June 2000

June 29, 2000

It's a hundred times more horrible than anything I could imagine! But oh well, The Leela Zone now has a banner ad in every page. Yipee. Horray. I'll integrate it better with the next layout, as it is now it works but 640x480 visitors will need to scroll right to see the menu. [Leandro]

In lighter news... I just received the last Futurama Fan-o-Rama issue. Check this bit: "The Leela Zone has announced plans to change their design. This is beginning to look like a running gag. We've only given them enough time do do the logo. Thank God". Well, G'UH! Of course it's a running gag! Do you think I would waste time every month in coming up with a variation or new design for any other reason than to annoy visitors out of their minds?! [Leandro]

Searching... Searching... 29 file(s) found. Well, since it's season break and submissions have been quite scarce, I went to The Futurama Outlet and got every Leela fan art there. So, the Fan Art section is hot: I added ten images by Robert Hawks, eight by Grosse, six by Mark LeWald (yes, The Mark LeWald), two by Cheeseflapsuk AJB, one by Andrashar, one by Marcus and one by JJB. The section now has 123 images for your viewing pleasure.

June 27, 2000

You have the screensaver, now get the wallpaper! You probably already have the "Leela Bond" screensaver by James Whitehead (in case you don't, get it here). I did a Wallpaper using some images from the screensaver (a process a lot more complicated than it sounds, believe me) so enjoy it! [Leandro]

June 26, 2000

Somebody call for new story? Yeah, yet another fanscript bites the dust. Well not really. I decided to turn my lastest fanscript into an interactive story. However, if I'm not chosen, then I will complete my fan script and place it here, in it's rightful place. [Matthew]

If only I had two or three minutes to think about it... Well, now you do - I've extended the deadline for our Interactive Stories story-starter contest to July 10 - so there you go, now start writing. [Dave]

More....MORE!!! C'mon People, there have been only 3 entries to the Interactive Stories contest so far. You can all do heaps better then that, so the writers among you get working and send in a story-starter! In other news from the Interactive Stories world, the section has recently received a surprising lack of good entries - most entries are for "The Pregnancy" Story and are mostly rather... doubtful to say the least. You star writers out there, we need you, please come back!!! Still hoping... [Dave]

June 25, 2000

It ain't no soundi dementia, but oh well... Five new Sound Clips that were requested in the past ten days are now available. I'll try to upload all the requested sounds every week from now on. Go get 'em at the Requested Sound Clips page. I also changed the title font to Brush Script MT. Why? Because I like it. And you're lucky that I had no time to finish the new design (yes, I will change the design next month too, and the next, and the next too... ) [Leandro]

Oops... Just a quick note: I screwed up. The Daily Trivia Summer Holiday Contest will last three months, not just one as I said yesterday. Yeah, I know, if I used my time to actually read what I post instead of planning the next layout change, this kind of things wouldn't happen... [Leandro]

June 24, 2000

Ough... it's been a while... The last time I created a Fan Art was in April 4th, so now when I tried to do a new one, it was terribly hard. And I'm not very happy with the end results, it looks like if her head was too big, the shoulders too wide, the arms too thin, and so on. I need to do it more often... [Leandro]

Hi there! Well, I had a couple of free hours today, fortunately. The Not Daily Trivia is on vacation, because I am unable to think of a good question, but Can't Get Enough Futurama, The Futurama Archive and Futurama Fan-o-Rama will start a Daily Trivia Summer Holiday Contest that will last one month, the 26th. [Leandro]

June 22, 2000

Where have I been you ask? Oy veh! I have been to the edge and back. Well ok not that, but my account was dissabled for some reason. Also, Leandro is helping me with the site, so soon I'll be making a physical difference at this site. [Matthew]

Goodbye, cruel world! Goodbye, Picture Stories! The poll results were quite clear: "Trash it". The section is now officially closed. The only story there was moved to the Fan Fiction section. [Leandro]

That's impossible! Up to now The Leela Zone always had the biggest collection of interactive stories... then Can't Get Enough Futurama launched a Fry-contest and now they got one more then us! This is unbearable (J/K guys) I shall therefor announce that I am accepting entries for the first chapter to a fifth interactive story, starring Leela! First prize is.. um.... Well, an honourable mention will have to do for now . So get writing and send me some story-starters! Deadline is 1st of July. Good Luck! [Dave]

June 21, 2000

Almost forgot.... ..Smiley sent me a fitting movie poster for his fanfic Leela's Quest, its as good as the story itself. Speaking of which, check out the fic, its really mad! In other news, Rumors are going arround that Leela will get a second eye in the 3rd season Shock! - read the article here [Dave]

What do you get .. ..if you take a bit of every famous Sci-Fi Production ever made, mix it in a B(l)ender, Spice it with a bit of X-Files and top it up with good humor? Leela's Quest by Smiley is now available in the Fan Fiction section. It's good, too . [Dave]

Nimbus is going down Some idiot who calls himself Nimbus polluted the Nibbler Story in the Interactive Stories section with R-rated crap. sigh.. when will people like him learn - stuff like this doesn't survive longer then 32 hours under my rule. [Dave]

June 20, 2000

One-Eyed Woman I went to alt.tv.futurama and stumbled across a song parody by Willy Pete, saying that he wanted to submit it in The Leela Zone but it was offline so he'd post it there instead. Well, good news Willy, your parody is online and well in the Song Parodies section. [Dave]

And they spilled my cocktail... Aaand in this corner... back online after two days... theee Leeeelaaa Zooone. My quiet moderating of the Message Board and the Interactive Stories and suttle adding-of-a-few-chapters activity proceeded unobstructed from the NewsPro Errors, so never fear about the storys . I'm still superbusy (as Leandro so fittingly put it, real life, you know), but holidays come up in 10 days so as soon as I'll find a day with nothing else to do I'll spend the whole day writing a next chapter to almost every dead-end branch in every story. That should hopefully rekindle some of the dead threads. And the second part of my fanfic is coming soon as well - how'd you people like the first one by the way? [Dave]

The place is open again! Okay people -- After two days (I think), this page is back up. Some weird something caused NewsPro's data file to get corrupted . Fortunately I had a backup (a lot of news items are deleted or modified though, because that backup copy is used for my internal "messing with", and boy do I mess with it). I just got the thing working again at "auxiliary power". It would've been up yesterday if I had connected to the web, but I was unable to (I am still too busy; "real life", you know? ). Anyway, there's new stuff: two Fan Art paintings by Dusty Petty and one by Robert Hawks. Also, a new question is up at the Not Daily Trivia. Oh, and there are some great posts about Anthology of Interest I in the Message Board: ideas for Anthology of Interest 2. [Leandro]

June 15, 2000

I'm sick of this room and everyone in it! So I'll be leaving for the weekend in exactly... 2 hours or so . Last note though: I just noticed that The Leela Zone has been nominated Site of the Week at the The Futurama Oscars... Yay! [Dave]

You go offline for a while... This entire weekend I'll be going on a residential with the cosmology course I'm doing for high-school, or, as I like to think of it, a "state-paid vacation" . Naturally, I won't be able to do any moderating whatsoever during that period. It'll be an interesting experiment to see how much the stories decay within two days without anyone watching them... To our star-writers (you know who you are ) and all other good contributors : If there is a junk-entry don't post anything after it, you'll most likely loose your entry when the branch is deleted. Otherwise - Keep it up, the stories are going great! [Dave]

I will now outline today's update... Okay, I'm uploading a Song Parody (Wow, you ask for something and you get it right away); a new Fan Fiction by A Zapp and Leela Romantic, Zapp's Piratic Brother; two new Fan Art images, one by Smiley and one by Per Johnsson; and a little update to Leela's Lair. Also, the Not Daily Trivia has a new... uh, something. Since I don't have time to come up with a good question (better said, I have a good question but I don't have time to search for the answer in the ten hours of Futurama), let's play "Identify that Framegrab". [Leandro]

Where in funkytown is the webmaster?! Here I am, for those of you that don't know nor care. I am working really a lot this week, and I will probably continue this way 'til saturday. But I have a little free time now, so I'll update. If I dissapear for another three days, it's because I'm working. Fortunately it's season break. By the way, Jennifer: there is a wallpaper of Leela and Fry in bed from Anthology of Interest I, as you requested in the Message Board. Just go to the Wallpapers section of Futurama Latinoamérica and pick your copy . (Note: Much Ado About Futurama, who hosts Futurama Latinoamérica, changed of server this week; so, Futurama Latinoamérica may be down . Just try again later). [Leandro]

June 14, 2000

I'm not lying dormant I'm always continuing my quiet moderating and editing on the Message Board and, most importantly, the Interactive Stories section, so don't think I'm not arround, Big Brother is always watching you.... By the way thanks again to all contributors you are great! Keep it up, the chapters are flowing in! I haven't been doing anything else lately, mainly cause I'm awfully busy, it's total rush here. I'll be back to the writing board soon though. In the meantime let me mention that the shrinking-branch in the "Who would have guessed" - story is, in my oppinion, pure genious..! Go there and read it, its really good. I've even added my own lengthy 2 cents, but that's all that I can fit in at this point . [Dave]

June 11, 2000

I'll hit you baby one more time... Smiley submitted another of those awesome Fan Art images we're used to see, this time costarring Brittney Spears. 'nuff said. By the way, a message to Jennifer the Jumping Quean II: The Message Board topic Anthology of Interest works perfectly; I just posted a test. If it still doesn't work for you, email me. [Leandro]

I'll never see any of them again... Yahoo! A Zapp and Leela Romantic submitted a new Fan Fiction: Y4K Pilot. After a head injury, Leela wakes up in 3999. [Leandro]

Put down the (ray) guns, please... I got some mails complaining about the Not Daily Trivia question being too damn hard, and I absolutely agree. I'll change it now, let's assume it never was up, okay? The current question is Leela-related -- stay away you Amy-Lovers Leela-Haters [Leandro]

Need4Update! This news item is to request submissions for the Picture Story and the Song Parodies. These sections have stayed the same since I know The Leela Zone (around November 1999), so I guess it's time to either get new content or close them down. Every other section of The Leela Zone that can be updated has got something since the reopening, but these two are stuck. [Leandro]

June 10, 2000

Interactive Story Rush!! Yay! I'm proud of all you people!! We got heaps of excellent additions to the Interactive Stories section in the last few days, keep it up! I won't be doing any writing for the next couple of days (very very busy week ahead) but once that is over I'll be right in it again. So keep adding them chapters, you're great!!! [Dave]

It's sound madness alright... Leandro calls it soundi dementia... the Winamp crazies... the wet headphones... the screaming speakers... Oh man, what a lame subject for the news item . Anyway, if you'd request a Sound Clip go and check the Requested Sound Clips page, because all the 2ACV sounds requested are now online (13 clips). I couldn't fulfill four requests because I don't have any idea of what quote was requested; I can accept slightly changed quotes, but some are impossible to decode... If yours is not there, request again (and remember I can only do 2ACV sounds, at least for now.) [Leandro]

New art. Dusty Petty has done two new drawings, and they're now online at the Fan Art section. As always, thanks goes to Futurama Fan Art for allowing The Leela Zone to use the pics. [Leandro]

Oddly Derived Trivia... Apologies to RoboSpy for the name . The Not Daily Trivia got a hard-as-hell question that has "a little" to do with Leela. So if you are one of those Amy-Lovers Leela-Haters, the section won't kill you . [Leandro]

June 8, 2000

Rewritting CGIs... The Message Board got all-new CGI scripts. Now it must be faster, since the files are 30% of the old size. A load of useless code inside, I guess. All my tests worked okay, but if something doesn't work for you drop me a line! [Leandro]

All-in-one Fan Fiction... I cleaned the HTML code of Leela's Return and joined all ten chapters in one big file. Now you can download the entire story instead of ten separate files, and also vote for the story as a whole. [Leandro]

Hey, wasn't that hard Converting the messy textfile to html wasn't that hard after all. I present to you... Fry's Return Chapter 2 by Silverwolf in our Fan Fiction section [Dave]

MASSIVE FANFIC UPDATE!! I have added ALL Fanfics by Silverwolf to our Fan Fiction section. In my personal oppinion her scripts are among the best I have EVER read, so go there NOW and read them! You will not be dissapointed! (The second Part of "Fry's Return" will be uploaded very soon I've got it here but converting the textfile to html is a pain that I'm not right now ready to bare ) [Dave]

Wasn't that hard... Looks like the editing wasn't that hard after all... "The Pregnancy" in Interactive Stories is back online again.. Now that you got your wish (you know who you are ) go there and add some chapters! [Dave]

New wallpaper... A trillion thanks to Rubén from Futurama en Español! He told me how to convert Framegrabs into Wallpapers using only three filters and blur, instead of a gazillion filters like I was using before! You can see a new Wallpaper I did using a grab from A Flight to Remember now... obviously in the Wallpapers section. [Leandro]

Off bounds... Please don't add anything to "The Pregnancy" in the Interactive Stories section. I'm currently doing some heavy editing that Jen Jumping Queen and Sailor Leela kept nagging about in the msgboard naa just kidding that's what I'm here for anyway, and I can hardly not obey to such a request if the two are some of our best contributors to the section . It should be up again in an hour or so. [Dave]

June 7, 2000

Opinions or complaints about the layout? I opened a new thread at the Message Board so you all can send complaints about the layout: what you want changed, what you like, what doesn't work, etc. Go and post your opinion! [Leandro]

Okay, the new stuff. Smiley submitted three new Fan Art parodies. The Pokemon one is great! (I have a four-year-old nephew who drives me insane with all that Pikacrap). Also, the new design is now online. Enjoy! Oh, if you're wondering why all the graphics in the layout are now PNG files instead of GIF, read this. I can't convert each and every graphic in the site to GIF, but this is a start... Plus PNG generates files 16% smaller than GIFs, with the same quality. [Leandro]

Stuff coming later... I have stuff to upload later, but now I just wanted to say two things. First, 47% of you want the other new design, against 36% who want this new design and 15% who want the previous design. I'll put the other new design up later. And second, no one who answered the Not Daily Trivia so far got it right. Sigh... everyone gets my hard questions, but no one gets my easy questions?!?! [Leandro]

June 6, 2000

Is anybody out there??? What happened to the Interactive Stories section, nobody touched it for days!! I wrote two new chapters for the nibbler one before my creative phase ran out, hopefully this will stimulate some further writing. C'mon people the interactive stories are part of what makes this site so great, so go there and write some chapters! In actual news, we will soon get all the stories by Silverwolf into our Fan Fiction section (she writes absolutely devine scripts, I'm sure you'll agree as soon as I post them here ), and I need a special framegrab, namely the one where Leela kisses the little omicronian a the end of "Problem with Popplers". I have an idea for a fanart and I need that grab and can't fine it anywhere (yes I checked Can't Get Enough Futurama and The Futurama Outlet). If you have it please lemme know. [Dave]

What? More? Well, no new content... but the Not Daily Trivia has a new question! This time is easy, so go and answer it! [Leandro]

More new stuff! This time, the new stuff is a Fan Fiction by A Zapp and Leela Romantic, based on the Interactive Story that is based on another Fan Fiction of the same author. Geez, I have a headache. Go read The True Pregnancy. And answer the poll to decide between the two new layouts! [Leandro]

New stuff! Andrashar submitted two new Wallpapers (Leela in the catsuit and Leela in the swimsuit) and one new Fan Art (a watercolor called "Each Night I Ponder Home"). Thanks, Andrashar! And keep sending stuff, all of you! [Leandro]

People like the new design! Well, there was only 35 votes, but two thirds of you like the new design more. The problem is, I already had a new design ready to upload today! Oh well. I'll put a poll later between this one, the previous one and the next one. [Leandro]

I love my Paint Shop Pro... I found a way to convert Framegrabs into Wallpapers, using three thousand filters. They look like paintings... there's one of Baby Leela in the Wallpapers section here at The Leela Zone; if you like them and want that kind of wallpapers but with other characters, go check Futurama Latinoamérica: I uploaded seven wallpapers done with this 'technique' there, featuring Fry, Zoidberg, Zapp, Amy and the Planet Express' ship. [Leandro]

June 5, 2000

As per your request, please find enclosed... the last fanscript on earth Naa, just kidding, there will be heaps more. But I have submitted my first fanscript to the Fan Fiction section - this first part of many begins with a young omicronian asking Leela for help. Disaster has struck on Omicron Persei 8.... [Dave]

Again?!?! Yes, again. In case you're reading this later in the news archive, it means I changed the site's design again. I'd set up a poll, so go vote which design do you want to keep. I hope this design lasts more than the May 15th one (it lasted... well, 20 hours or so ). [Leandro]

June 4, 2000

New Interactive Story!! Did everyone read Silverwolf's Fanfic "Fry's Return" in The Futurama Outlet? If not do it now, it'll be a useful survival guide for the new addition to the Interactive Stories. Enjoy and stay tuned for more. [Dave]

New wallpaper... From my good ol' Argentina comes Germán Minces to give The Leela Zone a new Wallpaper of Leela shooting. Go check it out. [Leandro]

June 3, 2000

Welcome to a very special human hunt... Well, it looks like it didn't take me two days to get established, more like twenty minutes! Thanks again Leandro, I love it, the stories are all in top-condition now. I was asked if I would allow making out and kissing even if I banned non-PG entries. Well, answer is, what happends in the show can happen in the story, and that DOES include the above two things! Everytime you write a chapter ask yourself if this could happen in the show. If it could, then it'll probably be fine. [Dave]

Hail... Hail... Hail... Hi everyone - you may remember me from the Message Board and from my writing in the Interactive Stories. It'll take me some time to learn all the things to know for a moderator, but once I'll get used to it (give it 2 days ) I'll (apart from continuing to submit my own writing ) keep the section maintained. The rules should be well-known to everybody: junk entries, non-PG, nonsense etc. will all be thrown out, you know the deal. Well, that's it for now, stay tuned. [Dave]

All hail the new moderator! Dave (known for posting at the Message Board and for being one of the leaders of the Not Daily Trivia) will moderate the Interactive Stories from now on. He said he'll enjoy the job, and since that means I won't have to clean the crap that keeps being posted, I'm as happy as a Crushinator can be after meeting Bender . Thanks, Dave! [Leandro]

Get your ears ready! Because the Not Daily Trivia got a musical question. I'm pretty sure that it's very hard, you'll never get it right... BWAHAHAHA!!! ... However you might, just might, find the answer . [Leandro]

June 1, 2000

Two months! Whoa, two months and we're still here? And with over twenty thousand visitors? I'm surely regenerating in Unimatrix Zero (translation: this oughta be a dream ). Anyway, today we have a big Fan Art update, with two images by Andrashar, two more by Jennifer Morton and one more by Scott C. Also, the Brain Slug Wallpaper by Andy McDermott of Planet Express Service Station is now online at The Leela Zone, in the Wallpapers section obviously. [Leandro]