June 2008
Seriously, I'm freakin' out here.
Posted on June 30, 2008 by Tim
From Procyon comes a little drawing of Leela looking 'freaked out' as Fry put it when she thought she was been stalked by crazy mutants her whole life in Leela's Homeworld. I really don't know why she's so freaked out, I mean being stalked by mutants is nothing. She should try being a Futurama Madhouse webmaster.

But maybe what's really got Leela so 'freaked out' is what happens to her in Frosty's latest Fan Fiction called Any One Else. You see, it's after the Planet Express Xmas party and Fry and Leela end up with a little problem. Well...actually it's a big problem ...

And speaking of being 'freaked out", I was a little last night when I realized that Leandro and I had both updated within about 22 minutes of each other. I'm told that we can tell because there is a time stamp embedded in some undisclosed location that is accurate to 1/10,000th of a second. As a fan of overkill, it pleases me to know that we can know the precise time a web page was updated to several orders of magnitude better precision than what it took to put men on the moon. Welcome to the world of Tomorrow. So anyway, make sure you didn't over look Leandro's Update.

Oh, and Leandro's friend who was looking for the Futurama Hellboy comic, the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite has you covered. See the May 7, 2008 update in our News Archive for details. And Stop the Presses - this just in, and I mean seconds before I was gonna hit the submit button. Thanks to Javier over at TFP, here's an article at WizardUniverse.com that also tells about it (but not as good as we did ).
Tales of beasts, games, monsters, and other firsts
Posted on June 29, 2008 by Tim
Beast isn't hardly out of that starting gate yet and already Fan Art for Bender's Game is starting to pour in. Well, it's really more of a dribble actually, so it's sorta like pouring something extremely viscous in very cold weather. I would have said molasses in January, except that for half of the world its warm in January and I suspect there's a large chunk that doesn't know what molasses is, or knows it by some other name. So anyway, in his first FM/TLZ Fan Art that doesn't feature two people in bed !iMmOrTaL! drew this picture of (and I have no idea if we're spelling this right or not) Gynacaladia from Bender's Game.

Covering all three Futurama movies, past, present, and future, as well as a couple of other things is some Fan Art from María M Salazar. She says they're done in a new style that she invented which she calls Checkers style. She explains "To draw this style, you must draw a lot of scars in the body of the figures. The figures must be small and pretty, and they haven't got fingers or toes.". They look like teddy bears to me.

Got a couple of neat things in Fan Fiction today. First is Purplefish's latest epic (and by epic I refer both to the length of the title as well as the fic itself) Bendizer Z and Mega-Zoidberg versus The Hydra. Think back to AOI1 when Bender and Zoidberg were 500 feet (152.5 m) tall. Think AOI1 meets Godzilla movies. So when 500 foot tall radioactive monsters from space attack your cities, call Monster Express.

Those of you that are in the know know that we usually have a bunch of great Fan Fiction unfolding in the Fan Stuff section of the Futurama Madhouse Message Board. Those of you that didn't know that should go check it out immediately, if not sooner. I mention this because, in addition to all of the other great stuff to be found therein, we have what I believe is the very first post-BWABB fan fic and one that tries to make some sense out of what happened in Bender's Big Score and Beast With A Billion Backs. Now there's a challenge. It's called Critical Mass and it's by Red_Line. Check it out and decide for yourself if he succeeded or not.
Wizards and invasions
Posted on June 29, 2008 by Leandro
A friend of mine just emailed me page 76 of the latest Wizard Magazine, which includes a small review of Beast With a Billion Backs as well as some images that apparently were either selected or drawn by members of the crew (the magazine doesn't give many details other than attaching each picture a "by <name here>"). He also said he'd seen some Futurama art in a recent Hellboy comic, but can't find it; if anyone knows what is he talking about, feel free to email me.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Yivo Invasions at the Chicago Wizard-Con, so if you area in the area, this is your last chance to get some Futurama swag! There are a bunch of photos of the events that already happened in Yivo's Facebook Profile.
Let's see, where were we ...
Posted on June 26, 2008 by Tim
Ok then, now that Beast With A Billion Backs is out and the universe is safe for another six months, we can get back to business. As soon as Bender's Game is available for pre-order we'll have a link up, and as soon as we have a release date we'll dig out the counter code which I manged to rescue out of Leandro's trash bin and set that ticking. Meanwhile, just in case you haven't ordered your copy of BWABB yet, we have that handy "buy it" button up there for your shopping convenience. Also FM/TLZ will get a piece of the action which will help keep us from coming back begging all that much longer.

So anyway, in the "just another fan pic" category tonight - which is what Fry+Leela4eva called it, we call it Fan Art - is this creation which is done in a rather meso-unique neo post oekaki style and we don't get too many of those.

Over in Fan Fiction land there's part 5 of Hammer87's fic The Great Universal War. Check it out as cosmic forces great and small start to converge, and guess who's caught in the middle.

And finally tonight, at the behest of some of our Futurama Madhouse Message Board members who shall remain nameless so as to protect the guilty we have upgraded our Episode Guides section to include both BBS and BWABB. Now all we gotta do is get some Frame grabs of the new epps and see if we can find Kenneth and con him into building Graphic Guides for them.
Posted on June 25, 2008 by Tim
Zero day is here at last and Beast With A Billion Backs is out! Woo Hoo. And this time my 'phone line didn't get ripped out by it's roots. So once you've seen the movie, tell us what you think on our Forum.
Posted on June 24, 2008 by Tim
One more day to go! Woo Hoo! This time tomorrow all will be revealed as The Beast With A billion Backs hits the streets. Meanwhile, taking a cue from Bender's Big Score, here's another (somewhat less confusing) time travel epic. Now you may recall that a year or so ago we had a Futurama themed thesis sent to us (well, to be technically correct, which as we all know is the best kind of correct, I had to go hunt it down, but that's beside the point) and now we have another fan creation inspired by academic necessity. Maybe we'll need to create a new section called Mars U or some such (I can hear Leandro groaning from here ) but for now I put this in Fan Art. So anyway, Frosty had to do a summary of all of the chapters her history class had covered this year so she did a comic featuring Bender called Bender's Adventures In Time. And I think she's really on to something here - Bender would be great for teaching history. Obviously her teacher is a Futurama fan also judging from her comments on the first page.
Posted on June 23, 2008 by Tim
Yes, I'm back, relaxed and refreshed after the four day long Uwe Boll film festival. Two thirds of the three stooges did their jobs well, so thanks for covering for me guys. It's good that the 386 and my Louisville Slugger won't be getting any fresh dents in them for a while longer. So fasten your sphincters everyone, 'cause now that it's only two days until Beast With A Billion Backs comes out we present for your amusement the official trailer for Futurama III - Bender's Game! Thanks to soylentOrange for the pointer. He says "I really hope the movie is less bizarre than this trailer would suggest...". I don't, it wouldn't be Futurama if it were.

So enjoy that while I go sort out the carnage from the last four days and figure out what still needs to be posted to the site, which is going to be a job, 'cause there's a lot of it.
Posted on June 22, 2008 by Leandro
That means "three", for you german-impaired people from the future. Three like the last version of the Firefox browser, which I just realized that we haven't nagged people to get yet. What were we thinking?! If you're still using Firefox 2, or (insert screams of horror and despair here) Internet Exploder, get your rear end to the Firefox site and grab a copy of Firefox 3.

Now then, assuming you are back and browsing with a decent piece of software and not something that works as if I programmed it, we have a couple of new Wallpapers for you to enjoy. They're both official wallpapers from Beast With a Billion backs, but they are not in the official site for some reason, so I'm giving them a home here. If you live near or in San Diego, remember that there will be a Yivo Invasion at the County Fair today, so stop by to grab some Futurama swag... and send us some photos of the event while you're at it!

Now, if you're looking for something to read, you're in luck! Normally Tim is the one that does Fan Fiction updates, but since he's been kidnapped by the little green men from Alpha Centauri and forced to watch Uwe Boll movies 24/7, that task has fallen on the poor soul next in line to update. Who happens to be me. Um, yay?

Anyway, xkathyx07x (name obviously chosen so she can Google herself and be sure all the results are about her) sent the second part of the fic The Fry Family, which tells the story of how Leela dumps Fry after six months dating and his slow descent into alcoholism, robo-hookers, murder, prison, and his final revenge of kiling all mutants. Okay, actually that's my interpretation of her description: "Fry and Leela have been dating for six months when Leela suddenly calls it off and Fry starts to wonder if she's hiding something from him". I still say he should kill all mutants. Bender would surely help his buddy and we'd get some Fry/Bender action for a change! No, not that kind of action, you darn Rule 34 sicko.

On the Leela-less front, Frosty (name obviously chosen so a Google search on it returns a million hits, inflating her ego) sent a new fic called I'll Be Seeing You, which starts with Leela getting killed in a hit and run accident. Now that is my kind of story. Five years after that, Leela comes back as a zombie who starts eating brains left and right, and only Fry, whose brain lacks the Delta brainwave and thus tastes horrible to zombies, will be able to stop her. Okay, okay, I'll stop changing the plots of fics. Anyway, five years after Leela gets killed in that accident, "Fry is looking for the person who killed her, and nothing will stop him". Woohoo! A bloody tale of revenge! I hope Fry wears a shirt with the Punisher's skull in it!

(Now you know why Tim is the one who posts these things.)
Posted on June 21, 2008 by Leandro
Attention everyone! We've just received word from a reliable source that Yivo, the giant tentacle monster from Beast With a Billion Backs, will be invading Boston and Minneapolis today. That's right, Yivo will appear in the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston and the Country Splash in Minneapolis today, June 21st, and it will be accompanied by "Space Babes" who will be distributing promotional swag, including T-shirts, tattoos and signed DVDs. So if you're in the area, make sure to drop by!

And if you are in the area and you drop by, why not take some photos and send them over? There's a reason we have a Fan Photos section, and it's not just to show off my unpararelled sexy body in a velour uniform.

Yivo will also be invading the San Diego County Fair tomorrow, the River Days Fireworks Show in Detroit and the Love Park in Philadelphia on Monday, and will finally unleash a mega-invasion during next weekend (June 27-29) in the Chicago Wizard Con. You can read all the juicy details on this page, or also on Yivo's Facebook profile.

Also, everybody should know that the official website ilovebender.com has been updated with information from the new movie, so you should head there if you want to get a sneak peek at the movie in the form of a gallery and some wallpapers.

And if you want to spread the news of the movie's release only four days away, go and look at our E-Cards section, as I just uploaded several new cards with images from the movie. Of course they're also available as Puzzles, with the sections being linked to each other and all, even if my buggy script sucks terribly and managed to break itself twice in the process of uploading nine images. I blame Microsoft. Anyway, go ahead and send some cards to your friends, your enemies, and your brain slugs! It's a known fact that happy brain slugs are 3% less likely to suck your entire brain out, reducing you to a zombie shell who watches Fox all day. You don't want that for your brain, do you?
Posted on June 20, 2008 by Graham
Apparently, I'm meant to continue with this countdown thingy for the upcoming Futurama DVD film, so instead of being a spoilsport, which is very tempting, I think I better comply. Beats getting whacked by a baseball bat by Tim. Not that he'd do such a thing, because he doesn't seem the type to use a baseball bat in anger, but he does have one of those old computers he could beat me with. You know, the ones that weigh a ton and are made of solid metal and stand up to a lot of punishment, even when used to reshape someone's head for comedic effect. Yes, you don't realise this when you sit in front of your monitor viewing this site, but us webmasters at Futurama Madhouse are really the Four Stooges (now with 33.3333333333333333333333r% extra stooge, just to make your comedic violence that much more satisfying).

Now, after all that self-indulgent crap above is out of the way, let me get onto the meaty bit of this update. Yes, we have a new contributor for our Fan Art section, who comes under the moniker ZZoMBiE13. One of the extras in the film Dawn of the Dead has managed to do what all other zombies in history haven't been able to do in millions of years: create art. At this rate, they'll be landing on the moon and waiting in secret to pounce on any astronaut who turns up there. "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for... Where's my foot! Arrrghhhh!" Now, you'd think that zombie art would be quite primitive, lesser than stick people or those stone age hand paintings in that French cave, but the scary thing is that it's far from that: it's sooooo good. The picture you can see to your right (do click on the thumbnail... it's bigger than that ) shows, as he himself describes in his zombie language, "Comic book style versions of the three main characters." The second picture of his is made for those who read his Halo fan comic. Both pictures, as I have said above, are excellent and worth the largish download. Really, dial-up users should start making a coffee, and when it's finished, you can be ready to spit your newly made coffee onto your monitor, because the picture you'll see is so stunning. Enjoy!

Now to jab my finger into Kenneth's eye.
Posted on June 19, 2008 by Leandro
Less than a week to go for the release of the DVD, and I'm happy! So I command you all to be happy with me. Come on, you losers! Smile, darn you!

Today's update comes from Mexico, as Sofi, who goes by the nick Yume93, has sent us six new pieces of Fan Art. The one that appears to the right of this update requires a small explanation, as it appears to be a parody of some Finland song called "Levas Polka". There are other images, including Leela and Fry drawn in very nice animé style, so click the image to be taken to the second page of her gallery!

Now, you may be wondering what that hideous thing to the right of this paragraph is. Zoidberg has that effect on people. Yesterday, EA Games released a demo for a new game called Spore, that allows you to create weird-looking creatures with an easy to use yet powerful interface. What does that have to do with Futurama? Well, a couple of people have been creating Futurama-based creatures in Spore and sending the links to us. Rather than create an entire new section to host creatures for this game, I'll just link to the Sporepedia where you can search for all the Futurama-related thingies, download the Creature Creator, and play around with them if you like. Right now, I see a bunch of Nibblers, some Zoidbergs, Kif, a Brain Slug, a Buggalo, Lrrr and the Hypnotoad, and that's just on the first page.
Posted on June 18, 2008 by Tim
One week to go! Still time to preorder your copy of BWABB (I got it right this time) if you haven't done so already. Ok, enough sales pitch - down to business. Good News Everybody! Erik Heltner is back with another comic and you know what that means - totally alternative Futurama. I'll let him tell it from here: "Before I wrote L&A Confidential I had already written a completely different story where Leela and Amy are not only in love with each other, but also get married! It was actually a pretty good story, but the ending turned out to be too difficult to handle, so eventually I skipped the story in favor of L&A Confidential. However, there's a scene from the story, which features Zapp Brannigan, I've also wanted to draw. Especially since Zapp Brannigan hardly appears in L&A Confidential. The scene takes place on Mars right after the wedding ceremony. In this story I wanted to show visually that Leela is the masculine part (the "butch", so to speak ) of the Leela/Amy relationship. That's the reason why her hair is short and she's wearing white tie and tails instead of a wedding dress."

Check it out - it's really quite funny. Since it's a one pager and not a complete story I put it on Erik's Fan Art page instead of in the Comics section, a decision I will probably live to regret. He also included the blue line and graphite sketches of it.

There you have it. Now, in great moments in poor planning, I'm leaving town for a few days right in the middle of the countdown. I sent the guys a note of protest when I learned the release date, but they wouldn't reschedule it for me. So maybe I can get our other webmasters to sub for me; otherwise I'll be finishing the countdown like Fry did in The Series Has Landed
Posted on June 17, 2008 by Tim
Eight more days to go until the second Futurama movie comes out! And already I'm getting notes from people who have managed to see a sneak preview of the movie. I'm having to read carefully and cover my eyes and go "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T SEE YOU" to avoid the spoilers. The parts I do read though are great; a few examples: Alex wrote "I'm a big fan of your site" and Kieth says "I've been on your website many times. I absolutely love it and hope you keep it up... Thank you for the awesome fansite you guys absolutely rock!!". Thanks everyone - that's what we like to hear. We rock because you, the Futurama fans, rock!

Speaking of the new movie and Futurama fans who rock, KillaBob wrote to say "Good News Everyone! I don't know if you saw this or not, but I rented Meet The Spartans and on the DVD they have the trailer for the new Futurama movie". Woo hoo!

And now for some Fan Art that rocks absolutely, here's a couple more from fry+leela4eva.

Posted on June 16, 2008 by Tim
That's right, only Nine more days to go - a week and two days. To pass the time we've got a couple of nice diversions today. First is some Fan Art from a first time artist who is obviously a Fry and Leela shipper 'cause the pic is titled She will be loved and her name is Fry+Leela4eva.

And over on the Fan Fiction channel is part 4 of Hammer87's fic The Great Universal War. Trouble is brewing in the distant reaches of the universe as Fry and Leela head off on their honeymoon and I'm thinking this is the calm before the storm.
Posted on June 15, 2008 by Tim
Yes, only Ten more days until Beast With A Billion Backs hits the streets and yes, I'm going to do another count down because Futurama and countdowns go together like Fry and Leela, Bender and Beer, Hermes and paperwork, Farnsworth and good news ... well, you get the idea. It's also ten blessed days in which I don't have to expend the creative effort of thinking up an original headline! Now as long as I don't get abducted by aliens again on zero day, life will be good.

To start the count down off then, we have, not a two-fer, but a three-fer, and a left handed one at that. The Fan Art you see here are some sketches of Rana Fry drawn by Graham Dawson. And who is Rana Fry you ask? Rana Fry is the 18 year old daughter of Philip and Leela Fry, except she has never met her father 'cause he died shortly before she was born. This is all spelled out in a Fan Fiction that Corvus started called A Red Letter Day. Unfortunately, Corvus hasn't finished the fic (at least not yet). Fortunately, Flounder was inspired by this beginning and appealed to Corvus to let him write an end to it, and Corvus agreed. So the third part of our trifecta tonight features Evil aliens! Epic space battles! Futuristic-sounding technobabble! Time travel! Weird food! Arrogance getting its comeuppance! Delicious shippy goodness! All that, and Zoidberg too! See how the power of love spans time and space in Flounder's conclusion to A Red Letter Day.
Shouldn't that have been "The Girlfriend Of Frynkenstein"?
Posted on June 12, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone! Just in time for the new Futurama movie OutlawArt dropped by with some new Fan Art depicting a pair of somewhat more, shall we say, avant-garde films. He describes them thusly:

The populace was thrilled and mightily entertained when Turanga Leela burst onto the movie screen as the enchanted, but tormented, "Wolf-Girl", shunned by humankind and left to roam the forest like an abandoned and savage puppy. And then, her comedic talents as the resurrected Egyptian concubine, Nefertittys, caused massive laughter and excited all in "My Fair Mummy". As "The Amazingly Gigantic Woman" Leela captured the hearts and imagination of the world as she ravaged and destroyed the mighty war enclaves of Tokyo, New Moon City and Uranusburg. Now, horror and terror as never before could be imagined, in a story that will forever dwell in the dark nether regions of your brain matter and incessantly haunt your nocturnal torments -- it is so frightening that the producers cannot possibly guarantee your sanity after viewing "The Girlfriend Of Frankenstein"! And, on the same screen, "Curse Of The Undead Outer Space Robot Vampire", which has been re-edited and nano-tech enhanced with 13 minutes of "lost" footage never before seen on the Earth planet. These are the films you've been waiting for... yes, demanded! Buy your tickets now or you'll be standing in line 'till Doomsday!
Oh no! Not again!
Posted on June 11, 2008 by Tim
I commented once that to be in this business one needed a thick hide and asbestos underwear. At the time I was talking about writing Fan Fiction - little did I realize that it also applied to being a webmaster. I realized that (again) when I saw this latest Fan Art from !iMmOrTaL! hit my mailbox. My first thought was "you know what's going to happen". So before we all go looking for our torches and pitchforks, let me be very clear: this is a work of Fan Art drawn by !iMmOrTaL!. I want to stress that part! And he says "While we're waiting for The Beast with a Billion Backs (and the next part of his comic The Wong Side of the Law) here's a little something for anxious fans. It may not be quite what Zapp Brannigan was talking about in the {danger - spoilers} Zoo Magazine article, but here's me being optimistic!"

Speaking of The Beast with a Billion Backs, according to Amazon.com's Bestsellers in Movies and TV list, BWABB is currently at #23 #25 (it changed while I was typing this). The good news is that if you haven't ordered your copy yet you can still do so with that handy Preorder button at the top of the page - not only will you get a great price but you'll help support Futurama Madhouse also. So order your copy today and maybe we can kick it up a notch and keep it on the list and maybe beat out some of that other crap on there.

While we still have !iMmOrTaL! centered in the cross hairs, this seems like as good a time as any to mention the news item he located (he's getting quite good at ferreting out Futurama related tidbits from the dusty corners of the world's media outlets) an interview with Bender in one of the more reputable journals of opinion.

On a more mainstream note, the day just wouldn't be complete if we didn't have at least one Fan Fiction, and it just so happens that we do! From xkathyx07x comes this one called The Family Fry, part 1. It seems that after dating for six months, Leela suddenly calls it off and Fry starts to think she might be hiding something from him. Personally I think it's something she ate, but you never know.
You Don't Know JackSchmidt
Posted on June 9, 2008 by Tim
But you will in a moment because JackSchmidtKnifeThrower sent in some Photos of his Futurama action figures. I'll let him tell it from here: "Hello! I am a Huge Futurama fan, as well as a long time reader. I believe it was the Madhouse where I read about the Fry figure not having removable hands. Truth is, he does! I JUST got the 3rd wave, and finished my Robot Devil, and really wanted to find out once and for all. I also customize figures, by the way, so I know how to remove action figure parts. So, I take a Hair Dryer to Fry's wrists for 60 seconds, and pop them off to find that they have the same pegs as the Robot Devil's on his hands. Toynami just made the holes in his arms too small. So, I had to widen the holes with an X-acto Knife. I have some pics, in case you don't believe me, and to show how awesome having Fry with robot hands next to Nixon's Head-In-A-Jar is.". So there you have it - you can set up your own Devil's Hands diorama. Try this at your own risk, the management of Futurama Madhouse is not responsible if you melt your figures in the process. But if you do, send us some pictures.

And while we are in a laughing mood here's an amusing little Fan Fiction written by CosmicF. It's an astonishing tale of incredibleness and one-upmanship called Breaking The Wall and it tells what happens when a fan fic author crosses the line and Leela breaks through the fourth wall (hint: ).

Also in the Fan Fiction arena is two more parts to Hammer87's latest war epic The Great Universal War. And an arena is just what's needed as Fry goes mano a mano with Zapp Branigan, amongst other things.
The Buggalo droppings are getting really thick around here.
Posted on June 8, 2008 by Tim
Well, if I thought the June 4th update was confusing, this one is even more so 'cause it's more intertwined than I think BWABB is going to be. So here goes: The troublemaker in this case is Graham Dawson, aka archonix, who is an author, artist, and webmaster at our buddy TSFFC. First off, after a bit of ego massaging and strong arming, I conned him into letting me put up two bits of his Fan Art that I've had kicking around for some time. This one here is one he drew for Ramon's fic Prairie Rose (which is based on archonix's fic A Different View) and shows "Phi" Fry and Frank heading out on their first date. The other pic is a one page comic he drew shortly before BBS came out, which is really funny even though BBS turned out differently than he thought.

But wait, there's more! I've been cleaning out one of the dustier rooms in the Madhouse, which is the Webmaster Interviews section, and I have a brand new never before read Interview. It's with the afore mentioned author, artist, and webmaster extrordinaire Graham Dawson who tells, among other things, about the really unusual reaction he got to his first Fan Fiction.

And speaking of Fan Fiction, it's been rolling in like a stampede of Buggalo lately (which explains the condition of the floor and the air here in the boiler room of the Madhouse ). First up is the last two parts, 6 and 7, of Frosty's Dear Fry. Fry and Leela have been through hell and high water in a roller coaster relationship. Now things are looking up, but they aren't out of the woods yet. Of course, it would be really silly to put a roller coaster in the woods, but hey, nothing is impossible, not if you can imagine it.

And a big FM/TLZ welcome to new contributor fry+leela4eva2getha and part one of her new fic Deja Vu. It's deja vu all over again for Fry and Leela when they learn that there's a three year old complication from their time slip marriage.
Arts and Letters
Posted on June 7, 2008 by Tim
Huzzah! It's Done! The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite is proud to present the complete transcripts of Bender's Big Score! Yes indeed, fifteen thousand one hundred twenty two words of chewy goodness. And now I've got 18 days to rest until BWABB comes out and I can start all over again. Speaking of which, preorder link - up above - 18 days - hint hint wink wink

Here's a bunch of new Fan Art from Ross. These drawings are mainly sketches based off of Parasites Lost, War is the H-Word, and Insane in the Mainframe; and a doodle based off a scene from The Fifth Element - "the best line of that movie" Ross says.

And then some more Fan Art. Frosty was bored in school the other day so she took time out from cranking out Fan Fiction to crank out this pic of Fry and Leela (I think I've seen this pair on the #27 bus). And, yes, I know it looks cut off at the top - that's just Frosty's math homework - nothing to worry about.
Geeze this is confusing
Posted on June 4, 2008 by Tim
And I bet it's going to get a lot more confusing. Let's see if I can sort this all out. First up, the Futurama Madhouse Fan Fiction theme of the month (and I didn't even know we had a theme of the month ) seems to be Fry in the military, and generally not by his own choice either. So we have here some Fan Art from CosmicF of Fry in U.S. Navy dress whites circa 1942 (which was a fun and exciting time to be a member of the U.S., or for that matter, anybodies' Navy). Now why could CosmicF draw such a picture you are probably wondering. Well because it's a promo pic for (*note clever segue*) Hammer87's new Fan Fiction called The Great Universal War in which the heads of Hitler and Stalin team up with the Omicronians to defeat DOOP and rule the Universe Bwahahahahahah Oh, and while it has nothing to do with wars and what not, CosmicF also drew an anime Leela.

This next Fic also has the military component. It's part 5 of Frosty's Dear Fry, and our hero, having been previously drafted into the DOOP, injured in the line of duty, and dumped by the love of his life (not necessarily in that order) is now heading home on leave. Sparks are gonna fly.

Now class, we'll shift gears from the military to high school, which can be very military like sometimes, except this one doesn't require uniforms. I speak (type actually, but you know what I mean) of course, of James Prospect's fic Leela's Story, part 2, which explores Leela's younger years. Check it out.

And lastly (for tonight anyway) something a little different. We have some more answers to a few of Cubert's Rants, only this time they're by Ross, who tackles 3ACV09 and 4ACV11. Plus, Ross also contributes a new rant in 2ACV02: Slip of the Tongue: Hermes tells Fry that the DOOP is just like “the Federation from your old Star Trek programs”. It's forbidden to say Star Trek! How can a rule-loving bureaucrat break a police-enforced taboo? Darn fine question. Anyone got an answer?
Less than a month to go and already things are smelling ripe
Posted on June 2, 2008 by Tim
Yup, less than one month until Beast With a Billion Backs comes out and we're already getting whiffs of spoiler; and here's the latest: It's an article from Zoo Magazine that purports to contain a few of the jokes from BWABB. DANGER - SPOILERS read it at your own risk, 'cause you might find out hints of other plot elements too. Thanks to !iMmOrTaL! for finding this one.

This is really a golden age for Fan Fiction 'cause there's a lot of it rolling in all of a sudden so watch for lots more over the next few weeks. Today we've got part 1, which comprises the first couple of chapters of Hammer87's latest fic, The Great Universal War. Set right after his previous fic, An Accidental Trip To The Pacific, this one has the heads of Hitler and Stalin teaming up with the Omicronians to defeat DOOP and take over the universe. And there's also an appearance by Chuck Norris, complete with body, since he's immortal (not to be confused with !iMmOrTaL! ).

And since it's late and that damn alarm clock will go off way to early tomorrow morning, I'll keep it short tonight with just a couple of little business items. First off, the visitor who let us know about the Bender/Gears of War 2 trailer that Leandro mentioned the other day was Johnson - my bad for leaving that important detail out of the hand off to Leo. Next, as I alluded to above, I have lots of fan fic and fan art and some miscellaneous other stuff in the queue. I think I've replied to everyone to let them know I received their stuff, but if you've sent something in and it hasn't appeared yet and you haven't received a reply from me, please send me a note to make sure something didn't slip through the cracks.