June 2007
Better late than never
Posted on June 26, 2007 by Tim
I know this is old news, but it never fails - I go off-line for a couple of days and that's when all the news breaks, in this case an e-mail from my buddy Justin over at ToyFare Magazine announcing that they are taking advanced orders for "series 1" Fry and Zoidbergs, including a Universe 1 variant of Dr. Zoidy. Check it out at this link.

In the Fan Art department we've got four new ones from Reba 1X, like this one of Fry who appears to be graduating from something, hard as that is to believe. There's also one of Mom mimicking a famous painting, Robot Santa in a tank, and one for the Zoidberg fans. Check 'em out.

And in the lost and found department, I received an inquiry wondering why some Fan Fictions had been removed from the site. Well I knew I hadn't removed any so I started poking around in the dark and dusty corners of the Madhouse (I never know what I'm gonna find when I do that) and I located two fics, one by Farnsworth38 and another by Tim (not me) from who knows when that apparently got lost in the great Fan Fiction remodeling project of 2006 (or was it 2005, or maybe 2004? ). Anyway, a little work with a hammer and an ax and a couple of coats of paint and they're both restored to their former glory.
"I just figured out Roswell" ...
Posted on June 20, 2007 by Tim
... the e-mail said. That's all it said, so my reply was an equally illuminating "Huh?". Well it turns out that July 8 will be the 60th anniversary of the UFO crash that put Roswell, New Mexico on the map, and 1,055 years later right in the plot of 3ACV19. So it happens that somewhere a newspaper ran a big article on it as newspapers are want to do, and somewhere a Futurama viewer read that article and suddenly learned a history lesson they'll never forget. I told ya webmasters get lots of interesting e-mail, and it's only Tuesday.

That segues nicely into some Fan Art that's come in, like this one by Unregistered (which by the way is a screen name that keeps the administrators awake nights ) called Somewhere Out There.

And then there's this little gem from Sick Pickles which she says has something to do with being "held up by throngs of asparagus herders". She also accurately predicted my reaction which she succinctly summed up as "What the hell"??? I just hope Nibbler isn't the jealous type or he may be having bananas for lunch.

And since I haven't mentioned it in almost a week - FM/TLZ's 8th Birthday - July 27 - Make fan art. Remember, we have a huge inventory of genuine Futurama Madhouse Kudos just waiting to be passed out. Can we put your name on some?
Into the Wild Green Yonder
Posted on June 19, 2007 by Tim
Thanks to Officer 1BDI and Gwynhwyfar here's the link to the IMDB article in which Maurice LaMarche talks about the new Futurama DVDs. You have to be registered on IMDB to view it but if you don't want to hassle with that, Officer 1BDI has kindly posted the really relevant bits into the Forum. Click here and scroll down a bit to the part that starts "From IMDB".

Now, IMDB isn't always the most reliable source, but this seems to be pretty solid.

Oh, and he says that Into the Wild Green Yonder is the title of the fourth movie.
Stop the Presses!
Posted on June 18, 2007 by Tim
Nothing like just finishing a news update and then getting a big piece of news. This just in, Maurice LaMarche, voice of Kif, Morbo, Calculon, and others, is quoted on IMDB as saying that the first Futurama movie is in post production and scheduled for a December 4, 2007 release. Wooo HOOO!!

So, while I'm off to try to find a link to the actual quote, it's back to our regularly scheduled news update: "Crap Art for the Soul" is what Farionix calls the set of four pieces of Crap Art she sent in, one of which is pictured here to my (and hopefully yours also) left. Check 'em all out and see why.

Another entry in the old inbox, definitely not crap, is this chapter of Fan Fiction from Daniel Leicester which is part 5 of The Kroker Chronicles (which for some reason my stupid fingers keep wanting to spell Korker). In it, we learn that (cue suspenseful music) the conspiracy regarding the Durgian invasion deepens following the vanishing of a DOOP Medical Officer. It's good stuff, give it a read.
I wanna be a witch
Posted on June 16, 2007 by Tim
... is what Leela said in AIO2, and she'd probably have made a good one too if it weren't for the leak in the upstairs plumbing. Anyway, even though Halloween, the traditional time for witches, is still some months off, this is like the third Leela as a witch Fan Art pic in the last couple of months. This one is from VoodooFrog which found it's way to me by way of her bedroom floor (long story). I thought about running it through Photoshop and sticking a couple of foot and paw prints on it, but I decided that she probably wouldn't see the humor in it and might send Leela out to turn me into a frog or something. You can't be too careful with a name like VoodooFrog.

And tonight on the Fan Fiction front we don't have anything new exactly, however Enhas, who if I were keeping statistics would probably have the highest upload to stories ratio of anyone so far has made a small tweak to part 1 of his latest fic called Something Completely Different, so if you've already read it, go back and re-read it to see what you missed. If you haven't read it yet, you've missed it all, so you'd better go read it.

Ok, last thing, those of you that send your contributions to me know that I usually acknowledge receiving them within a day or two. Yesterday while I was doing a routine purge of my spam folder, hiding in there in between offers of cheap medications, software, and male enhancement pills was a legitimate fan contribution. So I've learned to check my spam a little more carefully, but just to be safe, if you send me something and don't hear back within a couple of days, don't be bashful about badgering me about it. I'd much rather get a couple of extra e-mails than miss something.
Zero G Futurama
Posted on June 13, 2007 by Tim
For some reason, the cast seems to have found themselves adrift in this latest Fan Art from none other than coldangel_1. Maybe this is a snap shot of back when they found out they were canceled. Fry looks like he's having a good time, but as usual it's only Leela that really appreciates the gravity, or the lack thereof, of their situation.

Also, at long last we have the sixth and final chapter in E.L.F.'s Fan Fiction parody of Back To The Future called Back To The Futurama.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that you only have 44 more shopping days to create the ultimate Happy Birthyday FM/TLZ Fan Art. Entries are already pouring in (ok, so maybe its more like dribbling in ) so don't wait, act today, and you'll receive genuine Futurama Madhouse kudos.
And now for Something Completely Different (again)
Posted on June 7, 2007 by Tim
Bad news everyone, it's another Fan Art free update but that's all right 'cause it means that everyone is off working feverishly on their Happy Birthday FM/TLZ pictures. At least, I hope that's what it means.

So instead we have Something Completely Different, which just happens to be the title for a new Fan Fiction from Enhas and it is definitely NOT your classic Fry and Leela story.

And this is different too - one of the dusty corners of the Madhouse is Cubert's Rants in which the little clone grumps about things he thinks don't make sense in the various Futurama episodes. Well it just so happens that Charlie Folkdance sent in a list of rebuttals to some of Cubert's Rants about Hell is Other Robots (1ACV09) and you can read them.

The least dusty room in the Madhouse has to be the Message Board (oft referred to as FMMB or the Forum). If you are one of the many casual visitors that drops by this site every now and again, maybe you aren't aware that we have a forum, so you are now and you should check it out. In it you can find many of the latest fictions as they develop, fan art hot off the scanner, and lots of other stuff, all without having to wait for some lazy webmaster to put it up here. Among other things going on now in the Fan Stuff board are discussions about writing fan fiction and nominations for the 2007 FMMB fan Fiction Awards. Check it out and join in. It's more fun that whatever else you were going to do.
Now all I need is a catchy subject line ...
Posted on June 1, 2007 by Tim
Ok, I'm finally getting the backlog cleaned out again, and here's some Fan Art from two very patient ladies. First up, a couple from the questionable realm of Sick Pickles. In this one, we see a theme that is rare in the Futurama genre, that of Fry's attempt to get Leela to go out with him going down in flames. Literally. She's also got one of Leela as a witch. Hmmm, maybe there's a connection.

And from GreenDay comes a pair of portraits of Fry and Leela. What is Fry grinning at with that very Fry like grin? Looking at the two pics side by side, I'm thinking Fry is reading something into that Mona Lisa like smile Leela's sporting - probably too much so. Then again, maybe he knows something we don't. Or not.

If you like belligerent aliens, sinister underworld figures with speech impediments, and clueless DOOPers, then you'll enjoy giving Purplefish's latest Fan Fiction a read. It's called No Taco For Morbo and despite what you'd think from reading the title, it features Morbo the newsmonster and his people, who get our favorite delivery crew embroiled in some high stakes galactic gamesmanship.

And lastly, heed well the wise words of Graham and whip us up some Fan Art for FM's birthday 'cause we're overstocked on these Kudos things and all it will cost you have some for your very own is the low, low price of one little piece of Fan Art.