June 2005
Either we're really drunk or we're really boned...
Posted on June 29, 2005 by Graham
Ever wanted to know what it would be like if Futurama starred animals rather than humans, robots or smelly lobster things? Well, now you can, because we have a load of art that compiles both animal and Futurama character together. Welcome the art of Geliebter, who has been kind enough to send some pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see to your right, shows Fry and Bender as, or at least I think it's called, Furries. As you'll notice, they're mighty drunk... or that's the after effects of drinking Farnsworth's latest potion to warm people up in Winter. There are other pictures of Fry as an animal, too... some too cute to mention. Also, there are more pictures of Fry, Leela and Bender in their usual selves (as rendered by the artist). Anyway, Some interesting and different work here. Enjoy!

Writers block
Posted on June 28, 2005 by Teral
You know that feeling, where you been sitting for almost an hour starring at a blank computer-screen waiting, hoping, praying for inspiration to come. To no avail, it stubbornly refuse to rear its ugly head. Another hous pass, still nothing ... then another ... and another and finally you conceded to the fact that you just can't come up with a humorous heading, not even a pun (generally regarded as the lowest form of wit). You then settle with writing an amusing anecdote about you trials.

Someone who doesn't have writers block is Spacedal11, as the second part of her story The Way That It Is show. This part takes place a few months after the events of part 1. Leela have become more pregnant (or at least it's more visible ), and Fry are still there for her, despite the mood swings and crawings for all kinds of weird food. Well, that should be enough to get the shippers going, for the rest of you there's also a bit about Bender finding a new girlfriend, and also Zoidberg where there.

There. Now go to the story either through the Fan Fiction section or by clicking here.

Impressed she's not!
Posted on June 27, 2005 by Graham
Alright, we know that Planet Express is full of morons, thieves, senile mad professors, anally retentive limbo dancers, smelly, fishy things, pornography enjoying janitors, but that doesn't mean one should just give up being impressed with the finer points of life in New New York. It seems that Leela isn't too impressed, either, in this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from RS 2thou, because he's designed her in a fairly cross mood. I mean, you can just feel the disapproval from here. BTW, RS 2thou has his very own DeviantART page to visit, so maybe after visiting here, you can go and enjoy more of his work. Yes, Leela, I said enjoy.

Leela just doesn't get it that Fry loves an angry woman prone to violence...
Posted on June 25, 2005 by Graham
You'd have thought she would have worked it out by now, that Fry isn't turned off her by her getting angry at him, she needs another way to deal with this problem. Answers on a postcard. Anyway, today I have some work from a new contributor for our Fan Art section who goes under the name of Sarah. She's come up with ten pictures for you to view, all involving Leela. The picture you see above is a rendering of Leela getting angry with a smirking Fry. Some of the other pictures are: silhouette of Leela wearing an iPod; Leela crying while holding a picture of Fry (ie from The Sting); Leela with Nibbler; Fry inviting his new friend to Planet Express to meet Bender and Leela; and a few others. Enjoy these works from Sarah.

Now with 10% more evil than the next leading webmaster...
Posted on June 23, 2005 by Scott
Ah ha, an update I see apon the seas... the Seas of Futurama is filled with barnicles and Fan Fiction's. Often you see a Fan Art littering the sea too. Crap Art! is like sunken treasure and all that. Oh Well enough of that, I recieved a Fan Fiction from Rye Guy, which is the second part of his Fic known as The Heavy About Love. It's all about love or something apparently judging by that.

As usual my updates are short... short I tells ya... SHORT!!!!!

Purple Marzipan for all!
Posted on June 22, 2005 by Graham
OK, it seems that a few people just love Homestarrunner, so much so that they send in stuff that's based off it. Today is no exception, because I have a picture for our Fan Art section that's based off it. Welcome a picture by Leela's Twin, that's a mixture between Homestarrunner's Marzipan character and Futurama's very own Leela. Leela's Twin has also come up with another picture, so it's not all Homestarrunner. Her second picture is based on the episode The Sting, where Fry is sitting by the bedside of his beloved Leela, who's in a coma after an altercation with a bee... a very big one.

Now playing: SaveMe.umx.
Posted on June 20, 2005 by Sebastian
(start epic music theme here) It all began in 1998. A company out of nowhere made a game that blew our minds (read "our" as "gamers" ). A year after they made a version of the game dedicated for multiplayer gaming. In 2002 a sequel was made, although it had the number 2003. Then came the year 2004... (sound of an ASMD combo) and Unreal Tournament 2004 was released! Heh, as you probably already realised, an almost complete Unreal freak sits on this side of the net, a freak that was more than happy to find in his mailbox a message from Slyrr, announcing that he has made a Professor Farnsworth model for UT2k4. In his own words "This model representation of him scoots around in a special hover-chair with arms to hold the guns. (How else would a 160 year old man be able to fight in a deathmatch?)." . The model is very well done and comes along with a voicepack, for your fragin pleasure. Also be sure to check his webpage with other great models.

Amy and the Flower People...
Posted on June 19, 2005 by Graham
Well, not only Amy, but Leela and Zoidberg, too. Actually, this latest work for our Fan Art section that comes from Lee Roberts is quite colourful. This Amy one has butterflies to add an even cuter factor. Heck, even Zoidberg looks interesting. I mean, if Lee can get Zoidberg to look anything other than a pile of trash, then he's done exceptionally well with his art. Anyway, a lot of the pictures are inspired by Dynasty Warrior, there's a Leela picture that's based on Sin City, and there's a picture of evil villains, with Zoidberg (he's getting way too interesting now ), Stewie from Family Guy, Marge from The Simpsons (she's evil now? ) and some other character that I don't know. BTW, Lee informs me that he has his own forum, which is called The Toony Forum, where I suspect that the theme is about cartoons. See, I'm a genius. Well, go give that a look if you're interested in that kind of thing. I suspect that you being here means that you're likely to be interested, though.

Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Ramon 51. This is the second part of his latest serial fiction work that's called Gladiatrix, where Leela, an agent of the Galactic Intelligence Agency, has found herself fighting as a gladiator for the amusement of the New Space Roman Empire. Thing is, despite Leela being good at this kind of thing, she doesn't want to satisfy her audience with a kill. But how long can that last for? Strangely, yesterday I was watching Spartacus on the TV, which, as you're likely to be aware of, was a film that involved a lot of gladiatorial fighting, as well as rebelling slaves fighting against the might of Rome. One thing, though, that pissed me off was that the TV station that was showing Spartacus decided to cut to adverts just after the scene where they're all saying "I'm Spartacus", with Kirk Douglas' character shedding tears at the loyalty shown for him and the cause against slavery. Yeah, right moment to show insurance adverts, ITV! Next time, I'm sticking to the BBC for such films...

Edit - Thanks goes to Mitch for pointing out that the character I didn't know of in Lee's villains picture is actually Wanda from Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents. According to him, Wanda isn't known for being evil. Something odd's going on...

He's behind you!
Posted on June 18, 2005 by Graham
Damn, it's hot here today. OK, maybe not as hot as some of you out there experience, but considering this is the land of the grey sky, then seeing that round flaming ball peek out of the clouds is something to behold. The fan art thumbnail you can see to your right seems to be based in sunny climes, too. It comes from CosmicF, who has created a picture that is inspired from the Mad Max films. As you can see, we have Fry as Max and Nibbler as the Blue Heeler that was Mad Max's dog. Then again, maybe Nibbler ate the dog. Maybe the RSPCA should know about that. But the world's gone post apocalypse, so maybe they won't be around. Oh dear, poor dog. Anyway, I'll end this now and enjoy the new-fangled strange ball in the sky, while you can enjoy Fry on his merry way to get some petrol. That's unless Nibbler can create some fuel. Vrooom!

My God! He's gone mad with power .. like that Albert Sweitzer guy.
Posted on June 17, 2005 by Teral
There are comments everywhere! Even that update I was too lazy to make a comment ... thingy for now has it. Is this Scott's secret plan for world domination? I hope it is, because then i don't see how it'll succeed. But it is a neat little thing to get us, and the contributors, instant feedback. That way we can ignore the feedback much, much faster. Nah, just kidding we love you guys and the comments you leave. I mean who doesn't like praise?

Anyway, moving on to more pressing matters. We have a new Fan Fiction from Spacedal11. This one is titled The Way That It Is. It's a serial fic. In part 1 Leela discover that the drunken, one-night fling she had a few weeks at Bender's birthday has produced an unexpected complication. Things get even more complicated when it turns out the target of her affections was an equally drunk Fry. I don't think I need to say more for you to guess that this is a shippy fic. Enjoy it here.

Don't forget ot leave a comment.

Bwhahahaha! Comments rules this website now...
Posted on June 15, 2005 by Scott
Nah not really, but it rules me! anyway... I've neglected my other duties as a result! No longer though, I got a Fan Fiction from The Kif, it is Part Two of his Fan Fiction entitled My Life now in the Future! Who know's what nutty things may happen.

However! (I'm using a lot of ! today) I also upgraded my comments script yet again, you may have noticed we can now see statistics of it on our news posts, if not look now... heh. Well in any case you have no excuse for not using comments as you don't have to register!

Maybe the coming Rambo film should have Fry starring in it - at least the acting would improve...
Posted on June 15, 2005 by Graham
Yeah, you read that right, there's apparently a new Rambo film coming out. It's not enough that they made three piles of crap, they have to flood the toilet with another. Oh well, I suppose there'll be people who'll enjoy this film. Anyway, rather than rant about a block of wood starring in a film, maybe I should rant away about the latest updates I have for this site. If you're missing the Fry model for Unreal Tournament 2004, then you've come to the right place. Scott "Crash7" Crank has again come up trumps for those of you who want to add Futurama to your game by making a Fry model, which you'll find in our Game Addons section. He wasn't alone in this task, because he got some help from the great fan artist FemJesse, who adds her artistic touch. So, now you can be in control of Fry while he blows the hell out of things! BTW, we've had to use WinRAR to make these split archives. If you don't want to use shareware or don't want to face the nag screens after your 30 days have come up, then the WinRAR site has its freeware UnRAR to unpack the files. You can also, if you so wish, go and get the freeware 7-Zip to unpack these files, too. If what I've written is too confusing, for now there's a temporary link to a one file ZIP file, whose link you'll also find on the Game Addons page. Anyway, why the heck am I talking about archivers when we should all be enjoying Fry blowing up things.

However, not everying is about Fry blowing up things, because he can also eat things, too. I have what I think is a crazy picture that's been done by a new artist for our Fan Art section, who's called MrEdwo. See, if you remember the episode The Farnsworth Parabox, you'll remember that the crew went through different parallel universes, meeting different versions of themselves. Well, MrEdwo has come up with a picture of Fry wanting to eat his alternative version in another universe, in order to gain his strength. Oh dear, now we have parallel universes wanting to digest others, which should end up creating the Big Hiccup or even the Big Fart. OK, I've probably grossed some people out, so maybe you all ought to go and take a look at MrEdwo's picture and just marvel at the craziness of the picture.

Mr and Mrs Smith Go to Washington... and all they got me was this lousy T-shirt!
Posted on June 13, 2005 by Graham
Oh, OK, you can stop throwing the rotten fruit and vegetables at me now. Let's not compound a bad subject heading with stinking the place up. What certainly freshens this place up, though, is a new work from Genocidal Smasher for our Fan Art section. His current picture is a parody of the film that's currently doing the rounds here in the UK, as well as on the other side of The Pond, called Mr and Mrs Smith, which stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are a married couple, both assassins without the other's knowledge, who finnd out that they are hired to kill each other. The film might not be to my taste (yeah, I'm a fussy bastard), but Genocidal Smasher's picture sure is. There, it must be a good thing if a picture can brighten up a movie in one's eyes.

Well, continuing on the agent/assassin theme, I have another two pictures that go to our Fan Art section and come from FemJesse. Yes, I said FemJesse. I certainly did say that name. Stop arguing, I said FemJesse. Yes, she's back again with two new pictures. Well, if you don't believe me, go to her page and find the new additions. Anyway, moving on, the two pictures, one of Fry and the other of Leela, are based on the Unreal Tournament Futurama skins that she's helped to create, or at least that's what I think is meant by her email that she sent to me. It seems that a Fry skin is now out, but we haven't got it here. Maybe one of our webmasters has it in his inbox, so maybe it'll be here soon. Anyway, while you wait, just feast your eyes on these pictures.

CosmicF sets a question, Leela provides the answer...
Posted on June 11, 2005 by Graham
OK, the latest picture for our Fan Art section that comes from CosmicF is a sort of a test. Now, I hate tests, and I imagine that a lot of you out there do too, but there are some strange and wacky people who seem to revel in such things. While the rest of us are watching a decent film (oh, OK, scrap that "decent" word), surfing the Web, reading a book, twiddling our thumbs, some are partaking in quizzes. Now, CosmicF's latest picture is one of Leela, but, according to him, there are five references to films or TV shows within it. So, not only are you meant to appreciate the picture for its artistic merits, you're now expected to think, too. Bah, it's a Saturday morning, my head is wanting a strong coffee, and now I have to think! Anyway, maybe in a few hours I'll come back to this and work out the answers. I'm sure that one of the programmes that he's referenced is The Clangers... or maybe I've just had soup from the dragon. No, I think I need some strong coffee. Anyway, enjoy this picture and hope your brain doesn't explode.

Next up, I have something that I should have mentioned earlier in the week, but I seemed to have mislaid the email, so I forgot about it. Anyway, I found it, so now I can get to the point at hand. Liese wrote in saying, "I don't know if this has been submitted by anyone else, but I just found it and thought it should be shared - for anyone who plays with the Petz game, Vickie (Boutwell, I believe) of Vickie's Petz Zoo has hexed a Nibbler breed. She actually did a wonderful job of the little dark matter-pooping monster! " Not only has she sent in these words, she's also given a link to where you can find such Nibbler goodness (I can't believe I just wrote that!), which you'll find if you click here and scroll down the page. Also, while I'm here, may I thank Liese for the kind words expressed in her email about this site. It's always nice to get appreciative words.

"What would it have been like if we had gone to a fifth season?"
Posted on June 10, 2005 by Teral
Ahh, you just gotta love Mauriche Lamarche, not just for the great voices he did on the show, but also for his wit and humorous slams of William Shatner (and that's coming from a Trekker ), as demonstrated on the DVD audio commentaries. The headline comes from AOI I.

Anyway, there's a meaning to this random babbling. I admit a very confused meaning, with a somewhat flimsy rationalization, so pay attention. We have a new contributor to the Fan Fiction section. His name is Craig Williams and he has sent us part 1 of a story titled Futurama: The Fifth Season. This story pciks up right where "The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings" left off. We follow how Fry and Leela reacted after the opera and witness how Planet Express get a new employee. Neat, huh? Read more here.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, that babbling above made perfect sense. Quite disappointing. Ah, well, no harm done. Except for.... "YOU READ IT, YOU CAN'T UN-READ IT!!"

Comments Script Update.
Posted on June 10, 2005 by Scott
Since my latest updates to the comments script has been a pretty large one I thought it deserved a news post of its own,

New Features:
1: From now on you can register your name for your own personal use, which means nobody else can use your name without knowing your password. These users are identified with Silver text-boxes
2: From now on all users can post more than once, after someone else has commented you can re-comment after them.
3: Bugfix: If you were one of the people to notice error messages from PHP on the screen, these should now be completely gone. I have worked out the problem and the reason why it did that.

If you find any problems using this comments script please let me know.

Revenge of the Leelas!
Posted on June 9, 2005 by Graham
Oh no, we're getting swamped again by Leelas. See, once a long time ago, this site used to be called The Leela Zone, in fact, you can still see the remnants of that on the site's header, so we used to get a lot of Leela stuff. Then we changed our name to Futurama Madhouse, where we expected to get some stuff about the robot nuthouse that appeared in Insane in the Mainframe. Our idea was to focus on one small part of Futurama and expand it into immense proportions. We failed in that quest, because Roberto was demanding too much money and pickled eggs from us. Still, we thought that if we just continued saying we're a madhouse, people wouldn't notice and think we were a site about the Midnight Commander file manager. Then Leo decided that he had enough and declared war on Albania, defeating their mighty army with his own army of Sith nerds. Kenneth took on the New Zealand rugby team single handed (literally, he had one hand holding his coffee mug), making them run away crying about their lost balloon. Sebastian took control of Poland and invaded both Germany and Russia at the same time. This went slightly wrong when his western flank decided to take over Berlin and just get merry with the local cabaret scene. His eastern flank, though, drove deep into Russia. He's now managed to move Poland onto the northern shores of Japan as I type this. Hope the weather is doing fine over there, Sebastian. Teral is now the Danish head of dog bite testing, where he gets to dubious honour of being bitten by each and every dog in Denmark, in order to find which breed has the strongest bite. Allen has dedicated his life to making the world's biggest shark soup, which he'll do by boiling the Pacific. He warns that the taste could be a bit salty, but at least it'll be fresh. Scott has taken over the Internet and he's changed my original words with this silly rant. Blame Scott for this. In fact, later on, you can comment about it. Anyway, back to the overflow of Leelas. We have a wallpaper that's come from a new guy called v0dka. What he's done is... what he heck, he can explain: "This is a quick re-make I did of Fatso Huunskonen's blue wallpaper that is pretty hard to make out, traced over it, lightened the blue background, colored in Leela (although it's kinda gritty around the edges) and added some cool effects in the background." There, that explains all. Hope the crap I wrote above didn't distract you from the business in hand. As I said: blame Scott.

Oh, you've still got me... you can't get rid of me that easily. I have some more stuff to show off, so there. Welcome something for our Video Clips section that's come from a certain contributor called concrete. The clip he's come up with is a compilation of moments of the show where Leela figures most, especially those moments where her obsessive delivery boy co-worker lusts/loves for her. The backing music for this clip is Jamiroquai's "Cosmic Girl", which blends in quite well. Well, all that's bound to get you dancing around the room, wearing a silly hat, and watching your furniture slide around the room. It's funky! Yeah!

Well, enough of my written crap. Maybe you'll want to go and comment about these works. Who knows what Scott's done to the comments script now.

Oh, how embarrassing to be on the front page again...
Posted on June 7, 2005 by Graham
You have to pity Leela, because it seems she gets so much attention put upon her by the many artists whose work frequent this site, as well as the many others. I mean, can't they just leave her alone? Well, actually, that would be a problem, because a lot of the stuff we have would just disappear... but, well, ummm... Anyway, getting back on track, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from the returning Tom35, who seems to think that he's been forgotten. Damn wrong you are, Tom! It was you who stole my chocolate biscuits from my fridge, replacing them with a mousetrap. It was you who laughed at me when I said that I'd invent a bird with three wings. It was you who turned my television into a fish tank. It was you who made the leaves on trees turn green. It was you who killed Bambi. Oh, wait... wait... I think I've got the wrong Tom. You are who, again? Well, whoever you are, you certainly do good art.

Next up, I have a work from someone else that I remember, who goes under the name of Kriebs. He's come up with part four of his current written work The Best of Times and Worst of Times, which goes, naturally, into our Fan Fiction section. In this part, it's Fry's 30th birthday, and he's going to get some presents... and go on an adventure. What a lucky birthday boy he is. Now, let's give him the bumps/thumps... thirty of them.

Well, I suppose it's the time where I post a link for you to make some comments. Many thanks goes to Scott for his continued work on this. It's now got smilies.

Awww, look at the cute, wittle puppy... sooooo cute ... AAAAH, the little bastard bit me!
Posted on June 4, 2005 by Teral
Yeah, pretty much my relationship with dogs in a nuthsell. Sure I love puppys as much as the next person, but adult dogs... I mean, turn your back for 2 seconds and WHAM! they got their 3 inch fangs burried in my ass or calf. That is unless you manage to fend them off with a rolled up newspaper, but let's face it when a 75 kg great dane or rottweiler come zeroing in on you with foaming mouth and the hair on its neck pointing in all directions (while the owner stand 150m away yelling "don't worry, he just want to play" ) you don't fell all that comforable with todays morningpaper as your only defence. And after you narrowly avoided having your throat ripped out be an enraged pittbull, you're some kind of bad, bad person for suggesting the owners keep their pet on a leash.

But enough about me and my endless quarrels with canine owners, this is happy ocation, because I have some Fan Fiction for you all. It's the third story from Shiny, this one titled A Thousand Summers and is a sequel to "Jurassic Bark". A mishap in the Professor's lab leaves Leela with a ... small problem to take care of. Have a tissue ready, don't say I didn't warn ya'. Click here to go directly to the story.

Now let's see if I can figure out how to use Scotty's new feature. No. Maybe this will ... no. How about th... no. Damn. Ahh, there it is. Go comment on ... well ... something ... I guess.

Speaking of sequels. I managed to see the new movie "Revenge of the Sith-lords". Great flick, they should definetly make a sequel to it.

The Voices rains some doom, lightning, rain, hail, asteroids, kitchen sinks, cats and dogs, frogs, and some damn good art!
Posted on June 4, 2005 by Graham
Oh well, you all might as well give up now, because The Voices has come about to rub it in about how to be great in making art. This time, though, he's gone dark and different, or, more to the point, his rendering of Leela has done so. Heck, Leela even sports piercings and tattoos now! OK, you have this picture in two forms, one is in our Fan Art section, while you can adorn your desktop with a wallpaper of the dark and mysterious Leela that The Voices has fashioned. You could do both, although don't go too far and overload your senses. Maybe we need a warning label for this picture, like be in a dark room with loud music playing, to fully appreciate this picture. Maybe not... you don't want to go too far to the Dark Side. <Darth Vader>NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!</Darth Vader> Yes way, Darth.

Oh, and as you can see, we now have, thanks to Scott, a comments thingy that can be attached after each of our updates. Now, I'm debating whether I should add the right to comment about this update or not. Hmmm... OK, I think I will allow for comments. No Darth Vaders doing Principal Skinner impressions, though... Go comment, I dare you!

Where the bloody hell have you been?
Posted on June 3, 2005 by Scott
Now that college is out of the way (which explains my absence), I've got something to update with which was sent to me about a week ago. Didn't have time then but I do now.

The Kif sent me his new Fan Fiction series, entitled: My Life now in the Future, best described as a continuation of his other Fan Fiction work known as My Life as a Futurama Character.

But wait, there's more: oh yes. prepare for a new Futurama Madhouse experience. I have been working on my latest flagship project. Behold! Comments! Just at the bottom of this post you'll see a link to it, where you can comment on my news post, express how much I suck or whatever you like. Best of all you do not need to register to post comments. Simple!

You will not see comments on every update, by the way. Just a heads up - They are only there if we want them there.

What if CosmicF was real?
Posted on June 2, 2005 by Graham
I'm sure that CosmicF is really an inspiration of the Futurama writers and animators, and I have the proof for all to see. The proof can be found in our Fan Art section, where you can find a picture that's been submitted by CosmicF showing him talking into the What If Machine. Now, I really think that what's happened is that CosmicF was meant to be a mysterious character on the show, particularly for the first Anthology of Interest, who would just be there when the crew were watching Farnsworth show off his What If Machine. There was a scene where CosmiF was going to be the third one to ask the What If Machine something, but he was edited out for some mysterious reason. His question? "What if I were real?" Scientists are baffled as to his disappearance from the show, but I think that his asking to be real wiped him off the show forever. So, poor CosmicF is now left in this real world, and his only way to relive his past is to send in artwork for Futurama Madhouse to show off... sort of like a diary of his. What, you think I'm mad? Wibble! Wibble! Wibble!

Well, OK, maybe I'm talking nuts, but don't just write me off yet, because I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Ramon 51. His new fiction is called Gladiatrix, and whose first part has the crew captured by the New Space Roman Empire. I'll just copy and paste what I wrote for the introduction of this fiction. Dum dum dee. Dee dee dum. Dum dum dee. Dee dee dum. Finished! The year is 3006, and Leela is now a full-fledged GIA agent, with a number of successful missions behind her. Unbeknown to her, she is about to become a female Gladiator (properly known as a Gladiatrix) for the honour and glory of the New Space Roman Empire. There, Biggus Dickus would be proud.

Well, for the 2nd June, I can see that no episodes were aired on this date, so that means today is a rubbish day (bar the artwork and fiction that I received... so hold back the emails ). On this day in the past, it seems other things did happen: in 455, Vandals start to ransack Rome (maybe they wanted to find Ramon 51's next story); The Derby, a famous horse race, first happened in 1780; American Civil War ends in 1865; Marconi receives his patent for inventing the radio in 1896; in 1897, Mark Twain writes, "The report of my death was an exaggeration"; well over a hundred years late, Calvin Coolidge grants citizenship to Native Americans in 1924; in 1999, Bhutan finally gets a television service (I wonder if Futurama has been pre-empted over there for sport?); birth of Marquis de Sade in 1740; death of Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian revolutionist, in 1882. Let's see if I can bothered to do this the next time I update.
Die Another Day...
Posted on June 1, 2005 by Graham
Oh, the end of an era is upon us. No, the world isn't about to end... at least not yet. Instead, I have a work for our Fan Art section that marks the end of Silvertide's artwork that's based on Fryfan's SpyOrama series. Yes, according to Fryfan, this is going to be his final picture based on SpyOrama, which you can see on his page and on Fryfan's SpyOrama page. Maybe I should let Fryfan explain a bit more about the picture. "This is Fry as Agent 014 parodying the famous James Bond image. The image was based on my very first SpyOrama fanfic, 'Fry Another Day'. Since this is the first SpyOrama image mentioned in my very first SpyOrama fanfic, it's only fitting that this be Silvertide's last image for his SpyOrama fan art." Well, I do hope you've enjoyed Silvertide's work as much as I have enjoyed putting it up on the site. Maybe he'll return; let's have some hope.

Come back and stop mourning, because I still have more stuff to show off. You can mourn later on. I mean, you don't want to piss off someone who's called FurY, especially since he's created a work for our Fan Art section. No, otherwise he just might become... furious. Anyway, getting to the point, he's created a picture of Leela in what could be described as a sexy dress. Not only that, she's smoking a fag. No, that's not some homophobic cleansing that goes on in the Bible Belt, I'm just using some Brit slang to describe Leela smoking a cigarette. OK, hopefully that'll end the confusion, and also put our gay readers at ease. If the religous zealots don't get you, then the nicotine will. Anyway, as I said, FurY's latest picture has Leela smoking away in a sexy dress, which is likely to get the anti-smoking zealots quite angry, too. Oh dear, you just can't win...

Now, I got a nice email from The Kef saying that he appreciated my explaining the wonders of May 30th, and asked if I could continue with this sort of thing in future, but maybe with Futurama in mind. OK, this I'll try to do for as long as I can remember to do it. Anyway, let's get on with it. On this day, the 1st June 2003, The Sting, a very popular episode, was first aired. Other notable events on 1st June include: Thomas Edison receiving a patent for his electric voting machine in 1869 (so it's Edison who's to blame...); Robert Scott's adventure to the South Pole leaves England in 1910; first Superman comic in 1938; CNN begins broadcasting in 1980; Tulsa race riot kills 85 in 1921; James Clark Ross discovers the Magnetic North Pole in 1831; birth, in 1780, of Karl von Clauswitz, Prussian General and originator of the words, "War is merely the continuation of policy by other means"; birth of Marilyn Monroe in 1926; birth of Edward Woodward in 1930; birth of Morgan Freeman in 1937; death of Leslie Howard in 1943; death of Helen Keller, a humanitarian, in 1968. There, that should be enough for 1st June.