May 2003

May 30, 2003

Will the real Sean please stand up! Here's a picture of Leela done by Juliet Adeoye, which is for our Fan Art section. This picture features Leela with a snazzy background, but the title of the picture's filename mentions Sean... probably the Sean that Leela mentions in the show. I wonder if in the coming episodes of Futurama, if Fox can be arsed to show them, there will be an effort to solve the biggest mystery on the show: who the hell is Sean? OK, I exaggerate... the biggest mystery on the show is: why hasn't the Hyper Chicken been fed to the orphans at Xmas? Finger-licking good!

Big Top Leela! The second contribution for today comes from Andrea Huckstep, and is again for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela, who is alongside Jeff and Paula from Earthbound, some others, and Samus Aran from the show Metroid, who's on a trapeze for some reason. She's probably on the trapeze because some clowns are after her with some custard pies.

Biblical proportions! The third contribution for today goes, yet again, to our Fan Art section, coming from WhereYaMonkeyz. Monkz has come up with this picture that's meant to show where Fox is going after it dies (soon after it shows the last episode of Futurama I hope): Hell. While TLS (TLZ surely?) is going to the other place: Heaven. Personally, I'm an atheist and don't believe in either places, but why let personal opinions get in the way of natural justice.

The end song! The final contribution doesn't go to our Fan Art section, but rather to our Poems & Song Parodies section. We have both a song and a poem coming from Mattybwoy. The song is titled Delivery Dirtbag, which is based on Wheatus's "Teenage Dirtbag", and basically sums up Fry's feelings about Leela, so it's Shippy. His poem is titled How Do I Hate Fox, and is really a rant against Fox and its treatment of Futurama and TLZ. Sure is full of venom.

May 29, 2003

I am the Antichrist, I am an anarchist! Or when I find Bender, I'll dismantle him for messing with my hair when I was asleep! We've got four new pictures from an artist who comes under the name of DeadAngel, which sit in our Fan Art section. The picture you see as the thumbnail shows Leela as a punk rocker, with green hair shaved off in places. The other pictures show Leela in various poses, but without clothing.... Where have you all gone? Come back here and read about the next update! Sheesh!

Thanks for shopping Bender to me so I could dismantle him, how can I repay you? OK, for the rest of you still here, I have three new pictures from Lee Roberts, which also sit in our Fan Art section. The picture you see as a thumbnail is from the episode "Anthology of Interest I", when Leela does something really impulsive in her section of that episode. The other two show Leela carrying Lucy Liu's head in a jar in the episode "I Dated a Robot", and another showing Leela looking towards her right, but I'm not sure which episode that came from. Anyway, enjoy Lee's latest works.

Now to dismantle Fox... where's the hair dye? Final contribution for today goes to our Poems & Song Parodies section, and comes from WhereYaMonkeyz. Monkz, has come up with another poem that's titled The End, and which deals with the way that Fox has killed off the show. Go get em, Punk Leela! Destroy!

May 28, 2003

In today's news: Fox will suffer! Bwahahahahaha! Got some new work for our Fan Art section, this time coming from Morbo. He's created another anti-Fox artwork, which they deserve for their treatment of Futurama, the closing of numerous fan site, its gutless news coverage, and numerous other things. This one features Morbo (no, not the artist... the Futurama one), certainly not a gutless newsreader, who seems to be aiming at bringing down Fox. Go Morbo, go! His species rocks!

Battle of the giants! The second contribution for today comes from Andrea Huckstep, which fits in snuggly in our makeshift Fan Art section. This one features Leela trying to break up a fight between South Park's Eric Cartman and Earthbound's Ness. Hmmm... who would win in that fight? My money goes on the loud, obnoxious, fat one. Then again, maybe Andrea and Kenneth could gang up on Cartmen, seeing that both of them hate South Park. I'm not particularly a fan of the show, as it soon became a lame attempt to appear "shocking" and grab the ratings with childish humour dressed up as witty satire after its first season. To me, the show is hit-and-miss; it's not a terrible show, and it can hit its target quite well at times, but it seems to rely more on undeserved notoriety than anything else. It's actually not that controversial in my eyes... it just wants to appear that way for the sake of it. Now I await the stink and flames from some talking poos and chicken ffff... pluckers.

May 27, 2003

A Bullet in the Head! Carrying on the theme of disturbing scenes, here's a picture from The Drainpipe for our Fan Art section. This one is a take on a very famous photographic image taken during the Vietnam War, where a general from the US-backed South Vietnamese government executes in public a prisoner who was allegedly a Vietcong fighter. This picture was one of the images, like the self-immolating Buddhist monks and the Vietnamese children running down the road with napalm burning their bodies, that brought the horror of the situation that was unfolding in south-east Asia to the world. Anyway, The Drainpipe has used this image to show Fox, playing the South Vietnamese general, executing poor Fry... which is certainly a striking image in itself, even if the Vietnam tragedy isn't comparable in any way to what fate has fallen on Futurama or The Leela Zone, although The Drainpipe fully admits this in his email. Anyway, it's a great picture, worthy of this site.

Two heads are better than one... heh heh heh! Well, now to some work that's not related to Fox's attempt at shutting down our site or its cancelling of the show. Welcome here two pictures from Lee Roberts, which are for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see shows Fry's head grafted onto Amy's shoulder, which happened in the episode "Put Your Head on My Shoulder". The other picture he sent is a portrait for Fry, apparently being stupid or something.

Bitter-sweet sleep! The final contribution goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Frysgal77. This is the fifth part of her fiction titled Time Runs Short, and deals with Fry and Leela trying to get asleep in their respective bedrooms but thinking about the other. I've included her previous parts to this fiction, just in case anyone hasn't seen them yet.

May 26, 2003

A Head on a Pole Well, don't blame me, blame Mattybwoy for the gorefest... no, not his hand in the failure of a certain Al Gore to become Overlord Supreme in the US, but for the excessive amount of blood on show in his contributions to our Fan Art section. He's created five works, all with a bloody theme. Three of the works involve the murder of Murdoch and Fox, while the other two show Leela dealing with Zapp Brannigan, and a disturbing picture of Nibbler after eating too much or something, causing him to lose his body... or it could just be that someone didn't like him too much! Well, after those warnings, don't blame me if you have nightmares.

Murdoch's revenge! Well, we do have a new contributor for today, too... but this one is a bit ironic. Welcome Nick Murdoch - yes, you heard that right - to our Fan Art section. Poor Nick shares the same name as our nemesis, which must really be embarrassing for him right now, but at least he had the balls to come here and bring in some work, so respect to him. Anyway, he's created this picture of Leela posing for a photo, although you'll be able to see that Bender's adding something to the picture to make it even more special. Anyway, welcome Nick to The Leela Zone, hope he comes up with more stuff in future, too.

BBBBUUUURRRRRPPPPPPP! Apologies for that, must have been that egg and tomato roll I just ate. Anyway, welcome another picture for our Fan Art section coming from the mouse of WhereYaMonkeyz. His picture shows the head of Bender, but what's special is that he's doing one of his customary burps of fire. Also, and I should mention this, but both Mattybwoy and WhereYaMonkeyz have created a site that's dedicated to being anti-Fox for its mistreatment of Futurama. The site is called Nibbler's Pad, and is a beginners' attempt at webmastering, so be patient with them (we all have to start somewhere); with some time and practice, it should get better. Anyway, it hates Fox, and isn't that everyone's dream from childhood?

Final bit of news is that the message board that we share with Hitchhiker's Guide to Springfield is now back up and running. You can find it at http://www.treehouse.com.ar/, so note that down and give it a visit.

May 25, 2003

Time for something lighter Hey, people, I know that the situation at this time is very nervous, because of a certain "company", so why not read something relaxing? Then I give you My feelings for you, a poem written by WhereYaMonkeyz. It'a a poem from Fry to Leela, in which the delivery boy expresses his feelings towards the space ship captain. A great, 'Shipper type, poem.

Fry speaks out! Well, here's another hate Fox picture that's been sent to The Leela Zone's New Fan Art section, and it comes from a new artist who comes under the name of Gwen. She has produced this picture of Fry giving his answer to a question about his opinion on Fox. Can't say that I disagree with his sentiment towards them. Anyway, it's good to get a new picture from a new artist. Anyone else want to debut, too?

May 24, 2003

I'm mad, you're mad... the whole world is mad! Hmmm... seems so much smaller in here today! Why's that? Because Fux are a bunch of fuxers, that's why. Anyway, they won't be stopping us, as we'll be fully back in a short while, but until then, we'll have to limp onwards and upwards. Firstly, thanks for the supportive words from many who have added to our makeshift Your Comments, they are much appreciated by all the webmasters here. I think the comments section is a likely candidate to stay, considering the impact we've had from it. Keep them coming, mind you.

Well, I have put up some contributions already today, but I should explain what they were. Let's see, we have some fan art pieces from three different contributors: FemJesse has come up with a great sketch work that parodies some Anime show called Trigun, also she's done a picture of Fry and Leela a bit pissed off at each other; Morbo has created a picture of Leela telling Mr Murdoch (no, not the one from the A-Team, the evil one who runs Fux) where to go; and the final one is from WhereYaMonkeyz, who has come up with Bender incinerating Fux from the face of the Earth. Well, go and take a look at them all and maybe they'll inspire you to draw something... even something to tell Fux where to go.

The final contribution for today goes to Kenneth White... who has recently been very active coming up with some great stuff. Well, I have some of that great stuff: part nine of his fan fiction work, which is titled Futurama: Universe of Malice. In this part, Fry and Alesia find themselves very lost... and not just the lost as in where they are, but who they are, too; Farnsworth tries to out-wernstrom Wernstrom; Zapp and Baldur are still lost in the giant planet eater... with Zapp proving to be a real liability; the rest of the Planet Express crew are still under the control of the evil Baron Steinmann, with Leela getting really pissed off by all this; and Nibbler has a part... but we'll skip that nonsense right now. Oh OK, if you want to see what Nibbler's been up to, you can read the fic to find out. Anyway, Nibbler or no Nibbler, this is a great continuation of a well-written fiction work. Go read!

Well, that's enough from me. Oh, no it's not. Don Del Grande has mentioned at alt.tv.futurama that not only will "The Sting" be shown by Fux on 1st June, but on the 8th June, Fux will be showing "Farnsworth" (some guides call it "The Farnsworth Parabox"), so that's two shows in two weekends. I'll have to wait to see it before I believe it, though. Anyway, thanks to Don for that information. There, now I'm finally done for today... bye.

Get me the Fox execs in here! I'll rip their throats with my bare hands and drink their blood! Well, as you can see, we managed to get our NewsPro working again here. We're on a pretty small and slow Argentinian server, with only 50MB of space, and no SSI nor PHP. Sucks, huh? But we're online! And we're bloody sure going to stay that way. Fox can stick this C&D in the same place all the others went to. As I wrote in my old rant, it'll only be a week or so before we're back to the Smoove Network. I also reactivated our counter (reset to zero from nearly 600K), so we'll have an idea of how many visitors manage to get here; there are three URL redirectors at work for those who get here from Leela.com.ar, so it wouldn't surprise me if some visitors got lost in the redirection... you may want to stick to LeelaZone.com.ar from now on, so we don't overload Rubén's computer too much . I'm also trying to get The Links Zone here, but since we don't have any access to our old content, we might just have to wait until the new server is here. Oh well... meanwhile, enjoy our "new" Fan Art section, including a new piece of Paint Shop Pro art from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, fellow Fox hater. And keep your Fan Stuff coming our way! We need it more than ever . [Leandro]

New guides! Just because TLZ is down, doesn't mean I am. The last two Season 4 Graphic Guide pages are completed. Not only that, but I'm finally caught up with that 'Crimes of the Hot' page I made back in November 2002. Anyway, the guide pages are for 'The 30% Iron Chef' and the brilliant Star Trek themed 'Where No Fan Has Gone Before' so enjoy them, and hopefully when the next one is released, TLZ should be up and running again. Speaking of which, the next one will be for the brilliant 'Jurassic Bark', which, according to David X. Cohen, will be Futurama's likely Emmy Award submission this year. Best of luck to it, because, hey, it deserves to win. [Kenneth]

May 23, 2003

We Hate Fox! Not happy with cancelling Futurama (that was officially confirmed on May 15th), Fox just served us our fifth Cease & Desist letter. The first one was when were still in Killbots, the second one was sent to Rubén (since he owns Leela.com.ar), the third one was sent to MyDomain and the fourth one was sent to all webmasters last December. This one was sent to SmooveNet's bandwidth provider, threatening them with that damned Digital Millennium Copyright Act that was approved by some real dumbasses a few years ago. SmooveNet had no choice but take us offline. But, if Fox thinks that they can shut down the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite just like that, they're even bigger idiots than what we thought. We'll be back shortly. We just need to move into a new SmooveNet server. Our alternative email addresses are on the left bar, so make sure you send your Anti-Fox Fan Art our way! Huge thanks (as usual) to Rubén for pointing Leela.com.ar to this page. You rock, dude. [Leandro]

May 22, 2003

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles! Silly heading that, it reminds me of West Ham United, a London football team that got relegated from the premier division in England. Anyway, their tune is the cockney tune "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles". There, more useless information from Graham. However, that useless tune does fit in with the picture that Jesse Barboza has sent in for our Fan Art section. It's a nice sketch that features Leela swimming underwater, blowing bubbles through her mouth. Hmmm... at least Leela in the water can swim to the top, unlike poor West Ham United, who struggled and sank like a hammer in water.! OK, I'll be good.

Going insane... multiple times! Well, here's the ninth part of GHT's fan fiction, which is titled Going Insane 9 - Roads Not Taken. I'll quote from the fic's description to give you a better idea what it's about: "In the pyramid of an ancient world, Fry and Leela are accidentally transported to a different dimension. Will they be able to find a way to kill the ancient evil that haunts them?" So, why not go and visit this other dimension by reading this fic, which you can do by clicking here. Enjoy!

May 21, 2003

Golden Eye! On this Wednesday, I have three contributions from two contributors. I'll start first with Lee Roberts, who has come up with this picture for our Fan Art section. This picture is based on the film "James Bond - Die Another Day", and looks quite nice actually. Lee hasn't finished there, as he's contributed to our Poetry & Song Parodies section with a poem called Leela's Eye. This poem is meant to be from the pens of Fry and Bender... the latter's words are in red. Enjoy both of Lee's works.

Here's some new crap for you... and it's not my writing this time! Yeah, the last contribution for today is really crap and rubbish. Seriously, why the hell would anyone want to create this junk? Geez... as if there's not already enough problems in this world without someone defiling The Leela Zone with this pathetic picture of Bender! OK, I suppose I better say what's what before I scare away some people. This is actually a contribution for our Crap Art section, which comes from a new contributor called WhereYaMonkeyz. As you can see, WhereYaMonkeyz has certainly entered into the spirit of this section by making this trash. Good on ya... it's what this section is for: crap!

May 20, 2003

Yes, you too can savour the refreshing taste of molten boron! As I said in a previous update, I had some more work coming from Fred Farrell, and here it is. He's created three more great pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see as a thumbnail is based on one of those starting ad-type clips that Futurama used to do, but haven't really done recently, and comes at the beginning of the episode "The Problem with Popplers". The other two show Leela shocked, with Fry beside her, and a picture of Leela reading that "Single Female Lawyer" script that Fry made in the episode "When Aliens Attack". Nice pictures, hope some more come.

The crazy, crazy, crazy world of Mattybwoy! Welcome six new, crazy pictures from Mattybwoy, which are for our Fan Art section. These six pictures sure add to any accusation that Mattybwoy has a vivid imagination, not that there's anything wrong with that... the contrary is the case. Now, I'm not going to list the pictures, as I invite you to look at them yourself, but the image I've used as a thumbnail isn't the most surreal one. Oh, also some Amy, Farnsworth, Hermes and Zoidberg fans won't be too pleased with one of the pics... but then again, at least Zoidberg gets his revenge in another. Go take a look!

May 19, 2003

Don't panic! Don't panic! Don't panic! That brings back memories about Lance Corporal Jack Jones, who was a character in a show called Dad's Army, which was a comedy about a platoon of Home Guard troops stationed in Kent, England during World War II. Probably not a show that'll satisfy the tastes of our north American audience, but what can you do about that? Anyway, this all leads on to a new picture by Andrea Huckstep, which is for our Fan Art section. It features Kirby and Leela feeling worried about an upcoming update from the Emergency Broadcast System. Hmmm... I wonder if Zapp Brannigan is in town?

A true friend's there in a time of strife Well, welcome the fourth part of Frysgal77's fan fiction, which is titled Time Runs Short. In this part, Fry and Leela are in a restaurant, digesting the coming tragedy that's about to fall on poor Leela. It's at times like these that Leela finds out the true nature of Fry's friendship and appreciation of her. Give it a read by clicking here.

May 18, 2003

Jacques Cousteau meets his match! Ah yeah, I remember Jacques Cousteua, with his famous shows that dealt with marine life and his trips underwater in a scuba suit. Anyway, we have a new contributor for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, who comes under the name Jesse Barboza. Jesse has come up with a sketch of Leela diving under the sea, and it's quite a nice picture, too. Jesse tells me that his hobby is underwater photography and swimming, so it was natural for him to draw a picture like this. He says more pictures will come, which we'll eagerly await.

Restrictions apply... never! Another new contributor to The Leela Zone has also come up today, this time sending work for our Fan Fiction section. The work in question is titled Restrictions Apply, and comes from the pen, or keyboard, of Beamer. I'll quote from the fic's description: "When Professor Farnsworth assigns the Planet Express crew a delivery that involves entering a restricted galaxy, Leela refuses to go, leaving the delivery up to Fry, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg. However, when the three are imprisoned and sentenced to death for trespassing, it's up to Leela to rescue them." So, will she save them or will they fry? Geddit? Fry is like Fry on the show. Geddit now? Eh, why the silence... why no laughing? OK, that's enough from me. If you want to go directly to the fic, click here. Enjoy!

May 17, 2003

At least someone loves him! Well, I've got some work from a new contributor for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section for today, who comes under the name of Fred Farrell. Fred is a webmaster of the site Omicron Persei 8, a site dedicated to Futurama, and, "to a lesser extent" Dr Zoidberg. Anyway, he's come up with three images. First shows Leela cuddling up to Nibbler (someone has to!); second shows Leela just before her wedding to Alkazar in the episode "A Bicyclops Built for Two"; the third shows Leela in her '50s dress that was worn in "Roswell That Ends Well". Three good pics to view. Hooray! I'll have some more from him coming up soon.

And now for a song and dance! The second contribution for today comes from DJ Myford, whose work goes into our Poetry & Song Parodies section. His song is titled The Road That I Must Travel, and is based on Mr Mister's "Kyrie", which came out in 1985. Nice song, especially for you Shippers out there.

Thanks goes to Brad Rousse, who sent an email to me on Thursday explaining that Fox's new Autumn line-up shows that Futurama won't be getting a place in their evening slot. Wait, let's do that again. No, wait... not ready yet, need to let off more steam. So, it's really over now, at least in Fox's eyes, although I have to admit to not being too surprised despite my kabooms. However, according to Don Del Grande at the Newsgroup alt.tv.futurama, Fox will be airing a "new" episode on the 1st June. Don says that "The Sting" will be shown on that day, although I'm not going to break out the cheapest champagne until I actually see it myself. Still, keep that date in mind.

May 15, 2003

Finally making an update. Finally, someone made some fan art and sent it to me. Geez, people there are seven of us here, just waiting to make an update. Take a look at the "Contact Us" section and pick someone, be creative with it, make a decision (to make it easy: the best choice would be the person with the name that starts with the leter "s", and ends with the letter "n" ).

OK, now to some serious stuff. Leela's Twin, a contributor to our Fan Art section, came up with a pic showing Leela in her Clobberella outfit, from the episode "Less Than Hero". So go and take a look at it!

Sebastian Mrozik has come up with five new pictures for the Fan Art section. The pics are drawn by hand and show our heroes in different situations. So there's Fry and Bender sitting on the couch (probably watching "All My Circuits" ), Bender holding a broken bottle dangerously close to Fry's neck (from the episode "Fear Of A Bot Planet"), etc. But this is The Leela Zone, so what would it be an update without pictures that contain at least some Leela? To satisfy your hunger for her, she apears on three pictures, but the best IMHO would be the one on which Leela, Fry & Bender are running away from some rampaging aliens, appareantly Morbo's race. I wonder why does Fry has such a look on his face?

Vicente, who helped me with the Alien Signs section, sent a good screengrab from 2acv02. I thought that the sign next to Zapp's head is a alien sign, but on this grab you can clearly see that the sign is "XXX" written in normal Engish (Polish? French? Spanish? German? Any-other-language-you-can-think-of? ). [Sebastian]

The joys of fatherhood... or how not to get any worthwhile sleep for twenty years! Here's a picture from Andrea Huckstep, which is for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela with Invader Zim, looking on at the wailing baby Invader Kif. Seems to me that Invader Zim's a bit pissed off at the noisy crying that's being emitted from Invader Kif, while Leela is protecting her ears using mufflers. Then again, maybe the room is icy-cold, seeing those mufflers are those worn during Winter, while Invader Kif's crying about the window being open and letting in the bitter cold. Hmmm... then that means that Invader Zim should be taken away by the social security services for child neglect. Nah, maybe someone is playing some awful music, which would account for the scene in Andrea's picture. Leo, turn down that Abba crap!

May 14, 2003

More fan fiction on TLZ We have a new addition to our Fan Fiction section. This one comes from Mattybwoy, and is the first part of a serial fic, called Re-booted

The first chapter is called "The Virus Has Landed", and the summary, in the authors own words, is this: "When Bender picks up a virus from a Hookbot and Fry is shot with a poisonus bullet, Leela is sent on a mission to find the cure for both of the problems. But as you would expect, it isn't easy... there are druggies, killers, and Zapp Brannigan out to stop her."

Sounds like Leela has her hands full. Go directly to the fic by clicking here.

A Star Which We Call Sun! Today I have a picture from Alexander A Andreev, which is for our Fan Art section. The picture is a coloured hand-drawn one that shows Leela in combat fatigues looking back at the viewer. However, what's important, especially for Alexander, is that this picture is a tribute to the Russian singer Victor Tsoi, who kept many Russians entertained with his band called Kino. I have to admit that I didn't know about this singer, but doing a search using Google seems to bring up some information. Unfortunately, the guy died in a car crash in 1990, which seems to be the way that many actors and musicians go. Anyway, for those interested, you can find some limited information about Tsoi here. The words in Alexander's picture translate like this (this is Alexander's translation, not mine... I didn't want to edit his words in case I lost any context, and I don't know Russian):

"Speak me about who fatigue
For merciless streets dramas
And about temple from broken hertzes
And about who come in this temple..."

Well, hope that makes some sense. Enjoy the picture.

May 13, 2003

What a favour! Here's a lovely picture for you Futurama and Farscape fans out there! This hand-drawn work, for our Fan Art section, comes from Richard Young, and was the result of Richard being given a lift to another area of his town by a co-worker of his named Steve. In return of this favour, Ricard created this Farscape inspired Futurama work for Steve, who did the decent thing and sent it this way. There's a possibility that Richard may be able to colour in the picture in future, and if that's so, I can't wait. If Richard colours it in, I can imagine that Steve will be ferrying him on some mighty roadtrip. Hmmm, a roadtrip... that's an inspiration for a picture in itself.

Kiss and tell! The second work for our Fan Art section for today comes from Leela's Twin. She's come up with this sketch of Bender teasing Fry about his teenage moves on Leela, which happened in the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". Leela's Twin apologises for sending in a non-Leela work, but as long as you've sent in some Leela pictures before, then you can send any character you like. Obviously, we want Leela to be the focus for artwork here, so please still keep them coming, but I don't want to exclude some good works of art merely because it's not of the cyclops. So, if you have some great work you want to show off, but it's not of Leela, then please send it this way if you've sent in a Leela picture in the past.

Finally, I received an interesting image from mtvcdm today. No, not a picture of him pitching the first blernsball for the New New York Mets, not of him drooling while standing beside several blackboards of incomprehensible stats, but a framegrab that's been doctored to express the sentiments of many of us Futurama fans about Fox's mistreatment of the show. He didn't actually doctor the grab himself, that was done by Peter Milan, who did it for a thread on a message board hosted by Television Without Pity, which was asking for members to make tombstones for shows. Anyway, Peter Milan came up with one that expresses a lot of the anger that many of our visitors will be feeling. To see this picture, click here. There, doesn't that ring too true? I think I'm going to go

May 12, 2003

Luck of the dice! Now, this is a nice picture of Leela by Caleb Cypher, which is for our Fan Art section. Ummm... did I say Leela? Oh, I did. Silly me! OK, it's not a Leela picture, but so what, it's still a lovely picture that's fit to adorn any Futurama site. Well, as you can see, it's a picture of Amy, but done in a sort of Anime style; very realistic looking, as much as it can be. I'm sure that there'll be many a fan who'll be interested in this picture of our favourite intern.

And then there were two! I have two pieces of work for our Fan Fiction section to announce to you. Yeah, two! The first comes from Frysgal77, and is the third part of her Time Runs Short serial fiction. In this part, Leela breaks the tragic news to Fry. Want to know how he deals with it? Then click here.

The second fic comes from GHT and is the eighth part of his "Going Insane" series, titled Going Insane 8 - Birth of a Power. I'll let him describe this part of the fic to you: "Things don't turn out so well for the Planet Express crew's big plan to bring down the DOOP. As Fry works on his skills with the Mysterious book he got, events unfold that force him to take his power to the next level. Also, they find an ancient place that may hold the key to defeating the greatest evil in the universe." So, that should explain enough to you to whet your appetite. To go directly to his fic, click here.

Over and out.

May 11, 2003

Bender steals the show! Got a new picture from my partner, Sofie Fenwick, which is for our Fan Art section. Sofie's picture is taken from the episode "Less than Hero", and is from the moment when the New Justice Team introduces itself to the show, with Bender coming out to steal the limelight. Typical Bender. Anyway, hope you enjoy this picture. BTW, Sofie's next picture won't be from a scene from the show, it'll be something quite original and funny. Stay tuned.

I wandered lonely as a cloud... The second contribution for today comes from Leela's Twin and is for our Poetry and Song Parodies section. Leela's Twin has come up with a poem titled Last Chance, which deals with the coming demise of the show in Fox's hands. Oh well, who says that poems have to be happy-clappy to be good. Well, go give Leela's Twin's poem a gander. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. "That floats on high o'er vales and hills...."

May 10, 2003

Rebel with a cause! Good gal FemJesse has come up with two great contributions for The Leela Zone. Firstly, for our Fan Art section, comes a picture of James Dean (yeah, that young actor in the '50s who was actually quite good in my eyes, but sadly died before his time ), who seems to be starring in a Futurama live action movie as Fry. Hehe... certainly does look like Fry, even if the persona is off. Her second contribution is for our Video Clips section, and is a Shipper-styled clip featuring moments between Leela and Fry. The video, which you'll find in the Miscellaneous Clips page in the said section, shows moments of when Fry nearly captures the heart of Leela, but there's always something stupid that gets in the way. Silly Fry. However, he keeps on trying, and who knows, one day he might just succeed. Anyway, FemJesse's clip is a homage to that wishful feeling. The clip is called "To the Moon and Back", whose backing music shares the same title and is by Savage Garden. Lastly, the clip is in the WMV format (sorry, Mac and Linux users). Enjoy!

Invader Kif steals the show! "Invader Kif?" I hear you say. Yeah, that's right, it's the introduction of Invader Kif. Who is he? Well, he's the creation of Andrea Huckstep, whose created two pictures for our Fan Art section. Actually, it'd be more accurate, at least for the picture, to say he's the creation of Invader Zim and Lita. Also in that picture, you can see Leela, Fry, Bender, Morris, Mimsie and Ness (kid with red baseball cap). Her second picture shows Tuff, Kirby and Tiff, with Leela looking on while Hermes plays a tune on the piano. I wonder what the tune is? Bet it's not "Chapel Hill" by Sonic Youth, which I'm currently listening to.

May 9, 2003

What will Fox decide? Yes, for those who don't know, May 15th is when Fox reveals their decisions as far as which programs will stay and which will go. Will Futurama be renewed, allowing the production staff to reunite and make new episodes again? 6 more days and we'll have the answer.

But until then, you can read the latest Graphic Guide instead of just playing the waiting game (or Hungry Hungry Hippos, which is much more fun, because face it: the waiting game is kinda boring). This guide covers the episode A Leela of Her Own, where Leela becomes the first woman Major League Blernsball player, simply because she beans players in the head with Blernsball pitches. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for The 30% Iron Chef page next weekend. Only two more episodes to go until Season 4 is done [Kenneth]

May 8, 2003

I spy, with my big eye, something beginning with Fox executive! Today, the prolific Lee Roberts (who I still type Leela for his name then realise my mistake ) has come up with a new picture for us at The Leela Zone. The picture, for our Fan Art section, features that moment in the episode "The Deep South" where Leela is hunting for boots and is getting pretty good at it. Oh, wait, my mistake, she was actually hunting for fish but found a shoal of boots instead. Well, Amy probably had the right idea when she said that the sea is where Leela went boot shopping, and with that luck, or lack of it, it's not surprising.

Too much time on your hands can be a bad thing! Here's the second part of a serial fan fiction by a recent contributor to The Leela Zone called Frysgal77. The fic, titled Time Runs Short, is about what happens between Fry and Leela when she catches a fatal disease. In this part it's Saturday, where Fry discovers he has some time to relax... and time to visit. To go directly to the fic, click here.

BTW, apologies to some Internet Exploder users who found problems on this site earlier. We're doing some stuff to the site, and, well, that's the problem... we messed something up somewhere. However, I've fixed this temporarily so you can now see the site in all its glory, even when using a crippled browser like IE. Thankfully, at least for people like me, it didn't affect users of Mozilla Firebird (previously called Phoenix). Yay!

May 7, 2003

Believe the unbelievable! The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | Wallpaper section | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable | The Voices & Femjesse - believe the unbelievable

Sinead, is this to your liking? After the madness above, let me introduce seven new pictures by Mattybwoy, which are for our Fan Art section. These seven pictures look very colourful, especially the image you see as a thumbnail, which shows Leela with a new hairstyle... or she's got lice or something. OK, moving on, Mattybwoy has six other pictures on show, featuring Zapp Brannigan; Fry fantasising; Elzar going "bam!"; a 10,000 foot Leela; Leela seeing the stars saying "I love you, Leela"; and a picture that's inspired by Anarchist's story A Second Chance. He's not finished yet. I have a poem from him that's in our Poetry & Songs Parodies sections. The poem, A Million to One, is an ode to Fry and Leela "becoming an item". Enjoy!

I'm so, so, so angry... I'm going to scream and scream... and I can do that, you know! Well, I won't, Leela will, judging from the expression of her face in Leila's latest picture for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. This cool picture shows Leela being very uncool about something. Maybe she read my update on The Voices and FemJesse's wallpaper above, and isn't too pleased at my repetition. Then again, maybe not. On the other hand, right now I'm listening to the radio, and I can hear a bunch of monkeys pretending to be Members of Parliament and acting like damn morons with their schoolboy and girl antics. Geez... now I know why she's angry. Leela, go and get your gun!

May 6, 2003

And then there was Fry! OK, remember that joint work by The Voices and FemJesse that featured Leela holding her gun in a parody of that famous The Matrix film poster? Well, they've both gone a step further and collaborated on this picture, for our Fan Art section, of Fry, which is again a la Matrix. Like last time, The Voices did the drawing and FemJesse coloured it in. Not only that, on FemJesse's second page at our Fan Art section, you can see another picture by her that shows her take on conception, Fry and Leela style! There, that's the whole stages of how to make a baby, smiley style.

Even more labour to endure! Here's a picture by Andrea Huckstep that's strangely linked with FemJesse's picture mentioned above, in that it shows the latter states of pregnancy... in fact, right at the moment of its end and the birth of a child. This picture for our Fan Art section shows Leela, Tuff and Mimsie looking on as Invader Zim comforts Lita when she's going through the early states of labour. Ouch! Well, there you go, there's going to be more little Invader Zims and Litas round the place.

If you go to our Video Clips section, you'll notice that some clips are back that were removed some months ago. They were removed because they were too large a size for our host to accept (5MB maximum). However, I've decided to split the files up as WinRAR self-executables, which is a way around the issue. You don't need WinRAR to extract these files, they will extract by themselves when run. Anyway, instructions are on the page that the clips reside. If you go to the Miscellaneous Clips page in the Video Clips section, you'll find that "Leela's Moments of Magic" and "Planet Express Danger Zone" by Static, and "Wish You were Here, Leela" by S-Chan have returned, as well as a feature from the first Futurama DVD. So, if anyone missed these the last time they were up, come and get them, and those that didn't know we had them before, you can come and get them, too.

BTW, if anyone has sent any work to any of the webmasters in the last 18 hours (it's now 11:20am GMT... you do the maths), then please send again. We had a little problem that's probably meant that your emails were lost.

May 5, 2003

Oh, guess who? Here's a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from good gal Juliet Adeoye. Juliet, using her unique style of artistry, has created this picture of Leela with a snazzy background... looks radiant. Well, it's certainly brightened up the site today, especially due to the fact that my football team, Arsenal, lost the championship to Manchester Utd yesterday. Bah... I suppose they were dancing in the streets of Guildford yesterday.

Gunning for Leela! The second contribution for today comes from Roberto Lopez, which is for our Fan Art section. Roberto has created two pictures for us today. The first shows Leela holding her gun in her trademark way. The second shows Leela staring at you while crossing her arms. Both those Leela's look menacing to me... so I better behave and let Roberto have the limelight.

A tragedy to come! The third contributor is a new fan fiction writer who comes under the name Frysgal77. She's created a fic titled Time Runs Short. The fic's description on the fan fiction index page is: "Leela gets sick with a fatal disease. Will this catastrophe make her realise that there is more to her and Fry than friendship? Read on to find out!" So, as you can see, there's some trouble ahead for poor Leela. Then again, maybe this troubled time will make bonds stronger. To find out, you can go directly to the fic by clicking here.

May 4, 2003

Nothing new here. Yup, just the same, old cards. What's so special about them? Great quotes? Funny screen grabs? Almost four hours of my work? Well, it doesn't matter as long as there are people on this world who appreciate my work, my sacrifice, blah, blah, etc. "Sister, get this patient back to his cell, he broke free again!" NOO! Until I'm still here, I'll say that the new cards are from 2acv13 Bender Gets Made and 2acv14 Mother's Day. So take a look at them, those beautiful, precious, one and only cards.

I also need to make a little appeal to the public here: comrades, Futurama maniacs, send me stuff, pictures, fanfics, anything. I feel like in a jungle here: the only thing I get in my post box are viruses.

That is all, until next time, may the force be with you... "Sister, why is this patient still on the loose?" Bye. [Sebastian]

And for my next trick, I'll pull Elvis Presley out from a hat! Two new pictures are in our Fan Art section from a new artist on our site called Morbo. He's come up with this interesting, if strange, picture of Leela with her hand on Saddam Hussein's head (I belive it's the fellow... or is it a double?)... or is she pulling his head off or something? Well, I suppose you can make your own minds up about that. Well, can't say that the picture doesn't stir emotions, because it probably will.

Kill Your Television! Anyone remember the band Ned's Atomic Dustbin? No? OK, then that's the end of that discussion. However, why bring them up? Because one of their songs was called "Kill Your Television" - which brings back memories of the early-nineties indy music scene - and that song title seems to sum up the theme of Alexander A Andreev's latest work for our Fan Art section. It features Leela aiming a bazooka at some mind-control device called a TV. Kind of reminds me of a film called "They Live!", where the world has been conned by some alien race of beings into being subservient by manipulating through the media, etc, with subliminal messages. Anyway, enjoy Alexander's pic. (Those glasses do come in handy!)

Exodus - movement of the people! Well, it seems that GHT has been very busy and has come up with the seventh part of his "Going Insane" series for our Fan Fiction section. The latest instalment is titled Going Insane 7 - Exodus, and deals with Fry and Leela after six months of blissful marriage. Awwww! However, someone's out to spoil any celebrations... the Hamburglar! No, wait... wrong story. No, someone else is coming to spoil their day. Oh well, life moves on. To go directly to the story, click here.

May 3, 2003

Standard Update Version 14.5 Yep, just a standard update from me, which means a brand new Graphic Guide is now up at TLZ for looking at. This one is for Future Stock where upon Planet Express gets a new CEO. Hope you enjoy it, and there's really not much more for me to say. Hmmmm...... so uh...... how 'bout them....... and the weather......... Ah, screw this! I'm just going to go! Bye

May 2, 2003

Last straw... broken! Today I have a contribution for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new kid on the block. Anarchist, yes, that's the name (should have posted this yesterday on May Day), has come up with this novel fic called A Second Chance. I'll quote from the synopsis that's on the index page of the Fan Fiction section: "Yet again, Fry is given the hurtful treatment by Leela when he does something idiotic, which forces him to reappraise his feelings for her, making him seemingly uncaring and unsympathetic towards her. This reaction of his makes her begin to realise the error of her ways. However, before these problems can be resolved, they're interrupted when a delivery goes wrong and they find themselves in the hands of some aliens who are bent on destroying half the Universe."

There you go, seems quite interesting. If you want to go directly to the fic, then click here. Enjoy!

May 1, 2003

Is this real or just a figment of a programmer's imagination? Ouch, I bent my reality! Here's an interesting twist. We have a new fan art work that's been jointly created by the talented The Voices and also by another talented artist who comes under the name FemJesse (we all remember her, right?). This is actually a work that parodies The Matrix posters, and it does it brilliantly. The Voices did the drawing, while FemJesse expertly coloured it in. Two great minds working together can create good stuff. You'll find the pictures in both of their pages... although they both have different backgrounds, so visit them both.

Not only that, FemJesse has sent in some other work of hers, which you'll find on her second page of her fan art page at The Leela Zone, so you might want to visit there (no might about it... go there, I demand it of you! ). There's this brilliant picture of Amy and Kif that you've got to see - really nice! - plus there's some other great work, too. Enjoy!

Harry Potty and the Philosopher's Throne! Ummm... sorry about that heading, but toilet humour's in for today. So, why take the piss out of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"? Because I'm stupid, that's why. No, that's not it, or at least not just that, it's because Juliet Adeoye has created a new picture for our Fan Art section that parodies that film series. I'm no fan of that film, but it seems to have captivated quite a few, including Juliet. So, enjoy Juliet's take on Harry Potter but with Futurama characters.

My, you're fat today! No, that's not fat, she's pregnant! Seriously, she is. No, not Leela! Geez! At least not yet! Anyway, what am I rabbiting about now, you ask? Let me start by saying that this picture is from Andrea Huckstep and is for our Fan Art section. It features Leela looking on as Invader Zim looks lovingly at his pregnant girlfriend, Lita. See, it's Lita who's pregnant... that sorted out now? Good. That's nice to know. Now, over and out.

Now I'm off to sing the Internationale... because it's May Day, that's why, comrades. Arise ye starvelings from your slumbers, Arise ye criminals of want... Oh, look, a dog with a fluffy tail!