May 2009
Clips and quips
Posted on May 31, 2009 by Tim
Ah the joys of unrestricted space and bandwidth because now we can bring you not one, but two Video Clips in the same month. They're both by DSS and they're both movie trailers set to Futurama pics (how come nobody ever does that the other way around? ). The first is to Runaway Train and the other is to U-571

Over in Fan Fiction land we welcome new author Strickmatic and his new Fan Fiction called Oh wait, I do need you. It's a thrilling tale of robbery and framing. Introducing robot eating wolves and Fry meets Derick in prison! Does Leela tell Fry how she really feels? That might be kind of hard to do if he's in prison, but I bet they've got that handled.
Hot Pizza and Cold Anchovies
Posted on May 30, 2009 by Tim
Mmm, Pizza. Suddenly, I've got a serious case of the munchies. And it's all thanks to this sizzling hot new Fan Art from Futurama_Freak1.

Now this is something of a surprise - MC - without the need for one of my periodic "gentle reminders" as he refers to them, actually, of his own free will and volition, sent me another chapter of Fan Fiction from his shipfic turned mystery and intrigue tale The Ties That Bind. If you remember from last time Leela had been attacked and the authorities were very suspicious of Fry in light of a very incriminating letter found at the scene. And now, as if that wasn't enough, Fry's problems continue to mount as it becomes apparent that someone is mounting a hostile takeover of Planet Express. Can Fry overcome Leela's new-found hatred of him and uncover who's really responsible? Something tells me he's going to need a little help on this one.
This has absolutely nothing to do with Futurama, but ...
Posted on May 28, 2009 by Tim
... stay with me here for a bit and I will connect it up. So today I received this e-mail from Sick Pckles, who hasn't had any time to create any new Fan Art since April 28, 2008, but she did find time to drop me a note and remind me that I'm still her favorite “Webmaster From Hell” and also to let us know about another prolific FM/TLZ contributor from the past, the king of the illustrated Fan Fiction, Coldangel_1.
In what is kind of a local boy makes good story, Coldangel, alias Joel Evans, has written a (non-Futurama) novel titled Silhouettes, and I think I'll let SP tell it from here: “Joel has written a damn fine novel and FINALLY gotten someone to publish it for him (after ages of the rejection that I imagine most aspiring authors run into), so we're trying to get the word out and build up some support for him. It's nothing Futurama-related, but I've read it cover to cover (well, it didn't actually HAVE covers then..), and it's a bloody awesome read. Honestly, it was sort of addicting. Guns, nukes, global domination schemes and impending doom, you know the drill. He's a fantastic writer and it'd be great if you could help spread the word, as I know it'd mean the world to him if his book became successful.
I know a lot of people in the Futurama fan-circle know Joel, and I'm guessing quite a few of them are familiar with his writing (the last fanfic he wrote, in particular, was freakin' epic [Blame It On The Brain]. Especially for fan fiction. I mean sheesh.). So maybe they'd be interested?
The book's on pre-order from Cacoethes Publishing right now.”
So congrats and best of luck on your first book, Joel.

And just so I can have some more directly Futurama related content today, here's a new Fan Fic from DSS. It's called Pool Party Shock. Planet Express is having their first Pool Party and everyone is excited, especially Fry and Leela. But they soon find themselves in an embarrassing situation that they hope no one will see!
See, I told you we'd get new Futurama ...
Posted on May 27, 2009 by Tim
All hail one of the truly great nerdlingers! I am referring to long time fan artist extraordinaire Futurama_Freak1 who has spent a little over a week kicking his drawing and gaming talents up a notch to bring us the first ever (at least here on FM/TLZ) original content Fan Video. It's a 1 minute, 10 second long clip called 95% Shorter (although really it's only 87.43% shorter than your average episode) in which Leela deals with a recalcitrant vending machine the way only Leela can deal with things. Be sure to hang around for the credits and for the bonus scenes afterwards. You can also see some of his development work on YouTube and some frames and discussion in this thread on FMMB.

Ok, that's a tough act to follow. Here's just the thing though. It's part 2 of Umbreon's Fan Fiction Treat Me Like You Did. Now suppose Fry had more or less accidentally wandered into a room at PE where the sign on the door read 'Busted experiments'. This would not be a good thing. Now suppose that Fry went missing and at the same time, an orange cat with two tufts of hair on the back of his head suddenly showed up and instantly took to Leela. Wouldn't think anything about it, would you. Well it seems that Leela will confess things to a harmless animal that she never would to a human.
Astonishing tales of incredibleness
Posted on May 26, 2009 by Tim
Today is a national holiday in my part of the world which, amongst other things, signifies the start of Summer (which in my area means we aren't likely to get much more snow ). So, as Americans, we naturally celebrate this with excessive quantities of and very tasty but definitely not very healthy eats. Also fires and explosive devices too. And after getting all of that partying out of the way I finally sat down here at the old peecee and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a whole bunch of e-mails that said congratulations on a thousand days and other related nice stuff. So I just wanna say thanks to everyone who took the time to write and being as everyone generally seems satisfied with the way things are going I guess you're stuck with me for another thousand days, give or take a few.

So that all being said, after I got done partying and composting a nice long note to Graham and Leando about a raise, all I had time left for was a couple of chapters of Fan Fiction. It's the next two installments in Razer Cannon's post-WGY astonishing tale of incredibleness The Pirates Of Cyberia. In Chapter 6 and 7 the normals go to town where Amy puts the moves on a local and Hermes trades some dried plant matter for some information. Meanwhile, the mutants, aliens, and robots work on the ship while far out to sea, Fry polishes his skills as a pirate.
1,000 Days of 'ramaness!
Posted on May 25, 2009 by Tim
I'm having a little celebration here in the boiler room of the Madhouse tonight 'cause, you see, today is my 1,000th day as webmaster at this fine site and that just seemed like a milestone worthy of mention. I had also hoped to be celebrating 1,000 fan submissions too, but I'm only up to about 920 - that's Ok - it's really great actually, especially considering how slow things were in those early days when we only received enough material to update once or maybe twice a week. But all you great fans quickly got going and I've been keeping busy ever since.

So leading off tonight, recall back a couple of months when El-Man sent in this Fan Art of the Ferrari emblem with Leegola substituted on it. To make a long story short, El-Man had some patches made and offered them to fans. Flounder obtained one and he sends this photo of one on his work uniform (he works on ships if you couldn't tell). He asked that I “hack his ugly mug out of the picture” (although if you're clever you can find it elsewhere). If you might be interested in a Leegola badge, El-Man might have one or two left. You can read all of the procurement details in this article on FMMB.

And there's nothing better to close out my thousandth day than some nice shippy Fan Fiction. It's called Redefined Savior and it's not a very long fic but it packs a lot of story into a short space. I can't tell you too much about it without giving it away, so I'll just say it's by Sasas and that sometimes, everything you need is right there front of you.
The Future is now, so pass me another beer
Posted on May 24, 2009 by Tim
So today we're going to lead off with some new Fan Art from a new contributor, Baby Bender. It's called A Sorrowful Bender, and I have no idea why Bender is so sad. Given that five o'clock rust, maybe it's because he's out of beer. I know that makes me sad. Or, and this is a great segue into the next topic, maybe it's because there are fans who don't believe that he and his friends will really be coming back. I know that would make me sad too. Now we don't have anything definite to report, but here's an interesting hint: Leah B. writes “I picked up Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Comedy DVD today and on it there was a special redemption code for iTunes called the Animation Domination Sampler. With this code you can download the pilots of Family Guy, American Dad, and Futurama. I don't know if it's any indication whatsoever, but I'd say it's a good sign that Futurama is included with the rest of the FOX Sunday night line up. Just thought I'd share, don't know if it actually means anything, but I'll take any hint of a sign that Futurama is coming back! Into the future ” {Zim}What does it mean?{/Zim}.

A couple of months in the making, it's chapter 2 of Hammer87's latest Fan Fiction Into The Wild Black Yonder. In the last section, war had broken out and Fry has been drafted into the DOOP. Now, he faces the adventure of basic training, where he makes some out of this world friends with interesting backgrounds and copes with the separation from Leela and their daughter Leia. Back at PE, Leela meets up with the new delivery girl and the new staff doctor, both with their own interesting reasons for ending up at PE. Things start to get dicy when the war comes home to them way before anyone is ready for it. Promo pic by CosmicF.

And one more fan fic before we go - DSS has another short segment of his New Justice Teen Titans fic featuring the New Justice Team and the Teen Titans as they fight against The Zookeeper and his plan to dominate the planet. In this part, they begin the epic battle against The Zookeeper's animal army while The Zookeeper finds a partner and steals the Golden Clock. From the sounds of things, the good guys are gong to be hip deep in trouble, and .. er .. other stuff.
We're back maybe.
Posted on May 23, 2009 by Tim
This just in, Dominik writes “Love the site. You might wish to alert your readers to this report claiming Fox has renewed Futurama”! Skip to the bottom, it's in the last paragraph where is says “Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution ... the following shows renewed this week: ... Futurama ...”

Just another unconfirmed rumor you say? Maybe so, but Dom goes on to say ”I wrote to the author of the article - Ed Waller - and he appeared to stand by the assertion:

'Not for the Fox network but Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution will have some new episodes to distribute to the international market next week. The studio is making more eps for DVD sales.'”.
Welcome to the FM/TLZ Reading Room.
Posted on May 21, 2009 by Tim
Grab your reading glasses, pipe and slippers, and a snifter of infinitely priceless thousand year old brandy and settle in by the fire, 'cause we got some reading to catch up on. Namely, two Fan Fictions.

First up is Umbreon, who, as the first fan fic author whose name starts with the letter U, is rejoicing that she has the entire U author page all to herself right now with the first part of her new fic Treat Me Like You Did. Taking the Wizard of Oz approach to describing it: Broken experiments, missing delivery boys, and new pets Oh my! It's the ever popular “after the Opera” genre and when Fry disappears, Leela ends up taking in the cat that seems to have taken his place. This should get interesting.

The other one is by Rush, and it's called The Three Little Bending Units. As you might imagine, it's a parody of the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs in which Bender (obviously in an alternate universe) sends his 3 sons out into the world to make it on their own, under threat of turning them over to the Robot Devil (and you know he'd do it too). He probably just doesn't want them drinking his beer.
Flights of fancy
Posted on May 20, 2009 by Tim
“Using my new drawing and colouring skills I made this improved picture of Yivo. Oh, and if you look closely you might be able to see Leela in there as well, and she'd better not look down I'd say.” says Futurama_Freak1 about his latest work of Fan Art. What he didn't say was where he got these new found drawing and colouring skills, 'cause I'd sure like to know - I could use some of those. Anyway, Leela looks like she's enjoying her flight. Love the tentacle. FF1's got some animation stuff he's working on too, but I'll save that for another day.

And over in the Fan Fiction department, Sasas snuck in a few more chapters of Love Is About Giving Up Everything while I was away. So here's parts 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. And man, do things ever start getting tangled up for Fry, Leela, and Rodney Jones of DOOP because every one is talking and no one is listening.
Take that you lazy, good for nothing ...
Posted on May 18, 2009 by Tim
.. er ... what ever Leela is shooting at. So you'll notice that the pic says “Grand Theft Auto New New York”. That's because this is promo art for a little project that Rob, AKA RAWTalent is working on - a new Futurama game based on the Vice City engine, with new cars, weapons, map, pedestrians, and of course Futurama characters (Leela, Bender, Fry, Zoidberg, and perhaps more), and maybe when that's all done missions too!! Most if not all of NNY's famous landmarks will be present: Madison Cube, Taco Bellevue, PlanEx, and etc. (with quite a few of them enterable). You can see some more of his development screens and discussion here.

Now, how about some pirates? Maybe some cyborgs? Toss in a sword fight and a coupe of laser enemas and you got yourself a deal. It's all there in part 5 of Razer Cannon's Fan Fiction The Pirates of Cyberia.
Your very own robot fiend!
Posted on May 14, 2009 by Graham
Ever wondered what it would be like to have a robot as a friend? Ever thought what it would actually look like? Imagine the awe your friends and family would be in if you actually had a bone fide robot standing in your very own living room, in front of your very own Marilyn Monroe picture. Imagine the fun and games that could be had with your robot and your very own hover board. Boy, you could get rich by charging visitors to see this very own robot. Well, new contributor AnimatedSkyn has gone and done all this, creating his very own Bender, which you can see in our Fan Photos section. Marvel at the solid workmanship, be impressed by the statuesque nature of it, laugh at the feelings of terror that it will inspire in neighbours, worry at the amount of booze you'll have to give it to keep it from killing all humans, yourself included. Rather than read what I have to say about this, let's hear from AnimatedSkyn, which you can read below.

"This is a life sized Bender built from nothing more than paper mache. For quite some time now I have been trying to talk my wife into letting me build a life size Bender from real metal and such but to no avail. the money and time I would spend on it would bug her too much. So over the course of 2 weekends (Mostly due to letting the mache dry), I built a life sized paper mache Bender! I got his height by using a mug-shot pic from google. A little math later and I got some measurements to work with.

"His initial frame was built using poster board and some foam board for support. I then filled the inside cavities with balloons too support the wet paper mache.

"His seperate head, body and arms were all mached and left to dry. A few days later they were connected using some tape and hot glue. They were then painted the wonderful color "foghat gray" and left to dry.

"Few days later i added some details like his antenna and the lines on his arms and legs.

"The pictures I am sending you now are of Bender at 95% done. I decided to re-do his hands to make them interchangeable. So I could have a couple. One giving the finger, one holding a cigar, one holding a beer... etc, etc... That's why you see the unpainted left hand, and the un-mached right hand in the picture.

"Other than that he still needs his foot cuff's. I won't be able to get to the craft store till Monday, but his cuff's will be a wooden ball cut into 2 halves to make 2 of them...blah blah blah...

"I also have a programmed sound chip so that Bender will insult you when you walk by him. (Thank you Kay B Toys.)"

So, as he says, he's still to fully complete it, so expect some more pictures of the completed Bender soon, right in your very own living room, right in front of you, right in front of your family, right in front of that Marilyn Monroe picture, right in front of the hordes of baying peasants with pitchforks and lit torches, wanting their stolen possessions and booze back, while Bender curses at them, thanks to Kay B Toys!
Freaks and Funks
Posted on May 14, 2009 by Tim
Wes gots some more Fan Art from Futurama_Freak-1 - third time this week. He's getting to be a regular (again). Anyway, if you can squint good enough at that teeny tiny little picture over there, you'll see Fry and Leela in a laser gun battle. Well, Leela anyway... Fry is just doing what he does best in these situations. Funny story, when FF1 sent this in a couple of days ago, I showed it to someone who's got a Fan Fiction spooling out now on FMMB and they said “it could almost be a promo pic”. I won't say who just yet - I'll wait 'till they send their fic in (hint hint).

Now, it's time to get funky, or rather, funk, as in “a dejected mood: He's been in a funk ever since she walked out on him.”. Which is kind of funny since that definition and example fits this new old Video Clip perfectly. New because it's new to us, old 'cause Chug a Bug has had it floating around for a while now. It's called Fry's Funk. It's selected scenes from The Why Of Fry set to Karma Police by Radiohead and it shows something of Fry's depression during this episode and how everything seems to be sinking down a deep dark hole for him ... until the end, when everything suddenly seems a lot brighter.

Ok, Spring has been here for almost two months now which means that most of the ice and snow have melted away in my part of the world and so I'm taking a few days off to go (among other things) sleep in a tent. So, while I'm out freezing my shiny metal off, Graham has promised to update at least once, and maybe we can get Leandro to put in an appearance. So I'll close tonight with an appropriate quote from Professor Wernstrom: Au revoir, suckers!
Our Sages never saw that coming ...
Posted on May 13, 2009 by Tim
Starting out tonight let's do some brand new Fan Art from a brand new Fan artist. He goes by the moniker of Vytas-Wolf and he's got three new genre spanning pics. This one is a plain old, rather stumped looking Nibbler. He's probably stumped 'cause he can't understand why Bender is suddenly doing the Robin Hood gig and Fry and Leela have taken up Warhammer 3000 (you'll have to look at the other two pics to see why Nibber's so perplexed). Guess your Sages missed another trick or two there, eh Lord N?

Something else I bet they didn't see coming - Fry as a pirate. The kind with the hook instead of a hand and scrambling up and down rope rigging on a sailing ship and saying “Argh” and all of that. Ok, well, I don't think he actually says “Argh” but he does have the rest of it going. It's all there, and more, in the next two parts (nos 3 and 4) of Razer Cannon's Fan Fiction, The Pirates of Cyberia. Argh!

One of the really cool parts of this job is that I learn all kinds of neat, interesting, and generally useless things. Like, call me out of it, but I didn't know that Psychostick had released a new album called Sandwich. Fortunately though, BackToTheFuturama did, and one cut on that inspired him to whip up a new Fan Video. The song is Beer, pt 2 which isn't technically a song, it's more of a skit, but it was clearly based on the song Beer and he figured that since he'd made a video using that song he'd make one with this as well. It's only 38 seconds long and he only had to use one clip, unless you count the opening title at the beginning a clip; if you do then it's two. Beware - this is definitely what some would refer to as “male humor”.
Fresh rumors of new episodes. For real this time
Posted on May 12, 2009 by Tim
The possibility of new episodes of Futurama just got kicked up a notch. The Infosphere is reporting that, according to the UK website Digital Spy, Futurama is on the "to be confirmed" list for the US 2009-2010 television season! Woo Hoo! Another step closer to Rebirth II! Everyone keep your fingers crossed, burn incense, sacrifice goats, or whatever you do to conjure up good luck. A tip of the foil hat to Svip.

So the big question on everyones mind is when the new episodes come out (notice - positive thinking there), will they or won't they hit the big reset button on the end of Wild Green Yonder? You know the end I mean. And so does Y2W who drew this Fan Art. The file name is shipview - and I'm not sure exactly which ship Y2W is referring to.

And now a golden goodie blast from the past (well, the two or three months ago kind of past) as Frosty finally got her computer's e-mail to work and sends along the last two parts (nos 4 and 5) of her Fan Fiction The Time of Your Life. When last we left the dynamic duo, Fry and Leela rekindled their friendship after a 7 year absence in which time Fry has become a famous rock star. Now, with their wedding date set and drawing ever closer, what could possible go wrong? Promo pic by CosmicF.
Shadowy Intruders
Posted on May 10, 2009 by Tim
Ok, so it's Saturday night and Tim just got home from a party and now he's trying to update Madhouse. Which isn't as bad as the time I updated Madhouse while I was AT the party, but still pretty nerdly. So speaking of parties, it isn't one for Leela in this latest bit of Fan Art from Futurama_Freak-1. It's called Shadowy Intruders (ooh, spooky) and it seems that a strange monster has found it's way into Planet Express and, as usual, it's up to Leela to do something about it.

Intruders play a part here too - only in this case, it's our intrepid crew that are the intruders in this new Fan Fiction that SoylentOrange just launched. It's called Green Storm Rising and the first stage is the prologue in which the crew are exploring an abandoned space station on the way home from a delivery when an accidental explosion causes them to start uncontrollably jumping back and forth between their timeline and a parallel one. Can anyone say “We're Boned”?
Is there a doctor in the house?
Posted on May 9, 2009 by Tim
There is as a matter of fact. Say hello to Dr. Stevo. Hello, Dr. Stevo. The good Doctor sends this Fan Art, which could easily have been a promotional pic for the show. He's also got a prescription that will make us all feel great: Long Live Futurama.

Hopefully the doctor knows a good cure for a broken heart too, cause someone's gonna need one in the next two chapters of Sasas' Love Is About Giving Up Everything 'cause even as Leela wrestles with her doubts about her engagement to the dashing young DOOP officer, Fry can already fathom the outcome and happiness does not seem to be in the cards for him. So grab you hankies and check out parts seven and eight.

Last thing today - recently I received a note accompanying a Fan Fic that started out “I'm sure you're sick of hearing from me at this point.” and ended with “Thanks for taking this, man. If it weren't for the Madhouse, I might have to study for exams!”. Well, first off, no way do I ever get tired of hearing from anyone. And as I'm sure everyone's aware, the Madhouse has a new home with more space and more bandwidth and lower cost - all big wins - so as long as great fans keep sending in their great creations, the Madhouse will always be here to shield you from the evils of studies or work or whatever else life throws at you.
We've got lots to celebrate
Posted on May 7, 2009 by Tim
This is my 400th update here at the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite and to celebrate, Futurama_Freak-1 drew me this birthday cake Fan Art ... huh? What? Oh, it's not for me. Crud. FF1 says it's for one of his internet friends' birthday, which I guess explains why it says “Happy Birthday Oxidizer” and not “Happy 400th Tim” (which is OK 'cause that would make me sound really old). So, Happy Birthday Oxidizer! Say, did you notice that Leela looks a little peeved there, doesn't she? Wonder what happened to cause that? Whatever it was, I hope she looks back before Fry devours that cake!

So, ever wonder what happens after the PE ship flies through the wormhole at the end of WGY? While we're waiting for Fox et al to make up their minds about letting Matt and David and company tell us, we'll just have to make do with Fan Fiction. And that's exactly what Razer Cannon aims to do in The Pirates of Cyberia. Part 2 picks up with the PE crew attempting sneak past a cordon of the mysterious and overtly hostile ships and land on a sunny little doomed planet. It almost works, until something goes horribly wrong.
Sometimes, life looks better in blanco y negro
Posted on May 6, 2009 by Tim
I love it when the contributors do my work for me. Ok, well, not all of it, but at least the creative part. I'd love it if they could do all of it, 'cause I enjoy watching other people work. I also enjoy watching the results of peoples' work, like these pictures of Leela from SLN'T, who said that he should have drawn backgrounds but didn't feel like it 'cause he was sick. No problem, backgrounds would have been distracting. Check out this and SLN'T's four other new pics on his Fan Art page.
"Arrivederci, meatbags!"
Posted on May 5, 2009 by Tim
Those immortal words come to us today from !iMmOrTaL!. He sends a couple of nice pieces of Fan Art about which he says “I know we've seen these a million times, but here are my versions”. We may have seen them a million times, give or take a few, but those are a couple we never tire of seeing. !iMmOrTaL! goes on to say that moving day has finally come and that it might be a month or three before he gets settled into his new pad and can get back to work on his Comic The Wong Side of the Law.

A long time ago in a reality far, far away, Corvus started a Fan Fiction called The First Day. It's a story that turns the Futurama paradigm on it's head - on December 31, 1999, after accidentally getting knocked unconscious while on a crank delivery to Applied Cryogenics, Philip J. Fry finds his life turned upside down and inside out when his girl friend throws him out of their apartment and by the sudden and unexpected appearance of a beautiful time traveling mutant from the future. Well now we can find out what happens next as Leela tries to cope with life in the stupid ages and Fry with her as a roommate in the just released Part 3.
Years of effort undone with a casual nova bomb
Posted on May 4, 2009 by Tim
It took a little and by Leandro, but we got yet another little artifact of the server move ironed out tonight which allows us to bring you something a little different - one (1) whole piece of 3D Art. Long time FMMB member and self-professed Greater Demi-God FryGuy rendered this rendering of our favorite cigar smoking tin can.

So now that we have unlimited file space and a whole lot more bandwidth, we can slap up huge Fan Videos with wild abandon (did I just hear a funny noise from Svip's general direction? ). DSS sends a vid called Leela Is That Somebody. It's set to Nickelback's Gotta Be Somebody and it's a montage of Leela and Fry at various stages of their relationship.

And get ready for some real laser gun and doomsday device action, 'cause we've got part 1 of a kick butt new Fan Fiction from Razer Cannon called The Pirates Of Cyberia. It jumps straight from the end of Wild Green Yonder to the far distant other end of the wormhole where the PE crew encounters some very nasty types and bounces from outer space battle to bedroom battle to inner space battle again and that's just for starters. It's also where tonight's headline comes from.
Sometimes Stats Quo can be a tougher customer that you realise.
Posted on May 3, 2009 by Tim
But I think we've finally got that bastard mostly beaten into submission. The Message Board is back to it's normal URL so everyone's bookmarks should work again, the TLZ theme has been restored so now it looks normal again, and it seems like we've now fully transitioned to the new server on the main site. Huzzahs to Graham and Leandro and Svip for all their hard work and making the magic happen! We appear to have come out of that dark alley with only a few bumps and bruises.

So, after figuring out some remaining brokenness earlier, we can now get back to the business of bringing you the finest in Futurama fan contributions that you're likely to find anywhere, so let's lead off with a bit of Fan Fiction that also challenges the status quo - Sasas' Love Is About Giving Up Everything. Parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 are up and, as Fry comes to grips with Leela's engagement, he realizes that he has an opportunity for a second chance. And when that opportunity comes knocking at 3 in the morning, Fry has a very difficult decision to make.