sure to attack his IP,, with everything you've got). [Leandro]

September 4, 2000

LiC is finally ready! After looong construction time, my site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace is finally completed!!! Check it out, finally a place for Futurama Romantics to call home! [Dave]

September 3, 2000

It's not like I'm dead or something... Ahhh, sunday. What a nice day... only 9 weeks 'til Season 3 starts, not a single database to convert left, tough I still need to type some HTMLs and print some cards and burn some CDs... but, like if you'd care. What you do care is what have I done at The Leela Zone... and well, I'd upload the Quake 3 Arena model, so you can always download it from here (the other source is The Futurama Outlet, but it was down for quite a long time). What else...? I updated Guess the Framegrab, just a little harder this time. Well, that's all from me. I'm gonna go sleep for the next 16 hours. [Leandro]

September 1, 2000

And now for a round of Praise... I did an update to complain about the declining quality of the Interactive Stories. Well, now I have the much more furtunate duty to inform you that this trend seems to have reversed. I received many really good chapters for "Which Party" and some for "Unidentified Ship", so its on the rise again. Well done, everyone!!! [Dave]