June 2010
S*#t or get off the pot
Posted on June 29, 2010 by Tim
This was sent in by FMMBs newest member, dinkdrinker who made the mistake of saying “Do with it as you see fit”. Ohh, bad mistake. I figured that I could make paper airplanes out of it, or wad it up and toss it at the trash bin, or use it as TP, but all that would cost paper and ink. And since I didn't have to go, and since it was a lot cheaper, I just saw fit to put it up as a guest editorial instead:

“After watching both new episodes of Futurama (Rebirth, and Inna Gadda Da Leela), both which I (overall) enjoyed, there was one thing that really nagged my children and I - and no - it wasn't plot holes in the second episode (first fugitives, then becoming helpers to President Nixon? Meh, it IS Nixon, after all... SOME of us are old enough to remember when he really WAS the President), but the cheap and rude ending to it- a slap in the face to many of the nerdlingers who's mighty nerd powers brought this great show back from beyond the grave.

Did we not have ingrained into our collective mind that our Heroine, Miss Turanga loathes Zapp? That she wishes she could take back what happened between the two of them the FIRST time, as if it never happened? That she loved Fry? Why the cheap insult at the end then? Why the 'In yer face!' finale to it? Because they can, maybe?

Before anyone and everyone tells me a google-to-the-nth degree of reasons how and why, for every angle imaginable, let me first explain where I am coming from (and where I feel many of the 'shippers' are coming from as well)...

I UNDERSTAND Mr Cohen said in interviews that the Fry-Leela relationship will be an 'on again off again' thing- it would much easier to write this way. Also that the relationship will continue to be explored, but not anything like a 'moving to the suburbs and starting a family' kind of thing. Fine.

But also remember this dear Sir, and fellow nerdlingers. Ten years is an awful long time for anything or anyone to wait for anything. It messes with peoples feelings and minds (real life as well as imagined) and people almost often do drastic or stupid things. Will they? Won't they? While I'm positive not all of the nerdlingers are shippers (I'm sure we're not even close to the majority) {don't bet on it - Tim}, a great deal are- including my two girls who were disgusted with the second episode. The shippers will eventually get sick and tired of the 'will they won't they' baiting of their favorite television show and may even stop watching ... and NONE of us who truly love Futurama would want that! Ratings brought it back, and ratings can kill it!

Therefore, having said this, I offer my own humble little tidbit of advice - something my dear father had always told me... 'SH*T OR GET OFF THE POT!'

For those not familiar with this saying, or those translating this to another language, it basically means this - 'Make a decision now! Either stick to what you told us (Fry and Leela together), or end it so we can get on with life', so to speak. This same exact relationship problem has killed off other popular American television programs before (programs with, dare I say, higher ratings, bigger budgets, and better time slots).

I feel while the dynamic tension created by an on again off again relationship could be funny, it is also an easier, and I feel a cheap way out. It could be just as funny, if not funnier if they stay together. It would not be necessary to see them in bed together, or going on dates even- just a little kiss or holding hands every now and then to show that they really do love one another. Leela will always be the brains of the relationship, Fry will always be the lovable goof ball. Play on his stupidity, or her temper, why not? (Hell, I just described my 15+ year marriage, for cryin' out loud!) It could be hysterical!

I Personally am waiting to see how the rest of the episodes unfold. Will there be some explanation? Or maybe is this why Fry posted an 'objectionable' video of Leela on line? (revenge, anyone?) Personally, I feel he did it simply because he's a jackass, and nothing else, but it would make perfect sense. Sad but true. I'm sure Fry will forgive her (she did do that to 'save the entire planet') for what she did with Zapp. But, really, we need to have some kind of closure and explanation to this crap.

I really hope and pray that this is not how the rest of the episodes fill out- if it is- it will truly turn off many people. I love this show, and it's characters (No- I'm not some deranged insane idiot who looks at them like real people... deranged and insane yes, but they ARE toons). I myself went to college for cartooning (The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts- at the time, the only one of it's kind in the world) and met many masters of the craft who treated their creations like their children, and wanted nothing to happen to them unless they themselves did it. I'm sure Messrs Groening and Cohen feel the same about the Futurama family they 'birthed'. But please, please, don't mess with the minds of people who love your creation and brought it back to the airwaves.

As a former cartoonist, I understand the love and respect the creators most definitely have for the characters. No creator wants anyone telling him or her what to do with their creation. But I also understand you can't screw with your fans... well, too much!

Please let us know where our favorite 31st century citizens stand!

Therefore, once again, I humbly implore for the sake of the uber-shippers who wanted to get ill after the second show... 'SH*T OR GET OFF THE POT!'”

Tell us what you think in this thread on our Message Board.

And also, Great News Everyone! We have some framegrabs from Rebirth thanks to Amyea. These are the first 52 pics, with more to come.
House of what ???
Posted on June 28, 2010 by Tim
Huzzah! Futurama's back! Woot! And so am I. Thanks to Leandro for filling in while I was gone and so, while I sort out everything that came in, I've got one quickie tonight. Back in August of 2008 we had a little fun with the Real World Futurama photo contest in which fans kept a sharp eye out for things in the real world with Futurama names. They found quite a few and since then more occasionally trickle in. Just recently, Frosty was on vacation in the Washington DC area, and was in nearby Gettysburg, PA when she spotted this - The House of Bender gift shop. I'm glad it says "gift shop" - when I first saw it I was afraid it might have been a new religion and knowing Bender, that wouldn't have been a good thing.
From the makers of The Angry Dome...
Posted on June 25, 2010 by Leandro
And the first wallpaper of the sixth season has arrived! Now you can have your own Chamber of Understanding in your desktop... as long as you manage to get the Professor out of it, of course. He might have dozed off, though. Good luck with that.
The Series Has Landed (Again)!
Posted on June 24, 2010 by Leandro
And so, almost seven years after the last episode of Futurama aired in Fox, the series is officially back with new episodes. The Twittersphere went crazy with reviews and opinions in the last four hours while the first two episodes aired across the US, and we already have a review of the first two episodes, and the reviewer found that they were "in true Futurama form and it was great to see that the show was back", and that "the characters were themselves and it was almost possible to forget that the show was ever cancelled". Read the full review here and make sure to leave your comments to the reviewer. The more Futurama gets promoted around, the better!

In other news, David Cohen has been on an interview rampage, giving interviews to Discover Magazine, UGO, TV Squad and Wired, among others. There a lot of interesting tidbits spread across the articles, but do not read them if you are avoiding spoilers, as David drops large hits generously.

Lastly, let me show you a picture that I got in the mail today:

Yeah. Just look at that. Someone recreated a slice of New New York in Legos! This Flickr album has two dozen pictures of this jaw-dropping display, and there are even more pictures at this page. Major thumbs up to the creator!
The future is the day after tomorrow
Posted on June 22, 2010 by Tim
That's right! Almost the moment we've all been waiting for - only 2 days and 12 minutes as I type this. It's kind of wild thinking back on it - when I came here, just about 4 years ago, Futurama was a has-been - dead and buried. And in that time it's gone thought not one but two miraculous rebirths. And it's because we fans never lost the faith, and maybe also because Futurama is such a great show that it's magic just captivates all who come before it. But mostly it's cause we're great. Sooo, anyway, that's great and all, and look at all the work we're gonna have to do - transcripts, framegrabs, all kinds of Fan Fic rewrites - the list goes on. So, back to business ...

So, the last pre-Rebirth Fan Art that I'll get to put up is from Rush, who has been patiently waiting for the last 30 minutes or so for me to post his latest six pics which, wonder of wonders, include a few non-Bender as a dust bunny type pics (missed that one, didn't you Rush?) like this one of a Roberto-Clamps hybrid.

Ok, so yesterday when we ran Rye Guy's latest Fan Art (another shown here, just so I'd have a picture) I also mentioned that he had some other things to share, and here they are: First off is a link to his DA page, about which he says “Most of my Futurama fanart from TLZ:FM is there, as well as tons of other stuff.” And you can believe that - I weighted a sample of the bits and it does in fact calculate out to several tons if you were to down load it all. If action figures are more your style, there's his OTHER DA page, and *cue the fanfare* if there are any Futurama fans here who also have pages on DA, be sure to check out The Futurama Club he created.

Ok, so once again, the mail box is empty and also, in what can only be described as one of the all time great moments in poor planning, I'm taking off to a place with no TV and no Internet for the next few days. In my own defense, I didn't schedule this shindig I'm going to and it was before they'd announced the date of the new epps anyway. Also, Comedy Central didn't return my calls or e-mails asking that they bump the date one way or the other just a bit. Can't imagine why. So, those of you that have access, enjoy. Maybe, if we're lucky, one of our absentee webmasters will pop in with a few appropriate words on the big day. Meanwhile, I'll see you on the other side.
Let's check out the new defrosties
Posted on June 21, 2010 by Tim
Good News Everyone - the new episodes start in just three more days and to celebrate, we went and defrosted Rye Guy who hasn't been seen in these parts in quite a while. RG has a bunch of new Fan Art, like this stylin' (or is that stylized) Fry who seems to bee geeked up for his second coming. But wait! There's more! A long time ago in a reality far, far away, Rye Guy started a Fan Fiction called The Other. It's 22 chapters of unfinished yummyness have been frozen in time, just like it's author. Well more Good News Everyone - Rye Guy says he's back to work on the fic and promises that he's “working on an ending that will blow your minds” Woo Hoo! He'd better do it quick before the new episodes come up with their own explanation. I've got more from Rye Guy, but time and space are pressing so I'll save that for another day.

Did I just mention Fan Fiction? I'm pretty sure I did. So remember the hat that Farnsworth made for Guenter in Mars University? So what would happen if he expanded on that technology, implanted it in Fry, and made him his new lab assistant? And what would happen if, just about the exact same time, a certain person in Fry's life started coming to grips with her feelings? It all makes for weird science in part one of Frosty's new fic, On the Shoulders of Giants.
Everybody loves a clone, so why don't you?
Posted on June 19, 2010 by Tim
We'll get to the clones in a moment, meanwhile, Drink Slurm! 12 oz (355 Gloopax) of fizzy goodness (I know that 'cause it says so on my can right here). Eric Smith sends in two versions of this classic sign from the classic first episode.

Oh! OH! Lookie, I found a framegrab of Cubert I've never used before! And so that must mean it's time for some more answers to Cubert's Rants. Trevin Bernhard, for reasons related previously (as in yesterday)(and mostly involving him throwing knives and playing with guns) is taking his farewell shot at the annoying little clone by telling him what it is in The Honking.

Ok, clones - there's yet another snippet of preview available, this time on YouTube. It's seems to be from 6ACV01 and there's two Leelas, at least one of which seems more than willing to play suck face with Fry. Note that one has the traditional wristamajiggy, the other what appears to be a bandage on the opposite arm. Robot, clone, or long lost twin? Taking all bets. In any event, only five more days and then you'll know the answer (and more like eight for me. ). Thanks again to Futurama_Freak1 for bonking me over the head with it.
Shut up and take my money
Posted on June 18, 2010 by Tim
Seen the latest clip? Here's one from 6ACV03 Attack of the Killer App where the crew head to the Momstore and gets their new eye-phone. Apparently this vid has been floating around for a few days but was originally tagged in French which is why it took a while for anyone to find it. Thanks to Futurama_Freak1 for the pointer.

A sure cure for empty mailbox syndrome (EMS): “ask and Umbreon shall provide.” That's what she said in her note, and provide she did. In this case, a Fan Fiction that she wrote a while back. It's called The Secret Girlfriend in which it's become pretty obvious to the PE crew, especially Amy, that Fry has a new girlfriend. This isn't all that surprising except that it's only a week or so after Leela's untimely death which Fry was taking pretty hard. Is our intrepid delivery boy really that flighty and insensitive?

Leela and knives - there's a good match. And when Leela starts casually playing with a butterfly knife, look out. Let's hope she doesn't leave them laying around for Fry to find, that would be messy. Anyway, twirling butterfly knives is a hobby that Trevin Bernhard enjoys so he depicted Leela doing so in this Fan Art. He also sent one other drawing, of PE on a resupply mission to some Marines. This is close to home also 'cause Trevin says these will be his final submissions for a while as he's joined the USMC and will be shipping out for basic training soon, which won't leave him time for fan activities for a while. Trev sent a couple more items which I'll get to in a day or two.
Ten more days to go ...
Posted on June 14, 2010 by Tim
... and things are mighty quiet here in the boiler room of the Madhouse. Yup, really quiet. I've had to resort to scrounging up some of Bender's Pentiumbot magazines, and some Zero G mags from that guy who pushes the broom. But, because it's just exactly ten days out, I probably ought to start another countdown, that seems like the traditional thing to do, except I won't be here for the last two days of it and because I don't have any material to put up, and also because something bad usually happens, like the time I sat down to write the zero day update for Bender's Big Score only to discover that my connection was dead 'cause my telephone line had been ripped off the pole and was lying in the street. Sooo I don't think we're going there this time.

Anyway, I got to wondering what had happened to the once prolific artist Futurama_Freak1 and why he hadn't submitted any artwork lately, mostly because he wrote and said “have you been wondering where I've been?”. Well by gosh he read my mind. Turns out he went and sprung for a Wacom tablet and had to learn how to draw all over again. This here is the result, it's a group shot he did of some of the folks over at PEEL. From left to right, standing in the back row are Coldangel_1, FYP, Nasty Pasty, Tedward, Tweek, El-Man, TotalnerdUK, I_C_Weiner, Frisco17, and Josh Theater. Front row, sitting on the floor floor and couch are Demeter, Morgan, Any1Else, Freako, Jezzem, and Nutmeg. A few, whose names I've underlined, are or have been active on FMMB and/or contributors here. They all voluntarily sent FF1 photos of themselves as reference to draw them (although El-Man was designed by El-man hizself). And, Freako says, it only made sense to set this picture in The Planet Express employee room considering the board's name. And lastly, the sketch on the paper he's holding was one of his first doodles of Leela using the tablet.
In case you just tuned in ...
Posted on June 12, 2010 by Tim
... or have been asleep for the last ten years or your name is Philip J Fry, here's Comedy Central's latest promo bit called Recap-O-Rama. See five seasons of Futurama condensed into nine minutes and narrated by Zapp Brannigan himself.

There's an old axiom, attributed to Joseph Stalin, what says “quantity has a quality all it's own”. Well, that's certainly true with Rush 'cause he sent a whole big steaming pile of new Fan Art, all of Bender in various deformations and poses, like old brick head here.
Futurama, in color! And words too!
Posted on June 11, 2010 by Tim
Here it is, the first minute and a half, give or take a few seconds, of 6acv01, in color!

Thanks to Futurama_Freak1 and Leandro who both pounced me with the tip as soon as my IM client fired up.

And if that isn't enough, I received this nice note from Andrew Moseman with Discover Magazine who has just published his Q & A with Billy West. Billy says “So as I’ve maintained all along, the super fans of this show kept it alive.” (Hooray, we're useful! ) and he goes on to predict more seasons.

Isn't this great? The new season is still two weeks away and already I get to use framegrabs from them. And so this one is for the "eye-phone" and this item is actually about Facebook but hey, it's the closest I could get (and it made you look). So longtime FMMBer FryGuy has created a FMMB Fan page on Facebook. So go check it out and make friends with it and plant Anchovies next to it and stuff.
Penultimate - the next to the last word in adjectives
Posted on June 5, 2010 by Tim
What a great word, penultimate. If you ever need a ten gallon (37.85 L) word for “next to the last”, there you go. And the reason that's even relevant? Because a long time ago in a reality far, far away, Go-a-Green-a started a Fan Fiction called It Never Lasts in which Fry and Leela finally go on a date, but once at the theater, who should they run into but Leela's ex, Sean. Sean turns on the charm, Leela gets interested, and Fry turns to his old flame Michelle and it's pretty much all downhill from there. Fast forward to now and Green-a has finally decided to complete this fic, hence, here is the penultimate part, which just happens to be numbered 5. It's got solid gold robots, blue Roses, gold-tipped antennas, people getting knocked out.... yeah. Part 5's got it all. Only one more part to go after this!   Fan Art by Javier Sanchez/The Futurama Point

The ads promoting the new episodes of Futurama are flying fast and furious and maybe even penultimately on Comedy Central right now - isn't it nice to finally see a Network that know when they've got a winner and they're promoting it? The versions that were available on the web just a day ago were only available inside North America but naturally evil pirates with access to evil technology (I'm thinking like an evil American media lawyer here ) have now grabbed a few of them and they're on you tube (at least until the aforementioned evil American media lawyers cease and desist them). Until they do, you can watch them here and here.   frame grab by me

For our penultimate news item today, Rush take crayon in hand and scratches out some more pictures of Bender being various and sundry un-Bender like things. And he really does use a crayon. A black one. This pic is called “Bender drawn by black crayon”, a title worthy of Monet don't you think?   Fan Art by Rush

Things have been a bit quiet around here recently, in part 'cause I've been kinda busy and in part 'cause not all that much has been coming in. People must be waiting for the new epps or something, but whatever it is, today's update empties the to-do box. Anyway, things are probably gonna be even little slower for the next few days 'cause like Fry here I'm going to be on a road trip and I may or may not have connectivity and I may or may not have something to put up and I may or may not feel like doing it if I do. Kinda depends on whether my per-diem will cover a bar tab.   Framegrab courtesy of FM/TLZ
Leela sitting in Zapp's lap? Leela in a coffin? Leela and Fry on a date?
Posted on June 4, 2010 by Tim
What is the Futurama coming too? Your guess is as good as mine and this will just muddy the waters even more. Comedy Central has started running ads for the new season and (at least) two of them are available on-line. One from the Daily Show and the other on The Colbert Report. Apparently they are only viewable in North America (maybe even just the US) but we do have some framegrabs from them thanks to a productive noon hour by yours truly. Kudos to PEEL's DotheBartman for posting the links and Futurama_Freak1 for staying up into the wee hours of the morning to goad me into making the frame grabs.

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