May 2008
Alright beer keg, you asked for it...
Posted on May 30, 2008 by Leandro
So, Kenneth decides to call himself the "guy who barely updates", huh? For your information, dear visitors, I've been lazy far longer than him! My, I have gone months without updating! Years! My lazy periods are unrivaled, so don't believe Kenneth when he says he "barely updates", that is my role! Now excuse me while I go play a game for a few hours.

Three hours later...

This window is still open? Oh, right, update. Today's update brings us a video! CCarreras took the trailer for the game Gears of War 2 and rendered the scenes with Bender instead. While he didn't send it to us directly, one of our visitors saw it and decided to pass it along. So if you're into videogames or just want to see Bender open a beer keg in the style of a videogame that has a chainsaw attached to a machine gun , click on the thumbnail up there or this link.

Now, for some Fan Art, we have a new artist in our gallery! She goes by the nick Bender's Fan 1221, so most of her pics have our beer keg murdering robot in them, though as you can see in the thumbnail to the left, she appears to be yet another Leela Fry 'shipper. I hear all the 'shippers are getting ready to burn all copies of the Beast With a Billion Backs DVD so the new Fry Tentacle 'ship never sees the light of the day. I swear I'm not just abusing random smilies just because! No, really, don't hit me!

A few bandages later...

Ow. Oh, this thing is still on? Dang, this update maker thingy sure got lots of space in it! It was probably written by someone who likes to babble a lot. Maybe I'll sing some Karaoke next!


Ow! Okay, okay, right, update, I got it. The final part of this update is an update to the eCards and Puzzles section. Those two sections share their images, so every time I add some to one section, they get added to the other as well. So if you're bored at work and would like to do the Right Thing and slack off while the bosses don't watch, you can go play with our Puzzles.

And if you don't like puzzles, you can always play some Futurama Mahjongg made by Reba 1X; you can see Reba to the left, on a picture made by Sarah that Tim uploaded a few days ago. Reba has her own Fan Art gallery here, where you can see some of her collages and images.

I wanted to repost those things related to Reba so our regular visitors have her contributions fresh in their minds as I write the next part. While our regular visitors know Reba 1X and Ralph Snart through those names, for this I'm going to toss away the nick names for a bit. This part of the update goes to Kelly and Thomas.

They both are really important members of our Futurama community, both here and in PEEL, and have supported us in many ways for a long time. If you've spent any time at all in our Forums, you probably have crossed paths with them.

Kelly has advanced Multiple Sclerosis, and has to stay always at home on her wheelchair. Thomas suffers from chronic pain due to a back injury and a strep infection.

There's good days, and there's bad days. Today I'd like all our visitors to make theirs a great day. I've set up a page in our eCards section so you can send them some good thoughts and positive vibes. If you want to email them directly, their address is in that page. If you are a religious person, please include them in your prayers; if you're not, some good thoughts will do as well.

Kelly, Thomas: you're on the thoughts of everybody at the Madhouse. Here's hoping that every day is a good day for you two.
New stuff, from that guy who barely updates
Posted on May 29, 2008 by Kenneth
That's right, though I'm afraid I don't have a lot of content. Though what I do have is good, starting with an award-winning Fan Fiction. This tale is titled The Garden of Forking Pasts and it and it's author, Christina Nordlander Dawson, both won 2007's Fan Fiction Competition at a little site now known as The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central, which many of you probably have heard of. It's a fantastic short story, and you should definitely check it out, especially if you're into cool sci-fi paradoxes and parallel universes and the like.

Secondly, I've updated the Voices on Futurama page to include the voices provided for Bender's Big Score. Now it's up to date until the next movie arrives in just under a month.

That's all for now. Later!
Somebody needs a hug
Posted on May 29, 2008 by Tim
And that's just what Bender is getting from his two best friends, whether he wants it or not. Hugging Bender doesn't seem like it'd be the most comfortable thing in the world - it'd be like hugging a water heater that could bite, kick, scratch, and belch fire - oh, wait a second, my water heater does that last thing sometimes. Come to think of it, it's done all of those things. Anyway, there's a bunch of new Fan Art from Yume93 including ...
this tribute to Beast With A Billion Backs (which you can preorder above and not only get a great deal but also help keep us from begging for more money ). Yume's fan art has spilled over onto a second page so make sure you catch all of it.

Ok, we got us a two-fer on the Fan Fiction tonight. First up is the second and concluding part to Hammer87's fic An Accidental Trip To The Pacific. Shippers, beware ...

And also part 9 of La Belle Leela's fic Stranger In A Strange Land. Shippers, beware ...

And lastly, in the HTML is driving me insane department, the Episode Transcript of 5ACV02, the second of four parts of Bender's Big Score, is up! Painstakingly transcribed by Red_Line, who also passes along a Big Big thank you to Archonix for his help in sorting out an nasty little glitch in getting OpenOffice Writer to cough up reasonable HTML code, and also a medium size thank you for asking his wife what that Swedish word Bender used was.
Ah, my ridiculously circuitous update is complete!
Posted on May 27, 2008 by Tim
Leela, Fry, and Bender get the lion's share of the attention, but I just gotta say, especially when the Robot Devil is right there wielding a meat cleaver, that there are lots of other secondary characters that deserve some attention too. Procyon thinks so too - he's done pics of Zoidberg and the Robot Devil, "Two of my favourites in terms of humour I gotta say" he says. Check 'em out on his Fan Art page.

"What? You've never seen a genius' wiener before?" Proving once again who the real genius is, Kyle Williams shows us his .. uh .. stuff as he refutes some more of Cubert's Rants about 1ACV11 and 1ACV12.

Now what I need is some Fan Art or a Framegrab of Bender with some dice. I know there's several episodes when he's involved with dice in some way, but we don't seem to have pictures. Aww crud. I thought a pic of Bender with some dice would be a great way to illustrate this Futurama Slurm dice game called Bender's Game of Bluff that Hot Topic is selling. Thanks to Whatever James (who searches for Futurama on every web site he visits) who found this game of Slurm cans and dice. We're not sure how it's played exactly, but since it's got Bender's name in it we suspect bluffing and drinking is involved.
This is a painfully slow update ...
Posted on May 26, 2008 by Tim
... because I'm in the land the internet forgot and am coming to you this evening over a 19.2K dial up link and boy does it take a while to upload Fan Art. Are we FM/TLZ webmasters a dedicated bunch or what?

Another dedicated Futurama fan is Julian Styles who is an electronica producer from Germany and he's composed a FUTURAMA Techno-Trance theme. He says "It's a fan project but that's no reason why I should work less professional". The song is called Future is Now and you can give it a listen and download the mp3 and generally check out the rest of the story at his website. That's his head in the jar over there.

He also sent this really cool cover art to go with it.
Doom and pestilence, and more doom, and them some ...
Posted on May 23, 2008 by Tim
This Fan Art just in from OutlawArt: "Captured by the evil manufacturer, Dr. Raymond J. Tinker -- aka "The Toyman", Leela is engineered and bio-enhanced to be a machine-human. Destined to enter the experimental "Go Back to the Past" device, she must find and terminate the Governor of California who is destined to become the "Lord of Mars" in the near future. If Leela fails, Earth and its planet colonies will suffer doom and pestilence far greater than can ever be imagined.". Leela captured? That must have been messy.

Over in Fan Fiction, Frosty just keeps cranking them out with part 4 of her fic Dear Fry and in this installment, we find out why it's called that. And bonus! There's a thread devoted to this fic on the Message Board so you can talk about it.

OK, this last one is stretching the mission statement a little but I thought it was kind of neat. Its different and there is a Futurama (Madhouse) connection. If you happen to be somewhere near Greensboro, NC, USA this next Saturday afternoon from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM EDT, tune your radio into WUAG FM at 103.1 and listen to The Bastard Jukebox, or if, as I suspect 99 and 44/100ths percent of our visitors are not within radio range of said place, point your web browser at wuag.net and stream it. Now the connection, however tenuous, to Futurama is that Tornadoboy, FMMB member and fan fic author, is hosting the show and this Saturday is his first one! So everybody call or write the station and tell them how great he was and demand they double his salary. But please wait until after the show.

Last little item - I have got a bunch of stuff in the queue so if you've sent something in and it hasn't shown up yet, not to worry, I'll get to it soon. I think I've replied to everyone who's sent me stuff, so if you haven't received a reply, ping me again. I'm gonna be a little busy over the weekend as it's a holiday in my part of the world (a real one this time - with and a day off work and everything ) but after that things will roll.
Celebrities, The Scary Door, and new stuff
Posted on May 22, 2008 by Tim
Where to start? Well, the way this updater kajigger works, it's easiest (and being lazy, I'm into easy) to start with some Fan Art. And not just any fan art, but some celebrity fan art. So who's the celebrity you are wondering? Leela obviously, but the person with her is none other than Reba 1X, authoress of the Futurama Mahjong game that graces our fair site, artist, and main squeeze of noted PEELer and FM/TLZ benefactor Ralph Snart. And the work of art itself is by Sarah.

Now let's take a step through the Scary Door in Hammer87's latest Fan Fiction An Accidental Trip To The Pacific where in the professor is once again tinkering with his Time Door and Fry and Leela end up on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines, during December 1941. Watch your step.

In miscellaneous stuff from the mail bag, the folks at AskMen.com wrote to say that they thought we'd be interested to know that Futurama made their top 10 adult cartoons list. It came in at number 4, which ain't too bad, getting beat out of the top spot by stuff like Family Guy, South Park, and The Simpsons.

And in Episode Transcripts - 5ACV01, the first fourth of Bender's Big Score is up! Thanks to Neosmith92 and Red_Line for the transcription. We've got 5ACV02 done and hope to have that up real soon now.

Lastly, I'm excited about this - like most Futurama fans, I sometimes can't remember the details of a certain scene, on what episode a particular thing was from - and I said "Gee, a search feature sure would be handy". And I said it loud enough and often enough that Leandro not only heard me but implemented it just to get me to shut up so he could get some sleep. So if you scroll wayyyyyy down to the bottom of the page right below the Buddies links, you'll see our shiny new Search this Site feature. Being a Google search, it will search the whole site. If you just want to search episode transcripts, include the word "transcript" in your search and it will mostly kind of sorta limit it. Thanks Leandro!

"Is there a smoking black hole in the internet where the Madhouse used to be?"
Posted on May 20, 2008 by Tim
was the first question I got asked yesterday evening when I got back from my little sojourn to Pastorama. Apparently it survived quite nicely without me, which is good but does nothing for my ego, not that my ego requires much maintenance. So anyway, one of the multitude of things awaiting me on my return was this little tip, which isn't little at all, it's huge ... excuse me, I mean IT'S HUGE!!! ... courtesy of Svip at our buddy The Infosphere - what looks like the official trailer for Beast With a Billion Backs is out and you can watch it in the Upcoming Episodes section. It's a little different from the B&W anamatic that's been floating around since BBS came out.

Which reminds me, time for the periodic plug - if you haven't already ordered your copy of BWABB, you can use that handy pre-order button at the top of the page to do so and help keep Futurama Madhouse The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite.

All righty then, getting back to some stuff from last week, some new Fan Art. Ford Mustang has been posting her art on our Forum for a while now, and now we've got them here. She says "I cannot do the Groening art yet... hope to do it someday, though. I mostly do this stuff when I travel but do the coloring at home. It is a fun way to make waiting in the airports go quickly. The last one (shock) shows what reaction I get from Futurama characters when I try to draw them in the Groening style. I did it really fast at lunch today."

And if you're up for a spot of shippy Fan Fiction part 3 of Frosty's fic Dear Fry is up. If you read the last two parts, you know Fry got drafted into DOOP. And if you haven't read it yet then I've just dropped a hot, steaming spoiler right in front of you, so hold your nose and pretend you didn't read that bit. Anyway, in this part, Fry is home on leave. I'll say no more.
The next DVD movie got reviewed!
Posted on May 18, 2008 by Leandro
MisterBishi just sent me a link to a Review of Beast With a Billion Backs in ScreenJabber. Warning: SPOILERS INSIDE! They rated it four stars (out of five), and if you don't want to be spoiled bigtime, here's the non-spoily part of the review:

And once more we get loads of callbacks to episodes of the show's first four seasons the Harlem Globetrotters pop up, as do those horny Amazon women and Pazuzu, king of the demons. Plus Robot Satan is back, again voiced by Dan Castellaneta from The SImpsons. And evil President Nixon. Plus Stephen Hawking's "pickled head" makes an appearance. But again comes the big question: is it funny? Yes indeed. Is it funnier than the first one? Again, yes indeed. All those who complained that Bender's Big Score lacked laughs will be eating their words this time round. But a couple of minor quibbles (which led to giving this 4 stars instead of 5). Like Bender's Big Score, the Beast With a Billion Backs seems a little too geared towards the Futurama fans (of which, admittedly, I am one). And to survive on DVD, I think it needs to appeal to a broader audience and pick up some new fans. Plus, it seems a little like 3 episodes joined together to reach feature length more so than the first one. But minor quibbles they are this is still Futurama, and it still rocks.
Posted on May 14, 2008 by Tim
No, it's not a new and improved remake of a recent movie - it's the 400th fan submission that it's been my privilege to put up on this site in my 625 days (so far) as apprentice webmaster trainee grade 218. Not that I'm keeping track or anything. So first up is some Fan Art from María M Salazar. This one is done pop art style because María says that one of her idols is Andy Warhol. She also says she loves Fry and Leela's relationship.

It may cost more than 25 cents but they got the year right. Yes, in the Truth is Stranger Than Fiction department, we have this little news item sent in by Jayden Spencer who you may recall discovered a couple of months ago (while in a state of extreme boredom apparently) that Fox had trademarked Slurm. According to FM/TLZ's Episode Transcripts, in Space Pilot 3000, the suicide booth says "Thank you for using Stop-N-Drop, America's favorite suicide booth since 2008". Well guess what? If you can read German, check out this website. If you can't read German, Babelfish will do an acceptable translation. I'm not gonna say any more than that.

Ok everyone, pay attention - things will be a little quiet around here for the next few days (unless one of the other webmasters (we have other webmasters? ) decides to rise zombie like from their state of perpetual laziness) 'cause I'm going away and won't have net connectivity. Now this is traditionally the time when everyone likes to send me all of the stuff they've been saving all winter, so have at it - gimme your best shots. Let's try for 500 by next Monday! Ok, maybe we better not be quite that ambitious - that'd keep me busy for *counts on fingers* a couple of months at least.

Addendum from Leandro: you can send stuff to me while Tim is not available; also, here's a link to the Suicide Machine article from CNN, in English.
Totally drafty update
Posted on May 12, 2008 by Tim
Today in my part of the world is one of those artificial holidays known as Mother's Day, which is not unlike the Futurama episode by the same name except that it also involves rounding up all of the family members we can find and, like thousands of others, descending on the local eateries to enjoy each other's company while waiting hours for a table big enough to hold us all. Fortunately it was happy hour and they were well stocked with beer. This made dinner go down easier, but it seems to be making this update somewhat more difficult. Hopefully it will all make sense tomorrow. If not, I can always edit it (the ability to rewrite history - one of the enduring legacies from our days as the Futurama Communist Front ).

Anyway, I can now ramble on incoherently for at least two more years thanks to everyone who donated. And I also heard from a number of people who said "I was going to donate but you took the link down too fast". Yeah, sorry about that, I was all for restocking the bar and the webmaster junket to Tahiti, but Leandro is a pretty tight CFO. Plus enough of us were from the US that we were risking devaluing the dollar even more. So to all who were gonna donate but didn't quite make it - thanks for thinking of us. Stash your cash under your mattress for next time. Or, if you're in college, or will be soon, use it for that and remember us when you're a rich doctor or lawyer or Prime Minister of Norway or something.

Ok, now on to real stuff. First up, some Fan Fiction, part 2 of Frosty's fic Dear Fry, in which Fry and Leela are getting on very well together. So good in fact that Zapp Brannigan decides to do something about it, which is the second place where the drafty bit comes in.

And then Kyle Williams is back with yet more answers to Cubert's Rants. One of these days Kyle is going to send in a fan fic or some fan art or something and surprise the hell out of us, but until then, check out how he sets Cubert straight in 1ACV03, 1ACV06, 1ACV08, 1ACV10, 1ACV11, and 1ACV12.

Totally shippy update
Posted on May 8, 2008 by Leandro
Sofía strikes again with 11 pieces of Fan Art, including several "shippy" ones to keep the Fry Leela 'shippers happy. Take a look at her Fan Art page to see all of them!

For more 'shippy goodness, we have a new entry in the Videoclips area by Ross, Saving Fry, made from clips of seasons 1 through 3 and set to a song by Nickelback called "Savin' Me".

Finally, I'd like to thank Marcus Abroad, Tim, Ramón, David Hutchkins, Ralph Snart, Gort, Archonix, Tyrie, Shadowborne and Nick Murdoch for their donations to the "Let's Flog Leo" fund. Tim has been especially hard at work making sure I get flogged daily, however I stopped him from using the donations to buy salt for the open wounds: all of it goes to pay for the site's hosting, which should now be alive well into the next decade, all thanks to you. So next time our insane rambling causes you to think, "why are those guys still online?" you know who to blame. It's all their fault! All of it! Bwahahaha!
Now these messages from an alternate universe near you
Posted on May 7, 2008 by Tim
As it's now May in most parts of the world, naturally our thoughts turn to Halloween, which is just around the corner, regardless of which way you look. So to get us in the spirit of the season, WhiteCrow Stormbringer sent in some more Fan Photos of his Zoidberg costume that were on a friend's camera. Judging by the award he's eating, someone left their Best Costume 2007 award laying around. Also judging by all the bottles in those pictures, it was a great party which is why I'm guessing he's only just found the pictures.

FMMB member yodazone and occasional FM/TLZ contributor KillaBob both caught this one - it was free comic book day this past weekend and one of the free ones was a Hellboy comic. And on the inside cover was this pic by story board artist David Au of the Futurama cast as the Hellboy crew. There's also one of Leela, Fry, Bender, and the rest as the Star Wars characters and you can read how it all came to pass. You can also discuss it on our forum.
You guys can do what you want, I'm going to go eat a tub of non-fat non-flavored ice cream ...
Posted on May 5, 2008 by Tim
... and read the next fourteen pages of !iMmOrTaL!'s comic The Wong Side of the Law wherein it looks like Amy, Fry, and Zoidberg are going to get into a little miracle cream action. We already know what Fry's super hero costume looks like, and we'll see what Zoidberg does but Amy? Well, I guess we'll have to wait until the next installment to find that out. The new stuff starts at page 41.

And now, return with us to the thrilling days of futureyear, 3003 or so to be exact, when crudely drawn holophonic representations of our two favorite characters walked hand in hand into the metaphorical sunset of television history and when Fan Fiction was rife with speculation about what might happen next. Recapturing the heady glories of those days gone by is first time fan fic author Frosty with the first part of her first fic, Dear Fry. It's set a few months after TDHAIP and Fry and Leela are dating. The story was inspired in part by the works of Nicholas Sparks, who's birthday, in a remarkable Futuramaish coincidence, is December 31 which has absolutely nothing to with the story, I just though it was an interesting factoid.

Donations - Good News Everyone - we received enough in donations to keep the Madhouse on the air for another year, plus some extra which, combined with the expected ad and Amazon income, should easily buy us a second year. Which explains the disappearance of the Donate button. As promised, I have begun flogging Leandro to get on here and name names and stuff, but I think he's been off at a weekend long cumbia concert.
Hey, guess what you're accessories to?
Posted on May 1, 2008 by Tim
No, I haven't run off to Buenos Aires with the donations ... and I'm going to stop right there 'cause Leandro doesn't want me making jokes about money. Which is a bite 'cause Graham is always after me to keep up at least a 0.33 insanity quotient and he was quick to note that I was a little under quota on my last performance review. But I won't be cracking wise about the donations 'cause that's a serious subject. I don't have all the details yet, but Leandro is sounding pleased and amazed at the support that has been shown for the Madhouse. You'll all be hearing from him soon but I'd just like to give a big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We'll publicly acknowledge all contributors in the near future as soon as we finish playing connect the dots between the paypal ids and aliases.

But we're not quite out of the woods yet so there's still time to donate. And remember that you can also help out by ordering your Futurama stuff from Amazon.com through the link that's hiding in the count down up there at the top of the page. The preorder button for the next movie seems to have gone missing at the moment so I'm thinking a sleep deprived Leandro must have misplaced a comma or something. We'll get right on that.

Ok, enough of the begathon, time for some real content. That's what you're here for, right? Ok then, how about some Fan Fiction - So the crew is on the way to the annual Mad Scientist of the Year awards held in Hammelburg, Germany when one of Professor Farnsworth's inventions goes haywire. The crew arrives in Hammelburg all right, but instead of 3008 it's 1943 and as all you history buffs will note, Germany in 1943 was probably not the most fun place to be. The fic is by Hammer087 and it's called Yet Another Rip In The Space Time Continuum.