June 2001

June 30, 2001

Avenging Angel.... As promised, I have another stunning fanart from Anton Nelson, of Futurama Scan Art Central. This one is really great... I just love the pissed off Leela, guns ready for action. I said it before, and I'll say it now, kudos Anton! [Graham]

June 29, 2001

Do the hippy, hippy shake.... I've got another wallpaper from Paul A Metcalfe, from Futurama Scan Art Central. This one comes from that let's worship Beck like he's our god episode, Bendin' in the Wind... and despite saying all that, this wallpaper is groovy, man! [Graham]

June 28, 2001

Who had the last laugh? It's time again for one of Sofie's contributions to the Fan Art section. This lovely picture is taken from the episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid. The scene is of Leela feeling embarrassed by the attention she gets, when Nibbler wins a less coveted prize at the pet talent show. Hope you enjoy the pic. [Graham]

Screensaver to ship.... I have a lovely screensaver for all you Shippers out there, this one was made by Paul A Metcalfe, from Futurama Scan Art Central. I loved it, so I'd advise you to take a gander for yourselves. [Graham]

June 27, 2001

Born to be wild.... Just a little... not too much! Now, here is a great piece of fanart, from a new artist to The Leela Zone, Anton Nelson, who works for Futurama Scan Art Central.

I just love this artwork. Leela's expression, while on the motorbike, is great, and it's a really original piece of artwork... the 3D effect is wonderful, too. Kudos Anton! There will be another of his work at the end of the week... and it's as stunning. Can't wait, well nor can I! [Graham]

Perfect view.... I've redone the framegrabs from the episode The Series Has Landed; just click on the image to view them. This episode, when it first aired, didn't really grab me... but after some further viewings, it has actually grown on me. The near end scene, shown in the link image, was well done, representing another of a long list of nearly moments between Fry and Leela. Hope you enjoy the grabs. [Graham]

June 26, 2001

Making a meal of it. I've got a new wallpaper for you, this one coming from Paul A Metcalfe, of Futurama Scan Art Central. It's from the episode A Flight to Remember, where both Leela and Amy are debating who should use Fry to fool some demanding individuals - Zapp Brannigan, in relation to Leela, and Amy's parents, in relation to their daughter. [Graham]

June 24, 2001

Fishing for compliments.... Well, I've just redone the framegrabs from the episode The Deep South, which were originally done on a DivX, but the quality really sucked, so these are from an MPEG, instead; click on the image to see the new lot.

I have said recently that I quite like this episode, so I won't bore and delay you any further... whew!

Now that the game has been given away, due to the mysterious appearance of the bottom panel, it's time to put on my cloak and false pointy teeth, and go out and terrify the local peasants! [Graham]

Look... no feet! Sorry for the crappy headline, it's early in the morning and I'm tired... zzzzz! I suppose I'm going to be flamed, but when I think of football, the game where the ball is actually kicked by the foot, comes to mind... not the one where holding it seems more important.

Well, the reason why I'm here, and not asleep, is to say that we have another addition to Futurama Published. This picture was in TV Guide, which was celebrating the then coming Super Bowl of January 2001. Hope you enjoy it more than I enjoy US rules "football"... zzzzz! Sorry guys and gals... zzzzzz! [Graham]

June 21, 2001

Errr... it ain't what you think! I have some framegrabs from the episode I, Roommate; click on the image to view them. These ones are made from an MPEG of this episode, replacing the crappy ones I made some months ago, which were from RMs.

This episode isn't terrible, but it wasn't that much either, naturally this is all IMHO. However, I did like the Bender sequence, when he's passing by drinking and sleeze dens, without going in them... that was well done, and sad, in many ways. For Leela fans, one thing of note was the introduction of her green "captain's" jacket... which will be seen many times in later episodes (which you'll find out about in our Leela Fashion Zone, too). Anyway, enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

June 20, 2001

Old Mother Hubbard, she lived in a cupboard.... The Leela Zone has a new section, Futurama Published, where you will find pictures and cartoons of Leela and the crew from magazines, periodicals, etc. Anyway, if you go there, you'll find the four Futurama cartoons that were at the back of Mother Jones, a US satirical magazine. Watch out for more additions, soon. [Graham]

Moon River. Here's a cute and sweet pic from Sofie for our Fan Art section. This one comes from, oh guess the episode... come on, you can't have been paying attention to me that much if you don't know... totally understandable, mind you, I do ramble, like right now. Well, to put you out of your misery, and myself, it's from Parasites Lost... well, d'uh! Anyway, it features Fry and Leela as otters, in that great holophonor sequence. Enjoy! [Graham]

Looking on in wonder. Got another fanart from Paul A Metcalfe, formerly from our site. This one features Leela looking on as Fry does errr... some swishing! [Graham]

June 19, 2001

Here we see Leela modelling this fine velour suit... give us a twirl! Well, two things today. I've got the latest The Leela Fashion Zone update from Herve, which includes some pictures from Jon Dixon, one of which is the link image. It's all very nice indeed... so go and take a visit to our very own catwalk!

I've also got the first part of a fanfic from Juliet, which is titled Leela's Break. This fic starts with Leela wanting a holiday, to rest from work and the crew. While there, she finds a new friend... who returns to New New York with her. To go directly to this fic, click here. [Graham]

June 17, 2001

End of an era. Our Fan Fiction section has two additions, which may interest you loyal visitors... don't know why you come back, really why do you?

Firstly, we have the final part of Zapp's Woman's serial epic Someone Has Made Him the Fool. This ends the serial, putting everything into a sort of order... with Zapp's misdemeanours being put into some kind of perspective. Click here to go directly to it.

The second fic is from BumbleBeeTheta, and is the second part of A Helping Hand. This is set some time after the first part, where Leela is now some months pregnant and preparing for the future. Fry, who is helping her out, has a dark secret, one that may not only ruin his chances of romantic involvement with her, but could destroy their friendship completely. This fic is fantastic... it's well written, it's engaging, and uses the characters to their full extent. I'd recommend this as a good read; click here to go directly to it. Well, what are you waiting for? [Graham]

My yearly update is here! There is a new picture by Germán "Elzar" Minces in the Fan Art section for you to enjoy. And Smiley's cooked seven new Uses for a Hacker, gone quite the off-topic way since hackers barely have anything to do with those lately. I will now step into my deLorean and I'll be back to do another update in about 30 years... [Leandro]

June 16, 2001

Leela, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.... Ol' fogey alert! I just love the film Casablanca, and the subject line parallels a famous line from that film. However, rather than Humphrey Bogart, we have Zapp Brannigan, and rather than Claude Rains, we have Turanga Leela... and it doesn't end up so beautiful, does it. Well, time for the update, proper.

I've redone the framegrabs from the episode Love's Labors Lost in Space; click on the deceptive image to view. These grabs have been made from an MPEG, so the quality is much better than the original ones I did, which were from RMs... yuck!

I love this episode, it was my favourite for a long time, and still is one of my top favourites now. It introduced us to the pompous buffoon, Zapp, and his pathetic sidekick, Kif, and is certainly the funniest example of those two till this day. In this episode, Leela is used well, and you can certainly feel for her. Well, enough of this... go and enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

June 15, 2001

Happiness or duty? It's me again... coming to you from good ol' Sussex, in southern England. The weather is raining and... oh, you want to know what's the update. Oh, well, beats telling you the weather!

I have some more stuff from Paul, this time wallpapers. He's made two: the link image is from A Bicyclops Built for Two, where Leela is pondering the terrible fate of being Alkazar's wife, due to a perceived duty; the second comes from the episode A Flight to Remember, where Leela has to fool Zapp into believing that Fry and her are an item. Fry didn't know what hit him... soon found out, though! [Graham]

In need of a cold shower.... Well, Paul has, apparently, left us for good, this time, but I have some material that he has produced to show you, in this update. He has made some High-Quality Grabs, from the episode War is the H Word; click on the image to view.

Here's hoping that Paul and his new girlfriend, Amy, do well in the future. [Graham]

Soul Mates.... Got two fanfics for you, both continuations of serial works.

The first comes from The Frylight Staff (Allen Tanner and Kryten), which is a continuation of their The Frylight Zone. This part deals with Fry and Amy having to solve the problem of connecting two characters together, romantically. However, there are some difficulties posed, dilemmas to be sorted out... will the delivery boy and the klutz from Mars sort this mess out, in order to return home. Can't tell you here... click here to find out!

The second fic comes from Wu Konguk, and is the continuation of And Then There Was Two. This starts with Leela attacking her punchbag, drawing blood from her knuckles, due to something she's discovered just earlier. Fry, concerned, comes to talk to his love, and discovers a hurtful secret. I haven't given the game away, you can read it by clicking here.

Well, I'll be back with some stuff that Paul has left for The Leela Zone. So, see you later. [Graham]

June 14, 2001

Never Thought This Day Would Come, But It Has. Yep, this is my final post here at The Leela Zone, I've decided to leave my favourite site, and concentrate more on Futurama Scan Art Central more.

I'll still be providing this site with scan-arts and wallpapers, via Graham and Leandro.

Best of luck to all The Leela Zone fans, and thanks for the time.

The ayes have it! Got two lovely pictures, for our Fan Art section, from Sofie to show you today... well, I think they're lovely, and I'm not just saying that because of a sharp pencil to my neck! The one you see as the link image is from the episode The Cyber House Rules, where Leela gets a second "eye". The other picture is from Parasites Lost... yeah, I know, repeated theme... where Fry is sitting on his bed, just after Leela's rejection, and mournfully playing the holophonor, with the crude image of Leela's head floating above... awww!

Also, if that wasn't enough, I've got a lovely contribution to our Fan Fiction section, from BumbleBeeTheta. The story is titled A Helping Hand, and is a sweet tale about Fry finding out about a difficulty Leela is going through, and trying to help his friend/love come through it. You can click here to go directly to the story. [Graham]

June 13, 2001

Blernsball - definitely not like mom and apple pie.... Sorry about The Leela Zone's downtime over the last couple of days, but it seems all is well... at least for now.

Anyway, now to the update. Firstly, there are new sound clips from the episode Fear of a Bot Planet. Secondly, there are two fanfics, both continuations of serial fics. Zapp's Woman has sent part 29 of her fic serial, Someone Has Made Him the Fool for us to read. While Tim has sent part 6, the final part, of his serial fic, Amy's Wedding.

Oh, on the subject of the Fanfic Section, I've gotten around to updating the visitor's scoring of the fics... so, the writers and readers will be able to see what people thought about the works. So, if you give a fic a read, please consider expressing your opinion by using the voting form. [Graham]

June 10, 2001

So... how do I look? Hmmm... great film on at the moment, so I don't know why I'm doing this update right now: the film is Alien. However, I'll proceed to tell you that I have put up better, as well as more, framegrabs from the episode Fear of a Bot Planet; just do the usual, click on the image to view them.

Not a bad episode, but nothing special either, it had its moments, let's say... let me say, rather. The parodying of '50s alien hysteria movies was quite good, but I wouldn't use this episode to advertise the show at its best. Still, enough of my griping, go and look at the grabs. [Graham]

June 9, 2001

Dinner's late! I've got some high-quality grabs from the episode The Deep South; just click on that image of Leela trying to catch dinner to be taken to the lost city of Atlanta. Quite a good episode, it had some really nice moments, those romantic scenes with Fry and Umbriel were done well. That's enough of my rabbiting... time to let you get on with exploring this site.

Oh, if you haven't already, check out the Leela Fashion Zone, I think it's a great addition to The Leela Zone. Hervé is doing a good job there... so, do The Leela Zone and him a favour and take a peek. [Graham]

Now is the time for a colorful metaphor... Futurama Fan Art is closing. Altough the layout wasn't precisely pretty and Homestead was slow as hell, I will miss that site. Robert is a great collaborator of The Leela Zone, and I hope he keeps on submitting stuff. Loads of stuff.

On other news, Hervé has updated The Leela Fashion Zone with all the clothing from season 2. Only season 3 is left now; go check it out, and if you can draw, perhaps you can help Hervé to create a better-looking outfits gallery... [Leandro]

June 8, 2001

Talk about unexpected endings! I've got three fanfics for you, all of them continuations of serial stories. The first contribution is from Allen Tanner, and is part 3 of his fanfic serial, The Impressionable Mind II. Fry is still under threat by the sinister Karen, with Leela, as well as Amy, trying their hardest to save him - this one has a really unexpected ending... caught me offguard!

The next one is from Zapp's Woman, and is the continuation of her Someone Has Made Him the Fool serial. Here we get to see Zapp get married (poor bride!)... and get something else added into the bargain; let's call it just deserts! Anyway, click here to go directly to the story.

The final fanfic is from Tim and is his continuation of Amy's Wedding; click here to go directly to it. [Graham]

The Wanderer Returns! I'm back to update with my latest scan-art, and to re-assure all the Leela-ites I'm still alive and kicking.

This latest one (109) comes from "Time Keeps On Slipping" and features the classic "What The ...?" look on Leela's Face.

I should be back with The Leela Zone a bit more often, once I've got used to my new girlfriend Amy, being part of my life.

Fox are repeat showing Season 3 .. Why? - That makes no sense what-so-ever.

I could have been a contender.... At last! I'm able to update, after having some operating system problems, which I seem to have patched up... but, for how long, I don't know. Anyway, two updates in one.

Firstly, I've got some fan art for you from Sofie. This picture was a request from Scotty, of the website Say Argh!, and is from the episode The Cryonic Woman. Hope you like it.

I've also done some sound clips from the episode A Fishful of Dollars... hope they prove worth listening to.

Well, back to repairing this crap... bye! [Graham]

June 7, 2001

Hi all :) It's Dave again! Did you miss me? I'm not quite lost in Cyberspace, i've just been SUPERbusy with my high school work, i'll graduate in a few months. I didn't visit any futurama site for the last few weeks, and didn't to squat on the net. Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace will continue to run (hopefully) with Nova housekeeping the site, but to put it in his words, he's not "The Romantic", meaning what we need is someone who would like to maintain the site for Season 4 and beyond. We've got a little bit of time with season break and all (grrr...) but still... Anyone who wants to take over LiC send me an email. The reason i'm giving up webmastering is simply the time-factor. I'm totally burnt out. The last thing I want to do is spend a few hours every week to maintaining a major site. I want LiC to survive, with all the work i've put into it (you might have noticed the long essays about each episode, they take up quite a bit of time with all the other stuff!), but i won't be doing any contribution to it (at least not as a webmaster). I'll be kinda for LiC what Mark is for The Leela Zone. Apart from that, I'll try to find time to stay in the community but only as a normal member, webmastering is not agreeable with the rest of my life . [Dave]

You tricked me into uploading you, didn't you?! Very neat update tonight! There's a new scan by Elzar on the Fan Art section, with more expected any millenia now. And Smiley has sent a bunch of new Uses for a Hacker, no longer attacking hackers only but keeping the name anyway (changing the name to "Leela's Torture Chamber" in the 128 uses already in there would be a big headache ...)

And, there is a new section! The Leela Fashion Zone is now open, featuring every piece of clothing that Leela wore in the first sixteen episodes of the series, with more coming soon. This new section is under the management of Herve, so direct praise, critics and suggestions to him. [Leandro]

June 5, 2001

Judgement Day.... Got two continuations of serial fanfics for you. The first comes from Zapp's Woman, which continues her Someone Has Made Him the Fool fic serial; click here to go directly to it. The other is from Tim, which is a continuation of his serial, Amy's Wedding; click here to go directly to this fic. [Graham]

June 4, 2001

It's all cosmetic, dear.... Got some spruced up framegrabs for The Leela Zone, these ones coming from A Fishful of Dollars; click on the image to view them... yadda, yadda! These are replacements of my previous grabs of this episode, that were made from RMs (oh, those weren't the days!), with these ones created from a DivX version; I've also widened the selection with more grabs, too.

Oh, to answer MTVCDM's request: you've got as much chance as Zapp Brannigan has of getting Leela, willingly, to marry him, give birth to twenty of his children and clean his velour uniforms, gleefully, all day long. For those wondering what this is all about... don't wonder, it's not that important... really, it isn't! [Graham]

June 2, 2001

Yay! I've made the front page! Sorry, just couldn't think of a subject title... so, that'll have to do. I've got some high-quality grabs from the episode When Aliens Attack; click on the image of a cheering Leela to view. I do really like this episode, there are just so many funny moments - I think I've said that before... but, so what, it was a good episode!

For our Fan Fiction section, Zapp's Woman has come up with part 26 of her fanfic serial Someone Has Made Him the Fool. This episode has an expecting Leela (don't say: "Expecting what?")... and a poor Fry desperate to be by her side, when the inevitable comes along. [Graham]

June 1, 2001

Soldiering on.... So, Paul has left us for an extended break - hope things work out there, Paul - leaving the site in the hands of Leandro and myself... don't worry, we'll keep the update onslaught going... and going... and going. It may have been a bumpy journey, recently, for The Leela Zone, but we'll keep the truck rolling on.

Now, onto business. I have the sound clips from the episode My Three Suns. So, listen to that and forget all your troubles... listen to Leela and Fry's, instead. [Graham]

Goodnight Vienna. After a short tenure at this site I've decided to leave "The Leela Zone" for a long while, not a short one, as my life is getting more and more complicated.

I will be back someday, so I leave my favourite site in the VERY CAPABLE hands of Leandro and Graham, sorry Guys.

The promise of a new day... a day with scans by Elzar! Yep, Germán "Elzar" Minces makes a comeback with two brand-new scans made in Argentina! His computer was toast for some time, and his scan production was frozen. He had it coming, anyway: he installed Windows in the poor thing. [Leandro]