June 2004

June 30, 2004

OH NO! Cute attack! What dark evil do I see to my right? Why, it's none other than Nibbler. But, wait. He's in cute form! Oh no, we're doomed, I tells yer! Doooooommmmmed! Who has produced this abomination on our site? Who has fouled us with a cute Nibbler image? Who is brave enough to send me this kind of cute stuff? Why, it's none other than ELF who has sent in this sickenly cute image of Nibbler for our Fan Art section. Well, there's no need for a description, because it's so cute it doesn't need one. I advise you to wear protective glasses if you're planning on viewing this image in full. Her second picture is yet another picture with Nibbler in it, but this time not as cute. Yeah, that's the way we like 'em done. It features him in his cape, innocently standing there despite the fact that someone has taken a bite out of the bottom-left corner of the picture. Yeah, as if he's innocent. There's a third picture that has Nibbler in it, so be prepared. However, this time there's no real cuteness at all, just savage bloodlust. I'll let ELF explain this one: "Fry and Bender had a bet involving a cockfight between a chicken and a pancake (don't bother asking about the pancake part, I'm wondering myself what I was on that night...) and so, Fry lost, and the professor made an exact clone of Garfield the cat." Does that make it clearer? Yeah, same here. Well, at least you can see Garfield in this picture, even if Nibbler is there. Poor mouse, though. Now, you'd have thought that ELF was finished there, but no, she has produced a work for our Fan Fiction section, too. Welcome the first part of her fiction that's titled Futurama Spin-offs. If you rememeber the Simpsons Spin-off Showcase, then you'll be familiar with this fiction. This work even has Troy McClure, as a presenter, but this time he presents some Futurama spin-offs rather than Simpsons ones, with Zapp Brannigan helping him with the narration. This all sounds interesting. The first part is based on ER, but is called OR (operation room). Well, enjoy the works generously sent in by ELF. Careful with the cute Nibbler one, though.

June 29, 2004

La Femme Leela... which is French. Not to be confused with L.A. Femme Leela, which would be American. Okay, enough with lame attemts at humour in the subject heading... it's time for me to update about some brand new Fan Art again. No! Don't leave... I know it was bad, but I have good stuff here! Really, I do! Because, first up, we have another submission from artist Blackdawg. And, as you can see because of this neat thumbnail imagine, he's continuing his trend of having Leela in famous heroine roles. First it was Ripley from the Alien movies, now she is Le Femme Leela in a parody of La Femme Nikita I believe. And once again, she has a gun. So watch out all evildo'ers, enemy spies, and nerdy fan artists who draw Leela naked... she's coming to get you!

But before you go, I have another piece of new Fan Art for you all. In fact, this piece is actually by me, of all people. This image may look unfamiliar, and have an... interesting looking new character, but that's because it's a promo picture for a fan fiction-in-progress that's being written by a good friend of mine at The Groening Fanworks Central named Christina Nordlander. She has a few fics here actually, but this is a promo for a story of hers called The Search for Zapp that hasn't been fully written or released yet. I won't spoil too much about the picture, but the original character of hers in it is called Ensign Zeal Bao. And that's all I'll say.... at least for this update. Later!

Green genes and ham! Today I have some interesting pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Alenacat. The picture you can see to your right shows Amy going back to Amphibios 9 to meet one of her children, or, more accurately, one of Kif and Leela's children. Notice that Alenacat has interpreted what this child would look like, which is certainly an interesting and original creation of hers. Her other picture shows the aftermath of what happened some time after the opera in the last episode of Futurama, "The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings" (well, last episode in the sense of the last episode shown so far). It seems that Fry and Leela had a good time that night... bless 'em.

June 28, 2004

Wow! Two updates within two days! What are the odds?! I dunno, but you may want to make some bets over the next few days, beause there's likely to be more content soon. For the moment though, I have two new pieces of Fan Art from a new artist here who calls himself Blackdawg. One is a neat parody picture of Leela crossed with another famous tough-girl from sci-fi, Lt. Ripley from the Alien movies. In particular, it's a parody of the second film, Aliens and features Leela with a gun, surrounded by alien eggs and holding Nibbler. The second image is the one shown here, of Leela lying on a pink towell getting a tan. Just click on the image to go to Blackdawg's page and see for yourselves. And now I'm off to do some drawing myself. Yep... that's right. Later

June 27, 2004

Don't worry, Leela. I'm behind you all the way. Looks loke Fry would prefer it to be a couple of miles behind her, but he'll take what he can get. Then again it was just that stupid monkey/FOX executive Guenther, so there were never any real danger. Though I'm sure the shippers were delighted to see Fry instinctively run to Leela for protection, even as early as season 1. And to see Leela emmidiately spring to his defence. Anyway, enough remiscening about happier times (ie. before "The Hiatus"), let's get this update on the road. This picture for our Fan Art section come from Pawell Galuzin, webmaster of the Russian site Something About Leela. He's been rather productive lately, this update bring 5 new Fan Arts from him (who knows, there might be more "soon" ). Apart from the thumbnail, there's one of Leela sitting dwon on the floor, Leela looking surprised, Leela asking someone to calm down and finally Leela wearing her cute pink neglige from "Parasites lost". Have fun guessing which episodes the first three are from.

Put on a happy smile. I'm not feeling particular inspired at the moment (possibly something to do with Denmark getting knocked out of the European Championships ) so that heading will have to do. There's more Fan Arts ready, this time from Leelaholic, and with a name like that it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's a picture of Leela. Apparently Leelaholic is having some computer problems, so he has send us a handdrawn picture this time of Leela looking happy for some reason. A really well done picture if you ask me.

But Leelaholic is also able to do the opposite, intentionally bad drawings, otherwise known as Crap Art. This time it's a picture of Bender introducing himself, ofcourse with 1337-speak. Enjoy your affordable Swedish Leelaholic crap.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go drown my sorrow in a sixpack of beer.

Just when you thought you had got rid of me... So, you thought I wouldn't update today? Pity to be you. Well, you can't keep a good thing down, and I'm not referring to myself, I'm referring to a new work for our Fan Fiction section by a new guy called J R Hosner. Welcome part one of his work that's titled Fry-day Night Fever, which deals with the crew facing a new recruit who comes from the early 21st century. Locke, an ex-marine who took part in a failed mission, finds himself now in need of a job, so desperate to find one that he has to join Planet Express. Cue interest from the crew... particularly Leela. Well, that's enough of a description to encourage you to read J R Hosner's work, so enjoy. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow... maybe not. Throw a die to find out.

June 26, 2004

Return of Chibirama! I've got a lot of stuff from one person today. That generous person is ELF, who has sent in stuff for our Fan Art, our Crap Art and our Poetry & Song Parodies sections. Well, that's variety for you! For her fan art page, she has sent in a picture of a mass of Futurama characters done in Chibi style. We have Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Kif, Zapp, Scruffy, Nibbler, Farnsworth, Hermes and Zoidberg all represented in this style. Looks cool. However, not only does ELF produce good stuff, she also produces absolute rubbish as well. You think I'm going over-the-top with my criticism, eh? Well, no, I'm not doing that, I'm being honest about a work she's sent in to be shown on her new crap art page. This one features a work that a three-year-old could have done, although the said three-year-old would have to be able to write words. Then again, maybe it's a thousand three-year-olds with crayons and a thousand years to spend in order to come up with a word or two, although this type of thing might throw up a Mona Lisa as well. Well, the picture features the Planet Express ship being attacked by a shark. Warning: there are weird words that look like scribbling in this picture! If you're frightened by spidery words, then please do not look at this picture and see your psychiatrist immediately. You lot still here? Ah, can't afford a psychiatrist? Don't worry, neither can I. Anyway, Elf isn't finished with Chibi artwork and a crap drawing, she's also produced a song called Leela, which is based on Britney Spears' "Lucky". Yeah, I said Britney Spears. Yes... that's what it says. No, come back... don't run away! The song might be based on a Britney song, but that doesn't mean it should be judged on that basis. Now, settle down and give ELF's song a go. Go on, you know you want to.

BIG ASS ART UPDATE!!! Whoops... sorry. Looks like my caps-lock got broken there. Nothing a little fire didn't solve though. Now, where were we? Oh yeah! A HUGE update of art. Though admittedly art you've seen before. Now that my exams are finally over (Wooo!) I can update here more often. As well as get more writing and drawing done myself. As well as reading some fics that I promised to.

Anyway, moving on... the reason this update is so big, but not entirely new, is because I've taken on the task of managing the neat little tool called the Oekaki Board. Yes, that neat little drawing tool that we decided to have here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone a little while back. Anyhoo, it seems that the board is getting a bit full, so to save people time and effort and save up a little space on it, we've decided to transfer the pictures into the usual Fan Art and Crap Art sections once they've been up for a certain time or if we get too many pages. So that's one of my new jobs here at the site.

So, moving along, now I have to list all the people whose stuff got shifted from the board into these sections. First of all, here are the artists whose pieces moved into the usual Fan Art section of the board. Some are old favourites, some are newcomers, but they are Douglas Hilliard (Leela picture shown above) with one picture, Alenacat (Leela and Sideshow Bob art shown here) with two pictures, Chudney with a piece, newcomer Newhook_1 with two pics, Leela's Twin with a couple of pieces, Shaucker with one picture, and finally Elfar with one picture. That covers that.

And now, onto the Crap Art section of Oekaki submissions. First of all, there's my lame picture from there, then one from Canadian and Proud, a piece from Schmorpheus, and finally a picture of Bender (pictured here) from Mr. X.

Well, that about covers it. Now the Oekaki Board should have more room in it for pictures. Also, if you have a piece of Oekaki art that I've moved and you want it deleted completely, moved from Fan Art to Crap Art, or from Crap Art to Fan Art, or anything else to do with the Oekaki pictures and/or board, please contact me about it and I'll sort out any issues you have. Also, in future, when drawing Oekaki pictures, it may be helpful to note exactly where you'd like them moved to in the comments section of the board, just so I know when the time comes. Thank you. And that's all from me for now. Later

June 24, 2004

Now for something completely gadgetry! Oh well, yesterday's wind has died down somewhat, so walking the dog wasn't so impressive today as it was yesterday. Yeah, I get kicks out of silly things like the wind. However, don't let that dampen your day, for I have some Uses for a Hacker stuff from good ol' Smiley. Let's see what we have today: Nivan.net Evil Guy; Inspector Gadget's New Arch Enemy; Inspector Gadget's Evil Twin; Inspector Gadget's Training Dummy; Seaquest DSV Crew Member Torpedoes; The He-Man Hacker Hater's Club. Yeah, that looks like a lot of Inspector Gadget there to keep you busy. I bet Inspector Gadget is one for the parties with his bottle-opening skills. Yeah, yeah... that was lame.

June 23, 2004

Is heaven missing an angel, because you got ni... Enough of that, thank you very much *slap* Sorry, sorry. This Fan Art, which comes from the hands of Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger, is named Divine Leela in Red, so naturally I had to use that cheesy line. Come on, it pratically writes itself (very unusual for my updates, they're usually the result of hours of brainstorming, trial-and-error and frustrations. Let that be a warning to all budding webmasters out there, you'll go nuts trying to make witty and informative entries ... well, okay, nuttier ), good thing my good side took over and gave me a hard slap for doing something as corny as that. Btw, we don't like my good side, he's Mr Spoilsport. Anyway, I seem to be sidetracking here, back to Alexei's pictures. Leela is crying over something in the picture, while looking upwards, I'll leave it up to our visitors to speculate on what that could mean. There's another version of this picture available on his page, this time kept in a blue color, that adds a new mood to the picture.

Oh my! Next come a new submitter to the Fan Art sector, going by the name Kyle M, with this, highly disturbing, picture of Zoidberg being into Farnsworth. Something I've always been wondering with this scene: Farnsworth accidently sprayed himself with fish feromones and Zoidberg is a chrustacean, sow hy should he even be affected by the fish feromones? I mean, humans don't react to snake feromones, right? Hmm, that sounds suspiciously like a Howcumzit. Anyway, there's two additionally pictures from Kyle. One of Farnsworth and one of Fry and Bender wearing a bananpeel, while holding a turtle. Enjoy.

Pleased to meet you... or not pleased at all! It's great weather outside, with some nice wind at gale speed. Certainly makes the trees outside look lively. Yeah, I love the wind... especially when walking the dog next to some trees and watching them sway and make sound. Well, little seems to keep me occupied. Anyway, what does keep some people occupied is Leela in revealing attire. One person who would certainly be entertained by this is Zapp Brannigan. So, why am I telling you this? Because Athena1999 has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section, with one showing both Leela and Zapp Brannigan in what can only be said to be bondage gear... I think. OK, maybe I'm wrong, but knowing Zapp, such things are probably at the top of his mind. Seems that Zapp is enjoying meeting Leela, but it seems that the cyclops doesn't seem to share the same feeling, or her dress is too tight. Oh well, rhythm sticks to the ready. The other picture is a more conventional Shipper picture, featuring Leela and Fry with a big, red heart in the background. Yeah, both are smiling this time.

Night of the vampires! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Zomono. This work is the fifth and final part of his fiction titled Fry-T Night. In this part, the battle against Dernakt is now on the agenda, although Fry still needs to be prepared to fight a foe that's stronger than him. So, who better to help him than a certain William. Bet you didn't see that coming. If you didn't see that coming, then maybe that means you haven't read the fic yet, so maybe you should start at the first part. For the rest of you, go ahead and enjoy Zomono's last part and prepare for a showdown.

Now back to the wind.

June 22, 2004

Saddle up and put on some protection! Today, I have two new pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from ELF. The picture you can see on your right is a weird but funny picture, showing Dr Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan at New New York's First Annual Sperm Rodeo. Yeah, that's right, a sperm rodeo! That's what it says. Anyway, it seems that Dr Zoidberg is winning the competition, especially since he's riding a sperm (there must be some big monsters out in space ), while Zapp Brannigan is attempting to ride a dead sperm whale. Maybe after winning the rodeo, Zoidberg will have plenty to eat. ELF's second picture is a bit different and more shippy. I'll let her explain: "The second one is based on a scene from the movie 'The Princess Diaries', where Princess Mia accidentally turns on the electricity with her foot." Well, I've never seen that film, so I'll let you wonder what happens when the electicity is turned on. Seems that it results in fireworks, judging from the colourful background. Well, there you go, two pictures from ELF to enjoy, so go do that.

June 21, 2004

The Cult of the Head Cubert! Well, everyone just loves Cubert. Come on, admit it, you do. Many pretend to hate his arrogance and sneering way, but in reality they're in awe with is boy-wonder coolness. Yes, Cubert's not just for nerds, you know. No, Cuberts are not just for Xmas either, they're for life. What better way to express this than a picture sent in by Mike Wilkins for our Fan Art section that shows us the glorious head of Cubert. Yes, now you can bow in front of your monitor and wonder at his incredible snubbed nose. Yes, all behold the head of Cubert, bringer of intellectual wit and sarcasm. Oh, wait, there's more to Mike Wilkins' work than meets the eye, for he's created four other pictures, too. We have a picture of Fry's head, two pictures of a cross-over between Fry and Homer from The Simpsons, and a cross-over between Leela and Lisa from The Simpsons. Maybe the latter three pictures were glorious experiments done by the mighty Cubert. All tremble before his inventive mind and girlish laugh.

June 20, 2004

Who are you calling spineless? Looks like Fry is tired of people calling him lazy and spineless, judging by the look on his face. The again, being an earthworm in this picture doesn't really help his case. More stuff for the Fan Art section, this time the pictures come from Alenacat. The thumbnail show Fry, Leela and Nibbler in an Earthworm Jim crossover, Fry as Jim, Leela as Princess What's-her-name and Nibbler as Evil the Cat. Alenacat tells me the other two pictures are inspired by the song "I can't let Maggie go" by Honeybus. The first one show different shippy scenes with Fry and Leela standing next to eachother, Fry crying over Leela and finally Leela piloting the ship. The other show Leela floating on some sky-like background. I don't know the song, but the pictures are great.

I'm sure none of you knew this (and let's be honest how would you? ), but I'm a fan of Eartworm Jim (the tv show, I've never tried any of the games). When I saw Alenacat's picture I wrote a Song Parody to go with it, titled Earthworm Fry. I'm not sure how well I managed to his the notes of the theme music, and the grammar could be better (then again so could the grammar of the original theme song ), but try to enjoy it. Or else...

Buy the anchovies, or feel the wrath of Thor, God of Thunder! Well, that is a catchy sales slogan if I've ever heard one. And if you believe in the old Norse gods (as crazy as it sounds some people still believe in them, it's even an officially recognised faith here in Denmark. What can I say, we're a strange country. ) you'll have no choice than to obey, or live in perpetual fear that one day Thor's hammer, Mj°lner, will head your way. Anyway, enough cultural education. This picture come from Smiley, who, after reading my update on June 16th, decided to make an "Nasty Norge Anchovies" label. In lack of a batter place I stuck it into the Fan Art section. Instructions from Smiley: "Merely print it on heavy card stock, paste the flaps together, or better yet paste it around a piece of rotten wood, and mail it to the address listed in the PEEL thread. Those who don't want to can merely download it, add their own sentiments to FOX, and email it on August 10th, the 1 year anniversary of Futurama's demise."

Even Mars has its standards to keep! Well, if I'm not watching football on TV, surfing around on the Net (usually wasting my time... but we all do that, right?), I'm here putting up updates on Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. No, I'm not complaining. Far from it, how could I? It lets me spout all sorts of nonsense on the Net. You're reading this, right? OK, I'll get on with it. Daran Carlin-Weber has sent in another picture of his for our Fan Art section. This one features a picture of Dr John Zoidberg finding out that even Mars, of all places, doesn't want his custom. It seems that they dislike smelly monster things, preferring cute Chinese girls, instead. I suppose you can't blame them if that's the choice. Still, there must be a good home for Zoidberg somewhere. Maybe Canvey Island in Essex will be a good place. That place reeks. Oh, ummmm... sorry if you live in Canvey Island, because I'm really joking about your unique piece of land. It's really the best place in the world, inside the best county in the world. Seriously, I'm being honest. No, that wink is really a smile. Seriously, it is. Anyway, enjoy Daran's latest work for us... even if you do live on Canvey Island in the Thames estuary and drive a white van.

The united colours of Shipping! Not finished with just presenting works that feature smelly lobsters, for I have a work that expresses colourful romance, too. This picture for our Fan Art section comes from Futurama Freak, and shows Fry being surprised by what appears to be an impulsive Leela throwing herself at him and giving him a kiss. However, what's different with this picture is that it changes colours, giving some sort of pyschedelic feel to it. Maybe Fry is actually on drugs and is imagining all this. Then again, maybe they're at a disco. Don't get me started with disco music, because... oh, I'll shut up. Well, rather than reading my rants about disco, it'll be more productive if you gave Futurama Freak's latest colourful work a view. Enjoy!

June 19, 2004

Anyone for some Uma Zoidman? Now, this is something interesting, a work that parodies a film poster. The film in question is Kill Bill, which is a recent Quentin Tarrantino film (as if you didn't know that!), featuring Uma Thurman going around killing lots of people with a samurai sword. Actually, I have to admit that I found these films quite boring (too much of one thing does blunt the senses), even if it was parodying many martial arts movies of the past, but everyone to their own taste, I suppose. Anyway, whatever I think, it seems that Captain Default is a fan of the films and has produced this good picture that parodies the Kill Bill film poster for our Fan Art section (I said all that before...). Instead of Uma Thurman's hand holding the sword, we see Dr John Zoidberg clasping it with his claw. Now, I'll let Captain Default explain this picture further: "Well, I could explain that it was ordiginally intended to be Leela's hand holding the sword. But I changed it for two reasons. 1) Given the amount you see, the person looking probably wouldn't be able to tell it was actually her. (As you probably wouldn't have seen her wristjamacallit.) 2) I could much easier see Zoidberg 'snapping' soon under stress. Leela just is not mass murdering material. Well apart from in the Anthology of Interest, of course." Actually, I do wonder when Dr Zoidberg will snap, because if he ever did, it would probably be curtains for a whole lot of people. Mind you, Zoidberg would at least get some grub! OK, I'll shut up now...

Fry meets another Big Zapper! It must suck to be Fry in this picture, suffering the consequences of messing about with electricity. His mother obviously didn't warn him about putting his fingers or metal objects into electric sockets, or he was just doing his usual not paying attention routine. Anyway, whatever the shock is, it's no shock to see three new pictures for our Fan Art section from Tania. The first one, as I've already mentioned, shows the after effects of Fry playing with electricity. Electricity won, BTW. Her second picture shows an angry Leela. Maybe she witnessed Fry's fight with electricty, wondering what possessed her to work with him all that time ago in the episode "Space Pilot 3000". However, the third picture from Tania shows that maybe the electricity has added some spark to their romantic life, so to speak, as it shows Fry and Leela enjoying a romantic moment between them. So, horray for electricity, the destroyer of fools, the bringer of anger, but the catalyst of love.

Some more TV Uses! Well, here's a third treat for today, for I have some more works from Smiley for his Uses for a Hacker section on this site. Seems that he's now got up to Use 600, which is an achievement. At the rate he produces these Uses, he'll get to a solid grand quite soon. Anyway, I better give some titles for his eight new images of death and destruction towards crackers (yeah, I suppose we should use that word rather than hacker, because hacking itself, if you want to get into semantics, isn't always the bad kind of computer usage, while cracking is the more accurate term for such things as breaking into websites and damaging them; but after four years of abusing the word hacker, it's hard to change our ways ). The eight Uses are: MacGyver's Ultimate Challenge; Miss Bellum's "Temp"; The "Seinfeld" Cellmates; Charlton Heston's Practice Target; Michael Jackson's Adopted Offspring; Wardrobe Mishap for Janet Jackson; Rimmer's Newest Scutter Assistant; Kelly Bundy's Latest "Loser" Boyfriend. Well, that should keep you all occupied... as well as some crackers.

June 17, 2004

Singed by a belch, now frozen in a huff! Seems that Bender can blow hot and cold. Well, according to a new picture of four done by Daran Carlin-Weber, that's for our Fan Art section, he can. So, let's see, this picture features Bender acting as some air conditioner for Fry, who is enjoying a can of Slurm. Now, if Bender continues this, Fry might well become a human iced-lolly. Still, for now, Fry seems to be enjoying the attention. Daran's other three pictures are: a warning not to become like Bender, for it might damage other people's wealth; Leela getting her own back on Bender, presumably due to Bender relieving Leela of some cash; and an advert for Slurm, because it's so addictive. Well, that's four more pictures by Daran for his art page at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, most with a dangerous/addictive/thieving theme. Bender would be proud of him... especially after stealing his wallet.

Fry's Leela magic! I'm not finished here with just Daran's work, for I have an additional two pictures from another fan artist who goes under the name of ELF. The picture you can see shows Fry holding what appears to be a bluish ball, but out of that ball, like some genie, appears Leela in the bedroom attire that she wore in Parasites Lost when expecting Fry to return still fit due to having worms. Her second picture for us shows Fry playing the holophonor to Leela, while she witnesses images of both her and Fry in heavenly, romantic situations (heavenly due to one set of them having angelic wings, as well as the colourful planets and stars that are also in the background). Well, certainly two pictures for the Shippers out there, so hopefully both pictures can be appreciated for their romantic feel.

June 16, 2004

And that sweet city woman, She moves through the light, Controlling my mind and my soul! A mention for anyone who can guess which song contains the lines in the subject heading. I'll give you a clue: it comes from sucky disco music. Anyway, what doesn't suck is a picture of Fry dressed up in '70s disco garb, which is one of three pictures for our Fan Art section that's been sent in by a new contributor to this site, Athena1999. Yeah, even if you hate disco, and I certainly am one of them, you can still enjoy this picture of Fry with an afro, even if it's to laught at. Athena1999's other two pictures feature Kif slaving away for Zapp Brannigan, in which Kif wears an apron; Dr Zoidberg and some egg thing fantasising about a pie. Actually, that last picture is explained by Athena1999 herself: "The guy who looks like an egg is Weebl, a character in an online cartoon who is obsessed with pie. Zoidy's with him for pretty obvious reasons. " There, that explains why an egg is able to imagine stuff. Still confused? Well, does it matter, just use your own imagination!

Top secret... can't reveal much... must zip mouth shut... mmmmmthhhh! Well, I have some more work for our Fan Art section that comes from a long-time-no-see artist called Wu Konguk. Well, it does seem that he's been busy lately with this picture that was partly done for a competition on the message board that's called PEEL (hmmm... two mentions in a day... that's odd ) and partly for something else, which I can't really mention further, because I might give away something that hasn't been done yet by someone else. Confused again? Good, that's the way we like it here. Anyway, the picture features Leela with a set of wings. Yeah, wings. She seems to have been in the thick of a fight or tumble of some sort, due to her clothing being ripped a bit, and she's crying. I doubt the crying is about the rough stuff, so I imagine it's due to some personal hurt. Oh well, I can't explain too much more, otherwise Wu Konguk might come round with some other guy (the one doing something that I can't mention), and give me something to cry about. OK, I doubt that, but I have to write something. Anyway, enjoy the picture and enjoy wondering what this picture is in aid of.

Surf's up? Who said that? Fry's ready for a ride on the waves (see below ), but what is a surfer dude without a dudette? Pretty bummed out, I'd say. Totally. That is why Fry-man needs his, totally awesome, bodacious dudette by his side when he hit those gnarly hollows! (Btw, if my surf lingo is off ball, there's a good explanation for that, I've never surfed in my life ) Whether that's Leela or not, I'll leave up to your own imagination to decide, but it looks like she's on the beach as well, in this new Fan Art from Pawell Galuzin, webmaster of the Russian site Something About Leela. Hmm, I wonder why that swimsuit seems to be so popular among our fanartists. There's two other pictures from Pawell, the first one showing Leela in her green jacket looking miffed, properly because someone broke her chair, as the second picture show. Enjoy.

One last thing. A rather unusual campaign for Futurama seems to be in the making. The idea is to get as many Futurama fans as possible to mail cans of anchovies with an Angry Norwegian Anchovies label to FOX on August 10th. Apparently this is inspired by a similar campiagn Roswell fans did a while ago. You can read more in this PEEL thread.

June 15, 2004

Careful with that belch, Bender. ARRRGGGHHHH! Well, today let's welcome Daran Carlin-Weber, a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, who has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section. Now, this should happen a bit more regularly on the show, but it seems that luck usually prevails. However, this time Daran has caught a moment where Bender belches out fire, only for it to engulf Fry's head. Oh dear, I bet he didn't see that coming. Quick way to get a tan, I suppose. Well, actually, maybe Fry is just behind the actual fire, but is looking shocked. I suppose I'll let you decide whether Fry is going to get a singeing tan or just a mere shock. Let your macabre side decide for you. Well, whether you like roast Fry or not, I do hope you enjoy Daran's picture.

Surfs up, dudes! Well, I can't really think of a better subject title for this picture at the moment, since I'm lazy and in a hurry. I have to go to a quiz night at the local pub

Anyway, this is a great new piece of Fan Art featuring Fry with his old Volkswagon hippie van at the beach. It was done by the fantastic artist known as Skajme, and has a great postcard style to it. He's put in a lot of effort into making it look good, and it shows. Good work. And that's all from me for now. Later

June 14, 2004

Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone presents "Must See Uses For A Hacker" Good ol' Smiley have come up with another bunch of Uses For A Hacker, this time heavily inspired by NBC sitcoms and other shows. And we here at FM:TLZ instantly recognised them as classics, this is "Must See Uses For A Hacker" ... unless you don't like "Friends" and "Law & Order". :p Anyway, we have haclers appearing as Ross and Rachel's blind doubledates, Phoebe's blind date from hell, Joey's "butt double" (don't watch this one while eating ), Joey's new co-star and Phoebe's song inspiration. I mentioned "Law & Order" up there too. One of the pictures show Lennie Briscoe's latest interrogation subject, and he (Briscoe) doesn't look too thrilled about it. There's also a guest appearance by Donald Trump, with his new apprentice.

Anyway, I can understand why Graham is a bit down after last nights result, me I'm quite upbeat after Denmark's draw with Italy earlier today. Sure 3 points would've been nicer, but we played a good match, with lots of intensity and a will to play technical football, not "kick 'n rush". I'm happy, bring on Sweden and Bulgaria. :p

She just wants a big hug! Yes, she does seem to want a hug. Actually, it seems that a lot of people in England also need a big hug, especially considering yesterday's result in Euro 2004, where France scored twice in injury time to win the game 2-1 against England. To be fair to France, I do feel they didn't deserve to lose the game, but I also feel that England also deserved not to lose, too. England, for moments, played quite well, but were always playing a dangerous game by allowing the French so much possession. Still, enough about the excuses, because the game is about goals, and France scored more. I still feel that England is likely to go through to the next round, seeing that Switzerland and Croatia didn't look that effective... but you never know. Anyway, you can all discuss this at our message board if you want. Now, onto update business. Seba has come up with another work for our Wallpapers section. This work is quite spectacular, showing Leela feeling lonely with an image of Fry and herself hugging in the background. However, the thumbnail doesn't do justice to the background, which hides the fact that it has a space background with stars. So, give it a proper look and enjoy. Wow, the first smiley of the day. Wow, the second smiley of the day. Wow, the third smiley of the day.

Fry endorses this site! Well, this doesn't happen that often, although maybe it should. Fry endorses Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. OK, I'll come clean and say that it's one of two pictures sent in to our Fan Art section by a new contributor called Mike Wilkins. Well, as I said, this picture shows a picture of Fry saying that this site rules. His other picture shows Bender's head requesting that liquor should be inserted into him. Hmmm... that doesn't seem like a bad idea, actually. Then again, I've run out of rum and only have some wine in the house. Oh well, maybe I'll settle for a cup of tea. How English of me. Anyway, enough of that, you go and enjoy Mike's two pictures while I go and boil some water. Adios to all of you out there!

June 13, 2004

Futurama goes all England! Well, patriotism isn't really my cup of tea, as some of you will know, but that doesn't mean that my opinion is shared by all. As you are probably aware, in Europe there is a football (proper football played with the feet... I'm not sure why some on the west of the pond think that their hands are their feet, but, then again, we have different words for the same things occasionally ) tournament that is akin to the World Cup, but for European teams. Anyway, today England play France in their opening group tie, and that's what has prompted Captain Default to send in this patriotic work for our Fan Art section. It features Fry, Bender and Leela in the England football kit with the English flag in the background. Now all we need is for this site to have a midi for the British national anthem (for some reason, England plays the British anthem... which doesn't tend to go down too well with our Scottish and Welsh neighbours), and we'll be set. I can see some of our more patriotic English visitors standing to attention if I did that. Oh well, this site is an international site, so maybe that wouldn't be too appropriate, plus I can't stand "God Save the Queen", wanting a new anthem to reflect today's age and not be so subservient to an outdated feudal monarchy. Oh, wait, this is turning into a rant. Anyway, whether you're English or not, I do hope you can appreciate Captain Default's neat picture. It actually does look quite grand. Mind you, Fry as David Beckham? Oh dear, it's going to be time for Fry to show off his underpants.

June 12, 2004

Hunger pains! I'm not sure you'd be happy if you saw what Bender can serve up for dinner, because Leela isn't. Well, this sitution is presented in one of three pictures sent in to our Fan Art section by Nostradamus. Anyway, as I've said, we have a picture of Leela receiving dinner made by the crew's expert chef, Bender. OK, I joke, because as you know, Bender is a terrible cook, unless your taste buds have been removed, in which case he'd be the same as others. Nostradamus's other two pictures show Leela in beach summer wear and one with no wear. However, he's not finished there, he has something for our Crap Art section, too. Now, I'm going to quote a long passage from the email that Nostradamus sent me, because it'll explain this picture quite well: "Talk about mad scientists... well, the plot behind this pic goes like this: my mentor, as well as his replacement were sick this week so I had the lab all for myself (I was supposed to study but buhey)... and then a fellow geek comes by... and we place a bet that I can't draw Leela by using a small colony of Paramecium Caudatum. I won't bore you to death by describing how I constructed elaborate cotton traps to slow down the protozoe; or how I painstakingly (you can see the needle) picked especially large ones; or how hard it is to make anything when your basic elements are swimming around like supersonic idiots... anyway, after a wasting spoonful of coagulant and cooling the solution to prevent the wee buggers from moving and multiplying, the masterpiece was finished - the firs pic of Leela ever made by using protozoe. Taking a snapshot and developing it was an agony for itself, but, as Machiavelli said, the ends justify the means (I was refering to the bet, not the pic)." Now, why he wants this picture in the Crap Art section is beyond me, because this is one unique piece of work (no other fan artist on this site has done this). Anyway, if you want to see Nostradamus's biological crap (no, not that kind), then you can see it here. Enjoy and see why I don't think it's actually crap.

Even mistakes can be funny! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction that comes from Dwayne Anderson. This time, he's come up with Leela presenting some goofs done on the Futurama series that didn't make it to film. It's amazing what can happen when Beavis and Butthead are around. Anyway, I'll let you read this work, which is titled Futurama Outtakes. Happy reading.

Lastly, please remember that we do have a message board which you can fill up with letters, words, sentences and paragraphs. Seeing that EUFA's Euro 2004 is going to be starting later today with Portugal Vs Greece and Spain Vs Russia, it will provide some of you footy fans out there to discuss the action. For those who hate football, then there are other things to discuss, like a show called Futurama.

June 10, 2004

What do you get if you mix The Simpsons with Futurama? ELF! Don't worry, all will be revealed. Welcome a new work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, who goes under the moniker, ELF. Now, her picture shows what would happen if the Futurama crew stayed the night at the Simpsons house. Sure, they'd be hungry for breakfast, so ELF has created a scene with the Simpson family sharing the first meal of the day with the Futurama crew. I can see that both Marge and Leela are having to do the usual drudgery for the boys, and judging from their expressions, they're not too impressed with the situation at hand. Also, it seems that Dr Zoidberg is hanging around outside ready for any leftovers, while it also seems that Lionel Hutz is touting for business, too. Maybe Lionel will encourage Dr Zoidberg to sue for his breakfast. I wonder what the doctor would have to pay Lionel in a no-win-no-fee situation? Maybe a fried egg will be enough. Well, this is a nicely done picture by ELF, which is full of interest... and hunger. So, go and enjoy breakfast with Homer, Marge, the kids, Leela, Bender, Fry, Nibbler. Remember, ownership of any leftovers are to be contested in court... incompetently.

June 9, 2004

Red Star mechanic! Today I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. It's a coloured hand-drawn picture of Leela as a mechanic. What's different is that she's wearing communist garb, which seems in vogue here, considering our Futurama Communist Front era some weeks ago. All these communist inspired works make me think that we should have more stunts like FCF in future. OK, stop rioting over there, otherwise we'll send in the Red Army to quell your insolence! We could have the Futurama Green Commune, where the site will promote hippy ideals of saving the mother planet. We could have Futurama Republican Retards, which wouldn't be too funny, mainly because you shouldn't make fun of the handicapped. Then again, we could have Futurama Liberal Democrat Very Nice People Village Green Bungalow Focus Group, but that would be dull, dull, dull. Futurama Monarchist Inbreds could work. However, we do value our necks, especially when the masses get angry once we offer them cake with their serfdom. Anyway, enough of my rambling, it's time to enjoy Alexander's work that shows Leela as a communist mechanic. Enjoy, comrades.

June 8, 2004

No, I'm not moody... and who the hell are you to claim that? Well, Leela might well be moody, sometimes for good reason, but I'm currently not. Don't look at me like that. Why, I'll kill you all, I will! Oh, wait, I'm not moody.... Anyway, before I turn into the Incredible Sulk, I better get on with this update. Welcome a new contribution to our Fan Art section that comes from Leila. There, I can smile now... soon I'll be ROFL. Oh, what a manic life! Leila's latest picture features Leela in what can only be described as her in a moody frame of mind, seemingly ready to question whatever Fry/Bender/Zapp/[insert name here] has done or said. Still, I bet if Leela were just happy all the time, like some ditzy bimbo, she'd not have the amount of fans that she currently has... although maybe she could have a part in that awful show called Friends. Yeah, imagine it, Futurama done in Friends style. Please, let's not think that. Keep calm, everyone! Don't go green and start demolishing your neighbourhood. It was only a thought... a bad one, but only a thought.

June 7, 2004

Oh, what to write? Must think of something to write! I need to write something! Help me in my silent scream! Yeah, I've run out of ideas for what to write in this update, so I'll just ramble a bit and see if anything comes up. No, doesn't seem to have worked. Well, let's see if some early Black Sabbath music will work. You know, I despise that Ozzy Osbourne, even if his early work wasn't too bad. I'm not particularly a fan of his music, considering him well overrated, but I do have to admit that some of his stuff does rock, particularly War Pigs and Paranoid. Still, now that you can see him and his clan on MTV, it does show you that style (if you can call it that) is more important than actual substance when it comes to them. Shame on you all for watching him in his lamer years. Wow, that wasn't too hard to write, but I still haven't got to the actual point I was meant to be writing about. Well, now I will. Welcome three Wallpapers that come from Seba, who owns a German site called Seba's Futurama Wallpaper. Now, I must say that our Wallpapers section seems to have become the Seba's Futurama Wallpaper page of our site, considering the amount of his work that has dominated the first page. Still, that's not a bad thing, although I would beg our visitors to send in some wallpapers to try to break it up a bit. Now, not only do we have those three neat wallpapers from Seba, we also have a contribution from his site for our Sound Clips section. It's a compilation of Futurama voices set to the backing music of the Mission Impossible film, and it works quite well. Now, I wonder what the clip is called? Guess you didn't think it would be called Futurama Impossible. What, you already guessed that? Damn you lot and your highly advanced minds! I'll go back to listen to more Black Sabbath and sulk. Yeah, replace Leela in that thumbnail with me, and you won't be far wrong. Ah, sod Black Sabbath, time for some Iggy Pop and The Stooges. There, I'll cheer up now.

June 6, 2004

Raindrops keep falling on my head.... Ah, here's a nice picture for our Fan Art section that'll be a joy for all of you Shippers out there. It's a joint-effort, with the picture being drawn by ExTwist and the colouring in done by Rye Guy. The picture is based on Rye Guy's fan fiction The Other, and I'll let him explain further: "This one features Fry and Leela's first kiss in chapter three; the kiss that starts it all. Fry and Leela are soaking wet from the rain outside, yet despite this, they still express their love for one another, and little Nibbler couldn't be happier. " Expect more joint-work from ExTwist and Rye Guy in the near future, because Rye Guy says there'll be more pictures like this to follow. That can't be a bad thing. No, not bad at all. Actually, that's a good thing.

June 5, 2004

Leela rocks! Well, according to one of the three pictures sent in by a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, she does. Welcome a new guy called Les_Phil, who has come up with three pictures for our Fan Art section. One of the pictures shows Leela rocking away with her guitar, in a sort of intense Jimmy Hendrix-style pose (remember him?). Boy, it seems she's having a lot of fun. He's also produced another Leela and her guitar picture, this time a bit more sombre and with lyrics. His final picture shows Leela meditating just before a flight on the Planet Express ship. After all that rocking, it's no wonder she has to meditate before a flight. Hmmm... maybe, considering this rocking, she seems to have gotten her impulsive side back again. I wonder if she'll have fireworks during the gig, like run a broken microwave in front of a bending robot? Oh well, enjoy the light show.

Leela's on the box! Well, OK, she's occasionally seen on TV, but I meant another box. No... not that one, either! I meant a real box... or, in this case, a crate. Why the excitement about Leela sitting on a box? Well, a new picture by Alexander A Andreev for our Fan Artblue, red, green, etc. Yeah, that kind of thing. Well, do enjoy the beauty of colours!

June 4, 2004

Someone fat get in my waaaaaaaaaay!! I don't know about you, but if I saw 425 pounds of bending unit coming straight at me while yelling that, I wouldn't do as I was told. I would gracefully (well, gracefully might be to much to ask for, let's just hope I don't make a complete fool of myself ) take a step to the side and, and let the robot hit whoever happens to stand next to me (probably someone thin ). Now if we were talking about a certain mutant or Martian, things might change. Anyway, this piece of Fan Art come from Alexei "Pimpinslacker" Ehrensperger from Slacker's Temple of Nachos, Riffles and Alcohol (the good NRA). One has to wonder why Bender is heading for a hardhitting rendevouz with the pavement. It's not his style to commit suicide in usch a slobby way, maybe he tripped on something while taking a brisk walk on the rooftops. That doesn't even make sense! Somethings are better left unexplained, so I'll shut up now.

Dance the night away. ...... Okay, that's 6 seconds of silence, enough is enough. Next up with Fan Art for Futurama madhouse: The Leela Zone is Young And Angry, who submitted no less than 3 picutres. The thumbnail show Leela ready to party, dance and generally have a good time. And why not? It's Friday afterall, she doesn't have work tomorrow. Who knows, maybe she's getting ready for a date with Fry? (that should make the shippers happy ). The other two pictures are a black-and-white version of the same picture seen in the thumbnail and Bender discovering that there is such a thing as a 2. [cue spooky music, storming winds, lighting and a creepy house on a hill top]

Right, magic. Got it. No actually I don't, but that's what this Fan Art is named. The email from Leelaholic, he's the creator of this picture in case it wasn't obvious, simply said it's Fry holding a box. He's not wearing a leotard, so he's not assisting Bender, maybe he's gone freelance? Anyway enjoy it.

June 3, 2004

Something scary on the dance floor! Come on, you all know that disco sucks! Oh yes it does! Seriously, disco is just another excuse for people to pretend to be happy. Misery-guts me? Come on, I don't sound bitter, do I? I do? Oh, well disco still sucks! Anyway, the reason why I'm railing against cheesy dance music is because Andrea Huckstep has been kind enough to send us a picture for our Fan Art section that has a disco theme to it. It features Leela looking on, horrified, as some weird looking bloke called Jimmy T, who apparently is a character from Wario Ware, dances on the disco floor. Andrea has encapsulated exactly why disco sucks, because it looks like Jimmy T fits snuggly into the disco stereotype, and, judging from his perm and disco garb, Jimmy T sucks, too. Disco Stu, move over, there's a new permed king in town.

Also, thanks goes to Veggie (may not be his/her name, but it's the best ID I've got), for pointing out that the Leela portrait wallpaper from Seba that I mentioned yesterday came from the episode A Flight to Remember. Yes, I should have known that... silly me.

June 2, 2004

Dancing the night away! Some good stuff for today. Firstly, I have two more wallpapers that come from Seba's own site, Seba's Futurama Wallpaper, a site with wallpapers and more. The wallpaper thumbnail you can see to your right shows Fry and Leela dancing in a romantic fashion while space is their spectacular background. This dancing scene comes from the episode The Sting, which was one of those Shippy episodes that really let the writers show that they cared for the characters (not that it was evident that they didn't beforehand, though... this was just an affirmation of what we already knew). The other wallpaper that Seba has nicely donated to us shows Leela's portrait, but I can't remember the episode that it comes from (I suppose if someone has some time, please could they email me the answer ). Anyway, even if I don't know what episode this second wallpaper comes from, it's still a nice wallpaper to adorn your desktop. Anyway, expect some more stuff from Seba shortly, and do go and visit his site. Even if you can't read German, it still has Futurama goodies there, which can't be a bad thing.

How many Dr Zoidbergs can you fit on a pinhead? Welcome two new works for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new contributor, Newhook_1. His first work is titled Honey, I Shrunk the Lobster, which deals with Dr Zoidberg misusing a new invention of Professor Farnsworth, with ever-decreasing problems for the poor lobster. The second fiction, which is a serial work, is titled Roberto Strikes Back. It seems that Roberto, now with robotic enhancements, is seeking revenge against Fry, which results in the Planet Express crew having to go on the Witness Protection Program. To go to the first part, you can here. Well, enjoy both these fics from Newhook_1... and be careful not to play about with inventions created by mad scientists with a wire fixation.

June 1, 2004

Crap! She's on to us. RUN!! Looks like the jig is up, Leela finally found out about our little website, and she doesn't look pleased. At least if we are to believe this new Crap Art from Leelaholic. Now allow me to speculate for a bit... If Leela is upset about something on this website, it would probably be better for all webmasters to hide in the mountains for a few decades. If "Raging Bender" thought us anything it's that Leela is willing to carry a grudge, and will eventually settle the score, with brute force if necessary. Just ask poor Phnog. Then again she already know about us, and the glamorous way we depict her life. I mean, she couldn't possible be talking about any other website in "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurddles" than Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, could she? Nah, ofcourse not, so we should be in the clear. Maybe it's the new title she objects to, or the layout (in which case only Leandro should run for the hills ). Oh, now I know! It's the crappy drawn picture Leelaholic send in she dislikes. FM:TLZ webmasters are out of harms way, but Leelaholic should be running. Now go rate how crappy the picture is.

Bender gets ahead... Zoidy gets to eat... Fry gets to pay! It's amazing what you can get up to in the 31st century, like have your head taken off and put in a jar while your body is donated to medical science. Well, that's what's happened to Fry in a picture by Soylant Yogurt, which is for our Fan Art section. Oh, OK, it's not what's exactly happened, but it's near enough. Well, it seems that Bender has made a deal with Dr Zoidberg to get a good meal, but at a price. Now, it seems that Dr Zoidburg has paid a large enough price to tempt Bender to donate Fry's body to the cause, keeping Fry's head as a tip, so to speak. Judging from the expression on Fry's face, whose head is in a jar in Bender's compartment, it seems that Fry was an unwilling participant in this event. Mind you, it could have its perks, he could always see if Leela will have his head grafted onto her shoulder. Anyway, it's all for a good cause, Zoidberg's got to eat!

Oh, BTW, yesterday's fiction from Fryfan, titled Leela is the One, was only half-done, so you didn't actually get to read the whole story; it ended prematurely. No, this wasn't my fault, so don't stare at me. Anyway, it's all fixed now, so if you read it yesterday and was confused by the supposed ending, you still have a long way to go before you get to the real ending. Anyway, it adds to the story, literally in this case.

If there is no spoon, then how do you eat soup or breakfast cereal?! Why do I ask that? Well, I'll explain that after I first present a hand-drawn piece of Fan Art from FuturamaFrEk3000 of Leela. Apologies for getting it up late, FuturamaFrEk3000, I've been busy lately.

Now, onto why I asked the question above. Well, it kind of relates to The Matrix and the other two movies that followed it, as well as the new six part piece of Fan Fiction I have for you all. That's right, there are six parts of this, titled The Fry-trix Has You. Some of you may recall and/or have read Max Bellamy's other two stories here with the word "Fry-trix" in the title. Well, he's brought the concept back, and he's brought friends with him. That's right, because others writers helped to chip in with this project, namely the author of Spaceship Soulkid2000, the author of fellow Matrix parody The Fu-trix Mattybwoy, and finally Rye Guy, writer of The Other. Yep... all have collaborated to bring you this product. Hope you enjoy it, and that's all from me for now. Later