May 2006
As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster... *BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!*
Posted on May 30, 2006 by Graham
Then again, Bender didn't really cut it when he was a member of the Robot Mafia. Still, even so, Bender sure looks mean with a machine gun in his hand. Just make sure that you're not a bird flying overhead or anything, because that's where Bender is likely to be aiming his rounds. This happened in the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before, where he shot all his rounds in the air rather than save them to destroy the Star Trek crew. Welcome three pictures for our Fan Art section done by ICEMAN0O0, who apparently did them while being bored at school. I'd have thought that boredom should be a subject in its own right at school. Anyway, he's sent in a picture with Bender with a machine gun (obviously, otherwise why would I be rambling about Bender with a machine gun...), Bender as a Diablo II character, and Leela with a gun. All pictures are carefully hand-drawn, painstakingly done while bored at school.

Well, not content with showing Futurama characters with guns and such, I have to also show them with children, too. Guns and children together? That's surely not a good thing! Well, let me explain that one. Ramon 51 has created a fan fiction work called "Married with Children", which you'll find on our forum. However, in celebration of that, Kriebs has come up with a tribute of Ramon 51's work by doing two pictures for our Fan Art section. He has done one as a line drawing pencil sketch and another with it coloured in. The pictures show Fry and Leela holding onto the hands of the mutant child found in the episode The Cyber House Rules, which probably deserves a big, long awwwwwwww... So, go and enjoy Kriebs' latest works and after that go and take a look at Ramon 51's fic, too.
So, that's who Father Christmas is! Thieving bastard!
Posted on May 25, 2006 by Graham
OK, it's the wrong season to be jolly, but that doesn't stop Xmas related artwork being submitted. It also makes one wonder who the heck is Father Christmas. I mean, the idea that some bloke goes down your chimney and gives free gifts is a bit hard to believe. I smell a scam somewhere. Considering the picture to your right, then my suspicions are well-founded. Because, it seems that Father Xmas (yes, I know, it's Robot Santa... stop spoiling it!) is really... Bender, the thieving robot. That might explain why some people don't get what they expected at Christmas, because Bender swiped the Xbox and replaced it with a half-eaten orange. Well, welcome some work from a new guy called ZoidZoid, who has created a bit of stuff for our Fan Art section. Other than the thieving picture you can see, there are pictures of the Planet Express Ship, Fry as some vampire thingy, the crew sitting at the table, and the Planet Express building. Plenty there to keep you occupied while Bender breaks into your house and steals your belongings.

Next up, I have a mountain of stuff from Cecilia, which all goes into our Fan Art section. As you can see, we have that character from the episode Anthology of Interest II, General Colin Pac-Man. Now, if I can do this right, I should be able to manoeuvre him to eat up this whole update, which will make it quicker for me to finish it. Left a bit... Right a bit... No, this isn't working. Oh well, let's continue. Cecilia has also come up with various pictures of Leela, Fry, Seymour, Zoidberg and his trusty mount, Sperm. Did I mention that Pac-Man character eating up this update so I could finish it? I did! Good, because now I'll let out the ghosts.
Son of Fanfiction
Posted on May 23, 2006 by Teral
No, you're eyes aren't deceiving you gentle visitor. This really is the sequel to last weeks bestseller; "The Triumphant Return of Fanfiction". In part two you will smile when you see the familiar faces of wellknown fanwriters Kryten, Missy and Mitch, you will cheer when you meet newcomer Lyala, you will cry when you discover this update only contains 4 new fanfics, you will rage , you will laugh . This rollercoaster ride has it all. Don't miss the exciting "Son of Fanfiction"!

And now a bit more organised... There are 4 new stories ready for ya', part 5 of Krytens "Catastrophe", part 4 of Mitchs "The Full Circle", a new story by Missy titled "Cyclopes Mama, Martian Mama" and finally the story "Misery Loves Company" by newcomer to the fanfiction scene Layla. Enjoy.

I have several more stories in my queue. They'll appear in the near future, so don't miss "Bride of Fanfiction"! Coming to a TLZ:Futurama Madhouse near you!

Last, but certainly not least, there's a new song parody by Kenny McCormick titled The Real Slumr Shady. Now if it could cme in a spoken word version...

I just wanna get drunk...
Posted on May 18, 2006 by Graham
OK, Arsenal lost yesterday's Champions League final against the best team in Europe, but do you see me crying. No, I prefer to get drunk. Actually, no, I prefer to cry into my beer. Actually, I am crying. Lying me! However, we could have won the game by taking our chances, but we dropped the cup when we had it in our hands. Still, my team did great, considering that we played with ten men throughout most of the match, and we took the lead. Well, rather than bore you with football, I'll introduce three pictures for our Fan Art section by Robert Hawks. The picture you can see is Bender enjoying getting stoned, drunk, sizzled, zapped, zoinked. It's an animated picture, so that just adds to the fun. He has sent in two pictures of Leela, with one showing a Christmassy Katey Sagal, and the other showing Leela as a pirate. Now, back to my crying.

Actually, no time to cry and whinge, because I have something from a new guy or girl... well, let's say fan. Welcome the work of Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA - yes, that's the name given to us - for our Fans' Comics section. The comic is called And the Winner is..., which deals with Fry's attempt to win a game show. He needs to study. He needs to go to college. He needs to do some brain workouts with Professor Farnsworth. Does he do any of those? Hmm... best read the comic to find out what mental workout Fry had in mind. BTW, the comic is hand-drawn and even though it has a few issues with spelling and grammar, it's quite a good read.
Has the moon decided to go for a cooler colour? Are pigs migrating north for the winter? Is the devil wearing a jacket and beanie? After all, here at FM:TLZ... FAN FICTION IS BACK!!!
Posted on May 16, 2006 by Kenneth
I kid you not, for today is the day that new Fan Fiction makes a triumphant return to the site, which of course means that all those of you who have been holding back on us can now stop and flood our inboxes with your written works once more. The night is young, and we have umbrellas in our drinks

But, onto the actual update itself. We have a good mix here. From authors old, authors new, authors borrowed, and authors blue. Well, maybe not the last two (though I'm sure many were blue in the face from the wait). And, hey, I was one of them, since I had A Past With No Future, Chapter 5 and my new story about Bender becoming a cop, NNYPD Blue, written and waiting. And other veteran writers here were clearly waiting too, such as Max Bellamy with Resident Leela, Chapter 3 and Dwayne Anderson with the first part of his new parody Quest For Deliverance.

We also had three new writers waiting patiently too, like Daniel Leicester with The Kroker Chronicles, Part 1 and 2, a tale that is viewed from varying points in Futurama history, both past and present, as well as even the future. Then there's Gav's tale of Fry taking on the Brain Spawn once again in Space 1999, and finally Olly's vision of Fry and Leela dating after the last episode in The Third Date Rule.

Well, that should keep you readers busy enough for now. And for you other writers, you can now stop the , the , the and, of course, the and send us your stuff again. Hooray!
Again, Fry has a gun. Best run, because he might not shoot his foot this time...
Posted on May 13, 2006 by Graham
There seems to be a surge of fan art that has Fry holding a gun, with the intent of using it. Now, I tend to think that this is a dangerous move, simply because we all know that Fry is likely to shoot himself in the foot or kill some poor bloke walking home from a hard day at the office, who's thinking about what present to give to his first ever girlfriend for her birthday that night, who herself hasn't told him that she's carrying his child. Awww! Best not aww too much, because tragedy is likely to strike. OK, you say that Fry is great with computer shoot-em-ups, so surely he'll be fine with a real gun. This is sound reasoning, tempting to say the least. However, we just know that computer games and reality have a tendency to diverge wildly. So... best be careful out there. OK, getting to the point, I have some work from a new guy in town. He comes under the name of ICEMAN0O0, and he's got a picture of Fry with a gun, as if he were in Counter-Strike, as well as other pictures. We also have pictures of Leela and Zoidberg close to peril, a picture that wonders what would happen if Futurama wasa roleplay game, as well as some other pictures of Fry as The Punisher. Plenty of violent action here, folks. Enjoy, while you quiver.

Next up, we have a load of new pictures for our Fan Art section from Cecilia. There are various pictures of Leela, Fry, Bender, Amy, etc, but the one I chose to show as the thumbnail is the so-called cute pet of Leela's, Nibbler. Yes, I have surrended to the cute side, I am promoting a picture that has Nibbler in it. I mean, that damn animal is... is... urgh! Makes my blood boil! Grrr! Still, I can't resist putting up a picture of him on this site. I must be getting more sentimental with age. Somebody save me from cuteitis! Please!

BTW, can people not send in BMP files. The reason why is because of their massive size, which puts a lot of strain on our webmasters who still have dial-up. I mean, they don't want to have to spend ten minutes or so downloading a few pictures because the picture is uncompressed in the BMP format. Please use either JPG, GIF or PNG, which compress the picture to a more manageable size. If you can't do that, then at least put the pictures in a zip file or other archive. Thanks.

That was an appeal by the Save the Dial-up User Association. Please give generously.
Icons, Icons Everywhere
Posted on May 9, 2006 by Leandro
The Icon Factory released today its fourth pack of Futurama Icons for you to use in your desktop, shortcuts, bookmarks, or wherever! They are even high-resolution enough to use as buddy icons in your favorite messenger. This particular pack is aptly subtitled "The Robots" and it includes 12 icons featuring both well-known and quite rare robots from the series. Here's a small preview for you:
Here's the links to all four Icon Packs for you to browse and download:

Futurama Vol. 1: The Crew (Download)
Futurama Vol. 2: The Humans (Download)
Futurama Vol. 3: The Aliens (Download)
Futurama Vol. 4: The Robots (Download)
Fry does some night work...
Posted on May 7, 2006 by Graham
You know, you've not got enough money to buy the latest thing, so you have to earn more. Planet Express wages are notoriously low, thanks to the tight fist of Hermes, so you just have to find another line of work to pay the way. Along comes a job that Fry seems adept at. No, not lazy bum, nor whitewash painter, nor human skittle, nor dog toy, but assassin. I hear you gasp, "But he's... he's... he's an idiot!" But, you just don't realise that all assassins have to have a way to be deceptive, so that they can get in, confuse their prey, then get out. See, now do you understand? Good. Anyway, all this leads onto the picture you can see to your right that's for our Fan Art section, which comes from Big Red. He's come up with Fry dressed for the kill. Yes, he's an assassin, a mean one. Hmm... maybe Fry assassinated the Tottenham Hotspurs team by poisoning their food, who just crapped out on the last hurdle on to the way to a Champions League spot, where they fluffed up a chance to grab fourth spot over my team, Arsenal. Oh dear, how my heart bleeds. Spurs are on their way to a European tour, where you'll be able to see them on Channel Five. May I thank Fry for his good work. Then again, maybe Bender cooked the meal. Ah well, whatever, enjoy Big Red's latest work. Off to party! Woo!
They're not ears: they're fake ears!
Posted on May 4, 2006 by Graham
Ah ha! So you thought you could fool me, did you? You thought I wouldn't notice that you've got something exta. You thought I wouldn't notice. But I have noticed! BWAHAHAHAHA! Those aren't ears, Leela. They're fake ears! I win! I win! I win! Ner, ner, ner-ner, ner! Oh, wait, people are staring at me. *Ahem!* OK, I have some new work for you today, work that comes from a new artist, too. Welcome Cecilia, who has come up with this picture for our Fan Art section of Leela wearing some robotic ears in order to hear Fry play the Holophonor in the episode, ears that she got from the Robot Devil. Well, this is Cecilia's first work of art for this site, but maybe we'll see some more. No, not fake ears. Fake ears are so yesterday! Be gone, go and look at the art and return, where I will introduce the second load of work that's come our way. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, that may be it, maybe I've been taken over by some whacky brain slugs. Maybe that's why I saw fake ears instead of brake fluid. Maybe it was bread fruit. No, that would make me Captain Bligh. Anyway, here's a nice picture of one of our overlords. No, it doesn't have a name... not even a cute one. The picture is one of four pictures sent in by Kathryn, whose work you can find in our Fan Art section. The other pictures feature Fry and Leela. One has Fry with a background similar to the brain slug's. No, Fry isn't a brain slug; he's not even a slug, let alone a brain. There are two pictures of Leela, one with her lime green top, while the other is a pencil sketch of the Planet Express ship's captain. Enjoy. Now back to serving our overlords. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...