July 2002

July 31, 2002

Knowing where we now stand! Ever since Futurama was put on hiatus by Fox, fans have had the comforting thought that Matt Groening owned the rights to the show, which would allow him to bring the programme to another network if things with Fox fell through, but even that now seems to be false. Someone close to the show, who shall remain nameless, sent an email to Leandro that spoke of Fox having unlimited rights to Futurama and that the giant media company refused Matt the option to move the show onto another network or production company. So, basically Fox has carte blanche on the life and death of the programme, and any hopes that Futurama will be shown on another network seems quite dim. It could be said that the refusal by Fox to pass on the show's rights to Matt could mean that they may be having some thoughts of bringing it back, or hedging their bets, but my opinion is that such feelings would be wishful thinking. It's more likely they want to rake as much money out of the show with syndication rights, merchandising and other things, which can make a lot of money. I think that Leandro will be having some choice words to say in his next update, so I'll leave this subject for him to rant about.

Onto the update. I bring you another picture from Sofie for our Fan Art section. This one comes from the first episode, Space Pilot 3000, where Leela, working then as a fate assignment officer, discovers the fugitive Fry, who is running from her to avoid a career chip implant. Who's the blond guy? He looks damn suspicious!

Hermes won't be laughing soon! He sure won't be! Philbot is back and has come up with page seven of his comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back, which sits in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Hermes wishes he wasn't born, or is it that he wishes that Doctor Zoidberg wasn't born? Well, you'll find out by visiting the said comic's new page.

July 30, 2002

Excellent Happenings, Everyone! The Futurama 2003 Calendar is already available to buy at Amazon! It began distributing today, with an availability of 2-3 days. Weee! Go get it! Go get it now! I've got the other three and they were great; why would this one be any different? But, am I updating just to tell you to go buy that that? Nooo... I bring thee... one whole new Fan Art! This one comes from Crippled Blurghk Yaark Ass. Hey, an update is an update... there's the usual background updating to the sections, but nothing worthy of note. I've turned into Background Updates Guy! (Whose acronym is BUG, I just realized. Yeah, I bug you a lot with those nonsense babblings of mine, do I?) Oh well. Graham can try to translate my update if he's bored. Oh, and the 300.000th visitor is just around the courner. Who will do the guest art this time? And who will the lucky guy to get the nice round number? This, and other questions, will find answers soon. But I'm going straight to sleep now. Sweet dreams to me! [Leandro]

Yawn! We meet again, Mr Bond. ZZZZZ! Today, on this humid Tuesday (which could be ending very soon, since the rest of the UK seems to be having thunder storms), I have two updates for our Fan Art section. First comes a picture from David Johnson, who's created this artwork of Leela lying down resting, while stroking a fluffy white cat. Awww! David certainly is one to draw Leela in a calm, resting state, at peace with the world.

It's all in the eyes! The second update for our Fan Art section comes from Juliet Adeoye, who's also the webmaster and originator of the Bender website, One and Only Bender. Hopefully, Juliet will be able to get back to updating her site soon, which she's indicated to me that she's planning to do, so don't despair, fans of the metal menace. Anyway, her current picture is taken from the episode When Aliens Attack - one of my favourite episodes - and shows Leela being harassed by the lecherous Zapp Brannigan. I actually like what she's done with the eyes, they stand out quite well.

July 29, 2002

The Voices excels himself! He certainly has excelled himself with his latest contribution for our Wallpapers section. Now, if you look at the latest wallpaper closely, you'll notice that he's added within the picture small images from Space Pilot 3000; go on, have a look and be amazed! According to The Voices, this wallpaper has the record of taking the longest for him to make, and it's not surprising either. So, if you want a patchwork-type wallpaper of Leela kicking ass, then this will be for you. You could also spend some time identifying the images that are contained within the wallpaper. Good therapy if you're bored! Enjoy!

Hurry up, I'm having to cross my tentacles! And there's more for this humid Monday. Well, it's humid in the south of England... too damn humid! Anyway, Charles Delnegro has come up with page fifteen of his comic, The Bendenator, which sits in our - guess where - Fans' Comics section. In this part, Leela is busy upgrading the badly damaged Leela-bot, so as to be more effective in defending Bart Simpson from the rampaging Bender-bot. Enjoy this too! [Graham]

July 28, 2002

Forbidden fruit! Well, this is relatively old news (last few days), but I suppose I ought to report it here, nevertheless, in case anyone hasn't yet seen it. Matt Groening, while at Fox's Autumn preview party in Plastic City (also known as Los Angeles), spoke to Sci Fi Wire, and talked about the future plans for Futurama. I don't necessarily think he's saying the show will continue as such, but he's certainly indicating that other avenues of the show, such as comics, toys, a future game and other stuff, still have a future. Groening's words to Sci Fi Wire were: "We're going full-steam ahead with keeping the universe alive in whatever form we can. And there are stories and movies and cartoons and comic books and toys yet to come. And video games." To find out more about the coming video game and other stuff, you can find the article by clicking here.

Well, after that good news, I'll present the latest contributions. Crippled Ass sounds like a strange name to call oneself, but all to their own, I suppose. He used to be called Blurgk Yaark, which was also a strange moniker, too. Well, Crippled Ass has come up with a new picture for our Fan Art section, featuring the moment when Leela allowed Fry to pat her butt, due to her being an upcoming blernsball player, which was in the episode A Leela of Her Own. Fry's nervous expression seems to be that of someone who's about to play Stone, Scissors, Paper with a cobra or something.

I'm Cubert, hear me roar! The second update comes from Plasma, who has been true to his words and has come up with another of Cubert's Rants. Now, this one is taken from the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before, and boy hasn't this episode given Cubert a near fit of exhaustion. It's not surprising, because this episode is simply a nitpicker's delight to find holes and stuff. One such example: "Stop! Thief!: Why is Fry able to walk straight out of the Head Museum carrying Leonard Nimoy? Wouldn't the museum have something to say about that?" Also, anyone who finds any errors, explanations, or additions to Plasma's work can contact him via email - iamplasma@hotmail.com. Go on... you know you want to!

Badda-Clamp, Badda-Clamp! As promised another Graphic Guide has been completed for your viewing pleasure. As many may have guessed, this one covers Bender Gets Made, which was also known as Bendfellas I believe. Anyway, it's up and ready, so go look at it now.

As for me, I'm off to battle aliens on a far away planet. And by a far away planet I mean somewhere that's not America, because hey! America IS the world, right? Ah, forget it!

July 27, 2002

F&$£ing Hell! Holy Sh#t! Where am I? Well, I have to say WOW, as well as some supporting expletives, to Leandro for yet another great layout! The Layout Zone could be a more apt title for this Futurama site that's now three-years-old. There are some who complain about the numerous layout changes, but I'm certainly not one of them, as it spices up this site and keeps Leo pleasantly occupied. Great work, Leo! Congratulations, The Leela Zone!

All this leads me to introduce the latest update, which comes from Wu Konguk. Now, I think that I have some choice words about the apparent Cubert-hater, but I can't remember what they were, seeing that the great, new layout has distracted me. Oh well, it was probably to say nice work, Wu Konguk! Yeah, it was that. Anyway, he's come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section. One comes from Evangelion, while the other just came to Wu Konguk by accident, divine intervention, alien memory implantation, or something or other, but is still a nice bit of work. Look forward to more from him.

Take that, Fox! There are three more pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard in the Fan Art section, including a hand-drawn one that is really, really neat. Ken's update talking about 'Stupid Fox' reminded me I have Futurama's fifth season premiere's date: November 10th, 2002. A week after The Simpsons' premiere, and 106 days from now. I forgot to ask which episode; last season there was a clear season premiere, but this season, only Fox knows. I'm hoping it'll be Kif gets knocked up a notch because I've ended up liking the Amy/Kif idea; or The Route of All Evil so we can finally have a proper introduction of Dwight Conrad, and get the 3ACV block out of the way. [Leandro]

Cosmic Comics Hey all! Wow! the new design looks great, don't you all think? Well, I think it does. Kudos to Leandro for another great one. Oh, and a huge Happy Birthday to TLZ. Let's hope it will live on another three years, despite the fact that the show most likely won't. Stupid Fox.

Anyway, something new for you today that's not a guide page. I recently grabbed a copy of Futurama Comics #2 and I've reviewed it for you all. To read the review, click on the above link or go to the Comic Reviews section. The next guide page should be up within 24 hours of this message being posted, so stay tuned for that.

This site is now three years old! "Oldest Living Futurama Fansite" indeed! Today, this site reaches 1096 days online! Three full years! I've been here for the last 847 days, Graham for the last 563 days, and I'm not sure about Kenneth. Hmmm, I'll need to write that down so I can give him his own scandal once he's been here for a year. Anyway, there is a very special Crossword Puzzle for today: if you're a TLZ loyal visitor, you won't wanna miss this one. Also, new layout. Really, the last one was here for 115 days! It was starting to smell! This metallic / wooden one is 100% pure Paint Shop Pro: no plugins at all! I had to use every trick in the book to get this to look good. It's all 100% my own graphics, too, including the pic at the top. It's nothing at all like what I wanted it to be in the first place, but who cares. I can always create another one later! [Leandro]

July 25, 2002

I went to Vergon 6 and all I got you was this lousy headline! It's Thursday, it's warm and humid, it's boring... so boring! What the hell can I talk about? Probably nothing is the best policy. But, before I shut up and find something else to do, I'll present today's update. Charles Delnegro's latest comic, Double Trouble, now has a page four, which you'll find in our growing Fans' Comics section. In this part, the crew wonder what to do with the surprising find they discovered on Vergon 6. Naturally, Leela takes command in this situation, deciding to bring the mystery aboard the ship. There, at least Charles will make this boring Thursday a bit more tolerable!

July 24, 2002

Down, Rex! GULP!!! Jens, back from holiday, has come up with page five and page six of his current comic, Delivery to Planet Hollywood, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, the crew land on Planet Hollywood, but find themselves face to face with a scary relic from the distant past. No, not Richard Attenborough!

July 23, 2002

I'm sure they're just dancing! Two great contributions for today! The first one is for our Fan Art section, and comes from OutlawArt. Something tells me that his favourite characters are Leela and Zoidberg, judging from this image and those from his site, Futurama... Leela, but maybe I'm just seeing a non-existent pattern. Anyway, my first thought about his latest picture was a bit... what the? However, maybe it's just my dirty mind. Well, it now appears that both Zoidberg and Leela are dancing 1941-style. If you turn your monitor upside-down, you'll see that is really what's going on!

My eyes! My beautiful eyes! Oh, the horror! Cubert is on The Leela Zone! Not that I mind. However, for some reason people tend to dislike him, which is a shame; he's so misunderstood. Anyway, for fans of Cubert and for those who aren't, I present to you Cubert's Rants, a new section for The Leela Zone. Originally, this work by Plasma was at his old Cubert site, Cubert's Science Laboratory, then it moved to Say Argh!, but that's now closed, so it's now here. Basically, this section is devoted to scientific and other inaccuracies in Futurama. One example from Xmas Story: "Anti-Santa Rockets? Why would you want an anti-Santa rocket launcher? What are you meant to do with it? Attack Santa? If so, the past buyers of the rockets obviously haven't done too well!" See, quite enjoyable, especially for nitpickers. Many thanks to Plasma for allowing these rants on our site. Also, he's indicated that he might contribute some more ranting, which would be great! The more rants the better!

Now loading brain, please stand by... Yesterday I didn't check my inbox as much as I should (I don't think anyone can make sense of my inbox, or anything else in my computer) and so twenty seconds after posting my Pretty Buttons update, I realized I had forgotten to upload a bunch of new Uses for a Hacker, featuring, among other things, a Pacman. Also, there's a new pic by Ben the Legend, plus the daily Crossword that should be getting its own banner as soon as I can finish the next layout. But for that I first need to start the new layout, and really, I look at the Paint Shop Pro button and I suddenly feel the need to go to sleep. Sheesh... I have to force myself to do a layout? I think that clone who created the cute AOL-like layout last year took most of my good DNA with him. Oh well, I may just let Graham come up with a new layout this time, then... [Leandro]

July 22, 2002

Crash! Bang! Wallop! It's difficult following Leo's mammoth update, but I will, nonetheless. Today, I present to you the fourteenth part of Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, the Bender and Leela bots fight head to head, with the Bender-bot wanting to get at Bart to retrieve the Bender action figurine, while the Leela-bot tries to defend the ten-year-old Springfield tyke from a Bender-style bending. Who will be victorious in this struggle? I know, but I'm not telling.

Weee! Lots of pics! I bring you lots of small changes and Fan Art additions! Starting with the latter, there are six new pics by Submitter Extraordinarie Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, featuring lots of different stuff, like the crew dressed in their respective country's military uniforms, and a poster for the movie "Record Of Lodoss War", which I never heard of. Then there are two new collages by a new guy, Pawell Galuzin, the 78th artist in our Fan Art gallery (wow). And last but not least, Florian "El Tigro" Bruder sent a parody poster of Indiana Jones for us to enjoy.

An image is worth more than a thousand words... But a crossword is more fun than a thousand images! I'm happy to tell you that I finally dragged my lazy behind to the crossword generator and started Part II of the Crosswords section. This time I promise to keep updating it, most likely by getting a script to do the job for me . Also, I'll try not to repeat the words too much. In other news, I was messing around with Paint Shop Pro, thinking in the next layout, and came up with five new Support Buttons, Aqua-Macintosh style... could that be the next look of TLZ? Don't bet on it! Also, I updated the Episode Guide, adding a transcript and linking to the new Graphic Guides by Kenneth, and made some changes to The Links Zone, etc. Usual background stuff. Now I leave you in Gort's company for the next five days! [Leandro]

July 21, 2002

D'oh! Hey, just a quick update from me. Noticed some bad mistakes in my Graphic Guide page for A Clone of My Own, due to some misquotes I put in there because of errors in the episode's capsules. I also fixed the note under Cubert's bio that his best friend is DWIGHT Conrad, not Dwayne Conrad. That was my bad.

Anyway, the guide page has been fixed, and can be found at the link above. Sorry to those who grabbed the page and have to get it again.

Hooray! First of all, it's good to hear that Futurama has been once again nominated for the Emmy awards, for Outstanding Animated Program. The Season 4 episode Roswell That Ends Well is the lucky chosen one this time around, and although The Simpsons' episode She of Little Faith will probably beat it, I hope Futurama wins this time. It may just show the Fox network that the show is worthy of existence. Oh well.

Anyway, another Graphic Guide is ready to be viewed, and it covers the episode The Deep South. Enjoy!

July 20, 2002

Look, no hands! Today, I present to you a quite gory scenario, which has been drawn by Sofie for our Fan Art section. It's taken from the episode I Dated a Robot, at the moment when Fry loses his hands while petting the dinosaur he previously rode. As you'll notice, and unlike the original scene, there are added blood spurts, which, let's face it, would have happened. So, anyone who faints at the sight of blood should look away.

And there's more! Yeah, I haven't finished yet. I have the first part of Nasteve's new fan fiction, which is titled More Than Us. I'll let Nasteve take over for now to give his description: "Just as Leela is starting to warm up to Fry, a new girl that is prefect for him arrives on the scene and gets in her way. Is Leela too late or will she fight to the end for the man she has finally fallen for?" Well, that leaves me to inform you that if you want to go directly to the fic's first part, click here. Enjoy!

July 19, 2002

Stand up and take the delivery! Why am I feeling so tired today? I know, I had sod all sleep the night before! *yawn!* Well, before I fall asleep on my keyboard or type random letters, I'll post the latest update for The Leela Zone. Charles Delnegro's part three of his latest comic, Double Trouble, is now up in the Fans' Comics section. In this part, the crew are on Vergon 6 rescuing animals, where they discover something totally unexpected. What is it? I'm not going to tell you! Let Charles' comic do the honours. Now, I'm off to make some strong coffee. *yawn!*

July 17, 2002

Touché! After evading both Amy and Cubert fans, Wu Konguk has found time to send three more pictures for our Fan Art section. Two of the three seem to be based on something mythic, but I can't place it. Maybe Wu Konguk has just based them on his imagination (certainly one of the images is based on that! ). Whatever they're based on, they're still top-notch works! Now, I'll just try and trace Wu Konguk for the grand hunt... Peru's looking a likely hiding place!

July 16, 2002

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, please! Yeah, there was a song in the '70s with that title, but done by some crappy "punk" band called Splodgenessabounds. Where are they now? Actually, don't inform me, as I won't care. What has this to do with the Fans' Comics section's latest update of The Bendenator from Charles Delnegro? Nothing much, other than Moe owns a bar and Bart is saying something to him, accompanied by the Leela-bot, and I've nothing better to do than ramble about this, when I should be rambling about Charles' work! So, in page thirteen, Bart and the Leela-bot are running from the Bendenator, and seek help from Moe.

Summer Nights From one crap song to another! Well, that's my opinion about it, but what would I know! Anyway, whatever my opinion of the film Grease and that song (don't get me started!), Futurefan has another viewpoint, or at least I think that's the case. Welcome four new hand-drawn pictures for our Fan Art section from Futurefan. There's a picture that parodies the film Grease (link image); there's a picture of Leela relaxing in a bath; there's a picture of Fry and Bender as buddies; and finally, there's a picture of "cool" Leela, Fry and Bender. Enjoy the pics!

July 15, 2002

Creature From the Black Lagoon! Coming to you NOW! (Selected cinemas only) Welcome Coole Cav, a new contributor to our Fan Art section. Coole has come up with four hand-drawn images, mostly having a film theme to them. For instance, the link image is taken from The Creature from the Black Lagoon, while there are parodies of the films, Spiderman and The Mummy. Although this is an old subject, I have to say that I did enjoy Spiderman; the effects weren't as great as I'd have expected, although they weren't bad, but the story was handled very well, which, at least for me, is the most important aspect of a film.

Anything else that I can pad the update with? I could just ramble on and on about the World Cup, but I'm scared that Leo will take the next plane to the UK and hunt me down with a cattle prod. Anything else? Nah, I think I'm done here. Enjoy Coole Cav's work!

July 14, 2002

That's the spirit! After congratulating Juliet on her romantic endeavours, she's responded by giving The Leela Zone a new picture for our Fan Art section. Rather than a romantic picture, she's sent in a fighting-talk one instead. The picture is taken from the episode I Dated a Robot, where Leela is preparing to give the Lucy Liu-bot a good hammering. Oh, one more thing, the picture has 3D shading. Yay!

Amy fans last time, Cubert fans today, how long will Wu Konguk live? After managing to upset a few Amy fans with his last fan fiction (well, I imagine he has... not that any have complained to me), Wu Konguk is now upsetting Cubert fans instead. Now, I know that there are many more Amy fans out there, but it's quality not quantity that counts! Wu Konguk can expect Ruben, Plasma and myself knocking at his door, where we'll incinerate him with our burning sarcasm! Oh, in my rage, I've forgotten to say what all this ia about. Well, Wu Konguk has come up with part two of his serial fic, Falling Away from the World. In this part, Zapp gets evil... really evil! Go and see for yourselves how evil Zapp can be. While you're off reading that, I'll go and get ready for the Grand Wu Konguk Hunt.

I'd Hate to Follow THAT Guy Okay, I'm back from Antarctica now. Back from where the penguins shoot you if you don't wear a tux, and you need to take an ice pick with you to the toilet. Where the closest thing to hot water is wetting your pants, and..... whoops, I've said too much.

Anyway, back on topic, another Graphic Guide page is available for viewing. This one is for A Clone of My Own, where we are introduced to Cubert Farnsworth. And, that's all I have to say.

Now I'd better get ready to head back down to the deep south. Hmm... How appropriate. That's the the next episode I'll be covering in the next guide. Until next weekend.

July 13, 2002

Here's the damn answer about the song at the end of Leela's Homeworld! David Johnson has the right answer to that eternal question: "What's the song at the end of Leela's Homeworld?" Yep, that damn song has become a damn nuisance! So, it's good to see that someone else thinks likewise. Anyway, as you've guessed, David has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section, which shows Leela's own reaction to that damn question! Anyone else want to know what that damn song is?

Captain Jeckyll and Mrs Hyde Futurefan is a new contributor for our Fan Art section, and has come up with two hand-drawn pictures for it. One features Leela as an angel and as a devil, while the other features Leela in a dress and sporting a bun hairdo. I really like the devil and angel one... nice fun!

Hmmm... I think that Mark LeWald is into pigtails! Here's another picture from Traxada550, which is for our Fan Art section, that's likely to get the attention of the former webmaster of The Leela Zone, Mark LeWald. See, one thing that I remember about him was that he seemed obsessed with pigtails. All to their own, I suppose! Well, for him and other pigtail enthusiasts, Traxada550 has come up with the goods and produced a picture of Leela in pigtails. So, Mark and the other pig fanciers... I mean pigtail fanciers... can now drool on their home keys!

More stuff tomorrow.

July 11, 2002

The Leela Zone? No, you haven't landed in the Bender site called One and Only Bender, which is run by good ol' Juliet Adeoye (well, she's not old, it's a figure of speech... I have to say that otherwise she might come and kill me!). Anyway, good luck, Juliet, with your finding of true love. May both of you enjoy some real happiness. See, we at The Leela Zone are really nice and caring, not just your average cold-hearted, loveless automatons!

OK... enough of being a Care Bear (Yuk! That show was bad!), let's continue with this show! I have Charles Delnegro's page two of his latest comic, Double Trouble, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Leela and the crew are off to commit suicide... I mean, visit Vergon 6! Whatever happens, this comic rocks!

More Care Bear stuff... I mean, that emotion called love! Here's some stuff that's likely to get the Shippers of this world drooling! Voice of the Many has come up with three more Shipper-styled pictures, each of them dripping with pure emotion, for our Fan Art section. Each of these are hand-drawn, which is pleasing, two of them are coloured in, too. I'll leave you Shippers to salivate onto your keyboard. Wipe up afterwards, though!

July 10, 2002

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! Sorry, Wu Konguk, for the corny heading! Anyway, that's what you get when you send your stuff to the The Leela Zone: terrible rants and even worse headings. Even lunatics have a right to be heard! Well, this lunatic has Wu Konguk's latest pictures for our site's Fan Art section, and ain't they a sight! The one you can see is a 3D Leela beside the sea (hence my terrible opening), while the other two are based on Farscape (Slaytanicmaggot should be pleased with that) and Ryoko (I don't know who will be pleased with this, but I gather many will). In the next few days, I'll put up Wu Konguk's next chapter of his fic, Falling Away from the World. After pissing off Amy fans in the last chapter (they're such a sensitive lot), he'll now be enraging Cubert fans instead! Where's my road map, axe and, worst of all, sarcastic sneer? Vive le Cubert!

July 9, 2002

Ooooohhhh! New stuff! Nice new stuff for today. First contribution comes from Kennedy, where he's come up with a new contribution for our growing Fans' Comics section. The comic is titled Return to Planet Wormulon, and looks quite promising from its artistic style. What Kennedy has come up with so far is the cover and page one (single panel) of the comic, but it's still well worth a gander. Anyway, to get a feel about what it will be about, I'll quote Kennedy: "Lately, Slurm has really gone down in quality - the reason being that the Slurm queen is sick. Someone is suspected of poisoning her food. But lately, she's taken a turn for the worse and can't make Slurm at all! Without Slurm, the Wormulon race is doomed and so is Slurm. So Fry and Leela must solve the mystery. Then Bender is shut down and the PE crew captured. It just gets worse and worse!"

This should make someone happy! Yeah, it should make Traxada550 happy that I eventually got around to putting up his pictures that he sent me. These six new pictures for our Fan Art section are really good; well in my opinion they are. Most are hand-drawn and show someone who has a distinctive style of cartooning, while there is also an interestiing parody of the poster for the film Fight Club, featuring two non-Leela characters in the image, but who's going to complain? I'm certainly not! Anyway, let's hope to see more from Traxada550 in the future.

At last, I've completed this update! Now I can rest in peace! Oh, wait... I'm not ready to die! ARGGGHHHHHHH!!!

Remember little me? I know, I haven't changed the layout in a long time and I never update. Me bad boy. I blame Gort's World Cup predictions; as I was avoiding every site that contained the words "World Cup", I had to ignore this one, too. Anyway, I've got a nice update for you all. Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard sent us three great pics, including one with another Russian uniform clad Leela pic... this time with 60% added uniform accuracy! Meanwhile, Daniel Brand has sent two really neat pics, both movie posters parodies; I particularly like the "Hook" parody. Those pics were in a contest at The Hip Joint.de, but I don't know who's the winner or if the contest's still up, since I don't have a clue of German. Finally, there are two new pics by a newcomer to our Fan Art section, Ben The Legend.

Puny hackers! Morbo will destroy you all! There are eight new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley, in the only section that encourages killing living creatures... even if they're asses! Also, before I forget, there's a new feature in the Episode Guide: episode transcripts. Currently available from a few First Season episodes; go check 'em out! [Leandro]

July 8, 2002

The Last Waltz! It really does look like Leela and Bender are dancing the night away or something! See, you Shippers out there, she's got the hots for metal, not ginger delivery boys! Actually, this is really a clip from Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator, which is found in our Fans' Comics section. Anyway, what really is happening is that the Bender-bot and the Leela-bot are fighting the night away, and it's now up to Bart Simpson to defend the bot with the purple ponytail... the Leela-bot of course!

Saving grace? Here's a contribution for our Fan Art section from Russell Dickson, which is a parody of the Last Supper. Yeah, I know, every Zoidberg meal is treated as if it's the last! Then again I have to ask, if Zoidberg was Jesus with the miracles and all, then wouldn't the Feeding of the 5,000 be remembered as the Big, Bumper, Free Food Frenzy? There's a blasphemous thought! Do I hear a rustle in the US Bible Belt or is that a flaming lobster?

July 7, 2002

For Your Eye Only! Two contributions today, so let's start with the first. Captain Leela decided, in his infinite wisdom, to create this picture of Leela for our Fan Art section. It features Leela ready with a gun, in what could be said to be a James Bond pose. Hmmm... I could have used Goldeneye for the heading; it's just as corny!

Kenneth's off to Antarctica! Kenneth's off moving southwards, and south of New Zealand is Antarctica. Now, I could be wrong and he's just wandering around New Zealand getting lost, but I really think it makes a better story if I said he's following the ventures of Captain Scott of the Antarctic or starring in the re-remake of The Thing - if the latter, I hope he's taken some clean underwear and a flamethrower! Anyway, all this rambling is to explain that I have to introduce Kenneth's second part of his fan fiction, which is titled Universe of Malice, simply because Kenneth is busy off exploring ice or what-not - don't worry, he'll be back soon to terrorise you all with stories about monsters and lost dinosaurs, as well as his great guides! In this part, Zapp and his men are off exploring, too, but this time on a far-away planet with some special, secret substance that they must keep from enemy hands - no, not the special sauce for a known fried chicken take-away restaurant! To go directly to the fic, you can click here. To end this paragraph, let's hope that Kenneth has fun with the ice, penguins and whatever else exists on the most barren continent on Earth! Seems like I'm talking about Milton Keynes! Oh, the humanity!

July 6, 2002

Angel Delight! The Voices is back with a new contribution for our Wallpapers section. Yay! This one features an angelic-styled Leela floating in space (best way to describe it, and it's also the way that The Voices does too, so it can't be wrong). Also, according to the creator of this work, its title, "She is Love", is from an Oasis song of the same name. They're not a band that I care to like (damn the Inspiral Carpets - a band that I actually do like - for inspiring Noel Gallagher to take up seriously creating a band!), but at least the wallpaper honours my interest.

July 5, 2002

I did say I'd cook something or other for today... well actually, Jens did! Yesterday I did say I'd have something to put up at The Leela Zone, and just before it's midnight here in the UK, I'll honour what I said I'd do. Today, I have page four of Jens' Delivery to Planet Hollywood, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, Bender's preparing a meal for the unfortunate crew, just before they arrive at Planet Hollywood. Bon appetite!

There, finished at 23:32!

July 4, 2002

Now with double the trouble! As promised, I present Charles Delnegro's new contribution for our Fans' Comics section, which is titled Double Trouble. I've put up the cover and the first page, and they should be added a page at a time per week (roughly at the end of the week). I'll repeat Charles' description of the comic again (saves me doing it... lazy me! ): "The crew of the Planet Express ship return to Vergon 6. Their mission: rescue the few remaining animals on the remains of the planet. One thing that they didn't plan for: Vergon 6 was sucked into a black hole! But that isn't the problem - In Space... No One Can Hear You Scream... TWICE!" So, there you have it, if you're going to scream, do so on Earth!

The many faces of Leela Impossible has come up with four more additions to her pictures at our Fan Art section. Three of them involve Leela and one is a portrait of Fry. All her pictures are hand-drawn, which is nice to know. I quite like the one of Leela with a T-shirt carrying a message, which shows Leela in a no-nonsense spirit! Let's hope to see some more pictures from Impossible.

Back tomorrow with some more stuff.

July 3, 2002

Get ready to rumble! Too late! Watch Lucy Liu and Katey Sagal fight it off in a never to be repeated battle to the death! Watch as one has to decapitate the other! Thrill at the non-stop bloodlust! Get the T-shirt! Eat the popcorn! Buy the dental floss! Wait, I'll just go and take some tablets and calm down! [ten minutes later, after having a straight-jacket removed] Instead, I give you a picture done by Sofie [poor Sofie, having to suffer my lunatic outbursts ], which you'll find in our Fan Art section. It features the moment when Leela is provoked into fighting a Lucy Liu-bot, which was in the episode I Dated a Robot. Anyway, on with the carnage! Where's my jacket?

July 2, 2002

Shippers' delight! Today, I've got three contributions for our Fan Art section from the Shippers' delight, Voice of the Many. OK, I've titled him that, but I can imagine that many a Shipper will appreciate his pictures to the fullest. The latest three express his belief about the feelings that Fry and Leela have for each other; a belief shared by many a Shipper. Voice of the Many says that he's particularly proud of his fourth picture, featuring Fry climbing up some monument to Leela, trying to get nearer and nearer to his life's goal. I have to say that it certainly looks great, even for a non-Shipper like me!

It seems someone has managed to hack the New Zealand Futurama site, What Else? Futurma, a site that really has some interesting content. I do hope that this site manages to recover soon, it certainly does deserve its place. This action has convinced me that many (no, not all) who are asking this damn question about the end song in Leela's Homeworld are really trolling this community. *sigh*

July 1, 2002

Bodyslamtastic! OUCH! Watch as Bender attempts to bodyslam, or rather bend, Leela! Ouch, I say! This painful episode is brought to you by Charles Delnegro and his comic The Bendenator; such pain and unrelenting damage you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. Anyway, what's happening in part 11 of his comic is that the Bendenator is battling the Leela-bot to get his hands on the Bender Action Figurine. Will he break her resolve to defend humanity with a bending? Go and find out for yourselves!

Coming Soon! Later this week, The Leela Zone will have yet another comic from Charles Delnegro, this one is to be called Double Trouble. I'll quote from Charles to inform you what it's all about: "The crew of the Planet Express ship return to Vergon 6. Their Mission: Rescue the few remaining animals on the remains of the Planet. One thing that they didn't plan for... Vergon 6 was sucked into a Black Hole! But that isn't the problem - In Space... No One Can Hear You Scream... TWICE!" Anyway, while you wait for the first edition to arrive here, you can enjoy the "Coming Soon" image that Charles sent in.

Finally, this paragraph is for all of you who don't know the following - God knows why you don't know this by now! The song at the end of Leela's Homeworld is called Baby Love Child, which was sung by the Pizzicato Five. Not a favourite song of mine, especially seeing that it's contributing to the most asked Futurama question of all time. Come on, where are the questions asking what Mom's three sons are called, whether it's true that Nibbler can be seen in the first episode, or something else?