June 2003

June 30, 2003

Watch out, Smiley's got his scanner working! Today I received from Smiley this picture of his for our Fan Art section. Now, a lot of you are more used to Smiley's work being shown in his Uses for a Hacker section, but he does some mean artwork for our Fan Art section, too. Anyway, he's got a new scanner, so now he's able to produce some hand-drawn magic and show it off... which is damn welcome here. Anyway, I really like the style of this picture of Leela posing; it's quite fresh and original. Great work, Smiley! Hmmm... maybe there should be a new section called Uses for a Scanner at The Leela Zone.

June 29, 2003

Another update today? It's like double soup tuesday! When you're browsing The Leela Zone, everyday is double soup tuesday. Hmm, I didn't even like the line in "Parasites Lost" so it's a big mystery why I used it here. Anyway, I have some more content for you to admire.

The first part of this update is a new wallpaper by me! (he said faking shyness). A scene taken from "A Leela Of Her Own", just after Leela discover she'll be pitching against her evil nemesis, Jackie Anderson. The background sky was the thing that really sold me on this scene (although Leela looks cute when she's worried), very beautiful colors. How great I managed to capture it, is up for you to decide.

The second part is for our fan fiction section. Frysgal77 have sent us the 9th part of her serial fic titled Time Runs Short. Things are looking very dire for Leela, who've been hospitalized, while her worried friends gather around. A very moving and sad scene. To go directly to this part, click here.

Oh, the humanity! Today I have a lot of cute pictures from Mattybwoy for you, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. We have eight pictures from him, featuring Leela doing a lot of stuff. We have Leela crying over dead Fry; Leela noticing a camera when swimming naked (bad Fry!); Leela kicking the crap out of Murdoch (heads you lose, tails you lose); Leela and Fry caught on infrared camera doing stuff; Leela with characters from dead animations; alternate Fry and Leela kissing; and Leela with another colourful background. So, lots of stuff to look at.

Thanks goes to Chris Brown from Salem, Oregon, for pointing out that Amazon.com are now taking pre-orders for the 2004 Futurama calendar. Oh well, now you can go there and stock up with Futurama goodies.

June 28, 2003

Time to knock it up a notch! Bamm!! Yes, I've got some brand new content to feast your eyes upon. First of all, the newest Graphic Guide is now available for viewing. This one is for the episode Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch, which is an episode I think is a little underrated. I actually quite like it. But that's another story, I'm just here to promote the guide page.

Although I do have some more stuff, mind you. Including an excellent new piece of Fan Art from one of our newest artists, Graham Dawson. This one, as the thumnail here shows, is another anime-ised version of Leela. But this time Fry is there as well. Great picture, and I just love Fry's expression

Oh, and there's more. We have two new Fan Art pieces from Traxada550 as well. One of Leela with two guns, and another of Bender with a small Planet Express ship. Could he be having fond memories of his fling with the ship? Well, go look at the pictures, then you can decide for yourself.
That's all from me for now. The Less Than Hero guide will be out in less than a week hopefully, so keep an eye out for that. Later.

Here's a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long picture. Did I mention it was very, very, very, very, very, very long? Hmmmm... that was a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long subject heading. Mustn't do that in future. Anyway, enough about what I should or shouldn't do, it's time for the updates. First up is a work for our Fan Art section from Andrea Huckstep. In this one, Leela is trying to bring back Ness to life with an AED machine, while onlookers look on with tears in their eyes. BTW, Andrea says that Ness is done by her own hand. Hope the little blighter can be reanimated.

In a Town Called Malice! This one is bigger than a town, it's bigger than the ego of Tony Blair, it's even bigger than the biggest big thing in the universe, and that's very, very, very, very, very... STOP IT! OK, it's a very big thing. Anyway, what is this big thing? It's part eleven of Kenneth White's great fan fiction work that's titled Futurama: Universe of Malice. Yep, this part sure rocks and brings in some new variations and emotions to the work. Zapp and Baldur are still trying to find a way out of the planet-eater; Admiral Gordon is busy trying to guide the DOOP alliance against this monstrosity, but finding it's not as easy as planned; Kif and Raker find themselves in some deep d'oh; Leela and the crew are still being used by Baron Steinmann, and have landed on Verrone Five to add to their troubles; while Fry and Alesia come face to face with those damn space pirate, getting involved in a very unpleasant experience as well. Anyway, there's a lot to read, so maybe I should shut up and let you do so. Cheers goes to Ken for this great work.

June 26, 2003

Happy 600,000th Visitor TLZ!!! That's right, The Leela Zone has just reached its 600,000th visitor. Woo Hoo! And to celebrate, Ceili has created this special Fan Art picture for the occasion. Thanks for that, Ceili.

Secondly, we have another new piece of Fan Art, this one being a nice drawing of Leela in anime style. Oh, and the artist who drew it is Graham Dawson. It's a good picture, so check it out as well.

Somebody to watch over you! Yesterday night I received this wallpaper from FemJesse that's a join collaboration between her and Paul Metcalfe. It features the moment in "The Sting" when Leela hugged Fry after finding out that he had been by her side when she was in a coma, after being stung by a space bee. Not sure who did what in this wallpaper, but the colouring in is quite well done, so kudos for that. Anyway, this wallpaper will certainly bring back some good memories from that episode for Shippers, who must have had a tear when they realised that it was Fry trying his best to help out Leela in a very problematic position. Awww! He may be dumb, but I suppose he cares when his heroine is helpless.

Don't reboot right now! No, don't do that now, do that later. I have the second part of Mattybwoy's fan fiction that's titled Re-booted. In this part, the spread of the virus continues and it's up to the crew to stop it. The ending is quite interesting and gory. Anyway, to go directly to this part, click here.

Fanart from Japan? No, not for real, only in style. The first addition of today come from one of our regular submitters, Leela's Twin who have come up with 2 pictures featuring the lovely ladies from Planet Express.

The thumbnail (which will take you directly to the fanart site of Leela's Twin ) show you Leela, but I can assure you the picture of Amy is just as cute.

June 25, 2003

And now for something completely different! It's Wednesday, it's cloudy (it's the UK, so what other weather would you expect!), I'm a little tired and bored... but so what, I have three new pictures for our Fan Art section from the talented FemJesse. Her latest picture shows Leela and Lesbian Leela - aka Daniela Laverne Schad - getting close while Fry gives his sign of approval. OK, maybe some will be shocked by this picture, but be tolerant. Her other pictures are: the aftermath of DDR, which seems to show Leela after a bout of too much coffee... no, wait, that was Fry, I mean too much DDR; and a picture that shows two characters from BumbleBeeTheta's latest fic, Wouldn't It Be Nice If..., who are the children of What If Leela and Fry - Tyler and Jessie... awww! Well, all three pictures are of the usual high standard, so enjoy them all.

Oh FUDGE! Talking about fan fictions, the last contribution that I present for today comes from Futurama_Hil and is exactly for the section that deals with that matter. I have the second part of A Birthday Surprise for you, which carries on from the moment when Fry and Leela are ambushed by the fudge monster. And there I was thinking fudge was nice! Anyway, to go directly to the fic, click here.

June 24, 2003

How to have fun with a defibrillator! Today's work for The Leela Zone comes from Andrea Huckstep and fits into our Fan Art section. This picture features Leela and Fry looking on as Ness, from Earthbound, and Tiff, from Kirby, play about with an AED defibrillator... unless it's another character from a show I don't know called "Heartjackers" or something. I can see it now, two rascals trying to find an old person to zap... pre-emptive care is meant to be better than cure!

June 23, 2003

There's no cocoa marshmallows!! But there is a brand new Futurama Graphic Guide up now at The Leela Zone. And if the quote hasn't given the episode it features away, well then me telling you in this update that it is A Taste of Freedom most certainly will. Hope you enjoy it

In other Futurama news, the very well-respected Simpsons related site called The Simpsons Fanworks Central is now branching out into Futurama Fan Fiction as well.
I know that there is a lot of authors out there who write such Futurama stories, like me, and you all would probably like feedback for your work. Or you may even want opinions on aspects of your upcoming stories/chapters before they're released.
Well, The Simpsons Fanworks Central is an excellent place to go. You can post whatever you like regarding your story, and the people there are very kind and helpful. But be prepared to take constructive criticism now and then, because they dish out that too. I'd highly recommend submitting stuff there.
Well, that's all from me for now. Keep an eye out for the next guide coming up this weekend. Later

In space, no one can hear you scream! Another three contributors for today's updates at The Leela Zone. Firstly, we have Otis P Jivefunk up for another one of his great fan arts, which is a sketch based on the episode "The Sting". It shows Fry being industrious and working hard away at collecting honey, oblivious to what Leela can see approaching him from behind: a space bee ready to sting. OUCH! This is a really good quality sketch from Otis, well worth spending time looking at. Go on, bee stung!

In this experiment, we catapulted two Leelas together at high speed for the sheer hell of it! The second contributor for us today is Mattybwoy, who has come up with six colourful and cute pictures for our Fan Art section. We have the picture of Leela and Alternate Leela trying to kick each other, which was in the episode "The Farnsworth Parabox" and is the thumbnail that you can see to your left; a picture of an Anime Leela; a picture of Leela with two eyes; Leela and Conker; Leela catching Amy and Fry at it; and a cute picture showing the aftermath of Fry and Leela at it.

And here's a short story! The last work goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Dwayne Anderson. He's come up with a short story that closes the episode "Future Stock" called Beyond the Stock Market. As I said, it's set shortly after the episode "Future Stock", where Fry has found that he's been sacked from Planet Express and Leela tries to help him get his job back. To go directly to the fic, click here. Enjoy!

June 22, 2003

A woman's work is never done! Today I have three contributors to our Fan Art section. First up is Morbo, who has come up with this picture of Leela in workclothes and flexing her muscles, ready to work. If I'm not mistaken, and I could well be, this picture is taken from a famous US World War Two propaganda poster encouraging women to help in the defence industry (the women in the poster is called Rosie the Riveter). As you can see, this picture is quite industrious.

A call to arms! The second contributor for today is Alexander A Andreev, who has produced the picture you can see as a thumbnail for our Fan Art section. This coloured, hand-drawn picture features Leela making a telephone call, a la The Matrix. The writing indicates that Leela is fighting the powers that be, which Neo was himself doing in the Matrix films. Fight the power! Then again, she could just be ordering a pizza from a certain delivery boy. You decide.

And Bender made Fry in his own image... then scrapped it and made Fry out of skin and bone! The last contributor for today is Juliet Adeoye, who has produced this fan art that you can see in the thumbnail. The picture is a parody of the film "Bruce Almighty", which is Jim Carrey's latest film. Instead of Jim Carrey being used, she has replaced him with Fry, which might well be more popular in some eyes. As you can see, it's Bender who's actually God in this picture. I know that Juliet considers him as such, so it's no surprise that she chose him for the role.

Anyway, that's enough from me, enjoy all the pictures.

June 21, 2003

I blame Twister, actually! Well, she's back and she's proud - I think. Who? Why, it's FemJesse of course! She's been very considerate and has sent The Leela Zone four new pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you see as the thumbnail shows Fry and Leela after their mammoth read of the Kama Sutra and requiring some playtime for themselves after such hard work. Oh well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! (Also, considering that I'm listening to the Butthole Surfers right now makes this picture even funnier... ummm... weird... something or other!) The other pictures show Juliet Adeoye and Bender together, a match made in Heaven; Leela and Fry resting together in a more-than-friendly way (modem users can make a coffee while waiting for this picture to download, but it'll be worth it); and the final one shows FemJesse as Leela... literally, bar taking out an eye (no... don't do that for further authenticity ). Well, as usual, more great work from FemJesse.

Wanna play on the DDR next? The second contributor for today is good ol' Lee Roberts, who has come up with six new pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see as the thumbnail shows a hippy Amy and Farnsworth getting close in an alternative universe, which happened in the episode "The Farnsworth Parabox" or was the after-effects of smoking a big bong - choose whichever suits your mood. His other picures show Fry after too much caffeine; Leela in her "wrestling" costume; Leela with her hair dyed... I mean alternative Leela; Amy looking at her talking tattoo; and Leela finding out that the whale ate her costume in "300 Big Boys". Enjoy all of them.

Time for Graham to forget something or other... what am I doing again? Ah, yeah, I'm meant to be putting up the latest work for our Fan Art section from Andrea Huckstep. She's come up with a picture of Bender falling in love with Samus Aran - who's a girl, remember that next time, Graham! Leela is informing Bender that his new infatuation isn't actually a robot at all (would have confused me, too). Anyway, at least Bender can have a go with the DDR machine instead, after Fry and Leela have finished with it... if they ever will!

Final bit of news is that the message board is now back up. The problem is that anyone who has registered with the board before will have to reregister, because we had to reset the message board, losing all the stuff. So, if you were registered, then please rejoin the board, and if you weren't registered, then please register and join the board anyway.

Anything else? Nah, seems that Kenneth has done the honours and told you about the upcoming episodes... so blame him if they don't come to fruition. Anything else? Nah, I'll bid you farewell for today.

June 20, 2003

There is no target consumer, only targets! Hello everybody

There is a brand spanking new Futurama Graphic Guide up for looking at. This one is for The Route of All Evil, otherwise known as "the late episode" because it was the last Season 3 production episode to air, and it didn't air until the Fifth Season. This delay was not actually due to Fox for a rare occurence, but instead because of scheduling problems with the voice actor of Dwight, Bumper Robinson. My God! A Futurama episode scheduling problem that wasn't Fox's fault?!! Oh well, enjoy reading it anyway.

Oh, and the final 5 Futurama episodes are scheduled over the following dates too, btw: 13th July, 20th July, 27th July, 3rd August and 10th August. Unfortunately, no indication as to which order the episodes will be ordering, but "The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings" SHOULD be the episode on August 10th. Until next time

June 19, 2003

What Fry wants! Well, I have some more great updates for today. Let's start with some work from BumbleBeeTheta, which she's done for both our Fan Art and Fan Fiction sections. In fact, the work for both sections are connected, in that the fan art is inspired from the story that she's come up with. Her fanfic, titled Wouldn't It Be Nice If..., is based on the What If episodes of the show, but with the difference that Professor Farnsworth has introduced virtual reality to them... which should be interesting. The first part deals with Fry's wish to be properly married to Leela... too proper, maybe. You can go to the fic directly by clicking here. Her fan art is based on this story, so you'll see Fry and Leela dressed up in different garb. Fitting compliment.

Little Miss Bossy Boots! The second contribution for today comes from Leila and is for our Fan Art section. Leila has produced another one of her pictures of Leela in a bad mood. I'm wondering if Leila creates these images when she's in a bad mood too, which inspires her to come up with these type of pictures. I better not say too much more, otherwise she might draw a picture of Leela being angry at poor, little me. I'll be good!

The truth comes out! The last contribution that I have for today goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Frysgal77. She's created part eight of her serial fic, Time Runs Short. In this part, Leela is rushed to hospital and Fry has some explaining to do to the rest of the crew about Leela's dire condition.

June 18, 2003

Leela and Butthead do the Universe! Today I have some colourful pictures from Mattybwoy, which are for our Fan Art section. He's come up with two pictures for us, which is certainly a good thing in my books. The picture you can see as a thumbnail, shows Leela with Butthead, of Beavis and Butthead fame, trying to chat her up. Hehe... hehe... cool... hehe... hehe... heh... cool... heh... heh. Something tells me that Leela isn't too impressed with the suggestion, so he ought to watch out. The other picture is very, very colourful and features Leela being given some sort of lie detector test thingy with lots of colours and stuff. Oh well, beats looking through a kaleidoscope.

Too much rich food makes your breath smell rotten! Here's a picture of Nibbler opening his mouth wide to gobble something or other up. Urgh! Don't need to see this right now, so I thought I'd do the best thing and let you all suffer too. Anyway, this is one of fifteen new pictures from Lee Roberts, which are for our Fan Art section. Yay! There's an assortment of pictures to look at: some of Leela and some of other characters. Also, and Lee will be happy to note this, his picture of Leela pulling down her top after her smooch with Shatner in "Where No Fan has Gone Before" is our 2,000th picture at The Leela Zone. So, congratulations all round for that one. Oh, and his picture of Nibbler is his 100th picture done by him out of 101 in total... so congratulations for that too.

One-way Trip! The final contribution for today goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Wonderbee31. He's come up with a short fan fiction titled Funeral for a Friend. It may be short, but it's certainly powerful and is likely to stir up emotions in many of its readers. The story is about a tragedy that strikes Leela and Fry while they come back from a delivery. Anyway, to go and give it a read, click here.

June 17, 2003

We're back, we're proud! Yeah, baby, we're back! Thanks goes to Leandro for that mammoth session in combining and fixing up the site. (We really need a thumb's up smiley!) A few changes have to be announced, though. The Framegrabs section is a little empty at the moment. Don't worry, they contain the grabs of the last three episodes, but the rest aren't about. However, quite soon that will be fixed and all the grabs will be back. The Video Clips and Sound Clips section have also suffered quite heavily. At the moment, there are only compilation video clips that were created by our visitors, the clips from episodes have disappeared, and are likely to remain disappeared, too. The sound clips should return, though, once things are sorted out. Anyway, for the meantime, things are getting back to normal.

Anyway, while that's all being sorted out, I'll introduce some fan art from the mighty hand of FemJesse. She's come up with four new pictures for us. The first one shows Fry and Leela embracing as the ship they're in is going down... rather than get gas masks and stuff, they want to share a last embrace and kiss. Awww! The second picture is the coloured-in version of the great picture that featured the Planet Express crew at Elzar's, and it still looks wonderful. Her third picture is of Fry doing a "Full Monty". The last one is a bit weird, let's say, as it features Fry just after doing the dirty with... that's not Leela I see, it's... it's... how do I put this? Ummm... FemJesse herself. Oh well, when Leela finds out, FemJesse may find it difficult to create such wonderful pictures again. So, quiet... no one say a thing. Shhhhh!

Please don't try this at home! The second contribution for today comes from Leela's Twin and is in our Fan Art section (where else would it be, Graham?). This one features Leela's Twin herself doing some damage to Fox HQ. Now, just some words of wisdom: don't try this for real. Fox executives may be reptiles, but there are many humans who work for Fox, too. Stop laughing, I'm being serious! Damn you all! No, there's a serious point being said here and you're not taking me serious. OK, go and wreak death and destruction, see if I care if you end up hiding with Saddam Hussein playing Cribbage.

Angel Heart! Third contributor is Mattybwoy, who has come up with a work for our Fan Fiction section. This is a new story titled Guardian Angel. I'll let Mattybwoy tell you what it's about: "On a delivery to Dog Doo 3, Fry is killed. After the funeral, Leela finds out that Fry has come back as her guardian angel. He is sworn to protect her from all threat, but will he be able to save her from the neweset threat - the evil co-operation known as FOX?" So, as you can see, the anti-Fox tirade continues. Give it a read by clicking here.

Even more Uses for a Hacker... overload... overload... rebooting! Last thing for today from me is another load of Uses for a Hacker from Smiley. What, there's more of them, I hear you say? Well, yes, there are. I have thirteen more of Smiley's Uses for you to see... which should keep you mighty occupied for today. Enjoy them all.

Tonight is the night when two become one! Yes! The new content in DifusionTotal and the old content in SmooveNet has been merged in a single server: we're back in Kickass Serverland SmooveNet! And I just spent nine hours fixing the CGI scripts and uploading stuff. Yay! This would've been a lot easier if I wasn't stuck with a crappy 56K connection, but oh well, it's not like I had anything important to do with my life anyway. The site could really use a new layout, though. Anyone wants to step forward and make a new layout for TLZ in this special date? Come on, you know you wanna. Now people, remember to update your bookmarks (and links) to our new domain, LeelaZone.com.ar; our old domain Leela.com.ar will redirect here for the time being, but probably not forever.

You probably expect me to add some content to the site, even after I spent nine hours getting everything working, right? Oh well, then I guess I'll just have to show you the secret weapon that I haven't uploaded in the past twenty days: fifteen new Uses for a Hacker! Yep, that section is back with a vengeance, and featuring not one, but two versions of StarCraft Marine, with a certain Leandro making a guest appearance in both photo and cartoon form. Fear, Fox executives and lawyers, you evil creatures of the darkness: The Leela Zone is back in all its glory! [Leandro]

June 16, 2003

As smooth as silk! I've got three contributors' work for today, so at least the world is busy out there. First up, we have Beau from Essex, who'll soon be moving from there to a place to the south of that great county: France! I have to say that Canvey Island and its celebrities will miss Beau a lot; even Queen Cher is crying about it to her dear friend and near neighbour, Lee Majors. Anyway, let me shut up and introduce Beau's work. We have a picture for our Fan Art section, which features a few images of Leela with a silk background... very nice indeed. Fitting as the last picture in a while from Beau. Hope the move goes well, Beau.

Leela and ? OK, I have no idea who this is beside Leela, and am probably going to receive the wrath of Andrea Huckstep, creator of this image for our Fan Art section, for my pitiful ignorance. Anyway, before I get hung, drawn and quartered by Andrea, let me say that it features Leela looking at some blond boy laughing at her... who's probably laughing at my ignorance instead. Yeah, go on, laugh while I suffer!

The water's just wonderful! Here's another one of those underwater pictures by Jesse Barboza, which is for our Fan Art section. As indicated, this is a picture of Leela and Fry frollicking underwater, and seeing that this subject is deep in Jesse's heart because his hobby is diving underwater, it's no surprise to see him continuing with this theme. If you remember in our pre-C&D days, Jesse came up with a few pictures that featured Leela diving under the water with bubbles of air being expelled, and they looked quite cute. This picture is no exception to those, so enjoy.

Lastly, an observation from Dave E: "I was never one for scrutinizing a cartoon frame by frame (not too much, anyway), but something about the return to Universe A scene in "The Farnsworth Parabox" caught my eye. Everyone goes into the box in the following order: Fry A, Amy A, Fry B, Amy B, Leela A, Bender A, Leela B, Bender B, Hermes B, Zoidberg A, Zoidberg B, Professor B, and Professor A. When they emerge in the Planet Express ejection port, the order is all mixed up: Fry A, Leela A, Bender A, Fry B, Amy A, Bender B, Amy B, Zoidberg A, Hermes B, Zoidberg B, Leela B, Professor A, and Professor B. Are they messing with our heads?? It's like that drug trip Fry saw in that movie while he was on that drug trip... (I personally know nothing about such things )."

There, that's something to think about. Now, where's that DVD of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas gone?

June 15, 2003

[SPOILER] Stand still, Morbo, you look like a dog's dinner! It's Sunday, this is The Leela Zone, tonight the new episode is to be shown on Fox (unless the US president decides to give an address about cocaine and alcohol abuse and its effects on the mind... which explains a lot), and you surely know what happens when we add those three together: yes new framegrabs! Oh look, the links to smilies on Newspro works Anyway, before I introduce the grabs for 300 Big Boys, I better do the usual warning for those who haven't seen this episode yet and don't want to be spoilt: if you don't want the coming episode spoilt, look away or go to the next update below! For the rest of you, I have both Leela and non-Leela related grabs from the upcoming episode, 300 Big Boys. There were a lot of things going on in this episode, although all the goings on were combined well into an overarching storyline. Some good surprises to be had in this episode, too. Can't say too much about this episode without spoiling it, so maybe you ought to go to the grabs and find out more if you want to. I give this episode a big, fat B. Enjoy!

June 14, 2003

Saturday Morning Fever! Today, on this Saturday morning awaiting the new Futurama episode, "300 Big Boys", to turn up, I have another picture by Sofie Fenwick for our Fan Art section. This is yet another of her great colour pencil works, this time featuring Professor Farnsworth in his disco days. It parodies the film "Saturday Night Fever", which was a 1970s film that starred John Travolta as a talented disco dancer, and the picture Sofie's made shows Farnsworth as that character. As many of you will know, Farnswoth sported that hairstyle in the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles", during the period where he and the crew were regressing in their ages. I just love this picture, it's so funny... and disco sucks!

Do the chicken dance! Welcome two other great pictures for today, these coming from the hand of FemJesse, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. The picture you see as the thumbnail shows Leela, Fry, Amy and Kif horsing about playing summer chicken, and quoting from FemJesse: "Amy is about to fall off and Leela flexes her muscles in victory. It also appears that Kif is having some balance trouble, and Fry is just enjoying the view." Her second picture, a pencil sketch, shows the Planet Express crew ready to eat at Elzar's. BAM!

June 12, 2003

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple... Yay! It's some more work from Mattybwoy. He's created five colourful new pictures for our Fan Art section. The thumbnail shows Fry and Leela getting married, with a rainbow-like background. The other pictures are: Zapp singing to Leela (urgh!); Leela the morning after the day before with Zapp (urgh!); Leela sentencing Fry to death... by snu-snu; Leela and Bender crying over the dead Fry, who was impaled by a space bee in the episode "The Sting". All colourful pictures, well worth taking a look at.

Rotten birthday... and the cake stunk! The last contribution for today comes from Futurama_Hil, who's come up with a fan fiction. This fic, Futurama_Hil's first, is a serial work, and is titled A Birthday Surprise. The fic starts with Fry being thrown a birthday party, which turns out all wrong when Fry storms out angry. However, he returns the next day to find the crew missing bar Leela. With Leela, he goes in search for them. Will he find the Planet Express crew? Where are they? You can find out by reading Futurama_Hil's first fiction, so please do so.

June 11, 2003

Fry the Homicidal Maniac! Oooh, I have some lovely fan art works from FemJesse for today, and as usual, they are just grrrreeeeaaaatttt! OK, enough of that fawning from me... it must get tiring. No? OK, I'll do some more.... No I won't, not with that big gun being pointed at me! OK, OK, I'll hurry up! Anyway, FemJesse has come up with four new pictures. I just love the picture that's the thumbnail, which is, according to FemJesse, done in a Jhonen Vasquez style. It's based on Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, which is a weird Jhonen Vasquez creation. Really looks different and strange... which it's meant to be, I suppose, which is a good thing in my books. She's also done a joint-work with The Voices, creating a picture that's based on the tender moment where Fry and Leela are having a sleigh ride in the episode "The Sting" - The Voices did the drawing, while FemJesse coloured it in. Another picture of hers is of Fry and Leela playing guitars. Fry is singing Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want", while Leela is backing it. The last picture gives good closure to this part of the update, because it's a sketch of Fry and Leela closely dancing the night away.

Waste disposal unit! While we still wait for our site to come back to its full glory, I have a picture from Javier Lopez, which is for our Fan Art section. Javier, whose site is La Peor Página de Futurama, a Spanish-speaking Futurama site (well, duh!), has created this work that shows Murdoch sending C&Ds in The Leela Zone's direction, only for Leela to do the right and honourable thing to do: bin them. This work takes Murdoch's head from Leo's Leela murdering Murdoch picture and the idea behind the picture was inspired by Bender (no, not the Bender from the show, some bloke who calls himself that).

What would Leela think about this? The final work for today is a fan fiction that comes from the pen of Kenneth White (yes, THE Kenneth White... you know, ten feet tall, hands the size of footballs, chin of granite, heart of steel, dagger stare, roar of thunder... no, wait, that's the other Kenneth White, the evil one, I mean the Kenneth White who works for this site for his troubles... poor fellow). This is part ten of his mammoth fiction, Futurama: Universe of Malice, which is well worth a read if you haven't already set eyes on it, or even if you have. In this part, Fry and Alesia come face to face with a creature who doesn't like aliens and is bent on destroying them. In the meantime, while those two deal with that problem, in another part of the universe, the battle plans against the devouring planet-eater are set in motion. Go give it a read, you won't be disappointed. Hmmm... I wonder what Earth tastes like?

June 10, 2003

Revenge is best served booming! Today, I have three contributors for The Leela Zone, so that should be good enough for all of you out there. First up is Beau, who has created two pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see is of Leela summoning her own C&D to a certain Mr Murdoch... that's gotta hurt! The second picture shows Leela with a snazzy background that compliments her. Spiffing good, I say... what!

Trading Places The other two contributors have created works for our Fan Fiction section. First up for this section is a new contributor called Mitch, who's created a fic titled Robo-Leela. This fic deals with the scenario where Leela's brain is downloaded into a robot's body by mistake, resulting in a lot of relearning to be done to climatise to the new circumstances... naturally with the help of Bender, Fry and Amy, things can possibly go awry.

The second is part seven of Frysgal77's fic titled Time Runs Short. In this part, it's now Xmas Eve and preparations for the coming party are upon the PE crew. Leela still hasn't told anyone but Fry about her current health situation, which could prove problematic.

Give both fics a read.

June 9, 2003

Quit boring me, Graham! Hope that those who saw yesterday's episode enjoyed it... I did. Seems that Leela over there wasn't as impressed, but maybe she's bored of my writing and not the episode itself. Come on, Graham, introduce the work for today. OK, let's see, we have some work from Mattybwoy for our Fan Art section. He's created three pictures for us: Fry spying on Leela and Amy steaming themselves (dirty boy!); Leela very sleepy; and finally, the moment where Fry is stabbed by the sting of the space bee, while Leela got the sting's poison herself. Enjoy all three.

Deliverance returns! The second contribution for today goes to our Fan Art section and comes from the mighty hand of Andrea Huckstep. Her picture for today shows Leela looking on as King Dedede sings a tune while Tails plays the banjo. In the background, you can see Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds tip-toeing away. You can't see them? Well, look at the pixels using a magnifying glass; they're there I tells yer!

June 8, 2003

[SPOILERS] The bigheads strike back! Well tonight, Fox will be airing the new episode, "The Farnsworth Parabox", so hold onto your hats for a rip-roaring ride of fun and adventure with cardboard boxes. But, before that airs, I have some framegrabs from the episode to show you all. Now is the time for those who don't want to be spoilt to go away and either look at other sections of The Leela Zone or come back tomorrow when you've seen the episode. However, for those of you who don't mind or who have seen The Farnsworth Parabox already, then please continue. As usual, I have created both Leela-related and non-Leela related grabs, so there's something for everyone. Also, these grabs were made from an MPEG2 file, which means that they're of higher quality than normal, which isn't surprising, since the download was a 400MB file, compared to the usual size of 220MB for the MPEG1 version I usually get. It was all worth it, though, as the quality was outstanding. I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode... even more than last week's outing. Certainly shows that cardboard boxes can be really interesting if you put your mind to it. I give this episode a B+. Anyway, enjoy the grabs.

BTW, shortly TLZ will be back to normal... we're in the final stretch now, not long to go before it's all up and running proper. Really... we mean it this time... come back and believe us. Awwww!

June 7, 2003

Welcome to the darkside! Two contributors' works are up in The Leela Zone's Fan Art section for this Saturday, on a weekend that promises a new episode for us, "Farnsworth Parabox". In the meantime, let me introduce a picture from Alexander A Andreev, which is a neat coloured sketch of Leela looking damn mean and sinister, ready to strike out at you with a knife. So, you be careful out there, ya here! Don't mention a certain DOOP military "genius".

Uh-oh, Fox lawyers approach! Well, the anti-Fox stuff still comes in, and why not, the bastards seem content in trying to shut down sites that actually promote the show far better than they've been doing. Anyway, here's a picture from Morbo, which is for our Fan Art section. It features Leela trying to fend off some mean-looking lawyers from Fox. Mind you, I don't tend to think of lawyers as a profession that could handle themselves in a real fight, so the battle should be over quite quick. Oh-oh, Leela, watch out for that sharp C&D!

June 6, 2003

New Guide Page Hey all, the latest Futurama Graphic Guide page is up for viewing. This one is for the brilliantly written, second Season 5 episode Jurassic Bark where Fry finds the fossilized remains of his dog from the 20th Century.

Now, because this episode will be the likely submission choice for this years Emmy awards for "Outstanding Animated Program", then I have said so. If it wins, I'll update the guide and say that it has won. If not, then I'll update and add another quote or scene. So when the Emmy's are announced, don't he surprised to see a revised edition of this guide. Well, that's all for now. Later.

June 5, 2003

Wild Honey Pie! Today I have three new pictures from FemJesse, which are for our Fan Art section. All three are of outstanding quality, but the one that I chose as the thumbnail stands out due to it referencing the latest episode shown: "The Sting". You'll see that Femjesse has created a picture of Leela eating honey while talking to a worried Fry, which somewhat reflects what happened in that episode. The other two pictures are also great, being pencil sketches of Leela and Fry, where we have Fry and Leela showing themselves off, and Fry dreaming of Leela. Well, enjoy these good works.

Addicted to coke... cola that is! We have some more work for our Fan Art section, this time it comes from Andrea Huckstep. Her latest picture features Escargoon, who seems to have taken way too much coke (no... not that kind of stuff) and is on a high of sorts. Anyway, he took Fry and Leela to Showbiz 3003, which could explain his sudden use of coke and its resultant high it's had on him. Please, don't confuse this with that white powder... the drink, the drink, dammit!

Two songs for you! The last two contributions go to our Poems & Song Parodies section. Firstly, we have a song by Futurama_Hil, a new contributor to The Leela Zone, who has come up with a parody of Everclear's "Brown Eyed Girl", which has been titled One-eyed Girl. The second song is from the pen of WhereYaMonkeyz, which is based on Big Brovaz's "Favourite Things", itself titled Favourite Things, which is meant to be sung by Bender. Enjoy both of those.

June 4, 2003

Look Back in Ongar! "Ongar?" I hear you say. "What the hell is Ongar?" It's nothing much, but I couldn't think of a subject heading, so I continued the Essex references. Ongar is in Essex, the English county where everybody just wants to live in. I better shut up, otherwise Beau will come and find me and hack me to pieces like Murdoch being met by a Futurama fan. Anyway, let's go onto two new pictures by Emma Roberts, which are for our Fan Art section. Both pictures feature Leela, the one you can see has her looking back, while the other one has her with her arm up in the air, when she was locating a sensing device in the episode "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back".

Leela and Fry on dope! Hmmm... if you look at the picture to your left, you'll notice that both Fry and Leela have dilated pupils, which could mean that they're stoned or something. Add the bright colours, and the illusion is complete. Then again, the picture looks quite cute this way... pupils enhancing that feeling. Anyway, this picture, along with five others, comes from Mattybwoy, which is for our Fan Art section. A few of the pictures parody films, one shows Fry and Leela dealing with Rupert Murdoch, while another shows people praising/worshipping Leela or something.

Triple bill! The last three contributions comes from three different sources, but are for one section: Fan Fiction.

Let's start with Farnsworth38's new serial fiction, which is titled The Longest Journey Home. I'll quote from the description he sent me: "Following an incident in space, Fry and Leela are rescued by the crew of another ship. But any hopes of a swift return to Earth are soon dashed..." Look out for the next one.

The second fic is titled No More Fun and Games, which is a new fiction that comes from Wonderbee31. Again, I'll use the author's words to describe what it's about: "Fry comes to realize that he and Leela's relationship is stuck in a rut, and decides to take drastic measures in order to break it out again." Yeah, very drastic measures indeed... but I won't spoil anything. Look out for more from Wonderbee31.

The last fiction comes from Frysgal77, which is a continuation of her serial fic Time Runs Short. The new part, chapter six, continues the tragic story during the upcoming Xmas festivities; normally a time for cheers rather than tears.

June 2, 2003

Zoidberg goes mad! Well, today I have four contributors for our Fan Art section. First one comes from Morbo, who has created this picture of Zoidberg ready for war. Oh dear... that does seem scary! Zoidberg being aggressive does seem quite odd... but I suppose he did have that fight against Fry in the episode "Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love?" can prove otherwise.

Come to Canvey Island! The second contributor for today is a new guy from Essex, England. Yes, that's right, Essex in England. Best place in Essex is... ummm... Canvey Island. Yeah, Canvey Island, if you don't know, is the best place on Earth, where all the celebrities congregate when they're not signing autographs or having liposuction. So remember that Beau, our new contributor, is from Essex, England, home of Canvey Island, where all the best people on Earth go to. Actually, taking the piss aside, Beau has created a nice piece of work that features Leela on a catwalk. Hmmm... talking about catwalks, Naomi Campbell has a mansion on Canvey Island, where she, along with Robert De Niro, John Goodman and Uri Gellar play table tennis all day long. Anyway, many thanks goes to Beau for his great picture for our site.

I'm too poor to go to Canvey Island! The third contributor is Lee Roberts, who has come up with five new pictures of us featuring Leela, Fry, Bender and Zoidberg, who's this time less aggressive than in Morbo's picture... he's actually crying, which is quite normal for him. Probably wants to go to Canvey Island in Essex, but Queen Cher won't allow him there.

June 1, 2003

Oh my god! TLZ is full of ads! ARRRGGGHHH! EDIT - The framegrabs for the episode "The Sting", which was shown yesterday, are now working again... sod Netfirms! Ignore the adverts part that was mentioned below in my update, as the grabs have been moved back to this server, which is adless. If the grabs are a bit slow in showing, be patient, they'll arrive in time. Feel free to read my silly update below and the sillier ones after that from Leandro (a very, very silly person indeed) and Sebastian (winner of Mr Sillyverse in Poland).

OK, we have good news and bad news. Want the good news first? Cool, then let's start with that. I have the Framegrabs for the upcoming episode The Sting. Woo-hoo! Now, anyone who doesn't want to be spoilt, go on to the next update below this, but for those who do want spoiling, then carry on here and be spoilt galore! The bad news is that when you go to the grabs, you'll notice a damn advert by Netfirms there... that's the real sting! The page isn't being hosted on this server (probably a good thing, actually) but on Netfirms, whose free account has adverts. Anyway, it's a banner advert, so it can be ignored. Still, you get to see the grabs from tonight's episode, so better not gripe too much about it. "The Sting" was a good episode, although very Shippy ... which to some would be seen as a good thing. There's some great animation effects in this episode, so those who really appreciate the artistic side of the show won't be disappointed. Also, there's a hilarious song and dance act near the end... but I won't spoil that by adding anymore words. Well, I give this episode a B.

BTW, I have a lot of work for tomorrow that needs putting up, so come back tomorrow and see some more great stuff from our great contributors.

Mattybwoy does it again! He makes poems, he writes song parodies, he draws fan art, and now you can read his absolutely new fanfic: A Stupid Proposal. Who am I talking about? Mattybwoy, of course. The fanfic involves a certain Mr Murdoch and a certain Leela (with a certain very sharp tool). Well, I won't spoil it any more, go and read it. [Sebastian]

Hulk will smash puny little network! Today's contributions to the Big Bag of Fox Hate Art comes from Russell Dickson and Smiley, whose Uses for a Hacker are on hold until our new server's up (please, SmooveNet, please hurry up with our new kickass server, this Argentinian server works worse than a GeoCities site being linked from Slashdot). Smiley's new Hate Art features The Hulk giving Rupert Murdoch a nice and calm lecture about where he can stick his lawyers, his programming and his relatives. Go Hulk! Smash the little man!

And now for some non-hate art... Ten new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard are here, and as usual, they're awesome. We've got Leela as a viking, Leela meteorwalking in a spacesuit, Leela with a camouflaged military costume in the jungle, Leela hurt by a sword (and naked, to avoid blood spilling on her tanktop, of course) and a few other great pics. Already all the males in the audience clicked the link as soon as the word 'naked' was written, so I'll just provide a link for our female visitors here. Enjoy! [Leandro]