May 2015
Posted on May 24, 2015 by Tim
Holy deluge, Delivery-Boy Man, we've got a full cargo hold all of a sudden. I actually had to drag my lazy behind over to the computer and do somethin'. I'm not used to this kind of intense activity any more, but here's three new things and, for a change, there's more in queue. It's like it's spring and all of the Futurama Fans just woke up from hibernation. So let's see if I remember how this all works. Ah, OK, first up, two new Fan Arts - this first one is from Ralf Stumpf and is the 'rama crew playing at being the Jetsons.

Spaceman130 sends this tastefully done nude of a very pregnant Kif Kroker reposing against a tree on Amphibios 9. The thumbnail might be a little hard to see so go look at the full sized version.

And to follow up here's a spot of new Fan Fiction. Dwayne Anderson sends part 13 of his fic Space Age Doofus. Never underestimate the power of a moron!
What if ... things were busier around here?
Posted on May 5, 2015 by Tim
An, remember the good olde days when we got enough stuff that I was chained to my computer doing updates practically every day? Sadly, things are kinda quiet these days but occasionally the dedicated fan still shows up with a morsel. Today is one such. Spaceman130 dropped off this new Comic Transcript. It's issue #74 entitled What the What If? in which Fry and Bender blow up the What If machine, releasing it's pent up what if energy and turning the greater New New York area into various alternate reality versions of itself. Sounds like a good plot for a bad Fan Fiction, doesn't it?