May 2013
Inking the shark
Posted on May 31, 2013 by Tim
Both of today's cool new items involve ink. The first kind if the stuff you make Fan Comics out of - or might have before the digital age anyway, so call it virtual ink. Anyway, Pieter Antonissen's Four Better or For Worse gets a long anticipated bump which really jumps the shark. The new stuff starts on page 114.

And now for a different kind of ink, MBishop sent this pic of his new ink. I'll let him tell it from here: “This was done on a snowy day back in January. I've always been a big Fry and Leela 'ship supporter and wanted to do something to show it. And boom! Like lightning it hit me, Fry's been playing the Holophoner for years now and surely he's had to have gotten substantially better at it (yes, I know it's "Fry" we're talking about here) but with the right "inspiration" he can truly show that he can master his skills. Finding the right way to design it was a challenge in itself, but after finding the right images and a little modifying, this 3 hour and 24 minute idea was a reality. Funny enough the man who did it (Billy Jacks Tattoos) had done a Homer Simpson tattoo a few days earlier! But I'm proud of my ink and only want to share with other fanatics like myself.”. So there you go - another awesome to the max Futurama tat enshrined in the Madhouse Fan's Photos arkive.
Thirty plus
Posted on May 29, 2013 by Tim
Huzzah! The dry spell seems to be letting up a little! Either that or the upstairs toilet is leaking. No, this is definitely not the latter, I know this 'cause it's a Fan Comic! It's a bunch of new pages to Inquisitor Hein's 30 which, in dense and finely detailed pages, traces the origins of the Amazonians and spoofs the movie "300". The new stuff starts on page 23.

Uh oh, look out. He's trotting out a framegrab of Cubert again. That can only mean one thing - some new Cubert's Rants! Been a while since we've had any of those, but Eric stepped in with a few clever retorts to the little wart's nitpicking of Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Check 'em out.

And to close out today's trifecta of yummy goodness, let's teach Bender to cook. Well, that's what Leela is trying to do in this Fan Art from Awalex. I'm told the PlanEx team got tired of dodging his dangerous food (Humans like Plutonium, right?) and so they decided to teach him to cook, and somehow, Leela got elected to show him. Now he can freeze a month's worth of dinners too.
Beer, boxing and weddings make?
Posted on May 28, 2013 by Graham
Things seem to have slowed down a bit since the cancellation message. Ah well, been there, done that. Still, it hurts. However, let's not get too bogged down with old news and bring in the new. Seems there's been a wedding, and Fry and Leela were invited. What, didn't you know? We have evidence in picture form for you doubters out there. OK, it comes in the form of fan art, but it's still Fry and Leela off to go and visit a wedding. Coming clean, it's actually a nicely created work by a new art submitter called Beer Boxing, who's made a Fry and Leela kissing collage out of beer boxes. Oh, wait, he's not a boxer in the Tyson sense... or even a drunk Tyson sense? Anyway, this neat work he made as a wedding gift for some lucky couple. Hmm... now that the packaging was put to excellent use, then the beer will come in handy to add to the appreciation.

In other news, Eric Kaplan, past producer, editor and writer for Futurama, has a new project up his sleeve. I was contacted by Patrick Epino of My Damn Channel, who wrote to me asking to tell you about this new project. I'll let him explain and save me time coming up with something original (un prefix optional) and probably distracting, disturbing, pointless, rambling... get on with it!

"I work for internet video company My Damn Channel, and we're collaborating with former Futurama writer Eric Kaplan on a new project called Love Me Cat. Itís a puppet talk show in the vein of Conan or The Tonight Show, starring a thoughtfully hilarious cat that desperately wants to be loved and his wisecracking owl sidekick. Love Me Cat and Owly talk to celebrity guests about love, alienation and what itís like to be a person in this fast changing world."

You can see what's what by going to the Love Me Cat project page. Looks like interesting fun. Good luck!
A thousand years from now, give or take a few
Posted on May 26, 2013 by Tim
I donít know when Futurama will come back but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Maybe it will happen in a thousand years, when on a rainy evening Leela and Fry will rush for the premiere of the next season, just like in this new Fan Art from Awalex.

And in the Whales vs Superheros department, here's a new Fan Fiction and pits one against the other. It's from Hailey Sands and it's called Justice Team 2 vs The Whale, which is a cross between Less Than A Hero and Mobius Dick and tells the story of what happens when a space egg falls into a pool and hatches into the son of Mobius Dick who is bent on destruction of the Earth's oceans for what happened to his father. Fry, Leela, and Bender are sent to take the whale down, but they don't come through. It is time for a new batch of superheroes to save the day?
Hell yes we do!
Posted on May 18, 2013 by Tim
They say that the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked. I believe that is true. Then I got one the other day that asked “Are you still accepting fanfics?”. That gave me a moments pause. But H-word yes, we sure are. True, things have been a little slow lately, so slow that's it's been almost two weeks since the last update. In that time, I've received just two Fan Fictions and a like number of Fan Arts from an equal number of sources, but that doesn't mean we've hung up the “going out of business again” sign. No, not yet. So, let's get busy:

The two aforementioned Fan Arts and one of the Fan Fictions comes to us courtesy of the fertile mind of Gulliver63. The story is called To Serve Amy. Fans of the stupid ages TV show Twilight Zone will be happy to know that it's based on the classic episode To Serve Man. In this story we find out what happens when the PE Gang are sent to pick up some copies of that famous book from the planet Kanama. Will they be eaten? Or will they find friends that they didn't even know they had there. Enjoy...and, er, bon appetite!

The other Fan Fiction is Part 23 of Dwayne Anderson's sometimes gory murdilation of the PE crew, Matters of Life and Death. This installment that Dwayne squirts out is sub-titled Slurm-Term which looks at the consequences of addiction to the effluent of a worms behind. And no, it isn't Fry that kicks off from a bad bout of mud butt in this one.
Say what?
Posted on May 6, 2013 by Tim
As some of you may have noticed, this is a fan site, so it would probably be good if we had some actual show related info every once in a while, and since I'm feeling mildly non-lazy today, I actually have something. You're probably already aware that Comedy Central is running Countdown to Futurama. You can check out clips and character designs and other fun tidbits from the upcoming season like this grab here. Rumor has it that it may only be accessible from the USA or maybe North America. Maybe some clever person will figure out a workaround for the rest of the world, meanwhile, you'll just have to skip ahead to the next item...

... which is this Fan Art from LadyBender, who doesn't offer any explanation, so there you go, just a cool picture, suitable for framing, of our three main futuerites doing what they do best.

Lastly, here's a new Fan Fiction by Dwayne Anderson. It the next part in his ongoing murder and mayhem series Matters of Life And Death. This chapter is subtitled April Fool and it tells the story of practical jokes gone horribly wrong.
Oh, the vast emptiness
Posted on May 1, 2013 by Tim
Canceled - this is what it feels like. kaspired sends this new Fan Art and sez “Thought I'd chime in with my take on the cancellation - with the upcoming cancellation of Futurama, I feel like something will be missing...”. Trust me bro, we're all with you on that.

So for a little something to fill the void here's a new Fan Fiction/Fan Art double whammy from Gulliver63. The fic is called The Promised Land in which the PE crew get kidnapped in deep space and end up on a planet of Cyclopses, which is a technologically advanced world who think Leela is the missing daughter of a high government official, and their scientists are eager to dissect the brains of her two eyed pets (Fry and Amy). The pic is the cover art for the story (and from the looks of things Bender can bend both ways, if you know what I mean ).