July 2005
Do more than one update a week? Pfft! I'm not Superman!
Posted on July 31, 2005 by Kenneth
Though the song that the latest Song Parody submission for FM:TLZ spoofs is. That's the subject matter of Sgt Wilco's entry, not the comic book, cartoon or movies, but the song by Five for Fighting. So if you want to see his Superman Superman Futurama Song Parody, then head on over there now.

We also have four new pieces of Fan Art from RS 2thou as well. Aside from the nice picture of Bender seen here, there's also one of Amy smiling, both Fry and Leela looking scared, and Fry on a skateboard. Possibly because he is scared, we don't know. And whether this is normal skating or a variety played by urban kids in LA where half the time someone dies is also unknown. And whether I'm just rambling on to fill space is unknown* as well, so if you want to see the images, stop reading this update and click on the thumbnail above.

But keep reading if you're interested in Chapter 4 of Dwayne Anderson's latest Fan Fiction story, The Punishress because... well... it's available now at the site in the usual section where fan-written stories tend to go. So if you're following this tale of a darker version of Clobberella in action, check it out.

And despite this having nothing to do with Futurama (aside from obvious robot connections) let me just say that I'm looking forward to July 4th 2007, when, for those who don't know, a live-action film of the original Transformers, produced by Stephen Spielberg's Dreamsworks, will be hopefully released. Here's hoping it stays true to the original formula and avoids the lameness of the newer Transformers productions.

And on that note, I Transform and roll out.

* Disclaimer: Not entirely true. It is known, and, yes, that is exactly the reason for the above rambling.

And now for the main course...
Posted on July 30, 2005 by Graham
Firstly, can I ask if anyone wants a cat? I'm tempted to give away a free cat to the first email asking for it. I have been given custody of some relatives' cat for three weeks, while they saunter off on holiday in Cyprus. Now, I've had two cats in my life, but none that's as nuts as this one. Getting disturbed in the middle of the night by a cat attacking my feet while in bed isn't such a good move, nor the need to try and pull out the wires from behind my computer while it's on, nor the need to try and destroy the sofa, curtains and other stuff. OK, I know, it's in a new habitat, it's quite young and excited/wary, but my tolerance level isn't too high right now. BTW, its crap stinks to high heaven (Jim, if you're reading this, you were right...), although maybe it's just a question of getting used to it (my previous cats used to go out and do their stuff in the garden where I used to live). So, if anyone wants a cat to keep or to eat, feel free to email me. Nah, don't... I'm kidding. The damn thing is now purring away. Damn cats and their feline ways!

Now, to get to business... and not that business. I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from MrEdwo. Now, if you remember his last work, you'll rememeber that it was damn crazy. This one is no exception. It features Dr Zoidberg in a restaurant, finding some soy sauce, but what he doesn't know is that he could well be on the menu himself. No, a guinea pig didn't trick him. Anyway, go and take a look at the picture and read the words that you can't see on the thumbnail. They explain all.

Lastly, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Sarah. She's come up with part two and part three of her current written work Over Her. In these parts, Leela's jealousy takes hold when Fry's new girlfriend makes a call.

"That's heavy!" "What's gravity got to do with it?"
Posted on July 27, 2005 by Teral
Yes, thank you Doc Brown for that wonderful throw-back to the 80's and the "Back to the Future" trilogy, but in this case gravity got everything to do with it.

"It" being new Fan Art from Rye Guy, or as he put it himself fatart. There are nine new pictures in Rye Guy's gallery, 8 of them show Leela or Amy in various degrees of fatness (what an odd sentence ), on the beach, at home, with Kif and Fry or with Omicronians (those popplers are dlicious!!).

Though, as the observant visitor have already noticed, the thumbnail doesn't show fatart. What's up with that? Well, the 9th picture show Fry, Leela, Amy and Bender as computer sprites, and as an 80's guy (can you tell from the countless references to the 80's in all my updates? ) who wasted way, way, waaaaay too many hours in front of his C-64 (that's an old home-computer which were one of the first to use sprites in games, to you young-uns ), I simply couldn't resist the cuteness and sentimentality inherent in the picture.

And as if that isn't enough there's a Crap Art from Rye Guy as well. Enjoy!

Next patient!
Posted on July 27, 2005 by Graham
We have a new patient for today... I mean a new submitter. Welcome some work from GreyThinkyWhale, who has come up with stuff for our Fan Art and also for our Crap Art sections. The picture you can see to your right is some fan art that shows Zoidberg preparing to clamp you. Oh, wait, that's Clamps I'm thinking of. He has come up with a further eight other pictures, which feature many different characters, so it's worth going and taking a look to see who isn't included. Lastly, GreyThinkyWhale has also come up with some Crap Art, which I mentioned earlier. I don't know why I'm mentioning it again, though, because it's totally crap, crap, crap! Don't go and see that picture, otherwise you'll be disappointed.

One or The Other?
Posted on July 25, 2005 by Teral
Well, luckily for you, I'm in a good mood tonight, so I'll give you both the one and The Other.

First treat for tonight is part 20 of Ruy Guy's Fan Fiction. As you all know, Our favorite delivery boy has finally returned after a nearly nine month absence. But meanwhile, at Planet Express, some new developments are (for lack of a better word) developing for Skyler. This chapter delves deeper in Skyler's character and his past and even reveals one of his most horrible memories. What do these developments mean for the rest of the crew? Well, let's find out shall we? If you agree, proceed by pressing here.

Second main course is part 3 of The Kif's story My Life now In the Future. Zapp have dragged our main character before judge Whitey, accusing him of invading the 2d world of Futurama. You can follow the trial here.

Check in tomorrow or Wednesday for some new Fan Art from Rye Guy (as soon as I can remember how it's done, haven't uploaded pictures in months ).

The last temptation of Fry...
Posted on July 25, 2005 by Graham
OK, listen up! I have some stuff from Sarah for our Fan Art section and also, might I add, for our Fan Fiction section. What, Sarah does more than just pictures? Yeah. Still, let's start with the pictures she's sent me. There are five of them, all of which contain Leela. There's Leela going death, Leela sitting down and reading, and Leela looking quite glum. The last two pictures will lead me to Sarah's new work for our Fan Fiction section, because they're based on her story Over Her. After Fry gets set on fire in, yet again, one of his silly accidents, Leela discovers that Fry is busy dating someone else. Will jealousy take hold of Leela? Will you read this fic? You better.

BTW, Ryan Weatherby has his own website called Fry's Firework Factory, and has asked me to mention it. Consider it done. ;)

Cute picture alert!
Posted on July 23, 2005 by Graham
Yes, I have to warn you that there's a cute picture running loose on this website. If you come across this picture, you're advised to not approach it under any circumstances, but contact a webmaster, who'll deal with this matter safely and securely. We have a thumbnail of the picture to your right, but if you're really adventurous, you could click on that and be taken to see the picture in full view. Be careful, no refunds for being freaked out by cuteness. The picture, which you'll find in our Fan Art section, comes from Genocidal Smasher, who, in a fit of cuteness, decided to make a portrait of Leela, but with too much cute added. So, if you're easily intimidated by cute pictures, then don't come complaining to me that you've been turned into a Care Bear, because you were adequately warned. As I said before, if you find this picture lying anywhere, please don't touch it and go straight to the authorities.

Now, we don't just have escaped cute pictures, we have stories, too. Welcome part three of Dwayne Anderson's latest serial fiction The Punishress, which you'll find sitting around in our Fan Fiction section. In this part, Leela still does battle against violence and prejudice against mutants, but she's also got a date with the Mayor of New New York, too. Maybe it's best to find out how they got along, then.

A fan review, comicpaper and wall art
Posted on July 23, 2005 by Kenneth
No... wait, that's not right. What I meant to say is that I have new examples of Fan Art, Wallpapers and Comic Reviews.

First of all, there's a picture from new submitter Mikel Orr that's been titled "The Dukes of New New York" that seems to be a crossover between Futurama and something rather hazardous. To check it out, just click on Mikel's name and have a gander.

Following that, we have this brand new Wallpaper as pictured here from another fan artist here known as Venus. She's also a writer, and I think you'll find that this wallpaper has something to do with the story she's got going in a thread at PEEL at the moment that relates to the fan-favourite episode The Sting. So if you're into Venus' story, The Sting, shippyness or all three, check it out.

And finally, I've reviewed Futurama Comics #14. If you're interested in what I have to say about this issue, which is incidentally penned by The Sting writer Patric M. Verrone, just click away and read. Until next time.

People like to read?
Posted on July 22, 2005 by Teral
Just read an article about the release of the latest Harry Potter book. Apparently it sold 10 million copies in the first 24 hours alone. Either people have re-discovered the joy of reading, or the power of the advertising industry is scarier than even I thought possible.

As a side note, JK Rowlings reportedly netted 20 million dollar on the sale so far. Well, we here at FM:TLZ are ready to continue down her path ... by giving people something to read, not by earning 20 million dollar. Although, I wouldn't turn down any offers.

Thanks to Rye Guy and Spacedal11, we have 2 new Fan Fiction chapters today.

First is part 3 of Rye Guy's The Heavy About Love. Leela decides to go see a doctor about her .... eh ... "condition", but unfortunately passes by a restaurant with an "all you can eat"-buffet. Meanwhile Bender and Fry mends their friendship.

In Spacedal11's The Way It Is, we're up to part 3 as well. Leela bring home Randy, and Fry proves as good as his word. He take part in all the chores connected with tending a new born baby. Meanwhile Bender and Lucy have run into some relationship problems.


Roman holiday...
Posted on July 21, 2005 by Graham
OK, I haven't got much time to introduce this update, but here goes. Now, when I say I haven't got the time, I really mean it. Yes, I really do mean it, so carrying on this update for too long will eat into my time. It certainly wouldn't help me if I wrote too much, so I'll be making this brief. No, not as brief as a sentence. Not that brief. I can do a few sentences quite fine, but I still have to rush. Did I say I was busy? I did? OK. Well, I'll just have to make this short, then. Who's that at the door? *smack* OK, I've been told to hurry up. Now, getting onto business... and I really mean business... *smack* I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Ramon 51 (I wonder what happened to the previous 50 Ramons?), and is the continuation of his Gladiatrix series, where the Planet Express crew are stuck on a world that's a copy of the Roman empire. It's so much of a copy of ancient Rome, that we have Leela fighting as a gladiatrix. She's still fighting in part four of Ramon 51's work, but is edging closer to gaining the crew's freedom. However, there's more to the work than above, enough so that I urge you to read it. Enjoy!

In a (not so) rare double whammy update....
Posted on July 19, 2005 by Teral
I have two (2), count them two!, new Fan Fictions for you. Not since the fall of Rome have the world witnessed such reckless abandonment, such unbridled consumption. Soon these hallowed halls will be filled to the brim with mauriding fanfic readers, who voraciously will devour every bit of well-plotted fiction the writers have to offer. There will be chaos, looting and general mayhem not seen since the French Revolution. Yep, FM:TLZ sure know how to throw a party.

First story is part 12 of Dave Vincent's Background Noise. In the last chapter Leela was determined to get to Da Nang IV and rescue Fry. A worried Amy reluctantly agrees to help Leela, but the task of getting to Da Nang without being spotted by the DOOP Navy is near impossible. Meanwhile back on Earth Zoidberg find himself smack in the middle of a robot mafia war. Can his spy training help him out of this pickle? On Da Nang IV Fry finally get some much needed sleep, not knowing his unit is scheduled to take part in a big offensive only a few hours later. Major Smith hopes this offensive will allow him to slip by the Bug defences and finally get starting on his secret mission. All the while Zapp, being his usual self, manages to say exactly the wrong words at the wrong time to the wrong person. Enjoy it all here.

The second story is part 2 (hope you like serial stories ) of Mitch's The Full Circle. Trapped in the timeless void, the Planet Express crew and Team Possible run into a third spaceship, who's captain offer to help them escape. Is she what she claims to be? And doesn't she know just a teensy, weensy bit too much about our entripid heroes? And is she really not aware of the stow-away hiding on her ship? Find out here.

In another world, Fry would give Leela driving lessons...
Posted on July 19, 2005 by Graham
Then again, it just might save the city of New New York the bill for the weekly crashes into the giant TV screen. Anyway, onto the action. I have some more work for our Fan Art section that comes from Sarah. She's come up with this picture of Leela driving while Fry is behind her doing something silly. She's sent in another picture of Fry trying out Leela's clothes, while Leela looks on. There's a picture that's based off Big Red's fiction Green Hell, with Fry and Leela running from an explosion. The last two pictures of hers are one of Dwayne Anderson's The Punishress and another featuring Bender doing his favourite hobby: drinking. There you go, lots of stuff from Sarah to enjoy.

Now, sometimes you might think that this would be Leela's wildest dream about what to do with Fry, despite what the Shippers think. CosmicF thinks that it could be argued that it is a case of "what happens the morning after he took Leela to ELzar's and left her with the bill". Either case, Fry is in trouble. Well, this picture of CosmicF's, that you'll find in our Fan Art section, is actually based off Mad Max, and shows Leela aiming an arrow at Fry's head. Fry looks quite scared, although maybe it's just Leela's way of showing affection.

This one's for the ladies in the house...
Posted on July 18, 2005 by Graham
OK, yesterday you got a wallpaper that'd appeal to a lot of the men who visit this site (and any lesbians), but now we have something for our Wallpapers section that's for the women who visit this place (and for gays, too). Well, El-Man has been at it again, with yet another revealing wallpaper for you to put onto your desktop. When I say "at it again", I really mean that he's been doing more artwork, not anything else... not that he hasn't done it again... or whatever... I better quit while I'm ahead. This time it features a nearly naked Fry, along with muscles (looks like he's been at the worms again). What's hiding his package is a... package. Now, don't let you imaginations wander too far. El-Man has also added this picture to his page in our Fan Art section. So, now you can also rate Fry's package, too. Steady on there, girls, don't all sign for the delivery at once!

I haven't just got some revealing artwork to show off on this update, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section. Welcome a new contributor called Big Red, who has come up with a serial fiction called Green Hell. You can go and take a tour of the first part by clicking that link you just read past. However, I suppose you want an introduction to the story. Yet another invention by Professor Farnsworth brings havoc to Fry and Leela's lives. This time, though, they're sent back in time to the Vietnam War, where they find themselves involved in what appears to be a Tour of Duty. Yes, I remember that show back in the '80s. Great theme tune, that's all I have to say.

One more thing, I've been sent a link by Ralph Snart suggesting that there's some talk about getting a Futurama movie straight to DVD, which might herald the resurrection of the show, in the way that Family Guy has itself done. This rumour seems to have originated at San Diego's Comic-Con International, apparently from the mouth of Billy West. Anyway, whether it's true or not true, I'll direct you to a link about this that Ralph put in the email. Done. Best stay tuned, I suppose, despite this being the umpteenth rumour of this kind...

EDIT - You can find further discussion about the above rumour on Slashdot.

Leela in mud!
Posted on July 17, 2005 by Graham
Steady on there, guys! Don't all drool at once. Nah, this isn't meant to be some picture of Leela as a mud wrestler or something, it's really something else. This is Genocidal Smasher's own take on mudflap design. You know, those mudflaps you see on some trucks with the silhouette of a naked woman on them. Yeah, OK, not to everyone's tastes, but there you go. Anyway, Genocidal Smasher has come up with a work for both our Wallpapers and our Fan Art sections. Now you have two choices: either enjoy the fan art and vote for it, or you can get the wallpaper and pretend that you're behind some large truck driving down some country road. Careful, though, not to let your attention wander too far, because you don't want your journey to end abruptly. Oh, there's a third choice: do both of the first two. Enjoy!

Something's lost in translation...
Posted on July 16, 2005 by Graham
Seems that someone has lost something somewhere, something that's really precious. Could it be that this lost thing is yet another episode of Futurama? Wait, don't all start jumping up and down, carry on reading. Sheesh! Actually, before there are riots on the streets, I better come clean about this update. See, it's an update for our Wallpapers section that comes from FFP. Thing is, he's put on the wallpaper, "The lost episode soon...?", which could mean anything. So, if I'm perking up your expectations about a new episode, go and blame FFP for that. Actually, it's a worthy wallpaper to have adorn your desktop, so go easy on him... no iron bars, etc. BTW, he's threatening to create a website soon, so keep your eyes peeled about that coming event. No, don't peel your eyes! That's just gross!

OK, a few of you wanted to see more of the Punishress, and I don't think they were all S&M freaks, either. Well, now you can see more of the Punishress, because Dwayne Anderson has come up with a picture of her for our Fan Art section. Careful now, there's a picture of a skull there, so those afraid of skulls might want to still look at the picture for aversion therapy. BTW, Dwayne hasn't just come up with a picture he's come up with part two of his fiction The Punishress, which you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. As if it would be anywhere else... In this part, Leela deals with more injustices committed against mutants, and Fry finds out about this new superhero and wants a picture of her.

DJBERGES in da hoooouse!
Posted on July 15, 2005 by Teral
It's not often we get new Futurama music in this day and age, but thanks to JBERGES, wellknown (and judging by the ratings, loved) writer of fanfics, we now have a brand-new remix of the Futurama theme music which you'll find in our sound clip section. You know how remix' work, right? So no need for me to start explaining the finer details. Well, I guess this means this part of the update is done. All that's left for me to say is: "YO! Give it up for D-JBEEEEEERGESSSS!"

And while you listen to the tunes of JBERGES, you can swing by the Fan Fiction part of FM:TLZ and read chapter 1 of Mitch' latest story The Full Circle. This is another Futurama/Kim Possible crossover and find the crew of Planet Express trapped in a place beyond time and space, where even reality might not be what it appears to be. They run into their old friends Ron and Kim, who are also trapped, and soon both teams meet individuals whose very existence they wouldn't have imagined. Confused? You wont be after reading part one here.

The Red Tango and The Red Menace
Posted on July 15, 2005 by Kenneth
Hello. Yes, it's me again. Long time no see. Though you'd probably see me more of I got sent more Fan Art. to put up. Like Asa B has, and with promise of another piece soon. She's provided me with this fantastic picture of a semi-realistic Fry and Leela dancing a tango in red pencil, and there'll be a coloured version on the way soon. So click on the thumbnail and check it out.

Following that, I've got a brand, spanking new Comic Review too. But this isn't for any standard issues... no sirree... this is for The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis II. Yes, I've reviewed the follow-up to the comic series that mixed The Simpsons with Futurama, with both issues of this sequel series explored together. So if you're interested in what I had to say about it, then just click here and have a read. Until next time... which could be God only know when?!

Fry's birthday party went off with a bang!
Posted on July 14, 2005 by Graham
You have to feel for Fry, because Bender has certainly baked him a cake that'll explode in his mouth. Then again, look at Fry's face: ungrateful bastard! I mean, someone bakes him a cake, and all he's worried about is blowing out the candle. Anyway, welcome a new picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Azurill. I'll let Azurill explain more about this picture and its significance: "I read from Space Pilot 3000 Storyboad that Fry's birthday is July 13 (today) so I drew this to celebrate that. Bender had baked a cake with his 'great' cooking skills and put there a dynamite instead of a candle... I'm not sure if that birthday's date is correct but well I still drew a picture." Unfortunately, today was yesterday, but that's because the picture arrived a bit too late to be put up, which was a shame. Then again, that at least gave Fry an extra day to savour, so maybe things aren't that bad after all.

Revenge of the Killer Butterflies!
Posted on July 13, 2005 by Graham
Oh dear, who would have thought that Fry would be terrified by a humble butterfly. Well, Leela certainly didn't. This is the message I'm getting from one of the pictures that have been sent in to our Fan Art section by the industrious Sarah. Then again, maybe Fry lost hold of his balloon, and is chasing that, while a butterfly is following. Hmm... I prefer the first idea, but the second idea could be the case. Anyway, the beauty of art is that you can have many interpretations. Sarah has also come up with another three fan arts, one with Leela as a teenager, one with Leela witnessing Fry going off with some other woman, and Leela in her cryogenics uniform. However, Sarah hasn't stopped there, because she's come up with a work for our Crap Art section. You can now see an addition to her page a picture of Leela. Now, this picture of Leela, if it is Leela, is so repulsive that you could be forgiven in believing it really is Farnsworth in drag. That's how bad it is! Really, Sarah, you really know how to bring the worst out of someone.

Oh, you think the crap has finished, right? Well, sorry, but it continues without mercy. I have another work for our Crap Art section, but this time from a new guy called The Amazing Bender. Wait, if this guy is so amazing, then why is he creating such rubbish? Yeah, that's a good question. I think this work really shows that this new guy should choose another name without the word amazing in it, unless it's for amazing crap. Really, I thought Sarah's work was bad, but this thing to the left of my text really is amazingly awful. Look at your peril.

BTW, some of you will notice that our Wallpapers section is a bit smaller than usual. Well, don't panic, we aim to have the rest of the wallpapers up sooner or later. Stay tuned.

Hack attack!
Posted on July 12, 2005 by Graham
Actually, that subject heading should really be "Crack Attack", considering that the term hacker is wrongly used and should be really termed cracker, but then the heading could also have meant some sort of drug addiction craving, too. Well, anyway, Smiley has come up with yet more Uses For a Hacker for you to slobber over. His latest bunch are: Spacecraft Refueling Trainee; Gang Initiate; Long Lost Third Mario Brother "Lucky"; Ratbert's Little Aides; Elbonian Network Tech and Pig Farmer; Zapp's Cosmetic Surgeons; Zapp's Personal Archivist; Zapp's Laundry Officer; Zapp's Webcam. There you go, plenty of senseless violence for everyone.

Take me to the Moon of Doom!
Posted on July 11, 2005 by Graham
Alright, you want crap, well you can have crap! Crap! Crap! CRAP! There's enough crap for everyone, so don't all rush at once. Take your crappy time. What's this crap about? Well, I have an absolute pile of dog's waste for your today that comes from Davey, who has been as insensitive as he could be by sending us drivel for our Crap Art section. Welcome three plops, I mean pictures, that will make you want to watch crap like Big Brother forever. The picture you can see shows Fry and Zoidberg looking into a river with a strange message about sending kids to the Moon of Doom. Ouch! Don't listen to that picture, because the Moon of Doom isn't as exciting as it sounds; it's more like a walk in Blackpool rather than anything that'll make your heart race. The other pictures contain some other rubbish, notbably Farnsworth and Hermes talking about poo. Well, at least they're being honest.

We also have some other work that's not crap. It might be punishing, but it's not crap. Welcome a new story for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. The story is titled The Punishress, although it wouldn't punish you too much to read it. While walking to the manhole covers in order to beat the mutant curfew, Turanga Munda and Morris and their daughter Leela are the victims of a robbery. After going to the police station and finding out that the authorities don't care whether mutants are the victims of crime, Leela decides to become a costumed crime fighter. So, it's on with the Clobberella gear, now painted black, and now it's time for criminals who target mutants to meet The Punishress.

It's Mr Stay Puffed!
Posted on July 9, 2005 by Teral
Everybody know "Ghostbusters", right? One of the best movies of the 80's. If you answered my previous question with a no, run, don't walk, to your nearest Blockbuster outlet and rent this classic. Tell them Teral send you.

Anyway, most people recognise Rhay Parker Jr's very distinctive theme song from the movie, right? Don't say no, do not say no. La-la-la-la-la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you-la-la-la-la-la.... Necause if you do, how are you supposed to enjoy this new Song parody from Zak Gotsh? Hah, got you now, haven't I? The song is titled Crap Busters, so enjoy!

Warning! Lots of loving in this clip! Lots of singing, too! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SAVE US!
Posted on July 9, 2005 by Graham
I've got a lot of stuff for today... lots and lots of it. You'll be here all day if I told you what we've got. Really, I don't know how I could type about the amount of stuff we have. What is this stuff? Ah, good point. Let's start off with the new girl. I have a clip for our Video Clips section that comes from a new contributor called Foxxy. Her clip not only deals with love affairs in the show, but also has the music of Katey Sagal in the background. Yeah, that one. Yes, I'm being serious. She done some singing, too. Anyway, the clip is titled "The Best of Futurama (Love Affairs)" and is in the WMV video format. BTW, you'll have to use Winrar or Unrar to decompress the split volumes, or you can use the free 7-Zip if you're a Windows user. Foxxy isn't finished there, though, because she's come up with seven pictures for our Fan Art section. So you might want to give them a look, too.

Next up, I have another lot of work from Sarah, whose work is steadily improving submission after submission. The image you can see to your left is a wallpaper of hers featuring Leela in the episode When Aliens Attack. Sarah's also come up with a lot of stuff for her page in our Fan Art section, too. There are pictures of Fry, Leela, Fry with Leela, Leela saving Fry, Sarah as a character, and two pictures based on Luck of the Fryish. There are eleven pictures altogether, so a lot to go through. Not that we should see that as a chore. She's still not finished, though. Yeah, busy, busy, busy! We have some work from Sarah for our Crap Art section, too. This pile of rubbish, and I'm not insulting anyone by saying that, because it is a pile of rubbish, features Leela, Fry and Bender. However, it seems that those three characters have been put through one of those clothes manglers/wringers and left out in the sun to dry for too long... or something. Either way, it's a fine example of crap.

Unity is strength!
Posted on July 8, 2005 by Graham
"This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty and the powerful. It was not aimed at presidents or prime ministers. It was aimed at ordinary, working-class Londoners, black and white, Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jew, young and old."

Those were the words of London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, about yesterday's terrorist attacks on London. What strikes me about the words he used was that he was expressing unity between all races and religions, in that we were all attacked. It's not right to seek division at this time, like many politicians have done in the past, and what those who carried out the bombings themselves also want right now, but to spread unity instead. I'm not always a fan of Ken Livingstone myself, but I do share those words that I quoted of his above. Unity is strength.

Now, onto updates. I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from RS 2thou. The picture is of Fry looking a bit "meh" at something or other. RS 2thou has also added some shading to the picture, which gives the effect of it appearing 3D, so I don't know why Fry doesn't look too impressed. Anyway, enjoy the latest work of RS 2thou's. Maybe Fry will perk up and do so, too.

Darth Lincoln Vs Fluke Frywalker in George Lucas' Star Wars: Now We're Really Taking the Pith...
Posted on July 6, 2005 by Graham
OK, OK, I know, yet more attacks on Revenge of the Sith from me, but when you're on a roll, why stop if there's no wall to thwart you. Anyway, enough about George Lucas and his quest for fame and fortune, and more about stuff that's been sent to us by our contributors. Welcome a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Kriebs. This picture is based on a scene in his... I'll let him explain all. "This scene is out of Part 4 of my fiction The Best of Times and Worst of Times. This is Fry's first training exercise in Laser Sword combat, and I couldn't a better opponent the Evil Lincoln! This was shortly before Leela and Amy arrive on the scene, and it was both an educational and painful experience for Fry. Much will come from this in propelling my story forward." See, there's always easy explanations why Fry is fighting Abraham Lincoln.

Another contribution for today goes to our Fan Fiction section, coming from Dwayne Anderson. He's come up with a new story called The Mountain Man, which is quite poignant. This is the sequel to his "Blast From the Past" and is a dedication to Harry R Truman, the man who wouldn't leave his lodge at Spirit Lake before Mount St Helens' eruption on May 18, 1980.

Let sleeping dogs lie...
Posted on July 4, 2005 by Graham
Back again with quite a bit of stuff coming from three contributors who have kindly sent their work to Futurama Madhouse for the enjoyment of our visitors. Let's start off with the picture you can see to your right, which seems to feature scenes from the episode Jurassic Bark; you know, the episode where Fry is pining for his old, lost dog. That picture was sent in by Sarah for our Fan Art section. She didn't just stop there, though, because she sent in more stuff, like pictures of Leela crying, Fry blowing a bubble with gum, Zoidberg doing what Zoidberg does best (other than stinking up the place); a picture of the Planet Express ship nearly being entangled in some strange stuff. Oh, did I mention that she's sent in some crap art? Well, yeah, she sent in some really bad crap for you to throw up on. Hope your keyboards are easy to clean.

Next up, we have something quite mad to the max for you. Surely you get that? Mad to the max. Come on, you know! I mean, isn't that enough of a hint already? You people! Anyway, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from CosmicF, which is a parody of those Mad Max films. Yeah, you say that now, but the hint was so damn obvious! Well, this parody of Mad Max has Bender as Bender the Humungous setting a terrible example by having both Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan attached to the front of his vehicle. Now, I'm sure this'll backfire, because would you want the whiff of Zoidberg hitting your face while driving 80mph? No, me neither. There's also Hermes in this picture, who doesn't strike me as a typical limbo dancer. Mind you, maybe if he's driving that chariot with Bender, he could duck below the slipstream and avoid the tasty delights of Zoidberg's gas.

Lastly, I have some good work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Ramon 51. This is part three of his serial fiction Gladiatrix, which deals with the crew being trapped on a planet that is based on the Roman Empire... yes, that one in ancient times. Anyway, in this part, Leela is still feeling down after slaying an opponent while doing a spot of being a gladiator, but she has further work to do when a plot threatens the life of her new boss who's standing to become emperor. Fry, in the meantime, is doing a spot of gardening. Err... you have to read it to make sense of that last sentence.

Wallpaper Update!
Posted on July 3, 2005 by Scott
Wallpaper's have been moved to my web-host on Sayargh.net, funny name that Sayargh, that's where I used to host Say Argh! the Zoidberg site, to the average user you should not notice a difference, but the difference is deeper than it looks.

Just a small update, from the PHP master himself... erm... me, well actually i'm hardly a master!

This is a temp change for now, if it doesn't work out i'll restore how it was. - Report any issues you find to my email and they will get sorted as quick as I can.

Rupert Murdoch is stunned
Posted on July 2, 2005 by Teral
We all know who Rupert Murdoch is, and I think it's safe to say the overwhelming majority of Futurama fans doesn't exactly hold him in high esteem. I mean between owning the network which killed our beloved show, being so arch-conservative he makes Jesse Helms look like a bleeding heart liberal (the American definition of the word, not the real meaning of the word, don't even get me started on this! ) and funding FOX News, well...

Anyway, what I have for you tonight should cheer you all up a bit. It's a song parody from Zak Gotsh named PlanEx, the delivery company. It's based on "Roland the Thompson gunner" by Warren Zevon and feature the Planet Express crew hunting down Rupert Murdoch (only to stun him and throw him in jail, so no blood or gore here ).

Oh your god! George Lucas has pulled off yet another masterpiece! Queue up for the popcorn, everybody!
Posted on July 2, 2005 by Graham
Well, for many, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (better be careful how I arrange those letters ) was some kind of great film that redeemed George Lucas from the diabolical crap that was his last two ventures in Star Wars, for others, it was a steaming pile of sith (if you're easily offended, then don't click on that link). Myself? I'm with the latter camp, but I've never really cared for Star Wars (the only one worth watching, IMO, is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which seemed to prove that the further George Lucas is from a film's creative side the better). OK, I can feel the force of the Star Wars nerd rising to strangle me, but I'll reply with this: Bwahahahahaha! NooooOOOOoooooooo! No, I am your father! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *more hysterical noes happen* Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I have a nice piece of sith for you for our Fan Art section that comes from Pawell. It's a picture that parodies the Revenge of the Sith poster, but this time with Futurama characters doing the roles. BTW, the light sabre effects were done by Douglas Hilliard, so give him some of the sith, too.

Well, after some good sith comes some bad sith... and I mean very bad sith. Welcome a pile of steaming crap for our Crap Art section, where every picture is worth its weight in human waste product. These five pictures by new contributor Davey are no exception to this smelly rule. Look at that crap Bender. Look, he even recommends cheese, another smelly substance. Look as we hold our noses in horror! Then there are a few pictures with another smelly thing in it: Zoidberg. Come on, first cheese, now Zoidberg! Sheesh, is this Stink Up Futurama Madhouse Day? There are also some pictures of Fry and Leela, but explaining those would just stink up the joint more... and I don't mean that kind of smelly joint, either.

Lastly, we have 40 good siths that come from Big Red. Occasionally on the Internet, you see some lists, like "Twenty Reasons Why Farts Smell" or "Thousand Reasons Why George Lucas Should Become a Monk", so Big Red thought why not have one Futurama related. So, enjoy You Know You've Watched Too Much Futurama When..., and find out forty ways how to fulfil your obsession.

There, Sith has had its revenge. Over and out.