July 2004

July 31, 2004

Pray to the Sisters of Mercy... pray fast! Ah, well, I have two dark pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Fry's Chick 3000. The two pictures show Fry and Leela as Goths. No, not that Germanic group of people who ransacked Rome during the early Dark Ages (there you go, some history lesson... ain't we at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone a bunch of people with our heads filled with pointless knowledge ), but a type of style of people who followed dark emotional music done by the likes of The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and many others. So, maybe you'll want to see what type of clothing Fry and Leela will be wearing in these pictures sent by Fry's Chick 3000. If you don't know what it's likely to be, I'll just say it's sort of nocturnalish and different... but definitely black.

July 29, 2004

Mopey Leela is a thing of the future, meet angsty Leela instead! Ah, a pleasant Thursday brings us some nice work for Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. Actually, I'm not that partial to warm weather, but the Summer here has been quite poor in the heat department, so it's about time we had some variety here, even if it's on the warm side. Anyway, getting back on-topic, which is what really matters on this site. The first work that you can see to your right goes to our Fan Art section and comes from FemJesse, provider of great pictures. Today's picture from her, which is a pencil sketch work, shows Leela as what she might have looked like as a teenager. One thing hasn't changed: she wore big boots back then. Well, enjoy another great work from FemJesse. Expect some more goodies soon.

Blubbing Bender Extravaganza! Well, even robots can cry it seems in Futurama. Just like cars, they seem to have water stored to was their windscreens/eyes. Well, the picture you can see to your left goes to our Fan Art section and comes from Mike Wilkins. It shows Bender crying away for some reason. Maybe alcohol was put back on prohibition again, although that would just present Bender with more opportunities to make even more money, just like the Mafia did back in the '20s and '30s when alcohol was stupidly banned in the US. Maybe Fry decided to make Flexo his best friend instead, causing Bender to blub. That second one I doubt. Mike has also made another picture of Bender, but this time Bender looks fairly normal in his emotional state. Enjoy both forms of Bender, though.

Ascii goes beyond Leela! Well, yesterday I put up some work for a new section called Ascii Art, work that came from Y_L_B. Anyway, after realising that Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone accepts work that's not Leela-related, she sent in some non-Leela ascii work, too. Let's see, we have: Bender as Santa; Edna; Fry as a Break Dancer; Fry with Gun and Gum; Crew as Kids; McNeal; Zoidberg in Bathing Suit. There, plenty of variety... good variety, too. Well, enjoy the work from Y_L_B. I know I did.

July 28, 2004

Well, that game wasn't up to much... but now for something completely different! Oh well, 0-0 it stayed... maybe I could have wrote what Fryfan wrote after all. Anyway, to business. On the PEEL message board, a certain poster called Y_L_B was kind enough to offer some of her (I only know the sex of the poster due to the symbol on the PEEL message board, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry) ascii art. I was so impressed that I just had to create a new section for it called Ascii Art, which seems an obvious name to call the section. If anyone else has some work for this section, then send it in. Thanks again to Y_L_B.

So, while in the studio I talked to Matt about the problems with my characterisation. He told me to stop whining and just act mopey! Today I have two contributions that both go to our Fan Art section, so that should keep you all occupied. First up are two pictures from Futurama Freak. The one you can see shows Leela talking to Fry, who's leaning against a wall. I'm not sure what she's talking about, despite my subject heading. The other picture is a hand-drawn picture showing Fry, Leela and Bender in space, with Fry and Leela wearing space suits (well, they'd have to... unless they like the idea of dying). Well, two enjoyable pictures to look at there, so enjoy them.

Mars Attacks! Next up, I have a joint work for our Fan Art section that comes from both Silvertide, who drew the picture, and Fryfan, who coloured it in. The artwork features some characters from Fryfan's SpyOrama fan fiction series who make up a group called the Red Lords, who originate from Mars. Because I'm really lazy and feel that Fryfan is in a better position to explain this picture further, I'll quote from his emails below. Anyway, I'm watching a football match (proper football, not that sport where hands are feet) on TV (Japan Vs Iran in the Asian Cup), so I'm sort of occupied at this moment of time. Hmmm... maybe I need to say that this is Fryfan's update and not mine.

"These are the Red Lords. An evil Mars Spy Group Bent on taking over Mars and seeking revenge on Jinx, who used to be a member, but abandoned them as they see it. You might want to ask fans to reread 'Jinx Full Throttle' to understand the characters.

"Melaena Jones, comes from two references. Melaena was the name of the woman who helped Arnold's character on Mars in the movie, Total Recall. Jones is after Chuck Jones, who was known for making cartoons featuring Marvin the Martin. [snipped this sentence due to possible spoiler]

"Biff Broker - Is named after Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, who was the ideal bully.

"Elmar is Elzar's twin brother. Elzar chose cooking as a hobby and Elmar chose martial arts, he'll bang you up a notch.

"Lingo- Is of course a parody of Jango Fett.

"John - He's the ordinary guy, there is always an ordinary guy."

In another email, Fryfan wrote: "The inspiration for the Red Lords came from the Green Lanterns mixed with Star Trek."

In yet another email (he's thorough): "Her [Melaena Jones] real spy name is Charm. Charm of course is the opposite of Jinx. Charm is Jinx's old rival and thus that is what she's commonly known as."

There, that's all done now. Hopefully Fryfan has managed to give you some idea what this picture is about. Now, to continue to watch football. The score at the moment is 0-0. Not that you'll be interested.

July 27, 2004

From Russia With Love. Well, there's a sight not even James Bond would be able to resist: Leela in her evening gown, standing alone on the deck of the Titanic. Lektor and SPECTRE be damned, just go and hug her. To be perfectly honest I don't know if Pawell Galuzin, the artists behind these Fan Arts, sends his love, but he gave us 5 new pictures for the Fan Art section and that's even better (no offense, Pawell ). Yeah, so discription? There's the one in the thumbnail, Leela at Zapp's incompetence trial, the entire crew posing at the beach, Fry, Leela and Amy whispering together and finally Zoidberg, Amy and Leela sitting in beachchairs. At the rate Pawell is going, don't be surprised if we see more from him very soon.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... He's back and he's proud! Welcome back Robert Hawks to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, who has come up with five new pictures for our Fan Art section. If you don't know Robert, let me say that he's a long-time artist on the Futurama online scene, going way back to the year 2000 and beyond. Anyway, thankfully, he came back to give the site a read, realised that his page on this site had cobwebs on it due to lack of updates, so decided to create some art to blow those webs away. Let's see, we have a picture of Leela painting Fry, but in her particular style; a seductive Autumnal Leela (steady on, boys!); Leela and Fry jumping in each others' arms; Fry and Leela under the spotlight; and Zoidberg enraging the good people of Atlanta by eating their favourite pet. Well, enjoy Robert's latest contribution to this site. Let's hope for some more sooner or later... or even much, much later.

Life's a lottery! Next contribution to this site comes from Dwayne Anderson, and goes to our Fan Fiction section. This work is titled Wongfully Accused, which deals with a sad, sad moment in Planet Express's history, where due to financial losses, they have to lose a member of the crew. The decision will be random, though, and decided by the shortest straw. Find out who's the unlucky sod to get the boot by reading Dwayne's work.

What's that? The Professor as a Happy Little Elf? Well, not really. I just have a quick update for the Fan Art section of this great site, with eight new entries from me of all people. Since I have the flu at the moment, I stayed home from class today, and that gave me time to finally finish the last eight character pictures for my now completed fan story, Universe of Malice. So, here are the final pictures of some of the original characters I had in the story, and it contains the odd spoiler for the latter chapters too. They are Elod, Elder Willow, Elders Charlie and Galaxip, Lord Suikkanen, Professor Smatt, Hewson, The Iffle Elder and, last but not least, Queen Anica. Hope those of you who read the story enjoy them... even if they are several months late. Later

July 26, 2004

Who the Hell do you think you are, Mr Tyson! Ouch, that's gonna hurt. Still, maybe Leela will talk sense into him and tell him the moves to deal with such a situation: run like the wind. Actually, rather than interpret what's going on - a wild interpretation, too - I better explain that this is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Coilette. This picture features Fry and Leela in the episode Less than Hero, where Fry is giving a "superhero" styled speech about saving something or other that's worth saving (I think it's humanity, but it could well be Slurm, Nachos or whales). It seems to me that Coilette's scanner is back working (it seems to go on strike regularly ), considering the image being clean. I wonder what the deal was that she struck with the scanner to get it working? Maybe something like, "If you don't work, I'll make you scan this picture of Vanessa Feltz!" (If you're not from the UK, think of something like Roseanne Barr, just more irritating.) Well, enjoy Coilette's latest work.

You've got mail! Well, I have something a bit different for today that goes to our Sound Clips section. Henning has been kind enough to crop one of Bender's sounds in order to make something that you can use as the system sound for email - like, when you've downloaded email, Bender will utter some words to make the event just that bit more exciting. You'll find the sound and instructions for Windows users along with the Bender sound clip near the bottom of the page under System Sounds (LInux users should be savvy enough to know how to change system sounds, and I haven't a clue about Macs, so do some Googling if you use one of those things). Well, thanks to Henning for sending this in.

July 25, 2004

Battle stations! Ah, I have to say that Kenneth's review is worth reading. I think he conveyed his thoughts damn well in that review. I have to admit to being sceptical about crossovers like Kenneth, so it could be that he's just saying what I want to hear. Still, worth a read. BTW, what the hell is liquid diamond? Diamond is a form of carbon, much like graphite is. They differ due to the way the carbon atoms are aligned - one type of alignment makes the hardest material out there, while the other makes a much weaker material. Anyway, all "liquid diamond" would be is liquid carbon... the atoms wouldn't be aligned to form diamond in the first place, so it can't be diamond but merely carbon. There, that's that pointless nerd nit-pick talk out of the way. Oh, why am I ranting about that? Because it's mentioned in the Simpsons/Futurama crossover comic. Shame on the nerd writers! Anyway, this all brings me nicely to the update. Does it? Of course not, but I have to say something like that to justify ranting for several sentences. Anyway, welcome four pictures for our Fan Art section that come from ExTwist. He's come up with pictures that are based on Rye Guy's The Other, a work you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. The pictures show the moments where Fry and Bereave are sword fighting, and what a fight it seems to be. Nice sketch work from ExTwist, well worth a view or two.

Sonic boom! Well, talking about fiction, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Trenton Sands. This story is called Delivery to Mobius, which deals with the crew delivering golden rings to the planet Mobius. Now, as soon as Fry finds out that they are going to Mobius, he gets excited because he knows that Sonic the Hedgehog will be there. He's a great fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, so you can understand why he'd be damn happy. However, Bender is told about the evil Dr Robotnik, who Sonic has to deal with on Mobius, and decides, for reasons I'll let you find out for yourself, that he needs to visit the doctor. Well, enjoy this romp on Mobius.

Finish flag is now in sight! Not content with having one extra work for our Fan Fiction section for today, I have another, too. Welcome the third and final part of Soulkid2000's work called Race for Earth. Well, as I said, it's coming up to the end of the race, so maybe the Earth will find out its fate, a fate that depends on a race and a delivery crew. Give it a read.

Now, I'm off to fume more about liquid diamond. Bah!

July 24, 2004

The Simpsons and Futurama... together. Is it feasible? Well, to find out, just read my latest Comic Review for the two part series known as Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis where the two shows meet. Admittedly, I have had these issues for a long time now... I just never got around to reviewining them. So, I finally decided to read them again and give them the Ebert treatment. Both issues are reviewed together, since it was just easier that way, considering it's one big story. So just click on the cover of issue one that's seen here and find out whether it's worth getting these issues.

And on another note, Bender was just recently voted the #2 best robot in a recent poll by Amazon.co.uk and IMDB.com to celebrate the release of the Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set (yes, and by trilogy I mean the good, orignal ones... Episodes IV to VI). Who beat him for the #1 place you may ask? That little tin can, R2D2. Yeah, that's right. Anyway, the top ten robots were as follows:

R2D2 (Star Wars) - 22.9%, Bender (Futurama) - 14.2%, Crew from Mystery Science Theater - 14.2%, C3P0 (Star Wars) - 10.1%, Number 5 (Short Circuit) - 5.1%, Robocop (Robocop) - 4.2%, The Iron Giant (The Iron Giant) - 3.7%, Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet) - 3.3%, Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still) - 3.0%, Rosie (The Jetsons) - 2.7%, The Metropolis Woman - 2.3%, The Daleks - 1.7%, Twiki (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) - 0.8%, V.I.N.Cent (The Black Hole) - 0.7%, Amee (Red Planet) - 0.5%

Congrats to Bender for taking the silver. And that's all from me. Later! :)

Must resist using "I, Robot?" as a subject heading... must resist the urge! Hmmm... I wonder if that film is any good? Then again, Will Smith isn't one of my favourite actors, nor are the films he has starred in been particularly that interesting, naturally all IMO. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to see it to make sure whether this is another turkey or not. Anyway, rather than blabber on about a film that's currently on show, I'll get on with the first of three contributions. First up is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from FemJesse. Well, this picture is a great sketch of Fry doing some robot moves, or so it appears. It makes you wonder how such a thing that looks so human can be robotic, which is what I think FemJesse is saying in this picture. Then again, maybe I've gotten the wrong end of the stick, and it's about Fry trying out some robotic moves that he did in Fear of a Bot Planet. You decide.

Meet the parents... OK, shoot me for that one! Bah, I just couldn't resist using a film title. Still, it's fairly hot here (relatively, considering other places in the world), so I'm in a lazy mood. Anyway, I have another picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. This latest picture features Leela meeting up with her parents down in the sewers. Now, this would not normally be a place where you'd want to meet your parents, but as you all know, Leela has no choice who her parents are, nor where they live. Well, at least their relationship with their daughter isn't down the toilet... ummm... I better rephrase that one.

The way we were spies! I'll just get my coat.... Well, this is the last contribution for today, but this time it goes to our Fan Fiction section. This work comes from Fryfan, and, yes, it's another part of his SpyOrama series, I, Fry, am Spy. In this part, we have both agents 014 (Fry) and 1BDI (Leela) going along to a DOOP celebration of their spy activities, only to find it has been gatecrashed by Ironfinger (Bender) and Jinx (Amy). Not content with killing them on the spot, Ironfinger does something far worse: play back how Fry became a spy in the first place. Now, cue sick buckets and red faces! Oh dear, can Ironfinger be any crueller? Run... run as fast as you can to your local asylum, and book a week or two in the padded suite (pyjamas included).

July 22, 2004

Spinning out of control? Spinoff! Is there any word more thrilling to the human soul? Let's hope not, as we bring you the third and final part of ELF's Fan Fiction, funnily enough titled Futurama Spin-offs. In this part we have the Planet Express crew do their Super Duper Fun-time variety show, with lots of sketches and jokes. Celebrity guest stars this time is Sammy Davis Jr, The Cheat and Strong Bad. Well, I guess you're all anxious to get the direct link to this story, so here it is.

July 21, 2004

Want to help with a Futurama game? My name is Idan and I am leading a project of making a Futurama fan-made computer game, a good-old-fashioned point-and-click adventure, Sierra/LucasArts style. We already have 2 artists working with us (and also another writer besides me) and another one who just recently joined. We're looking for people who would like to join us in this project, particularly graphic fan artists; we have a working demo of the game with temporary graphics (characters and characters' talking view) that I've taken from various scan arts on the web to help me test the game until I'll get "our" graphics; besides that, the script of the game is also available. This is probably the largest project made by fans, and already turning to be quite an international effort (UK, Germany, Israel, Australia). If you'd like to help us, please come to our forum and let us know! We hope to hear from you soon! [Idan]

Want to win some Futurama Comics? New surfers to the Futurama Web probably don't remember the Futurama Stock Exchange, a game site where you could put (virtual) money on 'stocks' of Futurama characters and see if your choices went up or down or whatever. Well, after a while that site included other series besides Futurama, and got renamed XMoo. What does that have to do with anything? Well, XMoo now opened a messaging service, IMooU, and to celebrate the ocassion they're giving away US$50 and three Futurama comics. All you have to do is visit IMooU and send a message to Will with the topic "Futurama". You've got time 'til August 7th, so hurry up! [Leandro]

Where's the Hell is Leela? They seek her here, they seek her there, they seek her everywhere. Who seeks her? I don't know, but the picture file name is titled "Where Am I?", so someone is lost. Actually, this is a new picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. It features Leela on the surface of some planet (could be Earth during the night, although there's some reddish-purple and blue planet/moon in the sky, so that might count it out) with her gun in her hand. Maybe she's asking for directions, using her gun to ensure a speedy reply or something. Yeah, mugged for directions. Someone better tell her where she is before she gets mad and frustrated.

And now for some fanfic art! Well, this picture for our Fan Art section might confuse some people, because it doesn't actually show a Futurama character as such. No, it features a character that you'd find in one of Rye Guy's works for our Fan Fiction section that's called The Other. The character in question is Bereave, which you would have found out anyway when you eventually look at the picture. Oh, this picture isn't just Rye Guy's work, because it's a joint work with ExTwist, who actually drew the picture, allowing Rye Guy to colour it in. Well, both did a good job, too. BTW, if this picture hasn't got you to read The Other, then maybe today would be a good day to start reading it. Well, have some fun with today's contributions and enjoy the day.

July 20, 2004

Just another sophisticated New New Yorker, looking to whoop some robot butt! Don't get fooled by those New New Yorkers. One moment they're metropolitan, reasonable, intelligent and compassionate, the next you're lying on the ground with a size 9 boot print on your chine and a mouthfull of 20th century fingers. Ofcourse if they're impulsive too, watch out. Why am I droning on about this, you might've been wondering the last 20 seconds? I wish I knew, but instead of digging this hole deeper, let's move on to Fan Art. 7 new pictures from Pawell Galuzin, featuring the thumbnail, Leela cleaning up the mosh pit, some chick from AOI 2, Leela with a crazy green stripe, Leela in a 40's poodleskirt, Bender in a DOOP Uniform and finally the Cute Witch of the North.

Quite a batch from Pawell there. Btw, when he's not busy making Fan Art, he's busy being webmaster for the Russian site Something About Leela.

Fear and loathing... does it ever end? Ah, now do I have a treat from one of my favourite fan artists who posts his work on Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. Welcome a Gonzo piece of art from The Drainpipe. No, it's not based on The Muppets... not that kind of Gonzo. No, this work is a tribute to Hunter S Thompson and drawn in the style of Ralph Steadman's work (if you have no idea about these two, then I suggest you go to everyone's good friend Google and look them up... especially if you like satire and wackiness). Well, it features the crew in various guises with Hunter S Thompson, and you'll also notice that Hunter is enjoying a bit of Nixon baiting, for which he was famous for back in the last century. Mind you, for the present, some good Bush baiting would be in order... even if it would be way too easy to poke fun at the Idiot in Chief. Oh dear, I'm getting political again... must resist... must return to blind obedience... must break from this kind of thinking... must watch Fox...

Games, games and more games... Ah, yeah, don't worry, I've finished my rant. Well, at least for now. Anyway, I have some more work that's for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Wonderbee31. Yeah, that's another long-time-no-see submitter to this site. Still, better late than never. Anyway, this is part five of his work that's a tribute to Dr Who, Leela Squared. In this part, we have Dr Who, his Leela, Futurama's Leela and Fry having to play a game against the Cybermen, all set up by the Toymaker. Now, this isn't one of those friendly games, it's one of those that end up with the loser suffering some terrible punishment. What's the punishment and what happens during the game? Well, that's up to you to find out by reading this interesting fiction work by Wonderbee31. So, get a mug of coffee/cup of tea/bottle of beer and take some out to read this story.

July 19, 2004

The life and times of FemJesse. Now in graph form! Well, as the title suggests, I have another work from FemJesse for our Fan Art section. This time, the work not only shows a Futurama character, but also shows other characters from other shows. Mind you, this is because the picture is actually showing what FemJesse was concentrating on drawing from the year 1993 (boy, that's so last century ) to the present day. The thumbnail doesn't show all the characters that she was drawing during that time frame, because putting them all in the thumbnail would show them all as little indistinguishable blobs. So, what I'm trying to say is go and see the picture proper (not that you don't do that already). Well, enjoy the evolution of FemJesse's muse from dinosaur to man and back to delivery boy.

Let the gaming begin! Next I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Soulkid2000. This is part two of his current fiction that's titled Race for Earth. In this part, a race is proposed... a race that could spell the end of Earth if lost. So, let's hope they do well.

July 18, 2004

Keep on dreaming, Fry. Ah, back from an extended weekend in sunny, lively and freeminded Amsterdam. I have several nasty sunburns, dozens of mosquito bites and a hole in my pocket. Fun on the bun. And when I return I find my inbox overflowing with submissions to our site. The perfect end for a great vacation/extended weekend. I know some of them have been waiting since Thursday (the day I left) and for that I am sorry. I hope our submitters will bear over with me this one time and I'll get your stuff up there as quickly as possible.

Okay, first up we have 8 pictures from a new submitter to our Fan Art section called Mike Wilkins. The thumbnail show Fry hoping for a kiss from Leela, judging from Leela's expression it's a fools hope. Get it? "Fools hope"... Ah, I give up. The other 7 show Morbo, Fry, Bender, Kif/zoidberg, Leela's head, Cubert's head (but not on a silver platter ) and finally Leela surprised there's a website dedicated to her.

You know what this update need? MORE POWER!!! Does anybody know what time it is? USES FOR A HACKER-TIME! That's right, FM:TLZ is proud to present Smiley "The Uses For A Hacker-man" ... uhh... Smiley... Yeah, so the "Home Improvement" parody kinda fizzled out there, but the point remains; there are 9 new Uses For A Hacker available, and this time the theme is home improvement. We have hackers used as spackle, nailguns, grout, flagpoles and much, much more, including a little hip to webmasters. Hmm, maybe Smiley is trying to tell us something. Anyway, enjoy these new Uses For A Hacker.

Zapp spreads the hate! It seems wherever Zapp Brannigan goes, he brings out the hatred not just amongst alien beings, but also the females of all species (he'll try to screw anything that moves... although Fry, on occasions, has been known to suffer from that - remember him screwing a radiator in Lesser of Two Evils. ). It seems that Futurama Freak's invented character April is no exception to this rule, judging by Futurama Freak's latest work for our Fan Art section. This latest picture shows April ready to take on Zapp Brannigan, but not in the erotic way that the captain would wish for. Then again, a female beating the crap out of him might turn him on, so maybe April should think out her tactics a bit more on this one. Oh, the picture also features Fry, who seems to be enjoying what's about to happen. BTW, notice that I haven't mentioned that April isn't meant to be Futurama Freak, the mentioning of which was getting old and stale.

Jinxed on vacation! Ah, it's this time of the week. It's time to bring you a new part of Fryfan's SpyOrama series, which you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. Yeah, a whole new part of devious backstabbing and attempted world domination to read about. Welcome Jinx Full Throttle, which is full of Jinxy goodness. Yep, that's right, this story centres on the popular character of SpyOrama, Jinx (Amy Wong). Yeah, you heard it right. In this story, Jinx is owed vacation time by Ironfinger (Bender), so decides to waste that time on the beach. However, things aren't hunky dory for long, because agents IBDI (Leela) and 014 (Fry) are there to spoil her time. BTW, just to add some info to Amy's character, I'll quote something from Fryfan's email to me: "Interesting note, when I originally started planning on Amy's spy counterpart, I set out to either make her a parody of an angel, or Jinx from James Bond. I decided to choose Jinx from James Bond." Jinx the fallen angel, then?

July 17, 2004

Full Metal Jacket! Today, I have some works that are related to each other despite going to different sections of this site. These works comes from Nostradamus, who appears to have returned with some goodies. The first work, that you can see to your right, goes to our Fan Art section, which features Leela as "Number Two, the first class admiral of Cybernetic Core Fleet". Now, what appears to be some cold-hearted cyborg is actually Turanga Leela. Well, this confusing situation brings us to the next work that was sent in by Nostradamus, which goes to our Fan Fiction section. Welcome the third part of Nostradamus' story called Time and Punishment. Yeah, you thought it had ended, but that's where you're wrong. See, this is what he says in his email to me: "I've been bothered by the original finish of T&P 2 being too open...so I've decided to employ my questionable talents once again and write a definitively final sequel." Well, all I can say is that it's an interesting sequel, and you'll probably get to know more about the character he drew as fan art, too. So, spend some more time and punishment reading this part. Ummm... that doesn't seem very flattering. Errr... spend some more time reading this part or it's punishment all round. There, that's more like it.

July 16, 2004

Something cool, something new, something written and something.. uh... crap. That's right, because I got a mess of new stuff for you all today. I was going to have one more thing, but I couldn't find it. Maybe when I do I'll put it up.

Anyway, first of all, something cool. Well, most of this is cool, but there's some news about our favourite show that's cooler than most news. Futurama has been nominated for two Emmy Awards this year! Yes, that's right. Running up against The Simpsons, South Park, Spongbob Squarepants and Samurai Jack is Patric M. Verrone's fantastic episode "The Sting" where poor Fry finds himself on the business end of a bee stinger, and that's in the category of Outstanding Animated Program. For those wondering, "The Way We Weren't" is the show's yellow cousins' entry, which was better than most of the tripe they've produced this year (Seriously, The Simpsons is just terrible at the moment...) but it doesn't hold a candle to "The Sting" at all. The second nomination is for the song "I Want My Hands Back" for Outstanding Music and Lyrics which is, of course, from the fantastic opera finale of "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings" series finale. Again, it's against The Simpsons in this category too, and also, again, has a far better entry. Go Futurama!

Anyway, moving on to the new stuff. Yes, brand new Fan Art from artist Skajme for you all, as pictured above. Why is it more new than the rest of the stuff here? Well... this was just finished about an hour ago by Skajme, so it doesn't get much newer than that. A lot darker than most of his pics, but by no means less brilliant. Poor Fry looks sad in that alleyway. Awww.

Thirdly, something written. Well, that would be the latest piece of Fan Fiction I have for you, which is no less than Christina Nordlander's brilliant story, Son of the Ashes. This is Chapter 6 of the great story, and the adventures of Fry, Leela and the rest of the crew continue under the services of Lord Cyan and Emperor Jagan. A long time coming, but worth the wait, so if you're following this story (and there's no reason you shouldn't be!) then check out the latest part.

And finally, something crap. That may not sound nice, but hey... this is Crap Art we're talking about here! And this addition is from Leela's Twin who has produced a really, really crap picture! Why moreso than normal? Because this is not only purposefully crap, but also contains that dreaded language known as L33T in it! Wow! No that is classic crap! And it relates to the Emmy Nominated episode I just mentioned above, The Sting, showing a crap version of the scene where Leela and Bender look upon a stung Fry.

That's all for now. And don't forget to send those anchovy cans to Fox. Also, pay a visit to our somewhat neglected Message Board now and then if you've got some spare time. It's fun, and a great place to post your art and fics for opinions from others. Later

July 15, 2004

It's not the time to mourn, it's the time to rejoice! Come on, rub your eyes and say to yourself, "This must be a dream.... This must be a dream...." Alternatively, you could say, "Maybe I'm in 2003.... Maybe I'm in 2003...." Yeah, that's right, it's not a dream and you're not time travelling, because FemJesse is back with a vengeance with a new picture for our Fan Art section. This neat picture shows Leela lying in bed alone, mourning the loss of Fry, who has left an empty void in her life and bed. You really have to feel for her, and this picture captures the empty feeling of Leela quite aptly. Hmmm... we're meant to be celebrating the return of FemJesse, not mourning. It's not meant to be a sad day. Oh well, if mourning is the new celebrating, then let's all weep for joy. Welcome back, FemJesse.

Blow out the candles and eat the birthday boy! Well, it has to happen. You get to your birthday, have a party, blow out your candles on your cake, then someone's pet decides it's hungry and wants its own cake: you. Exactly the same thing is happening to Fry in this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Daran Carlin-Weber. In his picture, as you can see, Fry is celebrating his birthday with Bender and Leela, when, out of the blue, Nibbler decides that Fry doesn't need two arms, so takes out his hunger on one of them. Cue the rest of the birthday in the hospital. Daran has also sent in another picture, which shows what happens when Fry takes control of the Planet Express ship. Maybe another visit to the hospital is in order. Well, enjoy both these pictures from Daran and wish Fry a happy birthday and hope he gets well soon, while you're at it.

July 14, 2004

Slaves to the litter! Ah, am I here? Yeah, this keyboard seems to be working. *rustling noises can be heard* There, I think they'll be able to read this. Good, we're online? Good. OK, let's tell these suckers what's on Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone today. Ooops... the suckers can read this. Well, if you won't forgive me, then at least you can give a new contributor to this site a chance. Welcome a fan fiction work from Trenton Sands that's titled Cold Diamonds. In this story, we have Fry, Bender and Leela sent on a mission to Botland (formerly Scotland) to do some detective work. However, when they get there, they soon find that they're detecting discarded paper and having to clean it up. Still, despite this setback, they accidentally meet up with Mom's three sons and end up getting involved in a bit of a detective competition with them. Losing will be a fate worse than death. No, not death twice or thrice, something far worse. Read on to find out.

July 13, 2004

DISCLAIMER: The picture of the cover of this issue of Futurama Comics has absolutely nothing to do with the contents within. You have been warned. It's true though. That cover is misleading, and the last thing the world needs is more hacked off Shippers because they bought a comic that suggested that it would be a shippy issue, only to be disappointed when that's not the case. In fact, even without the cover, they'd likely be disappointed. Why? Well, to find out read my new diagnosis on Futurama Comics #10 which I have just read and reviewed, and which now sits snugly in our Comic Reviews section for all to read. Let's just say that I didn't think it was the best of issues. To find out why, click on the image of the cover here.

And, that's about all really. I could just ramble about a random subject to fill up space I guess, but what topics could I choose? My hate for Rugby, disgust of South Park, or new episodes of The Simpsons being grossly overrated, but then those rant would go on too long. They'd push all other updates off the main page and into the news. Or I could brag about how our cricket team beat the West Indies and England recently in a tournament between the three countries. Then again, we also lost the basketball to Australia on Sunday as well.

Well, being as you've probably already stopped reading this, I think I'll pass. Hopefully I'll have more stuff soon.

Pictures that move. As hinted yesterday, someone sent us a new Fan Video. It looks like I managed to edit the files without screwing our little website completely up, so now it's available to our visitors in the Video Clips section. The video come from Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger and is a music video featuring "For You" by Staind. Fry's singing, while he and Leela play guitar (I'm well aware of the fact that the instruments might have another name like bass or something, but they all look like guitars to me ). Later the video blend into a scene with Fry, Leela and Bender, the animation on one hand is the familiar Groening style, and then not quite. Anyway, enough ramblings and spoilers, go to the Video Clips section allready and enjoy.

Fry dates Futurama Fre... *cough* April! I'm going to get into a lot of trouble with someone very soon if I keep on saying things like what I've said in the subject heading. Then again, it'll be my own fault. I can see it now, I'm sitting in front of my computer, typing away like some idiotic son of a Bush, and a massive sledge-hammer will land on my head, making me a metre tall and looking out of my arse. Not that I don't speak out of it sometimes. Well, that's enough self-deprecation from me, it's time to write about this update. Welcome a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. Her latest picture features Fry dating a made-up character called April (Futurama Freak's invention... apparently), while alongside them are some weird looking characters/things that I can't really describe. Anyway, that'll give you an ample excuse to go and look at this picture. Not that you need much of an excuse anyway. BTW, April still isn't Futurama Freak, no matter what anyone says. Now, off I run... far, far away!

Stoned stone! No, best not say that, because you know, kids, drugs are evil. Really, even though we called the site Futurama on Drugs for a short time, it's just not on to enjoy yourself by taking drugs. I mean, it's just not the message that Futurama wants to promote. OK, there's Bender's drinking alcohol to excess, but that's alcohol not drugs. OK, you say there's no difference between the two, but say that to your president/prime minister, and see what he says while pissed under a table and talking to an imaginary elephant. Ah, then you say there's always Hermes, and we all know he's on something that smells strange. But... but... remember the film Reefer Madness and the sound scientific advice it gave out. That sure was a great film to fight the horrors of drugs. Lots of people paid attention to it back in the black-and-white days. Anyway, Hermes might well smoke a thing or two, but would you jump off a Cliff Richard if your best friend told you to? No, you wouldn't. Wait... you would! Hmmm... anyway, as I said above, drugs are bad, really bad. There, that message should have made a few more gangsters and politicians richer. Wait, I'm meant to be talking about something else, but got distracted by drugs. Ah, yeah, welcome a new story for our Fan Fiction section that's from Soulkid2000. This one is called Race for Earth and deals with Fry, Leela and Bender finding some mysterious stone with strange writing on it. Like drugs, this stone could be the beginning of the end for civilisation on Earth. Remember that, drugs are evil... evil... evil... evil... make politicians and gangsters richer... evil... evil... evil... *and so on and so forth*.

July 12, 2004

No updates today? Aww crap! Or should I say Fan Art? No, no I shouldn't, because todays update consist of Crap Art and nothing but, thanks to Leelaholic. How crappy is it, you might ask and the answer is very crappy. The language Bender and Leela use is l337, so ofcourse that's crap (I'm sure Leelaholic use it just to drive me insane, but I'll graciously refrain from ranting against l337 today ). The jagged lines are crappy, even the joke is crappy. But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself. And don't forget to rate it afterwards.

July 11, 2004

I'll kill you for saying that Xmas was now on 11th July! Who's laughing now, shorty! Hmmm... has Summer arrived in England? Yeah, that's a question I ponder while looking out of the window and seeing dark clouds and rain. We really haven't had a hot Summer's day here... or at least not anything substantial. Makes it look like we're still in Winter or something. Well, that brings me to what I'm meant to be talking about: the update. I have five new pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Kyle M. The picture you can see to your right shows Bender in his Santa uniform scaring off a Neptunian. Teach that elf creature to go on and on about Xmas! There's also a picture of Fry drinking coffee, a picture of Fry getting ready to rumble, a picture of Bender taking a photo, and a picture of Zoidberg looking in the distance... probably for his next meal. So, plenty to enjoy there from Kyle.

BTW, I've added three new buttons to the section at the bottom of this page. Three sites had to be removed, but that wasn't difficult, seeing that they're dead. It's a pity when sites die. Still, I've added buttons for Inforama, a Norwegian language site, Futuramasutra, a German speaking site, and Futurama Planet, a French speaking site. See, a nice international mix there. There's a lot of stuff there for everyone, even those who don't speak the languages on the sites, so there's no real excuse not to go there. Long live Futurama!

July 10, 2004

I can write a far longer subject heading than Kenneth. See, this is going to be the longest ever, and you'll all regret ever having doubted me about doing this. Once you've read all of this, you'll want to wake up. This is going to be so big... oh, I give up! Let's have RoboLeela instead. Hmmm... that wasn't that long. Oh well, there's always the next time, Kenneth. I'll crush your mammoth subject heading once and for all! Now onto more important things. I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. This work, a coloured, hand-drawn one, seems to show Leela as some cyborg, kind of like roboCop. As you'll notice, RoboLeela (the name I've given the character in the picture) seems to be packing a bit of weaponry, which won't certainly be a good thing for any foes she encounters. Mind you, now that she's in cyborg form, does that mean that she'll be soon interested in Bender? Ewww! No... forget that. Get that image out of your heads right now! Run for the hills!

Just wait till Mom gets home! Well, running to the hills seems to have done the job. Mental image is now history. What image? Oh... back in five minutes. AAARRRGGGHHHHHH! [twenty-five minutes pass... you're getting damn bored waiting] OK, back again. Anyway, I have some work for our Fan Fiction section that has come from Fryfan. Now, this is the third part of his SpyOrama series (although he seems to be calling it Spy-A-rama in this part for some reason... but maybe that's a mistake or something), this part titled Mom with a Vengeance. This story has Leela and Fry (agents IBDI and 014 respectively) having to babysit Dwight and Cubert while the Professor, Hermes and LaBarara go off on a holiday to England. However, our dynamic duo soon find out that the holidayers have been captured by Ironfinger and a new super villain called Mom (who we also know as Mom on the show, too... what a coincidence! ). So, it's time to dump the kids onto a new babysitter/dupe and go and rescue the parents. BTW, Fryfan expresses some sentiments about the sequels of The Matrix that I have, but I'll let you find out what they are. Mind you, if you know me, you'll know Fryfan's own opinion... or at least the one he's expressed in this part of his SpyOrama series. Enjoy spork!

July 9, 2004

DISCLAIMER: The text you read here is really not a disclaimer at all and just a random subject heading for this update. It may/may not have something to do with the update contained below, and may or may not be entertaining. The views expressed in this subject title or the nature of the updates below does not necessarily coincide with that of the webmasters of Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, then again, they just might. Especially if they have the words "Fox sucks!" in a sentence. Seeing as how this subject is already far too lengthy, the actual update will now proceed. Lots of new things for you guys today. First of all, we have some brand new stuff from ELF, not only pictures for both our Fan Art and Crap Art sections, but also a picture celebrating this site's 1,100,000th hit! Another milestone for us! Woo!. That's not to say the other pics aren't important too, such as a bowling one, the three main crew members toasting to friendship, Leela karaoke singing, Leela staring at a reflection of Fry, a parody of the famous Got Milk? ads, and more! So click on the celebratory thumbnail above to be whisked to ELF's latest pieces.

But wait, there's more! There are two brand-spanking-new wallpapers to pretty up your desktops from Jo Jo Sanmerelli as well. These are both excellent, one pictured here of Leela in her opera dress from the final episode, while the other is Zoidberg "gently breaking" the news to Fry that he has no nose. Good pictures, both of them.

Finally, we at this site have been requested to bring up an upcoming issue regarding Futurama's cancellation by Fox again. The message board known as PEEL is trying to get fans to send Fox cans of anchovies as a protest. Labelled "Anchovies for Fry", the idea is based around a similar stunt pulled by fans of the sci-fi drama show, Roswell, using bottles of tobasco sauce. It apparently worked for that show, so Futurama fans are apparently going to give it a go this August 10th, the date which, last year, saw the final episode of Futurama aired, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings. Who knows if it will work or not, but hey... it doesn't hurt to try, does it? So, if you're as mad about Fox's treatment of the show as most of us are, then click this link and print out the image to use as a label for a can of stinking anchovies, then send it off to Fox. If you want more information, contact the guy in charge of it, Jesse Nathan Elias, and/or visit this thread at PEEL: http://www.peelified.com/cgi-bin/Futurama/1-003337-1/. Thanks

July 8, 2004

Art-based art, Leela and weirdness Yes, because I have two different things, and the first is a piece of Fan Art based on a piece of real art. This newest piece from Blackdawg features our favourite one-eyed mutant heroine as the Mona Lisa, a painting that is very well known, and I believe Fry purchased it for target practice back in A Fishful of Dollars when he got those anchovies. Good stuff, continuing this artists' trend of Leela in famous female roles.

Secondly, is something from myself actually. It's not fan art though... no sirree. Instead, I have written a brand new, one-off piece of literature known as Fan Fiction. That's right, though it's rather different than my previous 25-chapter, two year piece in style. Still, I hope you enjoy it anyway. It's called The Chronotons of Fry-nia and features Fry having an accident with Chronotons and the What-If? Machine, then finding things a bit weird. Enjoy!

Fry with someone who definitely, positively, absolutely isn't Futurama Freak! Come on, we all believe her! No, I'm being serious. This picture for our Fan Art section that's from Futurama Freak, that shows Fry with some mysterious woman doesn't contain the artist herself. No, she says so on the email she sent me, so it just has to be true. Really, the woman in the picture is a made-up character called April, and any similarity to Futurama Freak is just coincidental. You seem to not believe me, but I have it here on good authority that both are not identical. So, please believe me when I say that April isn't Futurama Freak. Anyway, as you can see, Fry is trying to entertain April (who isn't Futurama Freak, just in case you didn't know), which seems to involve taking her on a drive, maybe on the ship, seeing that Fry has what seems to be an ignition key. Remember, April isn't Futurama Freak. Got that? Good.

July 6, 2004

Now, I would have something to put in here if I could actually think of something to say... Yeah, it seems that I can't think of a subject heading, so I just cheated and wrote what I was thinking at the time. Sorry for my laziness, but I suppose you'll just have to get used to it. The thousand chimps on a thousand typewriters didn't come up with anything Shakespearean. Most of the time they come up with something like this: jwio589jheanf #Aaeuaq8a nda;leae8ej f8w74;ajj fa;ejafji n'aiejh. So, yeah, no point continuing with that. Anyway, today I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. In this work, we have a hand-drawn colour picture of Leela and someone else who I don't know. Tried to look her up on Google, but got nowhere. I suspect that Leela and this Voronova women are opposites of sorts, judging by the file title. Still, whoever she is, it's a nice picture by Alexander, and that's what matters.

Cuteness and violence! Not exactly the most complimenting of attributes, except maybe with Happy Tree Friends, but thankfully they aren't mixed here. No, I just happen to have examples of both for you. First of all, let's all welcome new artist here at Futurama Madhouse, The Leela Zone, Khooker, who has two new pics in our Fan Art section. Both feature Leela as a young child in somewhat anime style, like this one shown here. Awww... very cute.

And now onto the violence! Yes! Though this is not art. This is gaming. I've been meaning to put this up for a while now, but I've finally got available the new Bender player model from Slyrr for the game Unreal Tournament 2004. He made the original Bender model for the original game, then revamped for the 2003 edition. Now, it's been improved yet again, with team colours and full compatibility with the new vehicles and features in the latest version of the Unreal Tounrament licence. Just go to our Game Add Ons section to find the two files, download, and enjoy!

July 5, 2004

Do women really want Mel Gibson? One thing I can't understand is why there is such a thing called Mel Gibson. Once, he looked promising, with some good films like Mad Max and Gallipoli, and then his career took a nose-dive, ending with him trying to be all absurdly patriotic/anti-British in films like The Patriot and Braveheart. Not that I have much against those who want to slight the British past, because iffy things did happen, but the absurd one-sidedness of the films were really comical. Now he does an S&M version of the story of Jesus in The Passion of Christ, and expects to be taken seriously. Oh well, I wonder if that's what women want? However, what may interest women - and men - is some new work for our Fan Art section that comes from Chudney. The picture you can see to your right, thankfully, has no Mel Gibson in it, otherwise I'd have to send Mel Gibson to /dev/null, but it does have Leela and Fry instead. However, what's interesting is that it features the difference between what Leela and what Fry want out of a relationship. Quite cute. His other picture isn't as cute, because it features Nibbler. Mind you, this time it doesn't pretend that Nibbler is cute, but instead shows Nibbler off as a ravenous monster ready to eat our favourite Dr John Zoidberg. Don't worry, because it seems that the Doctor is ready to give as good as he gets. Go get 'im, Zoidy! Mind you, maybe Nibbler could have some use after all: ending Mel Gibson's pitiful career.

July 4, 2004

More 4th of July art Today it's 228 years ago the American colonists realised their guns could be used for other purposes than hunting dangerous and delicious animals. They could also be used to kep the king of England out of your face. For some strange reason they opted for keeping the colonial system of meassurement, while the rest of the world switched to metrics. This is something I'll never understand since metrics are so much easier to use, maybe it was for nostalgic resaons, but I digress. This new piece of Fan Art come from Mitch and show Leela in one of her patriotic outfits (I guess Earth day is celebrated on the 4th of July too). Leela is correct ins aying stripes are slimming, but someone should have told her it's vertical lines that have this effect, not horizontal. Still I bet she's going to turn a few heads at the barbecue, with those tight and lowcut clothes. Enjoy, and happy 4th of July to all our American frriends and visitors.

A whole lot of ELF on the 4th July! Something's meant to be happening on the 4th July. Oh, yeah, the UEFA Euro 2004 final between Greece and Portugal is on tonight at 6:45pm GMT. I suspect that Portugal will win it, but wouldn't be surprised if the Greeks, who have been giant killers, cause a surprise. Oh, wait... oops! Something else is on the 4th July... something just as big, especially to the west of the Atlantic. Yes, silly me, it's the day when the US celebrates its independence from us British folk. Thankfully, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from ELF that celebrates this very day. It features Leeal and Fry in a romantic mood, Bender cooking a barbeque and Zoidberg eating (another thing to celebrate), and while that happens, there are fireworks in the background, which is fitting. She's not finished with that work for our Fan Art section, for she has three more to show off. The next one shows Fry and Leela enjoying a fireworks display. ELF seems to enjoy fireworks. There's a picture of Leela as "Miss Earthican 3005". Last for that section is a picture that shows Fry, Leela and Bender in Navy gear mopping up. I'm sure that parodies a film, my guess being On the Town, but I'm not sure. Well, she's not finished there, for she's produced a really crappy picture for our Crap Art section, too. It's so crap it makes me wanna... When you see it, I bet you'll want to empty your stomachs, too. Well, you'd have thought that was it, but there's more from ELF. Boy, she's busy! She's sent in part two of her work for our Fan Fiction section that's called Futurama Spin-offs. In this part, we have Professor Farnsworth as the Blood-Matic Farnsworth trying to help out Elzar in his restaurant. I won't spoil anymore, although whether the food in Elzar's restaurant can be spoiled any further is another matter. Well, enjoy ELF's work and enjoy the festivities, for both the Euro 2004 final and the US's Indendence Day.

July 3, 2004

Can't let good things go to waste! Wait, what's this I see: Amy cheating on Kif? Cool, cheating Amy is back! Amy of old is back! Woo-hoo! In your face, Kif! In your face, Amy and Kif Shippers! The girl is back in town! Oh, wait, maybe not! Hmmm... it seems that this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Athena1999 is actually showing Amy around the time of the episode Love's Labours Lost in Space, where she's enjoying some quiet time with the character M-5438, who she met at The Hipjoint after it (how do you know what sex a cloud of energy is, or whether it actually has sexual differences to others of its kind?) was turned down by Leela. So, I suppose she's not cheating Kif, who she really met in the episode A Flight to Remember. Oh well, false alarm I suppose. Still, nice picture, nonetheless.

Ironfinger is back... and this time he's bigger than M$! After that false alarm, I have some work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. This is the second instalment of his SpyOrama series, this one titled Ironfinger Reloaded. This story has Ironfinger's return, and this time he wants to control humanity's mind via the Net. Actually, I'm not sure if I should explain more, because Fryfan tends to want me to keep quiet about certain stuff. However, he's been kind enough to pad this update with some stuff he just wants to say: "After I did Fry Another Day, I felt happy about the reviews I got. My only regret is that I didn't really go as far as I wanted in satiring the spy genre. I couldn't because I didn't want the story to be too long. So, I felt I should do another installment, but there was a problem: I want my fanfics to be connected with the show, and I couldn't have Fry ask the what if machine, 'What if I were a spy?' every time because logically he would see Fry Another Day again. So I felt it would be cool to do a spin-off. That gave me the freedom to do things that wouldn't be on the show. Re-introduce each Futurama character in a different way and the rest is what you get." There, that'll give you so info about what's coming up in the near future by Fryfan, so stay tuned.

July 2, 2004

Dear Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone... "I write because I desperately need your help. If you can find it in your heart to help a woman in distress, I should be ever so gratefull and find ways to express my gratitude that will make you ..." Whoooops! How did that get in here? That is strictly confidential conversation between FM:TLZ webmasters and one of our legions of fans. Now forget you ever saw that, that was not the update you were looking for, this is the update you're looking for: there are 7 new Fan Arts from Pawell Galuzin, webmaster of the Russian site Something About Leela. That's right 7 shiny new pictures to gawk at, and besides the cutie in the thumbnail they show: one of human Benders dance partners in AOI II, Leela looking like she's trying to stop someone, Leela as Jenny McNeal, Leela in her skisuit, Leela in her gym suit and finally Leela wearing a top hat and drinking champagne. Wheew, I think that's everything. Enjoy.

Here at FM:TLZ we don't shoot the messenger, we only wing him. More Fan Fiction for you all to enjoy, this one comes from JBERGES. The story titled Bearer Of Bad News see Farnsworth take his crew golfing during Sseniors Discount Day. While on the course an accident led to the crew finding out more about Farnsworth's past. Noone is more surprised by this information than Farnsworth, and noone is more terrified about the consequences. Sounds intriguing? It is and fun too, so click here to start reading.

July 1, 2004

Lightning never strikes thrice But the great artist Skajme does, and he strikes a perfect game in these latest new pieces of Fan Art of his.

This picture shown is fantastic, and I saw it go through the planning stages from grey and white pencil sketches to the brilliant final product as shown here. Looks like Fry almost lived up to his name here, nearly buying it from a fork of nasty lightning. Close call for sure, and I don't think getting his internal organs burnt to a crisp is going to impress Leela that much. This is one of two pictures though, the other featuring Leela in what appears to be her drowning in her own hair. Sound strange? Well, it's apparently loosely based (and he notes the term "loosely" in particular) on a picture by Roy Lichenstein from his memory. It's very well done as well, so click on the thumbnail and go look at them, as well as some of Skajme's previous works if you've missed them. They're all good stuff

Also, some of you may be interested in this little file I came across at voice actor Billy West's forum at his offical site, http://www.billywest.com. It's an interview with him done over radio by radio presenter Paul Harris from April this year. Billy talks about his various work with Looney Toons, Popeye, Ren & Stimpy, his music work, and, of course, Futurama. Quite interesting overall, so here's the link for those of you interested: http://www.harrisonline.com/audio/billywest.ram. Hope you all enjoy it

So, after this scene, do you want to go out for a movie and a meal? Well, as you can see, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that features the near-end scene of the episode Parasites Lost, where Leela, in her sexy bedroom attire, eventually entertains the supposed wormified Fry, only to find out that he's dumped the worms to become himself again. What you won't yet know is that this picture for our Fan Art section comes from Kyle M, unless you're Kyle himself. Anyway, what more can you say about this picture, other than the fact that Leela is soon to be very disappointed, and Fry is going to come out with a killer remark that's bound to kill any romantic feelings for him... at least for a while.

Leela strips! Heh, that's got your attentions! Actually, the subject title isn't far from the truth, in that Leela does strip in this part of J R Hosner's work for our Fan Fiction section that's titled Fry-day Night Fever. Wait for it! Come back here and be patient! OK, cool, you're still sitting there. Anyway, in this part, we have a chance that Leela will strip off or that you'll see some heroic action by Fry, Bender and a new character called Locke, who was introduced in the first part. Stay seated! Geez, some chance of some naked flesh, and you're like rabid dogs. Anyway, get ready for some action... depending on what kind is on offer. Oh, and some other stuff happens during this fiction, too, but I suppose you'll want to jump to the fic right now and read it. OK, you're dismissed. Sheesh, the room emptied quick!