July 2015
Happy Hug A Giant Day
Posted on July 21, 2015 by Tim
I'll be you didn't know there was such a thing as “Hug A Giant Day”, did you? Well, if you hang out at DeviantART you might have run across it 'cause it's something they do. And Spaceman130 did this pic in celebration of same, as if Fry didn't have his hands full with a normal sized Leela.
Later that same year ....
Posted on July 7, 2015 by Tim
Surprise! Bet you all thought I'd fallen off the face of the planet, eh? Well, that Real Life stuff HAS been kicking my shiny metal the last couple of months but I finally found the time and gumption to put some stuff up. So leading off is a new illustrated Fan Fiction from Gulliver63. It's called Give Me Steam and it's (so far as I know) the first Futurama Steampunk story. In it we find out what happens when Leela ends up in the Steamverse and becomes the pilot of the company's delivery air ship. Gulliver did a lot of research on language, and having in his past more than a few hours of flight time in his log you can bet the flight stats are spot on too.

My good friend Dingsda was in Holland Michigan recently when he spotted this familiar face outside a smoke shop. If you really want to know exectly where you'll have to check out the other photo in Fan's Photos.

You may have heard that the USofA is considering putting a womans likeness on it's ten dollar bill, so kaspired has come up with four (unofficial) suggestions. It's pretty obvious which one would be our favorite although he suspects that, sadly, one of the others might be selected first.

And bouncing back to the Fan's Photos section again, DSS wrote to say that he met Maurice LaMarche himself at Comic Con! DSS says “He was really cool to mingle with and he even liked my impressions of Kif’s sighing and of Lrrr’s over-the-top voice.” And he got the image of Kiff autographed.