July 2011
Claw and Order!
Posted on July 26, 2011 by Tim
So for a while now, thanks mainly to the efforts of Dinkdrinker and Umbreon, your favorite oldest living Futurama fansite has been building something that no other living Futurama fansite site has* - Comic Transcripts. And now I am pleased to say “Good News Everybody” 'cause we've got a new on to add to our ever growing collection, and I'm even more pleased to say “In your face Wernstrom” because this one comes from a brand new contributor. Everyone, say hello to DannyJC13 who sends in a transcript of number 48, Claw and Order!.

If I'm breaking out a beach picture it can only mean one thing - yup - you got it, I have sand in my shorts. Ok, well, not yet anyway, but I am taking off for a few days of fun in the sun so things is going to be a little quiet around here. Unless, that is, one of the other webmasters sobers up long enough to actually do an update. So while I'm gone (Rush, plug your ears) I expect everyone to flood my mail box with all that great stuff you've been saving up but it's just been too hot or cold (depending on what hemisphere you are in and your stance on climate change) to send in.

* that I know of
Jumping from Universe to universe with the frequency of a cheap ham radio
Posted on July 25, 2011 by Tim
I could not resist parodying a line from one of my favorite old time Saturday Night Live skits because two of the last three of Rush's pile-o-Fan Fiction are all Universe Jumping Bender stories. Bet you didn't see that coming. Anyway, today we have Three Logical Flaws which is three alternate universes to the three scenarios of The Futurama Holiday Spectacular; then there's U-J-Bender and God in which you know who meets the God Galaxy Entity and asks him a few questions. And then lastly, the non-UJB story, TV and Video Games which is set after the events of The Mutants Are Revolting where Fry, Amy, Leela, and Bender watch a very old game on TV.
We're Just Supper
Posted on July 24, 2011 by Tim
About three updates back (19 July 2011) we featured Gulliver63's Fan Fiction and Fan Art combo We're Just Super, and I made a comment about looking that just prior to my evening meal and thinking it said “We're Just Supper”. That's what I get for working on this stuff when I'm hungry (wait a sec, that's all the time. DOH!). Anyway, Gulliver thought that was pretty funny and it inspired this bit of Fan Art which is called We're Just Supper. He also mentioned “I think this is the first time I've ever drawn Elzar...hopefully it won't be the last!“.

Good News Everyone! The cover art for the Futurama Monopoly Game was release at ComicCon, along with the news that the pre-order date has been moved up to September 1, 2011. The press release I received says “Oh. Your. God! America's most popular board game is getting a 31st century spin! In New New York, you'll use your millions to buy, sell, and trade properties from the animated series. From Mom's Friendly Robot Company to Planet Express Headquarters, you can also build Resi-domes and People Hives as you battle for control of the galaxy.” There is also a cool video on YouTube showing how the PE ship game piece was created.

And now, in the “I vas just followink orders” department, here's a new Fan Art from Jenny Ngo who has now graduated to three headed Frys, and when someone who draws multi-headed Fry says “Do it now”, it just seems like a safe bet to do so. She explaith thusly: “Fry added a new friend to his body! The two of him are overjoyed with a third Fry!”.
I'm gonna drink 'till I reboot
Posted on July 22, 2011 by Tim
Let me just hang up the carboard sign that says The Rush Zone 'cuase I'm still mopping up the load of Fan Fiction that Rush dropped off last week. So first off are three short ones staring his signature character, Universe Jumping Bender, beginning with The Continuing Of The U-J-Bender Madness which is your basic UJB madness. Second is a fic that I think is mis-titled; it's The Forgotten Tales Of U-J-Bender. Now as webmaster I'm probably not supposed to have an opinion on these things, but on this one I just gotta say that I think it should have been The Best Forgotten Tales Of U-J-Bender. Rush describes it as “More lost adventures of Universe Jumping Bender, which may effect your universe in a weird way.”. I'll mention that lovers and haters of slash fic will all find something to enjoy in this one. You've been warned. And the last of the UJB trio is The Marvellous Misadventures Of U-J-Bender wherein UJB makes some more brief parallel universe visits. The last fic is The Yonder Times. Amazingly, UJB doesn't 'even have a cameo in this one (Rush, I think you missed a bet there). Anyway, this on is an alternate ending to The Late Phillip J. Fry.
Fan art by Rush
Happy Birthday !iMmOrTaL!
Posted on July 20, 2011 by Tim
What day is today? It's !iMmOrTaL!'s birthday. What a day for a birthday, let's all have some cake! And you should be happy that you only have to read it and can't hear me singing it. Anyway, it does happen to be !iMmOrTaL!'s birthday and by pure luck of the draw I found that wad of cash in between a couple of the Fan Arts he sent in and also it just so happens he's next on the list anyway. So here's three new drawings, all based on scenes from the latest episodes.

And that's all I have time for today.
We're Just Super
Posted on July 19, 2011 by Tim
But then, you already knew that. Anyway, when I first saw the name of Gulliver63's latest Fan Fiction I thought it said supper and assumed it was going to be a Zoidberg story. But then after supper I re-read it and realized it was super. And it is super, as in with a cape and a skin tight spandex costume, because in this fic poor Philip J. Fry finds himself in a universe inhabited by citizens with super-abilities and what's worse, he has to save the day. How does he do it? How will the Consortium of Evil react to this? Stay tuned to this Futurama channel and find out... But wait, there's more! What goes better with superheros than comic books? Not a darn thing, they go together like Bender and beer, so the big G63 threw in this bonus Fan Art, a comic cover. Super!

Ok, so here we have a chalk drawing of Bender on a 2€ mini-blackboard. Look quickly because he might pop out of this universe at any moment, or perhaps succumb to the vicious eraser beasts of Oldskull 9. In any event, this is a sure sign that Rush is in a nearby pub embalming himself and so while he's doing that, let me just dispose of a couple more of his Fan Fictions. The first one is That Darn Fox in which Amy forces Fry and Bender to watch Justin Bieber. Actually there's a bit more to it than that, including where that title came from. The other one is LOTR rama where Universe Jumping Bender finally gets clear of that el-cheapo blackboard and really screws things up in The Lord Of The Rings universe.
All the time in the world
Posted on July 18, 2011 by Tim
Bosda was surfing through sites on the history of Science Fiction when he found this logo from Hugo Gernsback's old Science Fiction League and noted it's similarity to the PE logo. “Groening & company did not do this by accident, I'm betting” he says. We're inclined to agree so the two pics are now enshrined on the Miscellaneous Pictures page.

And now, for even more time, here's two more Comic Transcripts being the concluding two parts of The Time Bender Trilogy. Number eighteen was transcribed by Umbreon who persevered despite a malfunctioning '8' key on her keyboard; and #19 was done by dinkdrinker.
Good News UK
Posted on July 17, 2011 by Tim
A double whammy from and for our good friends in the UK. Futurama season seven is coming to the Sky network in the UK starting July 22nd at 8:00pm on Sky1. Huzzahs. Thanks to Rush for the tip.

Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, our good friends in the UK over at TSFFC are going to be running a new competition in the near future. In years past, they've run art and writing comps, but this one is something a little different. To quote the site's Grand Poohbah archonix, “Each day there will be one or two themes to choose from and artists or writers can submit work based on that theme, but it has to be within that 24 hour period. That means no epic dramas and enormous works of art, but more likely quick speed-paints and drabbles”. The timings are still being worked out so keep an eye on the site.

Now, for stuff with a little less localized focus, here's a double whammy; a Fan Art and a Fan Fiction, both called One Point. Kaspired is to blame, the picture version he describes as “a mind-twister drawing. It started as a simple one point perspective study. But me being me, well, it changed some. A little detail, I used 62 colors in this one. Originally I was going to just have everybody floating around, as if it was a zero gee kind of thing. But this was more fun.” (kind of reminds you of an apartment Fry and Bender once looked at, doesn't it?). And then, there's the story to go with it - it's a short read that should explain everything.

And lastly, welcome to The Rush Zone, where I try to keep up with Rush's rush of Fan Fiction. There's four of them today, so let's start with Darkness From The Light which is an alternate universe to Bender's Big Score, Hermes Hatred wherein Zoidberg asks Hermes why he hates him so much, Humanity Reminder, an Insane in the Mainframe AU story, and Improbable Invention, an after the Opera story in which a new invention of Farnsworth's seem more improbably than usual. By the way, did anyone happen to notice what it said on the package in last week's episode, Silence of the Clamps? No reason, just asking.
Maybe there IS such a thing as too much Amy Wong
Posted on July 13, 2011 by Tim
Ok, the joke here, for those of you that just tuned in, is there is a (cob)web site called There Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong (last updated in 2003). And now ordinarily I would agree with that sentiment, but ... well, here's some Fan Art that might just prove to be the exception to the rule. It's one of three new pics by kaspired that are inspired by and based on the recent new episode Neutopia.

Ok, now, grab you reading glasses and a fine cigar, and pour yourself a nice glass of Serial Port, it's time to settle in and do some reading 'cause we have some new Fan Fiction. You see, Rush has been busy writing, but up 'till now has forgotten the minor little detail of sending them to me when he's done with them. Well, he finally remembered and so I've got about sixteen fics sitting in my inbox, so the next few days are going to be something of a Rush-fest. Today we'll start with three: the first two are Bender's Bad Idea, in which Bender has yet another idea with the Banach-Tarski Dupla-Shrinker (see Benderama); and a sequel fic Meeting In Destruction. And lastly, Rush's signature character, Universe Jumping Bender, returns in The Chronicles of Universe Jumping Bender.
The "girls" are back.
Posted on July 11, 2011 by Tim
And so am I, but I'm sure your rather hear about Leela's “girls”. If you've seen or read about the gender swapping episode Neutopia then you'll know where this new Fan Art comes from. Lord Nibbler grabbed the fame, lifted Leela out, and added that part of her hair that was cropped in the video back in.

The next thing is some new Fan Fiction so here is part 5 of H-15's fic Danger in Peace. In this exiciting episode, Brannigan is hell bent on some payback, Fry is hell bent on Leela, and Jordan is hell bent on...dounuts?

And now, the moment you didn't even know was coming, but which you've all been waiting your whole lives for, we proudly present another Comic Transcript. But this isn't just any Comic Transcript. Oh my no. This is The Time Bender Trilogy, part 1. Which means there's still two more to go, give or take. Many thanks to Dinkdrinker for the transcript.
Things highly improbable
Posted on July 5, 2011 by Tim
Well it turns out that Futurama isn't the only thing to come back after a lapse of several years, it also happens, every now and again, that one of our old friends drops by, sometimes bearing gifts. In this case, it's SonicPanther with a new Fan Art of Fry and Zoidberg. SP says “I haven't submitted any fanart to this site for four years*. A lot about my style has changed, considering I last had art on the Madhouse when I was in middle school, and now I'm a high school senior. Well... Here's some art of Fry and Zoidberg, then!”. Huzzah! * actually it's only been 3 years and 8 months. .

And the classic compliment to Fan Art is Fan Fiction, and we present a new tome from dinkdrinker called Probability Improbable and any resemblance to well known British space opera is purely coincidence. No, this is a tale about a new invention of the professor's called the Improbability Drive and even though it appears to be an old sneaker with whizz in it it apparently enables the crew to travel to far and distant places much faster than the conventional old worm holes and what have you. Getting home, that might be another story - no, wait a sec - it isn't another story 'cause that's in this one. One of the side effects of not having enough "supplies" on board though, that might be another story.

And with that it's going to be a little quiet around here for a few days 'cause I'm off to soak up some rays and other fun stuff. See ya next week, meatbags.
Two heads are better than one?
Posted on July 3, 2011 by Tim
That's what they say, although I'm not sure who “they” is. But anyway, we have a couple of two headed things tonight. The first is a mutated Fry from that purveyor of fine two headed Frys, Jenny Ngo who popped by to drop off this new Fan Art, about which she says “Fry ends up mutating while cowering from Bender's evil side”. Yeah, I can see that.

Two more heads, this time operating independently have given us two more Comic Transcripts. Our dynamic duo of comic transcribers have cranked out #15, Fry Me to the Moon! done by dinkdrinker and #16 Kickin' It Old School was done by Umbreon. Huzzahs and Kudos to them for all their hard work.

Rush, who actually promoted the idea of having comic transcripts in the first place, has done a promo video what he put on YouTube about the project. Among other things, he notes that if you do a Google search on “Futurama comic transcript”, FM/TLZ is the only place you're going to find them. So I made sure we had a couple of Huzzahs and Kudos left for Rush, too.
Happy birthdays, let's all have some cake
Posted on July 1, 2011 by Tim
Let's start with the cake. Life is short, east dessert first, that's my motto, and I've got the waist line to prove it. Wish I'd had the picture the other night when we announced FM/TLZ's birthday but hey, better late than never. We can still celebrate so let's light the candles and celebrate five new Fan Arts from Onuki.

And now for the Happy Birthday, everyone say happy birthday to MC who, in a reverse of the usual birthday tradition, sends us a gift - it's the third part of his Fan Fiction called Amazing Grace: Was Blind, But Now I See in which alien pirates, cannibals, and evil spirits collide in the conclusion of the Amazing Grace trilogy. Questions will be answered: What really happened to Fry and Sister Jadzia? Who was that kid Leela beat up? Who's Harriet? And, most importantly, where do you bury the survivors?

Oh, and did you know today is Canada Day, eh? So Happy Birthday Canada! Also from Canada, Victoria B.C. to be exact, comes this pic that Frosty took while she was vacationing therein. It's a pretty good likeness of Bender holding a daffodil.