August 2002

August 31, 2002

1010011010 The first Graphic Guide page for Season 3 is up and ready for your reading pleasure. As with the usual trend of making the guides in airdate order, this weeks one covers The Honking, when Bender becomes a werecar. Happy reading.

August 30, 2002

Shurely there musht be shome mishtake! Shurely not! Welcome a new contributor to The Leela Zone called The Drainpipe (yeah, strange name, but better than being called or some symbol that Prince previously used as a moniker), who has created four images for our Fan Art section. The pictures show: Leela and Fry pissed as a pair of fishes in a barrel of whiskey; Leela firing a gun with Fry cowering; Fry skiving off while Leela does some work; and lastly, but not least, Fry post-depressed after Leela's latest rejection. I suppose I better be honest about the last picture, as it may upset/shock a few people, in that it really features Fry's suicide after Leela's latest rejection, with Leela crying at the find. So, if you're a bit squeamish, then don't go there and then complain to me about it. Still, despite being a bit on the extreme side, it's a good picture and worth its shot on the site. My own opinion on the subject matter of the image, though, is that suicide in this way would mark out Fry as being extremely selfish, which wouldn't get any of my sympathy. There, ain't I a heartless bastard! Hmmm... after all that morbidity, I need a good laugh. Where's that pig's head?

August 29, 2002

The Creeping Terror! What is this picture of? Well, you'll find out if you go and read page nine of Charles Delnegro's comic, Double Trouble, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, what was chasing Fry and Leela catches up with them. So, do Leela and Fry live or die? Go and find out by reading Charles Delnegro's hard work. Go on, you know you really, really want to. Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on! OK, I'll stop.

Here's a silly story. I was walking my dog today beside a park walkway, which is to the back of some houses. Anyway, I spotted something ahead in the distance that looked weird. The nearer I got, the more I realised it was the head of some animal that had pointed ears. In my mind, I wondered if it was an unfortunate dog that had been decapitated by some sick morons (not that that thing really happens in this area, or at least recently). Thankfully, although not for the owner of the head, it belonged to a pig, which had probably come from a butcher's shop! But, what the hell was it doing in the middle of a park walkway? Anyway, my dog was quite interested in it, but I didn't want him touching that thing, so I left it where it was. So, if anyone has lost a pig's head, you can contact me and I'll tell you where to find it.

August 28, 2002

Mona Leela! Welcome Frans, a new artist for our Fan Art section. His first pic for The Leela Zone is a portrait of Leela, with some effects in the background. Frans was so eager to have this picture displayed on this site, that he sent four copies in a few days! See, there is a fan who demands to be seen... and why not! Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of Frans' work in future, and maybe more copies, too!

Tough love! Ouch! Hmmm... here's an interesting picture of Leela punching the hell out of Fry. See, I'm not a Shipper, even if I do appreciate the romantic tanglings and mishaps of the characters to some degree, so such things tend to make me laugh, but I suppose some out there will be wondering what Traxada550 has against the Fry and Leela "relationship" in his picture for our Fan Art section. Ouch, that's some punch! Oh, and Traxada550 has also produced another picture of Leela looking imposing. Anyway, both are good pics. I do like Traxada550's style of drawing the characters, which shows some originality.

August 27, 2002

The eyes have it! What you can see on the right isn't a mess, the result of a night's drinking, or a Monet artwork, it's actually a picture of Futurama character's eyes created by Impossible, which you'll see clearer if you click on one of the two sizes of wallpaper that are in the Wallpapers section. When you see the full-sized version, you'll find that it's actually a novel way of making a Futurama image for your desktop. Mind you, it might, if you're the paranoid sort, make you worried that people are constantly staring at you through the monitor! Anyway, I can see the eyes of Fry, Leela, Bender, Kif, Zapp, Amy, Roberto, Nibbler, Elzar and a few others. So, if you want a unique wallpaper, and you're not the paranoid sort, then you don't have to look any further for a nice wallpaper!

Uses for a Hacker shoots past 300! Congratulations goes to Smiley for surpassing the 300 mark in his Uses for a Hacker. Here he has eight more Uses, ranging from Roadhole Filler, Jon's Girlfriend (no, not you, Jon ) and Disney Flub-up Victims, as well as many more. So, have some fun and go visit Smiley's latest bag of laughs, if you're into that kind of thing.

August 26, 2002

Blue is back! Thanks to Kenneth and others for those wishes on my birthday, which was yesterday. Much appreciated! Well, the last update I did was quite big, and this one isn't an exception to that. The Voices has come up with a blue wallpaper... quite literally, actually! Anyway, it features a revealing picture of Leela, but with other things to distract yourself from that kind of thing. Oh, and it seems that blue is back again. I wonder what was wrong with the brown that was used on the last one? How about green, yellow or magenta? Anyway, The Voices picture in blue is certainly one that'll catch your eye. Hail blue!

Bender's boned! No, Bender's not boned due to The Voices latest wallpaper! In fact, he's in desperate trouble from the Leela-bot and the Sherri and Terri-bots that are pummelling him in Charles Delnegro's penultimate page (page nineteen) of his comic, The Bendenator, which is in our Fans' Comics section. Well, I think I've already said what's happening in the latest part of his comic, so all I'll say is that Bender fans should look away after reading his latest page.

A poignant ending for this update! Well, we can't all be happy all the time. Erdrik has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section. One of them you'll find in his first page of work here (both pictures straddle his first and second page, seeing he's now up to 51 pictures), which features Leela in a sort of flying machine, while the other, shown in the link image, is of Fry and Leela feeling so alone, despite only being inches from each other. Poor things! Anyway, both these hand-drawn works are great, so enjoy them!

August 25, 2002

Graphic Guide Double Wammy, Super Season 2 Finale! That's right! Not only do I have for you TWO Graphic Guide pages, but this also marks the end of Season 2, which means the next guide I make will start off from Season 3. It's hard to believe I've made so many of these things.

Anyway, these guides cover the episodes Mothers Day when the bitter billionaire tyrant (No, not Rupert Murdoch!) Mom gets the robots of New New York to rebel until she is made Supreme Overlord of Earth.

The second guide covers the hugely popular Season 2 finale, Anthology of Interest I, in which Professor Farnsworth introduces his famous 'What If' machine to the crew.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to fellow webmaster Graham, who gave me the job here. Hope you have a good one, and be sure to send Graham a happy birthday message. Now if you'll excuse me, I have wheel in this cardboard birthday cake with a..... uh..... surprise inside for Graham.

August 24, 2002

When it rains, it pours! I've got a lot of stuff today, so I better get cracking! I'll start with Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard's double contribution, which is for our Fan Art section. Both pictures are excellently done and original. The link image shows Leela, in army gear (Douglas seems to enjoy his army scenes!), having to suffer under a deluge of rain. Poor girl! The other picture of Douglas's shows Leela in Formula One gear, seemingly awaiting her turn at "Honest Bender's 'Authentic' Formula One Superlicences". One question for our motor racing fans out there: why is it exciting to watch what is basically a souped-up funeral procession? I think many will be able to answer that, but I've never found motor racing to be remotely exciting (except when there is a crash, which cynical me thinks is the main driving force for watching this sport), seeing that as long as a car gets in front, bar engine trouble, it'll most likely win. Mind you, I suppose there has to be something in the sport which requires a thing or two to appreciate it other than morbid curiousity. Anyway, after all my rants and insults towards motor racing, it's still a great picture from Douglas, which also made me laugh!

Changing up a gear! After my silly rant against motor racing, I have another picture for our Fan Art section, this one coming from S-Chan. Well, as you can see in the link image, it's a picture of that moment when Fry finally beds Leela. Unfortunately for Fry, it was during watching the "What If?" machine's output. Kind of makes me wonder what Fry's reaction to the machine's output was: "Awww... please do it again so I can record it this time!" Well, it's certainly a nice picture from S-Chan, one that'll be appreciated even more by the many multitude of Shippers out there. And, if that wasn't enough, S-Chan has come out with a song dedicated to Leela. Awwww! (I've been using this heart image way too often recently!) Anyway, the song is based on Rammstein's "Sonne", and is what I can only describe as a Leela Lover's treat. So, if you're into that kind of thing, then I suppose this song's for you. Even if you're not, go and give it a read, by clicking here.

And finally... Yeah, finally on this Saturday, I come to the last contribution. This one goes to our Fan Art section, and comes from Andrea Huckstep. Well, this picture is a bit long and thin horizontally, so I had to crop it a bit for the link image (don't worry, the image is fully intact, it's just the link image that's been cropped), so there are some extra characters that ain't being shown on the link image, but which you'll find on the actual picture. All I'll say is that there is a Nintendo feel to this picture!

There, all finished. I can go. Woo-hoo!

August 23, 2002

Juliet's new look? Nah, I doubt Juliet Adeoye now looks like this, well I hope not! However, considering that I've seen what Juliet looks like, and that I know she sports two eyes, I can only guess that this is her representation of what she would look like if she was Leelaised (new word... kinda ). Well, it's certainly an original way of drawing something Futurama related for our Fan Art section! Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Juliet has produced a second picture, titled "The Real Futurama Lovers", which has her and Danny, who's her boyfriend, with Fry and Leela, and Amy and Kiff alongside. Awww... cute!

Oh, she's also informed me that she'll be back online more regularly, which will hopefully mean that her site, One and Only Bender, will get updated. It would be a pity to lose yet another Futurama site, and Bender certainly needs a home, too.

August 22, 2002

It's behind you! "When you're in space, nobody can hear you scream" is a saying from a famous film, and scream you will if you don't know what it is. Anyway, at least Charles Delnegro won't get you screaming for the reasons I'm thinking, he'll only be making you scream for joy or something, because I have page eight of his comic, Double Trouble, which sits in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Leela and Fry have to find the thing that came out of Bender's compartment, while Bender himself sits down and watches a TV screen... I mean, a tracking device's monitor. Well, don't blame me, it's not as if Bender doesn't watch TV!

Greek myhology made dumb, Homer style Here's something you don't often see, Futurama and Greek mythology mixed together, with an addition of Simpsons, too. Russell Dickson has come up with two images for our Fan Art section. One is a hand-drawn picture of Leela in what can be described as being in a fighting pose, while his second one (the one that's the link image) has a mythological feel to it. Basically, if you've read Homer's Odyssey, and who hasn't, you'll understand what Russell's picture is all about. If you haven't read these tales - shame on you! - then I suppose you could start now by going to this site, which will make things a bit clearer. Oh come on, what's the harm in some ancient culture?

August 21, 2002

Risque business! Funny business! Good business! OutlawArt has come up with five new pictures for our Fan Art section. Each of these pictures shows OutlawArt's talent to the full. Boy, this man can draw! They all have something in common: they show Leela in relatively compromising positions! So, if you like your Futurama a bit on the adult side (don't worry, nothing is really explicit), and even if you don't, you'll enjoy these for various reasons. Oh, and for the rest of us folk who don't see Futurama in a sexual way, they're funny. Actually, they're really funny!

August 20, 2002

Someone's been quite busy! Andrey Shavelev has been quite busy creating stuff for The Leela Zone. Here you can see one of his works, which is for our Wallpapers section, and is taken from the episode A Pharaoh to Remember, where Leela and Fry are trying to entice Bender to help them escape from the mess he made. Also, as if that wasn't enough, Andrey has created two pictures for our Fan Art section. The pictures can be seen on his page, which you can get to by clicking here. One sports Leela kicking the hell out of a punchbag with Fox written on it (now that would be a good idea if a Fox executive was inside!), while the other has Leela with a dragon tattoo on her upper arm.

In other news. The message board, Treehouse of the Future, is in the process of moving, so it'll be down for a few days. However, soon it'll be back up in all its glory, and I'll definitely inform you when that's the case. Once again, thanks Fox for irritating the fans of your own shows.

August 19, 2002

Hmmm... time for some spring cleaning! I was tempted to use "Bender gives birth!", but I did that kind of thing last week. Anyway, the offending image you see is from page eighteen of Charles Delnegro's comic, The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section... as if it would be anywhere else! Well, in this part, we see Leela and the twins finally take on Bender's bot in order to save poor Bart - can't be too healthy being trapped inside Bender's compartment. I feel sorry for the metal menace, though. Ouch!

*after several attempts to get this update sent* Oh well, I'm off. Back tomorrow with some more stuff.

August 18, 2002

Ratatouille coming up! And up! And up, repeatedly! On this Sunday, I have page eleven of Philbot's comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back, which sits nicely in our Fans' Comics section. Oh, I really do enjoy these comics! Anyway, back to the update. In this part, Bender's come up with lunch, but will the crew be able to eat it, let alone hold it down? You'll find out if you go and read Philbot's great comic. Enjoy the Happy Meal... I mean, comic!

Oh, while I'm here, I might as well vent my anger a little. Thanks, Fox, for being so considerate and closing down numerous Simpsons sites which are guilty of the crime of giving free advertisement to Fox's shows. Oh, what a demonic crime! Well, Fox has now decided to attack The Springfield Files, which was a good Simpsons site that we are sharing the Simpsons/Futurama message board, Treehouse of the Future. Well, for now, TSF has been forced to close - although there are plans to reopen it sometime soon - but the message board will still continue unaffected by all this. So thanks, Fox, for your appreciation towards the fans that you leech from.

August 17, 2002

Mean machine! After some time, please welcome back Traxada550 to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Here he's created a really nice image of Leela looking mean and ready for action. Ouch about the scar, but I suppose that's what happens when you have to play rough in a tough world! Hopefully, we'll be seeing more from Traxada550, who can produce some originally-styled sketches. Enjoy!

Lastly, as if I haven't gone on about this before, but all are welcome at our jointly-run message board, Treehouse of the Future. Come along and have your say about Futurama and The Simpsons, as well as other matters.

August 16, 2002

Robot food repeats itself! Damn hot Friday! Too hot! Well, too hot for me! Not only that, but I discovered what grows under the keys on the keyboard. URGH! How does this stuff grow there? Anyway, at least my keyboard feels newer. Enough of my whingeing, let's get on with what you really want to hear: the update. Charles Delnegro has come up with page seven of his comic, Double Trouble, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Bender discovers what it's like to be a jack-in-the-box, while product placement is rife in the year 3000! Well, my description sucks, so you'll have to go and read to find out what happens in today's instalment of Double Trouble.

August 15, 2002

American Gothic 3000! This contribution from Philbot is hilarious, seriously! What is it? Well, it's his latest two pages (pages nine and ten) of his comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. I really do find the panel that parodies Grant Wood's American Gothic (the link image to the right) quite funny, as well as the rest of page ten, which I won't spoil. Still, saying all that, please don't go missing out on page nine. Hermes and Zoidberg's interactions are just great!

Some strange monkey business! Welcome Andrea Huckstep, a new contributor to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Here she's created two montages of Leela and some monkeys (well, one appears to be a gorilla, so maybe it's better to say one monkey and an ape), which are inventive and quite humorous. Hopefully, we'll see some more work from Andrea in the near future.

Oh, I've some news about the coming Region 2 Futurama DVD second season set. Malcolm Ramsay was kind enough to write to me pointing out that Play.com is advertising the DVD set to come out on 11th November 2002. Well, this news isn't exactly new, as it has been rumoured that this was to be the date, but it does seem this date is now confirmed. Oh, they are selling the coming DVD set for 29.99, which isn't too bad!

August 14, 2002

Last but not beast... I uploaded a Song Parody by S-Chan, and added a couple of Crosswords that were waiting for a while (I gave up trying to update the section every day, but I'll add a bunch every now and then), uploaded a new Wallpaper by Weissbrot, and two new pics: one by Daniel Brand and one by Erdrik; both hand-drawn, both really good. Whew! I sure made you guys wait to put your submissions up, didn't I? I'll try to upload things more frequently instead of doing huge updates every week. [Leandro]

After drinking some mates and receiving some spam... May I introduce you a new Fan Art submitter, Michael Nissan, better known as Teral! Five nice pics for you, including the link one, in which I guess Leela's sad at my inbox getting yet another "enlarging" spam (if you received a dozen of those, you know which one I mean :P). Either that, or she thinks I'll bump all the other updates to the News Archive if I keep adding my updates one-by-one! Oh well. By the way, did you notice the countdown says Season 4 will start in 88 days? That's a Back To The Future reference! Tell me doctor, where are we going this time? Is it the 50s or 1999? ZOT! Ouch! Ahem, sorry. Back to uploading stuff! [Leandro]

This Subject Space For Rent! Okay, after killing my firewall because it didn't let my FTP client connect (I trust you not to hack me now that I killed my firewall! ), I updated The Links Zone (one of the "subsites" of TLZ), and uploaded five new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard... who's left the military pics aside for a short while, now focusing on, erm, other subjects. But it all has a background! The link's picture was inspired by the statues that adorn the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, for example... just Leela's not made of marble. So go and enjoy! The cultural references, of course... [Leandro]

Get ready for Leandro's Monster Update Day! Okay people! It's time I start uploading the huge backlog of stuff I have. I'll start with five new pics by S-Chan in our Fan Art section; go look at them... it really shows how someone's scans can evolve. In just nine pics, he evolved from freehand lines and plain colors to precise point-to-point lines with shading and even backgrounds. Really promising artist we have here! And also, he has sent another Unreal Tournament Skin, this one featuring Leela with her green jacket, and also updated the original Leela skin with the tanktop. Enjoy! I'll be back with more stuff in a short while... [Leandro]

August 13, 2002

Leela bore twins! A day later than it should have been, I present page 17 of Charles Delnegro's comic, The Bendenator, which you'll find in our ever-growing Fans' Comics section. In this part, Leela comes back with some additions to her arsenal in her battle against Bender's rampage to get the rare Bender action figurine - a pair of twins! Novel weapons, I must say. Enjoy Charles' work, I know that I do!

Penny for Fry's thoughts! S-Chan has been very busy indeed, he's come up with three video clips, which you'll find in the Miscellaneous Clips part of our Video Clips section. Firstly, he's come up with something that'll interest the Shippers out there: a compilation clip of moments between Leela and Fry, with backing music added. A little warning about this clip, it's over 12MB in size! Still, it should be a sure hit for those whose preoccupation with Futurama tends to be the romantic aspects of it. The other two are taken from German adverts promoting the Futurama DVD (get it... it's worth it) and the Futurama comics. These clips are less than a megabyte in size. Have fun with these!

Finally, yet again, I'm going to promote our jointly-owned message board, Treehouse of the Future, and why not! Please come along and say "hi" - the more the merrier!

August 12, 2002

And now it's Fry's turn! After yesterday's wallpaper depicting Leela crying due to the loss of Fry, this time we have a picture of Fry crying over Leela. Welcome eight new pictures from Futurefan, which are for our Fan Art section. Futurefan has created some hand-drawn pictures of the crew - there are parodies of recent films, pictures of Leela and Fry, pictures of Amy and Kif, and one of Nibbler. Well, enjoy these latest additions to Futurefan's work.

Oh, before I leave, have any of you not been to our jointly-run message board dealing with Futurama and The Simpsons, Treehouse of the Future? Well, why not try to pop along and give your two pence of views about Futurama and The Simpsons. Go on, it's fun!

August 11, 2002

Mourning what could have been! Today's update is for our Wallpapers section, and it comes from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, Jo Jo Sanmerelli. Jo Jo has created this sombre wallpaper featuring Leela mourning the demise of Fry - a real sad picture for the Shippers out there. There's obviously a bit of the fourth season Valentine's Day episode, Love and Rocket, in the wallpaper, where Fry has collapsed due to bravely giving his remaining air to Leela, when he discovers that she's near to running out. Who said that heroes are out-dated? Reminds me of the song from The Stranglers, No More Heroes.

Oh well, King of the Hill is going to be on, so I'm off to watch that. Yeah, I know, many visiting here will think that it sucks. just say that King of the Hill is to me what The Corrs is to Leandro.

Stop Eating Our Young!!!! As promised, the Graphic Guide for the much loved episode The Problem With Popplers is up for viewing. I've even included the lyrics for the "Pop a Poppler in Your Mouth" jingle, as well as a few classic lines. Hope you enjoy it.

Wow! It's hard to believe I'm only two episodes away from completing Season 2, and that I've made a whopping 27 guide pages! If I get one done each week, I may just be finished up to Season 4 by the end of the year. Oh well, that's it for this week. Keep an eye out for the Mother's Day guide coming soon. Seeya

August 10, 2002

End of the Blue Period? Something's odd about this latest wallpaper from The Voices, but what is it? Hmmm... there seems to be something missing, but I just can't place what it is. Ah, I get it, there's a lack of the colour blue. Well, whatever the differences, it's still another mighty wallpaper from him. It features The Voices cool hand-created image of Leela with a snazzy background; but that said snazzy background is brown! Yes, you heard me right, brown! Well, brownish. So, if you're happy with the colour brown and its variants, and why not, then you'll find this wallpaper looking quite great adorning your desktop. Hmmm... I can hear loud thunder. Yikes! Well, I better finish this update before a lightning strike decides to kill my computer and other electrical things. I wonder if the weather is displeased with the colour change?

Oh, before I run off, you might be interested in venting your spleen. So, if you do wish to, why not do that at our jointly-owned message board, Treehouse of the Future. Now, I'm out of here!

August 9, 2002

Now to hunt down the REAL aliens! Impossible has gone mad and come up with ten new pictures for our Fan Art section. And if mad means making ten new pictures, then being mad is certainly an asset for The Leela Zone - so nothing new there! Anyway, there are an assortment of pictures of Leela, Fry and Kif. Notable pictures are: Leela a la Men in Black; first picture of Leela done on a computer by Impossible; first scan by Impossible (Kif); and many more. If anyone else feels mad enough to do ten images in one go, then I have a home for you... I mean them.

Yesterday, I mentioned that The Leela Zone was newly sharing a message board with The Springfield Files, and we still are. Yep, the agreement still stands, which begs why you're not right now at the Treehouse of the Future posting away. So, if you're bored, why not register at the board and spill your guts out.

August 8, 2002

Good news, everyone! No, Professor Farnsworth isn't taking over Leela on this site, but something far better has happened! However, I'll let that wait till the end of this update and instead bring in today's contribution from Charles Delnegro. Good boy Charles, has come up with page six of his latest comic, Double Trouble, which sits in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Leela and Fry use the ship's computer to try to find out what the "great danger" is. Enjoy!

Now, talking about Charles, I'll bring you the other good news. The Springfield Files, a Simpsons-related site that both Charles and our Kenneth work for, has joined forces with The Leela Zone to form a joint message board. Basically, the board will encompass both shows, which will hopefully strengthen ties between both sets of fans. The message board will be titled, Treehouse of the Future, which I don't think I need to explain what that has to do with Futurama and The Simpsons. However, at the moment, the board's new header isn't up, so you'll find yourselves at The Springfield Files Message Board, but don't worry, because as we speak, the board's cogs are being oiled and put in motion. Anyway, please feel free to join the site and participate in its discussions, both on Futurama and The Simpsons, as well as other matters. Well, I'm off to post there now, myself.

August 7, 2002

Come on, Leela, TLZ isn't going to the dogs! No, The Leela Zone is certainly not going to the dogs, and having over 300,000 visitors is a testament to that. May I thank all of you for coming here and appreciating what we do. Well, some of you must! May I thank Leandro, because without him TLZ wouldn't have the icing on the cake, bells and whistles, and other things that make this site sparkle. Thanks goes to Kenneth for his great Graphic Guides, a welcome addition to this site. Keep them coming, Kenneth. Thanks to me for rambling on and on when all you really wanted was to know what contributions have gone up; just like now, ironically. Thanks to Ruben (sort of like the Scruffy of this site ) for his help when things have gone wrong and foxed us all. And, many thanks for all those who have contributed content to this site, which is what really makes TLZ.

Now, after all those congratulatory thanks, I'll proceed with today's update. In fact, I again, like yesterday, had some time on my hands, so I decided to make two contributions for our Video Clips section. These two clips come from the season four episode, A Leela of Her Own. The first clip features the moment when Leela discovers she has more clout in a ball than Mike Tyson has with his fists. The second clip has the crew comforting Leela when she discovers that she isn't really the role model she set out to be. Enjoy both of these!

August 6, 2002

Come, feel my velour! Hmmm... why is Zapp Brannigan the lecher on The Leela Zone? Well, I had some time to spare, so I decided to make some framegrabs; long time since I've done that! Anyway, these grabs are high-quality, but non-Leela related, and come from the episode, Love's Labours Lost in Space. I really still think this episode is one of Futurama's best, and even when making the grabs, which is a laborious process, it made me laugh a few times. Hope you enjoy them, too.

August 5, 2002

Wee!!! 300.000 visitors!!! After three years and two Cease & Desist letters,The Leela Zone's counter hits the 300.000 mark! Another hundred thousand visitors! Let's open those bottles of champagne and get drunk! The 300.000th visitor picture you see to the right comes from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, one of the best artists in TLZ's Fan Art section, currently N 7 in the ArtistRank thingies, though he's got to be N 1 "ocasionally" . You'll remember him from his military outfits, Star Wars references, and crazy Russian writing! Thanks Doug!

In other news... First off, there are two Fan Art pics by Daniel Brand, actually the hand-drawn sketch and the color pic of the same picture (which is a neat one). Now, as I feel the need to babble more in order to fill the space that the pic has put to the right, I shall comment on two rumours that are floating on alt.tv.futurama; the first one says that at the Comic Con, Matt Groening said the show is going on for another season. That's right and that what we've known since the whole mess began: another season. Not production block. Fox hasn't ordered a 5ACV production block, and we won't know if they have ordered one or not until very late 2002 or very early 2003, so hold your optimism until then (and keep on sending letters and signing petitions if you haven't already). Another rumour currently at alt.tv.futurama is "Futurama will be joining the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim". This one's just wishful thinking, people... "[Fox] owns Futurama and has refused to allow Matt Groening to take it to another network or production company". And even without that bit of info, may I remind you that there are still unaired episodes that will be the fifth season? Fox is not going to give the show to another network while they can still air some leftovers. The general confusion is because lots of people think Futurama is not going to air anymore; it still will air new episodes next year, but production of new episodes to air after that has been halted. There will be more Futurama next year; the question is, what happens then? When the leftovers from the previous seasons have aired and there are no new episodes being produced? That's what this Hiatus is all about. [Leandro]

Help! We're in the wrong show, wrong time, and low on sugar! Mmmm... sugar reminds me of the honey-roasted cashews I have in the cupboard! But, before I go and gorge myself, I'll do the update. Charles Delnegro's page sixteen of his comic, The Bendenator, is now out in the Fans' Comics setion for all to see. In this part, Bart runs from Bender's terminator-styled bot, who's after him for the last remaining Bender action figurine, and meets his trusted friend, Milhouse. However, he's in for a surprise!

Talking about surprises, I'll have one later this week to announce, so keep watching the skies... I mean TLZ!

August 3, 2002

'Shipper Special... Nope, that's not one of The Voices's famous Wallpapers... Wrong again, it's not Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, neither! May I introduce you a fellow Fox Hater, president of the Bill Gates Must Die! Society... Kristen, The Corrupt One! This is her first Wallpaper here, though she's been around for at least 1.53 years now (older visitors may remember her from the Futurama Fan-o-Rama newsletter in early 2001, or the Leela Biography here). Really nice Wallpaper!

I've never seen a bunch of jocks / as dumb as those who work at FOX... They kill the show we hold so dear / By showing but three shows a year... Man, I need to get this Usenet post outta my head, but it's catchy! Especially after learning that last week, several Simpsons sites were C&Ded again, and two of them (that I know of) closed, including Evergreen Terrace, that in the past three years has received enough C&D's like to start a toilet paper factory. Really. Anyway, there are three new Uses for a Hacker for you to enjoy and get some ideas of what should be done to Fox's programmers...

Meesa gotsa lotsa thingsa! There's a lot of new stuff coming from a new guy, S-Chan. He's created a Unreal Tournament skin for all of you who enjoy that game; then he sent four pieces of Fan Art; after that he paraphrased a Pink Floyd song for our Song Parodies section; and finally he created a new Wallpaper for you all to enjoy. Quite a start, uh? Eight messages in three days... even The Babbling Princess herself hadn't managed that . Enjoy! [Leandro]

Guess where you're going, suckers? It's Saturday afternoon and I'm watching some more rugby on TV. But, I did say I'd not bore you, so I'll move on. Today's contribution comes from Philbot, who presents page eight of his comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back, which you'll find nested in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Hermes resistance collapses, and is faced with a fate worse than death. In the meantime, the crew are sent to a planet of giants who want to clean out their ears. Actually, I'm both exaggerating and lying, so it's up to you to find out what really happens. You won't be disappointed, though. I really like Philbot's comic, the little touches are great. Keep it up, Philbot!

August 2, 2002

Swimwear Review! Today's update is for our Fan Art section, and comes from the great fan artist who calls himself OutlawArt. His latest work is actually an animated GIF which tells a short story. Although the picture doesn't change, there are words that actually do, which reveals a humorous tale. If you don't already know, OutlawArt has his own site, Futurama... Leela, which promotes his work; some of it risque, but all of it in good humour. So, have some fun and go over to his site after your time here.

Now, I'm off to watch some Rugby on the TV. Don't worry, I won't do a "World Cup" and bore you senseless!

August 1, 2002

!sdrawkcab gnitirw m'I, looC For a moment, I was tempted to write this whole update backwards, but I had second thoughts about doing that. Why am I writing backwards? Well, if you visit page five of Charles Delnegro's latest comic, Double Trouble, which is in our Fans' Comics section, then it'll become clearer. Last time, the crew had brought in what appeared to be an unconscious Leela clone onto the ship, which they had recovered from Vergon 6, but now the clone can explain what's what. Enjoy the latest part.

Charles, who's a webmaster for the Simpsons-related website, The Springfield Files (our very own Kenneth is also a webmaster there, too), has asked me to advertise the said site's message board. Basically, they've recently started this message board and really want new members; the more the merrier kind of thing. So, after your visit to our dear site, could any Simpsons fans out there go over to TSF's message board and say "hi".

She loves him; she loves him not; she loves him; she loves him not...The second update for today comes from Nasteve and is for our Fan Fiction section. This is part two of his latest serial fan fiction, More Than Us, and deals with the crew having to deliver a package to vampires. However, I'd be short-changing you if I just said that, because while this is going on, Leela is doing some soul-searching about her relationship with Fry, especially since Fry seems to have changed. Want to know more? Well, read the thing!