July 2001

July 31, 2001

Errr... you can take back your gum, too! Two updates rolled into one for today. The first one is to tell you that Paul A Metcalfe, of Futurama Scan Art Central, has sent in three pictures, two new ones and a reworking, for our Fan Art section. The two new ones come from the episodes A Flight to Remember, where Leela is about to break her kissing of Fry, which was done to fool Zapp, and Amazon Women in the Mood, showing her with Amy, while the reworked one is from The Deep South, where Leela is seeking to catch a fish with her harpoon. Nice pics, please go and enjoy them.

The second update is about the Fan Fiction section, and is to inform you that for some reason Marcus's fanfic Love, Lust and Leela was accidently unlinked from the index page - in other words, it seemed to go missing. However, I've relinked back to it, so all is where it should be.

The story is a difficult one, but done quite sensibly, and with some humour, too. It deals with a loving relationship between Amy and Leela, where Leela is wanting to become a mother and seeking a genetically compatible father to realise this desire... putting a strain on their relationship. Despite what you may think about it (I had difficulty believing that Leela and Amy would strike it off, even if they were that way inclined), it's actually a very good read... lovely ending, in many ways. Anyway, I better let you decide that for yourselves, you can read it by clicking here. [Graham]

July 30, 2001

The fool! The meddling idiot! ...as though his ape's brain could contain the secrets of the Krell! OK, how many of you know what the Hell is that subject heading going on about... I can see some here knowing, but I can see many a puzzled face, too. Anyway, it's from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, which starred a younger Leslie Nielsen. Now, why am I bringing up this film: well it's due to the new fan art from a new fan artist, who comes under the name OutlawArt. This is a lovely parody of the film's original poster... and it's really cool. Enjoy! [Graham]

Delivery: Impossible.... Stupid brain, can't think of a different subject heading, so the title of the fanfic from a new writer for The Leela Zone, Nasteve, will have to do... and why not. Delivery: Impossible, which is in two parts, involves the crew having to deliver weaponry to another planet, but politics intervenes, sabotage is at hand, and the crew find themselves unwitting accomplices in this. To go directly to the story, click here. [Graham]

July 29, 2001

I went to Robot Hell and all I got was this lousy golden fiddle.... Here's a new wallpaper from Paul A Metcalfe, from Futurama Scan Art Central. This one features the trio escaping Robot Hell, from the episode Hell is Other Robots, just before Leela has to discard the golden fiddle that she took from the Robot Devil, in order for them to flee safely.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, as I have a great piece of work from a new fan artist for The Leela Zone. It certainly won't disappoint! [Graham]

July 28, 2001

Catch of the day.... We have a new leader at the Fan Art section, with Zapp's Woman coming up with a massive surge to pass the long-term leader, Paul A Metcalfe. She has produced twelve new pictures, giving her a total of 124, eleven ahead of Paul. However, it's not all competition, as I said in an earlier update, Paul has given his encouragement for anyone to pass him... so all is well on that front. Anyway, feel free to go and take a look at her work. [Graham]

July 27, 2001

Battle stations! Wu Konguk has sent me his latest part of his serial fanfic, titled And Then There was Two. In this part Leela is, naturally, still feeling sore about the death of her father, which was apparently done by men in DOOP uniforms. However, other events also crop up, treachery is afoot... but by whom. To find out, you'll have to click here.

On other fanfic news: Brad Rousse has asked me to inform the Futurama internet world that he's still in the fiction business, and to expect something from him soon. Which also, conveniently, leads me onto asking for any budding writers to send me any Leela related fanfics... go on, have a go. [Graham]

July 26, 2001

Altogether now:
We're whalers on the Moon,
We carry our harpoons....
Here's some sound clips that I've created from the episode The Series has Landed. Not a bad episode, actually, although I wasn't that impressed when I first watched it... it's sort of grown on me since then. The near end scene inside the Lunar Lander was really sweet, if you like that sort of thing, that is. Anyway, enjoy the sounds. [Graham]

July 25, 2001

Fox vs. Channel 4: You Decide Who's Crappier! There are three new Puzzles in the section, and yes, Leela as the Jungle Queen is one of them . Also, this got submitted via form here: "A TV station here in the UK named Channel 4 is showing Futurama on Tuesdays at 6pm (GMT). The thing is, the station has took it upon themselves to completley butcher the show to pieces, to the point that it doesn't even make sense anymore! This, as you will probably agree is wrong. What this protest is about is to inform Channel 4 that they are spoiling and ruining a great show. The result we are looking for is to get Futurama moved to a later time slot so it can be shown uncut. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help the cause in any way. Hopefully by a news bulletin, or link or something about the forum I have created at Channel 4's viewer's website (which Channel 4 programme shedule staff regularly view). [...] Even if this protest fails miserably, at least somebody had a go at trying to get Futurama seen as it should be." [Leandro]

July 24, 2001

Never Mind the Bollocks! Firstly, all complaints about the subject heading can go to the Sex Pistols. Well, Zapp's Woman has produced a dozen more pics, for our Fan Art section, and they are quite a colourful bunch, I have to say. This link picture cracks me up, Leela dressed as a punk is an original and neat idea. [Graham]

July 23, 2001

Rage Against the Machine. The Frylight Staff (aka Allen Tanner and Kryten) have sent me the fourth installment of their fan fiction titled The Frylight Zone. In this part, the team find themselves in the middle of a battle between humans and robots - with some strange conversions of characters, too. To go and see what the Hell I'm talking about, click here. Adios! [Graham]

July 22, 2001

Under the Earthlight. My second update for today brings you a wallpaper from one of Sofie's pictures. This one comes from the episode When Aliens Attack, where Leela informs her stalker, Zapp Brannigan, that, technically, she's not human. Maybe a good hard kick in a certain region would have been more effective... but then again, he might even have enjoyed that! [Graham]

Swatting a Fry. OK, I promised Paul that I wouldn't make this update into some racefest between Zapp's Woman and himself, so I won't. I'll also say that he's given his luck to Zapp's Woman, too... so all's in order. But, with all that said, I still have to present to you his latest work for the Fan Art section. This one comes from the episode Space Pilot 3000, and is the scene where Leela has told Fry his fate, totally disappointed, he reaches over and grabs at her, to plead his case... resulting in a swat. [Graham]

July 21, 2001

Stars in their eyes. I've got a sweet piece of fan art here, coming from David Johnson. This one features Leela and Fry looking up at the night sky, as the manoeuvred stars from the episode Time Keeps on Slippin' illuminate the sky to say, "I love you, Leela"... awww! [Graham]

Naughty, but nice! Yeah, errr... interesting layout design! Now that we've got your attention, I can tell you that - excuse me, can the Leela lovers stop drooling, or whatever, for a moment! - I have made some sound clips from the episode Hell is Other Robots. So, why not head off there and hear what New Jersey sounds like.

You can all resume what you were doing... yes, including the Leela lovers; if you must. *sigh* [Graham]

The Layouts Zealot is back! Second layout change of the week here... at this rate, we're gonna have more layouts than Futurama episodes! I added a countdown to season 4, as we now know the freakin' awful date for the season premiere. Turns out this is the first time The Leela Zone has a green layout; that particular color had managed to slip past my TLZSkinner program, but not anymore! Don't worry, it'll change... soon [Leandro]

July 20, 2001

Rubén, Marcelo y Germán: Feliz dia del amigo! I uploaded a couple of wallpapers: one of Leela and Fry in the lunar module back in The Series Has Landed (I tought this was the perfect date to upload it), and another one that was heavily requested: Leela as the Jungle Queen. Enjoy... [Leandro]

July 19, 2001

Sweaty, hairy, gassy guys... errr! Zapp's Woman's momentum won't let her stop, and she's now reached 100 pictures for our Fan Art section. Watch as she ploughs on further, challenging the reigning champion, Paul, for his top spot. Take a visit to her page, by clicking on the link image, where you'll find the dozen new pictures that are waiting there.

Oh, one other thing: FOX SUX!

July 18, 2001

LEANDRO IS ANGRY! According to Planet Roadmap (I dunno where did Jason get the info), the season premiere will air December 9. DECEMBER?!?! That is NOT FAIR!!! Enterprise is airing on September, Futurama on December, and with ten extra episodes?!?! SABOTAGE FOX!!! BLOW IT UP!!! GET ME SOME TNT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH!!! [Leandro]

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! It all started here, the episode Space Pilot 3000, where Fry is cryogenically frozen, wakes up a thousand years later, and meets Leela, the then Fate Assignment Officer, who was to dish out a career on the puzzled pizza delivery boy.

So, what's this got to do with anything I hear you not ask... well, I've redone the framegrabs from this episode, discarding the ones made earlier from an RM video (yuk!) and replacing them with ones made from a DivX video. All you need to do to view them is click on the link image. Enjoy! [Graham]

Bosom buddies.... Well, this is as near as Fry's going to get... at least for the near future! However, let's not dwell on the dreams of some delivery boy, let's introduce a 3D wallpaper by Paul A Metcalfe, from Futurama Scan Art Central. This wallpaper, if you don't already know, comes from the episode Insane in the Mainframe, where Leela pushes Fry to her bosom, in sorrow, when she discovers that his humanity has left him, making him act like a robot. Enjoy the wallpaper... beep! [Graham]

Denle una muy cálida bienvenida a Louisa! A new fan artist joins the site with two hand-drawn pictures that look very good. One portraits Leela in Louisa's school uniform, and the other shows her as Snow Wh... Snow Purple. Keep sendin' these pics, Louisa! [Leandro]

July 17, 2001

Viva la Revolution! Yes, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity... but before you go off and attempt to overthrow your respective governments, let me inform you of five more pictures from Zapp's Woman, for our Fan Art section. Yeah, she's done it again, more pictures of Leela, and yet more to come later on this week... keeping me very busy. Still, what have I got to complain about, this is original stuff... and originality is most certainly welcome here. [Graham]

July 16, 2001

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Today's update brings you an addition to our Fan Fiction section, which is Juliet's second installment of her Leela's Break. Toya is feeling lonely, asking Leela if she can stay with her, and hang out with the PE crew... and there is more, I tells yer! Anyway, if this tickles your tastebuds, you can go directly to the story, by clicking here. [Graham]

July 15, 2001

Bender's Discount Airways.... After watching one of my favourite films, the director's cut of Blade Runner, I'm now in the mood to do an update. This one is for our Fan Art section, and introduces yet another 3D scan art by Paul A Metcalfe, of Futurama Scan Art Central, coming from the episode Hell is Other Robots. The scene is when Bender escapes, with Leela and Fry, from the Robot Devil, by flying away. [Graham]

<Ruben|away> whoooooooo!!!!
<Ruben|away> nice scan :P
<bart182> leo: that rocks
<WalrusJuice> you pervert...
<Leandro> What are you, gay?
There's a new scan by Yours Truly here at The Leela Zone, coming from the Comic #4 (that you can still download here). Enjoy both things! There is also a new scan by Alexander featuring Itchy & Scratchy... oh my! [Leandro]

July 14, 2001

Afterburners are on! Well, things are getting really interesting, we have what looks like a rocket threatening to challenge, and overtake, Paul A Metcalfe, for the lead of the Fan Art section... who would have thought it. Anyway, that rocket is Zapp's Woman, who has come up with eight more additions to her already extensive art collection at The Leela Zone. So, go and take a look at her work before, undoubtedly, more are added. Oh, Paul... you better watch out, she's on your tail! [Graham]

July 13, 2001

We sure are cheerful this morning... afternoon... night... whenever! I have some sound clips for you, these come from the third episode, I, Roommate. In this episode, as many of you should know, Fry and Bender go searching for a new apartment. However, Bender is devastated that Fry soon abandons him, when the apartment block's dwellers demand his eviction, due to interference to their TV sets. After witnessing that Bender's feelings are hurt, Leela tries to get them back together, even if it means meddling in Fry's affairs.

Well, that's enough padding for this update... enjoy the sounds. [Graham]

July 12, 2001

Lazing on a wednesday afternoon... Well, turns out my thejunkbox@leandropardini.com.ar email address wasn't working for reasons still unknown, and so without submissions to upload, and being too lazy to create some stuff, I was just idling back here. I catched a flu and I reinstalled Windows eight times, too. Anyway, there's a big load of stuff coming here.

¡Se va la primera! Futurama Comics #4 is now online for your reading pleasure! I spent some time scanning it, so grab it here. I uploaded all the JPEG files because I spent three hours trying to upload a 2MB ZIP file, and my connection won't allow me to; it always cancelled at 95% in two HTTPs and one FTP. Go ahead, laugh your ass off, Rubén.

¡Se va la segunda! There's a huge lot of new pics by Zapp's Woman in the Fan Art section... seventeen, I believe. Not just of Leela, but of Alkazar and some other weird cyclopses too. Hey, it's the "Leela Zone", not the "Leela-Only Zone", right? Right...?

¡No hay dos sin tres! Another lot of six new Uses for Not-Very-Lovable People make their entry into the section! Featuring an oxygen locator, tennis racquet, bowling ball, and of course, the gameshow where the winner gets a million bucks and lunch, and the losers ARE lunch: Intergalactic Boot Camp 3000!

Arf, arf... ¿cuatro? No, pará... el espíritu está dispuesto, pero la carne está blanda y dolorida... No more stuff for you tonight! This news update brought to you by... SoulStorm Brew! (A division of Soylent Cola.) [Leandro]

July 11, 2001

Technically, you're a moron! It's time to show off another of Sofie's artwork at our Fan Art section. This piece of work comes from the episode When Aliens Attack, when Leela is, yet again in her life, spotted by the lecherous Zapp Brannigan, and has to inform him that she's technically not human... or, at the least, she thinks she technically isn't, but that's another matter for another day. Oh, Sofie sends her thanks to Brad Rousse for spotting an error in the picture, which had to be fixed. Anyway, go and enjoy the pic! [Graham]

Dressed for the occasion. I present to you a screen saver that was made by Robert Hawks, from the soon to be leaving the internet world fan art site Futurama Fan Art (BTW, if you haven't yet, go and take a look... it'll be closing down for good by early August). It features the work of a prolific fan artist that has graced this site, Zapp's Woman. So, if you like her stuff, then you should like this screen saver. [Graham]

July 10, 2001

Yay... 3D movie theatres, here I come! Here I have an image for our Fan Art section, this one coming from Paul A Metcalfe, from Futurama Scan Art Central. This picture is done in a 3D shading style, and comes from that much underrated episode The Cyber House Rules, and features the moment when the bandages are unwrapped, to show a two-eyed cyclops. Lessons can be hard learnt, and all was put right in the end of that episode.

In other news about this site, the public anonymous FTP site has been fixed, so I've re-opened the Video Clips section, and now you can see some of the more memorable moments of Leela in the show. Oh, and this will also mean more additions to the Sound Clips section will be coming up shortly, too. [Graham]

July 9, 2001

Boo hoo, yourself! I have a new wallpaper for you, which can be found at the Paul's Ghost's Wallpapers section. This arena of The Leela Zone has been taken over by Paul, of Futurama Scan Art Central fame, and it seems that this will certainly be continuing for the near future, at the very least. However, measures may soon be put in place to make sure that he doesn't have it all his own way... reinforcements are on the horizon. Well, alright, one is planned, but we have high hopes, and that is what counts. Isn't it?

Now back to the important stuff, Paul's latest wallpaper. This one comes from the episode I Second That Emotion, and is the scene where Bender gets an empathy chip, which feeds off Leela's emotions, causing the metallic bot to feel emotions, such as grief. Thanks to Paul, you can now weep with them when you view your desktop. [Graham]

July 8, 2001

Awww... how cute! I have another piece of fanart from Zapp's Woman, and this one is... awww! Apparantly, it was a cover in her binder, so it's come out to make an appearance for you lucky lot. Now, all together... awww! [Graham]

Velour is best served warm. I have another fanfic from Wu Konguk, which is a continuation of his serial, And Then There was Two. In this part, Fry and Leela have been drafted to fight for the DOOP, and are under the command of the infamous Zapp Brannigan. Leela, however, is having second thoughts about fighting for the DOOP, as she feels they were responsible for causing her grief. Click here to go directly to the fic. [Graham]

July 6, 2001

No, it's not I Dated a Robot - Part 2! I have another addition to our Wallpaper section, this one was made by Paul A Metcalfe, of Futurama Scan Art Central. Well, this wallpaper comes from the episode [Graham crosses himself several times to keep the demons away] Bendin' in the Wind, and is from the scene where Leela comforts Bender, after the crew crash at his hotel room, while he's on tour with Beck. Enjoy! [Graham]

July 5, 2001

A delivery boy's love... please sign receipt! Here's a fanfic from a new writer for The Leela Zone, Andy Robertson. He's written Crash Course in Love, which deals with the aftermath of the episode Time Keeps on Slippin', with Fry and Leela pondering what had happened to their relationship. They end up having to make a delivery for DOOP, bringing the crew, and especially Leela, in contact with the arch-buffoon, Zapp Brannigan! How will this trying situation affect the Shippers' dynamic duo?* Click here to go directly to the story.

* - All references to the Dynamic Duo aren't meant to indicate any similarity with the TV show Batman. The use of the said words were only coincidence, and do not reflect any indication from this website that the show it promotes, Futurama, should start dressing up the characters in strange campy costumes and do over-the-top fight scenes, where each punch leads to a graphic expression of pow! zoink! kazamm! or any other invented word. This also doesn't mean that the show should create villians who are meant to be on playing cards, in zoos, in a freezer, or writing the words in birthday cards. The Leela Zone distances itself from any suggestions of the like, and urge our visitors not to entertain such dangerous thoughts. [Graham]

July 4, 2001

Excellent! Hell is trying to lighten up framegrabs from an MPEG that was encoded way too much on the dark side; still, I did it. Anyway, the grabs from the episode Hell is Other Robots are now up; all you have to do is click on that devious looking link image of Leela, and then you'll be transported to Hell!

Not a bad episode, liked the Robot Devil song... pity about the naff entrance of The Beastie Boys, didn't really add to the episode. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of their stuff, but it just smacked of that celebrity worship thing... although nothing as bad as Bendin' in the Wind, that was just pure sabotage! [Graham]

Here's Leela in the 1930s. Here's a welcomed return for Zapp's Woman, who has come up with six more pictures for our Fan Art section. There are a nice variety of stuff to savour, and I have to say that she does come up with some colourful stuff - even if the link image is in greyscale. Enjoy! [Graham]

July 3, 2001

Alter Ego. Here's the third installment of The Frylight Zone for our Fan Fiction section, by The Frylight Staff (Allen Tanner and Kryten). Fry and Amy find Leela acting as you'd never have guessed... so I'll stay quiet and let you find out for yourselves. You can click here to go directly to the story. [Graham]

July 2, 2001

Next time, use my screensaver! Paul A Metcalfe, of Futurama Scan Art Central, has made a Leela screensaver, exclusively for The Leela Zone. This 'saver features 25 of his scans, and is well worth being on your desktop, even if you're not a Leela fan. Yes, apparently there are creatures of that sort that lurk in this world; you have been warned! [Graham]

July 1, 2001

Michelle, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble.... Oops, wrong Michelle. This Michelle (also known as The Hot Hologram... as soon as I have a holodeck I'll give ya my opinion on the subject ) has submitted two pieces of Fan Art, both hand-drawn and looking very gooood. That reminds me I should update my own section of Fan Art one of these days, once I install Flash either here or in Windows 2000 or in Windows 95 or in who knows what window I'll end up getting through. Go check out these pics by Michelle right NOW! A special call to Robert Hawks: resend me that screensaver if Graham didn't upload it, my computer blew up and I lost it! [Leandro]

Look who's back in town! Hello hello people! Remember me? I left you all a while ago to go get a life... and you know what? Life is overrated! So I'm back to being Leandro Pardini, Nerd #47, Class 3.14! Now, I finally dragged my behind to the computer once again, although I'm stuck in Windows 98 without a mail program nor ICQ and also most of my email addresses are dead (I tell ya, this computer of mine will never, ever work quite like it's supposed to), and of course I quit listening to Jamiroquai, Stone Temple Pilots, Aerosmith and all that junk... viva Roxette, Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul and (of course) Celine Dion! Oh my, it feels wonderful being myself again! Expect a layout change very, very soon... for now, I'm uploading a bunch of new Uses for a Hacker, including one who's sure to draw a real lot of complaints (use #142). I'll be back with some pieces of Fan Art in a jiffy, so don't move anywhere!!! [Leandro]

Morning glory.... Here's something a bit different, Sofie attempting a semi-realistic portrait of Leela for our Fan Art section. Now, bear in mind that this is an interpretation... we don't, officially, know her eye colour, and the fact that she has a chin, a "proper" nose, realistic lips, and facial features, will make this picture seem "off", to some. Nevertheless, I still love this interpretation... it's a break from the norm. [Graham]