May 2001

May 31, 2001

Golf is such a dangerous game! I've just received the first installment of a new fan fiction series from The Frylight Staff (Allen Tanner and Kryten), titled The Frylight Zone.

The story starts with Fry and Amy getting sucked into another parallel dimension, due to Professor Farnsworth's new machine going haywire. They have to solve certain problems that occur in that dimension, in order to return.

The story, even though not centred on Our Favourite Cyclops, will cater for Leela fans, anyway... she'll be making enough appearances to keep her fans happy. Anyway, click here to go directly to the story. Enjoy this fic, it's unusual and very good. [Graham]

Up... up... and away! Got a new screensaver which has been compiled by Slick. This one features his favourite wallpapers at The Leela Zone; very nice indeed! It isn't self installable, but all you need to do is place it, preferably, in your c:\windows\ directory and then right-click the file to choose to test, configure and/or install it. Go on, enjoy this... I know I did! [Graham]

LEELA: Lifeform Engineered for Extermination and Logical Assasination... That definition generated by this thing sorta goes along with her impulsive personality from Anthology of Interest I, don't you think? Anyway, before I get any more sidetracked, Drilatere sent me two skins for The Sims, and I did a little searching and found a third; they're all available from the Game Addons section. Leela, Fry and Farnsworth are available... after all, who said we should have only Leela stuff? [Leandro]

May 30, 2001

The downside of being a deodorant consultant.... Just done some high-quality grabs from the episode Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?; click on the image to view. Yes, don't worry, that infamous steamroom scene is there... for all you Leela and Amy *cough* lovers *cough* out there! Oh, still don't know who's Sean... the mystery deepens. [Graham]

Pro7, the fans want to see Leela! Got a new song parody for The Leela Zone, from Tek Ironglove. The song, When Do I Get to See Leela?, is based on Sparks's When Do I Get to Sing 'My Way' - this version lamenting that Pro7, the German TV station that shows Futurama, is not scheduling the start of season 3 until Autumn!

Also, for the Fan Fiction section, got Zapp's Woman's latest continuation of her series Someone Has Made Him the Fool... where Zapp's "brain" will be discussed in detail! Click here to go directly to it. [Graham]

May 28, 2001

This smile hides what's to come.... Two updates rolled into one today. Done the framegrabs for the episode My Three Suns; click on the image to view them. Reasonable episode, with Fry acting like a prize jerk and getting what's due to him, at the end. Nice image of Leela beaming at Fry, after he admits his erroneous ways... just before stamping on his foot!

The second update comes from Zapp's Woman, and is for the Fan Fiction section. This is the continuation of her fanfic serial, Someone Has Made Him the Fool; to go directly to the latest installment, click here. Oh, one other thing, if you want to see Zapp Brannigan really humiliated, give this a read. [Graham]

May 27, 2001

Could it possibly be? Are the old legends true? Yup, there's an update by Leandro! (That's me). A new wallpaper featuring somebody I won't name but has purple hair and one eye... and two Uses for a Hacker featuring somebody I won't name but has glasses and doesn't want to say names in this update. Enjoy! I'll now head to that black hole over there and probably won't appear for a couple of days... [Leandro]

Say it with flowers.... Two more pictures from Sofie, for the Fan Art section, are now up. The link image is one that was requested by Paul, hope he, and yourselves, like it. The other is one of the first that Sofie did, but it was misplaced... so, here it is. [Graham]

May 26, 2001

The kiss of fate.... We've got three additional fics for the Fan Fiction section. The first one, The Family Fry, is from a new contributor for The Leela Zone, BumbleBeeTheta, and I have to say that I just love this fic. It's a parody of The Family Man and centres on Fry, after splitting up from Leela four years earlier, finding her and trying to mend the rift... with an additional surprise, too! I know some of you are cold-hearted monsters... I mean, don't like this kind of emotional stuff... but, I'd still urge you Borg to give it a read.

The additional two fics are continuations: Zapp's Woman's Someone Has Made Him the Fool - part 23; and the third part of Tim's Amy's Wedding. [Graham]

May 25, 2001

What the Hell were you people thinking back then! The Leela Zone now has the sound clips from the episode A Big Piece of Garbage... so, don't use your nose, use your ears, instead.

Also, while I'm here - at the Fan Fiction section, there is the second installment by Tim of Amy's Wedding. If you want to go directly to it, click here. [Graham]

May 24, 2001

Old stuff in a new package... Thanks to Lucas Araujo, good buddy of mine and TLZ's 100K visitor (both things unrelated, believe it or not ), I got a program to preview and apply Desktop Themes. It does not completely work when applying in Windows 2000, but at least I generated a preview for the Desktop Themes page. In other news, there's another new section: Weird Stuff. [Leandro]

101 uses for a Zapp: grip strengthener.... I've got two more pictures from Sofie for our Fan Art section. The one you can see as the link image is basically what Leela probably would dream of doing to the Big Z; notice Kif's smile... can't blame the bleeder! The other one was a request from Paul, it's from the episode A Flight to Remember where Leela spots Zapp approaching and has to use a surprised Fry to keep up the charade of being spoken for. Enjoy! [Graham]

The Great Escape! I've got another fanfic installment from Allen Tanner, this one is the second part of The Impressionable Mind II. I won't spoil it here, instead you'll have to read it by clicking here.

I may have something coming up for The Leela Zone, later tonight... so, stay tuned! [Graham]

Holiday Time, Just a short note to say that I'm having a hiatus from The Leela Zone until god only knows when, and he's as confused as me.

I'm not permanently leaving, my personal life has got confusing and busy recently, and I'm sort of mis-treating my own site Futurama Scan Art Central, so I hope The Leela Zone fans, plus Leandro and Graham will accept my need to step back for a while.

Paul A. Metcalfe - WILL return to The Leela Zone at some stage.

May 23, 2001

Thousands of Zapp's relatives... run! For The Leela Zone's Fan Fiction section, Zapp's Woman has produced part 22 of her fanfic serial Someone Has Made Him the Fool. Then, after reading that, go and take a look at the other fic writers we have... well worth a perusal. [Graham]

It says here that we should be at the bottom of the page.... Now, here's a big piece of crap, the framegrabs for the episode A Big Piece of Garbage... kidding, actually - this is really a very good episode, one of the best for season one. Well, enjoy the grabs... beats the stench!

In other news, The Save Futurama Site has had its petition fixed. So, I urge all those who want to do something to save the show, from Fox's mistreatment, to sign it; it can only help. [Graham]

May 22, 2001

To nuke Seattle or to let Microsoft go on... that's the question. Damn Windows 2000. I had a Desktop Theme ready to upload when I posted that news item five hours ago, but Desktop Themes couldn't show me a preview. Since my Windows was working quite bad (problems with some configurations) I spent the last five hours reinstalling. And guess what? I finished reinstalling all the stuff, and I find that I can't get a preview now, neither. Apparently Desktop Themes works only on Windows 95/98/Me and not in Windows NT/2000. Darn. I created the Desktop Theme section anyway, using a preview from The Futurama Point, so go and download the Leela Desktop Theme... if you've got Windows 95, 98 or Me. I'll try to find some piece of software that installs themes in Windows 2000 too. Thanks to Javier Sánchez from The Futurama Point for letting me put the Desktop Theme here, and I hope to create some new ones as soon as I can find an utility that does so in Windows 2000. [Leandro]

Leela, Caribbean style! Here's a sight you won't see often, Leela in Caribbean mode! This picture, and four others, comes from Zapp's Woman, and can be found at our Fan Art section. Tempted to have a rum... Jamaican style.

Now, back to watch the film Election... so far, so good! [Graham]

Farewell, Voyager! Yeah, get lost! No wait, better don't get lost (again)... or we'll have Voyager II, and 89.56% of the trekkies out there hate Voyager. Anyway, Smiley sent a new Fan Art, featuring Kathryn Janeway, Seven of Nine, Bender Rodriguez, Turanga Leela, Phillip Fry, The Borg Queen, and... Nibbler?!

In other news, the section "Leela's Lair" is gonna be updated with the 1I appartment very soon. Now that the season is over, is time to update all areas that don't deal with new episodes... so expect Winamp Skins, Puzzles, Desktop Themes and other stuff.

May 21, 2001

Yeah, we're boned! The Leela Zone has got new sound clips from the episode Fry and the Slurm Factory. So... now you can have nightmares about those filthy orange guys! [Graham]

Insanity is a state of the mind.... I've just received another fanfic from Allen Tanner, this one is the first part of a sequel to The Impressionable Mind and is set a few years on, with Karen plotting her revenge. Click here to read it. Enjoy!

Also, I've restructured the fanfic index page, listing author's names alphabetically and having links to the latest five fics at the top of the page, for easy access. Go and see, I think it's now easier to navigate; hope you agree. [Graham]

May 20, 2001

Summer Here Kids.... Now, that title is from a track by a great US band called Grandaddy... well, I think they are great, so quiet over there! Anyway, this is leading up to saying that Zapp's Woman has passed me part 21 of her mammoth fanfic Someone Has Made Him the Fool, so give it a read by clicking here. [Graham]

Wiping the slate clean.... I've got a new fanfic for you loyal lot to read, it's from Allen Tanner and is titled The Impressionable Mind. It starts with Leela giving Fry a "hard" time which ends up with him getting chased and ran over by a bus. But, at the hospital, a guilt ridden Leela discovers that Fry has lost his memory and gained an admirer, of sorts! [Graham]

It's The Year Three Thousand Or So. I really liked this line out of "I Dated A Robot", it's good to see continuity in the series, even though it was said by Fry (Leela's Destiny - Whether She Likes It Or Not).

Here are the 25 High Quality framegrabs from "I DATED A ROBOT". These should have been up earlier this week, but due to logisitical problems and my ISP going down, they've had to wait.

I've some new scan-arts of my own to post this coming week, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

On another tack I really detest the nickname "Star Scanner".

May 19, 2001

Snooping for snoo snoo.... Alright, I spelt it "snoo snoo", and most fans spell it "snu-snu" or "snu snu", or whatever... but, what are you gonna do about it? Anyway... this is leading up to saying that Kryten has completed his fanfic Lookin' for Snu-Snu in all the Wrong Places, which is at our Fan Fiction section. Originally, it was going to be in parts, but it's now up as one big fic. Enjoy! [Graham]

Too close for comfort.... As promised, here are two more pics by Sofie, for our Fan Art section. They are both from A Flight to Remember: the link picture's when Leela has to fool Zapp, by kissing Fry, passionately; the other picture is that of Leela, looking on jealously, as Amy fools her parents, by kissing Fry... passionately. Luck of the Fryish... eh! [Graham]

No... I don't dye my hair! This was meant to be yesterday's contribution, but thanks to my ISP, most of the internet was unreachable, then... so, here it is, instead. I have framegrabs from the episode Fry and the Slurm Factory; click on the image to view them.

Later I should have some pictures from Sofie to put up... so, stay tuned. [Graham]

Guest Starring: FrysGIRL! There's two new Uses for a Hacker and a new Fan Art by Smiley. Apologies in advance to Nina Murray, but she sent her picture to Smiley's address, and... well, you know... temptation's strong . [Leandro]

May 18, 2001

Time to kick some frosty, well-toned ass! Stoerenfried just created a Leela Voice Pack for Unreal Tournament, that you can access from the Game Addons section. Also, he shouts: "To my disappointment I couldn't find ANY Leela skin or model for UT... so if you have one or are planning to make one, please contact me!" [Leandro]

May 17, 2001

Ooooo, look at that... Four new pics of the Fan Art veteran Robert Hawks make their way into The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. The section now has a looot of pictures, over five hundred, and 14% come from the good ol' ex-hippie (be careful, Omicronians). And he's only 34 pictures below the Star Scanner... hmmm... readysteadygo? [Leandro]

Why, you little... faker! Just made a video clip of the fight scene between Leela and that Lucy Liu robot... watch some serious ass-whooping - cyclops style! When Leela gets pissed off, it's always interesting... even if it is quite often, it doesn't lose its intensity. Anyway, click on the image to find the clip, as well as some others. [Graham]

Hey, you know what might be a hoot.... Sorry for the delay in getting out the latest episode's sound clips, but things got in the way.... Anyway, I have the clips for I Dated a Robot. Hope they hold some interest... don't all rush at once... well, some rushing would be appreciated! [Graham]

May 16, 2001

Juilet's Back With More. It's a welcome return to Juliet Adeoye, who has surpassed herself this time, with 4 new fan-arts. All deal with the romantic side of Leela and Fry's relationship (and yes it is still bubbling under the surface, contrary to what "TIME KEEPS SLIPPING" wants us to believe).

Also there 5 new fan-arts from Zapp's Woman as well, co-incedentally these also deal with the Leela/Fry relationship.

I should have some HQ grabs from "I Dated A Robot", can't really grade the ep. properly as it went downhill fast, from about the middle of the ep, and I agree with Graham for once, there was too much celebrity involvement.

From the now ADULT HOBBIT (yet it was my birthday yesterday), I'll be back.

May 15, 2001

Poor 20th century women! Leandro's returning wallpaper, which is lovely, might I add, has inspired me to create two more wallpapers from Sofie's artwork. The link image is from a scene so famous that I shouldn't need to tell you... however, it's from Anthology of Interest I, where Leela decides to hush Fry's mouth by satisfying his carnal desires. The other is from The Cyber House Rules and is taken from the scene where Leela throws Adlai against the prison bars... full of venom, that one. Enjoy! [Graham]

And Then There was Two.... The subject heading is the title of a story for our Fan Fiction section, by a new writer called Wu Konguk. The story's about Leela (naturally) and Fry on a long distance delivery, finding themselves in trouble and crashing on a planet... all this testing their friendship! Nice read... give it a view.

I also have the fourth installment of that great ongoing fiction by Slick: Fry's Departure. This is yet another great read, continuing from where it left off... I won't spoil further, you just go there and spoil yourselves!

Click the links below to go to the respective stories:

And Then There was Two
Fry's Departure - Part 4

May 14, 2001

And now, for less of the same and more of the other... Robert Hawks sent me an screensaver a while ago, featuring a lot of his pics in half a megabyte. Go grab it! You'll probably see a screensaver featuring a lot of my pics soon... [Leandro]

Wallpaper No. 60 online! There's a new wallpaper made by Yours Truly, completing page 6 of the Wallpapers section. I borrowed some pics by Sofie for the background, for no reason... well, actually, because they look great . [Leandro]

What the... again? Yeah... what the? The Video Clips section has another addition, this coming from the episode Time Keeps on Slipping. The clip is of that wedding scene from that episode... there wasn't much of a honeymoon, I suppose! [Graham]

Take that... and that... and that! Firstly, may I say how sorry I am to see Dave leave The Leela Zone, he will be sorely missed. Good luck in the future, Dave... hope all goes well.

I have made some framegrabs from the latest episode, I Dated a Robot; click on the image to view them.

It was a reasonable episode, the start and middle were quite good, loved the I Dated a Robot warning clip (it was titled the same as the episode)... the ending third was a bit of a let down... but, there you go. However, still dislike the overuse of celebrities... rather see invented names, or those from 3000; there has to be some around! [Graham]

What The? OK, 8 days after the episode, here are the High-Quality Framegrabs from "Time Keeps On Slipping". I originally had 45 grabs lined up, but after a discussion with Graham, it became apparent that anything over 30 is over-kill, so after much debating it came down to 28.

Should be a bit quicker with the grabs from "I Dated A Robot" as I can probably watch the episode tonight (GMT).

See-ya's on the flip-side, I also have a couple of scan-arts lined from Slipping to post, now that FSAC has moved hosts and has a new "Groin-Grabbingly-Good" (thanks Jason) design.

I'm quitting TLZ! ..there, did I get your attention now? I'm not kidding. Sorry guys, but I have to quit The Leela Zone. I've got hardly enough time for Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace on its own, and The Leela Zone thrown in with it becomes impossible - things are picking up in my life, i just can't spend much of it on the computer. It's not on for me. Send all your Fan Fiction or Interactive Story needs to Graham or Paul. And to those two - I'm really really sorry to leave you like this... it's kinda funny, when Leandro's left The Leela Zone, I was the most senior webmaster still there (stop laughing ), and now i'm outta here as well. I love this site and all you people who make it great, the visitors as well as the webmasters, and I'm sure it'll do well without me as well. I'll still maintain LiC for now tho, so the Futurama Internet Community still has some way to go to get rid of me . [Dave]

May 13, 2001

I just can't place that voice! Got some additions for the Sound Clips section, these coming from the episode War is the H-Word. Hope you enjoy them.

Earlier I rewatched Time Keeps On Slipping and it still makes me laugh, as well as feel quite sad at the end for Fry... and, for that matter, Leela, too. Maybe a videoclip from that episode is in order... stay tuned! [Graham]

Head in the clouds.... Here's another picture for the Fan Art section by David Johnson. This one depicts Leela being comforted by clouds, where she seems so much in peace... awww! [Graham]

Smile please! After a longish break, I can now present another clip for our Video Clips section. This one comes from the episode Insane in the Mainframe, in which Leela is trying to restore Fry's humanity, in a way "only a woman can"... beep! [Graham]

Dios es Argentino... y Leela también! It's been a while since I uploaded some pics by myself, but the picture at the right of this news item is something I wanted to do for a looong time... and if you need to ask why, then you're not Argentinian. And nope, I'm not going to explain once again what a "mate" is . [Leandro]

May 12, 2001

Actions speak louder than words! I've got a new fic by Brad Rousse for our Fan Fiction section. It's titled Resolutions and is set after that tragic ending of the episode Time Keeps on Slippin'. Fry, still depressed after watching what won Leela's heart evaporate, goes on another delivery with Leela, only for events to present a new chance to prove his worth to her. [Graham]

So long no see! Just so Robert will stop worrying about me, I'm updating with 68 High-Quality Grabs from Put Your Head on my Shoulders. Unlike Paul and Graham's grabs, this ones don't come from an MPEG but from a 640x480 DivX instead. Is this better or worse? You pick your own answer, what do I look like, a respond-o-mat? [Leandro]

May 11, 2001

Disengage... damn you! I've just updated the High-Quality Grabs section with additions from A Flight to Remember and Mars University; click on the image to view them. As you'll notice, if you've been there before, the layout is different, but should be less cumbersome.

I loved A Flight to Remember, especially the parts that didn't involve the one with the cold, metallic heart; although, his parts weren't that bad. The rest of it was pure gold. Enjoy! [Graham]

When it rains, it pours! I just love hand drawn sketches, and this one from Edeltraut, for the Fan Art section, is no exception. I really appreciate this style of drawing, which betrays a good talent for artistic endeavours. Alright, I may seem like I'm going over-the-top, possibly making the modest Edeltraut blush/retch/spell check my work , but this sort of stuff is really neat. [Graham]

Soothing the pain away.... The Leela Zone welcomes a new fan artist, with this nice contribution for the Fan Art section. I can imagine her needing to relax in a hot tub, after the usual problems of her daily life. Nice picture David! [Graham]

May 10, 2001

Say, doll face! Yet more pictures about the life of a lovelorn cyclops for the Fan Art section, these ones coming from Sofie. The link image is from When Aliens Attack and the other is the famous scream, when Leela realises she's been duped into sleeping with Zapp, in the episode Love's Labors Lost in Space. The latter image was one of the first that Sofie did... but, it got lost for some time. Enjoy the pics. [Graham]

Flowered Up! The title isn't just related to the picture, but to a great obscure British indie band... but, I'm digressing. I have eleven more of Zapp's Woman's pictures for show at the Fan Art section. Give these a view, some good work has gone into these. [Graham]

May 9, 2001

Sporty Grabs Leela, Not Like Paul At All! Just to break from the current HQ grabs trend, I present a natty selection from the Season 2 episode "Anthology Of Interest I", which features my favourite 7 minutes of Futurama to date, no prizes for guessing which "What If" section I'm on about.

It's a pity fox (they don't deserve capital letters) arn't going to show AOI2 this current session.

A quick challenge to ELZAR and R. HAWKS. I'll acknowledge a new The Leela Zone Fan Art Champion to the first one who passes my current total, as I'm probably only going to post (by me) 1 or 2 Leela related arts in the next couple of week, you have ample opportunity to take the lead.

My own creation of a website Futurama Scan Art Central is 6 months old today, what comes of little acorns indeed.

May 8, 2001

The Love That Time Forgot.... Just completed, for the Sound Clips section, the clips for Time Keeps On Slipping. This was, despite the negative crap (IMHO) coming from the alt.tv.futurama newsgroup, a wonderful episode. So, come and relive the moments from this lovely, even if tragic, episode. [Graham]

May 7, 2001

Moving the heavens.... Well, Time Keeps On Slipping was such a lovely episode, a treat for those who want more than simple jokes and slapstick. The ending was tragic... something that has been used in season three in a few episodes, and made better for that. There were some hilarious moments too... and that nude conga... what the? Anyway, here are the Framegrabs for this episode; click on the image to view them. Enjoy! [Graham]

Lucas Shouts: "Just say this is the best Futurama page on the net, the first I visit when I connect, I'm a faithful visitor of The Leela Zone, all sections are great, and thank Paul, Dave, Graham, Leandro and many others who paid me attention I love you all"
Editors note - he just couldn't resist adding in that little "I love you all"... we understand, Lucas . [Dave]

And the Winner is... Lucas Araujo, good personal buddy of Leandro (he sent us a screenshot for proof and the counter logged his IP so don't get any ideas ) and a huge fan of The Leela Zone! Good on ya, Lucas, you are officially The Leela Zone's 100,000th visitor.

Back to my job - the Interactive Stories are going really well, with the content being submitted being absolutely TOP quality. Not toooo much of it but a fair participation and it's all good stuff. Fan Fiction wise i got sum stuff in my inbox but i'm busy at the moment, i'll upload it soon. [Dave]

May 6, 2001

Let the champagne flow and let's celebrate! Well, it arrived at about 10pm GMT, the 100,000th visitor to our little abode of Leela. Yes... a nice round number, coming only a month after our first birthday. So, in honour of this momentous occasion, Sofie has done a picture to celebrate this milestone. Enjoy the picture and thanks to you all for coming here and putting up with our stuff... apparently some of you enjoy it! [Graham]

Damn, forgot to shave! Here's a sight you don't see that often in Futurama's world: balls thoroughly licked... I mean, Leela sporting a beard! So, for the Framegrabs section, we have grabs from War is the H Word; click on the image to view them. [Graham]

May 5, 2001

Listen buddy! Here's a new picture from Sofie for the Fan Art section. This one comes from the episode The Cyber House Rules... yeah, and you know what I felt about this episode, so I'll spare you. However, in this picture, I just love seeing the venom being directed against that bastion of "normality". Enjoy! [Graham]

Fashion and the Great Depression. I've got four more pictures, for the Fan Art section, from the prolific fan artist, Zapp's Woman. Here she presents a picture of Leela in a Thirties' gown (as in the link image), one of her as a majorette, one as a fashion model and, finally, her dressed in Victorian garb. [Graham]

And God created Stuff and Junk, and found it good... ..hehehe.. that's the kinda stuff you'll find in Lilith's new Fan Fiction "Geneses According to Futurama". Extremely funny, i suggest you read it now. Tim also submitted "Amy's Wedding - Part 1" and Zapp's Woman sent us the next 4 parts to her epic. A note to all fanfic submitters - PLEASE!!! don't send your fanfics as email text if you can avoid it. Send it as an attached word, html or text document. NO other formats since I might not be able to open them!! Of course you can still send them as email text if there's no other option, but it'd be nice to attach them, that saves time since email software adds lots of returns into the text that make it a formatting nightmare. [Dave]

May 4, 2001

TLZ's Current Prolific Fan Artist Is Back. No Not me, but Zapp's Woman has sent another 4 images for your perusal.

I would write more here, but it's just gone midnight here in England and I'm too tired.


Double whammy! Got some more High-Quality grabs, these coming from the episodes Parasites Lost (additional two grabs), Bendless Love and The Cyber House Rules; click on the image to view.

Despite what others have said about the latter episode, I really enjoyed the Leela portion. Well, I suppose it's all a matter of different tastes... but, some tastes are just more equal than others! OK... the arrogance stops right here... no, here... no... right here. There! [Graham]

LiC again.. Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace is having domain troubles again. Until further notice LiC will be available at the url lic.fanhosts.com. Ignore any previous posts on messageboards about the other url, this is it (for now).

Back to The Leela Zone - I've got a few Fan Fics that are waiting to be uploaded. I'll do that tomorrow. [Dave]

May 3, 2001

LiC IS BACK!!! Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace is online again. Thanks to the help of Leandro and Ruben LiC is back in business. [Dave]

A date in the diary.... Just received some nice pictures from Juliet for the Fan Art section. The link image is called Toronga Leela's Diary and the other one is based on the show Friends. Go give them a view.

Now, I just need to fill in this space for aesthetic reasons... I think that's enough words for now... done! More updates later... as if we'd ever stop! [Graham]

Whoo, Finally Getting The Hang Of This Frame-Grabbing Lark! Even Leela, Fry, Zoidy and Amy agree that I'm finally earning my pay (not literally) as a webmaster here on The Leela Zone.

My second batch of High-Quality Framegrabs are now available for your viewing pleasure. This set comes from "Bendin' In The Wind". I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed grabbing them.


Whooping butt, New New York style! It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking from the dark! Lines from a lame singer are appropriate for the subject of this episode: The Honking. I have some additional sounds, from this episode, for the Sound Clips section; click here to see the selection of sounds available. [Graham]

Moving On Up. Zapp's Woman has moved into out-right 5th place on the The Leela Zone fan-art board, if she keeps this up, my position at No. 1 will soon be under threat (and the sooner the better).

There some more to come tomorrow and even more threatened.

More HQ Grabs from me, later on Today.

May 2, 2001

Paper! Paper! Read all about it! Just completed, for the Framegrabs section, the grabs from The Honking; click on the image to view them. This episode wasn't a really good one, but it did have some nice and funny moments, enough not to gain my contempt... so, no ranting today. I can hear the cheers from here! Enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

More HQ Grabs. Here's a pleasant surprise me updating The Leela Zone with a totally different section to my usual endeavours.

I've uploaded 12 High-Quality Framegrabs tonight from Insane In The Mainframe.

I'll upload the grabs from Bendin' In The Wind tomorrow, along with some more pictures from Zapp's Woman.

May 1, 2001

How do you like the impulsive new me? Here are two more pictures from Sofie for the Fan Art section. The link image comes from that infamous scene in Anthology of Interest I, and this artwork is, I think, a really fantastic sketch of that. The other was requested by Paul, it's based on a scene in Silverwolf's fanfic Leela's Return. Quite appropriate, considering the subject of this Sunday's new episode, Time Keeps on Slippin'. [Graham]

'Cause - Leela's got one eye I've just received a lovely contribution for The Leela Zone's Song Parodies section, by a new contributor called Noam. The song is titled Most Guys and is based on Pink's Most Girls.

If anyone has any songs that they'd like to dedicate to Leela, feel free to send them this way. [Graham]

From a waterfall to a dropping tap... Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace will be online soon, massive update for it prepared. Stay tuned. Get the 16th part of Zapp's Woman's Fan Fiction "Someone has Made him The Fool" here. [Dave]