May 2005
The games people play...
Posted on May 30, 2005 by Graham
Yes, gamers play games, and it seems that Fry and Leela are no different in that regard. No, I'm not talking about those types of games - at least not yet - I'm talking about games games, like Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, My Little Pony... best scrap that last one. See, Zmithy has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section, one of which shows Fry and Leela, during what appears to be a slumber party, playing computer games. It also seems that Leela is winning, unless she sticks out her tongue like a snake or is literally impersonating a certain smiley. The other picture shows Leela, Fry and Bender having a drinking session. Lots of beers are being drunk, and if you look, you'll see that the game Twister is soon to be played. Oh, the games people play! Also, if you look even closer, the calendar shows it's 30th May. Now, I'm not sure of the significance of this date, but I went to its own Wikipedia page, and found that this day is just as special as all the others. Some events of note: death of Voltaire (maybe he was living up - dying up - to his reputation and defending the rights of others to say what they want, which might well have been, "Let's all kill Voltaire"); death of Christopher Marlow (a playwright in Elizabethan times); death of Joan of Arc (French woman prone to delusional hallucinations, who led France against their English occupiers); birth of Benny Goodman (jazz musician); birth of Peter the Great (Russian Tsar); birth of Michael Bakunin (Russian anarchist); birth of Aleksei Leonov (first person to walk in space); Mariner 9 is launched towards Mars in 1971; Paris Commune falls; Graham bores the visitors of Futurama Madhouse to death by labouring the point...
Why is it that Bacon tastes so much better than people?
Posted on May 29, 2005 by Scott
More Fan Fiction, yup. From The Kif comes part's Three and Four of his Fan Fiction Entitled My Life as a Futurama Character; In which you hear about some guy who enters the Futurama world somehow, possibly by the use of the Flux capaciter or magical cheese. I wouldn't know, why don't you find out for yourself? you ungrateful people you! While an angry mob forms I may as well rant.

Let's see, rant... Ah yes, I've been playing through Half Life 2, what a brilliant game. Here you can see my collective force of Ant Lions, their your enemy at the start but later they are allies! I'm quite near the end which is a suprise because I usually never finish games, woohoo! That wasn't much of a rant was it? well you're not paying me by the hour so... shooo!! why don't you submit Crap Art! or something? read a Fan Fic or send me money <_< >_>, i'm poor and I need another 5 grand to finish the gold plated swiming pool.
Fry - right in your face!
Posted on May 29, 2005 by Graham
The thumbnail you can see to your right shows what would be the last thing you'd see if Fry came hurtling through the monitor. I'm sure his expression wouldn't be unique, either. Maybe you might get a glimpse of your expression due to monitor reflection, just before Fry collides with you. Damn, I'm sounding morbid. Anyway, getting to the point, I have a few pictures from a new contributor who goes under the name RS 2thou, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. The picture you can see really shows Fry zooming up one of those transport tubes that you see in New New York. There's also a picture of Bender holding a gun or two. Another picture shows Leela feeling a bit lonely/depressed in her cabin on the Planet Express ship. There's a more traditional view of Leela in another of RS 2thou's pictures. Finally, there's a picture of Leela skateboarding, which is also a pastime of RS 2thou's.

Welcome back an artist who used to frequent our Fan Art section a while back. It seems that David Johnson couldn't resist looking back at his own work on his page at Futurama Madhouse, and decided that he just had to draw another image of Leela. This picture of Leela shows off all her hair in all its glory. So, if you like Leela with her hair all over the place, then this picture just might be for you. Anyway, David says he might, if inspired, come up with some more new work, so let's hope he finds some inspiration.

What would help inspiration would be new episode of Futurama. However, there are rumours around that there are plans being thrashed out between Fox and some of the Futurama creators, all in the preliminary stages, for new episodes to be aired on forthcoming DVDs. I stress these are rumours, though, which is why I haven't really updated about this in previous updates. Still, maybe I should have done so, even if my scepticism of such news is quite high. (Why would Fox release such eps only on DVD and not on TV, missing out on advertiser revenue? Futurama episodes are costly, and I'm not sure if the DVD sales on their own would fund such a venture, at least in the minds of the average Fox executive. Still, those are my main problems with this rumour... but my doubts could be just plain wrong, which I hope.) I'll give some links below to any discussions about this issue. Many thanks to Ben the Legend for getting my lazy and doubting arse to mention this on the site. Yes, my arse is typing... how novel.

Slashdot: Futurama May Strike Back (on DVD)

BillyWest.com's Forum: Talk about Futurama Direct to DVD

PEEL: Interesting claim regarding Futurama movies... Should we believe?

There, that'll keep you reading and hoping for a while.
WAR! HUH! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again....
Posted on May 26, 2005 by Teral
War is a very bloody, very messy and very dirty business, so obviously it makes for great drama in fiction. There's no denying that. So naturally part 11 of Dave Vincent's Fan Fiction, the one named Background Noise, offer lot of good drama and intrigue. In the previous chapters the standoff on Da Nang IV suddenly came to an end when the natives attacked the DOOP positions. In this new chapter Fry get to experience the true horrors of war when he is sent to a makeshift hospital to assist the surgeons in their battle to save the lives of badly injured soldiers. It's not a pretty sight, and Fry have to muster up all his will and strength just to keep himself from running away. At the same time major Smith lead 2 batallions of DOOP soldiers in a desperate race against time to try and stabilise the DOOP position before they're overrun. Meanwhile Leela and Amy lead their ravaged convoy as all ships make for Da Nang IV at top speed, under orders not to stop to pick up survivors. As I said lots of good drama and truths about the mess that is war, definitely not for the faint of heart. You have been warned. Now, click here to go directly to this chapter.
More FanFics eh? Also send me Crap Art!
Posted on May 26, 2005 by Scott
Here's one, from Curt Evers - The 2nd part of his Fan Fiction, Entitled The Dimension. He had the cheek to tell me to stop asking for Crap Art! with the promise of more content. Sorry but I don't stop doing things because people tell me to. If no more content I recieve from you then, meh. Life goes on.

Extra special Crap Art! Request:

Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Send me Crap Art! Come on you know you want to.

Users: Booo!!!!!!! Get him off the site, Scott is pathetic and he asks for Stuff!
And now for more crap you love!
Yet another Fan Fiction! This time from The Kif, it's part two of his Fan Fiction entitled My Life as a Futurama Character. It's futile to resist Scott's calls for Crap Art!, you know you want to send me some... give into the dark side of the Art! (heh, this should get me the status of Biggest Jerk of all time, right?)
Posted on May 26, 2005 by Graham
OK, if you hate singing, particularly in plays and TV shows, then be warned, because I have a prime example of something akin to the above for our Fan Fiction section. Fear for your ears, for I have a fiction work by GrimFUSION (who used to be called Soulkid2000) that contains such singing... pure evil! The story is called Return of Perfect Fry, and is, as the title says, the return of GrimFUSION's Perfect Fry series... but with added singing. Did I warn you that the fiction contains singing? I did. Well, that's not enough of a warning, because the fiction contains singing. As to the story, I'll just use what I wrote as the introduction, simply because my mind has been numbed by the damn singing. Planet HomeBucks is being destroyed by Spazis (National Space Evil Worker's Party), led by Duck MoneyDevil. It's up to Fry and the Perfect Agency to put things to right. Warning: unprovoked singing is contained in this fiction, so cover your ears while reading. Yes, I can't stress this enough... cover your ears.
Better late than never... right? Uh... right?
Posted on May 25, 2005 by Kenneth
Yes... it's me again, after a rather long absense, and with some new pieces of Fan Art that should have rightfully gone up quite a while ago. An excuse? Well... I could make one up, but I'd be lying. I quite simply wasn't really in the mood for updating, so didn't. I won't beat around the Bush and pretend I was detained on Mars or something. I just didn't feel like it. In rather an apathetic mood lately, so much so that I was made the leader of the Apathy Party. Or, at least I was until I gave my acceptance speech and showed some pride. So, I'd like to apologise to the three different artists I mention below, as well as to Azurill and Afterglowdragon, who had to end up going to other webmasters here in order to get their stuff up. I'll try to not be so late in the future.

Anyway, I've got some bits and pieces from three different artists. First of all is Venus with this picture of Leela shown above in a parody of a certain Canadian French circus that I will not name. I'm a big fan of subtlety you see. And accompanying her single picture are two from Leela in Chains, one with Leela kicking towards any who view it while the other is a purple haze that features Leela if you look carefully. And to cap things off with, an artist simply known as Fry has a picture of... well... Fry, actually, as shown here. So, check out this art, and once again, apologies to the artists mentioned here for their lateness.
Today is the day when we find out different ways to get Fry angry - prepare for some frustrations to be laid bare for all to see...
Posted on May 24, 2005 by Graham
Ever wondered how to make Fry angry? Well, you can do so quite easily, it appears. All you need is an artistic mind, a computer and an image editing program. I can hear the scratching of heads from behind the monitors, and it's not due to lice, either. You think that Fry is an easy going loser? Well, think again, he's far from being an easy going loser, he's a bit more complicated than that. No, he's a loser with many sides to his character. To emphasise this, CosmicF has come up with a picture for our Fan Art section that shows the different stages of making Fry angry. Well, OK, I'll admit that when I say "making", I mean in the literal sense. So, enjoy CosmicF's latest work of art that shows how to draw and colour in Fry when he's angry. Do it wrong, and you might get an angry Fry, one where you might find him behind you ready to beat you over the head with a bunch of flowers that were meant to be given to Leela.

How to write a story about Fry and Leela falling in love... and still make it interesting for those of us heartless bastards who just don't care!
If you go to our Fan Fiction section, you'll find that it mostly contains what is referred to as shippy fictions, where Fry and Leela eventually get together and fall in love, forgetting the rest of us, many of who appreciate the more comedic moments of the show, even those that involve Fry getting rejected by Leela again and again. OK, some of us are cruel bastards, but there's humour in all situations, even ones where love doesn't triumph. Anyway, shippy fictions are a fact of life that won't be stopping anytime soon, so what better way to improve said life than by trying to steer sappy fictions in the right direction. Well, Tongue Luck has done just that, she's decided to write his own sappy fiction called How to Write a Shippy Futurama Fanfic, but with a twist of lemon. The twist is that she explains during her fiction the various methods of how to write a shippy one. See, lessons aplenty here at Futurama Madhouse. Anyway, the best way to describe this is for you to go and read it. Seriously, if you're not into sappy fictions, this is for you, and if you are into sappy fictions, then this is also for you, too, but for different reasons. Really, I can't emphasise enough how much you should read this fiction of Tongue Luck's, which is an unorthodox and humorous look at how to write a shippy fiction. Did I say go and read it? Yes, I did say so... quite a few times. Am I Tongue Luck's agent? Ummm... stop being so cynical. Mind you, if I were her agent, I would be getting paid for all this promotion. I hope it's not too late...
Smash and grab pictures... much like yesterday's FA Cup final!
Posted on May 22, 2005 by Graham
Ah, the fun of being an Arsenal fan. Play absolutely terrible in the FA Cup final, yet win the damn thing right in front of the Manchester United (soon to become Tampa United Redskins) fans. OK, anyone who watched it will think that Man Utd were robbed, and I suppose I wouldn't disagree if honesty mattered. Still, if you can't get beat when playing awful, that stands for something. BTW, man of the match was Jens Lehmann... how Rooney got it, I don't know. Now, rather than yap about football, I better explain the picture you can see to the right of these words. The picture for our Fan Art section comes from Genocidal Smasher, and being the lazy sod that I am, I'll let him inform you what it's about: "Another Futurama/Kim Possible spoof image. This is Bender and Leela as Dr Drakken and Shego from KP. The joke was originally to have Bender as Drakken as an ode to John Dimaggio who voices them both but then I said what the hell, and threw Leela in there as well."

Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Trenton Sands. His latest work is titled Cult 55, and is a rip-roaring read of the grim kind. Fry hears a knock at the door, to find that he's won the Admiral Crunch contest, the winner of which gets anything he wants. Fry decides that what he really desires is Leela's love, so asks for that. Mind you, a certain queen has plans for him... deathly plans. OK, Fry might be in peril, but I can tell you that the Planet Express crew will have some fun and games on the way. Cannonball!
FanFic's a plenty!
Posted on May 20, 2005 by Scott
Yet again, more content graces my inbox, actually it's been there for a few days, I just haven't had time to submit it. Apologies for any inconvenience folks!

Here is a new Fan Fiction for you to all enjoy, its written by The Kif you can find him on our Forum. anyway! the Fan Fiction is entitled My Life as a Futurama Character. It is about some dude entering the Futurama world or something!

Really wish people would summarize their stories in a quick sentence, I'm afraid to screw up the description of the story... but then again its hardly my fault is it? - it's too late now, your storys are all doomed because of my pathetic understanding of them... wahahaha!

Rant or Nonsense! you probably can't see this can you? ha ha ha. Fools... Their watching... yes they are, the milk overlords, that is why I must talk in silence, who knows what the Milk ones are capable of, especially the ones made of Cheese... we're all doomed! DOOMED!!!
The girls are back in town...
Posted on May 20, 2005 by Graham
Back today with two sets of works from generous contributors to Futurama Madhouse. Let's start with the picture you can see to your right. That thumbnail is of a picture for our Fan Art section that has come from CosmicF, along with two others. The thumbnail shows both Leela and Amy going on a girls' night out. The other two are of Leela in different garb, although one of the "dresses" just might raise the blood pressure on some of our visitors. I'll now let CosmicF explain a bit more in his own words: "I originally drew this series of non-Groening style pics to be placed as avatars, but since people have started showing an interest in them, I'm sending them in to TLZ enjoy..." And enjoy them we will.

The second contributor to Futurama Madhouse is called Ramon 51, who has been kind enough to send in a work for our Fan Fiction section. The title of this fiction work is The Recruit, which is the continuation of Ramon 51's "Galactic Agent Gal". It occurs right after Leela has decided to become an Intelligence Officer with the Galactic Intelligence Agency, and continues through her initial training, where she meets some friends she will have for the rest of her life... however long that may be! And long may that be. Well, hopefully, at the least, for a good while.
Gaaaaaaah! Virus .... again! Are we having fun yet?
Posted on May 19, 2005 by Teral
Well, another wave of virus mails, or rather the return of an old acqvant ... akuenti .... aukveyt well known fellow, the Sober.P. Yep, been deleting 650+ mails with right-wing crap the last 24 hours. Tsk tsk, some people just wont learn.

Anyway, to cheer me up I read one of Shine's Fan Fictions. I thought it was pretty great, and decided to share it with the world (in the this case the world being all our faithfull visitors ). The story is named The Other Site of Parasites As always a direct link to the story.

Enjoy, and be careful with those virus attacks, mkay? Btw, I was very careful to weed out any genuine submissions when I deleted the massive batch of virus spam, but just to be safe; if you've sent something to me in the last 48 hours, there's no harm in sending it again.
Disaster Zone!
Posted on May 18, 2005 by Graham
Well, for today, I have a picture and a fan fiction that commemorates a disaster that happened 25 years to this day: the volcanic eruption of Mount St Helens. Welcome a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Dwayne Anderson that shows Fry and Leela trying to escape a volcanic eruption. Also with this picture, comes a work for our Fan Fiction section, which is titled Blast from the Past. It's 18th May 3004, and the Planet Express crew go and visit Mount St Helens, 1,024 years to that day since the volcanic disaster that struck that area. Fry, who was about five at the time, recounts his memories of the event to the rest of the crew. In the meantime, Farnsworth has invented a time machine in order to make deliveries reach their destinations on time. Something's bound to go wrong...
It's MEEEE AGAIN! aren't you happy to see me? no? bah!
Posted on May 17, 2005 by Scott
Supreme crapness! it's him again, no i'm not talking about me, I'm not that shallow, or am I? It's Rye Guy again, he must've saw my pathetic cries on the corner of the street for Crap Art! because he's submitted one, see... moaning DOES work! or does it? Moan moan moan! [Users: what's this webmaster ON? can I have some?!]

Now time for something unique, instead of a rant, i'll bring you a Mini-Claw Plaque, its like claw plaque but short:

Cheese vs Cheese Grator

Cheese is ready to fight, it is picked up by the human and then the cheese grator attacks! *arrghhhhh* screams the cheese, it's being ripped apart by the grator, is all hope lost? *TV comes on* cheese is dropped for a few minutes.

Cheese: Ha ha, I knew you wouldn't defeat me, this time.

*Cheese grator just sits there motionless*

Scott's mum comes back and finishes the cheese off, and tells Scott to stop playing with his food.
I am the Fan Fiction Master!... Among other things <_< ... >_>
Posted on May 16, 2005 by Scott
Triple update today, all from the same person: he is known as Rye Guy. Firstly, He's submitted part 19 of his serial Fan Fiction known as The Other! What shocking new twists will are we in store for? Who knows! I don't know, you'll have to read to find out.

Second update! Fan Art!. By the same person of course, this image depicts Leela wearing some kind of... Hat? yes.. the almighty Hat! fear its awesome power. I certainly do!! It's almost hypnotic that hat is... I can feel its power taking over my body slowly. I simply must wear that hat, it holds the answer to all the mysterys of life... MY HAT MINE!!!

Third update, Wallpaper time! Rye Guy is unstoppable, mass updates all at once, I envy him a little... except he's probably not trying to destroy the world as actively as me... which is a shame! I converted his wallpaper into 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 varietys. Enjoy!

Rant time? Yes... Rant... hmm... I got nothing! Perhaps an alien has sucked all the brains out of me, If I had any to begin with, that is. Well anyway I see that nobody has noticed my Plea for Crap Art! I don't know why not. It is a fun section and nobody has to have ANY SKILL at all to have a picture in it, I'm serious... you could quite literally submit a few dots and I'd take it. It's all for a good laugh? C'mon, I'll be yer friend

Any old iron, any old iron, Any any any old iron?
Posted on May 16, 2005 by Graham
Ah well, those old Cockney songs seem to still live on today, especially when you see pictures like that to your right. Fortunately, even though a Londoner, I came from south of the River, so a Cockney I ain't. Still, even East Londoners have their uses. Witness one of three new pictures from The Voices, all of which go to our Fan Art section. The picture shows a rusty piece of metal junk, which turns out to be the remains of Bender's decapitated head. How he got into that state, I don't know, but I sure love the picture, even though it's quite dark in nature... and rusty. The Voices has come up with two other pictures, both of which feature Leela. One of them has Leela with "big hair" (although I could be cruel by suggesting that Boris Johnson was her hairstylist on that day ), while the other has Leela in a form of Limbo. Great pictures, go see.

I haven't finished yet, so stay right where you are. I have another three pictures for our Fan Art section, so your eyes are still required. Thanks. We have three new pictures to show off for our Fan Art section that come from Genocidal Smasher. All three pictures are done in a banner style, each featuring Bender, Leela and Fry. I've put up the Leela one, because Genocidal Smasher thinks that's the one that came out best, but in my opinion, they're all worthy. So, if you want a banner to march under, then why not use one of these, comrades.
Time for another fix
Posted on May 15, 2005 by Teral
Been too long since the last shot of Futurama? Experiencing withdrawel symptoms? Need another taste of sweet, sweet can-day? Well, as luck would have it I have just gotten a new shipment of Fan Fiction from a new supplier by the name Shiny. You're going to like it, I'm sure, it's shippy goodness. 100% pure. Interested?

Well, the store is named What Might Have Happened Next and show a possible continuation of the events seen in "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings". Enjoy it here.
One of our artists has gone missing!
Posted on May 14, 2005 by Graham
OK, this is an alert. One of the artists who contributes to our Fan Art section has gone missing from our HQ. If anyone can find this artist, we'll be eternally grateful. The artist goes under the name of CosmicF, and looks like a head without a body. Thankfully, his head will be in a jar, so there won't be any need to mop up any blood, saliva or whatever else icky that a decapitated head will produce once found. We do have one suspect, though: a woman who apparently has one eye and purple hair. If you've seen this strange woman, don't approach her, because she's considered to be armed and dangerous. Instead, send us an email about her whereabouts, and then we can deal with this matter. In other news, Kif Kroker and Amy Wong are getting married. There will be plenty of guests, including the great and heroic Zapp Brannigan, who will be giving an entertainingly long speech as well as a great Karaoke session. After the wedding, there'll be a benefit concert in aid of disadvantaged heroic DOOP officers. All women invited.
Scott has learned how to submit Fan Fiction... Scott has gained 300exp and is now level 99
Posted on May 13, 2005 by Scott
Yes, you should all be worried... I can submit Fan Fiction now... Mwhahaha! This is a Fan Fiction by none other than the new guy John Porteous entitled The Amy Baby Blues. [Well as far as I know he's new anyway] It's about a pregent Amy, however I won't say too much... [Users: you didn't even read it did you?] Oh crap they're on to me...!

Now that i've said all that I can let out some rants, that new Star Wars film is coming out next week, I cannot wait... I love Star wars... well... Episode 1 was pretty rubbish... how many times can I use three dots in a row anyway... never you mind. Like I was saying Star Wars. Star Wars! Who doesn't love Star Wars? [Users: Not we] Curses... lousy users, always wanting things!
You've lost that lovin' feeling, Oh that lovin' feeling. You've lost that lovin' feeling, Now your hand is gone gone gone oh oh oh...
Posted on May 12, 2005 by Graham
Ah, love. You meet a woman on a cruise ship. You fall in love with said woman, taking her out to a meal and then after that throwing the leftover bread crumbs to the passing gulls. You then dance away in the ship's ballroom, hand in hand, getting closer and closer, ready to kiss. Finally, you go out onto the deck, admiring both the view of your new girlfriend and the sea. This is getting towards the moment of no return, the moment you've been waiting for, where it'll be sealed with a tender kiss... of a ravenous fish trying to bite off your hand. Ain't love grand. Well, life could be grander, but that would just miss the comedy moment presented in the picture you can see to your right that's for our Fan Art section, which comes from Azurill. Go and take a look at this splendid picture and see the love and care that its creator has given it. Ain't that worth an arm and a leg? There are two other pictures by Azurill, all as splendid as the one you can see as the thumbnail, one featuring Leela finding out that life isn't all roses, while the other has Leela loving that lovable three-eyed rat thing Nibbler. Hopefully you will enjoy these neat pictures as much as that fish seems to enjoy Fry.
If Fry can pick this weapon up, then why does he need it?
Posted on May 9, 2005 by Graham
I mean, if Fry could pick up such a weapon, then he must be damn strong, therefore not needing it. OK, I suppose if Fry had to face a fleet of Omicronians, then such a weapon could give him the edge, but looking at the way he's picking up such a heavy beast, he must have the strength of a certain Superman. Oh, what am I rambling about now? Well, CosmicF, a new contributor for Futurama Madhouse, has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section, one of which features Fry holding a big mother of a gun. Maybe he throws it at his enemies or something. There is also a second picture that is quite funny, which shows Leela firing off Bender's head with a bazooka. Ouch, that's gonna hurt! Anyway, other than Bender, enjoy!
This is the News at 11: homocidal cult leaves several cartoon characters dead in their murderous rage. We go live to our reporter...
Posted on May 9, 2005 by Teral
Thank you. Right now I'm standing on the exact spot where the above mentioned killings took place: the Futurama Madhouse:The Leela Zone Fan Fiction section. Information regarding the crime are limited, but apparently it all took place when wllknown Fan Fiction writer, Spacedal11, handed in the part 3 of her story Stung.. Apparently the chapter contained mystery, murder and fanatic cults. A few brave souls have volunteered to investigate. We will try to follow them. We will return when we have new information, back to the studio.
We interupt the Graham and Scottt show for this urgent bulletin: Teral makes an update, more in news at 11
Posted on May 7, 2005 by Teral
Only a few minutes after my last update (oh, boy that's a long time ago, eh? ) an email landed in my inbox ... well, not my real inbox ... or my Outlook Express semi-real inbox, but my virtuel inbox here at FM:TLZ. It turned out to be spam, so I deleted it. Then another one arrived, this time a Netsky virus, so I deleted that one too. But the third email, yes the third email, contained content (well, obviosly it had content, not even spammers and hackers is stupid enough to send completely empty emails ... although sometimes I have my doubts ) for our website. How's that for ironic? And the first one to send me an email saying "that's not ironic, that's just coincidental" gets a very severe glare from me ). Anyway, this was a poem from Mitch, titled Stinging, and is inspired by the episode "The Sting". Obviously very shippy in nature, so enjoy if you like that kind of thing. The rest of you, beer at my place. Oh, you don't know where I live? too bad, then I have to drink it myself. Sigh, the things I do for you guys.
Alien vampires fail to take control of the UK... A huge sigh of relief can be heard... But now it's time to Save Our Scott!
Posted on May 7, 2005 by Graham
Oh well, it seems that the vampires failed to take control of the UK, so our blood is fairly safe. Labour won the election by 66 seats, so that's more than I thought, but less than the bookies did. In other news Futurama Madhouse is now under siege by thousands of grannies and grandpas wanting the head of our very own Scott. Tony Bliar has called a fresh election, with the Labour manifesto pledge that he will introduce capital punishment for a one-off decapitation. People over the age of 65 will have the vote on who they want executed. On the list are: Ant, Dec, Sooty, Postman Pat's cat, Gromit, and Scott. So, I beg you all to help Scott avoid the chop. We must spread the word to grannies and grandpas that a Scott isn't just for election time. We must preserve our Scott and campaign to throw Dec to the executioner... and if we're lucky, we might be able to add Ant, too. Save Our Scott! You know it makes sense.

Anyway, while Scott goes and hides down a cellar or up a chimney, let me introduce a new work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new writer called Ramon 51. He's come up with an exciting fiction that's called Galactic Agent Gal, that's bound to keep you entertained. Leela's in a snow mobile racing across a boulder strewn snowscape. Behind her are three other snowmobiles, chasing after her erratically. No, she's not in an Alpine race, they are firing at her, wanting her dead. During this escapade, Leela says to herself, “How did I ever get into this business?” Which is exactly what the reader would want to know, too.

Mind you, maybe we could swap Leela for Scott in this fic, having him running down Ben Nevis and being chased by Zimmer-frame wielding pensioners. Run, Scott! Run!
Who need's crap when you've got Crap Art!
Posted on May 6, 2005 by Scott
Well I was hoping for a better responce from my plea for Crap Art! but it is early days yet... I am determined to bring some fun to this miserable planet if it kills me! One such person however submitted some Crap Art! to me though, He was not ashamed to do so... he enjoys a good laugh

His name is Nick Murdoch and you can see his Crap over at his Crap Art! Page, he didn't know whether or not it was classed as Crap Art! or Fan Art so as he responded to Crap Art! I just put it there... you can judge if its supposed to be there or not though

I'm not only posting about that, i'm posting to rant; Labour won... what a suprise. With the Pensioners getting the promise of £200 a week they would all come out in droves and cancel out any vote that any young person would make. I seriously think people over the age of 70 have no right to vote.

It just gets on my nerves that THEY decide my government, not to say I don't respect them but they've lived their lifes and now it is time for the generation of the now to decide who they want to lead them. In protest of this, when I am that old... I will not vote because I believe I shouldn't have the right to either;

Of course if there were such a rule people would scream "discimination". Like I give a flying...
You all know what Father Jack needs: DRINK!
Posted on May 5, 2005 by Graham
Tonight in the UK, the results of today's election will get announced. Personally, I expect the Labour Party, led by Tony Blair, to win by a 40 seat majority, but many bookies have the most likely outcome to be about 90. Still, despite my pessimism about Labour's probable majority, 40 seats is comfortable enough. Don't get the idea that we in the UK are endorsing Blair's exploits during the Iraq War, because that's far from the truth. In the UK, we don't have presidential system, we have a Parliamentary system. What happens is that you vote for your local MP, and the party with the most MPs wins outright. The only ones voting for Blair are those in his own constituency. So, what tends to happen is that the focus on the election is on the policies rather than the personalities... although that doesn't mean that no personality issues get in the way. As you can see, it's all quite boring and stuff, but it'll be fun to see the Tories flat on their arses again. Now that I've said that, my luck will be that the Tories get in with a thumping majority.

Oh, wait, forget politics, I've got stuff to show off. Well, to your right... and up a bit... I have one of two pictures sent in by Ooy for our Fan Art section. The one you can see shows Bender, Homer from The Simpsons, and Coach Z from Homestarrunner.com having a spot of drinking. Now, maybe they're going to do what I will do tomorrow if Michael Howard's Tories win: drown my sorrows in drink, more drink... and more and more and more drink. Don't tell me this picture is an omen. The second picture is a bit violent, but I'll let Ooy explain it. "This one is me getting beaten up by Bender, which I drew while remembering watching the 'Rowan Atkinson Live' DVD I got from the library when Rowan said 'I wonder then as I wondered now if he would've turned to be a very different boy indeed if you administrated a few, fatal beatings at home'." Oh dear... I think Ooy really has pissed off Bender this time, because he didn't draw the manic robot with more beer.

Well, while Ooy dusts himself off and the election here goes into snoredrive, I'll bid you all farewell for today. Maybe I'll awake tomorrow to find that the alien vampires have finally taken control of the UK, and are eating babies and sucking the blood of angelic nurses.
What utter crap... and how! it's better than sex
Posted on May 3, 2005 by Scott
This is quite possibly the crappest news update this year, emphasis on crap. but I'm submitting a new "drawing" myself to help revive our Crap Art! section... it's all for a laugh and the beauty part is no matter how rubbish it is, we'll put it in there!

Seriously folks, this is how it works, you draw a picture of your favorite Futurama character(s)... you can do it as quickly as you like or you can create something supremely crap, that's the point! It's all in the name of fun and it is a good laugh.

You also get to rate how crap they are, what can be more fun?

Just in case this kicks off which i'd really like, I will not submit one at a time, as we all know these are crap so I'd prefer to submit a few in one go. I double dare you to participate. C'mon... i'll be your friend - Email them to me... the Crap Art! master.

Now that the urge to say all that is out of the way, I'll mention this: If you want to submit any content to any of us, do not email us asking if its ok to do it, just do it! We won't send the F.B.I after you we promise
Merry Xmas, everyone!
Posted on May 2, 2005 by Graham
Ever felt that Xmas coming only once a year is a waste of 364 days? Do you crave for 25th December, crossing off the days in between the Xmas of last year and this year? Would you want Xmas to be doubled? Well, here at Futurama Madhouse we did just that. From now on, 2nd May will be known as Xmas Prequel. If George Lucas can stretch out Star Wars in order to make millions of dollars/pounds/euros/blergs by making nonsense prequels, then why can't this be done for Xmas (and, while we're at it, the millions of dollars/pounds/euros/blergs)? Well, it can, and we're going to ensure that today is full of Xmas cheer, too (we're still working on the money part of this issue, though). Anyway, to get us into the Xmas Prequel cheer, we've got a work for our Wallpapers section that comes from Birdbot. Look, it must be Xmas, because we have a Robot Santa wallpaper for today. Did I just mention it's Xmas? Well, jingle bells it is that merry day. So, go out and build mudmen, put wheels on your sleds, and go to your local shopping centres/malls/whatever and demand that Santa Claus gets off his fat arse and sets up a grotto. Ah, the commercialisation of 2nd May has just begun.

While we're in Xmas Prequel spirits, may I mention that the first part of Curt Evers' fiction, The Dimension is now up. OK, due to some changes, if you've already read his The Insane fiction, then that's now become the prologue to his The Dimension one, which means scrolling down about half-way and reading on from there. If you haven't read Curt's The Insane, then this doesn't apply to you, and you can enjoy reading The Dimension from the start and not even notice that anything strange has been done. There, that's sorted. Oh, in this part of Curt's fan fiction, Fry and Leela are mysteriously transported to a desert to meet some interesting creatures. Who transported them? Well, you can read the fiction to find out.

Anyway, after all that confusion, may I wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy new year... Oh, wait, do any of you want two years rolled into one?
Intel Inside
Posted on May 1, 2005 by Scott
Here I am, yet again! to submit something... yes. Here is a new Fan Art from Genocidal Smasher!, I can't quite make it out... is that Bender or Graham?

Graham is a calculating evil bot as well, obeying the metal lord and all, but thats enough about that evil fiend. eBuyer finally got around to delivering my replacement Intel P4 3.2ghz + Motherboard. This time they worked, I have such an awesome system now! *angry mob aproaches*... oh crap! *runs*

Remember folks... send me all your Fan Art or other content and I shall use it as toilet paper! *Graham hits Scott* I mean err... Submit it to Futurama Madhouse. yes <_< >_>