June 2011
This one is confusing as all get out
Posted on June 29, 2011 by Tim
And I bet it's gonna get a lot more confusing ... ... wait, that's old news. But it isn't 'cause things are always a bit confusing in a place called the Madhouse. So for today's dose of confusing let's turn to a new Comic Transcript for issue #14 Six Characters In Search Of A Story as transcribed by Umbreon who says “This one is confusing as all get out. I'm just glad I read it before I transcribed it, or I probably would have really boned it up somewhere.”.

I love it when this guy sends us Fan Art, not only is it really good, but also because !iMmOrTaL! starts with that exclamation point and it causes it to sort to the first on the list, so I'm not searching for a name buried in a 384 name long list. Anyway, the big bang (“bang” is Unixland slang for ! ) sends 4 new pics. The first three are the hug from Parasites Lost, the Make love to the camera scene from Neutopia, and this one, PE wasted from Benderama. Isn't this the first time we've seen Leela (and most of the others) drunk? I think so.

And just by the perversity of the structure of the Fan Art section of this site, !iMmOrTaL!'s last pic spilled over to a new page. I'll let him tell about it: “I have a small teaser of my new comic, though unlike my previous comic, I won't be uploading them a bit at a time, but all of it once it's complete! Please note that there is no release date, it will be done when it's done!”.
A little cash, a little birthday cake, a little MS paint, and good things happen
Posted on June 27, 2011 by Tim
No, I didn't abscond to O'Zorgnax's Pub with the proceeds, I just happened to go out of town the same day that Leandro got the bill. See, just a coincidence. Now, let me just shove all of these empty Old Fortran bottles out of the way and get back to work. I want to thank everyone who contributed, and those who wanted to but were a little late getting there. And I want everyone to know that while I did contribute, I am NOT the Timothy who also contributed. I want to be clear on that, 'cause I know who that Tim is and I do not want him to feel slighted. Also because I hate being called Timothy 'cause that isn't my name. But anyway, we're good to go for another year thanks to the great generosity of a great bunch of people.

So I was just checking something on the About this Site page and was reminded that today, July 27, is Futurama-Madhouses' birthday. It was on this date in 1999 that FM's former self The Leela Zone first went live. So, let's see, doing the math, that makes the oldest living Futurama fansite 12 years old. Well Happy B'Day FM/TLZ, and many happy reruns.

The other big news, that I'm surprised didn't generate a headline in my absence, was the season premiere of the latest new episodes, Neutopia and Benderama. Those are links to threads on the Message Board where you can tell us what you thought, or read what others thought if you haven't been able to see them yet.

And now for some good olde fashioned Fan Art. TLL said schlee was bored one day and created this picture with Microsoft Paint. It's titled Planet of Broken Hearts which sounds like it would make a great title for a fan fic.
Futurama Rocks
Posted on June 17, 2011 by Tim
You know it's true because you're here. Also 'cause this picture says so. It may look like ordinary notebook paper, with ordinary cafeteria stains on it, but looks can be deceiving. No, this particular Fan Art that TLL did is all computer genned, from the lines to the stains to the sketch of Leela, and if you look way down in the corner, there appears to be an olive pit and a doodle of myself as a cowboy. TLL also threw in this anime style Leela as an extra added bonus.

One of the things that rocks about the oldest living Futurama fansite (that's us) is we've got stuff that no one else has (that we know of), like Comic Transcripts. How cool is that? And tonight we unveil lucky #13 entitled The Bender You Say. Thank Umbreon for this one (Thanks Umby ), she thought she'd have to fight for the right to do no. 13 but someone who shall remain nameless distracted dinkdrinker with a rumor of free beer and we haven't seen him since. Anyway, this comic also includes some extra material - an interview with Bongo staff artist Jason Ho.
Messages from the Future
Posted on June 15, 2011 by Tim
Ok, so there's only eight more shopping days until the new season starts on June 23. Whatever shall we do until then? I know, how about some Fan Art? I was going to say something about “five pictures” in the headline but I figured that would gave it away. Good News Everyone! Here's five brand new pictures by brand new contributor Onuki - looks like Fry and Bender are up for a round of golf.

Now, in about eight days the new season, which is apparently the sixth production season but the eigth broadcast season (boy that's confusing, and I bet it's gonna get a lot more confusing ), starts on June 23 with back to back episodes. We haven't made as much of a big deal out of it as we have in the past. I guess I'm slipping, I should have been running a count down like in years past, but then, whenever I do that, something bad always seems to happen to me, so I'm laying low this year. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. But more to the point, Rush found this video on YouTube that is five advertisements for the new season all strung together. It's not the best quality, it looks like someone was pointing their cell phone telephone at the TV, but hey, we'll take it 'till something better comes along (in about eight days). We nerdlingers are tough like that.
Another day at the zoo
Posted on June 14, 2011 by Tim
Most Fan Fiction has a nice, happy (sometimes sappy) ending to them. All the problems get resolved and the happy couple (usually Fry and Leela) fly off into the setting sun. Most. Once in a while though you get one that ends a little differently, like Gulliver63's last fic, A Day at the Zoo, which left our crew as slaves in a zoo. Now, Gulliver is back with A Day at the Zoo II: Leela Unleashed. You see, he got to thinking what would happen if the tables got turned? Well that's what happens when our heroes meet an alien girl by the name of Dath. And you get to hear some wisdom from the Scary Door host at the end, too. This pic is a not very happy Amy doing her slave routine, which can be found on G's fan art page.
"I'm a big fan of Futurama and I've been to the Madhouse"
Posted on June 13, 2011 by Tim
That says it all right there, doesn't it? Hey, it's where all the cool kids get committed hang out. And, coincidentally, that's the way the e-mail from TLL started out. She sends in two Fan Art pics, this one visualizing Amy uttering her trademark phrase, and the other one is a punk Leela.

Just about ten days from now the new season will be upon us. Yeay! Some previews of the new episodes have been released including the gender-swapped Fry and Dr Z from the upcoming “Neutopia”. But it seems that one in particular caught kaspired's eye, and that was the gender swapped Scruffy who is obviously based on Raquel Welch from the movie One Million Years B.C.. Kaspy says “I just had to have a go at it. The pose on the left is a character study of the official release, and on the right is my version. Makes me wonder what magazine Scruffy reads now.”. I guess we'll have to wait ten days to find out.
Dancing space crabs? You bet!
Posted on June 12, 2011 by Tim
Yep, we've got crabs. In this case, the dancing Zoidberg is one of two new Animated GIFs that BackToTheFuturama sent in. This one just happens to be his avatar on the Message Board, and the other one is an animation of Bender done on toilet paper.

Ok, now we've got some new Fan Fiction. One reviewer said “Prose so horrible it sent me screaming out into the snow.” , another said “[the] exciting finale reminds us what pulp fiction is all about. It keeps you guessing until the very end and at the same time reminds you that true love is forever” and yet another said “... amazing. ... Also, writing a story in a story? eek My head would have exploded long ago.” What is this evocative work you wonder? How about part 4 of Frosty's Second Chances.
Fan art by Frosty
It's Fryday night!
Posted on June 10, 2011 by Tim
Finally! Some Fan Art. And what could be more appropriate on a Fryday night than five pictures featuring ten Frys. Jenny Ngo says “When Fry's past is changed via time and space, he's got a twin brother to attract him.” - sounds like a good plot for a fan fic.

Ok, this next one is a Fan Fiction and Fry isn't in it, but he's sure to be really concerned about it. That's because in part 4 of H-15's Danger in Peace Leela's going out on a date with PE newest crew member and as Fry's chances with her are looking slimmer and slimmer, meanwhile Zapp Brannigan is back for some unholy revenge.
More comics
Posted on June 7, 2011 by Tim
Good news everybody. Umbreon and Dinkdrinker have been hard at work on more Comic Transcripts. New this day are #11: The Cure for the Common Clod and #12: Sideshow Fry. There's still lots of comics to go so if someone would like to help and see you name in bits here on the Madhouse, go for it. If you do, post a note Here on FMMB or drop me an e-mail so we don't end up with two people working on the same one. Kudos and Huzzahs to dink and Umbry for all of the hard work.
Three fine messes ...
Posted on June 5, 2011 by Tim
Ok, it's been a hot, sunny weekend and I've been out in it working my pasty, fleshy ass off doing some unaccustomed manual labor, so don't expect anything witty out of me tonight. Unless you consider drooling on myself witty, in which case, it's all good. So to start out with today let's do a couple of Fan Fictions, they're relatively easy and drool resistant.

First is part 3 of H-15's fic Danger in Peace. To recap, there's been a string of pirate attacks and so DOOP orders a new crewmember for PE, which causes some adjustment difficulties, especially for one member of the crew in particular. In this installment, ours heros fight the “scary” monster and Bender and Jordan (said new DOOP supplied crew member) have a drinking contest.

The other fic is by Hailey Sands. It's called Inferior Decorators in which Professor Farnsworth ordered Bender, Leela, Hermes, and Amy to redecorate Planet Express. Things turn into a disaster when they can't agree on a design. They even come to a point where they play pranks on each other.

And lastly the Comic Transcripts section continued to expand. Umbreon has just finished cranking her way through #8: Planet X-Press Men. She says “only... 40-ish more to go. Ooh, what have I gotten myself into?” Bwahahahah. You aren't the first one here to ask that question.
Hey, did you know aliens exist?
Posted on June 3, 2011 by Tim
It's true, they do. And to prove it, here's a video. BackToTheFuturama decided that it had been a long time since he'd made a Fan Video so he did this one - it's called Aliens Exist, which just happens to also be the name of a song by Blink 182, and in an even more amazing coincidence, is the song the video is set to.

Now here is a first: We have a section called Poetry and Song Parodies which, as you might expect, contains fan poetry and song parodies. Today I had to create a new section in there called Original Songs, and I had to do that because Herr Sven submitted one he wrote. It isn't a parody of any existing song, so it's gonna be a little more difficult for the musically challenged of us to sing it in the shower. It's called Unreachable Cyclopean Angel and it's written for the metal genre; the main inspirations (other than the Fry/Leela relationship before ItWGY) are lyrics by Dreamshade and Insomnium.