May 2002

May 31, 2002

There, that'll teach you to turn the channel while the World Cup is on! Just thought I'd update just before the World Cup starts (yeah, a proper world competition, where the whole world participates in and not just one or two nations). Sofie has come up with yet another hand-drawn picture for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela bound to a post - surely not something that would be enjoyed by any fan of the show! - with Bender trying to convince Leela to be strong and confident, so he can go and kick the hell out of El Chupanibre. Well, as you know, Bender did the job and Leela is still here with her pet rat, Nibbler.

Well, every four years, the whole world (bar the USA) goes mad over a football competition that will see who is the best nation to play this sport. Graham is no exception to this, and will be boring you senseless with trivial crap and what-not. Prediction for today's match: France 2 - Senegal 0. Prediction to win the whole competition: either France or Argentina (can't make up my mind); Italy could be a possible contender, too. Now to turn on the TV.

May 30, 2002

Leela in the Sky with Diamonds... with Amy, too! Well, here's a psychedelic fan art that comes from Daniela Laverne Schad. Daniela's work is noted for having Leela and Amy as lovers, and this one is no exception. However, what makes this different is the use of colours, which are used in a pyschedelic style. Groovy man! Fab! Far out!

Animara Now! Thanks goes to Anicorn (many may not know her, but she was a regular at the chatroom, as well as doing a few other things for the now deceased The Futurama Outlet *sniff*, like transcriptions for the sound clips, etc) for pointing this in my direction. An Italian friend of hers, Federica Giulietti, has created this Futurama/Animaniacs cross-over storyboard, titled Futurwaanaa. It stars the Animaniacs, but is set in the world of Futurama, and has tons of references, too. The English isn't great, but it's good enough to make sense of. Anyway, it's really, really good and well worth a reference here at The Leela Zone. To go and see what I'm talking about, click here.

May 29, 2002

The DNS may have failed, but this is ridiculous! Poor Leela, always seems to be the victim of having herself drawn without certain clothing. But, as long as nobody rubs out her hands then she's safe! Unca Dave has come up with three more suggestive images for our Fan Art section. So, there's even more of Leela to enjoy, if you're into that kind of thing. Careful with that keyboard, you might end up ruining it.

Earlier today, we had some downtime due to DNS problems (basically, you were directed to a My Domain page... not a pretty sight!), which lasted for some time. However, that now seems to be history... which would explain why you're reading this now. So, what next can I say that's so damn obvious?

May 28, 2002

And two further points can be added! Here's a picture for our Fan Art section, one that comes from The Voices. This is sure to get some of our male audience foaming at the mouth. Actually, I bet that some of our visitors will be wishing to have her wrapped up, as if like some present for them to play with, but I won't go any further in that direction, as I might be giving some people quite bad ideas. Anyway, this is a family site... no, wait, who am I kidding! Anyway, enough of such nonsense and enjoy the picture. I said enjoy it, not drool over it!

The second part of this update is a fan fiction, which comes from Lennie Asserholt. This is the second and final part of No More Secrets, in which both Leela and Fry, now able to communicate with each other telepathically, find out more about each other. Will they find love or heartache? Well, to find that out, you could always click here.

May 27, 2002

Un-cancel Futurama, you Fox retards! Our Fan Art section has a new submission from Pablo Rodrigo, featuring the crew drawn in South Park style complaining about Fox's treatment of the show... just as we all are. Order that 5ACV block! Show new episodes in May instead of reruns, you Fox bastards! With that standard complaining done (it's good to remind Fox we haven't forgotten that the show is on hiatus every now and then), there are two new pics by Daniel Brand, too; actually, it's the original hand-drawn pic, and a color scan of the same pic. Enjoy!

Goodbye to you... goodbye to everything that I knew... SmooveNet has implemented new 404 pages, so we're all mourning for the tragic loss of our own 404 page, "You just crashed into a 404". Now, if you click a broken link, this is what you'll see. We have scheduled a minute of silence at our Chatroom to pay our respects to our beloved 404 page. Rest in digital peace. [Leandro]

Night after the bender at Moe's! Today, let's welcome part six of The Bendenator, which is a creation of Charles Delnegro. One thing that has plagued the Fans' Comic section is that of not being regularly updated, but Charles has bucked that trend so far. Actually, I know that this comic is actually completed, so at least you'll know that you'll get an ending out of this one. Is this a call for the others to try to continue their own fine comics? Well it could be, but it's also a call for others out there to also contribute to making more of this section. So, if anyone has the desire to make a comic, please send it here.

PS - a "bender" is British slang for going on a wild drinking spree, not just an insulting term for male homosexuality. The Leela Zone, the site where the visitor learns sod all!

May 26, 2002

Fun on the beach! Here's a picture that's likely to get the Leela Lovers' hearts of this world racing. Unca Dave has come up with yet another risque picture of Leela for our Fan Art section, one that shows Leela in Caladesi Island State Park, in Florida, putting on her bikini (I'm sure that she's putting it on, I can't imagine why she'd take it off for any of you lot ). Well, you can let your imagination decide what she's up to, I suppose. Anyway, enjoy this pic... I know some of you will!

May 24, 2002

LeandroXP, take two... A couple of months ago I installed Windows XP and it barely lasted six hours before I panicked and hit the "Uninstall" button. Looks like I never learn; it's been four days since I installed Windows XP again. I ain't liking it any better than months ago... granted, looks prettier, doesn't crash as much as 98SE after installing all the junk I use, but the speed reminds me of when I was using Windows 3.1 in a 80286 with 1MB of RAM back in 1992 (in fact, that 286 was running faster than this). I'll endure it a couple of days more... then probably will go running to see the Best Dialog Box Ever once again:

Anyway, I think I was supposed to make an update here.

The Links Zone now has 49 sites and I'm looking for more. I can't believe that after surfing the net in eight languages (even that weird Russian alphabet!) there are less than 50 Futurama sites worth a look (or two). So if you know a site that's being updated regularly, drop me a note so I can add it.

May The Force be with us! Regular fan artist Captain Leela has sent this piece of Fan Art featuring Leela as a Jedi Knight. I still have to wait over a month until Attack of the Clones gets shown down here in Argentina, unlike a certain webmaster from La Peor Página de Futurama who went to the Spain premiere, yeah, "that" premiere, the one with famous people in it. GrmphshmsuckrSigh. Anyway, there are two new Promo Pics, this time two generic ones. Well, that's the update folks... while Graham keeps on listening to Public Enemy, I'm off to try to find some guitar tabs for The Corrs... hey, like we say down here, sobre gustos no hay nada escrito! [Leandro]

All in the imagination! Well, while listening to Public Enemy singing their Bring the Noise with backing music by Anthrax, I bring you this update. What do I bring to you? Only another picture for our Fan Art section, and one that comes from a new contributor, one who's titled himself as Unca Dave. It features Leela putting on a bikini top, unless I've got that wildly wrong, somehow. Well, it's all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

May 23, 2002

Call me Ishmael... yadda, yadda! Another day, another piece of fan art comes along to The Leela Zone. This one comes from Sofie, making this number 68 that she's produced for this site, in which it shows Leela, Fry, Queequeg, Captain Ahab and Tom Sawyer chasing after The Big Brain, which was in the episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid. I still like this episode quite a bit, even if it does have heavy rat... I mean Nibbler content.

May 22, 2002

Reality Bites! Here's something special, a realistic looking interpretation of Leela for our Fan Art section. This image was created by Jon Dixon, who you may know as the one who did a lot of the artwork for the Leela Fashion Zone; why not give that section a visit, too, if you haven't already. Jon created this using Curious Labs' Poser, and finished it off with Photoshop, just in case you wanted to know.

May 21, 2002

I want some body... anybody! Today, I bring you the fifth part of Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comic section. In this part, the Bendenator, having turned up in a 21st century arcade and met the locals, is demanding something for his troubles. Poor Jimbo! I hope you enjoy this update more than he does.

May 20, 2002

Lights! Camera! Action! Good boy Static has sent in another compilation video clip of action moments involving the crew of Planet Express. This clip spans many episodes, all featuring exciting moments with the crew, and also has backing music, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Considering that it's titled Planet Express Danger Zone, then the above would make a lot of sense! You'll find the clip in the Video Clips section, under the Miscellaneous Clips page. Enjoy!

May 19, 2002

Letting her hair down! Welcome Ash, who is a new, first-time contributor to our ever-growing Fan Art section. He sent me two pictures, both the same, but one's coloured and the other's not; both are hand-drawn, though, even if the coloured one was coloured using a graphics program. Anyway, it's great to see new faces for this section... and it would be great to see many more. So, anyone else feel brave and want to show off their work to the world?

Today's second update is for our Fan Fiction section. Erdrik has produced his second and final part of his fic, The Juicy Details. In this part, Leela is still spilling all to an attentive Amy (probably the first time she's kept her attention; oh the wonders of another's private life! ), while Fry is in deep, deep d'oh! To go directly to the fic, you can click here. Yeah, you do that... I command thee!

May 17, 2002

Leela's album! Here's something different for a fan contribution to this site. Static has come up with a video clip with a difference: it's a collection of great moments of Leela in the show, all coming from different episodes and combined together in one clip, and with backing music too, Lionel Richie's Angel. It's over 12MB in size, but, at least for you Shippers out there, as well as Leela fans in general, it will be well worth it. Again, thank Static for this good piece of work.

Let's play ball! Here's a new contributor to our Fan Art section, who comes under the moniker Mitsui. Here, Mitsui has created this computer artwork of Leela in New New York Mets outfit and carrying a baseball bat. This picture is based on the recent episode A Leela of Her Own; as if you really needed to be told that! [Graham]

May 16, 2002

Wait your turn! Oooh! Love the new Links section. BTW, anybody who knows the Russian language could really help us in writing a description for a Russian Futurama site that's featured in that section, under Dunno (yeah, it's Russian). Anyway, the show may be in mid-season and its future looks bleak, but this site is still expanding onwards!

Well, after all that narcissism, I might as well continue by bringing you the actual update. Sofie has created another picture for our ever expanding Fan Art section, which shows the moment where Leela, in the episode A Leela of Her Own, is a bit despondent at not being picked to pitch for the New New York Mets. Patience, patience!

Un saludo para la gente de PsicoFXP! Time for my weekly update, this time posting with IE5 under Windows 95 OSR2! I tell you, jumping from the different versions of Windoze every time they start acting crappy is a hobby of mine, more or less like changing TLZ layouts. I also forgot to backup my desktop's contents before DELTREEing Windows, so I'm now missing quite a bit of stuff. No matter, I've got plenty of junk to replace it with in C:\Quilombo. Anyway, onto the update... Four new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, one new pic by Captain Leela, one new pic by Javier Sanchez from The Futurama Point, and one new pic by Lorenz Kraenzlin. And so the Fan Art section keeps getting bigger and fatter!

That's all? But... No, no... that was not all, at all. There are two new Wallpapers too, coming from the Futurama Scan Art Central; the section now has 0x80 = 2^7 = 128 (base 10) wallpapers!. And, also, the Links section just suffered a major refit: go check The Links Zone, which now links to 46 Futurama sites in 8 languages! I went through TLZ's logs and now we're linking to every site that is linking to us, assuming (1) it's not dead, (2) it's Futurama related. Also added, by request, some sites that weren't linking to us. I'm going to add more sites there as their appear in our logs or request so, assuming they aren't dead (more than two months without any updates equals dead). So anyway, if you're looking for other Futurama sites to surf, go check The Links Zone... it sure isn't Planet Roadmap, but it isn't pretending to be, neither! [Leandro]

May 15, 2002

Pending for a bending! It's that time again when the next part of Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator comes online, which you'll find in our Fans' Comic section. In part four, Bender's quest to find that exclusive Bender action figure takes on terrifying consequences... where he goes back in time to go on a rampage of death and destruction. So, it's still the Bender we all love!

The second update for today comes from a new contributor to our Fan Fiction section. Welcome Lennie Asserholt's new fic called No More Secrets, in which both Fry and Leela, after tasting Bender's fine cuisine, discover that they can read each other's minds... spooky! Oh, I suppose I should warn you, in case you don't like this kind of thing, there is a word used that might cause some offence, but its use is more humorous than vulgar (there, I warned you, so don't complain). Anyway, for the rest of you who are more tolerant, you can get to the first part of this serial fic by clicking here.

Finally, Leandro has informed me that Futurama is likely to remain in the crappy 7pm slot in Fox's Autumn (Fall) line-up. So, it's the same crap as usual... thanks Fox! Anyway, if you want to know more about this, then you can find the news here.

May 13, 2002

Fantastic Voyage! Well, The Voices has come up with another great wallpaper, which, quite naturally, you'll find in our Wallpapers section. This is a non-Leela wallpaper, but why should that stop you. It features the Planet Express ship leaving what seems to be a wonderous part of the universe, with lots of planets and nebulae. This may be The Leela Zone, but even we have visitors outside of apartment 1I. So, sit back and enjoy this picturesque wallpaper!

May 12, 2002

Burden on her shoulders! Well, no birthdays to declare then take back, no talk about Arsenal, nothing at all to mention in that vein. However, what I do have is more interesting than that stuff, which is the second picture from Philbot for our Fan Art section. This features Leela, looking agitated, holding Bender on her shoulder, while Bender, who also doesn't look too pleased, holds Fry on his. Fry, in the meantime, is spying on something or other. Maybe he's watching the last Arsenal game of the season over the wall or something... or is this just another excuse for me to talk about very little. Oh well, enjoy the picture before I send you on a long and pointless journey... to Hell!

May 11, 2002

Getting Medieval on their asses! Hmmm... so it's no cake for me! Well, it was either that bean I ate or I was on the same medication(s) that the characters in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (good film, BTW) were on in order to have thought it was Leo's birthday yesterday. Anyway, no big, fat whores or good net connection for Leo for at least another five months.

In the meantime, I present to him and yourselves a picture from Russell Dickson that's fit for our Fan Art section. Here we have Leela and some Medieval knights going off to fight some crusade or other... hopefully against Fox, for what it's worth. Knowing Russell's past pictures, that's likely to be the case. Oh, one thing that Leo will like is that Russell did like the past layout with the green colours, the child-like Leela and the futuristic writing and all, and doesn't know why others didn't. There, one down, a million others to go!

May 10, 2002

It ain't so... but do I still get gifts? Well, it appears Gort has got birthdays mixed up... my birthday's on October, Gort Boy! Anyway, here comes a new Wallpaper from that other Futurama babe's site, Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong. This Wallpaper is Part Two of the Star Wars posters collection, the first one being The Phant-Mom Menace. I didn't even bother to go see Episode I in a theater because I had seen Jar Jar in the teaser trailers and I had the gut feeling that it was going to suck bigtime; but this time the trailers for Episode II show some neat big fights with hundreds of redshirt-jedis, so I'm waiting for it. Although I'm waiting more for The Matrix Reloaded than anything else; I was very eagerly waiting for the next Star Trek movie, but then I downloaded the december version of the Nemesis script and, Enterprise ramming and all, the last third of the movie seems to be a bad copy The Wrath of Khan.

TLZ: Virtual Insanity central... Well, that went quite off-topic... now lemme check my "TLZ Stuff" directory, and post some Leela stuff to The Leela Zone before I start posting renders of Shinzon's scimitar. Hmmm, let's see... there are eight new Uses for a Hacker, not Star Wars nor Star Trek nor Matrix related; then six new pics in the Fan Art section: five from Erdrik, and one fom Daniel Brand, hopefully not double-posted this time. Enough on-topic stuff! You can be happy now! And send those birthday gifts, anyway [Leandro]

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em! Forgive me for the obscure reference of a British sitcom, but I plead laziness. Actually, this wasn't one of those bad sitcoms; at times it did hold itself fine. Anyway, enough of the past glories, let's get onto business. I have a picture for our Fan Art section from OutlawArt, which is in honour of Mother's Day. No, not the episode with Farnsworth and Mom doing the pelvic peaknuckle! *shudder* Please, I've just ate something. No, the real Mother's Day, where folk are meant to say to their mothers that they're special or something. Well, you know what I mean... so you better think of what you're going to say to her. In the meantime, or while you're stalling, enjoy OutlawArt's picture.

I think it's Leandro's birthday today, but I think he's keeping it a secret or something. So, please don't mention that I told you this, otherwise I won't get any cake. Well, if I wish him a happy birthday, he might change his mind. Happy birthday, Leo. Hope you get a decent internet connection for your birthday or, failing that, a big, fat whore.

All complaints can go to Bender's Pimping Agency or something.

May 8, 2002

Ohhh Aaaaallll!!!! GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!!!! Well, welcome to The Leela Zone, where the webmasters are as happy as can be and everything goes well. What spiffing times we have running this site... and what merry fun we give to all of you! Why am I like this? Could it be the drink? Maybe. Could it be the high-spirits? Definitely. Why am I in such high-spirits? Well, my football team, Arsenal (that crap thing I torture you with... sick bags to the ready), have won the league at Manchester Utd's ground, with a 1-0 win. Anyway, this will be the last you'll hear of it for some time (I can hear the collective sigh of relief). Anyway, here's a final... YAY!

The first update is for our Fan Art section and comes from Shadowstar. Yes, he's done it again with another great piece of work (I wonder if he's sick of my praise?), which features Leela as a Peggy Bundy-type with Alkazar, which happened in the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two. Seems that some don't like this episode for some reason, but Shadowstar and myself did. Anyway, Shadowstar tells me that the guide on his site, The Futurama Complete Guide, now has this episode for you to visit. So, after you're finished here, go there and enjoy!

The show must go on! Second update for today is from Jens Eßer, which comes in the form of part three of a comic called Delivery to Planet Hollywood. The crew are now beginning their delivery to Planet Hollywood, where movies come true. Anyway, Jens has done a lovely job with this... I'm really impressed by the drawings. Lastly, Jens has said that he's a bit pressed for time, so the next issue could well be delayed for a while. Well, we'll be waiting.

May 6, 2002

The lunatics have taken over the asylum! Yay! Leo's back! It's also good to see this layout's back, which as Leo has said, is my favourite. Sorry to say that I was one of those who didn't appreciate the last layout, but I kept quiet, simply because if I ever did a layout, then our host's server would end up being DoSed... which would probably be a good thing in saving humanity. So, the latest fun is to make Lego charcters of yourself... so I have done as Leo's dared. Instead of Leo's bondage version (all those zips seem... kinky ), I've come up with this monstrosity instead. Well, I think it's me, as I did look like that when I woke up and looked in the mirror today. I feel sorry for Sofie, actually... her screams could be heard miles away, apparently!

From Lego to WOS... it's all plastic! Well, this nicely brings us to another subject and the updates proper. Welcome to part three of Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator, in which Bender has found out that the last Bender Action Figure has been bought and is ready to go hunting the buyer, who happens to be The Simpsons's Professor Frink. Well, go ahead and give it a read and enjoy.

Give us credits! The last update for today (unless Leo has different ideas) comes from David Johnson, and sits nicely in our Fan Art section. It shows Leela kicking the promo that Fox put over the credits of Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Luckily, I got to see the end credits, but in the US the credits were butchered by that damn Fox. At least David got something off his chest by drawing this, and maybe some of you can do likewise. You can still download the end credits in our Video Clips section, in the Miscellaneous Clips part of that section.

Well, that's a lot of stuff to take in... I'll stop here.

Where in Legoland is Leandro? Well, you guessed it: I was indeed in legoland! Missed me, or was Gort here keeping you entertained? Actually, I was hit bad by a flu, and when I managed to get up my Windows died, and when I reinstalled everything, I tried to connect and found that my ISP had decided to leave town... not my ideal two weeks there. I'm currently being forced to make long distance calls when I want to connect to the web, so you'll probably won't see much of me until another ISP moves in, or I move out of town. And neither event is very likely. But no preocupar! There's always Gort to keep you happy, unless he goes to Legoland too (actually, I'd really like to see what he looks like as a lego character... you heard me, english boy! ) By the way, I just spent quite a while downloading all the mail that was waiting for me in the server... and would you believe 58 copies of the Klez worm were there? This thing's beginning to flood me even more than that one about snow white and the seven dwarfs. Bloody internet worms! Death to 'em!

Layout change is here! I won't say "new layout" because it's not... we didn't get to celebrate our 1000th day online properly on April 22nd due to the server going nuts and claiming we'd exceeded our 600MB quota, but hey, there's always the 1000th day since the reopening! That's one of the good things with having two birthdays (although nobody's gotten us cake for neither one ). So I'm saving that layout for December, and trashing the unpopular green-blue one that apparently I was the one that liked it, and getting back this one with the Flash banners that Gort likes a lot. Guess this means I'll have to do some new banners, starting with the Episode Guide (which, BTW, is working very nicely; if anyone's got suggestions on what could be added to it, mi inbox es su inbox).

Onto the Big Update! And I do mean, Big: there are 15 new pics in the Fan Art section, coming from the following dibujantes: Daniel Brand (featuring his page's mermaid-duck mascot), Erdrik (featuring himself), Louisa Fitzhardinge (featuring Leela... oh wait, that's normal), Paul Metcalfe (yup, Paul, definitely better than the last doodle ), The Futurama Point (the one in the previous paragraph), Captain Leela (nice sketches), and Douglas Hilliard (saving the best for last). Check Douglas' Star Wars parodies, as well as his Valkirias, and I specially love the pic that appears to the left of this paragraph. The section now has 1308 pictures!

Leeching stuff for your eyes only! There is, also, one new wallpaper coming from The Futurama Point, whose webmaster Javier will probably find here and wonder exactly when did I ask for permission, same as with the Fan Art. Hey, I'm sure I'll find some nice explanation for that missing email! You know how unreliable the 'net is, and all. And to end this huge update, there are six new Uses for a Hacker in the section! Enjoy; I'm off to continue my Alpha Centauri game... it's time to erradicate some factions off Planet! [Leandro]

May 5, 2002

You've just been Shatnered! Sofie's been busy making two pictures for our Fan Art section. Well, the first is Leela related, so we'll get to the second later on. The first image you see is from that great episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before, where Shatner and Leela has been caught red-lipsticked (it's pink, but what are you gonna do about it?) by both crews. Ouch! Strange thing was that Fry didn't react much to this situation. Hmmm... does that mean that something happened pre-4ACV11 that we haven't seen, due to Fox putting the episodes completely out of order.

Andy Warhol did it, so why can't Kif? Now to the next image that Sofie's done, which isn't Leela related. Yeah, I know, it shouldn't be here and should be somewhere else, but there aren't any other good Futurama fan art sites about. (Before I get any complaints and examples of "good" Futurama fan art sites, please notice the wink.) OK, the reason is because I liked it so much that I bent the "rules" and put it here. Anyway, Sofie did a picture of Kif as he appeared in the end-credits of Where No Fan Has Gone Before, which mimicked the stern-looking alien who appeared near the end of the credits of the original Star Trek. That bloke used to make me uneasy when I was a child, but I still stayed in front of the box to see him each time (probably to make sure he had gone away... I was only five or six!). So, Sofie, knowing this and feeling mischievous, reproduced this image (with a slightly different background) and then, with the help of myself (I'm a sucker for punishment), used Paint Shop Pro's effects to make three other images, which were all stuck together to make the Warhol-like image you see. Anyway, you get the idea, so I'll stop now and let you get on with stuff on a Sunday evening.

Oh, one last thing: Arsenal won the FA Cup, beating Chelsea 2-0. Sweet FA for Chelsea this year! Sorry for that... but it just had to be said.

May 4, 2002

To swat a Fry! New day, new contributor to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. So, a big welcome goes out to Philbot, who has come up with this original work showing Fry, who has been miniaturised by Bender, presumably, with Leela holding up the sticken lad by his jacket! So, he's found himself in the future, he's got that brain thing, and now he's cat food. Oh well, another day in the life of a delivery boy!

May 3, 2002

Cheer up Ruben, here's Shadowstar! Yeah, come on Ruben, cheer up! Just because nobody is calling your name three times doesnt' mean you have to sulk. Anyway, here's something that'll cheer him up, as it's Shadowstar's latest work. Yep, Shadowstar decided to scrap his original comic, Polterjerk, and concentrate on bringing a new and improved one, which is titled Anthology of Interest III. Well, if you know what the other Anthology of Interests were about, then you'll have no problem with me not going any further in describing what Shadowstar has in store for you. As usual, it's done in his simpley, yet cute, style. Well, I'm a fan of it and so is Ruben, too! So, that's settled, Shadowstar's work rules! Onwards and upwards... etc, etc. [Graham]

May 2, 2002

Wait! Who exactly is this Ruben and why are you smiling like that? Yes, the name Ruben strikes terror in the Futurama fan world. You utter his name under your breath, because like the Candyman, he can appear out of nowhere and steal your candy if you say his name three times in a row. So, if you enjoy your snacks and stuff, and don't want to go on a sudden diet in order to lose that Comic Book Guy look, please don't mention his name. Actually, why not refer to him as Rubender (why he scrapped using that name is a mystery ), then you can say his name as many times as you like. Rubender, Rubender, Rubender... oh crap, bang goes my prized ale!

Anyway, to the update. I have this hand-drawn work for our Fan Art section, which is by Jens Eßer. It features Leela being chained by Zapp Brannigan, with Kif looking on in his usual disgust. It seems that Leela needs some new superhero to save her... maybe saying Ruben's name three times would help.