August 2013
Mug shots and gene pools
Posted on August 28, 2013 by Tim
Kaspired sez “I've been dabbling in different media lately. At work it was decided to try and reduce the number of paper cups that we go through, Y'know, help reduce waste and save some money also. So one day a flock of these ceramic mugs appeared and one solitary sharpie to claim a cup all my very own. I stood there, and thought "Only one color? That's kinda lame." Then it hit me that I have a ton of those markers at home, then this idea flashed through my little brain. BTW, yes, I did ask if I could keep two.”. Now that's the way to dress up the dreariest of work spaces.

Over on our Message Board we have a section where we critique the episodes. When Leela and the Genestalk came out, Gulliver63 had a thing or two to say about it. You can go read his and all the comments in full if you'd like, but I'll reproduce the relevant bit here to save your clicky finger - “Jokes were cute, but they just started something that they didn't finish. I'd like to try and re-write this at some point.”. Ok, it's some point. The pic thumbnailed here is the cover art and it links to a story called Leela and the Genestalk Redux, which takes the concept of Leela's genes returning to their original mutated form and looks at where else it might have gone.
Nailed it!
Posted on August 26, 2013 by Tim
Every once in a while, someone "nails it" - they come up with something that actually appears in an episode at a later date. I know of at least four occurrences, and I suspect there are lots more. Here's the latest - last week's episode, 7ACV24, aka Murder on the Planet Express featured a shape-shifting alien that posed as crew members and devoured others with jaws and tentacle that appeared from their chest. That episode aired on 21 August 2013. Nearly five months before, on 26 March 2013, Gulliver63 posted the picture you see here on DA. So kudos to Gulliver, the latest recipient of the FM/TLZ Nailed It award.

The next bit o' Fan Art comes from Canadian Carl - a new name but not a new contributor (more I'm not at liberty to say) - who sez “So I've been frequenting my favorite Futurama fan site and found it's lack of new content disturbing. I see I'll need to step out of retirement and fan the Futurama fan fire for a bit while you all finish those massive fan contributions that I'm sure are keeping the rest of you busy. It's a drawing I did years ago, but now with (wait for it) COLOR! Yes, color. Thanks to my shiny new intuos tablet, I can spit shine a little of my work for you all to enjoy”. Huzzah! The Madhouse needs all the spitshining it can get, and fanning the fire is what we're all about.
Rumors of my demise ...
Posted on August 24, 2013 by Tim
... have been greatly exaggerated, if I may lead off by plagiarizing, uh .. I mean quoting, Mark Twain. Ok, I probably forgot to mention that I was taking a couple of weeks off in the Land the Internet Forgot and so when I returned today I found several e-mails expressing various levels of concern about my health and “retirement”. I'm touched by the concern and am happy to say the first is good and no, I'm not calling my tenure here quits just yet. It is true that contributions have been a little slow lately, but I'm very happy to report that my inbox has a few things in it so look for some more regular updates over the next week or so.

So just to get things moving again, here's Fan Fiction that was sent to me just before I left. It's by Trenton Sands, who has been waiting very patiently for two weeks. It's called Dead Noise and it details the strange occurances happen when Farnsworth inherits a cloud castle from his brother Floyd (ref Near Death Wish) that's haunted by ghosts. Bender, Leela, Hermes, and Amy are call upon to get rid of the ghosts while Fry goes to work at a funeral home with a demented boss and the corpses keep disappearing.
Inter-Universe beer delivery - what a great idea!
Posted on August 6, 2013 by Tim
Ok, we're back baby! Real Life stuff and the summer vacation season have been keeping me away from the boiler room of the Madhouse lately but I found a moment to drop in and blow the dust off the old in-box. And one of the two things therein was this new Fan Art from Awalex. Where Homer Simpson found a parabox is anyones guess, but obviously the first thought on his mind was to trade beer with another universe. Who do you suppose will win this drinking contest?

And now some bad news everybody. iGideon has discovered that the website ilovebender.com doesn't exist anymore! If you go to this url you will be redirected to foxmovies.com. He goes on to say “I hope Matt Groening will do something about it although im not sure he even knows about it. So, maybe we (the fans) can send an e-mail or post something on social media to Fox so they can changed it back or give an explanation why they did it!”. Me, I've got it on my watch list. The minute they forget to renew it, BAM! It'll redirect you to FM/TLZ.