July 2000

July 21, 2000

Right here waiting... I can't upload anything because of an FTP error, but I just wanted you to know that there's a little stuff to be uploaded as soon as I can. Keep coming from time to time. [Leandro]

July 17, 2000

He struck a chord with the voters when he promised not to go on a writing spree.. ..but, like most webmasters, he promised more then he could deliver. Translation: I have finished Chapter 2 and 3 of my fanfic, "Dark Side of the Doop" during my off-time. Check it out in the Fan Fiction section. [Dave]

Die Hackers Die... My Internet didn't work for two days and I come back to find out that my very own section is deleted!!! Argh. Lucky I have a backup of "Time Travel" and "Which Party?". The others are lost I'm sorry to tell you. Well, life goes on. I will have the backup uploaded ASAP, until then, Patience my friends. [Dave]

OH DEAR LEELA!!! It seems that I am not going to be going to the comic convention, cause I don't live in the same state as where it is. But you can help. Thanks to Can't Get Enough Futurama they told me that it is being held in San Diego or Los Angeles, and one can pick up a copy of the first ever issue of Futurama the comic, in the world. Also, get it signed. I need to know if anyone is willing to volunteer them selves to pick me up two copies. One signed, and one unsigned. Contact me if you can, I am willing to pay for the comics as well. [Matthew]

July 16, 2000

BK=Before Katey Sagal It would seem upon reading my Autographed script of the first Futurama episode, (with deleted endings and stuff you never knew or names you have yet to know) and it shows who was to first play Leela, our wonderful and beautiful cyclops. It seems Nicole Sullivan was to play Leela. Could you imagine her as Leela? Well Nicole, if you read this, send me a sound byte with what you auditioned with? I would love to hear it. [Matthew]

Message Board is up again... Okay, after half an hour I was able to get the Message Board up again. I'm going to sleep now, and I won't connect for the rest of the week. Bye! [Leandro]

Jerkwad hackers make me sick to my ass! Some dirty little bastard deleted everything under the CGI-BIN directory, except the NewsPro and the Interactive Stories. And since I can't login more than 5 minutes each day at least until the 20th, it will all remain that way. To whoever did this: you suck. The worst part is, I don't even know what was under the CGI-BIN directory. I know the Message Board was there, and also the mailer form of the Futurama Fan-o-Rama, but I don't know what more. If you find a broken link, tell me please. [Leandro]

July 15, 2000

Happy birthday Mr. President...Happy birthday to you. Hey Dave, next time let us know about stuff like that. Or maybe you are one of the people who don't like parties? Well happy birthday, and...how old are you? Well, best wishes. [Matthew]

July 13, 2000

Aww.. I can't believe you guys did all this for me... No, I was referring to my great birthday party yesterday night in Queenspark, Sydney . But that aside, the new interactive story is going great!!! We have a nice number of high quality entries flowing in, and things are going very nicely indeed. If you haven't added anything yet take a look at it in the Interactive Stories Section. [Dave]

July 12, 2000

I just don't get it! How can people find this place using those keywords? I just uploaded the updated Top Referers page, with 117 hits from Google, and some search strings are, well, weird. Like this one: cut worms in the garden. What does that have to do with... well, anything? Oh, here's another one: amy rose loves sonic. Uh? Oh well. As long as people find The Leela Zone somehow, I won't complain. [Leandro]

July 11, 2000

And the award goes to...Not you! Ahhhh hell. Well folks, as pathetic as it sounds I submitted a piece to the interactive story contest, in my own site. I know it was a good story, but just like people who work for the contestors, can't win, by law. But the good news is, that I will turn my submission into my new and latest Fan Fiction [Matthew]

Just sitting here, twideling my thumbs... Well, I still have not been able to get my ranking power yet. It's not Leandro's fault, it's mine for being the total Anti-computer nerd I am, but I want to be the total computer nerd that Leandro is. Lucky stiff. Anyway, I just wanted to congradulate The Leela Zone on it's 100th day being back, and getting over 30,000 since the reopening. I mean, only a site about Leela, the most beautiful thing, could do this well. [Matthew]

July 10, 2000

Fry's Return Chapter 3 is posted in the Fan Fiction Section - the third chapter to the Time-Travel-Saga by the same author who wrote the legendary "Leela's Return" [Dave]

And the winner is.... Arriba!. The Interactive Storie contest is over! We have a magnificent starter, you'll all love it! And I planned to make an experiment - All other stories are closed except the new one - that should boost that one story, just as an experiment. So, we have a new story in the Interactive Stories Section and the others are closed, so get to work on the new one and exploit some of its thousand possibilities!!! [Dave]

Ooooh, it's been a while! You thought I had forgotten, but I had not! The Leela Zone is now officially 100 days old since the reopening on April 1st! And also, the counter has passed the 30,000 visitors! And the third season starts in 111 days, assuming it starts on October 29th! Oh, this is a great day. I just wish I didn't have to go work in two hours and it would be perfect. [Leandro]

New Message Board! Yes, the Message Board is now powered by UBB, the same script that the Lounge uses. All posts were lost in the move (I'll try to get them back), so start creating new ones! No registration needed to post, but if you plan to post several times consider it. [Leandro]

What up? Hi there! I am coming online no more than a few minutes each day, that's why you aren't hearing from me lately. If you want proof that I've been busy, just think: I've not changed anything in the layout for one week! Now that's busy. Anyway, the two CNet ads are online at the bottom right of the page, there's a new Wallpaper, both A Zapp and Leela Romantic and Smiley changed email addresses, and there will be a big change in the Message Board soon. [Leandro]

July 9, 2000

You are about to enter the viccinity of an area adjacent to a location Just some general stuff - The Interactive Stories contest will be over tomorrow so if you wanna submit sumthin do it now. Generally, the Interactive Stories section has been somewhat quiet lately (I didn't get to write much either cause I've been working on the new site - my fanscript will soon get a part 2 tho). Again I can do no more then adress our star writers and ask them to get going again, this time I'll give some names: Brad, Arriba (!!), Sailor Leela, Phil, Jen Jumping Quean, COME BACK!! heaps others but that's all i can remember right now, so don't feel bad if i didn't mention you now but go write some chapters so i DO mention you next time [Dave]

It is time..that someone had the courage.. to say... I am against those things that everybody hates ..or, alternatively, to confess their sentimental side in a big-scale project... Josh from CGEF and me are currently working on a Futurama site about Romance in the show. It'll be up in a week or so, not sure yet. Be sure to check for details. btw, we still need a fitting title for the page, any suggestions? mail me! [Dave]

July 6, 2000

Calling all Leela lovers and fans!!! This is a joyious time! I can't believe my eyes! It's spectacular! A time in history that should be in the text books! TLZ has a link for you: Leela and Fry action figures! Go there now! [Matthew]

July 4, 2000

This one's for Katey Sagal and her fans... Smiley sent a new Fan Art that shows Leela can't be manipulated by anyone. In other section news, I created a Wallpaper using JJB's image "Mon Belle Ami". And James Whitehead sent me graphics from his "Futurama Warp" screensaver, and two images from it are now Wallpapers. That section now has exactly 30 wallpapers. [Leandro]

July 3, 2000

I looove Holidays... ...yea, the holidays here have been a blast so far. I have nothing much to say, just that the Interactive Stories have been doing great lately and I have received some amazing entries for the contest - i love you all people, your writing has, if you win or not, given me lots of entertainment. The contest will be over in a week so get crackin' if you haven't already . Apart from that nothing much, keep up the good work guys! [Dave]

It's just another manic monday... And in this manic monday The Leela Zone finally has online the Leela Bond Screensaver by James Whitehead! So, in case you haven't got it already, go and get it at the Screensavers section. [Leandro]

July 2, 2000

This update was done with Opera... Well, this is a total off-topic. Opera Software finally released Opera 4.0; I downloaded the full edition with Java and it's great. Shows the pages exactly like the 'big' browsers, and a lot faster. If you don't feel like downloading 9MB, you can download the version without Java (less than 2MB). Download it!!! [Leandro]

July 1, 2000

You people are nuts! Time to download the referrer logs to recreate the Links page! In the past ten days, Google is the search engine that got The Leela Zone more hits. Some of the things people wrote to find The Leela Zone at Google were "high quality monkey image" (say what?), "balance board" (go workout!), "sex with aliens" (oh my!), "fry and leela porn" (you sicko!), "hand nibbler price" (Nibbler's not for sale! Try that again and you'll end like Barney!), "andie similon" (I wonder who wrote that...), and a load of horoscope-related keyboards ("scorpio aries compatibility", "best compatibility for aquarius", "libra compatibility", etc). Oh my, if people find The Leela Zone using those keyboards, I wonder where will it end... [Leandro]

Oh my gosh! They killed Barney! That dude Smiley is a genius! First Nibbler eats Pikachu, then Brittney Spears gets her head in orbit, and now Barney... well, see for yourself . There are two new Fan Art images from him to make the section even bigger... [Leandro]