June 2002

June 30, 2002

First Guide of The Leela Zone Okay, here we go. The first Graphic Guide page for The Leela Zone is here to be viewed. This one covers the episode How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back. And yes, I've transcribed the famous song from the episode too, so it's in there. Enjoy!

They seek him here, they seek him there! Here's a thought for those Amy and Kif fans sick to death of the amount of time that the Leela and Fry romance gets on the show and dedicated websites, you can go and find Wu Konguk and take out your frustrations upon him! To quote from his author's note in his latest contribution for our Fan Fiction section: "This fiction is set after Where no Fan has Gone Before and will deviate from possible future episodes (i.e. Kif gets Knocked up a Notch). This is purely for this fiction, so Kif and Amy fans, please don’t hit me." You know what that really means: please come and hunt me down, for I've done something really terrible to the characters that you love so dearly.

Anyway, before you book flights to the UK to go on the Wu Konguk chase, you should know that the title of the said fic is Falling Away from the World, and it comes in parts. It starts off with the crew finding themselves as fugitives of injustice - Zapp Brannigan style! Hopefully, Wu Konguk will be able to produce part two before he's been found by Kryten or someone. You can go directly to part one by clicking here. Be gentle with the lad... nothing below the belt, please!

World Cup stuff below

This is the last I'll be saying about the World Cup, so you can all go and celebrate on the streets, especially Leo. Damn predictable result! Brazil just had to win yet again! Even if the Germans made a show of it, eventually they were found lacking in their 2-0 defeat. Brazil were the better team, it has to be said.

I suppose this World Cup will be known for the knocking out of many of the "great" teams so early on, especially those that were knocked out by South Korea.

Well, that's it for another four years. Adios Japan and South Korea!

June 29, 2002

Always thinking of you! I always like introducing new contributors for The Leela Zone, and this one is no exception. Welcome Voice of the Many, who has produced two new images for our Fan Art section. The first one is a sketch of Leela looking sadly at a picture of her dear Fry. Awww! The other image is Leela, but this time a bit more angry. Maybe someone has stolen her green tank top to save our poor eyes!

What else do I have? Ah, yeah, I have the final part of Zapp's Woman's Warship's Red Glare, which you'll find sitting in our Fan Fiction section. I have to say it has a really interesting ending, but you'll have to read through the part to get to that, as I'm not spoiling it. To get directly to the part, click here.

World Cup stuff below

If you don't like it, moan to Morbo. Anyway, it was good to see Turkey beat South Korea, and they certainly deserved it. However, I'd love to know why both Sukur and Mansiz weren't played together against Brazil, as they looked awesome today. Oh well, football managers are strange beasts!

Well, I've already given my prediction for tomorrow's game (2-1 to Brazil), with which I'm hoping I will be completely wrong. However, mtvcdm has chimed in saying that Brazil will win 1-0. Hope he's wrong, too.

Back with something or other tomorrow.

June 28, 2002

Free vodka for all humans! Russian Artist Extraordinarie Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard once again strikes with five new pics for our Fan Art section! This bloke's pics are very neat so go check 'em out; especially if you like Star Wars, Valkiries, swords (AstroZombie, that's a hint for you) or Almost-Totally-Naked Futurama! (Hmmm, don't click that, Guadalupe! )

Unholy night! Who's gotten into Gort? Seems like Alien Takeover Day left Graham with some undesired company... well, the good news is, Gort doesn't fill half his updates with damn World Cup predictions! How was my Alien Takeover Day, you don't ask? I was posessed by Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8. He attempted to get into my computer, but it appears that after hours of trying to figure out just WHERE the relevant data was in this harddisk and just finding gigabytes and gigabytes of lame music, he just spend the whole day watching TV. It was horrible when I managed to get my body back and saw he had taped hours and hours of horrible "reality" shows over my beloved collection of Dexter's Lab tapes! Fortunately I have three backup sets of each tape just in case! Anyway, while I'm off-topicying, I may as well give you a link to some weird, creazy, and funny website: ShagTech.com, where nightmares become reality... daily! (Link, erm, "suggested" by my good buddy David Curtin from Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace... can you stop pointing that matter de-arranger to my head now, Dave...?) [Leandro]

June 27, 2002

Victory will be ours! BWAHAHAHAHA! Welcome, puny earthlings! I, Morbo, have taken control and am using the body of this sad, puny loser, Graham, to bring you some good and bad news! The good news is that The Leela Zone is on the warpath, engulfing the content of puny sites. Say Argh! is such a site, such a miserable site that it deserves to be crushed and destroyed. GRRRRR! MORBO WILL KILL YOU ALL! ESPECIALLY YOU, SLAYTANICMAGGOT! Where was I? Oh, yeah... I will kill you all and put your remains in a sandwich with some jam, then eat you! MMMMM! YUMMY! Anyway, back to the bad news. Unfortunately, this wonderful, strong, unpuny site that Morbo approves of has managed to take over the running of Claw Plaque from the said puny site called Say Argh! YOU WILL ALL BE SAYING "ARGH" WHEN MY RACE FINISH WITH YOUR WORTHLESS SOULS! GRRRRR! I don't know why this has happened, but it's probably some tactic used by my leaders to CRUSH YOU ALL! Anyway, enough of being in this puny earthling's body... beige jeans, eh! URGH!


EH? What the heck was that all about? And how come an update was created without me knowing? Also, why have I got some burst blood vessels? I think I need a drink.

[five minutes later] Well, I'm happy to welcome Kenneth to our humble website. He's come from Say Argh! to our site, a great move for us at The Leela Zone, as well as for our visitors.

The Leela Zone is proud to announce that it has gained Claw Plaque from that great Zoidberg related site, Say Argh!. If anyone is interested in writing a Claw Plaque, then please do so and send it here and it will be added to the list, while you'll be credited for the carnage! Come on, be imaginative, funny and gory!

Say Argh! is unfortunately in the process of closing down... or at the least its existence is doubtful, so it's sheddiing its sections to sites that would be interested. It's a pity, seeing I was a webmaster there, but I have to say that despite looking for capable webmasters to take over it, there were none forthcoming. Anyway, I should be saying this at the site concerned... which I will do so now.


June 26, 2002

Introductions from the New Guy Greetings all, I'm the new guy here at TLZ so I suppose I'd better introduce myself.

My name's Kenneth, I come from New Zealand and I'e just transferred over from the Dr. Zoidberg site, Say Argh!. And with me, I've brought two sections that I did at that site.

First of all, there's my Futurama Graphic Guide pages, which were formerly known as Futurama Guides at Say Argh! So far they cover all of Season 1 and Season 2 up to A Bicyclops Built for Two. The early ones were a bit rough I admit, and I've even contemplated redoing them on the newer, better looking form that I took on from A Big Piece of Garbage onwards.

For those who don't know, they're based on the Simpsons books The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favourite Family and it's sequel Simpsons Forever. All pages are doubles in my version, so if you decide to print them out, take that into account.

Secondly, I also write Comic Reviews for the Futurama Comics out there. So far only a review is available for Futurama Comics #1, but more will arrive soon.

Well, that's all. I should have guide updates every week or two, while the comics will only update every few months. Until next time.

Hey, hey, it's the Monkees! No, wait... wrong band! If anyone knows Sofie, and I certainly lay claim to that, then they'd know that she's a Beatles fan. I've never really seen what the hype about the Fab Four was all about, seeing them as really a '60s boy band made good by the media. I'd venture to say that the Rolling Stones (not my favourite band, but at least they were more imaginative than the Beatles), at the time, should really have gotten the praise that the Liverpudlians had received, but that's just me and my opinions. However, such discussions about the greatness of John Lennon and those other three end up nowhere between Sofie and myself, so we end up agreeing to disagree on this one!

Well, what's this leading to, you may ask? If you look to the top-right, you'll notice the latest fan art for The Leela Zone from Sofie, featuring Leela, Fry, Amy and Bender dressed up as the Fab Four of sorts - Captain Leela's Futurama Club Band. Obviously, any Beatle fan, and many others who don't share that obsession, will tell you that it's a parody of the Beatle's album cover for Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Enjoy!

World Cup heartbreak below

Many in the world admire the Brazilian football team, but I can't stand them! Never have liked them since being a child, and won't be likely to change that in the future. What makes it worse, is that they've found themselves into the World Cup final, to play Germany. They were the better team against a spirited Turkey, who themselves played quite well, winning 1-0.

I just hope that Germany are up for it and wipe the smile off Ronaldinho's face. I'm sure, considering his constant smiling, he's on something wacky!

Predictions for the World Cup final:

Germany 1-2 Brazil (hope I'm wrong)

Predictions for the worthless World Cup 3rd and 4th places:

Turkey 1-2 South Korea (again, hope I'm wrong)

Well, that's enough of that. I'm off!

June 25, 2002

Ummm... don't know what's going on here! Listening to Nirvana's album Incesticide has certainly woken me up again. Actually, I was wide awake when the Germans dumped out South Korea in the World Cup, but I won't speak of that just now. Instead, I'll say that Charles Delnegro's latest part - Part Ten - of his The Bendenator comic is now out, which you'll find at The Leela Zone's Fans' Comics section. In this part, the Leela-bot meets Marge Simpson for some rough-and-tumble action... at least I think that's what's happening!

World Cup stuff below

OK, I'm happy to some degree to see the Germans beat South Korea, who I thought had the referee and assistants on their side throughout the tournament. Maybe, due to the current climate, the officials had to play "fair" this time. I have to say that despite what I feel about the officials, the South Korean players played extremely well. Anyway, Germany's now in the final and awaits either Brazil or Turkey. Go Turkey!

Oooh, System of a Down is to start on the stereo! I think I'll stay awake!

June 24, 2002

Monday's saved! After my call yesterday for someone to save Monday from being a wasted day at The Leela Zone, I got two contributions, both for our Fan Art section. The first one comes from the ever-great OutlawArt, with yet another great, great, great, great artwork! OK, I think I may be going a little over-the-top with my "greats", but I have to pad this update somehow! Anyway, it features Leela naked! [for those still reading] Oh, I should have said it's really her wrist that's naked, but I thought it would be fun to see how quick people can click a link.

Errr... some fun at the beach! The other contribution for this saved Monday comes from Unca Dave. Here, he's been hard at work producing two images of Leela in bikinis; one of the bikinis seems to be frayed or she was cheated out of fabric! Anyway, I'll let you decide what preoccupies Unca Dave's artistic side of the brain. Hmmm... judging by Unca Dave's pictures, she must spend quite a bit on suntan lotion!

Finally, something new is coming to The Leela Zone, but I'm going to be cruel and not inform you yet what it is. Anyway, you won't have long to wait, so keep your eyes on this site.

June 23, 2002

Ahoy there! Bear with me while I think about what I'm about to type. No, I can't think of much to type, which might be a good thing. Still can't think of anything at all that's worth typing. Boring Sunday afternoon... ZZZZZZ! Wait, I hear something! Yay, Impossible has come to the rescue! Hail Impossible, rescuer of 23rd June's update! She's come up with two additional pictures for our Fan Art section. Both are hand-drawn: One is in colour, with Leela in a blue dress; the other has Leela looking towards the horizon, on what appears to be a windy day. There, at least this Sunday has been saved! Anyone want to save Monday?

June 22, 2002

Save some for me! Philbot's back with two more pages (five and six) of his comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back, which you'll find, quite naturally, in our Fans' Comics section. In these parts, Zoidberg's hunger problems could well be a thing of the past if he can sow his seed. No, no, no... not in that way! Stop jumping to dirty conclusions! Anyway, you'll find out what really happens by going off and reading it.

Ranting and stuff for World Cup nerds

<rant> How much does it cost to buy officials? I've just watched Spain, and some days ago Italy, go out of the World Cup due to several dubious decisions that seem biased towards South Korea. What does it take to score against them? I can hear some saying: a lot of money and three friendly pitch officials. But, I suppose that would be too cynical, or would it? Anyway, I'm getting sick to death of South Korea and their friendly referees, so I'll be backing Germany against them. Did I really just write that? It must be getting really desperate for such a wish to be uttered by myself! </rant>

However, the other match did show some good spirit and good refereeing. Turkey did deserve the victory against Senegal, as they ran quite rampant against their unusually quiet opponents. Pity, as I really wanted Senegal to win and go on. However, seeing they're through, I do hope that Hakan Sukur isn't playing for Turkey against Brazil, as they really need to play with eleven men this time!

I'm not currently doing predictions until the actual final. So, when the finalists are known, you can send in your predictions for that big day and I'll put them up. Also, if anyone can think of a Futurama football team (eleven players) and justify the selection by saying why the certain player plays in a certain position, I'll publish it for all to see. Prizes? Well, we have something bigger than a cash prize at The Leela Zone, you'll receive plenty of kudos instead!

June 20, 2002

Leela in Red! Hmmm... subject heading reminds me of Chris De Burgh, I wonder why that is? Please, for the love of God, don't tell me that Leandro is a fan of his! Nah, even he wouldn't stoop that low in his musical tastes. Anyway, enough of crap musicians and over-use of smilies, as I should really be going on about the latest fan art that I received from Impossible. She's really been hard at work, because she's made 11 pictures of Leela in many guises. One of them is a kind of What if They Mated thing: in this case, Marge and Leela. OK, I'm not going to go any further with that thought! We have Daniela with her pictures of Leela and Amy coupling, Shippers with their fantasies of Leela and Fry seductions, crap space captains with their Leela and Zapp second attempts, God-knows-who with their Leela and Bender welding (I've heard that someone has suggested this romance before), so there's enough stuff out there already!

Also while I'm here, let me thank Ruben for fixing up the Java applet for our own chatroom (irc.dal.net - #futuramachat). Good ol' Ruben is basically our man in the background, the one who helps out when things go bang at The Leela Zone. Anyway, don't let his good work go to waste, why not join us in the chatroom.

June 19, 2002

We're DOOOOMMMMED! DOOOOMMMED I tells yer! It's been a long time since I've updated the Framegrabs section, so I got busy. I've improved the grabs from the episode Fear of a Bot Planet, and I've also added some non-Leela related grabs, too. This is the episode where Leela, Fry and Bender go off to deliver a package to a human hating robot planet, losing Bender in the process to the planet's inhabitants, which results in them having to pose as robots in order to rescue him. Quite a nice episode, which improves the more I see it. Sooner or later, I'll sit again at this computer and remake some more grabs from season one episodes, many of which really need replacing.

Oh, BTW, the song at the end of Leela's Homeworld is Pizzicato Five's Baby Love Child. Just trying to pre-empt any emails that ask the most asked Futurama question of all time.

World Cup stuff below

Got you!

June 18, 2002

The Search for Bender! The comics keep on coming from Charles Delnegro! He's come up with part nine of his comic, The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comics section. In this part, L-100 (a Leela-bot sent to protect the world from a rampaging Bender-bot seeking the last Bender Action Figure) meets Bart Simpson's family. D'oh! D'oh! And double-d'oh!

In other news. We're in the process of changing chatrooms, and hopefully soon the Chatroom page will point to the new channel, when things are sorted out. Anyway, for those with mIRC or other chat clients, you can visit our new room at irc.dal.net, channel #futuramachat. In the meantime if you haven't got a chat client, you could use Dalnet's Java Applet to enter our room. All you need to do is type in a nickname in the "Chat Now" box and click the button "Go!" (you may need to pick a different name if your name is rejected, there are a Hell of a lot of users and channels at Dalnet, so you may not be able to choose names like Dave, Amy, Gort... but you could use Dave_Man, Amy_Kroker, Gort_Copycat, etc, so be imaginative). When you finally connect to the server, just type in "/join #futuramachat" (without the quotes) and you're done. Hopefully someone will be there.

World Cup stuff below (Leandro's latest update is below this crap)

OK, I'm not going to do any more predictions till the actual final! I can't believe that South Korea turned the Italians over! No, the South Koreans played well, but the Italians should have finished that match off, but were damn too dismissive of the underdog's attacking ability, thinking that they could sit on a 1-0 lead and not use their talent to score a second goal to kill the game. In the end of the day, the Italians deserved to go out with such an attitude, even if they did deserve to win for playing, in general, better. And that damn miss by Vieri!!!!

Turkey got through with a professional, if boring, performance that shut out a disappointing Japan. Turkey meet Senegal in the next round, and I'm not going to predict that or any match till the final. Who knows, it could be a Turkey Vs USA final! Don't laugh, as things stand, that could damn well happen!

Now here's something we can all enjoy! The original Fan Art guy is back! Yes people, Robert Hawks, the first person to provide The Leela Zone with Fan Art back in Mark LeWald's era, is back with a very special picture... his 100th image here! Said picture show Our Favorite Crew (plus Zoidberg) giving his opinion on Bob's works of art. Before this paragraph is over, I want to send lots and lots of Getwellsoonian radiation to Bob's girlfriend, whose health has not been running on all thrusters lately. Get 100% Ready for Warp Speed Soon, Glenda!

Must ignore those World Crud talk... Must ignore... There are eight new pictures by Erdrik in the Fan Art section, featuring three nice Leela & Fry ones and a funny Amy & Kif pic, too. This reminds me there are also two new eCards by The Voices, one of which is a scanned version of Erdrik's "smelling" pic, already featured in one of the recent Wallpapers by The Voices.

What's the world coming to? The male chauvinist pig who draws Leela wearing nearly nothing... is no longer drawing Leela wearing nearly nothing! That's right, Unca Dave has sent two pics featuring Leela with "decent" clothing, which is quite weird for him. This whole World Crud bussiness may have affected him... or maybe he wants me to stop calling him a MCPWDLWNN (and you thought ANSTATMAW was a weird and long acronym...) [Leandro]

June 17, 2002

Dead man walking! How nice it is to receive flowers, especially to predict whose funeral will be next. Naturally, when it comes to being at Death's door, Farnworth wins by years! To celebrate this, Sofie has come up with another hand-drawn picture for our Fan Art section, one that shows the moment when Farnsworth catches the bouquet, which happened in the episode A Pharaoh to Remember. Good catch, nice flowers, when's the funeral?

World Cup ranting below

Damn Belgium, can't even beat Brazil! Actually, I kid. They did play quite well and didn't really deserve the 2-0 defeat. Also, what the hell was wrong with the Belgian goal that was disallowed? I'm coming to think that Ruben's point that Brazil have the ref as their twelfth man is quite correct!

Now for a rant. All of you US sports fans (if you're not a sports fan, then you're excused from this) should be watching your team do quite well in the World Cup, seeing that they've gotten to the quarter-finals. They played well against Mexico, deserving the 2-0 win they got. Yet, despite this, I hear that the biggest sporting event in the world (and it's the biggest) hardly gets a mention compared to the US-centred sports of baseball, US "football" and that sport for those with short attention spans, basketball. Come on, at least give your hard working football team some support! Or is it that the world is too big a place to pay attention to?

Tomorrow's predictions:

Japan 2-1 Turkey | South Korea 1-2 Italy

I'm expecting to get this completely wrong!

June 15, 2002

England's twelfth player? Seems that Leela's an England football fan. You'll probably wonder how that is, considering that Leela belongs to thirty-first century New New York, but according to a picture by a new contributor for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, named Impossible, she certainly is. Maybe that explains the 3-0 win over Denmark today. For those sick of the World Cup, and also for those who are following it, there are two other pictures that she's done that don't feature the events that are going on in South Korea and Japan.

More World Cup stuff below

England beat Denmark, even if the score did flatter England's victory, it was a professional performance that deserved going to the quarter-finals to meet either Belgium or Brazil. There was another match today, but it was boring as hell! Let's say Germany won 1-0 and I was wondering why I was up that early to watch it.

Tomorrow's predictions:

Sweden 2-1 Senegal | Spain 2-1 Ireland

My head tells me that Ireland will lose, but there is always heart, which they have plenty of. Just maybe. Just maybe.

June 14, 2002

The Mad, Mad, Mad Professor! See, I'm back today as I said, but only just. What do I have? I have the fourth page of Philbot's comic, The Anchovy Strikes Back, which you'll find sitting nicely in our Fans' Comics section. He's also fixed a problem on page three, so you might want to see that page again. Anyway, all I can say is that I just love the look of this comic and its story. Bring them on, Philbot!

World Cup stuff below

Well, I'll keep this sort of short and sweet. I was well and truly beaten by Nicholas in today's predictions... kudos to him!

Portugal are out! With most of the strong teams leaving, will the final end up being Senegal Vs Paraguay?

Predictions for tomorrow:

Germany 2-0 Paraguay | Denmark 1-1 England (penalties)

Seeing that a penalty shoot-out is basically a lottery, I won't say who'll win. Then again, England do have a relatively bad record when it comes to penalties.

June 13, 2002

Target Acquired! I'm a bit late with this, but better late than never! Charles Delnegro's eighth part of his The Bendenator comic is awaiting your attention in the Fans' Comics section. In this part, the Leela-bot is helping poor Bart, who's gotten the attention of a murderous Bender-bot sent back in time to acquire the Bender action figure at all costs. I have to say that I really enjoy this unique way of making a Futurama related comic. Keep it up, Charles!

How to torture, maim and destroy! Yep, it's also that time when I present some more of Smiley's Uses for a Hacker (parts 270 - 278). Some of the notable ones he pokes fun at are Goldfinger; some long dead, evil fascist dictator and his wife; the European Central Bank; and Leandro. Actually, the last one is Micro$oft Tech Support, but you'll find out why I mentioned good ol' Leo!

World Cup below. Will it ever end?

Italy have scraped through, so maybe there will be a decent challenge to Brazil. They managed to eventually draw with an impressive Mexico, although Croatia surprisingly losing to Ecuador helped a lot! As for Brazil, they won 5-2 against Costa Rica, but even though they looked great attacking, their defence looked suspect; something that a team like Italy could exploit to the full. Oh, and Turkey got through.

Seems that I beat Nicholas, but only because I predicted the Turkey Vs China score. Anyway, he's got some more predictions for tomorrow's games, which I'll show below.

Friday's matches

Belgium Vs Russia
Japan Vs Tunisia
Poland Vs USA
Portugal Vs South Korea

1 - 2
2 - 0
0 - 1
2 - 1

2 - 1
1 - 0
0 - 1
2 - 0

The big difference is that we have differing opinions on Belgium Vs Russia.

Back tomorrow with some more stuff.

June 12, 2002

Double-Wallpaper Wednesday! I've just put up a new wallpaper by Daniela Laverne Schad, then I discover that The Voices has one too, so it's a good day for computer monitors. Anyway, let's start with Daniela's. This wallpaper is taken from a picture by Daniela that you'll find in the Fan Art section, and was only there because I mistook it for a contribution for our fan art section rather than being a wallpaper. Anyway, after the apology from myself, I asked Daniela to make some other sizes for her first wallpaper, and bingo, it's here! So, enjoy this colourful image of Leela and Amy... if you like that kind of thing. Maybe there will be someone who will make a picture of Leela and Bender as sweet lovers... *CLANG!!!*

Forget what I just said above, it's still Fry that's for Leela! Seems that The Voices has come up with another wallpaper, one that contradicts Daniela's wallpaper that promotes Leela and Amy being lovers. Well, it's said that competition is healthy... but I don't think they meant it this way! Still, everyone to their own tastes, I suppose. So, we have a really nice wallpaper of Fry and Leela moments, done with a certain style that's unique to The Voices. This one features a lot of blue, which makes me think that The Voices favourite colour is that. Not that I'm complaining... it certainly works a treat!

Knucklehead World Cup stuff below

Leandro will be able to sleep now, seeing that Argentina was surprisingly dumped out of the World Cup, courtesy of a draw with Sweden. So, this leaves Italy as the only one left that I thought had a chance of winning, and even they are in desperate trouble.

Daniela Laverne Schad suggests that Germany will win the cup. Before the tournament started, I thought that wasn't going to happen, but with the latest exits by France and Argentina, I'm now not so sure. My new favourites if Italy go out are Brazil, with Spain close behind. England has a good chance, now that they've gotten out of the "Group of Death", as it had been labelled.

Tomorrow I have competition from Nicholas:

Thursday's matches

Brazil Vs Costa Rica
Turkey Vs China
Ecuador Vs Crotia
Mexico Vs Italy

2 - 1
3 - 0
0 - 2
1 - 2

1 - 0
3 - 1
0 - 1
1 - 2

Seems that we agree with the results, but are separated by what we think the scores will be.

June 11, 2002

Stars in her eye! Juliet wrote to me recently to show me her two new contributions for our Fan Art section, in which she's used a new graphics program to give her pictures some special effects. She says they're her best pictures yet, and I have to agree with her. I do like the use of those effects with the images she's made... looks really cool! Hopefully we'll be seeing more from Juliet, since she's got a new toy to play with!

World Cup stuff below - The Voices and Leandro can look away!

Well, there goes one of my predictions out of the competition, as France were dumped out by Denmark's 2-0 win. Probably teaches them a lesson for being so arrogant and thinking they'd walk through their group.

At the moment, I'm awaiting the match between Ireland and Saudi Arabia, where Ireland need to win by two goals or more to definitely go through. I'll be hoping they can, too.

Predictions for tomorrow's matches:

England 2-1 Nigeria | Argentina 1-1 Sweden

South Africa 0-2 Spain | Slovenia 1-2 Paraguay

So, I'm saying that England and Sweden will go through (bang goes my old prediction that Argentina will win the World Cup) from their group, while Spain and Paraguay, by goals scored compared to South Africa, will go through in their own group. Then again, I could be wrong.

June 10, 2002

Leela before giving Graham a good, well-deserved beating! OK, I promised not to talk about that thing that's going on in Japan and South Korea. This is especially so, since The Voices has requested me to stop talking about ****ball; so for his update, I will do so. Also, it seems his latest wallpaper for The Leela Zone has Leela in a threatening pose, which makes me feel that The Voices is indicating what will happen to me if I continue in this vein. Look at the intent in her face... frightening! OK, I'll be good. Promise!

Oh, if that's not enough of an underpants spoiling image, The Voices has also given us the original sketch, but not coloured in, for our Fan Art section. So, click on his highlighted name above to go and see his fan art page, where you can see a lot of his other work, too.

Hmmm... I must say this: it's really pissing down outside (raining heavily, for you non-British lot out there). Time to put up the music to chase the clouds away!

June 9, 2002

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon! Poor Leandro, suffering under the weight of the crap that I'm ranting on about! Now, if Leo had of said that he wouldn't rant, then that would have shut me completely up, but I do enjoy it when he goes on a rantathon. Boy, he didn't disappoint this time! Can I beat him? I doubt it. Will I try? Maybe one day. Should I continue with a meaningful udate? I think I better before all our visitors make their way to southern England to find me and put me out of my misery (just find the house that's listening to Sonic Youth at this moment).

Well, Captain Leela hasn't disappointed us, as he's come up with another picture for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela lazing on her arm in a cute manner. At least that's what I think has happened. Anyway, enjoy this picture and the others that have come from Captain Leela in the past.

More stuff to get Leo ranting - World Cup rubbish ahead!

OK, tomorrow I'm not going to mention the World Cup (Leo, stop jumping up and down, you'll fall through the floor!). However, let me just say that my predictions for today went all pear-shaped, as well as give you a few more predictions for coming games.

Now, considering that I'm not going to mention the World Cup tomorrow, I'll give two sets of predictions. Anyone still here? Oh, good... at least one person is still reading.

Monday's games:

South Korea 1-1 USA | Tunisia 0-2 Belgium | Portugal 2-0 Poland

Tuesday's games:

Denmark 1-1 France | Senegal 1-1 Uruguay
Saudi Arabia 0-3 Ireland | Cameroon 1-1 Germany

This means that I think Denmark and Senegal will go through, leaving the world champions taking the plane home to meet the baying mob. While on Tuesday, I expect Ireland to do the job against the Saudis, thereby booking a place for the final 16, while I see Germany holding on to secure the other place.

Well, it seems I'm now typing to myself, as that last person was found dead on their chair. *Sigh* Why do I have that effect on people?

World Cup free day tomorrow! Maybe I'll throw in something about Futurama. What, you've forgotten what that show is all about? Not surprising, considering the way Fox has kept it under wraps, making it kind of top secret. Well, how do I start! It's about a delivery boy from the twentieth century who gets frozen....

We interrupt this description to bring you more World Cup news. *BANG!!!*

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Okay, that's it. I'm tired of all this World Cup talk here at TLZ... and even getting World Cup-related mails myself! Sheesh. I wonder what part of "I don't give a rat's ass about the [censored] World Cup" people didn't understand. Oh well. Fortunately, Argentina lost the other day against GortLand, saving my poor ears from the noise of a hundred fireworks (after the game with Niger, a load of fireworks made a hell of a noise all over the city down here... at 4:00 in the morning!). Unfortunately, that also meant that UK Guys looking for an Argentinian to "debate the consequences of the game", picked me -- the only Argentinian that doesn't care about football. Sheesh. I'm beginning to think that "The history, philosophy and music of The Corrs" isn't enough to get even after this... maybe I'll do a combo, throw Roxette in the mix... or maybe I'll just begin nitpicking each episode of Enterprise next month (and there are really enough mistakes in that series to keep me shouting them week after week).

"If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong." Last week some DNS whatzit made TLZ unavailable in lots of places, and wrecked my email address. It appears those things are in the past now, but since I haven't managed to catch Rubén to confirm, let's call this the calm after the storm, or the calm before the next storm hits. I've been quietly messing around with stuff in the background lately, but I think I was supposed to make an update here. Still, my rants are short compared with Gort's World Cup predictions -- so you had it coming. The more Gort goes on turning this into TWCZ, the longer my rants will be... if that doesn't make him stop, nothing will :P...

"If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then." Finally, the update is here! It begins with an awesome Wallpaper featuring the Planet Express Ship flying next to an X-Wing. Leela is obviously in the picture; who do you think is flying the ship? See, it's not off-topic. And that's not Earth, neither; remember Star Wars happened in a galaxy far, far away... although the main guys are now calling themselves 'humans'. That would mean that the viewers are on a galaxy far, far away from this one, and they picked this movies a long, long time from now. So this was made for ETs! It makes perfect sense, you see? Just like in "Galaxy Quest", some aliens will view Star Wars, think it's a slice of hour history... and wonder how the heck did we devolve this much. Star Wars Rant: check.

"If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway." There are five new pics from the top-rated artist (according to our ArtistRank thingies): Outlaw Art. You know, I really should add font-weight: bold to the <a>'s style sheet instead of putting <b> tags around each and every link... that would also allow me to remove the bolds if I later make a layout where bold links look ugly. My only excuse is that I'm lazy and I don't wanna remove all the <b> tags in the NewsPro data file and non-generated HTML files. Good enough excuse for me; if I can justify not doing something due to lazyness, I don't need any more complicated answer. HTML Rant: check.

"If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop." There are three new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, one of them featuring Leela sitting in a bench near the Eiffel tower (after plenty of some Blur filter was applied), and two featuring Leela in Douglas' classic russian views, even including some weird Russian characters. You know, I understand as much Russian as I understand Klingon... but at least Earth-based "Klingons" tend to type with letters I understand instead of the weird Klingon characters. Those Russian guys? Nooo, they use some weird things that only work with Unicode enabled and doesn't even allow me to GUESS what they're saying. And let's not get started with Chinese; thank heavens there are no Futurama sites in Chinese AFAIK, else that would go really weird. Language Rant: check.

"If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something." Closing this update, there are two new pics from the only male chauvinist pig who's still drawing Leela wearing nearly nothing, instead of having his eyes glued to the TV watching football. One of 'em has a real-beach background, and the other has a background coming from some Quake-Like game. I could go on a rant about how those games are not good, but since I play them a lot, I won't... I'll leave that task to "I don't gamble" Graham, if he ever stops talking about the World Cup. well, that mini-rant will have to do for this part... still not enough for compensate all the WC talk... hmm, wait... only way to compensate a WC talk is with more WC talk! I've got my perfect revenge: Next update, I'll rant on about Wesley Crusher! [Leandro]

June 8, 2002

ANCHOVIES? URGH!!! Now, this is what I like to see: more contributions for the Fans' Comic section. The new contributor is Philbot, who's come up with a colorised comic, which is titled The Anchovy Strikes Back. It starts with Hermes boring the crew to death about a new office gadget he's got. However, the crew is saved when the professor is allowed to introduce his new invention: a new type of cloning device! Oh no, there's not going to be another Cubert? Oh wait, I'm one of those who actually enjoys Cubert's interruptions in the show. Go Cubert... if he turns up!

World Cup stuff below - the madness limps on!

Well, I may have beaten mtvcdm, but only by goal difference. Actually, I'll call it a draw, seeing how close it was. The only thing that really separated us was that I predicted an Italian 2-1 victory, while mtvcdm predicted a 2-0 victory instead, when actually the Croats won the game 2-1. Well, seems that my predictions about Italy, Argentina and France winning the competition are looking quite weak.

Now, seeing that nobody sent any predictions for today (yeah, I can hear The Voices cheer ), I'll just inform you what I think will happen tomorrow.

Mexico 2-0 Ecuador | Costa Rica 0-2 Turkey | Japan 2-2 Russia

There, that's enough of that. Back tomorrow... I hope!

June 7, 2002

Land of the Coneheads? Today, I bring you a contribution for our Wallpapers section, coming from a new artist who goes by the name of Randy. This one is of the Planet Express ship, which by itself isn't too exciting for a wallpaper (well, I suppose there must be someone who'd want just the ship by itself, but I digress), but give it a background comprising of the Cone Nebula, and Bob's yer uncle! Oooh, the colours are blinding me! Wait, I can see strange shapes! Time for coffee!

World Cup nonsense below!

OK, so it's going to be a loud weekend here in the UK, after England's surprise victory against the fancied Argentina (a feat not done since 1966). Seems that all of us predictors have to eat humble pie. Anyway, congratulations and commiserations both go to Ruben (he was the best predictor, while his national side, Argentina, lost to England and face an uphill task to qualify for the next round).

Tomorrow, I compete against mtvcdm.

Saturday's matches

South Africa Vs Slovenia
Italy Vs Croatia
Brazil Vs China

0 - 1
2 - 1
4 - 0

1 - 2
2 - 0
4 - 0

Anyone who's interested in predicting coming World Cup scores can email me to be included. Please don't send any predictions to Leandro, as he's likely to hunt you down, tie you up, then use you as lion bait: he's not interested in football. Did you hear that Warren Griffiths? He's not interested if Argentina win or lose, let alone any past singing!

June 6, 2002

William Shatner gives tips on how to charm a woman! On this boring Thursday, I've produced a contribution for our Video Clips section. This clip comes from the last episode of the season, Where No Fan Has Gone Before, featuring the moment when Melllvar gets the crew and the Star Trek actors fighting each other for his amusement. However, Leela and Shatner have a unique way of fighting. Zapp Brannigan and Fry should watch and learn how it's done by the real love meister!

More boring talk about football below!

Yeah, this is the part of the update where Leandro wonders what on Earth gave him the idea of originally recruiting me to The Leela Zone. Well, if I find the passwords changed, I can't complain. Anyway, before he does that, let's continue.

Nicholas won the predictions for today, getting two scores correct. He got the Denmark Vs Senegal and Saudi Arabia Vs Cameroon results spot on, so kudos to him. I myself came last of the group.

Tomorrow sees Argentina and England battle against each other. I don't think that England will overwhelm Argentina, as I feel that Argentina will be too strong for Sven's team. But, this game will produce a lot of passion, and who knows what effect that can have on the result.

Tomorrow's predictions:

Friday's matches

Nigeria Vs Sweden
Spain Vs Paraguay
Argentina Vs England

1 - 1
2 - 0
2 - 1

0 - 0
1 - 0
3 - 2

1 - 2
2 - 2
2 - 1

It seems that all predictors feel that England will lose tomorrow. It'll be a quiet weekend on these shores, if that's right!

June 5, 2002

Ummm... errr... ummm... mmm... where did I put my white tank top? Welcome Andrey Shavelev, who's a new contributor for our Fan Art section. Andrey has come up with this picture of Leela, which comes from the episode A Pharaoh to Remember, and is taken from the moment where Leela and Fry play on Bender's emotions to be remembered by pretending to forget who he is. Hope to see more of Andrey's work in future.

The second update today is for our Fan Fiction section, with a work from Zapp's Woman. She's come up with part three of her latest serial fic, Warship's Red Glare. In this part, we discover more about the history of Zapp and Kif, finding out something quite disturbing, too.

Attention! Obsessive World Cup talk below! You've been warned!

Well, looks like I win again! Well, only just, because Nicholas was close himself. I got the Ireland result spot on, but he got the Russia Vs Tunisia one spot on, too. What divided us was that I got the Russia result right, while he didn't get another result right himself.

Congratulations go to the USA, who I have to say played very well and deserved the win against a disappointing Portugal. I was laughing my head off when they went 3-0 up! Figo a world class midfielder? My arse he is! Also, congratulations go to Ireland, who well deserved the 1-1 draw they got. Great last seconds equaliser by Robbie Keane.

Tomorrow, I do battle with Nicholas and Ruben.

Thursday's matches

Denmark Vs Senegal
Saudi Arabia Vs Cameroon
France Vs Uruguay

2 - 1
0 - 3
2 - 1

1 - 1
0 - 1
3 - 0

2 - 1
0 - 2
2 - 1

Seems that the battle between Ruben and myself depends on the scoring habits of Cameroon against the hapless Saudi Arabia, who got drubbed by Germany last weekend.

Well, that's enough of this crap for today. So long, football nerds!

June 4, 2002

Aw, come on! I'll even throw in a free beer! Moe seems to be taking his chances with "Leela" in Part 7 of Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comic section. In this part, Moe meets a robot styled as Leela, the L-100, and gets ideas... you know, the kind of ideas that Moe tends to have.

OK, turn away if you don't like football and the World Cup

There, that should have gotten those who don't care a damn about the World Cup out of the way! If any of you who don't appreciate discussion of this sort are still reading, then you're either mighty bored or just want to be offended, Mary Whitehouse-style.

Well, I think I can safely say that I beat Ruben in the predictions for today's matches. I got the China Vs Costa Rica score spot on, while I did predict the right result for Japan Vs Belgium; both of us got the South Korea Vs Poland match wrong - South Korea won, and quite well.

Well, I have to do battle with three people for tomorrow. I have competition from a visitor who's called Nicholas, Ruben, and Stephen Reid, who's beaten me before.

Wednesday's matches

Russia Vs Tunisia
USA Vs Portugal
Germany Vs Ireland

3 - 0
0 - 2
1 - 1

2 - 0
0 - 3
2 - 1

1 - 1
0 - 3
2 - 1

1 - 1
0 - 1
2 - 1

It seems that we all agree that the USA is going to get turned over by Portugal, but don't agree about the other results. I do hope that Ireland can draw or win against Germany, but I fear that this is my weakest prediction of the three. Well, who knows, the luck of the Irish might come into play!

June 3, 2002

The Big, Big Bang! Another great wallpaper is on show at The Leela Zone, a work that's been created by The Voices. This one is another variation of the Planet Express ship in space, but this time, seemingly, escaping some massive explosion in space. I wonder if that explosion is from The Voices himself? Apparently, he's a bit fed up that I'm rabbiting about the World Cup, especially since, according to his email, he's been bombarded by the media non-stop with news about David Beckham's foot (there's a theory that his brain might just be there, along with his personality) and Roy Keane's spat with the Ireland Manager (Keane thought Mick McCarthy was the boot boy or something), and doesn't want this site to lower itself to that sort of thing. Poor boy!

If you're not interested in the World Cup, look away!

There, if you don't want to know anything more, you don't have to. If you're still reading, you're either interested in the competition or just want to be annoyed.

It seems that mtvcdm has beaten me this time. Yeah, I'm sorry about this, but it's true. Thing is, I bet my webmaster status of The Leela Zone with him, so he'll be taking control of the site from now on. Kidding! Sorry Leo... hope you have a healthy heart. Still, that was a good call, mtvcdm. Stephen Reid also emailed me, but was too late for inclusion on the site. He also beat the hell out of me, too. He got the Mexico Vs Croatia score right, and the results of the other two matches.

Tomorrow's predictions:

This time I do battle with Ruben, who has been kind enough to send his predictions for the matches on Tuesday.

My predictions:

China 0-2 Costa Rica
Japan 1-1 Belgium
South Korea 1-1 Poland
Ruben's predictions:

China 1-1 Costa Rica
Japan 1-2 Belgium
South Korea 0-1 Poland

Yes, Leo, I did tabulate it this time!

June 2, 2002

Leela zapps Fox! In other news: Graham zapps mtvcdm! Yep, seems like things are looking up! I have this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Russell Dickson. It features Leela, as a witch, zapping Fox during a witch trial. Certainly a good thing to do. The background is a painting of a witch trial, which was done by T.H. Matteson in 1853.

Well, looks like mtvcdm will be buying in the drinks, as I beat him in the World Cup predictions. I got both the Spain Vs Slovenia and England Vs Sweden scores spot on. The result I got wrong, Paraguay Vs South Africa, was also incorrectly called by my challenger. BTW, mtvcdm, I don't like Budweiser... I want a proper drink.

Well, enough of my gloating, tomorrow brings some more games and more opportunities to deal with mtvcdm.

My predictions for tomorrow:

Croatia 1-1 Mexico
Brazil 2-0 Turkey
Italy 3-0 Ecuador
mtvcdm's predictions:

Croatia 0-2 Mexico
Brazil 3-1 Turkey
Italy 2-1 Ecuador

Anyone else who's interested in competing against me with some future predictions can contact me (not Leo, as he hates football and probably hates me for doing this crap to our site) via email to give their own scores - like Ruben, for instance.

BTW, if you're sick of what I'm currently doing, then watch out next month when Leandro introduces his own essay, in daily portions for a month: History of The Corrs - Their Philosophy, Their Struggle, Their Music.

June 1, 2002

World Cup... sigh. Well, Argentinians are very known to looove football (soccer) and related stuff, and particularly adooore the World Cups. Surprise: here's an Argentinian that doesn't give a rat's ass about football (soccer) and couldn't care less if Argentina loses the first game and gets eliminated from the thing. So don't expect any comments, predictions or anything else from me. Don't expect me to know what happens, neither; so far the only thing I know about the entire "event" is that Saudi Arabia was slaughtered by Germany and Senegal shock-won over France. It appears Good Boy Graham will keep me informed about the results, whether I like it or not .

Screw the balls... onto the update! Hmmm, those probably weren't the best words to place next to that picture... but oh well. Here comes two more pics from the male chavinist pig that depicts Leela wearing nearly nothing! His words, not mine ... yep, I'm talkin' 'bout Unca Dave. We've also got five new pics from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, Star Wars-related as usual (still over a month to go before Attack of the Clones premieres down here; I guess nobody complains because they'll spend most of this month looking at balls). We've also got a picture by Daniel Brand, also featuring Leela with not much clothes. Update over... balls thoroughly licked! [Leandro]

Lambs to the slaughter! I'm watching Germany slaughter Saudi Arabia in the World Cup; it's already half-time and Germany are 4-0 up! But, I'll stop discussing the World Cup here and concentrate, firstly, on the update. Smiley has come up with eight new Uses For a Hacker for you to mull over. From a "hacker" being Ali G's 'ho, to being Louis Van Gaal's Evil Twin Brother, these are some of the new ones on offer.

Now to the World Cup. I obviously got my prediction wrong, even if I was pleasantly surprised by Senegal's 1-0 shock win over France, I had predicted a France 2-0 win. Anyway, MTVCDM decided to send an email laughing at my inaccurate prediction, so I challenged him to come up with some predictions. I'll mention them below with what I think will happen myself.

mtvcdm's predictions for tomorrow:

England 1-2 Sweden
Argentina 3-1 Nigeria
Spain 2-2 Slovenia
Paraguay 2-0 South Africa
Graham's predictions:

England 1-1 Sweden
Argentina 2-0 Nigeria
Spain 3-1 Slovenia
Paraguay 1-0 South Africa

If anyone else wants to predict any future games, then why not write in and see if you're better than hopeless me.