July 2008
Man that's a lot of pink
Posted on July 30, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone! !iMmOrTaL! rubbed a little miracle cream where the sun don't shine and cranked out another 13 pages (he says 12, but while I can't draw worth a hoot I can count ) of his comic The Wong Side Of The Law. There's a couple of cameo appearances in this one which he says will be explained near the end of the comic. I'm thinking that one of them will turn out to be !iMmOrTaL! but that's just my guess. Which begs the question, why is it that a self-insert is so awful in fan fiction and so cool in a comic? Anyway, while you're pondering that imponderable, check out the new stuff which starts on page 80.

Tell us what you think of The Wong Side Of The Law on our forum. Or you can always just click the artists' name and send them a note too - that's always a nice thing to do if you like someone's work - send them a note and say so. Artists and authors like that.

Ok, I'm going to take off again for a few days. I do that about every three weeks in the summer, and no, before anyone wonders, it's not to go get chemo treatments. When I get back, it'll be time to open the parabox and check out the submissions for The Great Real World Futurama Photo Contest. That means it's last call - you've got a few more days to get those photos in so keep some free space on your memory card and your eyes open for real world stuff with Futurama names on it.
Cards, Bards, and things that go bump in the night.
Posted on July 29, 2008 by Tim
First up tonight, a big thanks to JavieR over at our buddy site TFP for picking up on the Madhouse's birthday and his kind words. Also, lots of interesting news over there - about a deal between Fox and Hallmark; we might see some Futurama cards, maybe even ones with sound. I know I'd love a birthday card that says "Bite my shiny metal ass" when you open it. There's also some news out of comic-con. Check it out.

We haven't had any Fan Fiction for a while, so how about we do one of those. It's the eighth and final part of Hammer87's Great Universal War and for some reason the ending reminds me of The L5 Song.

And now for something completely different - two new Sound Clips. Smarty sent these in, one's from Hell Is Other Robots with Bender and the Robot Devil singing, and the other is from War is the H word of Zapp Brannigan reciting Bender's top 10 words.
Happy Birthday to us - 9 years and still the Oldest Living Futuram Fansite!
Posted on July 28, 2008 by Tim
Bring out the cake, light the candles, gather everyone around, and sing the birthday song 'cause The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite is still going strong as we celebrate 9 years. The artwork is by Unregistered and if it looks familiar, it should, 'cause it's from our B'day celebration last year (it was the only one that didn't say "8th" ). So a huge thank you to everyone who contributed (in more ways than one) to making this a great 9th year on line.

And what could be a better way to start off our 10th year than with some news of the next Futurama movie Bender's Game? This pic, which !iMmOrTaL! found on a German web site (he didn't way which one) looks like the cover art for BG and confirms the November 4, 2008 release date! Looks like it's from the just concluded 2008 Comic Con.
Benderís Game tentatively scheduled for Nov. 4 says DXC
Posted on July 27, 2008 by Tim
Yep, you heard it right, we have a tentative date for the release of Bender's Game - November 4, 2008. That according to an interview with David X. Cohen on AgentDVD.com. He goes on to say that BG will be a "takeoff on Dungeons & Dragons" and "Itís our first foray into fantasy, Itís visually spectacular". (I hope that means there will be another foray into fantasy, 'cause we already know that the 4th movie, Into The Wild Green Yonder, will be pure sci-fi, so that implies MORE Futurama! Am I reading too much into this? Absolutely.) Anyway, there's also some discussion about the return of Futurama, the differences between the DVD releases of the four movies and the episodes as chopped up on Comedy Central, and some other interesting tidbits (some of which we already knew). Thanks for Angus Brooks for the tip on this one.

So you go to the beach and the waves are really big, what do you do? Well, you've got two choices, and if you aren't of the "Woah Dude, surfs up!" mindset then your other option is to build stuff in the sand. And if you're a Futurama fan, why not build a sand Bender? Why not indeed. And that's just what Smarty did yesterday and she sent in four pictures for our Fan's Photos section. You might remember I mentioned we'd be hearing from Smarty again, and this ain't it; These pics came in since I said that and I put them up first 'cause I'm lazy and it was easier.
Me Fryzan, you Leela
Posted on July 26, 2008 by Tim
Ok, so I'm genre-bashing tonight, give me a break, it's Friday and my brain started spinning down about 6 hours ago. Zo, spoofing current media events has always been a hallmark of Futurama and so it is with fan creations as well. Like this new bit of Fan Art with Fry cracking the whip Indiana Jones style in Fry and the Civilization of Extremely Boring Slugs It's from Smarty in her FM/TLZ debut. You'll be seeing, or maybe hearing, more from her real soon now too.

One of our Buddies down there at the bottom of the page is Futuramics, a site dedicated to the Futurama comics. Our buddie Dan who is Emperor over there wrote to say Hi and that our link was his forth largest hit generator, and that's after the search engines. Woot! Dan sent along this frame from Futurama comic #38 which is just out. I have no idea what's going on there being as mine hasn't come yet, so all I can say is Yabba Dabba Do (there I go mixing genres again ). Anyway, there's a really great picture of Leela blowing her top over on Dan's site right at the moment, so check it out.
50 feet of clumsy Martian or killer Mutant - the Universe is doooooooooommed
Posted on July 24, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone! !iMmOrTaL! dropped a line to say that he's got 10 more pages done on his comic The Wong Side of the Law and many more on the way. But that's not what we've got tonight. Nope, we'll have to wait on more Wong for the time being, so instead, here's a bit of Fan Art called "Attack of the 50 foot Leela". Those of you that have seen issue #33 of the Futurama Comics know that it's story was titled "Attack of the 50 foot Amy" and what effect a clumsy 50 foot tall Martian, whose intellectual capability seemed to decrease in inverse proportion to her size, had on New New York. So !iMmOrTaL! decided to do a character swap, just to see what would happen.

And More Good News Everyone! Leandro wandered through yesterday and got the link to the new How to Submit Stuff page put up. It's over there at the top of the Cool Stuff section which makes a lot of sense 'cause it's right on the top of most of the stuff it talks about. Thanks Leo!
At the risk of editorialising ...
Posted on July 23, 2008 by Tim
... I'm going to pontificate for a bit. It's been a month now since Beast With A Billion Backs was released. I'm as thrilled as anyone that we're getting more Futurama and I fully realize that not every episode can be The Sting - Beast certainly proved that. It has some good stuff but over all I was really disappointed with it - I won't belabor the point here - you can read what I and lots of others think in The Beast With Billion Backs discussion thread on the Message Board. There's a poll there also that gives it 2.625 on a zero to 4.0 scale - that's a C+, OK, not great.

The upside to all of this however is that there is opportunity in adversity and proving once again the old adage that haste makes waste I present the very first post-Beast With A Billion Backs Fan Fiction called Critical Mass which I published on FMMB under my Red_Line nom de plume a mere four days after the BWABB release. One of the issues I had with this movie was that they chose to ignore certain aspects of the end of BBS *coughFryandLeela* and wrote this fic to "fix" it.

Ok, now what I've got that out of my system, I've got one other thing on today's two point agenda: Did you ever think "Gee I'd like to send something to the Madhouse but I don't know how and I'm afraid that if I do it wrong the all powerful, all knowing, all seeing gods of the site will smite me before the masses"? Well wonder no more, 'cause we've whipped up a fancy new page of instructions on How to submit stuff to Futurama Madhouse that debunks all of that (I, for instance, am not all seeing - I wear glasses) and gives you all the dope you need to know (and then some) to get your 24 hours of fame right here on the front page. Hopefully Leandro will wander by one of these days and put up a link in the "Send Fanstuff" section. Meanwhile, I expect my mailbox to fill up again.
Pass the Pi and the ear plugs
Posted on July 22, 2008 by Tim
Happy Pi Approximation day! Today is the 22nd of the 7th month and when you write that 22/7 and do the math you've got a pretty good approximation for the numerical constant Pi. Sounds like something they would have come up with in Futurama, doesn't it?

So anyway, I was doing a little background research for todays main news item when I got sidetracked by that little gem. Today we have another Fan Video by that cranker outer of fan vids BackToTheFuturama. This one's a bit regional 'cause it's a Futurama tribute to American comedian George Carlin who passed away recently (Carlin, not BackToTheFuturama). Comedy Central rated Carlin as one of the top ten stand-up comedians ever, and since CC is running Futurama and footed part of the bill for the new movies, you know they know their stuff. The vid is Futurama scenes set to clips of Carlin's monologues.

It's on youtube at the moment until I can get it hosted here on the Madhouse. Before I give the link, I have to warn you that Carlin's humor can be pretty raw so if you have sensitive ears, DON'T listen to it. In fact, DON'T listen to it at all.

OK, so here it is (don't say we didn't warn you): A Futurama Tribute To George Carlin.
Lions and Tigers and Brainspawn, oh my!
Posted on July 21, 2008 by Tim
Ok, well, maybe there aren't any Lions or Tigers (although I wouldn't rule them out just yet) but there might be some brainspawn floating around somewhere out there. Things are starting to heat up in The Great Universal War as Fry leaves Leela and their child behind and ships out with the DOOp navy to help stop an alien invasion fleets in the wake of a 30th century Pearl Harbor. Check it out in part 7 of Hammer87's Fan Fiction. (promo pic by CosmicF)

And a reminder there is just about exactly two weeks left to get your entries in for the Great Real World Futurama Photo Contest. So grab your camera and watch for things in the real world with Futurama names on them. Send in your pics and in a couple of weeks we'll see what everyone found. And we have some interesting stuff so far. In fact, I saw a sign along the freeway last weekend that would have been perfect, but of course I didn't have my camera with me. It's also a little tough to snap a photo when you're whizzing by at 70 mph (112 kph) with a trailer in tow. But I'll be back by there again soon and you can bet I'll get a picture of it.
It was going to be called My Chemical Romance but that was already taken.
Posted on July 20, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone, we have a new Fan Comic, or at least a good beginning on one. It's by María M. Salazar and it's called Chemical Experience. And you'd think Leela would know better than to drink some strange liquid left sitting on the conference table, but she has a momentary lapse of judgment and boy does she have an experience. María drew these first six pages in just thirteen days, so you know she was pretty busy. She calls the drawing style "checkers" which she also used for some of her recent Fan Art.

Maybe once the chemical influence wears off, Leela will be looking for one of these. Or maybe Fry will. This one won't help them much though, it's made of folded paper. KillaBob spotted this on deviantArt and thought we ought to know about it. The same artist also did some brain slugs that we featured some time ago. And it just occurred to me that we really need a drooling smiley with a brain slug attached.
Dang, I almost nailed it last night.
Posted on July 18, 2008 by Tim
It isn't quite an announcement of more episodes but it does have some Good News, Everyone! FMMB member yodazone found this Interview with David X. Cohen on Newsarama.com (gotta love that name) where he talks about things coming up in the next two movies - intros, themes, and really vague hints at plots. The really good news is DVD sales have exceeded expectations and the door is still open for more new movies and/or episodes after Wild Green Yonder. And there's a bone in there for the shippers too. So give it a read and then tell us what you think on the Message Board.

Bonus material - poking around in that interview there's a link to an interview with Billy West from just after the release of BWABB that's got some interesting stuff in it too.
It's Deja Vu all over again
Posted on July 17, 2008 by Tim
I'm back again, baby! And man is it weird. Usually when I go away I come back to an overflowing mailbox. Not this time, just a couple of contribs from Fry+Leela4eva. Like first with this Fan Art, and second with a short part II of her Fan Fiction Deja Vu. I don't think the pic and the fic are related, 'cause in the fic their kid is already three years old, a forgotten byproduct of the time slips.

And that's all folks. The keg is dry, so unless someone sends in some stuff, or Leandro gets the 639 635254 26273 9675464, or there is some sudden breaking news announcement like Comedy Central has just ordered another 16 episodes or some such, we may have to go into summer re-runs.
Picture yourself in an alternate universe, where Leela has two eyes and is involved with a really normal guy. Where they decide to have a biological child instead of adopting, which leads to all kinds of things. Prepare to enter... The Mute and the Norm.
Posted on July 15, 2008 by Kenneth
Because that's pretty much what the latest Fan Fiction from multi award-winning fanfic author Christina Nordlander Dawson is. Titled The Mute and the Norm, it explores events in "The Cyber House Rules" in a slightly different way, which leads to Adlai Atkins and Leela having a biological child instead of adopting. To find out how different this makes their lives than that of the episode, you'll have to read on. It's a great story, so what are you waiting for? Read now!
Doctor Zoidberg answers again!
Posted on July 13, 2008 by Kenneth
That's right... everybody's 17th favourite FM:TLZ section has been updated again. Yep, it seems that our good friend Doctor Zoidberg has answered more of your questions in the aptly named Ask Dr. Zoidberg pages here, so if you want to see what the good doctor has to say about your questions then click away and read his many words of wisdom.

That's all from me for now, but fear not... I'll have a new fanfic up in a couple of days or so too. Yeah... there's going to be two updates from me within the same month. Robot Hell must be looking for heaters between catching airborne porkers.
Captain's Log, update #606...
Posted on July 12, 2008 by Leandro
Only 60 updates to go before I reach 666 posts. And the question is: will that cause the site to go to hell and become taken over by Beelzebot? I can answer that right now: nope, it already happened, a long time ago, and the armies of hell can't invade the same site twice. Besides, there's plenty of ways this site can go to hell, and most of them involve me messing with some script and destroying stuff in the server, not the Prince of Darkness. Like something I've been trying to get to work this week for our artsy visitors, that I'm really wishing to announce but I can't get to work quite right yet. You want a hint? 3862846625 635254 26273 66 8447 7483. If you know what that means and want a sneak peek, email me!

Content update before I get any more sidetracked. BackToTheFuturama has created a cool videoclip, a trailer that mixes Futurama with The Matrix. The original Matrix, not those things that came afterwards to completely ruin the franchise. Most of the lip-synch is very well done, and while the image quality is rather bad in places, it's still a must see. You can download it in our Videoclips section, or you can also find it on YouTube.

In the Fan Fiction front, we have a new story by Frosty, called The Odd Couple. Some "harmless" role playing gets out of hand for Fry and Leela when they have to pose as a professor and wife for one of Farnsworth's dinner parties. This fic has a couple of illustrations made by Frosty, who's also made two other pics for our Fan Art section. So there you have it, two sections updated for the price of one!

By the way, I was messing around with our Google Analytics stats (they're a fun toy to play with), and I'm surprised at the amount of visitors from Argentina. Why do I give a darn about Argentina? That's where I live, that's why. There's about a hundred people from my own city, a fact that has me puzzled: I may know some of you! So if there are any regular visitors from La Plata, drop me a note.
Oh Hey, look at the time, I gotta run ...
Posted on July 10, 2008 by Tim
But before I go I just want to mention that one of the least controversial contributors we've ever had, at least in my tenure here at the Madhouse, has got to be Erik Heltner. And continuing in his fine tradition of staying on safe turf and not pushing the envelope, we have his latest work in the Fans Comics section. This one grapples with the Amy and Kiff relationship in the post BWABB environment. It's called Housewife At Play and trying to imagine Amy in the traditional "housewife" role is funny in its own right. You can also see the penciled sketches on Erik's Fan Art page.

Ok, so I really do gotta run. I'm going away for a few days to play at the other end of the technology spectrum. Those of you that have sent me stuff that isn't up yet, not to worry, I've left it in baited traps around the Madhouse in hopes of snaring one of the other unwary webmasters while I'm gone.
Number 1, Number 9, Number 10, and some deep Number 2
Posted on July 9, 2008 by Tim
How about counting down the Futurama hit parade tonight?

Coming in at Number 1: According to a poll taken by Virgin Media, Bender is the #1 robot of all time. Thanks to !iMmOrTaL! for that one.

At #9: According to The-Numbers.com, for the week ending July 29, 2008 Futurama - The Beast With A Billion Backs was the 9th best selling DVD in the USA. And as sales of DVDs are the key to getting more Futurama, that is Good News. Thanks and a steaming pile of official FM/TLZ Kudos to FMMB newcomer Cx.

And at No. 10, Futurama Madhouse is still clinging tenaciously to that first page spot in Google searches for Futurama.

And finally, in the deep #2 department we've got Fan Fiction. Oh, my, yes, do we have fan fic, in stock and priced to move. So first up is a very funny shorty from someone we haven't heard from in a while, Dead Composer. His fic is called I Have Heard The Mermaids Singing and Fry gets in deep when he forgets the old adage "be careful what you wish for, you might get it".

The next fic on our featured rack tonight is another short fic by THM called Shots Fired. It's set after Leela's Homeworld and tells the story of what might have happened if Fry didn't arrive in time.

Ending things on a much happier note is Frosty's latest fic The Reunion. It looks at what happens ten years after the professor died, PE closed, and the crew went their separate ways. (and yes, this is !iMmOrTaL!'s pic I just used yesterday, but it just seemed to match this story so well I had to use it again. )
Someday, I'll get caught up on all this stuff.
Posted on July 8, 2008 by Tim
But that won't be tonight. Every time I went to get something from my e-mail there was another contribution. These are the best of times. So today's show is for all the Fry and Leela shippers out there. It's a new bit of Fan Art from !iMmOrTaL! (which is one of the harder names to type - I can never remember if it starts out with a big I or a little i ). It's called Someday, and the title says it all.

Next, prepare yourselves for a little mental boxing because we've got a Fan Fiction that's called And In This Corner, and it's our favorite dynamic duo doing some mental sparing in the aftermath of Time Keeps on Slippin'. It's by THM (which is a much easier name to remember how to type) and if I'm interpreting his notes correctly, this little gem has been in the works for four years!
Life and death and how to make your local webmaster really nervous
Posted on July 7, 2008 by Tim
So today we get this e-mail and the first thing we notice is that it's from admin {at} thejigsawseen.com. Now normally the only time we get e-mail from admin at anything is when something is seriously wrong, so I was about to get a mirror and start practicing my "I didn't do it" lines until I could say them with the same sincere straight face as a political candidate talking about the economy or health care. Then I remembered that The Jigsaw Seen was the band that sang Thirtieth Century Man from Bender's Big Score. Reading on, it seems that someone named David July has made a Futurama fan video from BBS clips and that song and the band wanted to make sure we knew about it. So here it is - we don't have it here on the Madhouse at this time but you can watch it on YouTube. Admin also included links to the band's YouTube channel and MySpace page.

And we've got a couple more Fan Fictions tonight. First up is The Owl by James Prospect. It's a dark and stormy night ... uh ... I mean fic, 'cause it's based on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. It seems that Leela is dead, and Fry isn't taking it too well.

And at the other end of the spectrum is xkathyx07x's The Fry Family, part 3 thereof. And there are some very good reasons why you shouldn't let Bender babysit your children.
Breaking records for all the Wong reasons
Posted on July 6, 2008 by Tim
Once upon a time, your average Futurama fan comic ran 4 to 8 pages, and 16 or 20 was an exceptionally sized work - you needed one of those BIG boxes of crayons to do one that big. Then we got one that was 54 pages long and that was really something - we were in hog heaven. Well tonight we break all FM/TLZ records because we have the next batch of !iMmOrTaL!'s comic The Wong Side Of The Law - 25 more pages! Which stretches it to 80 pages so far! Page 55 is where the new stuff starts. Oh, and see if you can guess what recent movie !iMmOrTaL! didn't like.

We're #10! If you were to go to Google and search for Futurama, you'll find Futurama Madhouse is in the number ten position, making it onto the coveted first page. So if you've got a blog and want to link to us, we won't be offended. Hint hint.

Update on The Great Real World Futurama Photo Contest: photos keep rolling in and I'm learning all kinds of interesting things like Swedish history and what 'turanga' means in the Maori language because even though the pictures are all self-explanatory, several photographers have offered some fascinating background explanations to go with them. I'm scratching my brain slug trying to figure out how I'm going to present all of this, but that's my problem. In case you were off on vacation on Osiris 4 or some such, you might have missed the announcement and are wondering what I'm talking about. Don't worry, I often wonder what I'm talking about too. Actually the point is to find and photograph stuff in the real world that has a Futurama related name on it. See the July 1 and 2 news updates for more details and lame jokes.
I can't count. I blame Beer.
Posted on July 5, 2008 by Tim
Yes, I was all set to make a big whoop out of my next update 'cause it would have been number 200! But then Leandro and I were talking statistics yesterday and he happened to mention I'd done 205. Aw crud. The only good thing is I'm not the only one - he missed out on his #600. I blame beer. And speaking of beer, I will now cleverly segue into this bit about a new Fan Video called Futurama Beer!. It's clips of our favorite show set to the song Beer! by Psychostick. And you'll notice it says "BackToTheFuturama Productions" at the end. That's 'cause the author's Youtube name is BackToTheFuturama. You can also watch it on youtube.

It's been a while, but it's been worth waiting for - over in Fan Fiction land we have part 10 of La Belle Leela's Stranger In A Strange Land. It's a few weeks after the epic battle on Zuban-5 and things at Planet Express seem to go back to normal. Fry may have found a new love interest, Zapp Brannigan's court-martial is looming, and everyone's favorite raw, dripping ham-eating pet is about to drop a huge bomb of a revelation on David Murphy and the rest of the Planet Express crew. An exciting side-trip through the desolation of Old New York finishes this installment on a sweet and shippy note! At least we're used to the ham-eating pet dropping huge bombs.

And one last thing - I don't know where this story got started but I want to be absolutely clear on this point: there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the Space Babes that Leo mentioned yesterday were in fact him, myself, and Graham in drag. Absolutely no way. Besides, I wouldn't be caught dead in silver - it makes my butt look fat.
Schrodinger's wallpaper
Posted on July 4, 2008 by Leandro
I have a little treat for you today. A week ago, I uploaded a couple of official Wallpapers for Beast With a Billion Backs; and at the time, I was thinking that it was a shame that the movie's logo was featured so prominently, because it obscured details in the piece of art used in the wallpaper. So, good news! A fan located the original images used in both of those wallpapers, and you can see both of them in our Miscellaneous Pictures section. The image featured to the right looks a lot better without the movie's title! And who knows, you may want to set it as your wallpaper, too. Even better, you can configure your system to randomly display either one at the system startup... and so your wallpaper will live in a perpetual state of both having the text, and not having it! Only actual observation of the wallpaper will settle its quantum state into one of being promotional, or just artsy. Amazing, isn't it? What? No, I haven't been drinking!

In other news, if you were at the Yivo Invasion in Philadelphia, you may want to take a look at Yivo's Facebook Profile. Almost 150 photos have been uploaded, and you may as well see yourself running around there! And if you weren't even remotely close to Philadelphia when the invasion took place, you can see exactly what you missed... Space Babes, Yee-Haw!
Oh, man... that place was covered in dust!
Posted on July 3, 2008 by Leandro
I just spent a couple of hours cleaning up The Links Zone, our section full of Futurama fansites. It's now a lot less full than before . More than half of the websites that were there are now dead, either no longer online or not having updated for years; there appear to be only 8 english websites and 7 international websites that are currently active. However, not all news are grim: The Infosphere: The Futurama Wiki is now back online after some server problems, and One and Only Bender is updating again after four years of inactivity. Welcome back! Here's hoping more of the Futurama community wakes up soon.

Also, from The Futurama Point I was pointed to this interview, where David X. Cohen talks about what we can expect from the next two movies: "There are some periodic flashbacks that explain a little more about things that happened [in the] first [film]. There'll be a couple instances of that in Bender's Game [due out this fall]. We explain the back story a little bit more of Nibbler and of the Professor and there will be a few explanations of things that happened." "We've picked four different genres for the four movies. The first one is time travel, the second one, out now, is the monster movie, the third one is a fantasy epic -- [with] a medieval dragon, centaurs, a fantasy movie like we've never done before -- and the fourth one is more of a grand straight up science fiction story to end it all, with a battle that's been going on for billions of years with our crew finding themselves caught in the middle of it."

My own speculation: Nibblonians vs. Brains. That's a battle we've known has been going on for billions of years, and in Bender's Big Score the crew learned about Nibbler's intelligence without the reset button being pushed. Nibbler is absent from Beast With a Billion Backs, yet they will explain his backstory on the next movie. It all points to the fourth movie closing Nibbler's story to me. But hey, I'm just a crazy fansite webmaster, post your own speculation in our forum!

Today's content update (yes, there's actual site content in this update!) is brought to you by SofŪa, also known as Yume93; she's created five new images, one of Fry and Bender, two with the tentacle lover from Beast With a Billion Backs getting his tentacley way with Fry and Leela, and a couple of Fry Leela 'shippy pictures. Enjoy!
Yes officer, that's right, flying toasters.
Posted on July 3, 2008 by Tim
With big feathered wings. What's that officer? No, I haven't been drinking. Although by the time I get done explaining this, you'll think we all have. And you know, given some of the parties involved, that's not entirely impossible. So tonight's situation is a little different, and it does involve flying toasters.

By now you're probably getting sick of hearing me say that at any given time, we usually have a bunch of Fan Fiction unfolding in the Fan Stuff section of the Futurama Madhouse Message Board, and to make sense of tonights featured piece that's where we have to start; because it's there that Archonix is spooling out a fan fic of truly epic proportions called Parallel Lives. In it, Fry and Leela accidentally fall into one of Farnsworth's paraboxes and get caught in a succession of parallel universes, trying to find their way home. And it's in one of these parallel universes that our intrepid crew encounter a flying toaster. And it's here that we finally get to the point - Corvus got to wondering how that toaster got there and where it came from and it inspired him to write a fic called Beneath A Chrome Sky which explains where the flying toasters came from, how one escaped to a parallel universe, and the impact the toasters have on a certain delivery boy and those around him.

Someone was telling me that other day that reading fan fics isn't as popular as it once once what with the proliferation of web comics and other visual arts across the web. But in a lot of ways, a well written story, be it a fan fic or something else, is actually better. It's better because the images it evokes are yours, not someone elses. The author tells their tale, and if schlee tells it well enough, you the reader becomes part of the story itself. And this is one of those stories.

Now all I gotta do in find some Fan Art of a flying toaster.
Fry + Leela 4 ever!
Posted on July 2, 2008 by Tim
That's kind of the theme of most of tonight's update since we've got a couple things that are definitely on the shippy side. And (those of you that haven't seen BWABB yet cover your eyes for a moment please) after BWABB we need some shippy. (Ok, you can look now) And since tonight's headline is also the name of one of our contributors, we'll start out with some Fan Art from Fry+Leela4eva who drew this pic that I'm sure we'll all recognize from The Why Of Fry.

Now we all now that July 27 is a portent date. Many important, world altering events happened on July 27. In 1866 the Atlantic telegraph cable was completed, in 1940 Bugs Bunny made his first appearance, in 1953 the Korean War ended, in 1999 The Leela Zone (FM's former self) went live, and in 3007 ... ... well, you'll just have to read and find out. Because you see (cue the dramatic drum roll) as the clouds of war gather on the distant horizon, Fry gets shipped off to DOOP boot camp on Mars while Leela says behind at PE, pregnant with their child. It's all there in part 6 of Hammer87's Fan Fiction The Great Universal War.

And finally I've very pleased to report that I've already received four more photos for the The Great Real World Futurama Photo Contest that I announced last night and renamed tonight. People are finding some wild stuff already - this is going to be fun on a bun. So keep your eyes open and cameras handy and send those pictures. If you've never contributed to FM before, here's a great chance to do so. Note however, that taking a picture of your pet iguana and telling me it's name is Ignar will be met with a healthy dose of skepticism.
Real World Futurama and fun with Statistics
Posted on July 1, 2008 by Tim
Tonight I'm going to do something different. Oh I have plenty of fan subs I should be putting up, but I think the contributors will be patient and wait one more day for a good cause. Two of the afore mentioned submissions, pictures they were, inspired an idea that I call The Great Real World Futurama Contest. Now by "contest" I don't mean prizes and there won't be any judging or any losers. Everyone who enters will win some official Futurama Madhouse kudos AND will get their name in shiny bold type right up here front and center (well, Ok, maybe a little off center one way or the other). So what's it all about you are wondering? It's simple - find something in the real world that has a Futurama name on it, like "Fry's Used Cars" or "Farnsworth Sump Pump Repair", take a photo of it, and send it in. It's that easy. We'll gather them all up and show them at one time. I'll be pretty flexible on what we take, as long as it's real, but no photoshop jobs. Submission deadline is August 2, which gives you about 30 days.

Leandro and I were playing around with the site stats last night and we thought we'd share some interesting trivia. So let's have some Top 10 lists:

Top 10 web browsers you browse FM/TLZ with: IE and Firefox are tied for the top spot, then Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, The Playstation, Knoqueror, Camino, and Blazer.

Top 10 OSs: Windows (there's a surprise), Mac, Linux, unknown, Playstation, Wii, iPod/iPhone, SymbianOS, PalmOS, SunOS.

Top 10 Countries our visitors come from: US, UK, Canada (Happy Birthday, eh), Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Ireland, and Italy.

And the most common search phrases that lead you to us: "futurama madhouse" and "the leela zone" (Old habits die hard, eh? ). We figure it's the .ar on the end of our domain name that people forget about. We'd make it easier but some evil slimy bastard cybersquatters are sitting on futurama-madhouse.com

And lastly, in the last month we've had 162,275 unique visitors and served up almost three quarters of a million pages. I could go on, but then I'd be here all night and so would you.