August 2005
We're not living in the past or the present anymore, this is the future...
Posted on August 17, 2005 by Teral
Time to deliver some of the Fan Fiction goodness I promised the other day. So let's give a warm welcome to Craig Williams, who'll treat us to part 3 of his story Futurama: The Fifth Season. In this chapter Planet Express embark on a mission of charity, not so much for the charity as to make a few bucks. Meanwhile one of the employees make a shocking decision. Read about it here.

More bedtime stories soon.

Oh, and England, about tonights friendly: PWNED! ... Sorry, but it's not often we get to brag about such a victory.

Does my shiny metal ass look big in this?
Posted on August 16, 2005 by Graham
Ah well, today I have some good stuff for you to sample, with work for both our Fan Art and our Fan Fiction sections. Let's start with some work that's come in from Sarah, who has come up with seven new pictures for you to savour. The picture you can see to your right shows Bender in the episode Bend Her, where he dressed up as a fembot. Now, if you like Doctor Zoidberg, in a character sort of way, not in any other way, she has come up with four pictures of the smelly lobster-like creature. That's four pictures that look good to the eye, but bad to the nose. However, to be fair, you'll be so interested in the pictures that the smell of Doctor Zoidberg will only be an after thought. There is also a picture of Fry and Leela together, both looking in a not-so-happy mood, and there is also a picture of Umbriel with legs. Maybe Fry can rekindle his affair with Umbriel, now that she's not literally the catch of the day.

Now to the work that's for our Fan Fiction section, which is a work that's come from Ralph Snart. This is part three of his current work Demons from the Past. In this part, Fry tells Leela what's what, so does Amy... but there's always Zoidberg. There's always Zoidberg, I repeat. No... no... no... stop with the filthy thoughts about a filthy crab. You'll see when you read. You might even smell while you read, too.

It's a dogs world....
Posted on August 15, 2005 by Teral
Quite litterally, that is when Spacedal11 is the creator of said world. :p She's send us two new pictures for the Fan Art section. The thumbnail shows Fry and Leela in a more realistic portrail of how they would look as canines. The other picture show Leela dressed in goth .. or as a goth ... or with goth .. how do you say that? Are you goth, or dressed in goth, or god-like, or ... or ... Answers on a postcard, send to this address: Teral, Denmark.

Now, as a kind of in-between Smiley (you know the genius behind our Uses For A Hacker) send me a scan of a recent issue of TV GUIDE, showing an, well interview is probably too big a word, let's call it a question session, with Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show. Among the questions was which programs he watches. Guess what his answer was ... or see for yourself. Futurama lives!

And now for the end, or in this case My Crappy Ending, our latest entry in the Poetry and Songs Parodies section. This one comes from Rye Guy and is a parody of Avril Lavigne's "My Happy Ending". The song tells the events of the episode "Parasites Lost" from Fry's perspective. Enjoy.

Fanfic goodness coming up in the next couple of days, stay tuned.

Banding together during dangerous times...
Posted on August 13, 2005 by Graham
Ah, what can that subject heading mean? Well, in this instance, it refers to a new fan fiction work that's come my way from Ramon 51, who has come up with Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover, a work that, yes, you guessed, is a crossover of Futurama and Band of Brothers, that recent war series that was on TV. Cue the intro. The Futurama crew get into some difficulties while testing out one of Professor Farnsworth and Cubert's inventions, finding that time has changed from the thirty-first century to the Stupid Ages. More accurately, though, the period of time you'd find in the Band of Brothers, with war and all that jazz. Well, what are you staring at? Go read.

Here's a blast from the past...
Posted on August 11, 2005 by Graham
Well, you don't see this too often, and I can't remember the last time that she's had a piece of Fan Art dedicated to her. Who am I talking about? Well, the character Umbriel, a mermaid who was seen in the episode The Deep South. Well, Umbriel and other characters from the show can be seen in the latest batch of artwork that's been sent in by Sarah. She not only has done Umbriel, she's got Bender during his transexual phase, Sarah and Fry in a hugging pose, Fry looking quite caffeinated, and two pictures of Zoidberg, one with him coveting some object and another with him quite distressed. Well, all pictures look fine and dandy, so maybe you ought to go take a peek at them.

I've also got some work from Smiley, which goes into his Uses For a Hacker section. This lot might confuse you, because I've got Use 700, then Uses 711 to 719, which means that Uses 701 to 710 seem to be missing. I doubt they are missing, it's probably that they're sitting in one webmaster's inbox waiting to be put up. Anyway, here are some others while you wait. Maybe the other Uses escaped when they found out that Zoidberg would be coveting them. Ah, one other thing, better say what the Uses are: Toad Addicts; Pokemon Hunter; Ataru's Co-Pilot; Crappy Atari Game Sprites; Minnesota Snowblower; Powerpuff Brother; Queer Duck's Dating Horror Story; Krusty's First "Sideshow"; Hotaru Tomoe's Plaything; Tasteless Cartoon Parody. Done.

Sir Mix-A-Lot reshoots his video with a little help...
Posted on August 10, 2005 by Graham
Oh dear, I can see Fry getting a busted face and Bender getting a busted antenna, all done by an angry Leela. Mind you, who could blame her when you consider what's going on in this picture for our Fan Art section, done by MrEdwo. Yes, the one with the crazy imagination has come up with another one of his pictures showing the surreal side of Futurama. OK, the surreal side isn't that kind of side, so behave yourself. One mention of side, and the tittering won't stop. Anyway, there's humour in this picture, and you don't have to bend over backwards in order to spot it. Anyway, yeah, good picture with some laughs... can't be that much wrong with it. Enjoy!

Well, before you depart, I have something else to update about. Welcome another work for our Fan Fiction section, which comes from Ralph Snart. He's come up with part two of his current fiction work Demons from the Past. In this part, Fry confides with Amy about his fractured relationship with Leela, while Bender speaks to Leela about the same subject. Ah, the contrasts...

BTW, we're still open for recruitment here. Anyone who has some HTML knowledge, enthusiasm and craziness please apply here.

Love's a confusing kind of thing...
Posted on August 8, 2005 by Graham
Well, today I have got some Shippy kind of stuff for you today, one for our Fan Art section and another work for our Fan Fiction section. We'll start with the artwork. I have a picture from a new contributor who goes under the name Groovy Girl, who has come up with a picture of Leela looking quite confused about some new star constellation that has appeared out of the blue. I think that the new constellation will be called "I Love You, Leela", because it seems to make out those words. OK, something similar happened in the episode "Time Keeps on Slippin'", but in that story Leela didn't get to see the words that Fry wrote in the sky. Maybe Fry discovered how to go back in time. Wait, he already did that sort of thing and became his own grandfather. Anyway, enjoy Groovy Girl's first picture.

Well, I did say we had a work for our Fan Fiction section, didn't I. Anyway, welcome both part four and also part five of Sarah's current serial fiction called Over Her. In this part, Fry's new relationship intensifies, while Leela's jealousy does likewise. That's what we like here at Futurama Madhouse: contrasting updates.

BTW, I'm planning on retiring from the public face of this site in the next few weeks. I'll still probably be around helping out and stuff in the background, but I really want to move on and let others take over. So, rather than dwell on that, may I ask anyone who is interested in helping out with this site to contact me. What we want is someone with basic knowledge of HTML, reasonable usage of the written English language, and lots of enthusiasm. Oh, and being a borderline nutter helps, too.

Crappy or snotty?
Posted on August 6, 2005 by Graham
Replace the "or" with an "and", and then the subject heading sounds like some cartoon double act, much like The Simpsons' Itchy and Scratchy. OK, so how did I get onto this subject? Well, it's because I've been sent some crap art from a certain Davey, and one of the four "artworks" he sent seems to be a picture of a bogey. Not only is it a bogey, which is sickening enough, it appears to have a face. Don't pick your nose, otherwise you'll be making someone homeless! Oh, wait, it's meant to be a picture of Kif. It's so crap, I can't tell the difference between a rendition of Kif and nasal waste. The other three rubbish pictures have Fry, I think, in the Planet Express ship; Leela and Fry's reflection off a pupil, which I think belongs to Zoidberg; and another terrible picture that has Fry, Zoidberg, Bender and, I think, Amy. Heck, there's enough crap here to call out the plumbers!

Next up, I have the final part of Dwayne Anderson's The Punishress, which you'll find goes into our Fan Fiction section. In this part, the authorities are closing in on Leela, fast. Will she be able to fight for the mutants' cause or will she be captured by the Mayor and subjected to a media frenzy? Is this another case of Kill Yr Idols?

Everybody dance now!
Posted on August 5, 2005 by Teral
Oh, wait that's not the dancing smiley.... Hmmm, some motion there, but still not what's generally accepted as dancing ... though it's pretty darn close to my ability on a dancefloor.

Moving along, we have a new videoclip for ya', coming from Genocidal Smasher. The clip is titled "Gonna Make You Sweat", which aptly enough is also the name of the background music by C+C Music Factory. Most of you may recognise the chorus of "Gonna Make You Sweat" Everybody Dance Now, some may even think it's the title of the song, but it's not! But what better music piece could you pick for a compilation of all the great dancing moments found throughout Futurama? I don't know, and I seem to be slipping into babling, so let's wrap this puppy up. The video is pretty funny and well edited, so check it out.

As always you'll find videoclips in the videoclip section. Enjoy.

No, no, no! You've got the wrong idea: it's the ugly trees that I want removed, not the yummy garbage...
Posted on August 4, 2005 by Graham
Poor Doctor Zoidberg, always one who scavenges around in the dumps to find his food. However, it seems that he has a problem: there's too many trees and other plants that are spoiling his glorious view of rotting rubbish and swarms of flies. Will anyone come to his rescue? Not even one of those crappy Ground Force programmes? Boy, don't you hate those type of shows... oh, wait, stick to the script. Anyway, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from MrEdwo, the crazy contributor with the surreal pictures. His latest ravings... I mean offerings, are just as looney as his last. We have a picture of Doctor Zoidberg showing you around Garbagewood, where the smell is of delicious rotting fish, the mountains are really just old refrigerators stacked up, the flowers are those on the sides of plastic bags, and the bees are really just flies that have mutated due to the glorious rivers of radioactive waste. Flavour country! His other picture - did I mention he's done two? - shows Bender going through a mental detector... yeah, you read that right. There are words on that picture, so don't let the thumbnail fool you into thinking that nothing was said. Go and take a look and read, then book yourself into the funny farm (located right next to Zoidberg's Garbagewood). Luxurious padding awaits.

One other thing, Cherokee, who is a visitor to our own message board, has asked me to inform you that he has his own message board called Nutty House, which deals with both Futurama and The Simpsons. He needs members, so please help him out. There, done my side of the bargain, now to wait for that Bender statue made of pure gold that's worth over £100,000 that he said he'd send my way.

The devil went down to Georgia, He was looking for a soul to steal...
Posted on August 3, 2005 by Graham
OK, cut the Country and Western music, because it's damn nauseous! Good, some peace and quiet at last. If anyone else spots any Country and Western music out on the loose, please contact the Music Police in order for it to be dealt with humanely. Alternatively, you could always contact the Robot Devil, instead, who could invite such musicians down to his lair to do some fiddling and singing... and maybe some singeing. Anyway, getting back on track, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from FemJesse. Her excellent reditions are of the Robot Devil, all done by hand... or is that hoof? There's one that's monochrome, while the other is the same picture but coloured. Nevertheless, both are as fiery as Hell. Brrrrrr! It's getting cold down here, time to throw some Cash onto the fire.

Three's a crowd...
Posted on August 2, 2005 by Teral
And Mitch is ready with part 3 of his latest Fan Fiction story, The Full Circle. As the barriers between time and space destabilse more and more people start appearing on the Planet Express ship. Finally they have to relocate to the New Frontier, Joan's starship, abandoning the cramped PE Ship until a solution can be found. meanwhile Leela get a glimpse of what could've been....

Interesting, no? Then go here to read.

Futurama 101
Posted on August 1, 2005 by Teral
Nah, just kidding. I mean, FM:TLZ visitors doesn't need elementary Futurama knowledge spoonfed to them, right? So let's skip right ahead to Futurama 502! And pay attention ... 'cause there's going to be a test.

Futurama 502, is another name for part 2 of Craig Williams' Fan Fiction story Futurama: The Fifthh Season. This chapter is titled "Deaf Like Me", and start with Amy picking up from the hospital. Due to being hospitalized for the night, he couldn't visit Leela, and unfortunately Amy was too pre-occupied with other (serious) things to remember passing his message to Leela. Now Fry must face an angry Leela and try to explain himself, which is hard if you don't know signlanguage. Read about it here.

Inseparable contrasts...
Posted on August 1, 2005 by Graham
Back again on this Monday morning. The sun is out... behind some clouds... the birds are tweeting... somewhere else... and the cat I'm looking after seems to be calming down a bit, too... in another parallel universe. Actually, to be fair, it has calmed down, so hold back with those emails requesting a free cat. Although if it does another crap as smelly as the last one it deposited in the litter tray, I might send you a free laminated moggy. RSPCA, please notice the winking smiley before you come knocking on my door. Anyway, back to what's important. I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Kriebs. He's come up with a very Shippy picture of Leela and Fry trying to hold onto each other in a strange way. Inseparable or what! Nice picture that oozes Shippiness. On your Marks! Get set! Ship! OK, who false started?

However, not everything is hunky-dory in the Leela and Fry world. No, in the Fan Fiction section, there's a bit of separation going on in the Shippy stakes. Welcome a new guy called Ralph Snart, who has come up with a story called Demons From the Past. A year after Fry's holophonor performance in the episode "The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings", he is still without Leela. However, what he has got is the desire to better himself, both physically and mentally. Will Leela notice Fry's effort to change for the better? See, in one update, we bring you togetherness, but in another, we bring you separation. Ying and Yang. Black and white. Laurel and Hardy. Don't you just love unpredictability.