August 2012
Oh! THAT movie
Posted on August 29, 2012 by Tim
Many moons ago we posted the first part of a new Fan Comic from Inquisitor Hein called 30 which will deal with the origins of the Amazonians and also spoof a movie. That movie it spoofs turns out to be "300", not "30", even though the comic is called "30" and not "300". It could be a play on Fry being about 1/10th as smart as the normal human but that's just speculation on my part, and I'm almost always wrong where I speculate about where anything Futurama is going (also lottery numbers). Anyway, the good news is there's some new pages which start on Page 8. There is no page 7, it's whereabouts may be revealed later.

And here's another pair of “we haven't seen these in a while” things, which is this new Video Clip from BackToTheFuturama. It's been at least a year since his last one. This is called Futurama Monster and it's clips from The Honking set to the song Monster by Skillet, which is actually about dealing with sin but also could apply to Bender turning into a murderous were-car as well.

And lastly but not leastly, from .ru with love comes this pair of Leelas Fan Art from Awalex.
Rants, cracks, and scribes
Posted on August 28, 2012 by Tim
Yup, it's me, back again, glutton for punishment I guess. Anyway, here's something we haven't had in a long time from someone we haven't heard from is a long time: It's an answer to one of Cubert's Rants from DSS who comes up with a clever and original (and in hindsight, completely obvious) answer to a question that Cubert posed about the very first episode.

Another something we haven't' had in a while is a new Comic Transcript. Maybe that's 'cause our crack team of scribes is all caught up and we're in real time now. Boy, doesn't that bite our shiny metal or what? In any case, here's #61, titled Troop Grit, which, between bouts of the lazies and sonic diarrhea or something, Umbreon some how find the wherewithal to crank this one out.

And finally, two new Fan Fictions. The first is from Dwayne Anderson with the lastest chapter in his blood and guts tale Matters of Life and Death. In part 15, called E-I-E-I-Ow!, a certain not very nice Martian rancher finds out there are some things you just can buy, no mater how much cash you have. Since it's been a while, I must repeat the warning to not read this fic 'cause greusome death awaits us all!

And the other fic we've got is the next chapter in Lauren Smiles adventures in futureland, Futuresmiles.
I'm not pressing my luck
Posted on August 26, 2012 by Tim
Hello New New York! I'm back home finally, and I'm not gonna press my luck too hard tonight so only one little item to start off with. Meanwhile, I'm cataloging everything that came in while I was away and getting that all sorted out, so if you've sent me anything in the last couple of weeks and haven't heard back, it's 'cause I was much too busy being lazy to be bothered. Or I didn't have an internet connection, but probably it was lazy. Fear not though 'cause I'll be getting caught up soon. So to start out, a list of episode names for Season 7B has been published, and one of them is Fry and Leela's Big Fling. Naturally, speculation is running rampant as to what that means, and the questions of the old dreaded Reset Button have reared their ugly heads. What's a fan to do? Well, if that fan is Pieter Antonissen, the answer is simple and obvious - you make a Fan Comic out of it. His is a short little two pager called Don't Push Your luck.
More aliens than you can shake a credit card at
Posted on August 20, 2012 by Tim
Just to keep things moving a little bit while I'm away here's a couple of things of interest. First off is a Fan fic and some matching Fan art. They are from Gulliver63 and the fic is called A Day At The Mall. It's the story of what happens when the Planet Express gang goes shopping at the biggest mall in the galaxy and Fry and Leela end up fighting viruses inside a supercomputer while Bender enjoys an Amazonian chile pepper. Besides the cover art pictured here, you can also find two character sketches on the Big G's fan art page.

And I received a note from Flounder who found these pretty amazing Realistic Futurama Aliens.
One more for the road
Posted on August 10, 2012 by Tim
Well, this has been a frustrating evening. I've got a new Fan video, but wait, I had to rebuild my unix box a couple of weeks ago and I don't have some of the tools installed that I need. Ok, set them installing. Maybe before I lave tomorrow they'll be finished (the DSL isn't exactly lighting fast out here on Dogdoo 6). Well, then, here's a fun little illustrated Fan Fiction, except that the story seems to end somewhere in the middle - either the file got corrupted or the author forgot to tell me this is only part one. And since this author has never sent anything but a complete story, I'm thinking the former. So that one's on hold 'till he replies.

Ohhh, lookie here, one Fan Fiction I can do! It's from Xanfor and it's called My Future Files: Testing is a Sitch (Abridged). This is, I think, the crossover fic to end all crossover fics - 'cause it's a Futurama/Dresden Files/Portal/Kim Possible/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover.

Ok, so once again it's going to be a little quiet around the old Madhouse for the next couple of week 'cause I'm going on vacation. I will have internet access occasionally and if I get tired of lounging in the sun, swimming, and sleeping in I might manage to get one or two tings put up.
I'm back baby!
Posted on August 7, 2012 by Tim
Huzzah! I'm moved, partly, in that we have furniture, food, a coffee pot, and enough clothes so that we can leave the house without getting arrested - oh, and the most important of all, computers and an internet connection. What I don't have is any kind of desk or table to put my computes on yet, so I have this very "ghetto" setup made of two plastic tubs, two milk crates, and some planks I found under the stairs. And my internet connection is a cable that runs up the stairs, under the door, and across the top of the kitchen cabinets to where the DSL connection is temporarily located. Give me a year or so and I'll have it all sorted out, but it'll do for now. The most important thing is we're back on the air.

And so, I managed to get one whole Fan Fiction put up. It's the 14th installment of Dwayne Anderson's story Matters of Life and Death, where in he kills off various people and things in the 'ramaverse in clever and gruesome ways most suited to their manner and temperament. This latest part is called Bat-Her Up and it take us back to the stupid ages to see how Mrs. Fry meets her untimely end. If you're not familiar with this series, a word of warning, it deals with death and can get a little graphic and gruesome in places.