May 2012
Tons of stuff
Posted on May 28, 2012 by Tim
And it doesn't matter if those are metric tons or an English tons, Captain Fry here can deliver it. So, taking a page out of Rush's book, Frosty had Sal back the dump truck up and unload on me. She says that since she's on vacation from school and not gainfully employed at the moment she's been able to get some real work done. So, in addition to Captain Fry here, in both rough sketch and color, she's also got two others to add to her Fan Art collection; one of Fry as a rock star and one of Fry as a Detroit Red Wings player. And since I can't nest href tags you'll just have to Google “Detroit Red Wings” yourself if you don't know what that is. Hint, ice hockey, and since that's the "local" home team, I'll probably catch H-word from the other Michiganders hereabouts for even suggesting someone wouldn't know who they were.

Frosty also has a bunch of new Fan Fiction, and artwork to go with them. This one is called It's Always Sunny in New New York. This fic will be a series of a parodies of the TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This lead off segment is subtitled Fry Wants An Abortion in which Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle reveals that they have a son together.

Second is a complete fic called For Lovers Only where after ten years of being apart, Fry and Leela meet on planet De Eifel, forcing them to come to terms with their relationships back home. It's based on the independent movie of the same name directed by the Polish Brothers and staring Mark Polish and Stana Katic.

And lastly but not leastly, Frosty sends the concluding part of Castlerama. You'll recall that this is a Castle/Futurama crossover where Detective Kate Beckett and best selling author Richard Castle end up in the year 3011 and meet up with the Planet Express Crew. Well, in this installment, in what is either a funny or kinky situation, depending on your point of view, Fry and Leela wake up handcuffed together in a seedy, run down room and can't remember how they got there. It sounds like it was a good party, but it wasn't, and Castle and friends have another case on their hands.
What a load!
Posted on May 27, 2012 by Tim
And by load I mean a lot of stuff. What were you thinking? I figured if I'm even gonna keep up with the current influx of stuff, I'd better kick it up a notch, so here tonight is a whole PE ship load of goodness. First, some actual Fan Art! That's something that has been in short supply lately. It's from !iMmOrTaL! and there's two more character designs for his upcoming Fan Comic Welcome to the World of Sorrow. I'll let him tell it from here: “The third DVD Movie BENDER'S GAME borrowed elements from three franchises, Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I, in turn am doing the same, borrowing elements from Back to the Future (Professor Farnsworth's Character Design), Star Wars (Mom's Character Design) and the last? Well you'll have to wait and see.... These are the last Main Character designs, next time will be 'GUEST STARS' and afterwards, a final character design from a completley unexpected franchise!”.

And now, a whole bunch of Fan Fiction:
First up, Rush has two new ones. The first is Bendytubbies, which is, quite simply, the Teletubbies, Futurama style. This one is different than Rush's usual fare 'cause it's illustrated and it in prose! Rush's other new fic is Magical Shiny Land in which Fry takes a snooze and wakes up in Equestria. Rush departs from his usual format again in this one because it's both in prose, and it's long - 34 pages or thereabouts, which is about 40 times longer than your average Rushfic.

Next we have Lamusiqe13 with Leela of the Rings where Leela recalls her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy. Lamusiqe13 says of the fics he's written so far, this one is his favorite.

And finally, Dwayne Anderson is back with the next offing in his Matters of Life and Death. This is Part 10, subtitled Art Attack. As before, this series deals with Futurama characters getting themselves bumped off by various and sundry graphic means, so if you're not fond of such things, I might suggest some other very nice fics just up the page.
Todays FMTLZ update is brought to you by the letter L
Posted on May 23, 2012 by Tim
Does that take anyone back? Doesn't me either. Anyway, the hit parade of Fan Fiction continues with two new ones, both by L authors. The first, both alphabetically and chronologically, is Lamusiqe13 with Citizen Brain in which the Brains (not to be confused with the square dancing stomachs) escape their entrapment in the alternate universe and it's up to Fry to defeat them once again, and also prove that he isn't the dumbest person in the known universe (hint: he fails at one of those two tasks).

The other L fic is the fourth chapter in Lauren Smiles Love At Long Last. This one is subtitled “Double Date + Proposal” - and I think that pretty much says it all.
'Cause I wanna'
Posted on May 22, 2012 by Tim
Generally, there are only two reasons for doing anything in life, 'cause we have to and 'cause we want to. This site is all about the latter, and that's exactly what inspired this new Fan Art that Onuki drew; he says it was “just something I wanted to make”. If you read his Fan Fictions you'll probably figure out who all of various Fry-like characters are. And speaking of his Fan fics, he's got four new ones. They are, in descending order of cosmic import, Have a Pure Newborn Heart, Nature is Good!, All the Best to Men, and Inferior Decorators, part 2 - Don't Wanna Live the Perfect Life. Time, space, and general laziness prevent me from detailing all of the various plot synopsi, but you can find them on his Fan fics page. Suffice to say these, like most of his fics, feature various Frys in a relationship with the author.

Rush also has two new ones also. They are Good News on TV in which the PE staff are entertained by the evening news, and Happy Working, whcih is something of a misnomer since the fic is about how happy the PE crew are to get off of work and peruse their favorite cultural activities.
Scruffy's dream of his own snuff-porn have died yet again...
Posted on May 15, 2012 by Tim
Poor Scruffy. Well, we've got a whole steamin' pile of Fan Fiction and so we'll lead off with this new one by dinkdrinker 'cause it as steamin' as they come. It's called Let Me Call You Sweat-Heart, and in it things get a little steamy when the Prof invents a new pheromone booster and goes looking for a couple to test it on. Naturally there are some unintended consequences, especially when Bender adds his own unique touch to the experiment. A minor warning - this one has a couple of mildly sexually suggestive scenes.

Fan art by Javier Sánchez/The Futurama Point

The next fic is by Lauren Smiles with part 3 of Love At Long Last. This one is sub-titled “A Problem With Fry”. It seems that Fry and Leela have finally found some common ground, until one day when Fry just suddenly collapses and even the mighty Dr. Zoidberg can't figure out what's wrong with him.

And back from a brief hiatus is Zoey Webber with a story entitled Do You Come From A Land Downunda?. It's the tale of how Zoidberg saved Fry, Bender, and Leela from being stranded. But afterward he still isn't feeling appreciated so he runs away and joins the Space Corps. He ends up on a planet called Downunda where he is beloved! Especially by the Mayor there who's a man in a dog suit named Wilford (who's based on the character from the FX show Wilfred). Everyone loves Zoidberg, that is until Bender shows up. This could only end badly.

Well, things have been humming along real nice at the Madhouse here recently with contributions pouring in as fast (or faster) as I can get them put up and daily updates being belched out like Bender in a beer warehouse. Yep, things are running real smooth. So, now that everything is purring like a well fed Nibbloanian it's time to screw with it. And if I'm trotting out the beach picture it can only mean one thing - and that's that I'm going on a little vacation, so things is going to be a little quiet here for a few days. There's still a few things waiting to be delivered so if you haven't seen your stuff yet, look for it next week. See ya!
Six heads are better than one, right?
Posted on May 14, 2012 by Tim
So yesterday I mentioned that Fan Art was in short supply these days, and I also mentioned “memes”. Well lookie what showed up in my mailbox - three new pics from Jenny Ngo and as usual that means at least six Fry heads. The meme part, me thinks that's obvious. You probably thinks I have no clue what a “memes” really is and I'm just saying that to sound smart. Can't imagine where you'd get a silly idea like that. Oh, and due to the vagaries of the way the fan fic pages are laid out, one of her pics ended up on her first page, and the other two on her second, so make sure you check both.

Now here's a surprise - more Fan Fiction. It's really coming in fast and furious recently, but that's a good thing. So first is a fic by Lamusiqe13 called Kif Gets Knocked Up Another Notch. It's a story of Amy and Kif awkwardly reuniting when the Planet Express crew has a meeting with the crew of the Nimbus. The big L sez “Unlike my other episodes, this episode is in the form of a correct TV script” and Tim sez “and boy was that a pain in the shiny metal to get formatted anywhere near correctly”.

And there is also a couple of new ones from that prolific teller of tall (but short) tales, Rush. First, we've got Caffinated Bacon in which there are some weird goings on at Planet Express; and then there's Space Cow-O-Rama in which Rush tries to predict the future, and by future I mean the upcoming episode from the new season A Farewell to Arms. Rush wants present and future, and by future he means possibly long after he's dead that he wrote this long before AF2A ever aired and that he scraped together bits and pieces of info from video previews and news info. It's always a dangerous thing, trying to predict what Futurama is going to do. We'll just have to wait and see how close he gets it (and by close I mean how hard we can laugh at him).
Mega birthday
Posted on May 13, 2012 by Tim
What day is today?
It's Freako's birthday!
What a day for a birthday,
Let's all have some cake!
Yes indeed, not only is today (also known as yesterday in some parts of the world) Futurama_Freak1's birthday, but he also sent us a new bit of Fan Art (something we haven't had much of lately). Now, lest you think this is just another run of the mill Futurama delivery themed pic where Fry is slacking off somewhere and leaving Leela to carry the load, it's actually based on the Mega Milk meme that popped up a couple of years back. Happy Birthday Freako, welcome to the world of tomorrow (also known as today in some parts of the world).

You Want Some Fry With That?
I hope so, 'cause you're gonna get it whether you want it or not. Mostly 'cause that's the title of one of two new Comic Transcripts that Umbreon has just finished. They are #55, The Trouble With Trilogies (can't guess what they're spoofing in that title ) and #56 Do You Want Fry With That?.

But wait! There's more! For more fried Fry action, check out the latest in Dwayne Anderson's Matters of Life and Death series. This one is the 9th installment called Tonight's Menu: Deep Fry in which Fry finally gets Leela to agree to have dinner with him by uttering those three words women love to hear from their partner - “I'll make dinner!”. Might make a nice shippy Fan Fiction, except this isn't how this series goes and in Morbo's words “Gruesome death awaits us all!”. You've been warned.
Creative titles and other stuph
Posted on May 12, 2012 by Tim
Got a bunch of Fan Fiction today. First is two new chapters (or Episodes) of Jewelvine's fic Revenge. They are Episode IV: A New Chance and Episode Episode V For Vendetta: The Callanian Strikes Back. If you've been following along, you'll have undoubtedly noticed that J gets a little creative with episode names and chapter titles.

Another creative title author is Onuki, who has two new ones. In Enveloped by love & the sun the Brain Spawn send Leela into a Family Guy book, and Shunsuke, Fry, and Bender into Kickin' It Old School (comic #16). This is based on a idea by Trenton Sands. Onuki's second fic is Tears from smiling face ~ Circle of friends ~ where Fry returns to Universe-1 and finds out Fry-1 is single so he brings him and Bender-1 back to Universe-A to move in with himself, Shunsuke, & Bender-A. If you happen to be a math major you'll quickly see that number of combinations for wedgies has gone up dramatically. Regulars here sholud know the drill by now, but in case you're new, Onuki's fics feature Fry in a relationship with the author.
Only supported at her scrunchie?
Posted on May 9, 2012 by Tim
So I get this e-mail the other day from kaspired (the guy with the coolest bike on Madhouse) who says he's been really busy lately, and has suffered some serious trauma from getting a haircut, but now that he's out of therapy he's back to creating cool stuff. The first is a concept sketch. He sez he wanted to draw something that was very solid, and granite is just about as solid as you can get. <-- see, my head proves that. The next two photos are of a plasticine head and shoulders thingie that he made, about which he says “The plasticine is the reclaimed unused remains of the first sculpture that was so bad I don't want to show it, so the colors aren't super clean, but oh well. I built her head first, from the neck up, but it looked strange so I faked in her shoulders. Did you notice that her pony tail is only supported at her scrunchie? Overall height is just under six inches (15 cm), and the total time I spent on this was about three hours. Taking a decent photo was harder than building the thing.“.

Ok, now here's something we haven't had in a long time, and we need to have more of (hint hint). It's, at long last, a new Episode Transcript: 6acv02 In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela, and we have Lamusiqe13 to thank for the effort.

And lastly but not leastly (I use that at least once a month, don't I?) a new chapter in a Fan Fiction: It's Episode 2 of LaurenSmiles1 fic Love At Long Last. This chapter is sub-titled Flyback, which I think is very clever because of what's going on in it (and also maybe because I suggested it ). This pic is some cover art she created for the series.
Golden goodie blasts from the pasts
Posted on May 7, 2012 by Tim
All right, girls, put on those Poodle skirts and saddle shows; guys, slick back your hair and roll up a pack of cigarettes in the sleeve of your t-shirt; and everybody hop in the pink and black car with the big tail fins head for the sock hop. Or, maybe we could just play some Elvis records like Jenny here in this Fan Art from Jennifer Morton. Jenny is an OC created by Jennifer.

On the Fan Fiction front, we have two new items, both by Lamusiqe13. The first one is How to Write a Fan Fiction: Adventures in Sarcasm and the author describes it thusly: “Have you ever watched an episode of Futurama and thought “I could write this crap!”? Well, you can't. Not without my genius tutorial on how to write a “good” fan fiction. Okay, I was being really sarcastic back there. This is actually a very sarcastic fan fiction writing tutorial. But it's funny. Read it.” (webmaster's note: If one were to root around in the fan fic arkive, one might find another how-to article that might have inspired this). And, taking his own advice, he went on to write a short fan-fic based on the above How-To called Fry and Leela Love Each Other. Lamusiqe13 did mention that he forgot to instruct us in how to write the all-important synopsis, which is not something you want to leave to your local webmasters, those idiots will screw that up every time. No, it's best to do it yourself, and L's advices on that, when all else fails, is to go “You are getting sleepy. You are getting very sleepy. When I snap my fingers, you will read this fan fiction and think it was very good.”.
Better than brain slugs
Posted on May 4, 2012 by Tim
Ok, we got us a two-fer here today which illustrates the benefit of being able to illustrate your own Fan Fiction. In this case, the fic is a new one by Gulliver63 and it's called Hop In and Drive; and the pic is cover art for same. Gulliver63 describes the story thusly: “our Futurama friends find out what happens when a group of aliens use their bodies to have a night on the town. The ringleader of these aliens finds out that he has his "hands" full with our favorite mutant Leela. Will all this end well? Will Zapp Brannigan and Bender become fabulously wealthy in the process? Read on and find out what happens when the aliens hop in for a drive.“

And now her Ladyship, Umbry, Lord High Master of the Comic Transcribing Arts... Esquire has deemed it appropriate to present us with a transcript of #54 How Much Is That Mutant In The Window?, which also includes an extra bit, Captain Zapp Brannigan in Rank Call!. PS - she told me to say that. Well, some of it anyway.

And lastly today, a look at what might happen if Bender had an addictive personality ... oh, wait. But that's about the size of it, as Rush has a Fan Fiction in three parts that looks at what would happen if Bender got addicted to a MMORPG. It's called World of Ramacraft. That's a link to part 1, you'll have to find the other two parts on your own.
In outer space, no one can see your tan lines
Posted on May 2, 2012 by Tim
Ahoy mates, yesterday I said we'd have some new frames for Pieter Antonissen's Four Better or For Worse Fan Comic, and here they are. Ten new pages of plot advancing goodness, all with a “surprise end” starting on page 54.

And now for some Fan Fiction. This one is by Lamusiqe13 and it's called Mutany. It seems there's another war on and everyone has been drafted again, except that when Leela finds out there's a rule against mutants serving in the military, she leads a mutiny of mutants, takes over the Nimbus, and tries to convince Earth president Nixon to rescind the rule.

And just to round out todays hit parade of updates, here's a new Comic Transcript. Umbreon is typing her fingers to the bone to bring you the words of wisdom from comic #53 A Bump in the Flight.
A catchy headline is the hardest part ...
Posted on May 1, 2012 by Tim
Which is why I usually save it for last, when the creative juices are all dried up. Fortunately, I wrote all of this first: Good news everybody, you may recall Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better or Four Worse that has been tantalizing and titillating us for some time now, well, I'm told we'll have some new frames real soon now. Meanwhile, Pieter has sent this sketch as a sneak preview from a little further down the road.

Now, in the kidnapping, ransom, alien invasion, and amnesia department, we have the promised Part 3 of Jewelvine's Fan Fiction Revenge. This episode is called The True Identity of Leela. This is the part that I thought was broken a few days ago. It isn't, but if something looks a little odd or out of place, you might try a mouseover and see if anything interesting shows up.

And there's one more Fan Fiction today - the latest in Dwayne Anderson's series of blood, guts, and gore fics Matters of Life And Death. Part 8 is called Scruffed Off and if that don't tell you who gets offed in this one, nothin' will. I am required by the brass to includes a warning about this fic that it includes graphic descriptions of death and the management of FM-TLZ is not responsible of you loose your lunch or poison your pet brain slug in an ill-conceived chemistry experiment.