May 2004

May 31, 2004

SpyOrama onwards and upwards... Zapp's the limit! Well, today I have some good ol' SpyOrama stuff for you that comes from both Silvertide and Fryfan. Let's start with our Fan Art section, where we have a SpyOrama drawing done by Silvertide that features Zapp, Kif and Michelle. Now, as you know, Silvertide does the drawings while Fryfan colours them in (well, I'm not sure about this one because he didn't say so, but he did do that for the past pictures, so let's just say he did), so it's a joint effort. Nice to see cooperation. Anyway, I'll let Fryfan describe this picture and its relevance to SpyOrama: "Zapp is important to SpyOrama, because he and Michelle and Kif are not parodying any James Bond characters. I felt it was necessary because it would make SpyOrama much more interesting to fans. Zapp is parodied after Merovingian, or the French man, from The Matrix Reloaded. When I first saw Merovingian, I liked the character, he was funny and so full of himself. He reminded me of Zapp and it made sense to combine the two. Michelle is based from Merovingian's wife, Persephone. I chose Michelle, because it would allow me to use her more and the characters seemed very similar. Kif is based on the Thin Man, Crispin Glover's (George McFly) character from Charlie's Angels. It made sense since Kif was much of the silent type and his attraction to Amy, reminded me a bit of Thin Man's attraction to Drew Barrymore. Kif's cane can be any weapon: sword, bo, nin chucks, laser, anything that involves a weapons being thin and long." Well, that explains a hell of a lot. Now, we're not finished there, because Fryfan has been kind enough to send in another SpyOrama-related work for our Fan Fiction section. This one is called Leela is the One, which deals with the theoretical possibility of multiple universes, where everybody has a self in each different universe but each self is different. Anyway, this also is the case with the Planet Express crew, who also have different selves in each of the many universes. However, Leela isn't too pleased about this and is determined to be the One. Well, enjoy this interesting fiction.

While I'm here, let me plug our new message board. Yes, I know, we've had message boards before that fell flat on their faces. Remember The Hip Joint and Treehouse of the Future? Anyway, this time we've decided to create our very own board, like we had about three years ago. Now, this board isn't going to be as established and as big as some notable others, it's there to cater for our own visitors. If it grows, that would be great; if it remains small, then that's no problem in itself. We just felt we needed a place of our own. Awww! BTW, there's a section of the board where you can post comments and suggestions (actually, it's titled that) for the board and this site, and you don't even have to register to post there. For the other parts of the board, however, you'll have to register to post. Anyway, I hope this satisfies those who occasionally email me about the demise of the past boards we've been involved in and beg for their return. Oh, did I say that an asteroid is going to plummet to Earth and destroy us all by tomorrow morning? Hmmm... seems that I didn't give that warning. Oh well, that means that you'd better post quick before the world goes offline.

May 30, 2004

It ain't anarchy; it's my own little kingdom! Mwahahaha! Us inmates here at the Madhouse have been plotting behind all your backs for a while now, and here's what we have to show for it: the Futurama Madhouse Message Board! Now's your chance to rant and rave about anything and everything, Futurama or not, or even yell at us about the site (without even having to log on, mind you!) Right now it's rather boring, as although I'm the undisputed Queen of the domain, all that's there to rule are a few wannabe-dictators, and not even my weird and wild emoticon uploads are scaring them off!

What, you're still reading? Come on already and join me, my minions... we'll all make it worth your while to entertain us inmates. Please, pretty please, entertain us? It's boring being a monarch without the ranting of the masses... [Kristen]

Yet more commun.... Stop the press, it's now anarchism! Well, it seems that our recent past just won't go away, and who says that it should anyway. Just when you thought communism was dead at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, up pops anarchism instead! Actually, to be fair, this is anarcho-syndicalism, which is a distinct variety of the anarchist movement. Why am I pointing this all out? Well, the anwser is because Sofie Fenwick is back with another picture for our Fan Art section. This picture is a parody of a famous anarcho-syndicalist poster during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. The original was created to show the peasants and workers united in common struggle as a rallying call for the FAI (an international anarchist group) and CNT (anarchist trade union). Sofie's shows Fry in an unusual determined state and seemingly fit. The original poster had some muscled bloke in it, but it wouldn't of looked too good with Fry with so many muscles... even Parasites Lost Fry didn't have as much! Still, some muscles were needed, so imagine this is Parasites Lost Fry, and it'll become sort of believable on the body front. Well, we had communism, now we can bask in anarchism-syndicalism. Whither Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone?

Welcome to the world of 31st May 2004! I shouldn't take things too literally! Anyway, I have some more stuff from Seba's Futurama Wallpaper, but this time it goes to our Video Clips section. Welcome a clip made by Seba called Back to Futurama, which is a compilation of various moments in the show with Bender, Fry, Leela, Zoidberg, Farnsworth, Amy, as well as others. Also, it has backing music, which is the main music that was played in the Back to the Future trilogy. Considering this clip's relation to the Back to the Future films, I can imagine our very own Leandro running to download this (well, sitting to download, but running sounds so much more dramatic), seeing that his favourite film is actually Back to the Future. Then again, maybe I'm wrong about this and I'll find out that his favourite film is either Titanic, Independence Day, The Patriot or Pearl Harbor. Boy, wouldn't it suck to have those as favourites! I think I should run now... I can see an angry computer geek with a samurai sword!

May 29, 2004

You want a piece of me, buster? Well, I've got a treat for you today, for I have three works for our Wallpapers section that comes from Seba's own website, Seba's Futurama Wallpaper. Yes, thank Seba for these three neat wallpapers that would look great on any desktop. Let's see, we have Fry and Leela from the episode Less Than Hero, Fry and Leela hugging in the episode The Sting, and Leela sleeping soundly with Nibbler in her arms, which happened in the episode Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch. Well, those works should keep all you Leela, Fry and Nibbler fans happy, making your desktops spring out full of Shippy goodness. Also, while you're doing that, why not go to Seba's site and see if anything there tickles your fancy. Seba has lots of wallpapers, some of which will be on our site in the future, as well as other stuff that'll get your interest. OK, it's in German, but that should only encourage you to learn the language. Well, alright, you don't need to do that, for there's Bablefish to use; anyway, pictures are a common language. Well, enjoy these works and expect some more of the good stuff from Seba fairly soon.

Hooray for Zoidberg! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new contributor to the Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, Tania. She's been kind enough to send in a hand-drawn picture of Dr John Zoidberg, which is probably the kindest thing that has happened to the unfortunate doctor. Seriously, Dr Zoidberg must be one of the most patient victims ever. Anyone else treated the way he is by the Planet Express crew would have gone nuts, and you don't want to face those claws when the doctor has gone berzerk! Still, poor Dr Zoidberg and his victim mentality puts up with a lot, but at least now he can cheer that he's been drawn by a fan. So, hooray for Dr Zoidberg!

May 27, 2004

Holy crap! It's CRAP! This is the time when I can sit back and rant and rave at the rubbish I sometimes receive. That's one great thing about the Crap Art section: you can just tear into a work without worrying that you're offending anyone, because, actually, they want to be offended. So, who's today's victim? Ah, it's Coilette, the lady with the temperamental scanner. Now, she's not going to say the scanner did the picture whose thumbnail you can see to your right, although if she did say that, I'd have believed her. No, this is actually an honest piece of crap, which is worthy for the Crap Art section. It's worthy tenfold, actually. According to her email, she's "happy with it". That's just not fair... I'm meant to be able to belittle the artwork, but what's the joy if the artist is happy with their crap? Bah, life sucks! Bah humbug!

Austin Powers, Derek Flint, etc, move over, we have a new champion! Well, this is certainly a funny parody of spy films if there ever was one. Welcome a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. This work, which is titled Fry Another Day, is a parody of the James Bond film series. Actually, let me quote the description you'll find in the Fan Fiction section's index page, which will save me some time and typing: "This story is the first of many of Fryfan's SpyOrama series that parody the famous James Bond movies. In this story, the crew get to use the what-if machine again. This time it's Fry who gets the honours, deciding he wants to know what would happen if he were a secret agent like James Bond. The hapless delivery boy becomes 014, and soon finds out he has to thwart the diabolical attempts of Ironfinger, usually known to you as Bender, to bend the Earth's axis, which would cause the end of humanity. It seems that Ironfinger has a grudge against humans, much like our very own Bender actually, so someone just has to stop him. Watch out for Leela as agent 1BDI, Amy as Ironfinger's seductive spy Jinx, and Zoidberg as Ironfinger's muscle with an iron hat (much like the Asian bloke in Goldfinger)." BTW, you'll find some pictures of these SpyOrama characters on Silvertide's page at our Fan Art section, so why not go there, too.

EVIL ALIEN NAZIS!!! ...no, that subject has nothing to do with the news update at all. But those who follow a certain TV Series who pretends to be a prequel to a famous sixties TV series will know exactly what I'm talking about... EVIL ALIEN NAZIS!!! It's just too bizarre! Nazis?! What the... and not just nazis, but alien nazis? EVIL ALIEN NAZIS??? Holy...! Somebody smoke some baaaaaad stuff in the Paramount lot! A great season with a story that had me hooked, a very good ending that wraps everything up... and then EVIL ALIEN NAZIS?! Oh my, it's just too insane! It sounds like something I'd do! EVIL ALIEN NAZIS!!!

Ahem. A new submitter to the Fan Art section, Soylant-Yogurt (who isn't a Nazi!) sent us this neat pic of Zapp Brannigan's Hot Date, an Amazonian Alien (no Alien Nazis in Amazonia!). So let's all (even the Evil Alien Nazis!) welcome this new artist to our gallery. While I try to revert my face from this huge WTF expression back into something less insane. EVIL ALIEN NAZIS!!! Sheesh! Even in the Futurama Madhouse we don't have that kind of things (or do we?)... [Leandro]

May 26, 2004

This is not a love song... oh, wait, it is! Yeah, I've got a contribution for our Poems & Song Parodies section from Mitch. Yeah, it's a song about love, too, so that'll suit those who enjoy that kind of aspect of the show. The song is titled 1,000 Years, which is a parody of Five for Fighting's "100 Years". I'll let Mitch describe this one: "It has to do with what the rejuvenated teenage Fry in 'Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles' might have thought on the way to his date with Leela (and about his life with Leela in general and with a small reference to Michelle)." There, hope you enjoy it.

May 25, 2004

Mental note: insert clever heading here before hitting submit Time to introduce a new Fan Fiction writer here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. The new kid on the block is named JBERGES, and have written a story called Perfumed By An Unseen Censor (don't worry, I didn't understand it at first eiterh, but later it dawned on me). Anyway, Farnsworth show his employees his latest acqusition, the dicto-swap. Naturally this is a terrible toy in the wrong hands (read: in Fry and Bender's hands). Leela joins them when a chance to get back at Zapp presents itself, and hijinx ensues. As always click here to go directly to the story.

Bender doing what Bender does best! Today, for you lucky people, I have two works for our Fan Art section that come from Coilette. However, it seems that Coilette's scanner is still rebelling against her, so she has had to use her digital camera to show the images. Still, despite that, they look quite nice and dandy. However, if that were my scanner that was playing up, it wouldn't be looking fine and dandy itself, it'd be in several pieces... maybe on fire. But, maybe Coilette has more patience than me. Anyway, to the pictures. Coilette has informed me that these two pictures have been coloured using water colours, so, as she says, she's branching out. The picture you can see to your right shows Bender doing what Bender does best: pimping. Coilette's other picture shows Leela ready to feed Nibbler with Kibbles 'n' Snouts, the tinned food specially designed to ward off hunger from animals that are prone to eat bigger animals than its own size. So, you could say that Kibbles is what's keeping Dr Zoidberg alive right now. Just hope they don't run out of stock at the local supermarket for the Doctor's sake. Well, enjoy Coilette's latest work. If you enjoy it a lot, she might spare her dodgy scanner some torture.

May 24, 2004

More summer fun! This time I have new Fan Art from two different artitsts, but in a away they compliment eachother. One show a summer situation and the other show a situation you hope is in the summer ... I think.

Anyway, first we have Leelaholic with a picture of Leela after a mishap with her wardrobe. Leelaholic tell me the picture takes place during Superbowl 3004, I'll let the imagination of our visitors fill in the blanks. Let's just say Leela looks like she's showing a bit more skin than usual (and no, you don't see anything, so don't go rushing to Leelaholic's page, walk in an orderly fashion ), so let's hope the weather is warm and sunny.

Fun in the sun, no not that kind of fun! Sheeesh! Mitch is back with another summer-themed piece of Fan Art. Last time Fry and Leela were enjoying themself on the beach, this time the entire gang looks like they're enjoying a lazy afternoon on the roof of the Planet Express building. We have Bender in his speedos, Farnsworth looking lost and Fry trying to impress Leela with his (more or less existing biceps), although leela doesn't seem to be interested. Maybe Fry should get another truck stop sandwich, she sounded very impressed back then. Or maybe she was surprised? Or maybe I'm just babbling to fill this update, and make the text expand beyond the thumbnail on the left? Or maybe it's all an illusion, caused by the Nibblonians? Either way, enjoy these pictures.

Did you lock the backdoor this morning? Well, I haven't got any artwork as such, but I sure do have some video clips for today. The clips come from Pawell, who's the webmaster of the Russian site Something About Leela, which you might be tempted to go to, even if you don't read Russian. Anyway, the first clip, titled A Hope Dies Last, shows the more violent/action moments of the show, with the backing music being Nightwish's "End of All Hope". The second clip, titled Futurama That Ends Well, shows the romantic moments between Fry and Leela, with the backing music coming from Linkin Park's "In the End". Pawell has also remade the video clip called Leela Kicks Them All in the DivX format, which was originally made in the RealMedia format. There, we're much better after getting that out of the system. Anyway, enjoy Pawell's latest clips.

Oh, BTW, the links to the clips showing the end credits of the episodes "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV" and "Spanish Fry" are now working. I'm not sure how long these will work for, so if you want them, get them now.

Don't get us mad? We ARE mad! Yeah, that's why we've got Futurama Madhouse in the title. Anyway, the reason why I'm writing is because I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. This is his first fiction work for this site, and I believe the story I'm going to introduce is the first he ever did (well, it does say so at the bottom of the fic). Anyway, welcome Less Than Hero 2: Enter the Gulk, which is, as you probably have guessed, a sequel of the episode Less Than Hero (well, duh!). In this story, we have a new character, one that you might steer clear of if you make it mad... much like us. Oh, wait, not that kind of mad... the bad kind. Oh dear... Well, while I run for cover, you enjoy this fic from Fryfan.

May 23, 2004

Is this the end of Spaceship? Well, all things must come to an end, and that even goes for Soulkid2000's first work for our Fan Fiction section that goes under the title Spaceship. Soulkid2000's eighth chapter of his fic will be the last part of the story - that doesn't bar sequels, seeing that the film Airplane had one itself, although Soulkid2000 hasn't hinted of any - and deals with Fry attempting to land the PE Ship safely after the pilots were fed poisoned food. Will he land it safely? Will Leela be impressed by his saving the day or disappointed by his failure? You'll see for yourself when you read it.

May 22, 2004

Filling a big, gaping hole! Today on this cool Spring day in May (well, cooler than the last few days in southern England; not that I'm complaining, mind you... no, not me!), I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Rye Guy. The picture he's sent me is, according to him, taken from the beginning of his favourite scene from his favourite episode, The Why of Fry. In this scene, Leela has burnt out the face of Chaz, yet another failed attempt in finding love, and through the hole she has burnt, Fry appears. That was certainly a moving and telling scene, especially, I suppose, for Shippers. Rye Guy has some more pictures from this scene to follow on in the near future, so let's all look forward to those. Now, back to enjoying the weather... or not.

May 21, 2004

Good friends, the beach, good weather, what more do you need? There are some of life's simple joys you still can do without being charged a gazillion dollar, and among them are a beachtrip with friends. Rombling around (seriously, that's what my dictionary tell me is the correct definition) in the water, playing games, having a cold brewski, etc. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing (unless you below 21 and American, then there's a good reason for not having tasted beer ). Good to see Futurama keeps the tradition alive in "When Aliens Attack". In this Fan Art, made by Mitch Leela and Fry are on another beachtrip, whether the rest of the Planet Express team tagged along is unclear, and is currently having fun in the water. In case it's not entirely clear, Mitch assures me Leela is enjoying it. So no black eye for Fry this time. Enjoy, and don't forget what I said about beachtrips.

May 20, 2004

Coming soon: something or other! For now: more Uses for a Title! Let's welcome some more artwork from Smiley, who has been kind enough to send it to our little site, Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. OK, we're not that little, but I need to add more words in order to pad this update due to the width of the text area in this layout, so the more words the better. Anyway, he's sent works for both our Fan Art and Uses for a Hacker sections, so you're spoilt for choice. The fan art work is actually a promotion for more Smiley works to come, so stay tuned. His latest Uses are: Seth Brundle's Failed Results; Kitty Litter; Fry's Ex-Ex-... Husband!!?? (yeah, those extra exclamation and question marks are justified this time ); Lisa Simpson's Perpetual Motion Machine; Kodos and Kang's "Former" Assistant (not Serak the Preparer). There you go, that's enough stuff to keep you happy on this Thursday. Now I need to add some more pointless words to this update in order to ensure it goes past the image on the right. I wonder if this is enough? Or is this enough? Maybe this? Then again, maybe it was OK the first time. Maybe it's not. Maybe you're not reading this and instead doing good things like look at Smiley's work. Maybe I should shut up. I wonder how long I can type without getting tired? Sod this, time for some tea!

May 19, 2004

Take that for being late! And quit talking about my nose. Poor Farnsworth, he's always saying the wrong thing around Amy and Leela, and they don't mind settling the score right away. Sexist remark? That's a slap. Insulting their gender? That's a slap. Being unconscious when there's work to be done? Oh, you better believe that's a slap. What, when did the last one happen? I'm not sure, I just like saying slap. Okay then, carry on. I would like to introduce you to a very talented Fan Artist, a master scanner, the Sire of shading, the Master of disaster, but he couldn't come so you'll have to settle for me. Yeah, I made the picture in the thumbnail and an additional 6, all available in my gallery. The other six are Armo (from Farnsworth's Mutant Atomic Supermen basketball team), 2 of Fry acting stupid, Evil Lincoln, Amy mellowing out and finally Leela, Bender and Fry at Space Mardi Gras.

May 18, 2004

And now the counter revolution arrives! Well, it seems that some are sick of our Glorious Revolution, so they send in their shock troops to disrupt and destroy our utopia. Not only that, the people they send have stereotypical capitalist hats and coats as army gear, which just isn't on. I mean, it's not fair that our army has to deal with such comical costumes from the enemy; makes us literally ROFL, making us easy prey. Well, the full story is in a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Nostradamaus. It shows one of our comrades, Leela, floored by one of the capitalist pigs in funny costume. Not only that, the bourgeois sports some bazooka that fires a boxing glove at its enemy, which seems to have caught Leela flush. That type of clowning just won't do. Where's the dignity with this tomfoolery? Bah, we'll be back, I tells yer!

Futurama meets The Red Green Show! The what now? Just shows how far behind I am on North American TV when I have never heard of The Red Green Show. Mind you, I wonder if that's a bad thing, though. Still, the reason why I'm going on about this show that seems popular - just not over here - is because Dwayne Anderson has sent in a fan fiction work that has the Futurama crew starring on this very colour clashing show. The story is called Just for Laughs and has, as I have just said, the Futurama suckers visiting the wild frontiers of Red Green and chums. Some laughs are had, too. If you don't know about this show, then here's my good friend Google, who will gladly answer all your questions on this subject.

May 17, 2004

SpyOrama gets all bureaucratic! Well, today I have some SpyOrama pictures from Silvertide and Fryfan that go to our Fan Art section. It seems that SpyOrama is growing and growing in characters, because we now have Farnsworth, Hermes and LaBarbara added to the devious scheme. I'll let good ol' Fryfan explain further, which beats me having to do so: "Hermes is modeled after Agent M from James Bond. Not the female version played by Judi Dench, but the old male version played by the late Bernard Lee. Labarbara is modeled after Moneypenny. [...] Professor is still in his pajamas, and he is modeled after Agent Q. The flaming bear was Silvertide's idea after seeing the episode, Love and Rocket." So, there you have it, more SpyOrama stuff from Silvertide and Fryfan. There you go, Fryfan, that didn't take too long, did it?

May 16, 2004

I spy with my huge, bulging eye... Fry holding hands with another woman? Well, that's not so bad I guess, she could be his sister or something. Except Fry doesn't have a sister and the gaze he's sending her is rather affective. And it looks like Leela isn't too happy about that, maybe even jealous. Careful Fry, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It's not just a saying, it's a pretty good advice, considering the BFG (Quake fans should know that acronym) Leela is holding in Graham's update below. The other woman in the picture is Young And Angry the artists behind this Fan Art. She send in another picture, that might sugest she's not a big fan of Zoidberg. Why else should she give him a black eye, and erase his mouth? Sounds confusing? Yeah, reading it again I have to admit it does, but when you see the picture the confusion level should drop, ever so slightly. Maybe...

9 new pictures? Damn you old man, damn you to hell! Yes, that's right, there's 9 new Fan Arts from some old, Danish geezer. When doing some spring cleaning of his harddrive he discovered a bunch of pictures he finished ages ago, then forgot completely. Blame it on a failing memory or the early stages of senility. Old age and all that. In case you haven't guessed it, the guy I'm talking about is me, that's right me, Teral, I'm the hero! Just to quell any rumors in their infancy; I don't look like Farnsworth, I don't use glasses. As for the rest of his appearence, no comment. Well, the thumbnail show one of my favorite scenes from "Where The Buggalo Roam", when Farnsworth volunteers Leela, Fry and Bender for a suicide mission. The other 8 show Fry and Amy in outer space, Amy wondering if Kif is happy to see her, Leela watching something cute, 80's type business Fry, the Green Party, Leela in a rather cute pose, Amy and Kif looking loving at each other and finally the final scene from TKOS (which I'm lead to believe caused several shipper riots in American cities). Enjoy.

Here's a quick word from our sponsors: please, kids, don't play with guns, especially those big ones that make things go boom! Well, here's another picture of Leela holding a big, whopping gun for our Fan Art section that comes from Nostradamus. Just look at her, ready to fire off that thing and cause destruction and mayhem. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction. Hold on, maybe the Planet Express crew are hiding them for Saddam's head or something. Then again, maybe that's just fancy thinking. The look on Leela's face doesn't look too good, because it seems that she's going to enjoy frying someone... maybe even Fry. No, wait, best not say that, otherwise I'll get an angry mob of Shippers ready to burn me at the stake. OK... OK... she's looking for some fried lobster. Happy? Well, enjoy Nostradamus' picture of Leela ready to blow-up something into many pieces.

May 15, 2004

The Permanent Revolution! It seems that our Futurama Communist Front era encouraged the flowering of communism throughout the site. Communist fan art seems to be in vogue. All the Reds are coming out from under the beds and showering us with some damn good art. See what our Glorious Revolution has given you, the masses. See the power of the working classes at work. See this dedication, capitalist pigs who run Fux. Anyway, welcome some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Chudney, featuring the crew in a communist stage of development. As you can see, Leela is dressed up in the garb that was given to her in one of Nostradamus' pictures (actually, Chudney commends him in his email to me, saying that his picture of Leela in Red Army Winter gear inspired this work), Bender is... red, while Fry is dressed up as one of the Russian proletariat at the time of the early 20th century. BTW, if you want to know, Fry is saying, "No", while Bender is saying, "You're crazy". No, we're not crazy, those who want to overthrow our Revolution are. All hail Chudney, bringer of Soviet art.

May 14, 2004

A story of pure nonsense. So here I am, surfing the internet, trying to find some info about gallic tribes that lived in the first century (don't ask), when suddenly an icon in my system tray starts blinking, saying that I have a new message from Leo (Warning, another TLZ webmaster is going to rant about a free program he wants you all to install. BANG! Oops, he just got hit with a giant, plastic hammer. So while he's recovering go to Miranda-IM and try out the best multi protocol IM client available.). Ouch, my head. O.K., I'll be good now. Leo asked me to do an update, so here you have six new Uses For A Hacker, including Homemade Crack, Bender's Old Debugger, Doraemon's Latest Gadget Victim, Chess Game Referee between Nobita & Milhouse, Royal Canadian Mounted Yaks and Seth Brundle's Failed "Experiment".
If your wandering now about the link picture, let's leave it without comment- it's Leo's new CrapArt! pic, done in our Oekaki Board. That makes me worried a little- when he stops slacking off, he might open a section with Oekaki art on TLZ. Be prepared for it, visit TLZ's Oekaki Board! [Sebastian]

May 13, 2004

What is to be Done? So, you thought the Glorious Revolution was over, didn't you? You thought that capitalism had triumphed, right? You thought that the USSR was over, eh? Come on, admit it! Well, according to Douglas Hilliard, it's not, it's only just begun. Why is that the case? Can you hear the stirrings of the old USSR anthem if you're using IE? No. Can you see the revolutionary Futurama Communist Front logo upon our site? No. No, none of those. Instead, you get to see a picture that Douglas himself has created for our Fan Art section that is a homage to our time as the Futurama Communist Front. This great picture shows Leela holding the old USSR hammer and sickle flag ready to go into revolutionary war against the imperialist armies. Actually, this picture is damn great. Even running dogs of imperialism would appreciate it, not just leftwingers. Remember, recent tests have proved that people prefer communism to drugs!

BTW, this update is several hours late. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd have thought that the forces of reaction were at work trying to deny Douglas' work being shown. However, it seems that it was a server error that's kept this site down for some hours today. Oh well, they can't keep us down... at least not for long.

May 12, 2004

Space, the final frontier... yadda, yadda! Bah, it's one of those days where you can't seem to put your thoughts together to come up with something interesting to say. However, I suppose if I take a look in my email account, I'll find something of interest. Ah, I can see an email from Coilette that's sitting there. I wonder what she has today? Usually it's work for our Fan Art section; hand-drawn work that she scans... depending on whether the scanner is working or not. Ah, it does seem to be artwork. Goodie! One is a past work that's been rescanned, showing Fry as Captain Yesterday. There, at least that's been scanned instead of taken via a digital camera. The other picture shows Leela floating in space with her spacesuit on. Naturally, she would have her spacesuit on, because she'd explode without it, which would be quite messy for all concerned. Now, open The Gimp to make some thumbnails. Dooby-dooby doo! Dum-dee-dum dum dum! There, those thumbnails have been made. Now to put them up on the site. Done! Now to look at the results. Neat! There, Coilette's work is now up on Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone for all to view. Kudos, Coilette!

Damn Fox! Damn them to Hell! Well, that's what the characters in this picture for our Fan Art section that's been created by Futurama Freak seem to be thinking. As you will see, this picture, a sketch on Futurama Freak's notepad (no, not the program, otherwise we'd be talking about ascii art ), shows Leela, Fry and Bender quite depressed that Fox has shut down future episodes of Futurama. They sure do look depressed in this picture. Futurama Freak has certainly caught the bleak mood right. Then again, there are benefits in this situation: no Zoidberg. Yeah, who wants that fish-smelling freak around anyway. I bet the crew are quite pleased that they won't have to star in any more episodes with that past-the-sell-by-date lobster. Oh, and that damn Nibbler. You all think Leela loves him, right? Well, you're wrong. Totally wrong. She has to be bribed a further $100,000 per episode to even touch him. That scene where she changes Nibbler's nappy at the end of "Love's Labours Lost in Space" nearly bankrupted the business for the fees/bribes that needed to be paid. Wait, I'm talking like some lunatic. Well, this is a madhouse, you know. Enjoy Futurama Freak's picture.

May 11, 2004

The triumphant return of Futurama Soap Opera Well, triumphant might be slight hyperbole, since it haven't yet been rated by you, our loyal visitors, but it is back! Chris Wilson is the guy behind this Fan Fiction, coincidently (honestly) titled Futurama: The Soap Opera. In part 1, which take place on May 11th (and this time it is a coincidence, honestly you have to believe me), the PE crew take a trip to Shockholm to speak with Valerie Helgasen, a woman famous for creating the first machine that accurately tells one's future! Except Zoidberg, Farnsworth throws him out. This is a soap opera, and as all soap operas it will involve multiple plotlines, intrigue, intertwining stories and shocking revelations. Naturally it's impossbile to give a summary of the entire story, as it is ever eveolving. So just jump in there.

Leela on the Eastern Front! It seems that Leela isn't getting into the spirit of things at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, considering that if you look at one of the pictures that Nostradamus has sent in to appear on our Fan Art section, she seems to be complaining. You just can't please anyone. I suppose the fact that we've given her a Winter Red Army combat garb to put on has pissed her off. But, just take a look at the furry hat with the , some people would kill for that. Being the fact that it was army gear, that last statement is obvious. Anyway, that's not the only picture that Nostradamus has sent us. He's sent us two further pictures: Leela frozen into a glacier (seems that Nostradamus wants to preserve her or something ); Leela in a bad mood (I wonder if our site changes have caused any of that?). Well, even if Leela is an unwilling participant in our Glorious Revolution, she's still dressed for the part. Take that, catwalk models!

This is a hijack! Take this website to Cuba! Eek! Seems that Bender has decided that he's sick of living in New New York, and has decided to hijack Futuram Madhouse: The Leela Zone and move us to Cuba. Damn! If he had of warned us some weeks ago, I would have grown a big, bushy beard; instead, I have seven hour stubble. I won't be welcome there. Maybe I'll head off to one of those fancy dress shops and buy a Santa beard. Then again, maybe a trip to the nearest fairground and the purchase of some candy floss would do that trick. Then again, candy floss is pink... and a pink beard isn't that revolutionary. Oh well, maybe some cotton wool from the bathroom would do. Anyway, the reason for this ramble is because I've managed to put the rest of The Futurama Point's scans onto its Fan Art page at our site. So, now you can enjoy 210 scans that have come from Javier's own hands. Well, off we go to Cuba. Hope that they have good servers there that can handle our site.

May 10, 2004

After the Glorious Revolution comes the dirty bureaucracy! Well, it does seem that our Glorious Revolution has certainly brightened things up for the workers, I mean visitors. Look what our great achievement has done for you, the masses. Look at the wonder that Comrade Leandro Trotsky has built with his own hands to celebrate our overthrow of Fux tyranny. Marvel at the great random pictures in the header. You're still complaining? OK, for that, let me introduce a change in leadership. We have Comrade Morgan Proctor to whip you into shape. Those who do want to be whipped into shape by her will instead be exiled to Florida to clean out the toilets of the many old people and corrupt politicians who live there. As you can see, our new glorious leader's image can be seen to your right (that's a word that our Glorious Revolution needs to change), which should help you know who your new bureaucratic ruler is. General Secretary Morgan Proctor would like to congratulate Javier of the great website The Futurama Point for getting her best side in this picture. Not only that, General Secretary Morgan Proctor is pleased to announce that there will be over 200 of Javier's scans in his page at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. For now, our magnificent workers have put up 100 of his works on his page, with the remaining 100 or so coming soon, so look out for them. As you'll notice, there are many heroes' images on Javier's page, all Wonders of the Revolution... except Clamps, who is a CIA/Fux agent. Well, all hail Javier, first rate hero of the Revolution.

My God, we have a picture of Leela! I'm sorry to say that we do have a new picture of Leela on our site. I'm really sorry for this faux pas, because you all think we're a bunch of Leela haters. Go on, admit that you do. Well, it doesn't matter, because we still do accept Leela work, despite your unfounded suspicions. Anyway, welcome back Juliet Adeoye to our Fan Art section, who has come up with this picture of Leela as a catwalk model. It seems to me that Juliet has been watching too many programmes about models, so decided that we should all suffer from the pretentious garb that they wear and put it upon Leela. Still, catwalk models do have some uses (no, Smiley, this isn't a Uses for a Hacker request ), they at least show you what not to wear when walking about town. I mean, could you imagine what would happen if the pigeons saw you walking in some gear that's been designed by Mr Pretentious Twat, they'd certainly add their art, and for good reason. Anyway, this shouldn't weigh upon Juliet's work, which is a welcomed addition to her page at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone. Enjoy!

Oekaki Board, anyone? Well, by suggestion of alenacat, we just opened a Futurama Oekaki Board! In case you have no idea what that is, well, I didn't either until a few hours ago! If you have a Java enabled browser, you can create pictures inside your browser using MSPaint-like tools (just a bit more advanced, with antialiasing and other nice stuff); once the picture's done, you save it... and wait for the comments to pour in. And if you want to, let other people paint with you or edit a picture you did. Those appear to be the basic rules, so if you're into Fan Arting, go have some fun! Right now I'm trying to figure out how to put our layout in that thing, but it's funny functional and it even has a doodle by me! Doodle that you can see to the right and is now sitting in our Crap Art section, too. Whatever comes from that board will go either to our Fan Art or the Crap Art section, obviously depending on quality From now on, a link to the board will be in the 'Interactive' section of our links bar. [Leandro]

May 9, 2004

The defacing of the site continues! For everyone who hated drugs and communism (interesting that a lot of people preferred Communism to Drugs), the new layout is here! In case you didn't notice, the pics at the top are random; so if Leela doesn't show up in this pageview... though luck! She'll appear in some other page. I'm going to add more pics to the header later, but right now, just be happy to have a new layout to complain about. Now, this layout change involved some major editing of the site; the anchor points where we put the layout files were changed for the first time since the reopening in April of 2000, so it's possible some pages may be broken. If you notice a page with huge letters where the content box isn't properly formed, please post a comment in this page! Of course that page is open to comments from anyone, not just those finding broken pages; tell us what you think. [Leandro]

Futurama-fans in all countries, unite! This is the revolution, comrades! Under the glorious purple banner we will build our workers paradise. All who oppose us will be swept away like leafs in the wind, history will vindicate us! Comrades, victory is at hand, follow the purple banner, to arms!

Those who don't want to take part in our glorious revolution, can enjoy some new Fan Art, but should be warned the secret police will be along to pick you up shortly. The picture come from a new submitter to Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, Chudney, and I promise you it's well worth your time. Looks like Fry and Bender have finally found something they're better than Leela at, and she doesn't seem to like it one bit. Naturally, Fry and Bender can't resist to rub it in her face.

Sweet Zombie Jesus! More scary stuff. As if a communist revolution isn't scary enough, here's part 4 of Zomono's Fan Fiction story Fry-T Night. The last chapter ended just as Fry bit Leela in the neck. In this chapter we'll fin dout if that mean Leela will join the ranks of the undead. We also discover some of Dernakt's plans for Fry. Enjoy, if you dare.

In Soviet Russia, website visits you! OK, some of you at PEEL would have noticed that I've again used that line, so stop complaining. Yes, comrades, welcome to the new incarnation of Futurama [insert words here]: The Leela Zone, this time with some added communism. Some of you unfortunate to be using Interenet Exploiter will be hearing the old USSR national anthem on your speakers, so will you please stand to attention and salute our site till the music stops. Anyone who doesn't comply will be sent to Suburbia to meet the characters of Stella Street (a fate worse than shaving your beard and moustache). The rest of you who have paid their party subscriptions will be using other browsers, so you won't need to do or hear anything. See the advantages of being in the Central Committee, comrades. Anyway, while we round up the counter-revolutionaries and running dogs of imperialism, let me introduce a work for our Fans' Comics section that's been sent to us from Comrade Beamer. Yes, that's right, a new comic! I'll let Comrade Beamer tell you about The Passion of the Kif: "On yet another stupid futuristic holiday, the Nimbus and its crew are taken hostage - much to the horror of Amy. When all the authorities refuse to act, it's up to the Planet Express crew to step in and save the day!" So, let's hope that the Planet Express comrades can make Comrade Amy smile for the Revolution. More crazy communist stuff to follow in the next few days at Futurama [insert words here]: The Lenin Zone.

DISCLAIMER: Despite what you may think, we are not communists. We may be liars, pigs, idiots, anti-Leela Leela site runners, thieves, communists, anti-Shippers... but we are NOT porn stars. Okay, ignore that disclaimer or we will crush you capitalist pigs! Err... I mean, uh... I have a new update for you all. Uh... yeah, that's right. As promised, the review for Futurama Comics #9 has now been written and uploaded to the Comic Reviews section for you all to read. This one deals with mind swapping. Or is it body swapping? Eh, I don't know. In either case, click on the link or the comic cover to go to the review if you like, and if you've not read the issue you can decide whether you want to, and if you have you can see whether you agree or disagree with me. And if you don't care... well... click on it and read it backwards anyway. Yes. Reading it backwards is good. And if you happen to come across anything that says DOOG SI ENAHC or ALEEL DEEN T'NOD EW in there that's nothing! Yes, nothing! If you think it's something you're a suspicious moron!! Anyway, this update is brought to you by the Futurama Communist Front, aka The Leela Zone. Now with 35% more subliminal messages than the next leading site.

May 8, 2004

Well, that's blown it! Yeah, poor Fry has managed to score an own-goal, but I'll explain about that later. Another topical question is: has Futurama [insert words here]: The Leela Zone scored an own-goal with its changes? Naturally, some fans have objected to the changes we've made, but then again, change does create a reaction, some positive and some negative. Still, despite the negative comments we've received, some constructive and some not so, let's not forget that we've also received a lot of thumbs-up, too. Anyway, suffice it to say, the current layout and name aren't set in stone right now, so expect some further changes to come about. Yeah, OK, I can see the peasants revolting at the back. Careful now, otherwise I'll deport you lot to Milton Keynes to milk the concrete cows that reside there. Oi! Put down those burning torches and pitchforks! Stop building that bonfire! Why are you pointing at me with angry faces? Bah, time to let loose the Mr Men and the Little Misses to restore order. Go, Mr Tickle, Mr Strong, Mr Nonsense, Little Miss Trouble, Mr Silly, Little Miss Naughty and Mr Axe Murderer, do your worst!

Now, after that slaughter and restoration of some order, I better bring you the updates. Welcome five pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Fry's Chick 3000. She has created some pictures of Leela being cool, feeding Nibbler, walking Nibbler, and waiting to shoot the next Futurama [insert word here]: The Leela Zone webmaster she spots. She's also created a picture of Fry, who's lamenting the effect he has on Leela when trying to ask her out. I think his chatting-up Leela skills need serious fixing.

Look who needs a bib! Seems that Wario is a messy eater who needs a baby's bib in order not to spill stuff over himself. Well, that's the case, according to the latest picture for our Fan Art section that's been sent in by Andrea Huckstep. Yeah, not only that, you can see that Leela is likely to be the one who'll have to clean his messy face. Then again, seeing that the background was taken with a digital camera by Andrea, I would think that it's likely that it's Andrea's kitchen that's being shown, and, therefore, Andrea who'll have to clean it up herself. So, best get out the mop/dustpan/vacuum cleaner/nuclear-powered vaporiser, Andrea. Well, enjoy this latest picture by Andrea and wish her luck in cleaning the crumbs that get under the cooker.

Crashing your ship. Yep... That's what being on drugs'll do to you... I can't really say, even as a fellow webmaster, that this whole design thing is that much of a good idea either. I warned them that the fans would revolt! Didn't I warn them?! That design change was forged by Lucifer himself! Eh... well, in either case, I have some new Fan Art for you all, from none other than Skajme. He's drawn this pic as shown, of Fry and a character named Jennifer, the latter of whom is an original character created by fellow TLZ artist Jennifer Morton. Good stuff, very nicely drawn. And keep an eye out for that comic review I promised tomorrow some time. I'll definitely have it up then. Until that comes

May 7, 2004

I choose my boots, I want the tactile pleasure of kicking him right here, in the gonads! And unlike that quack Zoidberg Leela have a very good understanding of the human physiology. Which is bad news for Zapp as this new picture for the Fan Art section shows. I guess Leela finally got fed up wtih his jabbing and constant hints to the "activity" that took place the first time the two of them met. Being the pro-active girl she is Leela decided to use physical force to show she wanted him to shut the hell up! Good thing she brought Fry and his camera with her, this is definetely a Kodak-moment, something to show the grand-children when she grows old. Unless it turns out the Zapper is the grand-father, then it just becomes one of those akward family situations you send in to "America's Funniest Videos". I would defientely vote for it as the winner, groin crunches are always funny, unless it's your groin on the line ofcourse. Kif looks to be really empathic with the plight of the Zapper in this picture. I thought he loathed him. This picture come from Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger, but wait there is more! Alexei send in another picture, this one showing Fry, Leela and Farnsworth standing around a black cube. A hand holding a sword sticks out from the cube, sorta reminds me of the legend of King Arthur and how he got the sword Excalibur. The picture is aptly titled "whatthehell".

When you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown Thought I'd start this section of with a song, why not? Incidently there's a cool 100 experience points (not tradeable for actual stuff ) for the first to correctly guess who sang those lines. Fry definetely looks like he could use a trip downtown, or at least to O'Zorgnax' pub, because something is definetely weighing heavy on his shoulders. Maybe he just miss his friends?

But wait there's more! (Arrrgh, I'm starting to sound like a TVShop host ) There's two new entries in the Crap Art archive, these also come from Leelaholic. The first show a green Fry, or possibly a distant extra-terrestial cousin (what with off-planet immigration and all), speaking AL1. The name of the picture should give you a clear hint to what he says. The second picture show Fry and Bender commit the most henious of crimes: speaking chat/web/AOL/l33t-speak! Nothing irks me more than having to read this abomination just because someone on the other end is lazy. I can see it's use in IM programs where speedy communication is often important, but not on messageboards, websites and emails! Seriously, why can't people just take their damn time to write a proper email or website update? "OMG, d00d, LOLZ! WTF, r U dizz l33t?" See, see how annoying it is? And to answer the question, yes I am! Guess I'm not l33t afterall (party at my place!). Not to draw this further off-topic; enjoy Leelaholics Fan Art and Crap Art.

May 6, 2004

Boring game, great swing, though! Well, nothing much in sport is as boring as golf. Seriously, I don't know why some Scots ever bothered to invent the game, unless it was some Scottish invention to lull the world to sleep so that when it wakes up, it would find that the whole world is tartan. Imagine a world ruled by Scotty, for instance. No, let's not. Anyway, the reason why golf is the subject is because Coilette has been busy creating three pictures for our Fan Art section, in which one of the pictures, shown in the thumbnail, has Bender playing simulation golf, which happened in the episode "The Sting". The other two pictures show: Leela holding up Fry in the episode "Love and Rocket"; Leela and Fry kissing during the marriage ceremony in the episode "Time Keeps On Slippin'".There, at least Coilette has put some attraction into the game of golf if anything.

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly-polly fish heads! Ok, I've used that heading before, but this time it's more apt than ever. What I have for you are two pictures from Young and Angry for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see as the thumbnail show Futurama characters as fish creatures. We have Leela, Fry, Amy, Zoidberg, someone I don't know, and a dead fish. The other picture sent by Young and Angry shows Amy and someone I don't know (probably the same character as the fish... I wonder if it's the author) squaring up to fight, while Leela gives them advice on the importance of taking liquids during such activities. Well, to find out more about these pics, go give 'em a view.

BTW, I suppose most of you would have noticed the post your comments here thingy above this update, which is where you can express your opinions about the layout, Futurama On Drugs (taken literally or otherwise), non-Leela characters, and other things that you want to get off you chest about the latest idiocy that we've pushed onto you. Yes, even the merits of wide-screen layouts are being discussed, Faris.

May 5, 2004

Well, THAT was a party... It seems that Leela really had a party when the counter turned 1,000,000, considering two things: the fact that the layout has changed at Futurama On Drugs: The Leela Zone and this new picture for our Fan Art section that's been created by The Drainpipe that shows Leela in the aftermath of the event. Well, to the layout first. As you can see, we have a new layout that features characters of the show that don't look like Leela. In fact, I'd be bold enough to say that they all aren't her, other than the one that looks like her but has a moustache! No, I think that Leela wasn't drunk in The Drainpipe's picture, she was stoned and stuck some of her hair above her mouth to make some silly point that only a person who is under the influence would understand (maybe she should have waxxed it and made it turn upwards like some Terry Thomas character)! Anyway, one great thing about this layout is that it features the cuddly Cubert, who everyone must really love. Yeah, Cubert, if you don't know, is the Macaulay Culkin of the show: the kid who just can't do any wrong. OK, I exaggerate and don't want Joe Pesci turning up unannounced! Still, it's great to see this character rightly getting a place on a site's layout. You go, Cubert! Oh, and you probably have noticed the "Futurama On Drugs" thingy. Well, considering the bunch that update this website, we thought it fitting to title it that way. I mean, for Leo to come up with Leela wearing a moustache must mean that he's been smoking something weird. Then again, seeing that Cubert is on the layout... ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY CUBERT! Ooops, sorry, that just slipped out. No, I must resist The Cubert Zone... must resist... must resist... must resist... must resist... bang... ouch! Anyway, back to the update. Well, thanks goes to The Drainpipe for coming up with this apt post-celebration picture of Leela suffering the after-effects of alcohol... and/or drugs.

Not another boring meeting? Nope! Well, after the above post-celebration picture, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Rye Guy. This is part fifteen of his current serial fiction, The Other. In this part, we find out what happens in the meeting that Skyler has with the Jorian and Stoathan ambassadors, and we also witness more doubts from a sceptical Leela about Skyler's intentions. Well, to see if her doubts are hardened or not, you can always read on. BTW, please read the words after this chapter that Rye Guy has written, for they deal with a personal tragedy that he has had to face. Let's just say that our thoughts are with Rye Guy in this difficult time for him.

May 4, 2004

They tried to stop me, but victory was mine! I had a layout change planned for... umm... the same day the previous crappy layout went up, 'cause I hated that huge piece of Gates! But the millionth visitor celebration feels like the right time to do a layout change, and even resistance from our own ranks won't stop me from doing that! Yeah, a certain webmasterette hates this layout and threatened to do several painful things if I dared to put this up. But c'mon, even this has to be better than the previous layout! And if you don't like it, make your own. Nya nya.

Anyway, the site's received a million visitors in the 17 Mercurian years since we reopened (that's 4 years for the aliens in planet Earth), so it's time to put a new slogan up! So far, the only subtitle that lasted a while was "Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Turanga Leela", and that was only a joke. So instead, now we're picking a subtitle that absolutely describes this site, as well as the webmaster's insane ranting: Futurama On Drugs! Get used to seeing FOD here, since it might be here to stay! You'll notice all the non-Leela pics in the layout; that's cause we're still trying to get across the point that we're not a Leela-only site, so c'mon, start sending your Futurama stuff that has nothing to do with Leela! Even Zoidberg fanart is welcome! You know our email addresses (down there, right below "Send Stuff") so start sending!

Update: so far I got three messages of people scared of the new layout (I'd make a fortune doing horror films!), so I'd like your opinion on the de-Leelaing of TLZ: love, hate, or tolerate? You think it's about time the site's started showing other characters, or would you rather have TLZ stick to Leela and only Leela? Post your comments here and let us know! [Leandro]

Million Visitor Party ... Day Two If you thought our one million visitor celebration ended yesterday, think again. Christmas (or for us Futurama fans Xmas) last one day, 4th of July last one day, Super Bowl is one day, New Year is over with a wink of the eye (at least I don't remember anything beyond the first 3-4 hours) but something as momentous as The Leela Zone reaching it's 1000000th requires something bigger. I mean one million hits, that's exactly as many years Fry travelled into the future! So welcome to day two.

Well, what really happened was that the millionth hit came around 2.30am CET, way to late for an old guy like me to be up, unless there's new Futurama episodes to watch. But that's why it's great having webmasters from so many different timezones; it's always mid-day for one of us.

But enough mindless talk, onto updating. I have 3 Fan Arts, all celebratng TLZ's 1000000th hit. First up is Mitch with this picture showing Fry, Leela, Bender and Nibbler, or more exactly their eye-balls. I'll leave it to you to determine which eyes belong to who.

So, who's next, who's next? Ehh, I'm sure I had a list around here with the names ... nope not that .. or that one ... or this one .... ahh, here it is! It's Alenacat with a funny little picture showing Fry, Zoidberg, Amy and Farnsworth. Looks like Fry is a bit depressed (I wonder why, the site named after the love of his life just reached a historic milestone), Zoidberg as the competent, sorry that should've been "competent", doctor he is know exactly what will make him cheer up. Amy sugested a visit to The Leela Zone, but Zoidberg have something else in mind. If you're wondering what, you have to click the picture. Let's just say after finding out the acronym TLZ will have an entirely new meaning to you. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, depends on your feelings for Zoidy. Looks like Farnsworth fell asleep.

Finally we have one of the sites most prolific submitters. Smiley, the guy behind our long-running series Uses For A Hacker, made this picture of Leela covered in dollar bills thanking all her fans (yeah, if only webmastering was this profitable ), and before you get any dirty ideas, she's wearing a black dress underneath the layer of money. I'm positive I've seen the style Leela is drawn in some American cartoon strip, but I can't put my finger on where though. It's a great picture, enjoy it.

Kenneth pretty much said it all yesterday, but that wont stop me. I've been here at TLZ for a little over a year now, and I couldn't agree more, it's been a real pleasure. Thanks to my fellow webmasters, I feel we can all take some pride in this little site. But it wouldn't be here without our loyal submitters, so thanks to our 162 fan artists, 69 fan fiction writers, 19 crap artists, 27 song parodists/writers, countless of wallpaper makers and many, many more. Only Zombie Jesus knows where this site would've been without you. And finally a thanks to our 1 million visitors, we definetely couldn't have done it without you.

Now I think I'll go get me a Löbrau and celebrate.

May 3, 2004

It's finally here! The greatest accomplishment of 2004! Yes, there have been many great accomplishments in our time. The French Revoltion. Man Conquering Everest. Man Landing on the Moon (assuming he did and it wasn't just done in the backlot of Area 51 at night time...). The invention of sliced bread. Futurama's birth. And now, about five years after it's genesis... TLZ... The Leela Zone... reaches a WHOPPING ONE MILLION HITS!!!

Yes, that's right. That's one and six zeroes after it! Or as Zapp Brannigan might call it, "One Thousand-Thousand!" And to celebrate, we have a bunch of Fan Art pictures from various contributors for you all. First of all, Trevor Piscek has this picture here of a very tired Fry. Why is he tired? Well... it may have something to do with having to move a lot of suns into a position that displayed his appreciation for this site, rather like he did for Leela unknowingly in Time Keeps on Slippin' back in the third season. Well, moving suns around can't be easy for sure, and nor it getting 1,000,000 hits, so they both deserve a clap. And so does Trevor for his picture.

But things don't end there. No sir! Because there's more Fan Art from none other than Rye Guy. In fact, he's drawn two pieces of art to celebrate TLZ's big million. This one shown of Leela and Fry at her old job, and another with Fry seeming to be struggling behind a door that congratulaes us.

I haven't been here from the start, but these past few years I have have been a blast. All everybody's contibuted something at some point. So you should all thank Graham, Leandro, Teral, Kristen, and Sebastian for helping make this site a great place to visit. Plus, it'll give us all something in our Inboxes that won't try to screw up our machines, tell us how to increase the size of certain external appendages in different languages, or have us hold billions of dollars from some African country in our bank accounts. And I have to say, it's good to see that even after many months of being cancelled, the content has hardly wavered at all and you guys have all been pretty loyal to the show, which is great. Keep it up, and keep an eye out for some new surprises just around the corner for this site. I won't say any more... but... keep your eyes peeled.

And before I finish up, there's another piece of celebratory Fan Art for you all, this time from Young and Angry. As you can see, it shows Leela a tad annoyed because she has to party again after so many hits. Apparently she's getting tired of it. Well, it's her fault for being so damn popular. Sorry Leela, but that's the price of fame.

Well, farewell to thee all, and here's hoping that we're still here, in one form or another, to celebrate the next million. Now let's all get hammered!!!

But... but... but... but... but... but... but... but... shut up! Well, this should be the last update from me before the 1,000,000th visitor turns up, so enjoy it while it's here. Actually, I probably won't be updating tomorrow, when it's likely that that visitor will turn up, so if anyone has some work celebrating that day and has yet to send it, send it to one of the other webmasters. Don't worry, those who have sent me pictures for this event, I'll pass them on to others to do my work for me. Lazy me! Actually, blame damn life for getting in the way of The Leela Zone! Well, back to the update, which is what you're here for. Welcome a new picture from Futurama Freak, who has come up with this picture of Fry for our Fan Art section. It features Fry, as I said, but he seems to have a fit of the buts. But why, you ask? But I don't know, I say. But it's still a picture to but about. Anyway, let's hope that tomorrow proves interesting while I'm away. Thanks for all who have worked on this site, all who have submitted, and all who have visited us. We would be nothing without you all.

May 2, 2004

Only when it's not there do you miss it! Funny I can't say that about the current weather. The last few days have been quite rainy, which I don't mind that much, but too much of it gets boring. So, I think I'll miss the rain for a few more days. However, getting to the point, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Coilette, whose scanner still seems to be working fine enough to scan three new pictures for us. The picture you can see is taken from the episode "The Sting", showing Leela feeling sorry about the loss of Fry while you can see what's really happening: a desperate Fry is hoping that Leela pulls through a coma. Her other two pictures show: Leela and Fry about to kiss in the episode "A Flight to Remember"... although a black hole will soon spoil the party; Fry playing the holophonor for Leela in the episode "Parasites Lost". There, all nice pictures worth a view or two... or three.

May 1, 2004

A very twisted update As you can see from this piece of Fan Art here, which is actually a promo pic that Soulkid2000 asked me to draw for him for his story Spaceship, and I was happy to oblige. So, here's the picture, which is a parody of the movie poster and DVD cover for the film that Soulkid2000's story parodies, the high flying comedy Airplane. Though the picture itself has slightly more than the thumbnail shows, this is the main feature: the knotted Planet Express ship. And that's about all from me for now, though expect a review of Futurama Comics #9 very soon as well. Until then, later

Last round before the big one? Could this be my last update before the big 1000000 visitor spectacular? Only time will tell, but for now I have a few Fan Arts for you all to enjoy. The first one come from Leelaholic and show Leela in anohter pose wearing the orange-blue outfit from the last batch of Leelaholic pictures. Back then I said it looked like some kind of football jersey, later Leelaholic told me it's actually the same outfit Marge wore in the Simpsons episode "The Way We Was". In my defence I haven't seen a season 2 episode since the original transmission in my country many moons ago (lately they seem hell-bent on only airing season 10-14 ), add to that my 30 year old and often failing memory-banks and mistakes happen. Well, now that that's taken care of, I'll keep seing it as a football-jersey since I find that cuter.

Spleckh! The Leela Zone reaching 1 million visitors? Well, at least I know I'm way cuter. .... Ouch, ow, stop hitting me! Okay, okay, no more talk about the upcoming ... eh ... thing. But what can I talk about then? Hmm, how about some Fan Art from Young And Angry? Okay, then it's settled, Young And Angry pictures it is. There's 4 all in all. Apart from the one in the thumbnail of Amy about to trip over, we have Leela in the 1947 outfit she used to disguise herself in "Roswell That Ends Well", a young and angry Leela from "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" and finally Young And Angry herself making wafles for Bender. Enjoy.

Just days to go before the 1,000,000th, but do you see Fry caring! Yeah, we have only a few days left before the 1,000,000th visitor pokes his or her head into The Leela Zone's front page, so if anyone has a celebratory picture for this event, please send in your work pronto. Mind you, that doesn't count for Rye Guy, who has been kind enough to send us two for that day. However, that's all for another day, because I have yet another work of his for our Fan Art section. This one features Fry standing there and asking, "What up?" Well, maybe someone will be kind enough to answer Fry. I mean, we know what's up: The Leela Zone will soon be welcoming in its 1,000,000th visitor. At least that will be something to cheer about... or is that an understatement? You decide. I'm outta here. To one-million and beyond! Or is that: to infinity and beyond? Anyone still reading? Peace.