July 2012
Seven for the road
Posted on July 27, 2012 by Tim
One: Periodically !iMmOrTaL! has been teasing us with snippets of art and news about his long awaited fan comic Welcome To The World Of Sorrow, and today is no exception. He says he still has four pages to go before the first release but that he'd let us have this promo art.

Two, Three, Four: Three new Fan Fics from Rush, all straight from an AU glue factory. They are:
  • Harbinger Of Waffles in what aptly be subtitled "Rush ate too many cupcakes", weirder than usual stuff happens in the Futuramaverse.
  • Parallel Anger in which Bender makes someone from another parallel universe very angry (that's never happened before )
  • and Farny's Doomsday Device which has Fry walking in to see Farnsworth working on his latest doomsday device. Boom!

Five: On more Fan Fics update. This one from Lauren Smiles with part 5 of her FutureSmiles. Might there be some kinds of bells in Fry's immediate future?

Six and Seven: Anyone who follows Rush's fan fics of late has probably figured out that Futurama is not the only fandom he's infected with - yep, he's clearly a Brony and here's two pieces of Fan Art to prove it.

And now the “for the road” part, tomorrow is moving day (if I'm lucky they'll have the DSL hooked up) and then I leave town for a week without any kind of internet access (I'm not even taking a computer) so things'll be a little quiet around here for a while. See you on the other side *does the hand thing*.
All glory to the T-shirt
Posted on July 24, 2012 by Tim
Ok, time for a little shameless plugging of a commercial enterprise. Usually we tell people that want us to promote something to get lost, but every once in a while there comes one that's actually promoting what we're here for. So let me re-introduce you to Max Larson (a name that does not sound like a presidential candidate in the Futuramaverse) who is a “Marketing Coordinator” (aka Bureaucrat) with an outfit called Ripple Junction, the official licensee of Futurama apparel. He says that before they release new designs they generally try and get fan opinion on the new styles and that they will be randomly giving shirts out to those who help out. And it turns out that “helping out” is as easy as taking a survey, which you can do here. Here's your chance to have a say in picking out the newest Futurama designs, not to mention having a chance to win one! And if you do win one, send us a picture of yourself wearing it.

And now some Fan Art! !iMmOrTaL! has this new character design for his forthcoming Fan Comic to be titled Welcome to the World of Sorrow. This is the last character design and soon we should begin seeing the long awaited comic.

And this pic from Lauren Smiles, obviously of Fry. She says it's her first attempt at drawing Fry - and I sez not too bad.
Happy Birthday Pieter!
Posted on July 22, 2012 by Tim
What day is today? It's Pieter's Birthday! What a day for a birthday, let's all have some cake! Yep, today is Pieter Antonissen's birthday and to celebrate we have a whole bunch of new pages to his super duper Fan Comic Four Better or Four Worse. Yep, sixteen new pages of chewy bare butt goodness as Leela, Fry, Kif, and Amy continue their desert island adventure while the folks back home try to figure out where they disappeared too, along with the search and rescue team sent after them. The new stuff starts on page 74.
It's official, alochol is involved
Posted on July 20, 2012 by Tim
Got a hot, seamin' pile of fresh Rushfic, and one of 'em explains a lot. The fics, eight of 'em, are as follows:
Back it up, Sal!
Posted on July 17, 2012 by Tim
Time to exercise this newly installed hard drive and unload a pile of stuff that's been backlogged at the same time. Said stuff is a bunch of Fan Fiction, so grab those reading glasses and settle in.

First up, two new ones from Dwayne Anderson. They're the latest gristly installments in his death and dismemberment epic Matters of Life and Death. In part 12, Apperionitly Dead, it's Kif's turn to suffer the irony of his alien physiology; and in part 13, Plumper Humper Farnsworth visits his lady friend from 300 Big Boys and learns the hard way that size does matter.

Next is Trenton Sands with a fic called Adventures of B.R. And The Nibb in which a horrific accident involving zombies during a delivery leads to everyone expect Bender landing in the hospital thus leaving him with Planet Express all to himself. So, what's a robut to do? Blackjack and Hookers? Hardly. Instead he's the host with the most when he shows an episode that's a parody of the failed late 1970's TV series B.J. And The Bear. Leela, Farnsworth, Hermes, and Amy do not appear in this fanfic.

And finally, a new installment in FutureSmiles, a fic by LaurenSmiles that continues here zany adventures in the 'ramaverse.
The Big Bang, part 2
Posted on July 16, 2012 by Tim
Really Good News everyone! We're back in business! I rummaged a (please don't laugh) 80 gig hard drive out of my stash-o-drives, got FreeBSD 8.3 up and running on it, restored by tfm user account, and recreated most all of the things I missed backing up (little things like .cshrc, .login, and .lftp/bookmarks ) but hey, that's what makes computers fun, right. So anyway, back to biz - last time we had this promo pic that Gulliver63 sent in and now, finally, here's the Fan Fiction it's supposed to promote. It's called The Big Bang Law which as I mentioned last time is a Futurama/Big Bang Theory crossover fic which tells what happens when the PE crew have to come back to 2012 to grab Sheldon Cooper. Madness, that's what. Will Howard Wolowitz get to fly a spaceship? Will Raj talk to a woman? All these questions and more are answered in Gulliver's latest mash-up. Bazinga!

Ever wonder where the Amazonians came from and why they don't have any males amongst them? Well, here's a new Fan Comic that might just answer both those questions. It won't answer all of them today, 'cause it isn't completed yet - but here are the first six tantalizing pages of Inquisitor Hein's 30, which promises to tell us just that and also spoof 30 in the process. I assume “30” is a movie, but the only one I could find was the 1959 Jack Webb flick where he's running a newspaper, and I didn't think that was quite right, given the content of the comic and all. I'm sure someone will enlighten me.

So, one problem solved and we're back on the air, and sooner than expected. Still to come is the move and being gone for three of the next six weeks but I shall endeavor to get more contributions put up as time and opportunity permit. Keep on sending them in (Rush, you can stay on holiday for a bit longer ), I've got a list, and I'll work through them as best as I can until Real Life sorts itself out.
The Big Bang, part 1
Posted on July 10, 2012 by Tim
Things never seem to happen all by themselves. Nah, when stuff happens, it usually rolls in like a tsunami at a Japanese power station. More on that in a moment - first, here is the first part of what was supposed to be a two part item for tonight. It's a spot of Fan Art from Gulliver63, which is really cover art for his new Fan Fiction The Big Bang Law, which as you might guess is a Futurama/Big Bang Theory crossover fic. Now, ordinarily, I'd put up the fic along with the art. Problem is, the hard drive on my faithful old FreeBSD box, which has been my constant companion in this endeavor for the last six years, is dieing, and there's where all of the scripts and tools I use to do most stuff on this site lives. So I have to rebuild that. Problem number 2 - in a little over a week, if all goes as planned, I'm moving. I'm not quite sure yet just how long it's going to take to get internet into the new place, not to mention there there's quite a few years worth of crap to sort, purge, move, and organize and all of the other baggage that goes along with a change of address. And, to top it all off I'll be just plain gone for about three weeks in August. So, the bottom line is that things are going to be kinda slow around the old Madhouse for a while (Rush, now would be a good time for a holiday ). But, not to worry, after a brief "hiatus", things should get back to normal around here (whatever normal is for this place), and we Futurama fans, we're always up a for a good "hiatus".
Attack of the Ponies
Posted on July 8, 2012 by Tim
Eh yeah, the Futuramaverse is being invaded by cute little ponies. I think I know how Zoidberg feels now. Anyway, the pile of Rush fics I threatened last time is here, along with the pic you see here, which is a promo pic for the first fic. They are, in no particular order:
  • Attack Of The Ponies in which New New York is attacked by giant Ponies!
  • The Space Lobster Controversy where Zoidberg, upon arriving at work, is shocked to see what his "friends" are doing.
  • Mass-O-Rama Ending Redo wherein the Lord Of The U-J-Benders was so disappointed at the ending of Mass Effect 3 he has made plans to change it using certain (probably non-Newtonian) elements.
  • The Shadow Of The Bieber in which we experience the horrors of Justin Bieber clones tormenting the universe.
  • Interruptions Of Doom, the tale of what happens when the morning Planet Express staff meeting is interrupted several times.
  • Brony-O-Rama which has Bender horrified to find out everyone at his work place have become obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (and he ain't the only one. ).

And in the non-pony realted portion of todays update, Umbreon honors us with a new comic Comic Transcript. This one is for #60, titled The Bot Who Cried Wolf in which, among other things, Fry and Leela ride an emotional roller coaster (literally).
Freedom Day! Oy!
Posted on July 4, 2012 by Tim
Happy Freedom Day (aka 4th of July) USA! Well, it's hotter than robot hell here right now and in a little while we'll have a gathering to go to with food and drink and explosive devices so this'll be a short one. To start out with dinkdrinker has a new Fan Fiction to celebrate Freedom Day which is, coincidentally, titled Freedom Day. It's a tale about how PE the crew celebrate this special day, but, as one crew member reminds us, some holidays are about more than just a party.

And, just 'cause it was either this one or a whole pile of Rush fics, and I was in a hurry to get to the party, here's a new one from Lauren Smiles. It's the first installment in a fic called Good and Bad Times, in which the Professor has dies and something about it doesn't seem quite right, so Fry and Leela start to investigate.
Quantity has a quality all it's own
Posted on July 1, 2012 by Tim
Supposedly that saying is attributed to the Soviet military, but wherever it comes from, it applies here 'cause, since I' haven't updated in a few days, I'll make up for it with a bunch of stuff. We'll start out with !iMmOrTaL!. Yep, that's him right there. Or rather, his head in a jar. It's one of three new character design sheets featuring guest stars in his upcoming comic Welcome to the World of Sorrow. The other two are Pieter Antoniessen and Jenny (OC of PandaJenn). He sez that he's got 40 pages completed and when he reaches 45 he'll reveal the final character design and that will reveal the final franchise parody. He goes on to say “ Without of giving too much away, let's see if anyone can guess which franchise. So here's an anagram: OER PHOIK TWRTCH ERRORHS CYOU”. Ok, well, it's not really an anagram, but I'm sure there several people out there who are clever enough to decipher it.

If ya dig around in the Fan's Photos section, you'll find pics of Flounder's van and my truck with FM/TLZ's URL across the back window. Welcome dinkdrinker into the fold, who found out just who hard it is to get a decent photo off a sloping car window on a sunny day. Flounder had a few of these decals made a while back and one or two have found their way elsewhere. So, if you're here because you saw www.futurama-madhouse.com.ar in someone's back window, honk and wave. Oh, and maybe drop us a note too.

And now, a spot of Fan Fiction please. Lauren Smiles has a new installment in her fic FutureSmiles. The latest is part 3.

And lastly, some more Fan Art of the two headed Fry variety from Jenny Ngo.