June 2014
Did ya ever wonder ...
Posted on June 29, 2014 by Tim
... how all of that Fan Art comes to be? I mean, some of it is obviously 30 seconds with a dull pencil, but a lot of it must be a huge, time consuming effort, right? Yes, but maybe not as much as you think. Still, it takes a lot more effort that this 15 second that this Video Clips that kaspired (with an assist from El-Man) made. About the final result and the process of getting there, kasp sez “Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately I’ve been trying some variations on a certain theme. This has always been a weak area of mine (among others, but that's for later stories…). Inking. Well to be more specific, outlines. There are two basic problems. The first is that I have a tendency to draw what I see and if you look around I can guarantee there are no outlines around anything. The second is when I sketch something there is a certain something in the linework that gets polished out and lost when the drawing gets to the final stage. For the definition of “something” I mean random, energetic, tentative, something simply put as “fun”. And the result is a line that is, well, to be blunt, boring. So I’ve been trying to not be boring. Confused? Good, so am I. I built this drawing of our favorite Martian Ph.D. millionaire heiress perma intern and hopefully this will start to make sense.”

Well, it hasn't yet come to a story about an inflatable Morgan Proctor (and part of me hopes it never does ) but that doesn't mean that our resident bureaucrat fanboy Gulliver63 hasn't come up with another tale of bureaucracy run amok with his new Fan Fiction called The Morgan Chronicles. In this latest story we travel to the red sands of Mars to find out how our favorite Futurama bureaucrat ended up on the road to getting that uniform and shiny badge. At the tender age of 16 she winds up having to spend a summer on Mars where she meets new friends and begins to walk that road to her destiny. It's illustrated with a cover, and as a special treat a sketch was added Kaspired. G sez he's aiming as this being the first of a three-parter that will take us up to the canon character we know in the show.
Sui generis
Posted on June 16, 2014 by Tim
Who sez we ain't got no culture here at FM-TLZ? Today's subject is the Latin phrase Sui generis*  which means "of its own kind or genus" and hence "unique in its characteristics". I think that kinda describes this - 'cause who out there can say they have their very own, custom made, Morgan Proctor action figure? Gulliver63 can. Now I realize that featuring his exploits in two updates in a row is enabling his egocentric attention whore tendencies but hey, I puts 'em up as they're sent in, so what's a webmaster to do? Anyway, he sez “A little over a month ago I was introduced to a toy maker at a Dr. Who gathering here in Indianapolis who was familiar with Morgan from the show. I sent him a plethora of screen grabs from the show, and he made me a Morgan Proctor action figure. If it looks a bit familiar, he had to use pieces of a Mom figure to build her. The face is just epic. I told this guy, Matthew Wardwell is his name, that there were other geeks like me that might want an action figure that hasn't been made yet. If anyone is interested, they can contact him through his FaceBook page. Now I have an action figure that can boss around all the others...”.

* - and we all have Ramon to thank for that phrase - he used it, quite properly I think, to describe Leela.
A little bit of everything (except Tonya twice)
Posted on June 9, 2014 by Tim

Got a two-fer here. The first is Fan Art that Gulliver63 drew, which he took to the Indy Popcon where he got it autographed by, and his picture taken with the voice of Bender, John Dimaggio. He got several snaps of John autographing stuff for fans which you can find in Fan's Photos. Gulliver says of John “He was such a nice guy, everything you'd expect from watching the interviews. He seemed like he really enjoyed the fans and enjoyed the fandom. He looked at the art that I wanted him to sign, and he asked, "Who drew this?" I proudly told him, "I did." He was impressed.”.

On the Fan Fiction font Dwayne Anderson is back with another installment of Space Age Doofus. This is part 9 of Fry's continuing adventures in the Aniverse, a plase where animals rule and humans drool (Fry should be right at home).

Silverbullit wrote with a link to this really cool Animatronic Bender. Now if we could only combine it with the one that brewed and dispensed beer that really be something.

And now the request lines are open. I received a request from Jaime who read Gulliver's recent fan fic Dollface and wanted to know if someone would do a Bender and Tonya Fan Comic. So there you go all you avid comic drawers out there, if you're looking for something to do, there's a request.
Time keeps on slippin'
Posted on June 2, 2014 by Tim
Or maybe that should be Tim keeps on slippin' 'cause I shoulda had these done a few days ago, but that annoying real life crap sometimes has other plans. Anyway, got a bunch of new stuff here. First is this Fan Art by Awalex who got to wondering what might have been in that birthday gift that Leela found in the episode Leela’s Homeworld.

Many of you will recall the Futurama Monopoly game that came out a couple of years ago (I suspect that many regulars here have one or two of their own). Well, Spaceman130 scored a set on that internet auction site or somewhere and sent a bunch of photos which you can check out in Fan's Photos.

And lastly but not leastly, over in the Fan Fiction section of the Madhouse Rose Keeling presents the latest chapter of The Kroker Family.