August 2001

August 31, 2001

Riveting read... ZZZZZ! Got twelve more pics from Zapp's Woman, for our Fan Art section. There's really little point saying what her total is, as it's getting near to infinity. [Graham]

August 30, 2001

Pumping Iron - Leela on steroids! Ever wondered what Leela would be like if she took some steroids, went on a weight-lifting binge, and starred in several lowbrow films, where action means more than dialogue? Well, OutlawArt has produced an original pic for our Fan Art section, where you can see just that! Now, with this body, she doesn't have to be a spaceship captain, when she can make millions "acting" like a wooden log and saying simple catch phrases. Hasta la vista, baby. I'll be back. Grunt! [Graham]

August 29, 2001

Not a nice day for a purple wedding! Picture frenzy this week at our Fan Art section, and it's not finished yet, as I have another one for tomorrow. However, back to the current update's pic - this one comes from Sofie, showing Leela in her wedding dress, just after finding out that Alkazar, from the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two, was a faker (could be something else, but I won't say that here). Anyway, hope you enjoy this pic. [Graham]

August 28, 2001

Errr! Well, I've got a really good quality, even if a little bit *cough* strange, pic for you today for our Fan Art section. This one comes from Nickamano, and shows Leela in her ship's cockpit holding a gun. What is unusual about the pic are the exaggerated... you'll see! Anyway, whatever you think about all that, the artwork is superb. However, it does give weight to the view, held by many women, that all men see them as mere... objects. Maybe our female visitors could find a way to wreak revenge, in order to redress the balance. Enjoy the pic... in moderation! [Graham]

This site runs with Gaussian Optical Router Technology! (Liquid Equipment Output add-on installed) The E-Cards script got a couple big bugfixes, new features, bugs in the new featurs, bugfixes in the new features, a few new features removed, bugfixes in the spaces where those features were... let's call it E-Cards SE. Once it gets a couple more bugs fixed and a hundred more bugs I'll call it E-Cards ME, and when everything crashes and the bugs take over the world I'll call it E-Cards XP. Enjoy! There is still a big fat bug in there that you can very likely use to screw us up, but I'll fix it later... you wouldn't screw us up, would you? Would you?

There's a couple of new pictures in the Fan Art section by Daniel Schad, who mailed me to say "Pro7 sucks, Futurama's got a bad translation, bad timeslot, yakkity-yak"... Well, let's see. Brad says "Fox Sucks". Rubén says "Fox LA sucks". Lucas says "Antena 3 sucks". Graham says "Channel 4 sucks"... It would appear we all hate the channels and networks that broadcast Futurama. (Well... G'UH!... incredible deduction, Mr. Holmes)

I also added a couple of pics to the E-Cards section (and of course they're available as Puzzles too), just in case you want to test the new features with new pictures, too. Now the only thing left to add is background music... I'll upload my favorites like "Take my breath away", "Total eclipse of the heart", "Nothing Compares 2U", "Wound in my heart", the entire Celine Dion discography, Phil Collins too... after all, the worst thing that can happen is that Rubén from Futurama en Español hacks the zone to clean it from my "lame" musical tastes ... [Leandro]

August 27, 2001

Floor it! It's Monday, and it's Zapp's Woman's pics day! I have 12 of them for our Fan Art section. This brings her total to 220... and I'm confident that she's unbeatable now! Unless anyone else wants to take the challenge.

Also, I'm not finished, and nor is she... as I've got a fanfic from her. This is the continuation of her serial fic, Your Mother Wears the DOOP Uniform. It seems that Zapp and Leela are preparing for the inevitable day... while Kif has his own problems in store. You can go directly to the fic by clicking here. [Graham]

August 26, 2001

Slugged! Got an original pic from OutlawArt for our Fan Art section. This pic shows Leela being controlled by a brain slug. Not a nice fate to fall upon her, but that's a risk that happens for the show's characters. I suppose the brain slug will not starve to death, with this character! [Graham]

August 24, 2001

Yet another Diet Coke commercial! Yeah, I know... similar headline used yesterday, but I plead that I'm tired after this really hot day in Britain. Yeah, I suppose some of you are going to laugh, as you'd probably think that our "hot" days are similar to being in a fridge... but, I give up, it's hot dammit!

Anyway, enough of my whinging on about nothing in particular, it's time for the update. This one is for the Video Clips section, and features a clip from When Aliens Attack, where Leela meets the beach bully, finding that despite feeling attracted to him and asking for a walk on the beach, he's not feeling that way towards her... and this time it's not due to the eye! [Graham]

August 23, 2001

Diet Coke commercial... take fifteen! Today's update brings you twelve pics from Zapp's Woman for our Fan Art section. Her total is now at 208... and still rising! Well, I've said this before, and I'll say it now - please somebody, try and catch her! [Graham]

August 22, 2001

Roses are red, Violets are blue.... Double update time again. I've got two pics for our Fan Art section from Juliet. Both pics are taken from films. The first is from American Beauty, showing a naked Leela covered in rose petals. The second is from There's Something About Mary, featuring the hair gel scene, with Fry and Leela.

The second update is for our Fan Fiction section, where Zapp's Woman has produced her second installment of Your Mother Wears the DOOP Uniform. In this part Zapp and Leela are deciding how to proceed after his pregnancy... well, it's different! Click here to go directly to it. [Graham]

August 21, 2001

Pick-up line No. 68.... Here's another picture from Sofie, for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. This picture comes from the episode Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? where Fry is showing Zoidberg how to seduce a woman... failing miserably, might I add! Enjoy the pic. [Graham]

August 20, 2001

Hic! Two updates for the price of one... at these prices, I might as well celebrate! Hic! Anyway, enough of the beverage intake. The first update are twelve pictures for our Fan Art section, from Zapp's Woman. Her total is now 196, can't anyone stop her!

Now, the second update is actually quite interesting, despite who it's from. It's a fanfic from... wait for it... MTVCDM... you can start breathing now. Seriously, we want you to come back, please exhale... please! Anyway, while you get your breath back, it's called Yet Another Damn Futurama Outtake Reel, and is basically about MTVCDM and Leela (yeah, errr... well, I suppose this is fiction!) hosting an outtake show, showing clips with goofs and such stuff. Oh, I even get a mention in the fic... so I ought to thank Aaron. Thanks! It's actually a good read, and I laughed quite a few times. Well, if you're interested, you can go to the fic by clicking here. [Graham]

August 19, 2001

Un gran saludo para Lucas Araujo! Espero que tus oídos no tengan daños permanentes :) Six new Uses for a Hacker are in the section right now. Featuring "Big Brother 2995" Contestant! In other news, I added three pics to the E-Cards section, including two that should met your romantic needs, and of course they are also available as Puzzles, since both sections share the same images. The Crosswords are being daily updated as promised, thanks to all who submitted new words. I'm probably going to program a little rotating "ad" for The Leela Zone's sections and put it here, so Graham and I won't have to plug our sections in every update ... Have fun, send stuff, and keep visiting the Zone! [Leandro]

Well, what did you expect, it's called the "What If" machine.... I've got another pic for our Fan Art section, this one coming from Juliet. It comes from the episode Anthology of Interest I, where Leela does something impulsive, and quietens Fry... now that's a way to do it, I suppose! Juliet has only just recently started doing "scan art", and actually she's getting on swimmingly... maybe she's making a certain other artist of this style of art a little bit worried. [Graham]

August 18, 2001

Come now, you two, our visitors aren't THAT bad! Well, here's a section that hasn't been updated for a while, so I decided to make some more clips for the High-Quality Grabs section. The episode in question is Xmas Story, one of my favourites... damn shame that Fox refused to show last year's Xmas episode. Well, until it gets shown, you'll only have this episode to give you some Xmassy spirit!

I also have another update, this one's for the Fan Fiction section. The fic in question, Your Mother Wears the DOOP Uniform, is from Zapp's Woman, and is the first part of a serial. Well, it's a continuation from Love's Labors Lost in Space, where Professor Farnsworth has had a hand in matters concerning Zapp Brannigan and Leela, what happens next, you'll see for yourself. To go directly to the fic, click here.

Just like to thank Leandro for making a program that automates the fanfic scoring, which has made that tedious job much less tiresome. Also, can I urge any fanfic readers out there, when you've finished a fic, to tell us and the author's what you think, by clicking on the voting form; it doesn't take a second to do, and I'm sure that the authors would want to know how their fics are being received. Thanks in advance.

And lastly, if you feel in a friendly spirit, then why not send a friend an E-Card... it doesn't take long, and there are some good pictures to choose from. Anyway, don't be a sourpuss, go out there and make someone's day by sending them a Leela card. [Graham]

August 17, 2001

Always on My Mind. The title is from an Elvis Presley song, and one of the reasons it's there is that in the Futurama chatroom I had a kind of a small disagreement about the merits of Elvis, who I personally can't stand (yeah, start throwing the rotten cabbages and tomatoes), but let's call this title a sort of handing out the olive branch.

However, the other reason for the title is to announce the ending of Wu Konguk's serial fanfic, the epilogue of And Then There was Two. In this last part, we have Leela standing at Fry's memorial, reminiscing about her times with Fry, and that fateful day. To go directly to the story, click here. [Graham]

August 16, 2001

Sight for sore eye. Two updates rolled into one, for today. The first is the regular 12 picture update of Zapp's Woman's work for our Fan Art section. Now her total is up to 184... and I don't think she's going to be stopping at that number!

The second update is for our Fan Fiction section, in which I present to you the longest single part fic for The Leela Zone! Leela's Return and Relics measure in at 83Kb, but BumbleBeeTheta's Beat the Parents measures in at 110Kb!

This story is set in 3004, where Fry and Leela are in a romantic relationship together, but which still needs to be fully cemented. However, Fry gets the opportunity to go back in time to meet his family from the twentieth century, and brings Leela along with him too, in order to meet them. While there, strains are imposed on their budding relationship, caused by Fry's family's attitudes towards his, new to them, girlfriend... will the cyclops win them over.

This fic, despite its size, keeps you interested throughout, with some witty comments and situations thrown in, as well as the heavy romantic element that is conveyed within the story. But, I don't want to explain any further my thoughts or criticisms, as I'll let you be the judge of what is good or bad within this fic; you'll be able to go directly to the fic by clicking here. Enjoy! [Graham]

August 15, 2001

Last orders please! Oooh! It's been busy in here today; those E-Cards look great, and are sure to be used by our visitors... nice work, Leo! But, before you head off and send E-Cards to all you know, please read on.

Now, to my update. I have another picture for our Fan Art section, this one coming from my partner, Sofie. It's taken from the episode Love's Labors Lost in Space, where Leela is left alone at The Hip Joint (no, not the discussion board, the nightclub in the show... however, do take a visit there, it's always a place for a serious discussion about the show, as well as some fun!), while the rest of the crew have found dates. Poor thing!

Oh, I might as well plug this again, but if you haven't already got the scan of the 2002 Futurama calendar, you can do so by clicking here. This version includes ALL the pictures, including the centre-spread, it's done so the join-line is hardly noticable, and that the colours shown are those actually on the original... also, it's conveniently in one Zip file. Mind you, after you see these images, you should be inspired to go out and get the thing; it's well worth it! [Graham]

Either I don't update for months, or I update a lot in one day... Well, while I'm creating sections, I might as well upgrade old ones. The Puzzles section is now Java-powered, sharing the images from my e-card script, and allowing you to select the number of pieces. It's no longer a "sliding" puzzle, those blasted Flash applets sometimes mixed the pieces in a way that made the puzzle unsolvable. I'll add more images to the e-card/puzzle section soon. Meanwhile, have fun! [Leandro]

I'm too lazy to create a new section. I'll make two instead! The new Leela E-Cards Section is now open! Getting that script ready was a big headache and I still need to create some code that I already created but generates an error when I add it to the script, but it's working. Mail me any bug reports or suggestions.

Also, I've been posting a couple of Futurama crossword puzzles at the Futurama Center Message Board last week, and so I thought, "why not add those to The Leela Zone?"... and a couple of downloads, edits, medding-with-code and compilation of words later, here's the Crossword Puzzles Section. I'll try to upload a new one every day, but knowing my ISP, there will surely be gaps (unless I can "recruit" good ol' Graham to upload 'em )

I have some other ideas for new sections at The Leela Zone, but I'll keep them secret... mostly because I'm not sure how the hell am I gonna do to make 'em work. Meanwhile, enjoy those two new sections! Brought to you by Soulstorm Brew: Your Spew is Our Brew! (A division of Soylent Cola). [Leandro]

August 14, 2001

Zombie College II: Now with cyclops! Alexander Gustafsson sent a pic of a Zombie Leela, looking for fresh brains to eat... it goes along great with my Zombie Leela Wallpaper! Also, Daniel Schad sent two more pics, that are now at his Fan Art page. If you haven't already, read Graham's last update... All Glory To The HypnoGort! [Leandro]

See 2002 now... time travel is now a possibility! Well, ain't you lucky, you can now find the 2002 Futurama calendar, that I scanned, by clicking here. It's in one 2.5Mb Zip file, and includes all the pictures that are within it, including the centre-spread, front and back... as well as the monthly pictures. It's certainly a great calendar, well worth getting your hands on. So, on behalf of The Leela Zone and Ruben, who supplied the space to download it from, enjoy the calendar! [Graham]

August 13, 2001

Spooky! Got a late update for today, Monday 13th August, as I've been quite busy today, however this one won't disappoint. The update is for our Fan Art section, and is an exclusive for The Leela Zone from Paul A Metcalfe, who himself is from FSAC. He's done a pic from the episode A Clone of my Own, showing Leela dressed up as Death, while out with Fry, Bender and Cubert, as they go and rescue the professor.

Also, while on the subject of pictures, Paul has updated three of his past pictures: one from Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?, which is the infamous steamroom scene, with added steam; I Second That Emotion, where Amy takes Leela out to a bar, in order to cheer her up; the last is from Put Your Head on my Shoulders, where Leela rescues Fry from Amy's night-time plans. [Graham]

August 12, 2001

Guess what I'm thinking about.... It's Sunday, there are 118 days to go before a new episode of Futurama is shown - depending on Fox, naturally! - and I've just watched Bender Gets Made on Sky One... so it's time to make an update, and yearn for the day that season four starts.

The first update is to present 12 more pictures for our Fan Art section from Zapp's Woman. I like her usual work, always colourful and original, but I always enjoy these minimalistic type drawings, done in pencil or crayon. So, that's what I put as a link image... but go and visit her page and see the other eleven.

My second update comes from our Video Clips section, where I've made a clip from the first episode, Space Pilot 3000, where Leela finally catches up with Fry, in the ruins of old New York, but decides to quit her job as Fate Assignment Officer, and join Fry and Bender in evading fate's touch. Enjoy the clip! [Graham]

August 11, 2001

We can't, you bastard! Oh yes we can, with Monster Update Saturday... bargains galore! Well, looks like Saturday is a busy day for both Leandro and myself, as we've got updates galore... you lucky bastards!

The first of mine is from Sofie - who says hi, as I type this - and is a picture for our Fan Art section. The picture comes from A Clone of my Own, where Leela, Fry and Bender have rescued the professor, but are stranded, due to a crippled engine... Leela vents some fury at the then irritating Fry, calling into question his parents' marital status. Talking of that word, I suppose it's going to be a given fact that she won't be saying that when this episode airs on Channel Four, in the UK.

The second update of mine is for the Fan Fiction section, and comes from Nasteve. This is his second, and final, part of his fic Delivery: Impossible. This section starts with the captured crew having to face trying to expain to their captors what caused the devastating explosion to the large Millonian warship, and facing interrogation for their troubles. Well, as usual, if you want to go directly to this part of the fic, click here. End transmission! [Graham]

Coming Up: new layout and Leela e-cards... But right now, there's three new pictures for the Fan Art section, coming from The Futurama Point by good ol' JavieR. There's also a new pic by a new submitter, Daniel Schad; he suggested if we could put up a Leela e-card section, and well, I'm already getting it ready. It'll be here in a couple of days or a week or so.

I went to see Final Fantasy two days ago (when it premiered down here in Argentina), and there's only two words to describe it: Eye Candy! The plot was just a lame excuse to show the best CGI animation so far. Don't wait to see it on video; this is one of these movies you've got to see on a theather and shut your nitpicking mind for a while. [Leandro]

August 10, 2001

Little does she know.... Here's a wallpaper from Paul A Metcalfe, from the fan art based site, FSAC. This image is taken from Love's Labors Lost in Space, where Leela first encounters Zapp Brannigan, without the knowledge that he was really a pompous buffoon... well, I suppose life is full of horrible surprises. [Graham]

August 9, 2001

Over-dressed for the occasion.... Two updates in one for today. The first one is work from Zapp's Woman, for our Fan Art section, where she's been, yet again, industrious, producing another twelve pictures.

The second update is for our Fan Fiction section. Wu Konguk has come up with part five of his serial fic And Then There was Two. This part has the kidnapped Leela in the unwelcomed hands of the traitor Zapp Brannigan. Will she escape, be rescued or fall victim to the lecherous Big Z... you can find out by clicking here. [Graham]

August 8, 2001

Seeing the inner being! Two updates for the price of one, for today. I'll start off by introducing the second picture, for our Fan Art section, from OutlawArt. Well, this one is certainly a well drawn piece of work, quite funny, too. Some might wince at the image, but it can be argued that art is meant to challenge our senses, to help us see deeper than we usually can.... I better stop my rambling and let you go and take a look to see for yourselves!

Wait, there is more! My second update for The Leela Zone is an addition to the Video Clips section. This clip comes from the episode My Three Suns, and features the cute moment when Fry apologises to Leela for being a jerk, when he rejected her help, which causes her to smile for being appreciated. Awwww! [Graham]

August 7, 2001

Welcome to Leela Scan Art Central. I present to you Juliet's first Leela scan art for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. This is her second attempt at this form of artwork - her first being a picture of Bender, which is natural, considering that she's a big, and I mean BIG, Bender fan. Talking of which, she's got her own website dedicated to the robot called One and Only Bender. So, after your visit here, go and take a peek at her site. She also wrote saying that she'll still be doing the hand-drawn work that she's done before, as well as further ventures into scan art. Good luck Juliet! [Graham]

The H Word is my two nephews... Winter vacation is finally officially over down here in Argentina. I had my two nephews in my home for two weeks and a half. Casualties? MP3 Discman: fell from a considerable distance, now won't spin discs. Photo camera: Missing in action in either McDonalds or the Carrefour next to it. Scanner: 'somebody' [think Ramiro] reversed the polarity of the DC adapter and a capacitor blew up, now all scans come up entirely black. Futurama Comic #4: used as drawing book by Maria. Leandro's sanity: not very intact. Fortunately, now I've got like five or six months of just ocasional nephew visits until the major vacations, when I hope they'll go away for three months, so that gives me a year of peace 'til the next winter madness.

Ah well. Before I return to my Evil Nephew Death Planner Board™, I have a couple of files for you. First, a Wallpaper from The Futurama Point (75th wallpaper online here!), featuring the special flare created by Zapp in the comic #4 (without the pretty drawings of my niece on it). And second, a drawing of Leela Croft from Sewer Raider, made by Astrid Hansen from Norway. Thanks Astrid, thanks Javier, and keep the Fan Art coming! [Leandro]

August 6, 2001

Looking down from the heavens. Got bored today, so I decided to create a new clip for our Video Clips section. This one comes from the episode The Series Has Landed, where Leela finally realises that Fry's appreciation of the Moon isn't misplaced, and that it was indeed a lovely place. A really nice clip, and one that hinted at the inner feelings that each had for the other. [Graham]

August 5, 2001

A head on the poll! Got another twelve pics for our Fan Art section, from Zapp's Woman. This brings her total to 148 pics, quite prolific, really! Come on you lazy lot... get working and catch her up!

Oh, on other picture news, Paul A Metcalfe has informed me that his last picture was an exclusive for The Leela Zone, with which we thank him for. [Graham]

August 3, 2001

[Subject heading to be added later, once brain is in gear.] Yeah, I just can't think of anything to add as a subject title, so that one will have to do. Anyway, I'm tired... leave me alone! Oh, before you go off and do exactly that, I better tell you that I have a picture for our Fan Art section, by Paul A Metcalfe, from FSAC. This picture comes from the episode Mars University. Now, you are dismissed... you can go... begone with you... off you go... bon voyage... get off my lawn! [Graham]

August 2, 2001

Nursing the sick and wounded. Well, in answer to Leandro's call for more fan artists to produce their work, Juliet has stepped forward to show us three of her hand-drawn pictures, for our Fan Art section. The pictures come from Amazon Women in the Mood, where Amy begs Leela to come on a double-date, involving Zapp Brannigan, so that she could meet up with Kif; Bendin' in the Wind, where Leela comforts the damaged robot; and an image from the latest comic, with Zapp dreaming of Leela as a jungle queen.

Finally, I'll reiterate Leandro's call to our visitors: bring on the fan art! [Graham]

Finally ready to ship! After a loooooooooong wait (a full year or so, though I got my 2001 calendar just five or so months ago), the Futurama 2002 Calendar is now available at Amazon! Woohoo! Horray! Booze! Don't be a fool like Yours Truly who waited to the last minute and ended up paying five times its price at eBay... get it now for ten bucks at Amazon!

Now, in other news... I have my monthly update! Happens that it's winter vacation down here in Argentina, and I have two nephews, who happen to like driving me crazy, so I haven't been very active. There's a new pic by an old submitter, The Force, and I hope he sends more. There are several artists that vanished from this face of the web... especially I wonder what happened with German "Elzar" Minces, Reed, Dusty Petty, Robert Hawks (well, I know, he's not only siteless now but webless too), Grosse (who was with The Leela Zone at the very beginning) and Sabine Fisher (who drew very neat full-body pictures). People, come baaack! We need ya!!!

And to end my monthly update, there are four new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley. About use #149, Smiley has this to say: "All right ya youngins, use 149 is a golden goody blast from Smiley's past; featurin the late "Big Daddy" Roth's eternal rodent Rat Fink. He's a trashin a hacker/road cone, 3 of his competition mice, and usin his nitro-burnin Bender-Blown Edsel ta do it! Fly Guy Fry is along, nats, and Purty Purple caint catch um. But you can at this site or RATFINK.ORG or MOONEYESUSA.COM. Afta da rat scannin, 'mon back, here!" [Leandro]

August 1, 2001

My favourite head on Amy's body! I have got 12 more new pics from Zapp's Woman, for our Fan Art section. These new pics bring her total to 136 pictures in all... and yet more are to be put up shortly. Anyway, there might be a lot of them, but they still are original works, and I like them.

Anyway, I'm off to make some coffee, eat something light, then... do the usual loser stuff. Ciao! [Graham]