August 2010
There's just something about a girl in a uniform spanking another girl in a uniform
Posted on August 31, 2010 by Tim
With a headline like that, it can only mean more spanking good Fan Art from Erik Heltner. This is one of those times when I'm gonna let him tell it: “I don't know about you, but I've always thought Leela looked really cute in 1ACV12 when she wore that military outfit. There's just something about a girl in a uniform :-) So for a long time I've been thinking about making a drawing of her wearing that very uniform. But then I thought 'Amy probably looks cute in that uniform, too. Why not draw both of them on the same drawing?' But that just raised a new question: 'What kind of activity should they perform on that drawing?' The answer was simple: Leela should give Amy a good spanking! And then, since they are both wearing military uniforms, I decided to include some lines from Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. While watching the movie, I stumbled across two sets of lines that I thought were really funny when used in the drawing, and since they were both funny, I couldn't decide which one I should use, so I decided to use both of them by using the same drawing twice. I admit that is kind of cheating, but I really enjoyed making both of them, there's just something about a girl in a uniform spanking another girl in a uniform.”

And in a repeat of last night, we've got another promise of more Fan Comics coming soon. Erik previously did two comics called Housewife at Play and way back when (just over two years ago to be exact) he promised a third installment. Well Good News Everyone - the story is written, drawn, cleaned-up, and is now in the color stage, so we should be seeing it soonish. Huzzah!

So what you s'pose would happen if Fry suddenly got a lot smarter, say due to the Professor giving him a brain implant, just about the same time that Leela was coming to terms with her feelings for him? I'm pretty sure this can't be a good thing, and that's exactly what Frosty started exploring in part 1 of her Fan Fiction On the Shoulders of Giants. So now the concluding part 2 is here and you can find out. I'll give you a hint - Fry's graduating from Mars U and coming back to PE after being away for three years. A lot can change in three years.
Fan Art by Robert Hawks
The Wong side of the bed
Posted on August 30, 2010 by Tim
Got a whole bunch of new Fan Art hot off the drawing pad from !iMmOrTaL!, who says “I'm Back Baby!” Here are 10 images from the new season, one from each of the first ten episodes, all of which are key scenes from each episode presented. They may look like framegrabs, but says they're only traced from FGs, the rest he did himself.

More good news everyone - remember !iMmOrTaL!'s comic The Wong Side of the Law? Well, he's back to work on it and we should have more real soon now.
Better late than Fry
Posted on August 29, 2010 by Tim
Oh, wait, Fry is the definition of late. But then with a roommate like Bender I guess we can understand why. Anyway, I'll get to the late bit later, first though, there's a steaming hot batch of Fan Fiction, both from Rush. The first one is Forever 'Rama which is a sequel to Hot Problem where Universe Jumping Bender lands in an unusual universe even by Futurama standards. And the other will go down as probably the shorted fan fic on record - at only 6 lines, it's Awkward Meeting, and things get a little awkward for Farnsworth when a certain embarrassing question gets asked. Rush comments “this fan fiction is too short even to my standards” so he added a little bonus material - two short unrelated scenes about In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela and Put Your Head on my Shoulder.

And now the better late than never section - these things came in during the time that I was gone and for various reasons I didn't pick up on them right away. First up, back about the time season six premiered, our good chum Kevin Fitzpatrick from UGO Entertainment sent a couple of links to some site he thought we might be interested in. The first is the 25 Hottest Women of Futurama. With 25 of them they might as well have called it All of the Women of Futurama. The other one is the 50 Best Episodes of Futurama which seems kind of a stretch 'cause we aren't even to 100 yet, but hey, 'rama has a better than average gem ratio so it's all good. Check 'em out.

So while I was out sunning myself on the beach and other summer type stuff, which apparently included being totally clueless, the 2010 ComicCon was going on, including a Futurama panel where, among many other things, it seems that the Guinness Book of World Records people have awarded the cast and crew of Futurama the world record for current most critically acclaimed animated series. Way to go! Thanks to Go-agreen-a for the tip.

And lastly but not leastly, Flounder found this - lolcats of the future - best lolcat ever.
"all I can say for sure is that something weird's gonna happen"
Posted on August 27, 2010 by Tim
Don't take this wrong, but Fry doesn't seem like the educated type, so why's he wearing a varsity jacket? Thereby hangs a tale of some Fan Art and maybe possibly a future Fan Comic why not. The perpetrator of this is Frosty who is working on a comic where in “something weird's gonna happen” and she and three of her friends end up in the year 3000. No word on when the comic might show up yet though.

Two of Frosty's images are promo pics for a Fan Fiction that she currently has spooling out on the Message Board. It's called Second Chances. You can go read it there, or I'm sure it will be in the fan fic section in it's entirety onces it's completed. Basic plot synopsis - just as Fry and Leela's relationship was really getting going, Fry left town and became a best selling author. Now, two years later, he's back, trying to pick up the peices. Only he's got some baggage - in the form of a publisher that's got the hots for him.

And speaking of Fan Fiction here's a couple of short ones that are in the fan fic section. They're both by Rush. One is called Meaty Love which is a follow up to Proposition Infinity (caution - if you haven't seen it yet this may contain saturated fats, peanuts, and/or spoilers ). The other one is Hot Problem - it's something we haven't seen in a while, an “after the opera” fic. The crew is on their way back to Earth from a delivery when they encounter a warm reception - much warmer than anyone really wants.
Nailed it! (again)
Posted on August 26, 2010 by Tim
Every once in a while some prognosticator actually gets it right. And sometimes, they do so without even trying or knowing. Likewise, every once in a while, a fan gets it before canon does. Here's just such a case - many moons ago, as in before I came here, Rye Guy drew some pics of a large Leela. And then, about three years ago, he asked that they be taken down. Then, last week, in The Prisoner of Benda, canon imitated Fan Art when Amy, in Leela's body, went on an eating binge. And so we said, “hey, now it's canon” and as FM/TLZ is run by some of the best nerdlingers in the business, we have backups. And so, here they are, back again from their three year exile at the spa, Rye Guy's heavy duty artwork.

But weight, there's more! One of the other things that was also ”on hiatus“ (there's a favorite phrase of Futurama fans everywhere) was a Fan Fiction, also dealing with Leela Leela and weight gain called The Heavy About Love. The first three parts are up and Rye Guy is promising to crank out the rest of it Real Soon Now. And the pic shown here, available on RG's Fan Art page, is a promo pic for the fic. So grab a deep fried ice cream sandwich (wrapped in frosting and lightly baconed) and a nice pork sundae and go have a nice, light read.
What's your rush?
Posted on August 24, 2010 by Tim
Have I used that one before? I can't remember. Somewhere I have a list of all the headlines I've used, but it's a month or so out of date and I'm too lazy to go look for it right now. But as you might guess from the subject it's time for some more Fan Art from Rush. A whole crap-load of it to be exact - about 14 new pics if I counted right. He sure can crank 'em out.

And now for something really bad Rush's Bad Futurama Impressions - a short sound clip of Rush imitating some of the characters. He does a pretty good job on some of 'em, although he can't quite seem to keep that Irish brogue of his out of all of them.
Fan Art by Lee Roberts
Welcome to the world of tomorrow (in some other universes)
Posted on August 23, 2010 by Tim
'cause we've got an out of this world update tonight, leading off with a couple of cross-genre Fan Arts. These were made by Vytas Wolf. This one is Blood Leela and the other one is Bender the Necron Lord (seems like kind of fitting roles for them next time they find themselves unemployed again ).

A long time ago in a reality far, far away, Rush wrote an amusing little Fan Fiction called Universe Jumping Bender in which Bender, apparently due to some misbegotten experiment of Farnsworth's, is popping in and out of various universes, usually just at the right (or wrong) time, depending on your point of view. I bring all this up because it related to another alternate reality - Rush's Fan Art; particularly this one which seems to have something to do with U-J-B as it's titled Universe Jumping Bender was here.
Back in the land of the living (networks)
Posted on August 21, 2010 by Tim
All right, I'm back to a real Internet connection and a sane computing environment. No more pointing the pringles can across the lake and hoping it doesn't rain (wifi doesn't go very far through rain). So anyway, there's a huge backlog of stuff to plow through so let's hop on the ol' bike and pedal our way through some of it. And speaking of bikes, kaspired had to do a little repainting on his and he sent in some photos. I'll let him tell it from here: “I needed to repaint a section of my bike so I used a Futurama theme. This isn't done with decals! Everything is hand painted. Everything in the black section of the down tube is my paint job, including the gloss black. One side uses the Futurama title font for the bike brand, the other says the same thing except using the second alien alphabet. The striping was masked and brushed, and I hand cut the lettering masks. The actual size of the Planet Express Ship is about 5/8 x 1 3/4 inches (2cm x 4.5cm). I hand cut four masks (which had to align correctly) for each color.” Now that's fan art of the first order.

Now here's one that make me glad we have cut and paste. It's a Fan Fiction by first time authoress Hailey Sands. Now if that name sounds a little familiar it's 'cause she's the sister of long time fanfic writer Trenton Sands. Her debut fic is called (and this is where cut and past really comes in handy) Drag Fry to Hell: Bender's Inferno. It's a nifty little missive about Bender wanting to date Fanny again, but he's got to make a deal with the Robot Devil to do so, he drags Fry along, bad stuff happens, and Bender is great.

Ok, time for the high-brow segment of our update. Everyone get out your copy of “Culture for Dummies” and turn to page 11011010. Koen Bolhuis mangled up this pic which he calls Benda-Lisa.
Posted on August 20, 2010 by Leandro
Are you confused by all the character switches in tonight's episode and want to make a chart to figure out if everybody ended where they were supposed to? Too late! I did all the work so you don't have to.
Happy Birthday to Mew
Posted on August 14, 2010 by Tim
I think I can safely say that the season 6 episode The Late Philip J. Fry (aka 6ACV07) has inspired more Fan Art so far than any of the other new epps, heck, it's probably more than all of them put together. Here's the latest - a birthday card based on the video greeting card Fry used in the above named episode. This one is the product of Futurama_Freak1 for PEEL's Jezzem. Pictured on the card are PEELers Any1Else, coldangel_1, and Freako (he's the one with no pants on). Happy Birthday Jezzem!

We've also got another hot steaming pile of Fan Art from Rush featuring more variations of Bender in more unimaginable configurations.

And I've just got to trot out a beach framegrab because I just gotta brag - this is about the most unusual place I've ever done an update from - just like in the pic it's coming to you from the beach. Yup, I'm on vacation “up north” and I'm sitting at a picnic table on the beach at the lake. My super duper wifi adapter that Leandro turned me on to is grabbing a signal from somewhere across the lake, and it's pitch black out here. How cool it that?
In outer space, no one can hear you banging your head against the wall
Posted on August 11, 2010 by Tim
Of course, there generally aren't walls in space. Sometimes rocks and cast off satellites and the occasional monolith or UFO, but rarely walls. So many moons ago, DSS asked BackToTheFuturama to do two videoclips. Last March he did Avatar and now, after getting over some bumps in the road, here's one of Alien. If you get an error downloading it, try it a couple more times - I've noticed some intermittent weirdness with some of the vids and we haven't figured out what's causing it yet.

Over in Sound Clips we have some new Music of Futurama - two people sent this in actually; Soylent Orange was first, followed by frymonster a couple of days later. It's a crop of In The Year 105105 from 6ACV07 - The Late Philip J. Fry.

My good chum Kevin Fitzpatrick over at UGO Entertainment (I wonder if they pronounce the initials separately or if it's "Yugo", like the car ) sent this link to Every Sci-Fi Reference Ever in Futurama where they say “Prepare for Dork Speed as we sift through the entire canon of Futurama for the best sci-fi references this side of the Shatner-verse.”. It also says there's one hundred twenty five of them. My reaction - that's all? I'm sure the nerdlingers hereabouts can find at least a few they forgot.
Nothing is ever easy
Posted on August 10, 2010 by Tim
Updating on the road - what fun. Lots of cool stuff has come in and here I am, a long way from home with a very limited tool set (can you say poor planning on my part?). So while I here's at least one thing that easy to put up - it's a Fan Art from Koen Bolhuis called The Evolution of Bending unit 22. Let's just say that things aren't easy for Bender either and he's looking a little dumpy in his old age.
It's a real head rush man
Posted on August 2, 2010 by Tim
Uh oh! Bad news everyone, the cupboard here at the Madhouse is once again bare. As in empty, nothin', nada. All that's left are two short works of Fan Fiction by Rush, and I'm even running out of Rush jokes. So I guess we'll just play it straight - the first story is called Looking Up at the Stars. It's set after In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela when Fry and Leela have some things to sort out maybe why not. And, in the “I'm surprised it hasn't been done already, or maybe it has and I'm just having a Fry moment” is an alternate ending to In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela called A Bigger Ship; and what's even more amazing is the Rush expressed it without spewing Universe-Jumping Benders at us.

Anyway, it turns out this is a good time for some quiet time, as I'm gonna do like Fry here and go catch some rays on the (non-nude) beach. I'm sure all of the great fans of Futurama will crank up their creative efforts once they get over the shock and awe of the new episodes. Sos untils thens, sees yas.
(S)he's back!
Posted on August 1, 2010 by Tim
I'm here! Really! I haven't been whisked away by an errant time machine or anything yet (but I will be next Wednesday). But enough about me, let's talk about Fan Art! It's the Gender Bender; (s)he's back and (s)he's ... dressed in a pink tu-tu. It's from Koen Bolhuis who says “Good news everyone! I'm making fan art again! This is a simple drawing of Gender Bender!”

Nothing says Futurama like Fry playing the holophoner (which kinda makes sense 'cause the holophoner is a unique to Futurama thing) so what we have here purports to be “the "full" holophoner music from the end of Devils Hands”. Archonix, who is the Supreme Overload over at TSFFC (the nice thing about running your own website is you can create your own job titles ), sent this in and notes that he got it from Stretch Dude. It's a healthy half a meg mp3 and you'll find it in the Sound Clips/Music wing of the Madhouse.

Cubert is somewhere in that crowd which is directly related to this new Cubert's Rant. Yes, thanks to Frosty we proudly unveil our latest Rant section for The Beast with a Billion Backs. I keep using the singular of Rant 'cause she only came up with one - my theory is that the movie was such a pinnacle of technical perfection that was the only flaw to be found. So anyway, check it out, and see if you can come up with a Cubert-belittling solution.