May 2011
It's really been a zoo around here ..
Posted on May 31, 2011 by Tim
So welcome to my world, let's spend A Day at the Zoo, a new Fan Fiction just released by Gulliver63, and it's got these neato pics to go with it. In it, the Planet Express crew delivers a bunch of zoo animals to an eccentric billionaire, only to end up becoming zoo animals themselves. They find themselves having to grapple with an enemy who can create any illusion in a person's mind...how do you you fight someone like that? Personally, I'd try water balloons, but that's just me. The big G goes on to say that if the ending seems a bit hopeless, keep in mind that the sequel will be coming in a couple of weeks. He also sends many thanks to kaspired for his valuable help on both the aliens and the sphere...he came up with some great suggestions.
Love 'em and luze 'em
Posted on May 30, 2011 by Tim
This fan art is on the fan. Yep, it's another Futurama tattoo. It's been a while since we last heard from Sedna, but now she's back with some pics of her new tats which we've ensconced in the Fan's Photos section. These arrived three days ago on May 27, a date which she says is “a personal anniversary for me, and that day always means a lot (both in good and bad ways), so I figured I would make it a little brighter by getting this done.”

An, amazingly enough, another Fan's Photos entry following right on it's heels. How often does that happen, eh? Anyway, this is a Real World Futurama that Frosty spotted along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. It's a hotel called Conrads. Frosty says she didn't spot any Rastafarian Accountants though (I suspect the place was too pricey for them). Also, please note that for some reason, the full size image shows up rotated 90 degrees. I don't know why 'cause the original is correct. Anyway, until I get time to fix it, just turn your screen sideways, or look at it laying down.

Now this exquisite work, on loans tos us from the Louvre, is entitled “Futurama on a Blackboard”. Notice how the successively smaller letter sizes suggest an array of letters on a hillside a la the Hollywood sign, and how the perspective lines draw our eye to the chalk smudge between the A and M. This Fan Art is by that artist who transcends genres even as he re-invents them, Rush.
Nerdlingers: It's time to take action!
Posted on May 27, 2011 by Tim
EW.com (Entertainment Weekly) is running a poll in which you can vote for the 25 Greatest Animated Series Ever, and naturally we're encouraging everyone to go vote - and you know which series is the greatest ever, right? That's right, Danger Mouse. Not really, that was just a joke for Graham - little known story, but for the flip of a coin, this site would have been The Danger Mouse Zone. But, fortunately for us Futurama fans it isn't, and also since DM isn't on the list, so go cast your vote for the best. Futurama Thanks to Rush for the find.

Now let's do a little Fan Fiction. H-15 sends us a new chapter in his fic Danger In Peace. In the first part, after a string of vicious pirate attacks the PE crew are issued strange orders from the DOOP which result in a new crew member. So in part 2 we, and they, get to know the new person, and he isn't on the ship very long before he's causing heartburn for Bender and heartaches for Fry.

This one's been floating around the internet for a while, and recently BackToTheFuturama noticed that we'd had some other “demotivational” pics appear over in the Miscellaneous Pictures section and he decided we ought to have this one. Fine, not a problem. Only thing is, I wouldn't call it “demotivational”, it's really all about having your priorities straight.
Played like a cheap harpsichord
Posted on May 25, 2011 by Tim
Yeah, I think we're being set up as a publicity stunt. Either that or this is going to be one heck of a kick shiny metal Fan Fiction. The back story here is that a few days ago we had one of kaspired's pics that was inspired by an alleged future still in the works fic by Gulliver63. Here's another, and I'll let K tall about this pic in his own words: “Gulliver 63 has written another fan-fiction which is due to be released the first of next month. He was kind enough to let me read an early version. In it several members of the PE crew are taken as slaves including Leela, but that's in another chapter. So this is where I come in. My compact Oxford dictionary defines slave as "Somebody who is the legal property of another." It doesn't have anything at all to do with the costume they're wearing. It could be something very formal (Fry) or something very outrageous (Amy) or something very in between (Kiff). Yes everybody has their owners initials on them (somewhere). Yes that is a handprint on Amys forehead. Yes that is a bone in her nose (clip-on or through? Let the viewer decide). Yes the coconut drink is smoking. Yes, oh, her "clothes" ... once upon a time ago I read that if you want a very "interesting" dress design, make it look as if it'll fall off at any second. I took that idea and really ran with it.“.

Meanwhile, over in Comic Transcripts, dinkdrinker continues to loose sleep as he cranks out yet another one. This time we have #10 The Big Sweep. It also includes two extras, and advertisement, and Let's see...WHAT'S IN BENDER'S CHEST!.
More old school fan art
Posted on May 23, 2011 by Tim
About a week ago we had some Fan Art that was quill pen and ink well and so, continuing that old school theme we have chalk on black board (a 2 Euro mini-blackboard to be exact). Rush is the creator of this one and he solved the problem of how to submit it by sticking it in his scanner.

Here's a video on YouTube that zackfenix Rey spotted and sent in. It's called Futurama Japanese Opening, a title that I suspect is intended to make the unwary think it might be the show's opening used in Japan. Me, I think it's a fan video set to a Japanese pop song. Whatever it is, it's still fun.
In the !iMmOrTaL! words of Bender ...
Posted on May 22, 2011 by Tim
... I'm back baby! And so, after getting the afore mentioned Real Life stuff taken care of, along with an unplanned wee bout , we're back in business. Unfortunately, it looks like everyone else is off doing other stuff too 'cause other than a few dead moths and the usually complement of spam, there wasn't anything in my mail box. Fortunately though, not everyone is on holiday, over in another less frequently used mailbox I found three new Fan Arts from !iMmOrTaL!. This one I'm sure you'll recognize is a scene from one of the upcoming new episodes, subtly altered. Someone was bound to redesign it this way sooner or later!

Here's the other two that !iMmOrTaL! sent in. The first is Amy as Nico Collard from Broken Sword 1 and the second is Amy in uniform from a Storyboard from the new season.
Freaky Tuesday
Posted on May 17, 2011 by Tim
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" is the old saying, so last time I was in Chicago, I did as Chicagoans do and stood on a street corner watching a bunch of people digging a hole in the street. And while I was there, I had a chance to talk with Fan Fiction author and FMMB moderator MC. The transcript of that conversation, plus a few follow up e-mails, turned into our latest Webmaster Interview.

ANNNNNNDDDD, we have a new Comic Transcript. Dinkdrinker has just completed comic number 9: Freaky Fry-Day which is a body-swap story. He also says he'll soon be hard at work on number ten, and that Umbreon is busy doing number 8 so look for that soon.

Also, you recall a few days ago, or was it weeks? I don't know, time flies when you're having fun. Anyway, we mentioned that there will be a Futurama themed Monopoly game later this year and that fan could vote for a seventh, “gold finish” piece; well, not it's official, that seventh piece is Bender's head. Thanks to Dinkdrinker for that bit of news.

And finally, one bit of Fan Art tonight, a new contributor to the Madhouse who goes by the moniker of perfectlypunky with this pic of Robo-Fry who seems a little surprised by the revelation too.

And that, my friends, cleans out the old mail box, which is OK for a short while 'cause I'm gonna be off-line for a few days taking care of some of that Real Life stuff.
Fan art by Leandro Pardini
I'm bored and want to try some other stuff.
Posted on May 15, 2011 by Tim
So I'm turning in my two week notice and I'm gonna go work on a Desperate Housewives fan site. Just kidding. Actually, that line is parsed from today's contributor, kaspired, who actually wrote “I'm bored with the normal drawings that I do and want to try some other stuff”, so this is the first of three new Fan Arts that he sent in. This one is called Spheres; it's based on a scene from an upcoming fanfic of Gulliver63's. He (kaspired) goes on to say “I tried an unusual perspective. And no, I can't tell what is going on. The story needs to be released first.”.

Now normally when someone sends in multiple pics, I just pick one and let you go check out the rest. Tonight, I'm gonna make an exception because {a} I can use this really clever HTML code that puts two pics side by side, and also {b} because there are interesting stories to go with them. Again, they're both by kaspired. The first one is drawn totally old school - with a actual quill pen and a bottle of ink. Kaspired wanted to improve his inking skills so he went back (as in way back) to first principles. The second one, I'm just going to let him tell it, it's better that way: “I was thinking "Pirates!", with a Caribbean flavor. I was after the look of a beat up piece of parchment so I threw everything I had at it: pastels, markers, conte, even stomping on it with my boots. Oh, and after I finished the drawing, and before I stomped on it, I crinkled it up into a little tiny wad. Twice. And then jumped on it.”. Who knew that edgy art would be so complicated?

And speaking of edgy here's a new chapter in a Fan Fiction that redefines edgy. It's part 3 of MC"s fic Stygia. In the previous episodes the PE ship was sucked through a wormhole and landed on Earth, except it wasn't Earth. It was uninhabited, and all of a sudden Leela is in love with Fry, Amy is a competent Engineer, and Bender is helpful and a good cook. Only Fry seems unchanged, but he's the only one who knows it. So with the ship dangerously low on fuel, Leela and Fry set off to explore in hopes of finding a source for dark matter, but instead find an ancient underground hospital staffed by robots. Meanwhile Amy and Bender try to tune up the ship to get maximum use out of the fuel they do have. Now, as the effects of the planet's weird environment take further hold on the crew, Amy and Bender fight to the (near) death before her past starts to catch up with her and Fry and Leela's problems in the ancient hospital start to multiply.
At last!
Posted on May 14, 2011 by Tim
That is not a commentary on anything (other than perhaps today's update is done and now I can get some sleep ), no, it's just the title of this totally shipalicious Fan Art. Go-a-Green-a drew it and she says “here's Fry making sure it's not a dream. So I hope y'all enjoy 'cause this took forever to finish.”. This is one of those that the thumbnail just doesn't do it justice, you've got to see the big picture.

And over in our newish Comic Transcript section we've got two more just added. Comic #6: Xmas Time is FEAR was transcribed by Umbreon and contains the extra mini-comic Revenge of the BLOB; and #7: New Year's Rockin' Evil which was transcribed by Dinkdrinker. This one also contains an extra titled The Continuum Less Traveled. Let's hear Kudos and three Huzzahs for Dink and Umbry for cranking out the xscripts 'cause no other Futurama fan site has them. If you'd like to do one I'm sure they wouldn't mind the help, there's lots to go around. Just tell us which one your doing in this thread on FMMB or in an e-mail so we don't duplicate effort.
A double double header
Posted on May 11, 2011 by Tim
So the first thing up tonight is a two-fer from Gulliver63 comprising one each Fan Art and Fan Fiction. As you might guess, there is a connection. The art, pictures (in part) here, is a promo pic for his latest fic, which is called Amy Wrong Two: The Universe of Evil. You may recall in his previous fic of similar name, an experiment of the Professor's gone horribly wrong (this never happens in a the 'ramaverse ) has created an evil clone of Amy, who goes by the moniker of Jaime. Well, in this sequel, Jamie has pulled a jewelry heist in another dimension, an evil one at that. In the process, she might have just found her new home. And when it's all said and done, has Jamie actually done a good deed for someone? You'll have to read to find out.

And, lest I be accused of forgetting, a very patient Rush sends two new Fan Arts some time last week (or maybe the week before). This one is called “Bendytubbies” and the other is “Noo-Bend”.
All kinds of things to drool over
Posted on May 10, 2011 by Tim
Good News Everybody! Pull down your pants and get ready for some boil busting action 'causes we've got twenty plus yummy new pages of Fan Comics for you! Yes, indeed, it's the conclusion of Pieter Antonissen's The Boil Identity, complete with a really wild, you'll never guess that in a million years plot twist. But wait, there's more! Pieter also supplied some extras! In the form of a bloopers page and a couple of pages of deleted scenes.

Comic Transcripts continue to roll in. Umbreon just completed and sent along #3: THE OWNER OF MARS ATTACKS, so that gives us the first five and I know more are on the way. Huzzahs for Umbry and dink.

And the other BIG NEWS - how about a Futurama Monopoly Game? According to the website, the game will be available for pre-order on October 17th. Also, on the site fans can vote for a 7th "gold finish collectible token". Why is Bender's head on of those? You'd think the major characters would already be playable. Thanks to dinkdrinker for the find. You can speculate about what the game will be like on FMMB.
Just put that image up on TLZ.
Posted on May 8, 2011 by Tim
Them was the orders from Jenny Ngo and as that's mostly what I do I'm just following orders (although I think some court decided they could still hang you for that ) with this new Fan Art. Jenny says “Did you know? Fry becomes addicted to narcissism!”. I had to go look that one up, I thought a narcissism was some kind of flower, and it doesn't look from that pic like flowers enter into the equation, at least not directly.

And here we have a rare color Fan Art from Rush called (and you'd never get this just by looking at it) Bender Sun. Oh, and Rush, yes, I got your other stuff and will get it put up in a couple of days - no need to send me eight more e-mails about it. I think Rush has the highest e-mail to contribution ratio of anyone.

And now for some Fan Fiction. It's the closing three fics in the Dinkdrinker's six part 'Till Death Do Us Part. So far, he's managed to avoid mentioning WHO the characters are, although any Futurama fan of any duration should have figured it out by now. The last three installments are called 'Til Death Do Us Part: In Sickness and Health, 'Til Death Do Us Part: 'Til Death Do Us Part, and 'Til Death Do Us Part: Not Even Death.
Spam me sensless
Posted on May 6, 2011 by Tim
Spammers, the scourge of the Internet. They're a fact of life and we deal with them daily, the few that slip through our spam filters. Well, lately they seem to have come up with a new tactic - I've been getting, and so have many others, e-mails from people I've corresponded with before - in my case always people who have contributed to FM/TLZ. The e-mails will look like it's from someone I know, it will have the person's name in the subject, and the only thing in the body of the message is a weird looking URL. AOL and Yahoo seem to the be the sources so far. Whether the spammers are just trolling web sites like this and just getting smarter about matching senders and recipients, or whether there's some insidious new breach going on I don't know yet. So, extra caution is advised - if you get a suspicious e-mail from me or someone you know that has the characteristics outlined above, don't click that link - delete the message immediately. And changing those passwords might be a good idea too.

Ok, then, now that we've got the latest scum of the universe out of the way, let's get down to the fun business. It's been a long time since we've heard from MissusPatches, but hear we did and we heard about nine new pieces of Fan Art, many of them featuring some of the more minor characters, and one long strip of Bender and Leela pics.

But wait, there's more - some new Fan Fiction from Zoey Webber. It's called Fear of a Dino Planet. The fun starts when Lrrr plots revenge against Fry and Bender because he still holds a grudge against them for all the trouble he believes they caused him, so they get kidnapped and end up on a dinosaur planet where, among other troubles, they need to watch were they step.

And lastly today, this almost qualifies as a Cubert's Rants, but since it pertains to the whole series and not just one episode, and since I'm too lazy to put the same question into all of the episodes we have rants for, I'll just call it the thought of the day. So, Futurama_Freak1 wonders why, in the Futurama universe, where there are weird aliens and creatures of all kinds all over the place, they don't believe in mermaids or bigfoot.
It must have been that feast of a thousand hams
Posted on May 4, 2011 by Tim
We've got another Real World Futurama photo and this one is a character that we haven't had before - Nibbler. Umbreon shot this pic in downtown Los Angeles, California. She and her brother were on their way to the local “transportation hub” when they spotted this. The place is closed, so she couldn't see if they really had a thousand hams. This got me curious and since I'm a geek who likes to put meters on things, I went through that page to count up appearances. Bender is the big winner with 7, Fry has 3 and Leela 2, and Farnsworth had 3. There were six other characters with one each and 5 generic Futurama pics.

And thanks to one of FMMB's premier beer experts, and possibly because of same, Dinkdrinker has cranked out two more Comic Transcripts. New this day are comic #4 DOOP The Right Thing and no. 5 Who's Dying To Be A Gazillionaire?. And, just in time for Star Wars Day, this comic also includes at it's end the extra content Cubert's Guide To Sci-Fi, which is everything the sophisticated nerdlinger about town needs to know about attending Sci-fi conventions. And yes, I know, we skipped comic 3 - it's being worked on. The crew is down at Nibbler's right now, transcribing away. Or at least they should be if their bus wasn't late.
That pretty much sums up the whole enchilada
Posted on May 2, 2011 by Tim
Futurama demotivational posters - they're everywhere these days (mostly in our Miscellaneous Pictures section though ). Of course, they're easy to make, just pop to a web site, plunk in a framegrab, add a clever thought, and there you go. Well, here's a new one that pretty well speaks for itself. Robert sent this in, didn't say if he made it or just found it somewhere. It really doesn't seem right to call this one “demotivational” though - if that isn't motivation I don't know what is.

Ok, now, if that isn't enough shippy gooeyness for one night, here is a trio of Fan Fictions, half of a six part series, written by Dinkdrinker. These would almost win the title for longest fan fic titles (almost). The first three in the series are 'Til Death Do Us Part: To Have And To Hold,   'Til Death Do Us Part: For Better, For Worse, and 'Til Death Do Us Part: For Richer, For Poorer. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Be forewarned - the subject matter of these is a bit dark - they're about an elderly couple (yes, they are Futurama characters) - one of whom is in a home with Alzheimer's. Watch for the other three as soon as my carpal tunnel eases up.