August 2004

August 31, 2004

Blast from the past. Ahhh, the 80's. The clothes, the hair-dos, the music.... boy did they suck! I spend most of my adolscent years trying to survive that decade, and most things I remember was how much the fashion, hair-dos (remember sweatbands? I do ) and the yuppie culture sucked, the tv shows were pretty good though. Bet you're wondering what brought that little rant on. Well, we have 6 new pictures in the Fan Art section coming from Spacedal11, and the thumbnail to the right show an 80's Leela. Took me back a few decades. When I emerged from my memories (almost a quivering wreck), I uploaded it and the other 5. The rest show Leela as a goth, as a wampire with a special thist for Fry and in Spacedal11's trademark canine form. There's also 2 other pictures of Planet Express canines.

I guess he's jynx'ed. Poor Farnsworth. I guess he just can't undertake a crazy experiment without something going horribly wrong. The latest Fan Fiction from Spacedal11 is no exception. The story is named Jynx. In Part 1 Farnsworth have to test yet another of his crazy inventions, and it's Leela's turn to play guinea pig. Unfortunately the experiment goes wrong and Leela spend a few days at the hospital. Afterwards she discover some side-effects, not all bad though. As always click here to be taken directly to this chapter.

By any chance, Fry, when you painted the walls today, did you happen to use fluorescent paint? Another Tuesday, another submitter's works to show off at Futurama Madhouse. The works in question come from Futurama Freak, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. The picture you see in the thumbnail shows Fry and Leela in a land of green, which happens to be the Internet. Boy, those green screens of the '80s just won't go away. Her other picture is one of Leela staring in your direction. Yes, YOU! I'd run if I were you, because the smirk on her face suggests she might have something evil in mind. I mean, is that a gun she is carrying, which you can't see because it's out of the picture? See, you just don't know. Run... run fast!

Well, I got some fawning email from some guy who wants to promote a review of the fourth season Futurama DVD on a DVD review site called DVDFanatic. I was so taken aback by his praise of our site, so overwhelmed with joy, that I just had to comply. Well, if you want to go and see this review, you can find it here.

Repent! Repent your sins! Repent them by kicking ass in UT2004 with Leela's help! Interesting way of repentence, but that's the way we work at the temple of Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone and that's how our logic works. Why? Because this is a Maaaaadhouse! Moving on... there's a brand new piece of Fan Art from new contributor OverlordSmurf which features Jesus here, the one telling you to repent. Although this is actually Zoidberg as Jesus, rather than being the zombie messiah himself. Just click on the image to go and see it.

But it doesn't stop there, no sir! The subject heading will actually make more sense if you take a look at the Game Add-Ons section of our site, and scroll down to the Unreal Tournament 2004 section. Just below the already existing Bender model, you'll now find a really nifty Leela one to download, which has been kindly provided to us by Scott "Crash7" Crank, with a little skinning help from everybody's favourite fan artist, FemJesse. It even includes team colours and a great voice pack, so if you own the game in question, stop reading this now and download this great model. Do it now!!

August 30, 2004

Scruffy becomes evil... er! Well, according to this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Soylant Yogurt, it seems that Scruffy has decided to come out and support the dark side. Who would have guessed that Scruffy was actually a supporter of the Nazis. OK, I'm bound to get some complaints from those who think we shouldn't put up such a picture that seemingly promotes Nazism, but I don't think it does that. Rather, it's poking fun at them, which is only right, considering what a bunch of f**kwits they are. Anyway, getting back on-topic, this picture shows Scruffy as a fully paid up member of the Republicans... Oh, wait, subtle mistake. Well, if you want to see Scruffy turn to the worst elements of political extremism, then feel free to view this picture. Then afterwards, you might catch that Presidential address by the Knights Who Say Shrubbery Party.

Leela takes up arms against Scruffy! Well, considering that we had Scruffy the Nazi, we now have to go to the other extreme and have Leela as the communist partisan fighting the forces of the Right. This picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev, shows Leela as a communist fighter in a post-nuclear world that was envisaged in one of Alexander's dreams. Boy, he sure has morbid nightmares. Anyway, you'll see a heavily armed Leela, with hammer and sickle emblem, in what seems to be a ruined city. Look, Leela, there's Scruffy over there... Well, enjoy this picture of a nightmare starring an angel.

Spy Swap! Lastly for today, I have something that's not of a political nature... well, not as much as the two previous pictures. This work comes from Fryfan and goes to our Fan Fiction section, and is the next part of his SpyOrama series. Welcome You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once, a story that has both Agents 014 (Fry) and 1BDI (Leela) apart on the job. Quoting the summary from the fan fiction page should be in order to explain more about this work from Fryfan: "Agent 1BDI (Leela) owes Jinx (Amy) a promise to visit her parents. This leaves Agent 014 (Fry) on his own to handle a mission that involves dealing with and thwarting Phnog (martial arts expert in the episode Raging Bender) and his banned matial arts school from taking over Earth. However, the benefits of not having 1BDI is to have Agent Jackie Anderson as a partner; certainly a new experience for Fry. In the meantime at the Wong ranch, Jinx soon finds herself kidnapped by some native Martian villian, meaning that Agent 1BDI has a job to do after all." Well, this one is a whopper of a size, but it's worth the read.

August 28, 2004

Hey, fat guy. Who's four-eyes back there? If you're like me; pushing on 30, have an idiot as your superior at work and unable to do anything about either, chances are you know who the glasses-wearing guy is. He's the vent for all our frustrations, the one who make us laugh about the idiocy happening in the corporate world. And most of all, he makes us happy we're not him, since his boss and company are even worse than what we mortals have to cope with. If you don't know him, trust me once you finish school and get a job you will. Otherwise you might go insane. Anyway since that could take years, I'll just cut to the case and say it out loud: it's Dilbert. If that still doesn't ring a bell, hit Google. This picture for our Fan Art section come from Leelaholic and show Bender, Homer and Dilbert at the bar. Hmm, kinda redundant to say that, since I've already introduced Dilbert, and most recognise Homer and Bender right away. Well, no use crying over spilt milk and all that, enjoy the picture.

Buffy would be proud. Second part of this update is for the Fan Fiction section and come from Spacedal11. It's the conclusion on her wampire story Midnight on a fry-Day. In this part 2 Zade (the name of the wampire who used to be Fry) plan to fight the head-wampire to assume leadership of the group. At the same time he is having strange dreams about a robot and a one-eyed girl. There's fighting and deaths and all. Plus some teary moments so don't forget the Kleenex'. Clickhere to start reading.

Flood ahooy! It seems that a certain contributor to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone is trying to flood us to a crawl, but he won't succeed... at least not yet. Welcome a whopping 17 new pictures for our Fan Art section that all come from Ooy. His busy work includes pictures of Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy and some other characters (either of Ooy or some made-up characters... you decide), all hand-drawn, too. He's not just stopped there, he's come up with a work for our Fan Fiction section. Welcome his new story that's called The Future Dielemma [sic] (that means, in case you don't know, that any spelling mistake quoted didn't come from myself but from the one I've quoted... although it could well be a pun... which it probably is... which means I should shut up right now and carry on ). In this story, Fry and Leela have a steady relationship and have bore two children, both now teenagers. However, enter Nibbler to tell them that they are in danger due to a change in the timeline. Can the kids save the day? Don't answer, just read.

Uses for ImageMagick! Sometimes using a command line tool can make things way quicker. Smiley sends his Uses For a Hacker as BMP files, which he thankfully zips in order to save time downloading, as well as space on the email account. BTW, we do get some BMP files sent our way unzipped, so can people who do that either turn them into PNG, JPG or GIF files, or just zip them up to make them smaller (zip, rar, ace, bz2, gz... whatever). Anyway, getting back on-topic. I've just compiled ImageMagick and have used it to convert his BMP files to PNG via the command line (ImageMagick isn't just for the command line, though... it does display the images and has a GUI), and it did a nice job doing it. I have used command line applications to do this before, but I had not much to say, so thought I'd bore you with the details. Hey, stop throwing tomatoes at me! Ouch! That one had a rock in it! Anyway, as you can guess, I have some work for our Uses For a Hacker section that comes from Smiley. As ever, they're quite gory. No, not Al Gore. Hmmm... some of you voted for someone who had the personality of a tree, but ended up getting a shrub for president... world's crazy! Anyway, back on-topic, again. The seven Uses are: Iowa Hog Lot Workers; Acupuncture Tester; The Illinois Nazis; Paul Kersay's Next Victim; Happy Tree Family Victim; General Specific's New Privates; The Scary Door Morality Fable. Seems that Goth is still back. Go black!

Perfect Fry now in Pog form... I mean song form! Well, lastly for today I have a work for our Poetry & Song Parodies section that comes from Soulkid2000. This song is called Perfect Life, and is a song about Soulkid2000's fan fiction work Perfect Fry. Anyway, there's a lot of singing action and stuff going on, so why not give it a read and see if you can rap along or something. Enjoy!

August 27, 2004

Will those Matrix parodies ever end? Apparently not any time soon, because here comes another Matrix series parody, Fan Fiction style. Not only that, but we have it in the form of a sequel, with the first part of the follow-up to The Fry-trix Has You, which is titled The Fry-trix Still Has You, with this first addition being penned (or typed as it were...) by Soulkid2000, and again as before, port parts will follow from Mattybwoy, Rye Guy, and series creator, Max Bellamy. This first part has Fry training with the gang from the film, so if you want to read it, just click on the title of the fic with your mouse and the electronic signals that come down to binary 1's and 0's will take you there.

And before I got, those New Zealand viewers out there who don't have the pleasure of owning the Season 4 DVD's may be interested to know that Futurama returns to TV2 on Saturday the 4th of September at 6:30pm with super-hero satire, Less Than Hero (pictured above, since I have no Fan Art to warrant anything else for a thumbnail image...). Yes, TV2 is being rather slack as of late regarding the show, for sure. Whether it's because they have no decent content and want to spread it out even more than Fox did, I have no idea. I was surprised they were bringing it back at all, instead thinking cynically that they'd prefer to pack their schedule with crass reality programs instead of intelligent stuff like Futurama. That's TV networks for you though.

No hatemail? I'm dissapointed! Well, looks like nobody cared about the domain change to www.Futurama-Madhouse.com.ar, or at least nobody cared enough to fill my inbox with hatemail. Good! You've all been well trained. Now, since you're all such good boys, here's a bit of Merchandise news for you: both the Futurama 2005 Calendar and the Futurama Season 4 DVD are available now in the US! You can click those links to buy them from Amazon.com, or you can just run to your local comic shop and DVD store to get 'em. Thank goes to the guy who mailed me to tell me about the DVD release, and I forgot his name (memory goes as you grow ancient, they say... Right, Graham? )

Want GMail? If you are one of those who really really want a GMail account (with 1GB of space, no ads except for small text ones, and a really fast interface with lots of cool thingies) then click here! I've got 5 GMail invites to give away and I'm putting a form here so you can enter the giveaway. If you're wondering what's so great about GMail offering 1GB of space, well, it's not just the gigabyte of space, other email services already do that. But GMail's interface is really unique; you won't find a webmail that's so fast and optimized. Start typing an email address, and it autocompletes with the matches on your address book; no need to memorize nicknames or look in your address book all the time. If you're viewing a message and want to reply, you don't have to leave the page; just click a reply option at the bottom, and the form to compose your reply immediately appears in the same page. All the messages from a conversation are grouped together, reply after reply, and you can quickly open any of the previous messages in the same page. It's hard to describe; you have to see it. GMail's interface is so incredibly great, that I feel it will set the standard for wemails to come. Enter your name here and you may see it for yourself soon [Leandro]

New Art and New Section And I'll announce the new section first, which is Character Biographies. Yes, we're finally got some profiles for the main and major supporting cast, which are Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, Nibbler, Zapp and Kif, and hopfeully soon Mom will be there too. Only really Zapp's and Kif's are properly completed, but we thought we'd launch the section early with some half-assed, to-be-updated bios of the other characters too. So check them out.

The Fan Art is actually mine again, this time being Bender in his Final Fantasy X garb as Auron, as I promised the other day. Just click on the picture above to go to my page and see it, and if you missed her, Morgan as Lulu is there too. Next should be Fry as Tidus. Stay tuned tomorrow, because if I don't have it then, I should have the first part of a new story from some people. Yes, you read that right. Let's just say that there's more Matrix style sequels on their way. Later

August 26, 2004

Seems that Mom's facelift has gone too far! Hmmm... today I have some interesting works for our Fan Art section that come from Alenacat. One reason why these works are interesting is that one of the pictures shows Mom quite a bit younger than you'd expect her to be seen, especially since she's on the Bending Unit delivery line. Steady on there, boys! Alenacat's other pictures are: Amy, Leela, Fry and Zoidberg as merpeople; the Leela and Fry otters seen in the episode Parasites Lost sleeping in a pet basket; and Leela and Fry as Queen and Soldier, which was apparently inspired by a song by Suzanne Vega. All pictures are hand-drawn and coloured in. Anyway, as you will surely agree, these works are definitely in the interesting category.

BTW, if you really want to send hate mail about the domain name to me, feel free to do so. I mean, Leandro is being a tad greedy in hogging all the hate for himself. Feed me with hate... come on, you know you want to.

New art, new wallpaper, and new domain! Well, it's a time of changes in the Futurama Communist Front! Henceforth we shall be called Zapp Brannigan's Pleasure Paradise, featuring exclusive images of sexy aliens in minimal clothing. Just look at that new Wallpaper by Pawell Galuzin at the right, Leela is already terrified at the thought! Or maybe it's because, after four plus years, the site no longer has her name in the primary URL. That's right folks, if you look at your browser's address bar you'll see that www.futurama-madhouse.com.ar is the site's new primary domain, in what we hope will be the final way to avoid more "Do you take non-Leela content?" questions. Yep, we still get those, even after the multicharacter layout and having Futurama Madhouse at the top! So we're going drastic. All hate mail about this change should be sent to me and me alone. I'll reply and forward the rational ones. If you don't like this address because you think it's too long or something, no problem! There's a bunch of aliases you can pick from: www.leela.com.ar, www.leelazone.com.ar, www.futuramad.com.ar, www.futuramadhouse.com.ar, www.futuramamadhouse.com.ar, www.futuramalove.com.ar, www.planetroadmap.com.ar, www.slurm4us.com.ar, www.thehipjoint.com.ar, www.treehouse.com.ar, www.thenimbus.com.ar, they all work and they all point here. Just pick what you want and enjoy.

To the left you can see the new piece of Fan Art by FemJesse, a coloured version of her latest drawing, "The Proposal". Top quality as always And there are also fourteen, you read that right, fourteen new pics by Pawell Galuzin from Something About Leela. Lots of characters in these, so make sure to browse them! Fry, Amy, Leela, Farnsworth, Zoidberg and even some Mars U student are featured in this multicharacter display of goodness. Check 'em out! [Leandro]

August 25, 2004

Angelic Upstarts! Well, ELF has been busy creating stuff for you all to view. She's come up with three pictures for our Fan Art section and the first part of a fiction. Starting with the artwork, she's come up with three hand-drawn images that she sketched some time ago. I'll let her eplain them with my customary trick of copying and pasting from the email sent due to my own laziness to come up with my own words: "The first one's a picture of Fry as an angel trying to save Leela from the 'Devil of Sex (that's Zapp if you haven't guessed yet )' and it turns out it's all a dream to Fry. The second and third ones are of Fry (yet again as an angel) visiting Leela [...] I was going to do a picture of Leela alone in bed, but before I had gotten to put it onto the computer, FemJesse had already sent it in before I did. Oh well, you can't change the past, and so, it came to me through a song called 'Total Eclipse,' you know, the song Kif sang in "Amazon Women in the Mood," so I drew Leela hugging Fry as an angel." Well, I hope that explains them better than I could. Next up is ELF's work for our Fan Fiction section, and is the proper first part of her serial fiction Simpson Express. I say proper due to the previous part being a prologue, but due to some technical issues, I felt it better to combine the prologue and the first part. So, if you think you've already read it, just scroll down a bit to find where you dropped off. Anyway, the story continues with Fry's impromptu birthday party and the presents he's about to be given. Naturally, he receives some awful presents, as we all do when it comes to Xmas or birthdays, but one present brings back some painful memories... memories that only a Farnsworth invention has any hope of calming. These works will improve your ELF. Sorry for the weak pun... must improve mysELF. Sorry... I'll stop now.

Fox Flame, Fry Files, and Final Fantasy... today's FM:TLZ update is brought to you by the letter F, and the binary number 101000110100101110001 Yes, several bits of stuff for you all today. And it all begins with another double whammy of content from Slikdude, who has both got some Fan Art and some Fan Fiction. Art isn't technically his, and has actually been drawn by his little brother who's in the third grade. The message on it is clear, and a very good one: Fox is crap! Indeed they are, so check out Slikdude's little brother's art and agree. The written work is the second part of his new story that explores Leela and Fry's relationship over time, titled The Fry Files. This one is set just after a certain episode that featured parallel universes.

The last piece of content is some art from me actually, and as show above in that tiny thumbnail, it's actually a picture of bureaucrat Morgan Proctor in some odd get-up. She's dressed up like the character of Lulu from the popular RPG game Final Fantasy X, and there should be more crossover characters to follow, since a friend of mine is going to be writing a crossover story, and upon seeing the characters from the game, I couldn't resist offering to draw them. So, yeah... that's the first. It'll be Bender as Auron next hopefully. Later

August 24, 2004

No such thing as out of Bender's reach! As you can see in this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Daran Carlin-Weber, Bender certainly has a long reach. Now, usually that long reach would be put to use for stealing items from shops and liquor stores, snatching purses, tapping someone on the back of their head without getting seen, saving cats from tall trees for extortionate fees, etc. However, it seems that Bender's long reach also has another use: throttling Fry from a distance. It seems from this picture that Fry did something to annoy Bender, so instead of chasing the fleeing Fry, Bender just reaches out and grabs him. Ouch! Yet, and this is the thing, Fry comes back for more and more abuse from Bender. Sure is a sucker. Then again, even if Fry didn't come for more abuse, Bender could just reach and give him more. Neat picture from Daran, as always.

Bad genes - Perfect Fry! Well, the next work is actually for our Fan Fiction section and comes from Soulkid2000. This is the third part of his serial fiction Perfect Fry. The part in question is called Genepussy, which deals with what would happen if a deadly gas was let loose by some villain. Cue Perfect Agency and Fry to rescue the day... or something along those lines. Also, Soulkid2000 has come up with a promo picture for his Perfect Fry fiction work, which is the picture you can see to your left. As you will see, it shows you the episodes that have been done and those that are coming up. If you're interested in Soulkid2000's Perfect Fry series, then I suppose you'll be interested in this promo picture, too. Enjoy!

August 23, 2004

SpyOrama Monday! Today I have some stuff that's from the stable of Fryfan's SpyOrama. Firstly, let's mention that we have the next part of the SpyOrama series, JX Rise of the Jinx Revolution, for our ever-growing Fan Fiction section. In this part, not only has Agents 014 and 1BDI (Fry and Leela, respectively) been sacked by DOOP, but Ironfinger (Bender) feels he needs to join in the sack race and fire Jinx (Amy), replacing her with a stronger, viler villain. Things, however, get out of hand, requiring the services of secret agents. However, where do you find such helping hands? Now, I'm not finished here, because, as you can see, I have a work for our Fan Art section, a work that comes from Silvertide, who drew this work, while Fryfan coloured it in. Now, in order to explain this picture, I'm going to quote Fryfan below, which, as usual, is done to save me typing it myself.

'The picture features members of the evil organization, SCAM. The Society Conspiring Against Mankind, is SpyOrama's version of SPECTRE, the evil spy organization that James Bond had to deal with. SCAM is mostly Zarahordians from Zarahord 9, (read From SCAM with Hate). Zarahordians parody the Geonosians from "Attack of the Clones". Zarahordians are lazy, dependent aliens who prefer dictatorship over democracy. They are also into the latest in fashion and fads and hate anything pas-say. They are also sticklers and believe in good health and eating. Beware their evil SCAM PYRAMID STARSHIPS. SCAM does have good insurance polices, though. As Ironfinger says, "You never go wrong with a good insurance, SCAM makes."

'One might notice this picture has a familiar face, Barbados Slim from episode "Bend Her" gets a bigger part. Barbados has something different about his mouth. Barbados's platinum teeth are a reference from Jaws, (not the shark) the tall henchman with the steel razor teeth, played by Richard Kiel. Jaws was in both "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker". Barbados is also dressed as both Count Dooku and Destro from GI Joe. In fact, Silvertide used both GI Joe and Star Wars as references for Scam Commander and his men. Scam Commander is a mixture of three people; Poggle The Lesser, the Archduke of the planet Geonosis. Scam Commander is also modeled after Cobra Commander from GI Joe. And Scam Commander's personality has a little Cat from "Red Dwarf".'

Whew, that was long! Hope you're still here, though. Anyway, that surely explains the picture.

Yes, I did get the work the first time, Futurama Freak! It seems that Futurama Freak is so eager for you to see her four new pictures for our Fan Art section that she sent them four times. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but it sure does show you how eager some people can be to show off their artwork. Anyway, where would we be without such artists. Getting back to the point, though, Futurama Freak's four pictures all feature Leela, so we can safely say she's keen on her. The picture you can see shows Leela staring at the words "The Leela Zone", yes, that's us! There's another picture that features Leela happy to be next to the initials "TLZ". There's a picture enjoying the glare of a bright light. Lastly, there's a picture of Fry and April (Futurama Freak's made up character) kissing each other. [Thanks goes to Charlie Folkdance for correcting a mistake I made about the Fry and April picture, because I mistakenly said it was Fry and Leela... the two eyes give it away] Well, seeing that Futurama Freak sent these four times, I suppose you better go and see her work four times, too. Chop! Chop!

Lastly, can I thank both Mitch and Smiley for informing me that Kim, who was in a picture done by Fry's Lady (see yesterday's update), is some Disney creation who happens to star in a show called Kim Impossible. Apparently, she's sort of like Leela in a few ways, so that would explain Fry's Lady's picture. I'm not a fan of Disney, so it's not surprising that I didn't know about Kim. At least that's my excuse.

That's not a knife, this is knife. Or as they say in Australia "knooife". Well at least Mick "Crocodile" Dundee does, and we all know he's the embodiment of everything Australian, right? Him, barbecue and Fosters. Just kidding ofcourse, so hold off the flaming emails. And that concludes the end of the Australians egment of this update, because this new Fan Art doesn't come from Australia, it comes from Russia and more precisely Pawell Galuzin (you all remember him, right?). And the machete is more closely connected with South America than Australia. And the picture is taken from Mars not Australia, so you see nothing Australain about this update at all. The other 6 pictures from Pawell have nothing to do with Australia either, so I don't know how you got the impression this update had anything to do with Asutralia, you must be hallucinating. The other 6 pictures are: Amy in her gym suit, Amy and Leela on the floor, Leela cheering for Fry, Leela smelling Zoidberg, Leela, Fry and Farnsworth in a tree (k-i-s-s-i-stop that! ) and finally Leela looking mighty impulsive. This brings Pawell's total up to exactly 50 pictures. Well done, Pawell.

Who needs a knife, when you have ... a gun! Even when you are some kind of Homo Canis (that's man dog, for those who don't speak Latin, and let's face it, how many Romans are left in our moderne world.) a gun is handier than a knife. Yes, it looks like Spacedal11 is back with new pictures of the Planet Express crew as canines. Last time it was dogs looking like the PE crew, this time it's the PE crew looking like dogs (you'll understand the difference when you see it) and we have Amy, Farnsworth, Fry, Leela and Hermes drawn that way. There's also two picture of dogs looking like Fry and Leela (complete with jacket and tank top) and finally a Leela/dog/devil hybrid. They can all be found in the Fan Art section. Enjoy. [Teral]

August 22, 2004

Where's the smell of fear! OK, I've got three goodies for today to show off at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. I'll start with our Fan Art section with a picture that comes from Fry's Lady. The picture features Leela and Kim (whoever that is... I was probably sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper when that character showed up ), who are apparently looking for Fry and Amy. Leela has a gun, which seems to me, considering what Fry and Amy are doing, is to be used in order to satisfy her jealousy. Why Kim is with her is anyone's guess, but I suppose she had nothing to do, deciding to help in reducing the Futurama characters. Maybe she wants to take Amy's role in the show. Maybe I should continue with this update and go to the next contributor. Maybe, before I do that, you give this picture a good viewing, though.

Gothic Futurama: Paint it Black! I've got an email from Smiley recently that contained some good work for our site. Now, as you'll suspect, the work goes to our Uses for a Hacker section, and you wouldn't be wrong in your suspicions. These Uses, however, contain some Goth-type work, so all you fans of Marilyn Manson/The Cure/whatever will be able to break from your morbid visions of life and enjoy some morbid visions of hacker abuse instead. Well, today's Uses are: Brain Slug Searchers; Bird Breeder; Cupid Water Fountain; Spitting Angel Fountain; Rabies Vaccine Tester; Bookmark; Omicronian Spacecraft Air Freshener. There, so there's plenty of carnage for everyone, including Goths.

Kif trudges on with life... Poor Kif Kroker, life seems to sit heavily on his shoulders. Then again, he does have Amy to make the burden of life that much lighter. Hmmm... actually, I hate the Kif/Amy relationship, so now I'm in a foul mood. *five minutes later* OK, I'm back and calmer. Anyway, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. This is part three of his current serial fiction that's called The Sorrow of Being Kif Kroker. In this part, Kif tries his hand at other jobs, while Zapp Brannigan tries out new personal slaves. Yeah, there's that Amy/Kif thing there, too. Grrr!

August 21, 2004

Don't laugh, it could happen to YOU! It seems that someone is a fan of the Constanza Falcon stuff. Not only that, but that someone has decided to inflict this condition upon Futurama characters. As you can see with Bender, he's been turned into some sort of stick insect robot. This can't be too good for his health. Anyway, this work, and eleven others, are featured in Ooy's page in our Fan Art section. Ooy's also made another Costanza Falcon-type picture featuring Leela and Fry, too, so it's not just Bender who's suffering. However, he's also supplied ten other hand-drawn images of the Futurama crew, which don't involve them suffering from stickitis, so there's no need to feel guilty that you're watching our favourite crew suffering when they have to eat an apple, orange, pea, etc. Well, there's a lot to see, so enjoy Ooy's latest stuff.

Well, some more crap's just arrived... Next up, I have a picture for our Crap Art section that comes from someone new to artwork, Soulkid2000. Now, as you will see when you view this image, there's only one direction that Soulkid2000 can go after this image he's sent: up. It's fair to say that this crap work is the absolute rock bottom, and that the only encouraging thing to say about it is that things will surely improve. Anyway, Soulkid2000 has also requested for me to tell you that this picture is the start of the Perfect Fry Limited Collector's Edition, which is stuff you can collect that has something to do with his fiction Perfect Fry (don't ask me, it's his idea...). Let's hope that things improve on that front. Kudos, though, goes to Soulkid2000 for making such a terrible work and being brave enough to take the stick (no, not Costanza Falcon!) that'll be coming his way. Look out for more Perfect Fry Limited Collector's Edition stuff. I do mean look out! Don't step in it.

Bod Save the Qween! If anyone was around in the UK in the eighties, they'd know what Bod was. Don't worry, Bod wasn't anything that was interesting, and it would be better if you didn't bother to find out what it was. Anyway, carrying on, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Nick Maniakc. This is part two of his current fiction work, A New Friend. In this part, the crew, with new guy Nick, face the wrath of the Slurm Queen. Then some other stuff happens. And some more stuff... and stuff. To know what stuff I'm referring to, then go ahead and read it.

August 20, 2004

NO! Down! Bad boy, bad .... eh ... I think it's a dog .. somehow... Why is it you can never find a rolled up newspaper (Sunday edition) when you need it? Because when a weird crustacean-dog hybrid jumps you, craving for attention, that's what you'll need. I mean who knows what disgusting things such a creatury have been eating? And now it want to lick your face. Not on my shift, laddie. ... NO! I said down! Down! Bad dog-like thingy-ma-bob. ... Okay, those 3 quick jabs over the nose should give me enough time to reveal who's responsible for putting this in our Fan Art section. Spacedal11 is the artist behind this unusual concept of drawing the Planet Express crew as canines. Apart from the Zoidberg-dog in the thumbnail we have Fry, Leela, Bender, Hermes, Farnsworth, Amy, Drew and Scruffy. Drew is a character Spacedal11 made up for a story she's writing. ... I said no! Stop chewing my socks! Stop eating my kitchen utensils! Well, enjoy Spacedal11's picture, while I go wrestle my last clean socks out of the claws of this crabdog. Bad dog!

For the last time, Amy: give me the remote control, I want to watch Blernsday Night Blernsball! Never! Well, we know the girls differ on some issues, and most likely the choice of tv program. Though Amy may have the will of a warrior, she lacks the physical strength to back it up, so we all know who will win that catfight, don't we? In the end they'll probably watch something they both like, All My Circuits, Everybody Loves Hypnotoad or something similar. More Fan Art and this time it come from Pawell Galuzin, prolific Fan Art producer and webmaster of Something About Leela. The 7 new pictures show a big selection of scenes (but not so much characters, hey his site is called "Something About Leela" for a reason ) There's Amy all shreded up, Leela in her FAO uniform, Leela in a Bendercart, Leela with a blowtorch, Leela in a robot costume and finale some cute Mars U student.

All is well that ends well. And finally rounding of this Fan Art heavy update is this picture from Otis P. Jivefunk. It shows fry, Leela and Bender walking off into the sunset, with the heading "And they lived happily ever after...". Leela and Fry holding hands (something for the shippers) and Bender doing what he does best (something for the rest of us ). Otis say this was a bit rushed, he's not completely satisfied with it. All I can say is: if I could draw half as good as this picture, you'd never see the end of me. It's a really great picture, so go enjoy it allready. Go, go, go, go, go...

August 19, 2004

Roll up! Roll up! Two for the price of one! Come and get your slugs while they're cheap and cheerful! Seems that Hermes has become some London market store holder. Right, guvner! Selling those brain slugs would probably catch on as some fashion excessory. Yer wot? Yer 'avin' a larf! I better stop that, otherwise I'll be having Londoners after me due to my stereotyping. Then again, seeing I'm originally from south London myself, I think I have every right to stereotype those north of the river. Damn East, North and West Londoners. Anyway, now that I'm even further south than south London, I feel safer that you won't find me... so, do your worst. While you try to find me to drown me in a tub of jellied eels and welks, I'll just announce that Daran Carlin-Weber has some good stuff for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see shows Hermes under the control of a brain slug (you'd have thought he'd learnt from the first time!) offering another slug for anyone willing/stupid enough to try one. The other picture of his shows what happens when Professor Farnsworth can't carry out a controlled explosion. Bender, Fry and Leela look on at what remains of the Plaent Express building, while Farnsworth is just hanging up there grinning like a demented fool. Both are good works well worth perusing.

These should get some hearts to stop beating! The next work for our Fan Art section is bound to cause some hearts to stop in mid-beat if you're into Futurama characters taking off their clothing. Yeah, I've got some smut for you lot out there who seem to enjoy the flesh of non-fleshy drawings. Actually, the two works come from Captain Default, and rather than just do these drawings purely for lust, he's actually parodying pictures of two actresses, Gail Porter the Carmen Electra, who happened to take their clothes off for the camera. Oh well, if they did it, then why can't Leela and Amy? Well, we have a picture of Amy parodying Carmen, while we have another picture of Leela parodying Gail Porter. Don't worry, we haven't gone all pornographic, because both pictures are quite tastefully done... so no Mary Whitehouses complaining, please.

Farnsworth fails, yet again, in trying to reduce the Planet Express wage bill! Last work for today goes to our Crap Art section and comes from Nick Maniakc. The crappy picture that he sent us so that our eyes have to suffer is actually a picture of the bomb that Fry, Leela and Bender had to plant on the ball of garbage that was heading towards Earth in order to deflect it away, which happened in the episode A Big Piece of Garbage. As many of you will know, the bomb's interface was put on upside-down by Farnsworth, so instead of giving them some minutes to escape, they had seconds. Anyway, all this doesn't excuse the point that this work is in our Crap Art section for a good reason other than it was requested to be there by the author: because it's complete and utter bollocks. Yeah, never mind the bollocks, here's some crap art! Enjoy... or not.

August 18, 2004

If it could only have been a decade earlier! Well, I've got some nice works for today coming from two contributors. I'll start with ELF, who has come up with two works, one for our Fan Art section and the other for our Crap Art section. Starting with the fan art work, it's a sketched picture of Fry and Leela enjoying their date while they were teenagers, which they turned into in the episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles. Awww... you can even see them holding hands. Talking about holding hands, you'll also see a similar thing happening in ELF's crap art page on this site, where she's completely ruined the minds of many a Shipper with a totally crap picture for this section that has a crap Leela and a crap Fry trying to hold each others' crap hands. I'd suggest viewing ELF's fan art before attempting to look at her crap art, just to ensure that the romantic moment in the fan art isn't spoilt in any way.

If you got a thousand chimpanzees on a thousand keyboards, and they weren't in a destructive mood, would they come up, in a thousand years, with some good ascii art? Hmmm... forget Shakespeare plays, for I have some Ascii Art for you that comes from the girl with the artistic home keys, Y_L_B. Looking at her work, you can see she's put a lot of work into ensuring that mere letters can be arranged into some great-looking art. Impressive. Today's five pictures are: Leela in a Leandro Scan that Y_L_B loves; Amy, hold these Bands!; Bender Go-Cart; Leela the Otter; and Officer 1BDI. As you will see, these pictures are just outstanding... and it also seems that Leandro has another fan, too. Well, enjoy Y_L_B's latest works, I know I did.

ANOTHER BIG ASS ART UPDATE!!! Yes, because once again, I'm cleaning up the Oekaki Board a little bit. It's a fairly popular addition to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone and because of that, it needs to be maintained and have content transferred to the Fan Art and Crap Art sections once and a while. All of today's art is just for the Fan Art section though. But before I go only the board submissions, I've got a piece of normal art from newcomer Slikdude12592, as pictured above. It shows Fry proposing to Leela via a computer chatroom. Not only has he got new art for you though, but also the first part of a new Fan Fiction he's titled The Fry Files. And, no, it isn't the X-Files crossover you may think, but instead a look at Fry's life and relationship with Leela.

So, moving on, I'd better list all the Fan Art that's just become available from the Oekaki Board. We have a familiar artist in Leela's Twin who has two new pieces, but the rest are newcomers. JD (Neat Bender picture shown at the left) has one picture, Ooy has one, and Raz has a couple of pieces. Their pics all sit neatly off the board now, and remember, if you'd prefer your moved drawings moved to the other art section, just contact me and say so.

Lastly, is is a piece of work from myself actually. It's the first new part of my latest Fan Fiction work, which I've titled A Past With No Future. It will be a serial fic, but I'm not going to give the plot away. The first part is supposed to do that by the end itself somewhat itself, so I'll let it do the talking... all you have to do it read. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Oh, and one final thing... apologies to artist ExTwist, who I accidentally screwed up Fan-Art wise a few days back, thinking the new piece of work was from a completely new artist. There was a mix-up of communication between Graham and I, but he fixed it up. Sorry again about that.

August 17, 2004

Watch my shiny metal ass! You have to feel for Fry, especially when his favourite programmes are being blocked by a robot's metal arse. No, that can't be too much fun, unless Bender has some TV implanted there. Best not go there, actually. Anyway, today I have three new works for our Fan Art section that comes from a new submitter called Fry's Lady. The one you can see shows Bender's arse blocking Fry's view of the television, there's also one with Fry moshing, and the last one shows Fry appreciating a certain Raven. Well, hope you enjoy Fry's Lady's work, just make sure that your robot friend's arse doesn't decide to take up all the visual space.

Fry gains a friend... so does Leela! Next up on this site, we have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new guy called Nick Maniakc. The new work is a serial fiction called A New Friend, in which, as the title suggests, Fry meets a new friend, who happens to be from the 20th century. When Fry brings this new friend back to Planet Express, Leela soon expresses her interest in him. To go and read the first part, you can click here.

August 16, 2004

Who the hell is that? Good question. Everybody, allow me to introduce to you: Drew. She is the creation of Spacedall1 and sits pretty in our Fan Art section. Drew? Who the hell is Drew you might ask, and don't worry everything will be revealed in due time. .... Okay, it's due time. Drew is the mechanic of the Planet Express ship in Sapcedal11's Fan Fiction (and a serial at that too) Midnight On A Fry-Day. In Part 1 the entire Planet Express crew attend the (annual, I guess Haunted Masquerade Feast at the St. Maryweither. The crew agree to go together to the festivities, but soon people start to wander off and Fry and Drew find themself alone. Suddenly a goth girl contct them and invite them to a party. They accept, not knowing the girl have a sinister plan for them. I won't be telling to muc by revealing it involves vampires. Wanna read? Click here.

From top of the world to top of the shelf! Firstly, I must apologise for the delays in putting up some of the works that I received, which was due to some changes that are currently going on in the background at this site. Some of the emails that were sent got sent to my spam trap, so I had to wade through thousands of spam and virus messages in order to retrieve them. Anyway, I got them all, and all is now well, so don't worry. Oh, thanks goes to Kenneth for putting up a few of the ones that were delayed the most. Hopefully the authors of the works will stop aiming those ICBMs at us now. Anyway, I've got some more delayed work to show you for today, going to both our Fan Art and our Fan Fiction sections. I'll start off with the fan art that you can see to your right, which comes from Daran Carlin-Weber. As you can see, this picture features Fry, but not the Fry you know... something is missing. See, Daran's last picture showed Fry on top of the world, prancing about as if nothing could go wrong. How wrong he was! Now, he's on top of the shelf, a head in a jar, and he certainly isn't as amused as in the last picture. My guess is that while he was showing off on top of the building, he fell and killed himself. So, rather than put a bad thing to waste, Fry's head was preserved. Charity must still exist in the 31st century. Oh well, it could be worse: Fry could be stuck onto Bender's butt by Dr Zoidberg, making biting Bender's butt something quite literal. Oh, the horror!

The Hunt for Red Leela! Well, the next work goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Fryfan. This is the sixth SpyOrama story and is titled, From Scam With Hate. In this story, Ironfinger (Bender) is captured and stuck in a robot prison. In the meantime, Agent 014 (Fry) has noticed that Agent 1BDI (Leela) has gone missing, fearing the worst due to finding that Hermes and Farnsworth are acting suspiciously about Leela's disappearance, 014 goes off to the robot prison to speak to Ironfinger. Agent 014 is told that Leela has been kidnapped by the Society Conspiring Against Mankind (SCAM), so it's up to 014 to find out what's going on and save her... with the help of Zoidberg. Don't forget Zoidberg!

Turanga Leela's rantathon... Next work comes from Mattybwoy and goes to our Fan Fiction section. This is a new serial fiction that's titled Turanga Leela's Diary, and gives you an insight into what Mattybwoy thinks would be in it. Yes, this work gives you Leela's very intimate moments of life and love... or lack of. BTW, this fiction might cause offence to sensitive people. There's nothing that bad in it, but if you're prone to complaining about adult scenes, then don't say I didn't warn you. Anyway, go and give Turanga Leela's Diary a good read, you nosy lot. Bye!

We welcome you to the 2004 Futurama Fanworks Olympiad, continuing this web site's tradition of updating excellence. Online Celebrity Ape Fight will return here in two weeks time per usual. Some brand new Fan Art for you loyal visitors out there. First of all, artist ExTwist has produced the wonderfully artistic picture shown on the right here as a tribute to our favourite show. It's a very different style I'm sure you'll all like, like real paint.

Secondly there's a picture from Andrea Huckstep featuring Bender, Leela and Dr. Drakken from the cartoon Kim Possible, who is voiced by Futurama's own John DiMaggio. Seems that the good doctor is looking a little confused between Bender and Leela there, perhaps wondering why he's in the wrong show.

And finally, we have a submission of Fan Fiction as well, in the form of Dwayne Anderson's second part of his latest new Kif-centered story, The Sorrow of Being Kif Kroker. In this part there is Monopoly games and court-martials abound. Will Kif be guilty or innocent? And does innocent mean you actually get fed to Sharkticons? To find out, click away and read... though reading the first part would be advised before doing so if you haven't.

Well, I might head off and watch the Olympics again soon. Bill Gates is apparently taking part in the 3000mb Crashathon soon, and he'll likely win considering most of his competitors are using Macs, Unix or Amiga's. Later!

August 14, 2004

What dreams are made of. Eh? It seems that dreams are getting worse. In fact, it could be said that they're becoming crap! Want proof of this? I can give you it in the form of a work for our Crap Art from a certain Leela's Twin. Apparently, this monstrosity was created due to Leela's Twin's experiences in a dream. Not content to forget about it, she decided to show it in all its crap glory. Actually, I'll paste up some of her email to me in order to make things clearer, because the picture won't help in doing that. "OK, last night I had a dream about Futurama. In it, Leela was morbidly obese, which had something to do with Zapp, and she lived in a house that looked really tiny but wasn't. She started an Italian restaraunt in her house. I came over and told her that the music in her housestraunt was creepy, and a diner said that it was in minor key or something. So I did a piece of Crap Art based off it." And didn't she do crap! Enjoy this nightmare... I mean dream.

Wake up, freaky Jean. Oh what can it mean? To a bad show believer and a showrunning queen Well, first of all, there's a brand new piece of Fan Art for you all. This is from Futurama Freak and shows Leela in her cryogenisist job as seen in the pilot episode. We all know how much things changed from there when she met Fry. It joins his other art.

And speaking of art, kudos to the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece today. Despite initially missing it due to bad time zones (5am on a Saturday morning... yeah right!) I just recently caught it, and am glad they went with a great artistic tribute to ancient Greek culture and art. Far more impressive overall than certain "showy" ceremonies from past games.

And speaking of Olympic events, here's a special treat... sister show The Simpsons' Executive Producer Al Jean and voice actor Harry Shearer taking part in the Strangle event, as drawn by artist Mattee from The Groening Fanworks Central. Why the random picture related to these two staff members from this show? Well, it seems that recently Harry Shearer was bold enough to say that he felt the last three seasons of The Simpsons were amongst the worst ever. Well, the Executive Producer of the show Al Jean didn't take to his comments kindly, and responded with the following:

I am responding to recent comments by Harry Shearer regarding the current quality of the Simpsons. In the past year and a half, our show has won every award it could possibly have won, including emmys for best animated program and voice-over actor (Hank Azaria), four Annie awards (show, writing, directing and song--a feat the Simpsons had never accomplished in the previous 13 seasons) and a writers guild award, which the show had also won never won before. Yesterday I was informed that Dan Castelleneta had won an emmy for his work in the episode "Today I Am A Clown" and we are nominated for three additional emmys (including best animated program) again this year.

All this is due to the efforts of many people who put in far more time on the show than Mr. Shearer. He complains that his parts have shrunk--the reason for that is, as showrunner, I am never sure if he will show up for the table reads for which he is so handsomely paid. More than once, in the past, I have had a show set for a Thursday read featuring Harry's characters and been told on the Wednesday before that he is not coming. Hence, I have learned not to give him too much to do in any episode. Mr. Shearer also describes how he was happier with season four of the show. Well, I ran seasons three and four (with Mike Reiss) and he didn't seem very happy to me then. I can particularly remember how he repeatedly complained to me and others about how much he disliked the episode "Homer at the Bat", which is now viewed as a classic.

I am personally offended by his comment that he feels "totally screwed" by the show financially. He is set this year to make over 5.5 million dollars for what can generously be described as a few hours work a week. When I consider how much firefighters and teachers in this country earn, Mr. Shearer's remarks make me want to throw up.

Interesting, isn't it. Seems there's a little friction within the show, and Mr. Jean thinks he's best to make snide little remarks about it to fans on message boards and hide behind (undeserved) awards to jusify his work and keep it from being criticised. I just thought some of you may appreciate it. Yeah, you go Al Jean! Keep thinking that awards make a show good and that your show is free from criticism because of it. I'd also like to add that it looks as though even in the tired state it is now, The Simpsons can continue to produce decent satire. It's just that it comes from talented fan artists and not from the production staff themselves

August 13, 2004

Fields of destruction. Baptism of fire. Somehow that line from Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms" just leaped out at me, when I tried to think of something to write about part 9 of Dave Vincent's Fan Fiction saga Background Noise. In this chapter our friends from Planet Express get their first real taste of war. On Da Nang the bugs send wave after wave of rockets at the Highlander firebases, causing massive damage, softening them up for a head-on assault. While Cantigny, the base Fry is on, take a beating, they're not the main focus. At Aberdeen Smith must take on a task he's not used to, when a rocket take out all senior officers. Meanwhile Leela and Amy's convoy must run for their life, while a hidden raider pick them of one by one, hoping to reach Maug and the relative safety of the DOOP Navy. On Asedjrad Adoy prepare for battle against the Doppelgängers. Wheeew, sounds like a lot of action, eh? And that's exactly what it is, action from start to finish. Click here to start reading.

I'll be back ... maybe. Some of you may remember a movie from the 80's called "The Running Man" starring the Governator (or Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you prefer), a pretty neat action flick. Not "Commando" league, but more in the vein of "Total Recall". But enough 80's movie trivia, we have a new Fan Fiction ready for you. This one come from Captain Default and is named The Running Manbot, and is losely based on "The Running Man". Bender is selected to be the next participant in the popular tv game show "Cheese It!", a violent show where criminal robots get a chance to win 500000 dollar in life-and-death combat with killbots. All the while Farnsworth finally pass the thin line. Zoidberg make the diagnosis (and makes Fry happy in the process ): the professor need a new brain. Enjoy, and you do can that by clicking here.

August 12, 2004

A fitting commemoration! All good things come to an end, but the way things end also should be taken into account. As many of you will know, the last Futurama episode shown, The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings, aired back in 10th August last year. To celebrate (or, more accurately, mourn) this day just over a year ago, FemJesse has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section that's fitting for such an occasion. Now, before you say that today's 12th August not the 10th, I'll just counter that FemJesse told me to put it up on this date... so ask her. To be honest, I don't know why she wanted it two days late, but who am I to complain. Actually, why complain, because you'll see that this picture is another stunning sketch from FemJesse's mighty pencil, one that shows Bender, Fry and Leela mourning the last episode of the show, a show treated cruelly by Fox and Co. Actually, I could go on a rantathon about the way Fox treated this show and the sites that helped support the programme over the years, but I'll just let FemJesse's apt work have the last word.

August 11, 2004

On your marks! Get set! LIMBO! I was speaking to Kenneth yesterday on IM, and suggested to him that Wednesday was going to be a bad day. Kenneth thought I was mad (well, he didn't say that, but I can tell he felt that due to the types of commas he was using), but decided to sympathise with me and play along with virtual nods. Anyway, it does seem that Kenneth was right and that I should go and pack my luggage and go to the local mental asylum, because Wednesday has proved to be a good day due to the fact that Beamer has come up with another one of his fantastic comics for our Fans' Comics section. However, before I head off to the tailor for a straight jacket fitting, I suppose I better introduce Beamer's latest work. It's called How Low Can They Go?, and instead of wasting any of my time writing a description, Beamer has been kind enough to make his own, which I'll type out (well, cut and paste): "After Dwight and Cubert both fail gym, Hermes enrolls them in a limbo contest. However, Hermes soon discovers that the coach is none other than his rival, Barbados Slim, and so he sets out to train Cubert and Dwight himself. Unfortunately, Dwight discovers that he does not take after his father in limbo ability at all, and the relationship between father and son only sours more when Cubert turns out to have a natural limbo talent. Just how low can Dwight go to win back his dad's attention?" There you go, some limboing action for you. Maybe if I need to escape from the asylum, limboing could well be a neat skill to acquire. Well, enjoy your Wednesday... I'm sure going to enjoy mine.

They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa.
They're coming to take me away, ho ho, he he, ha ha,
To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile
And twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!


August 10, 2004

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work! Oh, and Simpsons quote for the headline, hopefully I won't be deafened by Leandro's scream when he finds out. Anyway, instead of a democracy, why not try a Momarchy? No boring election campaigns, swearing is mandatory and getting slapped on the head the only punishment handed out by the judges. Sounds interesting, then go read Leelaholic's new serial Fan Fiction story, which is, by pure coincidence, named Momarchy. Mom plots to buy New New York and create a new city, Momopolis, in it's place. Meanwhile, after returning from a week vacation, the PE crew is shocked to find out that the Professor has died. After a reading of his will, Fry discovers that, being Farnsworth's only living relative, he inherits the company. Go here to start reading.

Wonderful news, everybody: life is great! Another submission for the Fan Fiction section come from B.B.R., and it's another serial story. This one is titled It's A Wonderful Life", and looks like it's losely based on the 1946 classic "It's A Wonderful Life" (but that's just a hunch ) starring James Steward and Donna Reed. When Fry thinks Farnsworth have died he feel his entire world falling apart and wish he'd never been born. God have nothing better to do, so he palys along. Click here to start reading.

Uses for a Moonie... pass! As you probably have gathered, I have some stuff from Smiley for his Uses for a Hacker section that resides on this site. Yes, it also includes the missing Use 616. Let's see the roll call for today: Moonies; Fairy Oddparent Trainee; Vicky's Blind Date From Hell; Cosmo and Wanda Screw Ups; Veronica Lodge's Gigilo; Zombie Theatre (Use 616). As you can see, there are some interesting and strange uses. However, what use can there be for Moonies? I suppose you'll just have to see for yourself.

Oh, if you haven't already, do what Kenneth has suggested: boycott Fanfiction.net. They're complete idiots for cutting off their nose to spite their face. I mean, taking down fiction work because it's in script form. How petty and anal. It's their right to do so, but it's your right to tell them where to go... in script form or not.

August 9, 2004

Rejecting the spotlight! Just sometimes you don't want to be in the spotlight. Sometimes, you feel too down to want some shining light hitting your eyes (or eye), and especially a light being shone by a happy fool pretending that you're in the theatre or something. Then again, it's worse if you're recovering from a hangover. Not that Leela is doing that. Then again, maybe she's a secret drinker. Anyway, let's shine a light on what I'm going on about, because it has something to do with a new work for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. In this picture, we have Leela demanding that Fry turns away a light he's shining at her. Now, she's seeming quite insistent, which makes me wonder if she's recovering from a bender the night before. No, not that bender... nor the other sort. Anyway, go give Futurama Freak's picture a view. Lighten up your lives.

Tending to Zapp's needs causes space rift! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. This time, it's the first part of a new serial fiction of his that's titled The Sorrow of Being Kif Kroker. This sorrowful tale has poor Kif forcefully having to tend to Zapp's "needs" (no... it doesn't include that kind of need), despite the fact that he's meant to be on a date with Amy at Elzar's. Fearing that Amy will be stood up, and getting fed up with being Zapp's dog's body, he decides to leave his post to try to salvage the date. However, his being AWOL doesn't impress Zapp Brannigan, which spells trouble for the depressed amphibian-like lieutenant.

August 8, 2004

When you have friends like Bender, who needs enemies! Ah, I have something a bit different for today. Yeah, normally we get stuff for our Fan Art (more of which will be shown below) or fan fictions sections, which is all well and good, but sometimes you just want to display a work for some of our more neglected sections, like our Fans' Comics section. Yes, but help is at hand, because DZ has been kind enough to make a comic for this section that's quite a chortle. It's called Evil Brain 6.66a, and has both Fry and Bender under interrogation by the police. Judging from the look of Fry, he's taking it quite badly. So, what can be done to save our hapless duo from injustice... or even justice? Will Bender save the day? Or will they be imprisoned for a very long time, fearing to pick up the soap? Find out by reading DZ's contribution to this site.

Don't get too excited... strategically placed petals can lower the expectations! Yeah, if you look at this thumbnail for a new picture that's in our Fan Art section, you'll think that it's a Leela nude. I mean, the picture is quite small, so it's hard to tell what's what. However, although Leela is actually nude in this picture, some rose petals have been kind enough to save her from blushing by stategically placing themselves over the private bits. So, that spoils some peoples' fun. This seductive picture is done by Alexander A Andreev, and was created with coloured pencils. Artistically, it's not a bad piece of work. Leela looks quite muscle-bound, but you'd expect that from a born fighter. Enjoy this neat picture by Alexander. Stop cursing the petals!

August 7, 2004

Once again, here's Leela's Twin continuing her tradition of making art smaller than the thumbnail that shows it... I'm not kidding either, as the latest piece of Fan Art we have here from Leela's Twin really is smaller than the thumbnail that displays it. It's tiny. And for those wondering what it is exactly, apparently it's Leela (in her hospital gown from The Sting, because is was apparently easier to draw according to the artist herself) as an Aisha, which is something from the virtual pet website, Neopets.com. She also promises some more hand drawn pictures soon. Also, apologies to you Leela's Twin for me getting this art up late. I only just recently recovered from a nasty flu though.

And speaking of nasty, I have a bone to pick with a certain site. Seems that global fan fiction site FanFiction.net had decided to strike out at all their stories in script format and remove them from the site. I have been hit by this, as have a few others from what I've seen at PEEL. I am thus calling for all our Fan Fiction submitters to boycott the site. Just stick to sending your stories to us, we won't turn your stories away just because they aren't in prose format. I am personally going to no longer send anything to FF.net and I suggest you do the same. Fight the power! Thank you

Are you ready to rumble? Or at least ready for another massive update, we'll leave the fignting to Bender and Flexo. And why not? They love having a go at eachother. Beauty pageants, work places, heck I bet they'd even get into a fight at weddings and funerals. Oh, in case you haven't noticed yet, it's not a double Bender on the right. Anyway, I guess I should say a few words about who actually made this picture for our Fan Art section, although you could find out by pressing the thumbnail. Well, Leelaholic did, and there's another picture of an angry Bender there too.

Now you might wonder with aname like that, surely he's made a picture with Leela too, maybe for the Crap Art section. Yeah, that's it, Leelaholic made some Leela Crap Art, right? Wrong, the Crap Art from Leelaholic is of Fry, and he has a very important message for us all. Wanna hear what it is? Well, you know where to find it.

uhhm, I'm here too. Right, right, we do have a Leela entry in the Crap Art section, thanks to Futurama Freak making his "crappy" debut into the world of Crap Art. A bold endavour, so give him a warm welcome and go rate the pictures. There's the one in the thumbnail and 2 more; one of Leela and Bender, and one of Leela and Fry, the last two in black and white. Yeah, that's pretty trivial information, but I'm currently honoring the time old FM:TLZ tradition of padding my update to get below the thumbnail picture. And by tradition I mean standard procedure when we remember it and by time old I mean a few months. Well, that should do it, mission accomplished captain.

Enough pictures. Show me the stories. Show me the stories! And you shall have them. Okay, it's only one, but it come from JBERGES, author of the top-20 Fan Fiction "Perfumed By An Unseen Censor". This new story is titiled The Butterfly Effect and revolve around timetravel paradoxes. Farnsworth show the crew his latest: the Preventatron. A device that allows the person using it to travel a few minutes into the past, but there's a catch, a dangerous side-effect. He gives the Preventatron to Fry. Well, normally it wouldn't be the smartest move in the world, but who knows, maybe this'll be the exception? Who knows? You can, by clicking here.

Night Fryght! Why is it that in cartoons, when the lights go out and it's pitch black, that you can see their eyes light up? I mean, OK, when you think of an idea in some cartoons, a lightbulb lights up. Now, is it that cartoon characters have lightbulbs for brains, so that when it gets dark, their eyes light up? Anyway, today ELF has sent in a work for our Fan Art section that deals with this subject. See, as she says in her email to me, Simpsons characters' eyes light up when it gets dark (I'm sure that Futurama ones have done likewise, if I'm not mistaken - there's a scene in Fear of a Bot Planet where you see Fry and Leela's eyes light up just after they fall down the trapdoor after the trial), so she did a picture with Leela and Nibbler settling down to sleep in the bed for the night, where it's pitch black, but, unknown to Leela, Fry is lurking there. Boy, isn't he going to get a severe beating to wipe that smile off his face! ELF isn't finished with a fan art work, for she also has something for our Fan Fiction section. It's a prologue for a new fiction called Simpson Express, which looks interesting enough. I'll quote from the fic's description: "It's Fry's birthday, and the crew have planned a surprise for him on this day. Leela gives him a portrait of his family with Fry holding a Bart Simpson doll, and the professor creates the Pho-Inserter: a machine thats just like the What-If machine, except you can only ask questions that have to do with a picture. Fry asks a question, gets wanged on the head with a bowling ball, and out of nowhere, the Simpsons come to the future." See, does look interesting, especially for Simpsons fans.

Uses: Overloaded! Well, I've got a treat for all those who love Smiley's Uses for a Hacker: I've got loads and loads of them to show off to you. Smiley has been busy churning out these things in order to satisfy all your bloodlust towards computer criminals and others of that ilk. Let's see, we have: Hula Hoop; Zoidy's Club Sandwich; Egg Beater; Beer Coaster; Coney 3K Island Hot Dog Meat; Crappy Cereal Box Prize; Coffea Filters; Starbuck's Latte Master 3000; Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator; Nude Posers For Charity Calendar; Troll Under the Bridge; Serial Virus Bear; Little Miss Hacker and Red Riding Spam; Beanie Baby Reject; Strawberry Cupcake's Rejected Friend; Suction Cup Window Dollies; Kerobero's Fiancee; and X-play Intern. See, that's a lot of carnage. BTW, just in case anyone wonders, Uses 616 is still to be done... once Smiley can think of another way to hurt/maim a spammer.

August 5, 2004

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with... STOP THIEF! Nothing beats a bit of thieving... well, at least in Bender's opinion that is. If anyone can pull off some heist, it's that lovable metal rascal called Bender Bending Rodriguez. However, in this picture for our Fan Art section done by Daran Carlin-Weber, it seems that Bender has been caught in the act, which could mean a near future with a lack of thieving due to his confinement in jail (or its robot equivalent). Oh well, with crime comes punishment, especially if caught. Daran has also produced another picture for the same section on this site that features Fry feeling on top of the world. Looking at the picture, it indeed looks like Fry is literally on top of the world as well as being happy. So, Bender's off to jail, Fry's extremely happy... and they're best friends. Smacks of a love-hate relationship?

Alien rescue! Next up on this damn humid day in southern England comes a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Soulkid2000. Yes, this is the part two of his latest fiction work, that goes under the name Perfect Fry. In this part, we have Fry being sent on his first proper mission for the Perfect Agency, one that involves saving an alien from the hands of rogue elements in the FBI. Seems dangerous.

August 4, 2004

Friendly fire! Oh the dangers of playing with firearms. Welcome two pictures for our Fan Art section that come from the hands of Futurama Freak. The picture you can see is actually an animated GIF file that shows Leela posing with her gun, then showing off by firing it, and then realising what can happen when one isn't paying that much attention about the direction that the gun is fired. The other picture is a pencil sketch that features Fry serenading Leela with his trusty holophonor. The image the holophonor creates shows Fry and Leela kissing, which seems to have wooed Leela's heart. So, go and take a look at an animation of Leela mishandling a gun, and then with her settling down with Fry for a romantic night. Talk about a busy schedule.

‘tis but a doodle, punk style. Good ol’ insomnia, always strike when you have to be at work early and really can’t afford losing 3 or 4 hours of sleep. But that’s my probem I guess, on the positive site I might as well use my time for something meaningful, like uploading the latest batch of new Fan Art (sure beats lying in bed doing nothing). First up is 2 new pictures from Chudney. The one showed in the thumbnail, is “an odd little drawing of Leela and Fry doodled in a notebook” as Chudney puts it and show Fry and Leela in punky clothes (there might be another word for it than punky clothes, but it’ll do for now ). Pretty cool doodle, if I could doodle half as good as Chudney, you’d never hear the end of it. The second picture from chudney show an artnouveau-ish picture of Leela having what looks like a bad hair day.

But that’s not all from Chudney. If you go to the Wallpaper section you’ll find a brand new wallpaper called Tunnels. Enjoy.

This concept of fanart confuses and infuriates me! Now what happened to the feisty, tall cyclops and her big boots? Next we have Mike Wilkins with 7 new submissions for the Fan Art section, showing a wide variety of Futurama heads. (not head-in-jars, just heads as seen in the thumbnail) Apart from Lrrr, we have Kif, Bender, Robot Santa, the Zapper, Fry and Morbo. Fry doesn’t look too happy, maybe something to with being caught between Lrrr and Morbo. Kif looks mildly happy, as far away from the Zapper as possible. Okay, that was the insomnia talking again, I’ll better make another attempt for a little sleep. You enjoy the new art in the meantime.

August 3, 2004

Leela and pacifism don't mix! Seems that some of Leela's fans have this big gun fixation. With the amount of weaponry that Leela's had over the years at the hands of her fans, she'd be a one-woman army capable of taking on any small country by herself. I feel sorry for Luxembourg, Faeroe Islands and Belize. Anyway, the picture to your right comes from Alexander A Andreev, and it goes into our Fan Art section. As you can see, it features Leela stalking city with some really big automatic gun. I'm sure that the NRA will be quite happy to see Leela carrying out her Constitutional right bear arms. I'm sure that her enemies won't be that impressed. I'm also sure that those who live in the city won't be too pleased either. But, still, Leela has her big gun, and you'll find it hard to argue about that.

Painting by letters and numbers! I suspect that some of you have already guessed what I have next to show off. Welcome some more ascii art that comes from the good text editor of Y_L_B. For today, she's been kind enough to send us these works: Al Gore; Amy Tie Dye; Jewish Kid Gang Leader; Leela Awesome; Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate. That now brings her total to twenty works, which is quite impressive. So, go and give Y_L_B's work a look, you'll be lost for words. BTW, if anyone else has some ascii art that they want to show off on this site, then please send them this way.

August 2, 2004

A wedding proposal? Better tell the werewolves about this! Here's a new pic by the One and Only FemJesse! This one shows Fry proposing to Leela... for a marriage that hopefully will last more than one commercial break! Here's to the happy couple! Umm, and I think I'll have some more... *hic* A litleez moore wouldn't not hurrrt... GAK! That was coffee! Anyway, now that I'm awake again, it's time to call the vampires and werewolves from planet Vania and see if they're able to attend. What? You don't remember planet Vania from an episode? Nah, it's not in a comic either. It's from the Futurama Fan Game that a bunch of fans are putting together, uh, together! It's called FryScape: Episode I and it's looking for cool fans (without the wind) to help them with the graphics, music, sounds and stuff. Take a lookie at the FryScape: Episode I page we put together here at the Zone to keep you informed on what happens with this project, that's lookin' very neat. As I said to a fellow webmaster earlier: if a Futurama game can make you laugh, it's halfway there... and even in prebeta alphas, FryScape made me laugh a lot! Oh, and by the way, I fixed the Puzzles. Sorry it took so long, I forgot that the last layout change broke them. It's all unbroke now! [Leandro]

I interrupt the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray to bring you this... Oh well, I suppose I'll have to break myself from Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat to make this update for Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. I have a new artist for our site who goes under the name of Dead Girl's Poem (sounds like some song the Velvet Underground would create), who has created a work for our Fan Art section (yeah, that's right). The picture features Amy in her usual pink attire, albeit without her legs. Well, seeing that this work took six hours to produce, according to Dead Girl's Poem, I suppose that should be incentive enough to give it a visit. Now, back to the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray.

Oh no I can't, because I've got anOther thing to write about! Not that I'm complaining, though, because it's another part of Rye Guy's fan fiction that goes under the title of The Other. In this part, the crew, including Skyler, are back at Planet Express, only to face an angry professor and a bureaucrat moaning about their prolonged absence. Not only that, but their Fry is missing. Things do need sorting out, and fast.

Well, now I can get back to listening to my music. Damn telephone...

August 1, 2004

This burger is amazing, Bender. What's in it? There are good questions, then there are stupid questions (yes, they do exist, despite what you're teacher tells you) and finally there are the type of questions you really don't want to hear the answer to. Asking for the contents of a Bender burger, after you're half-done eating it, definitely belongs in the third category. Then again after you find the first hairball you might be able to put two and two together, without any help from the chef.

This picture and 8 more can be found in our Fan Art section, and they come courtesy of Pawell Galuzin, webmaster of Russian site Something About Leela. The other 8 are: 2 of Leela as Lee Lemon, Fry and Leela celebrating the "victory" in "When Aliens Attack", Leela as a pizza delivering girl, Leela looking scared of something, Nibbler stealing a burger (and Amy bikini top) and finally Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Zoidberg skipping along the Martin Luther King Boulevard (formerly Yellow Brick Road). Enjoy, I am outta here.

Now there's depth to Bender's character! Ah, now this is a nice piece of fan art for Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone to start the month of August with. Not only that, it comes from a new contributor, who goes under the name Ricardo, so that's yet another reason to cheer. Anyway, the picture is actually a 3D rendering of Bender, which, according to Ricardo, was created using Blender, a program that creates 3D imaging, which, looking at its name, is the tool to create 3D Benders with. Well, it seems that Bender is now able to also drink 3D beers, too, which should be way stronger. Anyway, go and enjoy Ricardo's first work for our site. Hope there's more to come, too.

When Kramer Met Luigi! Next, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Soulkid2000. This is the first part of a new series that's titled Perfect Fry. The story starts with Fry playing Perfect Dark on his N64, and gets a call from a certain character called Brett. Now, Brett is a member of Perfect Agency, a group dedicated to making Earth that much better, and wants Fry to join up to the cause. Expect to find some Simpsons, Nintendo and Seinfeld characters in this story. Yeah, that's what I said.