August 2003

August 31, 2003

Back to the future! Today I have a neat picture for our Fan Art section that comes from the mighty hand of FemJesse. She's come up with an idea for Fux's Pitch-O-Rama scam (more about that below and in Kenneth's update below this one), an idea that could well save Futurama. Welcome to FemJesse's picture of Fry, Leela and Bender starring in Doomsville. This is a show where a delivery boy finds himself frozen in a cryogenic tube for a thousand years. He awakes on New Year's Eve in the year 2999, where he finds himself in a strange world full of suicidal robots, one-eyed "aliens" who are also lost, inventive relatives and rich Martians. Sounds familiar? Of course it does. One of the original titles for Futurama was actually Doomsville. To be honest, I actually prefer that title, but it's the show that counts in the end.

Talking about Fux's Pitch-O-Rama, Chris Hayes has emailed me to say that the Pitch-O-Rama is a scam. If you look in the small print, you'll find that you have to relinquish any claims for any ideas that they use from you. Neat trick. However, to be honest, this isn't too new. Such similar things in the past always come with this condition attached. If you want to make money off of Fux, or other production companies, you really have to get into the industry (with those damn agents, etc), where you'll be able to be in a better position to make and demand money. Still, Chris is right to point this out. Anyway, on principle, I'd suggest not dealing with Fux, considering the way they treated the fans of Futurama, money or no money. Chris sent them an email of complaint, which deals with the matter just mentioned plus a further complaint about the dropping of Futurama. All power to your keyboard.

Clip show! Don't go, I have more stuff! Dwayne Anderson is back in business with a new work for our Fan Fiction section. He's come up with part one of Memories of Futurama, which is a fic that has Fry and Leela hosting a show bringing us the best bits of Futurama. Where do you start? Anyway, to go directly to the fic, click here. There, all done. Enjoy!

August 30, 2003

*Gasp* Oh, it's just a flying saucer...... As well as a new Graphic Guide for you all. Spanish Fry is the subject of this one, the episode where Fry loses his nose after being abducted. And for all you Bender fans, yes... I've got all his "Wooooooo!!" quotes in there too
And... yeah, that's about it. Oh, and for those who don't know, those bastards known as Fox are having some pitch-your-animated-show contest called... insultingly enough... Pitch-o-rama!!!
They sure know how to kick us when we're done, huh?
Oh well, until next weekend... Later!

In the future, you'll all become worm food! I used to love the game called Worms. It was quite a novel idea for a game, with its mix of cute cartoon imagery and savage onscreen brutality - talk about Jeckyll and Hyde! Well, Mattybwoy has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section of our crew as a platoon of worms. This type of picture was done before by another, but in a less threatening and cute manner. Mattybwoy's creations, however, you wouldn't allow to visit your granny on a Sunday! He's done six other pictures, so let's mention them now: Murdoch getting attacked by a swarm of s; Murdoch getting seriously hurt in a disturbing way (seems that Mattybwoy is making a point or something here ); two pictures based on the fics "The Last Shot" and "The Fry-borg"; Leela dressed only in a towel; and a very British Leela. Well, Mattybwoy has come up with colourful, cute and disturbing at the same time. What next?

Wasted journey! Next up I have a work that goes into our Fan Fiction section, that comes from Nasteve. He's come up with a new serial fiction titled Good Delivery to Die, in which the first part tells the story of the crew being sent to Compost 9, a planet that's basically a giant farm. While there, they get stranded on the planet's surface, and it's then that strange things start to happen. To go directly to this fic, click here. Enjoy!

August 29, 2003

Please, please hate me! That's right, it's Hate Graham Day today. I've declared 29th August to be the day when I should be hunted down and given a good . Come on, you know you want to do it. Why? Well, I've been, on a near-daily basis, bugging you all with my inane ramblings. I can hear you saying - like now - "why don't you shut up!" But do I shut up? Nope. Anyway, to celebrate this day, Andrea Huckstep has come up with this neat picture for the day, which sits nicely in our Fan Art section. It's a picture of Leela expressing her hate for me and this site. Mind you, she can't hate me too much, seeing that she's taking that damn rat Nibbler with her. It must be a trick! So, if you feel like hating me, why not join in and send your hate-mail. I feel like Peter Cook's character in Bedazzled (no, not that crappy remake with Liz Hurley), where Dudley Moore's character wants to be a singer that's loved, so Peter Cook, as the Devil, competes with Moore's singer and becomes a singer that wants to be hated... and gets the attention. Weeeee! Andrea's second picture shows Slippy Toad going to Leela in a tearful state, because he's been kicked in the head by Ness while trampolining. I wonder if he was aiming at me. Hmmm... I've been asked by Andrea to do this, so I will... even if I'm hated. Her last picture that Leo put up on 24th August needs some describing, so I'll do that. It shows Zoidberg explaining to Krystal that she's pregnant, while a shocked Fox McCloud and a pleased Leela look on. Bah, too much attention to them... I just want to be hated! Grrr!

Alien Signs: The Complete. The subject says it all (all in the subject of the subject, not all in the subject of all... ). Translations of Alien Signs for the 5th season are available (9 signs to be exact, coming from 5 episodes), so you can finally check what's that mysterious writing on the two obelisks on Nibbler's home planet. Those signs have changed from "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid", and better see for yourself what kind of ancient knowledge the Nibblonians secured for future generations.
Btw., the quality of the grabs isn't good. That'll of course change when the 4acv production block is released on DVD. [Sebastian]

I'll go get some more bricks. Not for anything particular though. It's just convenient to have them within arms reach, you never know when you're visited by annoying salesmen, in-laws or FOX execs.

Anyway, Impossible is the one to thank for this great contribution to our wallpaper section, taken from one of my favorite episodes "The Problem With Popplers". Impossible has made a second wallpaper as well, this one show Leela in "Put Your Head On My Shoulder", sitting alone at a table at Elzar's.

Finally there's a new picture by Impossible in her gallery, in the fanart section, showing Fry trying to put her moves on Leela in "Time Keeps On Slipping".

It's Xmas, run for cover! If you ever needed an excuse to refurbish your desktop, then step right up. Because there's another two, brandnew wallpapers waiting for you. These come courtesy of Mercapto. The first one show Fry and Leela just narrowly dodging one of Robot Santa's TOW-missiles. Then again they should know better than trying to reason with that maniac. The second one is a bit more touching, it show Bender hugging a box of newly delivered Benderbrau, with Leela and Fry around him.

August 28, 2003

OK, who let THEM in? I have two pictures for our Fan Art section that are from the hand of Sebastian Mrozik. The picture to your right shows Fry and Leela having to put up with their space being invaded by that yellow family called The Simpsons (put down that gun, Leo! ). The other picture also features a member of the Simpsons, Bart, who is hoverboarding alongside Fry, who is also on a hoverboard himself. Both pictures are hand-drawn and are quite nice, too.

Fry from the heart! Next up is a work for our Poem & Song Parodies section that comes from FemJesse. She's come up with a poem called Unheard, which deals with the way that Fry feels about Leela and her rejections of him, and his wish that she'd finally see the real person inside him. Thoughtful and emotional poem, it has to be said.

August 27, 2003

Baby shower! Two special contributors' works are up for grabs today at The Leela Zone. Mattybwoy has come up with seven new pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see shows Fry and Leela being swamped by babies from other shows. His other works on display are: a row of identical Leelas; Fry peeking at Leela having a bath; psychedelic dancing Leela; Tony Blair's harassment goes beyond the UK; a picture of Fry, Leela and Bender with a colourful background; and a picture of Leeala and Fry being caught doing something personal. Well, as usual, Mattybwoy has added some colour to this site.

The hunt goes on! The second contributor for today is our very own Kenneth White, who has come up with part fourteen of his mammoth written work, Futurama: Universe of Malice. His latest part for our Fan Fiction section has the crew trying to pick up the pieces after the deaths of Bender and Scruffy. However, they need to find a way out of their current predicament: enslavement. In the meantime, a strange force is going around gathering all the important gems... too quick for the eye! Well, this part is quite long, but it certainly adds more weight to the story. Enjoy!

August 26, 2003

I have ridden the mighty SobigF Worm! Just one last quip about that damn nuisance: why the h*** do people go about making these things? What do they accomplish? Other than pissing of people, ofcourse. I lost count of how many of those bastard worms that found it's way to my inbox after the first 250. But that's about the only nuissance there is, since my firewall and anti-virus program provides adequate protection.

Well, onto more happy stuff. Burried deep under a big pile of SobigF, I found 2 new submissions for The Leela Zone. First we have Lee Roberts who have send us two new pictures for our fanart section. The thumnail show Leela, either reacting to a stupid remark from Fry (again ) or whiping sweat of her forehead after a hard days work (I bet she's been deleting worms too ). The second scan is from "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", and show Leela on stage with Calculons ears.

Want a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach? Then step right up to the stand, where we hand out part 7 of Missy's fanfiction Delicious Surprise. Lying in bed, with his arms around a peacefully sleeping Leela, it's Fry's turn to think back. He takes us back to Valentines Day 3003, one of the most significant days in Fry's life; the day he asked Leela to marry him. But first he have to get her a ring, and that's easier said than done when you're poor like Fry. Something for all to enjoy, so click right here to go directly to this chapter.

August 25, 2003

This picture comes from the Land Where Time Forgot! It was in July that a new artist called Blackhawk sent in a picture to our Fan Art section, which you can see to your right. Due to some mix-up, I only got to see this picture yesterday, so am now putting wrongs to right, and publishing it for all to see. Anyway, his hand-drawn picture shows a tough-looking Captain Turanga Leela, seemingly ready for action. Maybe she's off to deal with Sobig, the latest threat to humanity and the Universe. Ah, maybe not, considering Leo's update below. Anyway, she's off to do battle of some kind, so wish her luck. Good work, Blackhawk. Sorry for the mix-up.

Aquatic love! Next up, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Jesse Barboza. This is another of his unique underwater pictures that feature Fry and Leela. I'll let him explain what's the story behind the picture: "Fry and Leela have gone to the New New York City Aquarium on a date. Evidently, this Leela is the more impulsive version we saw in 'Anthology of Interest 1', because she dives into one of the fish tanks and writes a special love message on the glass underwater in lipstick (which she just so happens to have)." I just have to say that this picture is not only damn cute, it's really a great sketch that shows off Jesse's artistry. Certainly not a sinking feeling to be had.

Lastly, I set a "competition" yesterday asking who sang the song "Backass", whose title I used as yesterday's subject heading. The winner is Mattybwoy, who came up with the correct answer: Butthole Surfers. They were a great group from the eighties and nineties who came up with some unique and varied music ... probably while doped up or something.

Is the worm really SoBig? The master blaster of cyber-terrorists strikes back! Yep, that's right, Smiley from Uses for a Hacker fame has created two pieces of Fan Art for us! The first one, very on-topic with our off-topic of the bloody annoying SoBig Internet Worm, has Leela and Amy inspecting SoBig's creator to see if his worm is really SoBig. Click here to see the results of their inspection! The second image is a neat Get Well Soon card that I will be converting for our own eCards section soon, for you to send to the poor computers who have to suffer those worms, and why not, to your organic friends too. Enjoy! [Leandro]

August 24, 2003

Backass! OK, a mention on the front page of TLZ is the prize for anyone who can tell me who wrote the song "Backass". I'm actually listening to it now, strangely enough. I was wondering what to title this work from The Voices, when this song randomly sprang up on XMMS (LInux media player... sort of like *cough* Winamp). Well, that neatly solved my problem. Anyway, as mentioned, The Voices has come up with this great picture for our Fan Art section, which is, in his words, done in a "cheesy 50's pinup style, with nice shading". The shading certainly makes it look very life-like. Neat picture!

As mentioned by Kennth, we've been mentioned in El Pais, Spain's biggest newspaper, so kudos to all the webmasters here, as well as for the visitors who've supported us along the way. Many thanks goes to Marvine Monroe from Felizonia Futurama forums for scanning the newspaper for us, too. Thanks goes to Javier Lopez for mediating between Marvine and ourselves.

Finally, I really would wish, as Leo's ranted about, that people would look beyond Outlook Express as an email client. There's plenty of freeware email clients that are far more secure than OE. Becky! is a great email client - I've used it myself for some years - but it's shareware (you get a 30 day trial to test it out). However, if money is a problem, then go for something like Pegasus, which is freeware and fairly good. Also, and this is damn important, get a PROPER browser like Mozilla Firebird or Opera, which are secure and don't suffer from the ActiveX exploits that Internet Exploiter does. I've been using Mozilla Firebird since late last year, and haven't looked back (I used to love Opera like Leo, but that soon changed after installing Firebird). Even better, go and get Linux and leave M$ behind (I have to admit that I do like using Windows 2000 as well as Linux... but that's what dual booting is for ).

If you have to use Windows, then make sure you go and update it regularly (Windows Update). Get a firewall (Zone Alarm, Sygate, Kerio, etc), which at least would have protected you from the latest worms that remotely exploit a bug in Windows (you still should patch the OS through Windows Update, though). Most importantly, read up on stuff, don't just see computer education as a mere nerdy occupation (knowledge makes one stronger). Here, this is a good site that I'd like to mention: Black Viper. This bloke has created a site dedicated in explaining how Windows works, as well as how to tweak it. There's some interesting stuff there for experienced and newbies alike. There are plenty of other sites out there, too (Google is a good friend in finding stuff out, so use it).

There, that's the end of my lecture. I wrote this because I've been suffering, like Leo and probably the other webmasters at TLZ, from so many damn viruses being posted to my TLZ email account. It's not hard to filter them out, but it would just be much easier if other people would at least pay attention in computer matters.

Back tomorrow, hopefully.

Hooray! We're famous! Just a quick update regarding a nice little achievement for TLZ. I was interviewed a while ago regarding sites with lots of Fan Fiction for Spanish newspaper, El Pais. Well, it's been a while now since I did so, but the article has been published and has a short snippet about the site, which we've put in the About This Site of TLZ. Pretty neat, I must say. To see scans of the article, click here and here. It's in Spanish of course, so for those who can't read it, we've provided a quick translation of it in the About This Site section.

Sorry that there's no guide, but I was busy most of the weekend finishing of the latest chapter of my Fan Fiction, so expect to see that soon as well. I will make a guide next weekend though, I swear on Graham's grave

Mil gracias al periódico El País por el vinculo desde su seccion Tentaciones! The lunatic is back for his weekly update! I shall now begin Phase III of my plan for complete world domination! But first, the update. Everybody look to the right, allowing me to place my mind control device to the left, and now you'll hear my voice in your heads telling you that's the latest image by Andrea Huckstep and commanding you to ditch Outlook Express and get a text mailer that doesn't suck, since all those copies of the W32.SoBig.F worm (virus) are getting on my nerves. Rest of this paragraph is for people who use Outlook Express without patches as primary mailer and open all attachs: sure, HTML mail is pretty, but people, we never had this many viruses spreading when people used Eudora or Pegasus Mail! Getting an email program that doesn't automatically open any HTML is a step in the right direction. Sick of getting infected by each new virus? Get Becky and disable the HTML component, and you'll never be infected by an email virus again (unless you manually execute an attach, but then that's just dumb). Even Outlook Express can become a lot safer if you just disable the preview panel and don't open suspicious mails from people you don't know. Always remember: if you receive an email that tells you 'the content is in the attached file'... don't open it! Chances are, it's a virus. Don't think that just because you got an antivirus you're safe. I got over 300 copies of the SoBig worm before Symantec announced they had added it to their database! So be smart, and don't use crapware.

After that "How Not To Get Infected 101"... Yeah, sorry 'bout that, but every time a new virus is released and is spread a million times faster than it should thanks to Microsoft stupidity, I wonder why people still insist on using Outlook Express, proven cause of all major virus infections in the Windows plattform for the past five years . Still, this is The Leela Zone, and not The Lecture Zone, so time to continue the update... right after I delete 12 new fresh copies of SoBig from my inbox . There are two new pieces of Fan Fiction here: first is Part 3 of The Fry-Trix, where things get a bit reloaded and the twins want to make ghosts of Leela and Fry, too, and then there's Part 4 of The Fry-Borg, where Fry arrives back to New York and introduces Leela to life in the 21st century. There, go enjoy your read... while I go look at two real mails that somehow made it through the SoBig overflow. 'Til next time! [Leandro]

August 23, 2003

Almost complete... Hi. Just a quick update from me. Corrected the files for the Alien Signs section. Now when you enter a page about a certain ep, you'll see screengrabs at 1/2 PAL resolution. If you want to view the image at its full size, simply click on it. Now I'm off to watch the 5th season eps, so I can finally end this alien madness. Untill then! [Sebastian]

Killing time! Run! Got some neat stuff for today, so let's get to them immediately. First up are two picture for our Fan Art section that come from Alexander A Andreev. He's come with a picture of Leela running with what appears to be blood streaming from her (at least that's what I think it is)... seems she's either running from menace or about to commit it. You can decide which yourselves, though. His other picture shows Leela posing in a red bikini. Both are hand-drawn pics with some red in them.

About a girl! The next contributor to The Leela Zone is Nasteve, who has come up with a song for our Poetry & Song Parodies section. The song is titled Y3k Girls and is based on Travis's "U16 Girls". Neat little song, actually.

More spoonerisms! Lastly, we have a contribution for our Fan Fiction section coming from Max Bellamy. He's come up with part two of his fan fiction titled The Fry-trix. After meeting Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, it's time for Fry to show off some skills. Butt-kicking time!

August 22, 2003

Emergency! Birthday? FemJesse! Drink! Cake! Party! Fry? OK, this has come at short notice, and it's lucky I actually downloaded the email to even put it up, but there's a good reason why it's an emergency: it's FemJesse's 20th birthday today! So, to celebrate this day, she came up with the picture you can see on your right for our Fan Art section. It features FemJesse, Leela, Amy and someone else (I'm going to be killed for that, but I don't know who she is ) being surprised by Fry jumping out of a massive birthday cake. She's come up with two other pictures: Amy as a feline sleeping; Fry as a 3003 pin-up. All pictures are great, so enjoy! Anyway, may I wish FemJesse a happy 20th birthday... hope the party is a riot.

So close, and yet so far. Welcome to an update produced entirely within the borders of windy, rainy Denmark (now with more beer!) Yep, that's right this update consists only of content made by Mercapto and myself. Now, you're warned.

First, Mercapto have made 4 new scans for our fanart section. The thumbnail show the scene from "Xmas Story" where Leela and Fry almost share a kiss beneath the mistletoe. That is until Robot Santa point out that his TOW missile has more punch. He's right, you know. The other 3 scans are of Leela and Fry holding hands (also "Xmas Story"), Leela in her yellow dress from "That's Lobstertainment" and finally Leela as a painter from the cover of comics #10.

Why wont those damn doors close! I mean really, just because a high-explosive Santa missile is stuck between them? They just don't make elavators the way they used to. Second part comes from Teral. Apart from the thumbnail (showing Fry taking the chance to sneak in a little grabbing of Leela's butt in what could be his last seconds alive (who can blame him? )), there's another scan of Leela and Nibbler during the picnic to Central Park.

I've also added a new wallpaper, this one show Fry's reaction to seeing his lovenote for Leela disappearing in an implosion. Poor guy, so close and yet so far.

Last but certainly not least I hope you'll join me in saying happy birthday to the amazing FemJesse. That's right, today this talented artist turns 20. Happy birthday, Jesse, from all at The Leela Zone, have a good time. [Teral]

They're bigger and better! Hi all! Just uploaded a bunch of sceengrabs for the Alien Signs section. The grabs, made by Alexei Ehrensperger, come from the DVDs, so they're bigger and better than the old ones. Go take a look! Btw., I still havent made the thumbnails for them, so the effect on the layout is a little, hmm, bizarre. [Sebastian]

August 21, 2003

Who's been sleeping in my bed? Arrrggghhhhh! Today I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. Today's picture from her shows Leela discovering Fox McCloud and Krystal in bed together, and certainly not feeling too happy about the find. Maybe the three bears came back and caught them all in the room. Then again, maybe Bender caught them on camera and will be soon extracting some monies from them all through extortion.

And the dish ran away with the spoon! Second up is a fan fiction from a new contributor called Max Bellamy. His fic is titled The Fry-trix, and deals with Professor Farnsworth sending the crew off on a delivery to "The Matrix". While there, they meet up with some interesting characters... and maybe a spoon... or not. Anyway, spoon or no spoon, you can go directly to the fic by clicking here.

August 20, 2003

That fish stole your eye! *clout* Today I have got three new pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from the talented FemJesse. She's come up with two humorous pictures involving Fry eating underpants (ummm... O... K...), and another that shows Fry chasing a topless Leela after winning some bet or something. Her third picture, which you can see to the left, is one that's for Jesse X Barboza, which features Leela and Fry underwater looking at Binky the three-eyed fish. All, as usual, well worth viewing.

Remind me to buy a door this weekend! Next up are two pictures from Juliet Adeoye which fit nicely in our Fan Art section. The picture you see shows Bender in bed with some human female (I wonder who?), and caught in the act by Fry and Leela. Oh well, next time get a room... with a door. Her other picture is one of Amy in her dress she wore at the Opera in the last episode, The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings.

Well, it's not over till the fat lady sings... and she's barfing in the toilet at present after eating a horse. There's something strange about The Leela Zone today, but I can't place what. Ah, I can see it now. Sebastian has put up his new layout for us. Tell you what, it looks really good and refreshing from here. You rock, Sebastian.

August 19, 2003

The taste of love! I have quite a bit of stuff from Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger. Let's start with his three pictures for our Fan Art section. Using his hands, he's created a picture that's based on Luis Gonzales' fan fiction, The Fry-borg, making both a colour and a monochrome version. Not only that, he's created a short comic that's quite funny in a... ummmm... tasteless way. His second contribution goes to our Poetry & Song Parodies section, and is another one of his raps against the treatment that Fox has dished out to Futurama. This rap of his, Still Want Futurama Back, also has an MP3 of him singing with some backing music, which you can get here. Neat work, actually. Go and enjoy and give him some feedback.

Fritz the Cat returns Heh, that's one crazy animated film! Certainly, Fritz the Cat isn't a film that's for the very young or sensitive... not a Disney film, let's say. Anyway, the reason I'm rabbiting about that film is because Smiley has some more Uses for a Hacker, and one of them features that groovy feline. There are five other Uses though, so it's worth going over to that section to check out Fry's new cousin, some money-mad idiots, a Predator catcher, and a few others. Enjoy the mayhem.

August 18, 2003

Oh my God. The maniac's back. Run for your lives! No, I'm not talking about Leo's crazy update yesterday (although if it scared you, you're welcome to run for your life), I'm talking about Robot Santa. Yep, the mad 31st century version of St Nick show up in part 6 of Missy's fanfiction Delicious Surprise. Fry and Leela have finally drifted into a peaceful sleep, in the meantime Lilah and Bender wake up at the museum and starts talking with Farnsworth's head. He tell Lilah of the historic events that happened several years ago, when Robot Santa arrived earlier than usual on Earth. This part, as all involving Robot Santa, is a bit more violent than the previous 5, but if that doesn't scare you then click here to go directly to this chapter.

That great feeling of being in love. Second part of this update is for our fanart section. A new submitter, who goes by the name Melonhead, have sent us this great handdrawn picture of Leela and Fry in love. From the looks of it, Fry have just given Leela a nice bouquet of flowers, and she's already thanked him the way only a woman can, several times. As a result Fry is completely awash in love for the fair cyclops. Very cute picture.

August 17, 2003

Fear, mortals! I have awakened! Indeed, I have been born again... as Chef Leonard! After 628 Food Experiments, I have discovered a hiden talent, a secret superpower, a feature of my being so incredible and unique that it will give me the power to control the universe! I am able to turn any food into carbon, without even thinking about it! Oh, the possibilities... I only need to focus this power, and I surely shall be able to turn food into other things. Maybe even things that can be eaten!

While I perfect my art and finetune my power, I'll be a good so-called 'webmaster' and upload some stuff to this fine site. For those of you who didn't read the first line and said, "oh crud, this guy's back, I'll just click the image and see where I end up instead of reading whatever weird things are coming from his demented brain", well, that image is a Wallpaper by Petrazickis, coming from the last Futurama episode. And this time, I do mean last. Argh! FOX shall feel my wrath! There's always the comics, I guess.

What was I saying? Oh, right, there's also six new images by Mattybwoy in his gallery, that I'm currently browsing on another tab. Did I mention I ditched Opera after years of being a loyal fan? Yep, The Leela Zone is now officially supporting Mozilla Firebird, the darn best web browser ever! All that Opera offers, and more; the extensions sytem gives you loads over loads of features that are useful, interesting, or... uh... just plain weird. If you're sick of IE's crapiness, but Opera's just not for you, give Mozilla Firebird a shot and you should be surprised! And no, we don't get money for this plug. And you know what? Because it's free! Freely free! Go Firebird! You and I shall take over the world!

Um, I think I'm missing something. May just be my sanity, though. There is a thin line between genius and insanity... and I have erased this line! [Chef Leonard]

The pre-divorce begins - oh stop the cynicism! Here's a cute picture by Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. It features Fox McCloud and Krystal getting married while Slippy Toad, Fry and Leela look on. Lucky Leela has caught the bouquet, which means she'll be marrying someone or other in future. I wonder who? Andrea's other picture - she's not finished yet by any stretch of the imagination - is actually the prequel for this image, which shows Fox McCloud getting wedding day blues, while Leela looks on in worry. Anyway, there was nothing to get worried about, was there?

Oh crap... not more Nibblonians! Next up is a continuation of a fan fiction from Luis Gonzales that's titled The Fry-borg. This is part three of this fic, which starts with Nibbler explaining to a shocked Leela that not only can he talk, but that Fry is important to the survival of the universe, and that they have to deal with a manace immediately. Go give it a read.

Stuff from me! Nine things from me actually, though 8 of them can be all put in the single category of Fan Art. There are eight new character pictures by me that are all original characters from my Futurama Fan Fiction saga Universe of Malice, so for those of you following the story who want to know what some of the characters look like, just click on the picture of Hannibal Vector here and you can see him and the others.

Which brings me to another point. I recently found out that my email address has been wrong in the Fan Fiction section of the site. So if anybody has emailed me via that link over the past few months and is wondering why I haven't responded, I would not have gotten the email. So if you have anything important to say, please resend the message to kenneth@leelazone.com.ar. Thank you. Anyway, it's now fixed, and if anybody else has a redundant email address in the Fan Fiction or Fan Art sections of TLZ, please email one of us and we'll change it for you

Finally, there's a brand, spanking new Graphic Guide available to gawk at. This one covers Three Hundred Big Boys, the episode where Earth gets a $300 tax rebate and each of the crew finds weird and different ways of spending the money.

Well, that's it from me for this weekend. The guide page for Spanish Fry should be ready next weekend. Later

August 16, 2003

Damn! I was about to ask her out! Well, the weather is now back to normal her in the UK: cloudy skies, cool temperature, threatening rain. Yep, much fresher. What's more refreshing are some pictures for our Fan Art that come from FemJesse. She's come up with six new ones: Zoidberg looking at Leela and Zapp kissing, with what appears to me to be jealous eyes; Leela starting to regret being in a bar; a cute picture of Fry and Leela laying together after some physical exercise; a picture of Amy as a feline drinking spilt milk; a painted picture of Fry; lastly, another Leela and Zapp Shippy pic. Yep, certainly refreshing!

That lonely feeling! Next up are two pictures for our Fan Art section coming from Alenacat. The two pictures feature Leela in a sad state. The first one shows Leela as she was in the first episode, Space Pilot 3000, after catching up with Fry and explaining to Fry that she was like him: all alone in the universe. The second picture shows Leela in bed and unsettled about ill feeling. Both emotional pictures. Both worth a good view. Keep up the nice work, Alenacat.

August 15, 2003

Planet Express - hook, line and sinker! Got something great for this Friday: a wonderfully stylish wallpaper from The Voices. Here's his own description of his work for you: "A new wallpaper, inspired by the song and video for 'Pyramid Song' by Radiohead. The picture itself really doesn't make much sense, being under water and all that, but I guess you could call it a kind of holophonor image." OK, I'll do just that: it's a kind of holophonor image. Glad to see that The Voices is back in his Blue Period again.

August 14, 2003

Lurching out of the dark abyss... Heyo, folks! Probably forgot I was still around, huh? Well, don't you worry, I'm still alive and kicking after graduating high school - but my internet connection sure isn't. But, since that's soon to change (thanks to the spiffy new laptop I'm getting), I'd like to encourage you all to stop drowning Gort and Kenneth with submissions, and instead start trucking them out on me. See, I'm no slacker... HAHA yourself, Leo! ...all right, that's enough out of YOU... hmmm... we really need a :bazooka: smiley in here... and speaking of slackers, how about that slacker Leandro? He should talk... [Kristen]

Quit stalling! Yay, today I have some more good stuff for The Leela Zone. I'll start with two wallpapers that come from the energetic Alexei Ehrensperger. Only a few days ago did we show off a novel rap from him, but now we're back to showing off his artwork again. Not that there's anything to complain about, mind you. Anyway, the wallpaper you can see in the thumbnail shows the nearly moment in the episode "Xmas Story" (boy, that ep seems like ages ago, actually) where Fry and Leela were about to kiss just before being blown to smithereens by a guided missile fired by Robot Santa, although they were saved from that fate... I mean being blown up, not from kissing. His other wallpaper is more self-indulgent, showing Alexei side-by-side with Amy and Leela... a man can dream, I suppose! Well, that's some more good stuff from Alexei, hope he comes up with some more.

Quit stalling... get married already! Seems things have gone down the line fast. This picture for our Fan Art section by FemJesse shows Fry and Leela getting married, with the robot preacher giving the service and with friends cheering them on, which would be the end result that many Shippers would be hoping for. Not only that, but if you look at this hand-drawn picture, you'll see that it's damn stunning in its quality. FemJesse has also created a black-and-white version of this image, too. She's come up with another picture, which is comical and, as ever, well drawn. Damn, she's spoiling you all out there!

Quit stalling... SING! Lastly, we have a contribution for our Fan Fiction section from Dwayne Anderson. This is a new fiction from him that's set just after the scene where Fry finishes off the opera for Leela in the episode "The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings". Be careful, though, because there's some deadly singing in this fic. Nah, it won't hurt you... looks quite fun actually. Oh, it would help if I told you that the fic was titled I Wanna Play My Holophonor. If you want to go directly to the fic, you can click here. Anyway, hope you enjoy this... and why not loudly sing the song while reading it. Go on, make your household and neighbours jealous.

Soylent Green ... is people! Well, I guess you all knew that, but it serves a nice purpose of setting the mood for a new fanfiction. This story is titled All Rodents Lead To Home and is from a new writer, Stephen Beer, .

Ever wondered what really happened to the rats of New New York? Or the pigeons? Fry have, he miss the furry little rodents. New New York just isn't the same without them. In Stephens story Fry learn the truth about the fate of the rats, while treating his friends to a dinner at the local fast food restaurant. Intrigued? The click here to go directly to this story.

August 13, 2003

Jealousy levels rising to boiling point! Today I have a picture from Andrea Huckstep that's for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela looking on as Fox McCloud proposes marriage to Krystal. I can imagine that Leela is looking on wondering when her "big day" is going to happen, which won't be helping her in the jealousy department. Oh well, judging from the last episode, that day may not be too far away. Anyway, enjoy Andrea's latest picture.

Smile, you're on camera! The next contribution goes to our Fan Fiction section, and comes from the pen (well, keyboard) of Luis Gonzales. This is the second part of his fic The Fry-borg, which is, itself, titled Aftermath (still part two of The Fry-borg, though). In this part, Bender has been quite enterprising in videoing Leela in a compromising state of dress, and willing to sell the output to the highest and, also, lowest bidder. I wonder who that could be? Go read!

August 12, 2003

Please don't stop playing, Fry. I wanna hear how it ends. Beautiful last episode, a fitting end to a great show. And that last line, works on so many levels (for instance the first scene of the entire show is Fry playing a game). Great work by Ken Keeler, and the rest of the Futurama staff. Anyway, the final episode might've aired, but The Leela Zone will still be here, and with that in mind onwards to some fanstuff.

That dress sure caught some attention. First we have Mercapto with 3 new scans for the fanart section. He's the third fanartist to make a picture of Leela's opera dress. In fact he made two versions of it, each with Leela in different poses. The last picture is of Leela eating a buggalo leg.

Nothing like a little snack between meals. Second fanartist in this update is Teral (ie me) with 2 new scans. As seen in the thumbnail, one is Leela enjoying a little buggalo snack when she hear Fry wanting to base his opera on her. The second is yet another one of Leela in her opera dress. That makes it three: me, Mercapto and Juliet.

It was the best of times, it was the Slurmst of times. We have a new fanfiction writer among us. Rodriguez have send us her fanfiction titled Love in the Times of Slurm. In this story, Leela is injured during a routine repair of the ship, and Fry show her a new and more mature side of himself. She's impressed, and things evolve from there. Click here to go directly to this story.

Remember the good times we had. Last, but certainly not least we have Missy, with the fifth chapter of her story Delicious Surprise. Leela is still trying to chase away her nightmares by remembering the good times she and Fry had. We're still back in time, and Fry and Leela are ready to go on their first date. I really like this story and how it's developing. Click here to go directly to this chapter.

How to get noticed! Got a lot of stuff for today, so let's begin. First up is Juliet Adeoye, who has a picture for our Fan Art section. This picture is based on the last episode of the show, The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings, and shows Leela with her "new" ears that were taken from Calculon and given to her by the Robot Devil, due to a deal she brokered with him. Neat picture, actually, and the first at The Leela Zone that's based on the last episode.

Oh, what a drag it is to be a Lara wannabe! Second up is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from a new contributor to this section called Sergei Mikhailenko. His contribution is this picture of Bender mimmicking Lara Croft in Tombraider. Not sure what's that that's sticking out of Bender's top, but I'll leave that to your imaginations. Well, it's a first from Sergei, so I hope there'll be some more from him soon.

It's a rap! Third one up is a new type of contribution done by Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger, which goes to our Poetry & Song Parodies section. The contribution is a rap, which hasn't been done at The Leela Zone before, which is called Want Futurama Back. Not only that, but you'll find that he's added his own voice and backing music to this rap, which you can find here. The rap is about wanting the show to come back, in which Alexei spills his wrath against Fux. I have to say that even though I'm not a fan of rap, it certainly was a good listen. Well, enjoy this novel idea.

Birthday ends at midnight! The last contribution for today is for our Fan Fiction section, which comes from Futurama_Hil. This is the last part of Hil's serial fan fiction titled A Birthday Surprise. In this part, the birthday surprise has taken a turn for the worst, with the crew under dire threat... which isn't a good thing to happen on one's birthday. Well, to read this intriguing last part, you can click here.

August 11, 2003

Damn right she's angry! Despite the fact that the last episode of Futurama aired yesterday in the States, we still have stuff about the show flooding in to The Leela Zone. We have works from three contributors today. Let's start with Mattybwoy, who has come up with four new pictures for our Fan Art section. The thumbnail you see shows Leela with a strange hairdo that mimmicks "Angry Kid" (whatever that is). The other three show: Leela and Fry in bed being disturbed during their act; Leela witnessing Dr Zoidberg on a feeding frenzy; a traditional picture of Leela but with a colourful background. Well, that's enough colour for you lot.

What would happen if the show's characters were different? Second up is a fan fiction from a new writer called Lee Roberts. Now, you know that Lee's usually one to do fan art, but now he's putting his talents to the written work. So, he's come up with the first part of Changed Places, which deals with the scenario created when Professor Farnsworth's experiment, fifty years earlier, changes the personalities of our favourite crew. Sounds like Mike Scully's been writing an episode or two. Well, to go to this fic, click here.

The scourge continues! The last contributor is Dwayne Anderson, who has come up with part three, the last part, of his serial fic The Scourge of Zapp Brannigan, which you'll naturally find in our fan fiction section. Well, Zapp's kidnapped Michelle's baby and Leela, the crew have to find this baby... and Leela, or else the universe will be under threat from a foul evil even greater than the Big Zapper. Oh, well, enough of my silly explanations, go and give it a read and rate it. Over and out!

August 10, 2003

Swift Update!! Quick update while I can before I have to leave. The newest Graphic Guide is now up, and covers The Farnsworth Parabox, when the crew come across a parallel universe that Farnsworth created in a box.

There are also some Uses for a Hacker, from Scruffy's Temp Replacement to Human Transport! Check those out too

Finally, there's a snippet from the TV Guide we recieved that looks at the final episode sitting in our Misc Pics, so don't forget to catch that final episode in...... a few hours time. Until next weekend

[SPOILERS] Mmmm... Fux executives with lots of BBQ sauce don't taste too bad! Well, seems that our host has had a problem with some upgrading of server software, which resulted in us being offline for some time. Anyway, we seem to be back, which means that I can post this very important update. Why's it important? Well, I have the framegrabs for the last episode of Futurama (unless a miracle happens and some company takes over the production of Futurama, but don't hold your breath about that possibility), The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings. So, if you don't want to be spoilt, then don't go here, and instead visit Teral's update below... otherwise carry on and feast your eyes on this! Well, as you'll guess, I've done both Leela and non-Leela grabs, so everything's catered for. I found this episode to be fitting for a final episode of Futurama. I loved the novel scenes near the end (whose novelty I won't divulge), as they added something new to Futurama. Great end scene... which I won't say anymore about. Hmmm... I'm not saying much, am I? Well, I'll give this episode a well-deserved A-. Now, I've shut up rabbiting, so off you go and take a good, long, hard look at these grabs. Enjoy!

Well, seeing this is the last episode, it's going to be a strange period for the Futurama community with no new eps to view. I suspect that the Futurama Net community (as much as there is a community) will last well for the near future. However, I suppose there will be an inevitable seeping away of interest. Anyway, whatever happens, we at The Leela Zone aim to continue onwards and upwards... hopefully! Lastly, and I know that there will be a lot of people sharing the same sentiment as me, I hope Fux rots in Robot Hell... or something far worse.

August 9, 2003

More swimming, and sickingly cute as well. I can fully echo Grahams comments on yesterdays weather. And today's no picnic either. I almost feel like a participant on "The Real World: The Sun". The weather forecast say temperatures above 30 today, so I better get this update done, and then go outside to find a cool, shady tree.

First up, thanks to Mercapto we now have two new entries in wallpaper section. Very nice wallpapers as well, with a lot of effort put into background details. The first one, seen in the thumbnail, show the Leela & Fry-otters from Fry's holophoner sonata (quite possible one of the cutest moments of Futurama) doing a tandem jump out of the water. The second wallpaper is from "A Pharaoh To Remember" and show Fry and Leela's reaction to the new pharaoh, Bender.

More cuteness, even after a cuteness reduction surgery. Also know as a resize-to-thumbnail procedure. Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger have send us no less than 6 new pictures for the fanart section. The pictures come in all categories; freehand, lineart, etc. Apart from the picture on the left, we have one of Leela in her new dress, two of Leela in various poses, one of Farnsworth surprising Leela and Fry making out and finally one of the various couples in Futurama in bedtime bliss.

Enjoy, because I'm off to find that shadowy tree.

August 8, 2003

Swimming with the fishes! Damn, it's hot today... should be hotter tomorrow. I think that the UK has been moved a few hundred miles to the south. Global warming or not, it's damn hot. Anyway, I wish I was Fry, Leela or Bender in this picture done by Jesse Barboza, which is for our Fan Art section. This picture shows the three crew members under water, swimming with the fishes... no, not dead! Fry and Leela are laughing at Bender's unimpressed attitude towards the fishes that are swimming around him. Love the fishes, BTW.

A little bit of hypnotism can go a long, long way! Second contribution today comes from David Johnson, who has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section. This picture shows Leela utilising the Hypnotoad to hypnotise the Fux programming department into granting Futurama another run for its money. I can't imagine anyone, other than Fux executives, objecting to that kind of thing. All hail the Hypnotoad... and [cough] Graham!

August 7, 2003

We are the Borg, resistance is futile! We have a new author in our fan fiction section. His name is Luis Gonzales, and he has written a story titled The Fry-borg (despite the headline, it has nothing to do with Star Trek ). Fry tries to come up with a new way to tell Leela how much he loves her. Searching Farnworths lab for something that could help him, he happens upon a hidden room, filled with strange machines and a message from Nibbler. Meanwhile Leela struggles with her own feelings toward Fry. A part of her wants to take a chance, while another part is holding her back. To go directly to this story click here.

Something about hips and ships sinking rounds... or something like that! Welcome to our Wallpapers section three more desktop items coming from Alexei Ehrensperger. Busy Alexei has been kind enough to send us some of his work, for which we're grateful for. Anyway, enough of the fawning, onto the updating. We have a wallpaper of that poster that was in the episode War is the H-word. There's also a picture of Leela desperately holding onto Nibbler's lead while he chases a cat in space, which has been done twice with different colour schemes. Why a cat would be in space is another thing, but let's not dwell too much on that. Well, three new images for your desktop for you to choose from. Go for it!

Dr Fry's medical casebook! The second contributor for today is Andrea Huckstep, who has come up with another one of her pictures for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela, along with Dwight and Slippy Toad, looking on as Fry, with help from Tricky, try to resuscitate Fox McCloud, by using an AED machine. Why Fox McCloud has keeled over is beyond me. Maybe he's wondering too much why cats are in space. Best if I not worry too.

August 6, 2003

Here comes the drumsolo. Some more stuff for the fanart section, courtesy of Mercapto. 4 scans from various episodes, all kept in the quality amd style of his previous work. The thumbnail show Leela preparing to convince Beelzebot to release Bender using some hardhitting arguments. Too bad the same tactic wont work against another evil entity, the FOX network.

The other scans show Amy and Leela looking smug on planet Amazonia, Fry hiding behind his woman in "Mars U" and finally Leela's reaction to an all-wood Bender. Nice work.

There's more? What a delicious surprise. As you might've guessed from that line, we have a new chapter in Missy's serial fic Delicious Surprise. If you didn't know, I encourage you to go read the first three chapters of this great fanfiction. In chapter 4, a restless Leela think back to that day, all those years ago, when she finally decided to take a chance on love and go on a date with a certain delivery boy. Click here, to go directly to this new chapter. Enjoy.

To bee or not to bee, that is the cliche! Today let's welcome a new artist for our Fan Art section. The Leela Zone presents the work of Alenacat, who has come up with this picture of Leela holding the baby bee that she smuggled away in the episode The Sting. That's gonna hurt later! Well, this is a nice and welcomed debut from Alenacat, so let's hope that there are more works coming from this "long-time visitor" to our site. Well, time to sign off and suffer in this heat... not that it's not hotter elsewhere in the world.

August 5, 2003

Topless dancing... sort of! Damn, it's too hot in the UK at the present moment. Then again, I can't complain too much, seeing that it's far hotter elsewhere in Europe. Temperatures of well over 40 celsius in some parts of Europe scares the hell out of me! However, while this side of the Atlantic gets fried, let's set our minds on more important things. Mattybwoy has been a good fellow and come up with four new pictures for our Fan Art section. Let's see, we have: two pictures of Leela done with special effects; a picture of Fry hinting about something or other to Leela while hearing above him Amy and Kif doing the dance of the bedroom; and, lastly, a picture of Fry and Leela doing some "dirty dancing". As usual, he's created some colourful stuff. Go and enjoy!

Murder, mutilation, blood and guts, senseless violence and... love! Still frying away, but still awake. Anyway, reading Kenneth White's latest part of his Fan Fiction has kept me awake. It's not surprising, though, seeing this part of Futurama: Universe of Malice contains a lot of gory happenings. As you'll find out, members of the crew are faced with having to compete for their lives against another species. Not that they, or the other side, have much choice, because they're being forced to fight for their lives by yet another species. Hmmm... I think I'll let you read it yourself and enjoy the blood, guts and tenderness. Yeah, there is some of that latter stuff in the fic, so don't get too put off if you don't go in for the rough stuff. Well, you can go directly to the fic by clicking here.

August 4, 2003

My name is Leela... Turanga Leela! Got some nice stuff for today, so sit back and enjoy. First up is another great work from The Voices, which is for our Fan Art section. This stunning work is another of his hand-created stuff, which is just ace! Some people, though, who have seen this artwork elsewhere, say that Leela looks like one of the Bond girls... and they're right in my eyes. What's that, Q? Oh, you say that you have a special deadly device for Leela that's combined with a watch. What does it do? It tells the time! Fantastic, Q. Come back when you have invented something less common. Oh wait, I'm rambling nonsense... onwards we go!

All hail the hypno-credits! Fux have done it yet again! Why the £u©k do they mess with the end credits, especially when those credits have some theme to them! Yep, that's right, the episode Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV had its credits interfered with by Fux. Anyway, good ol' Anarchist has come to the rescue with his clip of those end credits that you'll find in our Video Clips section. Be patient with the download, because the server it's on isn't too fast. Still, despite all that, enjoy this clip of the ep's credits.

Looking after baby! Lastly, we have a contribution to our Fan Fiction section, which comes from Dwayne Anderson. He's come up with the second part of his latest serial fic, The Scourge of Zapp Brannigan. In this part, Leela and Fry, along with the crew, sit back to watch Miss Universe, while they look after Michelle's baby. However, Zapp Brannigan has ideas that might just spoil things. Well, enjoy this part of Dwayne's fic.

Oh, one other thing, it seems that the wallpaper by Alexei Ehrensperger that I said was a parody of The Matrix was actually a parody of Blade 2. Stupid Graham for never watching that film (it is a film, right?). There, now you know.

August 3, 2003

[SPOILERS] Oi, you! Keep your eyes on the screen, or else! I did say the last time I put up framegrabs that I'd put them up much earlier than I had done at that time. So, five hours before Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV gets to air on north American TV, I have the grabs of the ep here on The Leela Zone. There, that's quick enough for you, right? Good. I've created both Leela and non-Leela grabs for you, so there's plenty for everyone here to enjoy. BTW, this ep has a good dig at Fux in it... which is cool in itself. Other than that, though, I didn't find too much in this ep to get too excited about. I give this episode a D+.

Hey! You with the gun! Where do you think YOU'RE going?!! That's right, Leela! No shooting anybody until I've finished with these updates, so you can just put it down and wait for now.

Firstly, the latest Graphic Guide is now up and ready for looking at. This one covers one of Season Five's best episodes, The Sting, when a Fry recieves a nasty blow from the rear end of a giant bee. To relive this great episode, complete with lyrics for the popular Don't Worry, Bee Happy song, just click on the name of the episode in this update. Enjoy

Hey! Stay right there, Leela! Don't give me that look, I'm not done yet! There's also the matter regarding why you're even pictured in this update. Yes, it appears that there are in fact five new pieces of Fan Art from TLZ's good friend Douglas Hilliard (aka Zed 85) for viewing. Aside from you up there, these pictures include Leela and Fry after it looks like they've been playing around in the grass. One of Fry and Leela in battle gear, and one where it appears good ol' Fry has duped Parallel Leela from The Farnsworth Parabox into thinking he's her Parallel Husband. Very nice indeed, so check those out.

That's all for now. Look out for the guide for the very episode I just mentioned above next weekend, and.... okay, fine, Leela! You can go shooting now! Now where was I.....? Oh, right, don't forget to catch the second-last-episode-ever tonight. Later

August 2, 2003

So, after we eat, want to come back to my place for some coffee? On this hot Saturday - well, here it is... I don't care what weather it is where you are, because I'm talking about here, OK. Got that? Good. Nice to know that. Oh shut up, Graham! - I have some great pictures from FemJesse, which are for our Fan Art section. Yummy! The thumbnail shows love between two brain slugs who have attached themselves to Fry and Leela... which should be fun; a stunning coloured sketch of the crustacean called Zoidberg; another coloured sketch of Fry at the gun turret of the PE ship; a sketch of Fry and Leela enjoying a relaxing moment listening to music; a picture of what makes Bender tick; and a picture of Leela realising her past mistakes and making out with the Big Zapper. There, that should keep you occupied. Enjoy! Oh, one last thing, FemJesse has now got 100 pictures at The Leela Zone, and long may there be more.

Lilly Savage, eat your heart out! Second up at The Leela Zone is Juliet Adeoye, who has come up with six new pictures for our Fan Art section. Well, Juliet's a Bender fan, so let's start with those that concern him. We have two pictures of Bender as Coilette, looking quite feminine. There are two pictures of Leela and Fry kissing, but one is of the alternate Fry and Leela that you saw in the episode The Farnsworth Parabox. The last two pictures show Lrrr and Ndnd snogging away; and a picture of Juliet and FemJesse enjoying each other's company. Well, enjoy these pics, too.

August 1, 2003

Bender is great! Bender is great! Bender is G-R-E-A-T! Yeah! Today I have three wallpapers that come from the eager hand of Alexei Ehrensperger. There's something for most Futurama fans here. The thumbnail you see shows one of his wallpapers showing Bender as a pimp, which is a job he's more suited at than slumming it with the Planet Express crew. Another desktop paper shows Fry in a parody of Neo in The Matrix... not a job suited for Fry, I think. The final picture shows Fry and Leela beginning the human mating ritual while Bender sleeps as drunk as a wino. Then again, I can see that the picture contains some spying eyes. Damn Shippers! Well, as you can see, some mighty wallpapers for all kinds of fans. Neat!

Graham uses his mighty powers of memory to avoid getting beaten with a nailed club! OK, let's see if I can get this update right! I have a new picture from Andrea Huckstep that's for our Fan Art section. Now, here comes the tricky part. Are you ready? Good. The picture contains Leela, which is easy enough for me to remember, while the others are Fox McCloud, Krystal, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi, all of whom star in the show Starfox. There, I think I blagged my way through that one. Whew! Anyway, most importantly, enjoy the picture from Andrea.