August 2000

August 31, 2000

I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life... Fourth day in a row that I can't get a decent sleep. Too much work this week, and more to come. I updated Guess The Framegrab, but don't expect me to do anything for another day or two. I'll probably have more time in my hands next week. [Leandro]

August 29, 2000

Deleting Interactive Story Chapters I got a complaint in form of a rather short Interactive Stories chapter that I should stop deleting the chapters that are posted. Well, to that I can only answer, try posting stuff that is more then two or three lines of unimaginative crap. Sorry but that's the way it is. The Leela Zone has had a reputation for thriving Interactive Stories of compareratively high literaric standards, and it worked excellent until the hack when everyone's favorite stories got deleted. Now the whole situation collapsed and the few chapters that are tinkling in are short and not really up to the standard that most chapters were before the hack. Probably got to do with the Summer Break. What's wrong people? Do you want more Stories? Different ones? Lemme know!!! [Dave]

Fox doesn't proudly present... Four women. A death-tennis court. The winner of the silver medal at the 2996 Olympics helps Leela in a battle for dignity and self-respect against the winner of the gold medal and an old enemy at the Madison Cube Garden. Now playing in your local Fan Fiction section, "The Fault, Dear Leela..." (soundtrack by Survivor, Queen, and whoever did Rocky's theme...) [Leandro]

August 28, 2000

C'mon people! Guess! No one got right the last Guess The Framegrab, and it was not that hard... so now I'm posting one that's easier than getting fragged in Quake. What, do you want content? Well, tomorrow I'll upload a Fan Fiction that was submitted yesterday and I didn't HTMLize yet. But right now I only want to sleeeeep... [Leandro]

August 27, 2000

Japi birtdai tu yú, Marcelo! Well, today Marcelo Mottalli from Futurama Latinoamérica turns 18 years old, so go and spam him a lot with Happy Birthday messages! In website-related news, no one is getting right the current Guess The Framegrab... what's happening with ya people? [Leandro]

August 26, 2000

Content move. I moved the previous two pics from Smiley on Hackers to the new section 101 Uses For A Hacker, and put all the "Save Futurama" images from Smiley (including a new one) in the same place: Smiley's Art. I did it this way to avoid mixing Leela pictures in the Fan Art pages with non-Leela pictures. Also, about "Save Futurama", here's a message from Smiley: "If your fans want to email suggestions for 5" x 7" art to complement their email bombardment October 1st, take them in and pass them along to me. I'll do as many as possible and send em back to you". So, send your suggestions already! Use the Contact form or just email me. [Leandro]

Guess The Framegrab, willya? Only two answers for the last Guess The Framegrab. I changed the picture already, so go and guess... this one is way easier. [Leandro]

August 24, 2000

Oh, boy... this is not gonna be pretty. The great Smiley has once again sent some of his wonderful graphics for a new section: Leela's 101 Uses For A Hacker. Do I need to say more? Yes, that there are three uses right now, but more are coming . Do you have an special use for a hacker? Send it right away! [Leandro]

Oops... I forgot to say that Guess the Framegrab was updated yesterday at... uh... I guess it's 20:00 PDT, but I'm completely unsure... timezones are weird. [Leandro]

August 23, 2000

Letter Campaign against FOX! Brad plans to launch a letter campaign against FOX. On October 1st sharp send them your complaint email or snailmail! That way we'll get a crushing impact by numbers. Brad will soon (more precisely, from tomorrow onwards) provide a template on his Save Futurama Site so you can just copy and paste it, insert your name and send it off! Easy done. [Dave]

Wow - I love publicity Thanks a lot Leandro!!! go to the Interactive Stories and view some chapters and you'll know what i mean - leandro built in an add for my soon-to-be site about romance in Futurama - Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace (LiC). I can't thank this guy enough, after all he did for me with the cgi-scripts for the new site . [Dave]

Ohhh, I remember. Thanks to Willy Pete, who sent me a screen grab of how The Leela Zone looks in Netscape, I recognized the problem in the layout; is the exact same problem that the purple layout had when it was first uploaded in April: Netscape doesn't show the background image or color of a cell if that cell doesn't have some text or images on it. Geez, I tought the "wonderful people" behind the browser would've fixed that by now, but nooo. Anyway, I added transparent images to each cell without content; it should work now. If it still doesn't, what the hell, download Opera: only 2 MB, vs. the 25 MB of Netscape (and the god-knows-how-much MB of IE). [Leandro]

The Unidentified Ship. Apparently Dave forgot to say that he fixed the first chapter of the Interactive Story that was screwed up. So, go now and post some entries! And Dave, you better go too to the CGI generated pages, I want you to tell me what do you think of the banner I added today to these pages... [Leandro]

The first batch of hate-mail is here! And it's all about the same thing: the site looks way wrong with Netscape. Well, I don't have Netscape, only Opera (and IE, but not by choice), so I don't know what looks wrong. But I changed the way the backgrounds are loaded and added some tags that should fix things, so if you have Netscape please report if it still looks "wrong" (being a little more descriptive, please). [Leandro]

August 22, 2000

Don't click the banner aaaaaaaaaaaddd...!!! (crash) There, you see. Leela just crashed on the banner ad, and with the crash, all the colors and graphics of the layout got changed. The HTML too, but you won't notice that unless you really have a lot of time in your hands . Anyway, there is no poll this time, because I created this design to be similar to the previous one, so if you liked the purple one, chances are you'll like this one too. Hate mail is welcome, as always . This is not a "fake layout" like the previous one (which was just a joke), this is an actual layout that will show on all the pages, and I hope will remain for a while (give it two weeks ) [Leandro]

Remember the Not Daily Trivia? Well, it was "put on vacation" during CGEF's trivia contest, and I was thinking in getting it back "now that the trivia's ending", but Andie told me that CGEF's daily trivia will continue, and only the scores will be reset. So, I'm replacing the Not Daily Trivia with Guess the Framegrab. Every two or three days a new distorted framegrab will be there, for you to try to remember from which episode it is. Of course, the framegrabs are Leela-only. If you have comments about this, just email or use the Contact Us form. [Leandro]

August 21, 2000

LiC Update For no particulear reason I'll let the Futurama Community know about the status of my soon-to-be romance site. The content is all done and uploaded, and a subdomain at morefuturama.com is established. Leandro just finished the cgi-scripts for me (THANKS MAN!!!!!). Josh (CGEF) was going to do the layout but is very busy lately. He'll send me the almost-done layout over and i'll complete it. THANKS JOSH!!! As soon as I finish the layout the site will open! [Dave]

Good stuff... Mark LeWald (yes, our Mark LeWald, the creator of The Leela Zone) just sent me two new sketches for the Fan Art section, and they're awesome. Thanks Mark! And you, still reading? Here's something I haven't said in a while: go feast your eyes! And the Top Referers page is updated; no "Search String Awards" this time because people started submitting weird keywords on purpose, but the statistics are still there (check the 6th most popular search string to see what I mean about 'weird keywords'). [Leandro]

August 20, 2000

Smiley strikes again! Smiley The Great has once again blessed us with his genious! These 6 wonderful new images in the Fan Art gallery support Brad Rousse's Save Futurama Site. If you haven't signed up yet DO IT NOW!!. Well, after you took a look at these new wonderful images . [Dave]

New Interactive Story! One and one makes two - we have a second new Interactive Story in the Interactive Stories section, a nice starter written by Marissa. Enjoy! [Dave]

August 19, 2000

Save Futurama! Nothing much new... "Which Party" in the Interactive Stories is going slow but we get the occasional gem entry . but i barely get any submissions at all for the new interactive stories. well, in that case i'll re-review the submissions for the last contest and pick two winners. In other news - if you haven't signed the petition at Save Futurama yet then do it now!!!! [Dave]

Bob Strikes Again! Yesterday I visited Futurama Fan Art after a while (I don't go often because the site is slow) and I found three Leela images that I didn't see before. So, they're now online here. I'd also find another painting from Dusty Petty, but I won't put it here as it's a nude picture. There, for all of you that search for nude pictures, I gave you a pointer. See, I'm not that bad. Now, stop sending "Leandro Pardini nude" search strings only to get a search string award... the only one you'll get that way is the "most lame attempt at getting a search string award ever". I've got eight already... [Leandro]

August 18, 2000

New content!!! Yep, that's right! Robert Hawks from Futurama Fan Art sent a Fan Art of the four-legged mimic from Love's Labors Lost in Space. "It's not exactly a Leela picture, but it's close". Totally agreed. In other, unrelated to everything, news, I'd finally buy a CDRW drive today, so the next item in my list is a video capture card. Meaning that, when I get it, the High-Quality Grabs section will get a much-needed update. And in other news, I... what the hell, you already noticed that, and it's not new anyway. If you're browsing the news archive next week... yes, I'm talking about yet another layout change. Go to our own page at The Stupid Ages to see it, as it probably will be deleted in a few days... [Leandro]

August 15, 2000

So, the gang's all here! According to Josh from Can't Get Enough Futurama, The Leela Zone was mentioned in the Futurama Comic #1, despite everyone else saying otherwise. I wonder why... Anyway, you guessed it: no new content. These three words are appearing at this page far too often... why don't you star artists submit Fan Art? You start writers, submit Fan Fiction or put something at the Interactive Stories... I know it's season break and it's hard to come up with something, but try... [Leandro]

August 13, 2000

The many faces of TLZ... Still, no new content. I'm downloading the NewsPro script to help Dave on his site, and while it downloads I decided to modify the About This Site page to include a screenshot of every layout of The Leela Zone. Nothing new, I know, but since I can't do anything new until (checks the countdown at the top of the page) 83 days from now, that should be enough. Oh, the file finished downloading already, read you later... [Leandro]

August 12, 2000

We got an Award!! The dudes at Planet
gave us the "Page of the Month" Award for August. Yay!
In other news, I got hardly any new submissions for the Interactive Stories. There are two starters to be written by you and chapters to be added to "Which Party?". I know the season break makes it hard for all Futurama sites but we really had the whole thing going before the hack, couldn't we restart that? I know you are out there, star writers. [Dave]

Don't you have your Y2Kalendar? Don't worry! Futurama Latinoamérica now features wallpapers of each image from the Y2Kalendar! Just click here to enjoy 'em. And if you understand spanish, stay a while! Futurama Latinoamérica is one of the few spanish sites worth a visit (the other is Futurama en Español. [Leandro]

And the winner is... "Britney Spears catsuit picture" is the winner of the "most irrelevant search string" award! In the "Search string that surprised me more" category, the absolute winner is "Leandro Pics". And finally, the "Related keyword... sort of" category has a winner too: "Wallpapers of the new Miss Universe". For the complete awards and also some statistics, check the updated Links page, with data from the last 10 days. Nuttin' else new, people, we're still in season break. [Leandro]

August 11, 2000

Total Silence..... At least that's what it seems like for me, the manager of the Interactive Stories section. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! C'mon people, we had this great story thing going before the hack, can't we try to pick this up again? Or do you guys want more/different stories? Restoring Time Travel will be a bit of a pain in the ass and the story wasn't that popular I think anyway. So here ya go. Two new stories. I accept entries. Just email them to me and the best two will be on The Leela Zone That way we'll way we'll have three fan-choosen stories. Still waiting... [Dave]

August 9, 2000

Matthew Lenahan issues... Well, I just finished writing sort of an "open letter" about Matthew Lenahan. And you know what? I'm not going to waste 12 KB of space on it. I'll give my reasons in a news update, sweet and short. First: Matthew has promised a lot of content, but never got any. His promises of content are empty (search the news archive). The only content of The Leela Zone that Matthew has "selected" is the Framegrabs. Second: lots of people are tired of his "devotion" towards Leela. So, what do they do? Send a message through the Contact Us form saying what a moron he is. Messages that I get. Note for everyone: the form messages goes to me, not him. Stop sending hate mail that way, unless it's about the layouts. Third: he is a "computer illiterate". He doesn't know how to access an FTP or create an HTML file. So, how come he "was" a webmaster? Good question. What he does, when he does it, is to contribute to The Leela Zone, with Fan Fiction being the only area that has content from him. The Leela Zone has more content from Smiley than from Matthew. Fourth: the past month he didn't write to me at all, no replies, nothing. Pretty enough to get me tired of waiting for him. So, I blocked his access to NewsPro, to avoid him posting more empty promises, and deleted his name from the "maintained by" list, as he doesn't maintain the site at all. He's still welcome to submit content, as anyone else is, but unless he learns the basics of webmastering (I recommend a trip to this site for great web tutorials) he can't be listed as webmaster. Oh, and note something: he is not "creator" of the site. He doesn't own The Leela Zone. Mark LeWald is the creator, and he uploaded everything to the old Leela Zone. Also, note that Matthew is not coming back to The Leela Zone. If I give him access again, he'll just keep doing the same thing as before: nothing. I really hope that Matthew takes this kicking as an incentive to learn how to maintain a web site. Maybe he'll even start his own Leela site, in which case The Leela Zone will finally have someone to compare to. But if he doesn't, well... The Leela Zone will remain as the only Leela site on the web. Just with one person less in the credits. [Leandro]

August 7, 2000

Jerkwad eBay makes me sick to my ass! A big TRABA just won me an auction at eBay, just for $0.05. Therefore, seeing that the world is against me today (even while I have won auctions for $0.01, but hey, it's not nice when they do that to YOU), I'm not in the mood for creating a new layout (THE HUMANITY!!!). Gettin' back to the purple layout, like it or not. Geez. 70% against the new one, BTW. And, about Matthew: there was no fight, stop the rumors. I'll write to you later, recontrapajerazo. [Leandro]

August 6, 2000

Oh, and BTW... I didn't say it in the last "update", but yes, votes to any of the "trash this one" options will be counted as being against this layout. So, if the poll says 49% like this layout more, but 25% want the previous one back and 26% want one of the other layouts back, I'll switch back to one of the other layouts. Get it? And to Aaron from Futurama Fan-o-Rama, who wrote me "As I said in the newsletter about a month back: CUT IT OUT, CAN'T YA?!", I reply: hey, the season premiere is still three months away... what else can I do??? [Leandro]

Believe it or not... The poll didn't give me the hate-mail quality results I was waiting for. Only 42 votes, 13 of them for "Keep this one", 19 for "Trash it and go back to the previous one before I break your neck", and 10 for "Go back to one of the previous ones". I'll let the poll run another day or two... There were plenty of complaints about the background of the text interfering with the reading, so I applied more gamma to it. [Leandro]

August 5, 2000

Silverwolf strikes again! Fry's Return Chapter 4 by Silverwolf, the author of the Legendary Leela's Return, is up in the Fan Fiction section! [Dave]

Now featuring.... The most un-Futurama layout ever to hit a Futurama web site! Yes, this is The Leela Zone, you're not at the wrong site. I just wanted to give it a really different look, and hey, I had some textures... let me know what you think by answering the poll I'll put up in a minute, via Message Board or via hate mail. In other news, Marcelo Mottalli sent me this link, where you can hear fragments of the Turangalîla Symphonie. [Leandro]

"Which Party?" back online! Interactive Story freaks and/or/both star-writers galore!!! "Which Party" in the Interactive Stories Section is back online! Sorry it took so long, if I perceived it right that story was pretty popular before the hack, so go and revitalise it! ... ahh, its good to be back on the job [Dave]

August 3, 2000

Crud looks like Leandro beat me to it with the mega-update... just as well, now i can upload some more stuff to "love's labor lost in Cyberspace" - expect the site to open soon [Dave]

We're baaack!!! Finally, the new login is working! And that means new stuff! Thanks a lot Andie and Jason, and also Smiley for the emails. The not-very-recent-now "hacking" prompted two pieces of Fan Art by Smiley that are "pure nuclear dynamite". They're not Leela-related but I'll put them here anyway. "These two are sure to inflame some of the putrefying pusbuckets with delusions of Cyber God-hood in their basketcase brain bags". Thanks again Smiley! Then there's three new paintings made by Dusty Petty, including one of Leela as Rogue (from X-Men). Finally, there's one scan made by Robert Hawks. In the Fan Fiction department, Willy Pete sent a Big'n'Good Fan Fiction, Relics. Go read it... or better, download it and read it offline, as it's big (83KB). Unrelated to this, Blake Hodgetts send this interesting bit: You don't mention that Leela's first name (or family name, or some other name at any rate) is "Turanga", making her full name "Turanga Leela". This is actually a very obscure joke, because she appears to be named after a symphony by Olivier Messiaen called "Turangalîla"... but not many people would recognize that. You might want to mention her full name in your profile, at any rate. Thanks Blake! It's now in the Biography and it shall remain there 'til the end of time (or until the next putrefying pusbucket with delusions of Cyber God-hood in his basketcase brain bag deletes it). And to end the update, Matthew Lenahan is no longer part of The Leela Zone. Oh, and I put up a JavaScript countdown to Season 3. Copy the JavaScript code to your own page if you want, but tell me. [Leandro]