July 2006
OK, you've been waiting for this, so at least look interested...
Posted on July 25, 2006 by Graham
Right, it seems that all of the webmasters of Futurama Madhouse have gone to sleep. Even yours truly is in a stage where sleep seems more preferable to actually updating... especially considering the damn hot weather that we've been having in south-east England recently. OK, I suppose those nearer the Equator will scoff at me for complaining about heat, but it's all relative. I'm not going to separate all the contributors to single updates, I'm going to just add all the contributors' works into one big update. Can I also apologise to Kenneth for the thumbnail I chose for today's update, seeing he hates South Park, but maybe it'll grab his attention enough to make a reply update. Anyway, the thumbnail is one of three fan arts sent in by ELF. As you can see, it's Leela and Fry done South Park style, which is bound to get those who are fans of Futurama and South Park really interested. Even if you're not a fan of South Park (count me in that group... don't hate it like Ken does, but find it way overrated), you're bound to enjoy the work. ELF has also created two other pictures, well one into two, because she's done a picture of Fry and Leela with some neopets, with one picture as a draft and the other coloured in.

Also for our Fan Art section, we have four new pictures by Cecilia. Her pictures show Leela, Amy, Bender, and another with both Leela and Fry. The picture to note, in my opinion, is the one with Bender in wrestling gear standing triumphantly upon a large model of the Earth, which you would have seen in the episode Raging Bender.

Next up, we have some work from Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA for both our Fan Art and Fans' Comics section. For the fan art, he has come up with four hand-drawn pictures, all very nice, too. You'll find a picture of Leela breaking glass, Leela as a gangster, Leela talking to Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA (probably sitting down because it's taking too long to say his name ), as well as a picture of Leela standing looking a bit peeved. The comic is a continuation of his Do Not Feed the Lobster. In this part, Zoidberg seems to get the impression that robots get all the attention. So, how can you be as popular as a robot? Read on to find out.

The last work up is from ICEMAN0O0, who has also contributed to our Fan Art section. He's come up with six works of artwork done on his maths homework. Either that or he wasn't paying much attention at school/college, which might mean that any plans to be Einstein might not come to fruition. Mind you, Einstein was sort of a failure at school, and look what happened to him. Heck, Einstein even poked his tongue out on camera and rather than seen as rude was seen as great. Is there anything a mad scientist can't do? Anyway, the six pictures feature Bender, Fry as the Punisher, Zoidberg looking for a tasty human meal, and a picture of the crew's heads. Mind you, some of you might be interested with the maths and could help ICEMAN0O0 pass his exams.

Oh well, enough of this, time to leave you to look at the shiny things I've brought you. Apologies for the time it's taken for this lot to go up and sorry for those still waiting. Eventually, they'll all get put up.
OK, so England are out of the World Cup on penalties - yet again ! - but strange love still goes on...
Posted on July 1, 2006 by Graham
Yes, England are out of the World Cup, getting beaten on penalties. England and penalties are such a predictable event, it'd be better if they'd just give up at the start. Congrats to Portugal and their keeper, who saved three of those penalties, but it has to be said that they didn't particularly play well, even when England went down to ten men. Still, no point whingeing about it, England did have their chances, but if you fail to take them, then you end up with the chance you'll lose in penalties. Anyway, getting back on topic, I have some stuff for you today. First up, I have five pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Hannah. All five pictures are hand drawn and interesting. We have a picture of Kif giving Leela a sweet big hug. Aww... how cute. The other pictures you'll find are Fry robotised, Fry smooching with Leela, Leela and Fry alone on the PE ship, and Fry in a suit. All in all, nice pictures from Hannah, and may they continue.

Next up, I have two works for our Fan Fiction section. The first work is from Kathryn, who has come up with a fic called Weird Roommates, which deals with Bender getting so sick and tired of Fry's constant crying about his love for Leela and her lack of returning that love, that he decides to do the only thing that he can think of: move in with Leela. Yes, you heard! The next fic comes from Dwayne Anderson, who has come up with part two of his Quest for Deliverance, a fic that's a parody of the graphical adventure game Quest for Glory. Well, two fics to enjoy. Read! Read! Read! Read! You heard, READ!